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It's not like Yoongi didn't know what littlespace was. He had read about it and even bought a few supplies but he never actually tried it. Once again, it's not like he didn't know how to do it. He just didn't have anyone to watch over him and was scared someone would find out.
This is why no one of his members knew about his not so little fascination with ageplay, mostly because he always caught himself before actually slipping.

Today, though, he was home with only Taehyung who was taking a nap. He was looking for something into Seokjin's room, probably a pair of headphones he had lent him, when he threw a glance to the corner of the room.
He saw the cute little cage where his hyung kept his sugar gliders, with the two pets perking up at the sudden attention. They were undeniably cute and Yoongi found himself approaching them and crouching down to see them better.
"Hello there" he smiled, slowly inching his finger closer to them.
"So cute" he cooed in a baby voice, letting Odengie lick a bit at his fingerpad.
"Eomukie" he whispered, calling softly the other animal which was staying a bit farther.
Ironically, the cuteness and the baby talk were making Yoongi himself feel little and cute, which was enough to make him near his littlespace.
"Eomukie, come on" he cooed, "Yoongi wanna play"
The pets were a bit hesitant, staring up at the boy, so Yoongi decided to get closer to them. In his headspace-clouded mind, this translated into opening the door to the cage to let them walk onto his hand.
At first his plan was going well, Eomuk slowly crawling up his fingers sniffing all over. Odengie, however, was more confident with the outside world and quickly climbed up Yoongi's forearm. The little squeaked and effectively slipped into his childish mindset even more, his gums showing with his big he was smiling.

Everything changed when Odengie jumped off his arm and onto Jin's carpeted floor.
"Come back, 'dengie" Yoongi whined, wanting to play with him more. The little sugar glider obviously didn't react and started roaming through the room, ignoring the annoyed huff the rapper made.
"Wanna pway!" Yoongi exclaimed, voice wavering a bit because he wasn't being listened to. Of course his little side didn't care that Odengie was an animal and couldn't understand him, so he felt frustrated and ignored.
"Jinnie be mad" he whimpered, tears starting to flow at the thought of his hyung finding out he had lost one of his pets. This only caused Eomukie to jump off him as well, not liking the noisiness, so Yoongi cried even harder.
It was the first time the rapper properly slipped and this made him feel vulnerable because he didn't have a caregiver to calm him down. He also didn't know what to do in order to stop crying.

In the meantime, Taehyung had heard the small commotion coming from the nearby room and had woken up from his slumber.
He knew someone was crying but couldn't put his finger on who, since the sound was way more high-pitched than what he was used to.
Nonetheless he hurried to Jin's room, expecting to see him injured or something, but was met by a completely different sight.
Yoongi was sitting in the middle of the room, crying, with the sugar gliders' cage open and, much to Taehyung's horror, empty.
"Hyung, what-" Taehyung tried to ask, crouching next to him.
"Yoongi sowwy!" the elder cried, hiding his face in his hands.
Why was he speaking like a child? Taehyung was very confused, but he knew his hyung needed comfort.
"Hyung, did... did the sugar gliders escape?" he asked trying not to freak out for his hyung's sake.
Yoongi nodded and sniffled,
"Yoongi jus' wanna pway" he whimpered sadly, looking at the floor, "Jinnie mad"
"He won't be mad, hyung, we'll explain" Taehyung mumbled caressing his back, a bit unsure on how to handle the situation.
Yoongi was a bit relieved that Taehyung was there to comfort him and possibly help him confront Jin when he got home.
While the younger waited for his friend to calm down and stroked his back, he one-handedly searched what was happening to his hyung. It surely was out of the ordinary that he was acting like that, and found what he was looking for.

"Yoongi, are you... little?" he asked hesitantly, seeing the rapper perking up at that.
The little nodded and sniffled before drying his tears.
"Okay" Taehyung exhaled, "alright"
At least he knew that it was a normal thing to slip into a littler headspace.
"You can go wait in your room while I look for Odengie and Eomukie, okay?"
The rapper nodded and clumsily got up, waiting for Taehyung to lead the way.
They both got to Yoongi's room, when the older stilled and mumbled a small 'oh-oh'
Just as the maknae turned around he saw the distressed face of the other and didn't miss the wet patch on his sweat pants.
"Are you..." he mumbled with wide eyes.
"Sowwy" Yoongi pouted, surprised himself that he was wetting himself, "wittle"
"I know you're little, Yoongs, it's okay" Taehyung encouraged him, picking him up and carrying him into the nearest bathroom.
He suddenly remembered: they owned some diapers. Don't ask, sometimes Jungkook played elaborated pranks.
Taehyung had read quickly something about ageplay and had learned that diapers were sometimes used, so he figured that Yoongi wouldn't be too weirded out.
"Icky" Yoongi whined, pulling at his damp pants.
"Let's take them off, then" Taehyung cooed, helping Yoongi out of them and then into the diaper.
Yoongi didn't look too comfortable, but didn't complain, trusting Taehyung completely.

"I know it's a bit uncomfortable, but it's going to help" Taehyung smiled sympathetically, redressing him.
He then widened his eyes and remembered: the sugar gliders.
"Okay, baby, I really need to go look for the sugar gliders now" Taehyung mumbled apologisingly, laying him on his bed.
Yoongi pouted but waved goodbye, sticking his thumb into his mouth.
Taehyung waved back, internally squealing at how cute he was, and then carefully made his way through the house.
He suddenly stopped in the entryway, being caught off guard by Seokjin and Hoseok's presence.

"Mind to explain why I found Odengie on the couch?" the hyung furrowed his eyebrows, clearly thinking Taehyung was the culprit.
"And Eomukie in the kitchen" Hoseok echoed, eager to see which excuse the younger would use.
"Hyung, it's complicated" Taehyung huffed, taking the two sugar gliders and putting them back in their cage. As he was done, he briefly explained what had happened to the other two, who widened their eyes.
"Taehyungie... I'm a little too" Hoseok admitted looking nervously at Seokjin. The two in fact thought they were the only ones in the group to do ageplay, and feared what the others may think of it. Hearing that they weren't the only ones made them feel safe enough to admit it.
"Can we see him?" Jin asked eagerly, making Taehyung nod.

Both Jin and Hoseok headed towards the room, gasping when they saw Yoongi in his cute outfit on the bed. His hair was ruffled and he still had his thumb in his mouth.
"Hi, Yoongs" Jin smiled, used to handling a little. Yoongi smiled and waved, but then his smile faltered.
"Yoongi sowwy" he mumbled, though not looking as upset as before.
"It's okay, I'm not mad" Seokjin smiled, "You're such a cutie!" he couldn't help but squeal.
In the meantime Hoseok was staring fascinated at the scene. He couldn't believe one of his friends was little, too.
He subconsciously started slipping into his headspace, not knowing this time it was littler than his usual. In fact, his regular headspace was of about four years old, but seeing Yoongi so little made him mimic him.
Usually little Hoseok was even louder than in his normal headspace, scurrying everywhere and asking a thousand questions just like a normal kid. But now he had fallen silent, a little headspace new to him and making him more passive towards what was happening around him.
"Hoseok don't you want to say hi?" Seokjin asked him, convinced he was still talking to big Hoseok. The younger nodded albeit shyly and made his way over to Yoongi.
"Hi Yoongi" he grinned, dimples popping up. Yoongi waved and hid his face into his hands, giggling shyly.
"Are they both little?" Taehyung grinned coming into the room. Seokjin answered affirmatively with a proud smile.

The two caregivers decided to bring everyone to the living room and put on a cartoon so that the littles would be entertained.
Taehyung didn't know what Yoongi's preferences were, so he let Jin put on Hoseok's favourite movie, the Little Mermaid.
Yoongi had his eyes glued to the screen and often turned around to seek a little smile of encouragement Taehyung gave him. And the younger's heart may have fluttered at the cuteness.
On the other hand, Hoseok was quiet. Too quiet for Seokjin's likings, in fact. Usually he would sing every single song to the top of his lungs, or bounce up and down excitedly basically every time the Little Mermaid appeared. But this time he was completely silent.
Jin checked if he was sleepy, but Hoseok seemed very into the movie and not as clingy as he was when sleepy. Jin then figured he was upset for some reason, coming to the conclusion that Hoseok was jealous of Yoongi being little, too.
This is why he held onto Hoseok a little bit tighter, whispering in his ear,
"You know you're still my favourite baby, right?"
Hoseok didn't think much of it, so he simply nodded. Of course he was his favourite, he had been for a long time now.
The eldest wasn't satisfied since he had gotten a somewhat uninterested response, so he began getting worried.
Hoseok had never slipped further than usual, so the hyung had no way to know his current attitude was normal and not a manifestation of sadness or jealousy.

"Seokie, is there something wrong?" he asked, studying the other's expression.
Hoseok turned around with a confused face.
"Seokie good" he replied frowning.
"Are you sure, love? You know you can tell me anything" the oldest cooed, not understanding Hoseok's attitude.
The little nodded and smiled a bit, trying to cheer his appa up.
Later on, when Jin found out that nothing was really wrong, he chuckled to himself because of the misunderstanding. But now he didn't really feel like laughing, staring at Hoseok trying to understand why he was acting differently all of a sudden.

"Yoongi pway" Yoongi lisped, making grabby hands at Hoseok.
"Seokie have dollies" Hoseok replied happily, already standing up to go to his room and take those out.
What?, Jin thought. Hoseok literally never played with dolls (in fact that time when Jin had bought him some had been sort of a fiasco).
"Something wrong, hyung?" Taehyung asked seeing Jin so thoughtful.
"Hoseok is acting weird. Usually he's not that little" he mumbled, pouting a bit at the frustration of not understanding.
"Well... he looks as little as Yoongi-hyung so maybe it was his influence" Taheyung shrugged. Hoseok looked fine to him.
Jin mentally facepalmed. Taehyung had been a caregiver for about one hour and already could tell what was wrong. Now that he thought about it, Jin had heard about people regressing to their friends' mental age sometimes.
"So.. you think he's okay?" he asked timidly.
"Of course, he looks extremely happy" Taehyung smiled, clearly ecstatic that both littles were getting along so well.

Suddenly their peaceful moment was interrupted by a the sound of something shattering.
"Oopsies" both boys giggled from their room.
"It's not even five minutes they're playing" Taehyung groaned at having to go check up on them. Seokjin chuckled and patted his back,
"Welcome to the club"