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"Hey, Ferb! I know what we're gonna fuck today!"

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Yami Yugi: This is completely new. We haven’t taken a request now for a long time, so what gives?

Me: Well, ever since I posted my fic onto AO3, I got a message for a request and this is it.

Yami Yugi: Fair enough.

Me: This fic will contain: threesome, rape, underage sex, incest, usage of bodily fluids, and pregnancy. Be warned.


"Hey, Ferb! I know what we're gonna fuck today!"

Chapter 1: Not just a typical day

In just turned to dusk in the city of Danville as the citizens were done with their days and were hustling and bustling to get home or to spend the night in the city, but not for Phineas as he left from the Garcia-Shapiro’s home and skipped down Maple street. He sure was in a chipper mood as he spent time with his sweetheart crush now turned full on girlfriend. With a smile on his face and a skip in his step, he was on his way home after having good old underage sex with Isabella.

He thought back on how he wanted to take the next step into their relationship as they wanted it to be more intimate and from that day on, while her parents were away, they would have sex. Phineas didn’t care as they both were underage as long as they were together it felt well and the way he groped her developing breasts and how sensitive her nipples were when he bit them and licked them.

All the thoughts of Isabelle made him want to run back there and fuck her again but, he knew her mother could just come home and catch them in the act as Danville’s sex age wasn’t too keen on their ages doing such lewd acts, but he didn’t care, as long as no one else knows or tells then there would be no issue.

Phineas walked up to his house and opened the door with a key he had on him and walked inside. “Hello? Anyone home?” He called out to the vacant home. ‘Huh, that's strange. There's usually someone home at this time.’ He asked himself. But this time there usually is, as his mother would start to make dinner, His step-father would be reading the newspaper, his sister Candace would be on her phone to Stacey as she would bitch about Jeremy and other teen issues. he didn’t care about and his step-brother Ferb would either be in their room or with Perry their per Platypus.

However, there was not a soul around, “Maybe they all went out.” He said to himself as he walked around the house. Well, he didn’t care that much as he sometimes likes being alone so he went upstairs to his room and as he walked past his parent's room he heard a strange noise as he poked his triangular nose through the door crack he saw something he would never see. ________________________________________
Linda was moaning as her genitals were being assaulted due to the never-ending pounding by a single finger while Candace had her mouth busy sucking and lapping at someone's testicles while she was also getting her vagina assaulted by another thrusting digit. Both of them continued to suck and moan while this was going on. Phineas couldn’t make out who it was until he arched his neck back in pure ecstasy to realise that it was Ferb.

Phineas gasped in surprise as he found out that both his sister and mother had cheated on both Lawrence and Jeremy for Ferb. Though it was erotic to see Ferb being sucked off and to watch his family being finger fucked as it was more surprising to see Ferb being way more vocal than normal as she says, “Ah, now I got you thoroughly wet, maybe I shall continue if you two are ok with it?” He said the ladies as they nodded.”Good, then let’s processed, I already fucked too hard enough as is, but I like dipping my fingers in you just to feel my seed and to get you off as well. I know I don’t like speaking in public that often, but this is where I truly shine in speaking and in, well actions.” Ferb monologue as he continued to plough his wet fingers into each of the ladies vaginas roughly as they all could hear the squelches his seed deep within them and their vaginal juices mixing in, but that's not the fluid he was looking for as he wanted to their cum mixed in as well but to do that, he must give them a proper orgasm.

Phineas could not believe it, his stepbrother was never this vocal, sure he said only a few words per day, but he was never this vulgar. ‘I knew there was something sinister about you and now I can take you down!’Phineas thought whilst pulling out his phone and started to record the sex scene.

When Phineas first met Ferb he felt happy as he wasn’t the only youngest child in the household but over time he grew passively jealous of Ferb as he looked cooler with him being stoic and his beauty. He always wanted to get revenge on him for hogging the attention with his friends, but he didn’t want to show people how miraculous he is but instead, he was working on a secret plan to ruin him, but hey at least this will do.

Phineas continued to record as he watched on as Ferb then plunged his penis into Linda missionary style as she cried out in ecstasy as he continued to plough right into her warm and sensitive insides. Candace too wasn’t spared as she was then flipped over so she was face to face with Linda as then Ferb then jabbed his tongue into Candace's vagina. Ferb then pulled out and said breathlessly to them, “You know what to do if you want me to finish.” They both complied as they started to make out as their tongues with intertwining with each other outside of their mouths. “Mmm, you taste so good Candace,” Linda said between the sloppy kisses.

“Yeah and that feels so good,” Candace replied as she then pinched Linda’s rosy pink nipples and pulled them hard so she would scream out and it would make her tighter for Ferb as he moaned in pleasure and then said, “That a girl Candace, you know what I like.” This kept going as Ferb speed up and started to pound right into his step-mothers pussy and ploughing his fingers to Candace's pussy as they continued to make-out and moan more until Ferb couldn’t handle it anymore as he screamed out, “I’m Cumming!” as he came into Linda’s pussy and then he quickly pulled out as he then spilled his seed into Candace. They came down from their high together and then all three of them collapsed by each other on the bed as they all fell asleep.

Phineas stopped recording as he was rubbing his pants slowly as he could feel that he was hard from what went on and he smirked sinisterly as he said, “Well, that was something you don’t see every day and I want to be part of that.” He then slowly closed the door on them and left.

Yami Yugi: So, this is the first time I have ever seen you write a threesome scene.

Me: Yes and this is the first fic based off a show I use to watch as well.

Yami Yugi: Yeah and I bet that this now has ruined your childhood writing about this in ‘this way.’

Me: A little, but that won’t stop me from writing this and also feel free to send me requests for me to write fics as I am open to it.

Yami Yugi: As long it is something we know.

Me: Yeah sure whatever and will see you next time for another chapter. Byee!

Yami Yugi: See you soon.