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Hit the Ground Running

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“ in the other side there is, perhaps, a whole world I don’t know of. “



Everything happens for a reason, and why things ended up the way they did was something she wished to know too. She never really got an answer. But maybe, if she looked really close—the answers were always there, right under her nose.

A small girl popped the bubble of pink gum as she pushed herself with one foot on her skateboard. Her hands were shoved into her pockets of her [f/c] sweatpants, her disinterested gaze fell upon the large crowd in front of the metal gates. She chewed on her favorite gum as she neared the crowd of applicants who desired to enter the school. Just like her; they were here to enter the prodigious Yuuei school and just like her; they were willing to stop at nothing to get in.

Suddenly, certain applicants stopped and stared at the sight of a frail-looking girl (quite literally) rolling her way over to them. All of their eyes went wide as they trailed over to her small feminine figure sat well on her [slender/chubby/ skinny/ wafer-thin etc] body . Her [sliver-of-moon/ shape of eyebrows—arched/etc] eyebrows were [h/c] and stole a piece of their soul. If she had just batted those long and languourous eyelashes in their direction, one of them could have talked to her. They stared at her pouting, heart-shaped lips. They were Aphrodite-naturally pink and looked as sweet as strawberries. She had a telegenic look and it was comely to the eye. Her sea-nymph ears, tucked away in the glorious tresses of her hair, looked delicate and pared to perfection.

     “Woah. . .” A yellow-haired boy gasped softly as his sunshine-colored eyes glimmered in awe. Immediately he scurried over to her, his hand waving at her as she neared closer and closer. He didn’t realize that she was completely spaced out and she was charging directly at him.


     “Ouch!” A brittle little voice yelped as she rubbed her forehead that stinged with pain. Her eyelashes fluttered as she blinked in utter confusion, her gaze shifted over to the cause of her fall—a boy with striking yellow hair and a swirl of golden eyes.

The boy’s eyes widened as he shot up from his position with a worried expression, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have gotten in your way!” he apologized as he reached out his hand out towards her. She blankly stared at his hand, her eyebrows raising up in perplexion. Slowly but surely, she accepted his hand and he easily yanked her up. Unexpectedingly, she was extremely light that by th forcé he used to lift her up her face crashed onto his chest.

Tensely, she quickly stepped backwards away from him. Her eyes were clouded with slight fear and suspicion as she eyed him.

     “My name’s Kaminari Denki! Pleased to meet cha, beautiful!” The blond haired boy grinned happily, showing off his pearly white teeth. The smaller girl merely blinked up at him before grabbing her skateboard and nervously looking at her clearly overused, old sneakers. “What’s your name?” The bright boy questioned—which he was immediately ignored once the girl turned her heel and ran around him and over to the rest of the crowd.




“Gah—?!” Kaminari Denki was left baffled.

The Entrance Exam for Yuuei consisted of beating up as many robots as possible—however not the humongous ones because those didn’t have any points. But, at least, you could get rescue points other than actual fighting points.

The small girl casted her gaze anywhere but up where she’d be faced with people who would always stare at her as if she were an alien. But as always she bumbed into someone’s hard body which caused her to stumble backwards—she almost fell if it weren’t for the fact that the said person softly gripped her shoulders stopping her from falling.

She switched her gaze over to the person she bumbed into.

The young boy with green hair froze upon noticing the unusually bright [e/c] eyes that looked up at him and widened. His very own eyes widened and he couldn’t help but let them wander at her flawlessly perfect face, her skin was super clean and smooth-looking and the [freckles/ mole/ beauty mark etc] that graced her [cheeks/ Location of beauty mark etc].

     “Cute!” He couldn’t help but think. His face flushed a radiant shade of red as his heartbeat quicken at the realization that a cute girl was in front of him—AND ACCIDENTALLY TOUCHED HIM.

     “Uh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to—“ he stopped himself when he realized that he had no reason to apologize since she bumbed into him not the other way around. “Wait, I mean! It wasn’t my fault because you bumbed into me still though it’s okay! I don’t really mind! You don’t have to apologize!” he began rambling on and on and on.

The surprisingly shorter girl knitted her brows together in worry, she hesitatantly mumbled loud enough for him to hear; “It’s okay and sorry.”

     “Ah!” he yelled out as a heavy blush coated his dotted cheeks, “Don’t apologize! It wasn’t really your fault it was an accident! Plus, I don’t find it bad that you bumped into me! I mean, if you want you could bump into me as many times as you like! Wait! That came out wrong! I meant—I mean, it’s—!”

     “Shut up.” The girl crossed over him. However what shocked the green haired boy with jade-green eyes was that she had a helpless smile plastered on her face. She didn’t sound anywhere around angry or sarcastic—it sounded genuine and happy but, her wording was sort of. . . Rude.

“OKAY! START!” A loud, booming voice shouted. It was so loud that the small girl had to cover her ears, “WHAT’S WRONG? THERE ARE NO COUNTDOWNS IN REAL FIGHTS! RUN! RUN! THE DIE HAS BEEN CAST, YOU KNOW!” It was a blond haired man with big teeth and sunglasses standing in the top of the building waving his hands rapidly.

A mere moment passed before everyone ran, the small girl frowned a little when she noticed she was already behind along with the curly green-black haired boy who panicked immensely. It was weird, really weird. She narrowed her gaze over at the scrawny boy who ran beside her, she felt comfortable with this boy. Was it because he was non-threatening?

A part of her felt out of place as if she didn’t belong here. As if she didn’t belong in Yuuei and rather back at home. She quickly shook that thought away, not wanting unwanted, harmful, unmotivational thoughts swarming her mind.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a one point robot appeared. The green haired boy gasped in shock, his emerald eyes widened in terror as he froze. The [h/c] haired girl however, narrowed her eyes at the object before focusing her energy on something.

The boy eyes slowly darted over to the side when he sensed a immense amount of dark energy almost as if the temperature dropped at the tension. He swallowed thickly when his eyes locked on the girl who’s hands were surrounded with loose tresses of black stringy-like substances.

Instantly, a powerful blast of her dark energy thrusted against the robot. Upon impact the robot was shattered to pieces and the girl simply smirked mischievously.

     “A. . .amazing!” The boy let out a shaky breath as his wide eyes shined with amazement towards the girl. “How-how did you do that?!”

The girl blinked twice before glancing to the right, she wiped sweat off her eyebrow then, she looked back at the boy.

     “Got to go.” She said as she sprinted away obviously, going to search for more robots and gain points to enter Yuuei.

“Wait! What’s your name?!” he shouted after her, he reached his hand out almost like he wanted to grab her. Of course, she was too far to grab at this point but luckily for him, she stopped.

She glanced over her shoulder, her long sweeping lashes fluttered slightly, “My name is [name].”

The way her name slid off her tongue sent shivers down his spine—he was unaware why it made the hairs on his neck raise up.