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Lame Ducks

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Robin wakes up without any memory of what happened in the past 24 hours. He walked into the living room of the Titan Tower and saw a pile of naked people. There was the rest of the Titans, Batman, a mouse, a cow, and a couple humans whom he did not know.


He sounded the alarm and everybody awoke. Cyborg, Biggie Cheese (the mouse), and Otis (the cow) went into a corner and Cyborg started voring Biggie Cheese, they were joined by a chicken whom Otis vored. Then Otis vored Cyborg, and he was alone in the corner.


The two humans (Remy, who is only 15, and Alfredo) went into the kitchen and started to suck each others toes. When they were done Alfredo vored Remy and went into the corner with Otis. Otis then vored Alfredo. Otis was starting to get very large, this was disturbing to Robin.


Starfire and Raven started to vore each other mid-air. Starfire won and then sat on the couch, she was full due to voring Raven.


Cyborg crawled out of Otis's ass and then raped Beast Boy, then vored him. He then got vored by Otis again.


Robin then vored Starfire, she did not appreciate this because she just wanted to sit and watch everybody else vore but she got vored instead. Batman then swooped over to Robin and they had VERY  violent sex. Then Batman vored Robin.


Batman tried to convince Otis to let go of all the people in his stomach, but he just vored Batman. Then Otis vored himself, causing a black hole which tore apart the entire Earth.