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I'll Be There Even If You Don't Want Me Too

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For years werewolves have been hunted down for sport. People say that werewolves are vicious but it's nothing compared to what the humans have done over the years. They've tortured and killed werewolves all because they're different and people are afraid of what they don't know. Then there was war. Werewolves and humans fighting and killing each other until there was one side left. That is until the king and queen of Idris called Magnus Bane, the leader of the werewolves, to come in so they could discuss a treaty between the humans and the werewolves.

Magnus at first didn't consider it. He's known Maryse and Robert for a long time and they were liars and deceivers. However, the number of his people have been going down and they have been losing the war. So he decided he would go and hear them out and if he didn't like what he heard then he would find his own way to win the war.

So here he was. Standing in front of the castle gates. He looked down at his nails and sighed as he waited for the guards to arrive to let him in and to take them to the queen and king. He expected them to keep him waiting because it was some kind of joke to them. What he wasn't expecting was a small voice to speak up.

"Who are you?"

Magnus looked down and saw a boy about the age of 5 with messy black hair and big Hazel eyes staring up at him through the other side of the Castle's gates. Magnus tilted his head to the side and rose an eyebrow. What was a kid doing out here all by himself?

"I asked who are you?" The kid said once more.

Magnus laughed. The kid had guts. Magnus crouched down so he was eye level with the kid.

"Magnus Bane. And you?"

Before the kid could respond there was a shout and the kids' eyes widened. He turned around slowly and shifted on his feet as if he was uncomfortable. Coming towards them were two guards and when they got there one of them laid a hand on the kid's shoulder.

"Alexander. You know you're not supposed to be out here on your own."

Alec rolled his eyes. "It's Alec and I'm five. I'm a big kid Marcus."

Magnus placed a hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing. The kid was slowly getting on his good side.

"Sure you are. Now get back inside and I won't tell your parents, the king and queen, what you have been up to." Marcus replied.

Alec's eyes widened before he huffed and turned back around to face Magnus. Magnus rose his eyebrow once again waiting for what Alexander had to say.

"Your hair is really cool. I have to go now. Marcus is being a butt. Good bye Magnus."

Magnus chuckled this time and waved his hand. "Good bye little one."

When Magnus saw a blush arrive on Alec's cheeks, he wanted to coo. Magnus has never been too fond of kids or even humans in fact but there was something in this kid that he liked. When he saw Alec turn around and run back towards the kingdom as Magnus stood up. Suddenly the gates opened and the Marcus and the other guard who hasn't said a word were on each side of Magnus.

"Do I get my own bodyguards?" Magnus joked.

"Shut up werewolf. The King and Queen are waiting."

Magnus rolled his eyes. "The kid was right. You are an ass."

The rest of the walk was in silence. Before he knew it they were in the castle and were now standing in front of two huge double doors. They were wooden with designs of swirls carved into them. The doors were probably the most beautiful thing in the castle and that said a lot about what or who were behind the doors. A few minutes later and the doors slowly started to open. When they did Magnus saw two other guards standing by each door and Magnus rolled his eyes once more that day.

"I'm not going to kill anyone." Magnus growled out. It was half a lie, however. He wasn't going to kill anyone unless they gave him a reason too.

"Just taking precautions Mr.Bane." The guard at the left door replied.

At least he didn't call me werewolf Magnus thought as he followed the guards that were with him inside the throne room.

As they walked closer Magnus looked around. It wasn't the first time he has been in this throne room but each time he visited the room had changed. Now the room was coated with red paint on the walls with paintings of past royals hanging on those very walls. The thrones were straight ahead with a painting of the king and queen in between the two on the wall behind them. Sitting on the thrones were the King and Queen themselves.

"Please wait outside. Marcus you stay." Maryse's voice boomed as she looked at the guards.

"Just yell if you need us." The other guard who had been with Magnus finally spoke.

Marcus nodded and the three other guards left the throne room and closed the door behind them. Magnus looked back over to the thrones and took a few steps closer so he could stand before them in order to talk to them properly.

"Robert and Maryse. How lovely to see you again." Magnus said with a hint of sarcasam.

"That's your majesty and your highness to you." Robert spat.

"Please just get to the point as to why I am here would you?"

Maryse nodded. "We want to call a truce. Make an alliance if you will."

Magnus squinted an eye. "And why on earth would you want to do that? You hate my kind. You want all of us dead."

"Maybe so but that doesn't mean I don't want our kingdom, my people, to live in peace. There have been too many deaths from this war. Loved ones lost, soldiers gone. We are losing people just as you Mr.Bane. I don't want to lose anymore. We have lost too much." Maryse explained.

Magnus laughed bitterly. "You say that but yet we are the ones on the losing side."

"Perhaps. But I know you, Magnus. You won't stop at anything to get what you want. You want your people to live. You will bring down cities and towns and turn everything to ash and dust to protect you and your kind. You will eventually think of something that will make this war ten times worse and we do not want that."

Magnus smirked. "Oh you have no idea what I can do. Turning cities to ash and dust would be mercy."

"So what do you say? We will call of the war. No one else has to die." Robert replied with no emotion.

Magnus sighed. "Fine. Call of the war and we will have this alliance. But I swear if I hear one thing about one of my people being slaughtered you will not see me coming. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." Maryse and Robert said together.

"One last thing. I want to come back every four years to make sure our deal is still in order."

"We will be expecting you then." Maryse replied.

"Very well. I will call off my people and you call of yours. If you don't do it by tomorrow our deal is off. Have a nice day Maryse and Robert. Oh and I can see myself out. No need to have me followed by dumb and dumber."

Magnus turned on his heal and headed out of the throne room. As he was walking towards the castle doors, he saw something that made him stop. In one of the rooms was Alec standing on a step stool standing over a crib. He had a rattle in his right hand and was waving it over the crib. Magnus couldn't see what was inside but there was no doubt that a 3 year old was inside. Magnus shook his head wondering why a three year old was still in a crib.

"I will always protect you, Isabelle. I will always be the best big brother I can be. I promise." Alec said.

Magnus felt his heart warm up. Never in his life has he seen such a mature child at the age of five and he knew it was due to Maryse and Robert being his parents. It hurt to see how a five year old had to be so mature because his parents were probably forcing him to grow up.

"I met a werewolf today. Well, I think he was one. He was really interesting looking. Not in a bad way but in a good way I think. Mother and father always tell me to stay away from the gates and from werewolves but I don't want to Izzy. Everyone deserves a chance you know? I hope when you grow up you won't be as hateful as them too. I will try my best to make sure of it."

Magnus was now smiling. Alexander Lightwood was sweet. He was different than his parents and it was like a breath of fresh air. He was still looking at Alec when the little prince turned his head and his eyes widened when he saw Magnus. Alec lifted up a tiny hand and sent him a small wave with another blush on his face. Magnus smiled softly at Alec and waved back before turning and heading out of the castle. He didn't see Alexander Lightwood until four years later.

Alec was nine years old when Magnus showed up at the castle once more to make sure the alliance was still going on. Magnus had arrived and when he did he huffed when he saw the castle gates were closed once more. He had to wait for the royal guards to come and get him. He was looking straight ahead when out of nowhere he heard a sneeze. Looking up he saw someone sitting up in a tree with a pencil in one hand and a sketch pad on his lap. Magnus smiled when he saw the boy look up and knew immediately it was Alec.

"What are you doing up there little one?" Magnus called out.

Alec jumped and his eyes got huge as he looked down and saw Magnus on the other side of the gate looking up at him. He felt his cheeks heat up and knew he was blushing.

"I uh..had to get away." Alec explained looking back at his sketch pad.

"Oh?" Magnus asked tilting his head.

Alec nodded. "I'm not supposed to be out here."

Magnus smiled at that. A rule breaker. He liked that.

"You said you had to get away. What from?" Magnus asked.

Alec's shoulders slumped and Magnus's heart ached at the sadness coming off of the boy. "I'm just...Mother and Father adopted a new boy. His father was best friends with my father and two months ago his father had a heart attack and died. A heart attack. Can you believe it? So my parents decided to take his boy in who is now my brother and it's all about him. Jace is the golden boy. Jace is amazing. I'm their son and they don't even pay attention to me anymore. Not that they hardly ever did really. I guess...I don't know. I seem selfish right? Am I selfish Magnus? The boys father just died and here I am feeling sorry for myself. I'm pathetic."

"You're not pathetic or selfish Alexander. You have a right to feel this way. They shouldn't be treating you any less then how they treat the new boy." Magnus replied softly.

Alec shrugged. "You know whenever I want to talk to them or spend time with them they always send me away because I'm not as important. It's always Go play Alexander. I'm Busy Alexander. You're not a kid anymore Alexander. I'm used to it by now but sometimes it gets to me. So I come out here because this is the only place I can deal with things."

Magnus was furious at Robert and Maryse. Magnus shook his head and looked up at Alec who was drawing in his sketchpad. "What are you drawing?"

Alec smiled and turned the sktech pad around. On it was the landscape past the gates and it was gorgeous.

"That's amazing." Magnus whispered.

"You think so?" Alec asked nervously.

"I know so."

Before anyone could say another thing they both heard the castle doors open and saw two guards head their way. Alec quickly scooted back into the tree and looked over at Magnus.

"Please don't tell them i'm here. They will make me go back inside and i'm sick of being stuck inside the castle walls."

A few seconds later they heard one of the guards yell out Alec's name.

"That boy is going to be in so much trouble when we find him." The guard growled out.

"Peter please. He's only a boy." Marcus replied.

"Boy or not. He's the prince."

Marcus rolled his eyes and then they were in front of the gates and they opened up. The guards were now infront of Magnus.

"You haven't seen a nine-year-old boy with black hair and hazel eyes have you?" Marcus asked.

Magnus shook his head. "Haven't seen him. Maybe you should keep better track hmm?"

"Whatever let's go."

Back in the throne room, Magnus saw that it had changed once more. This time the walls were blue and the furniture was re arranged. The thrones were on the left side of the room and Magnus couldn't think of a more annoying thing.

"Robert, Maryse." Magnus said as he gave a dirty look to the guard who grumbled something about not calling them that

"Magnus." Robert replied.

"So. We don't want to make this longer than it has to be correct? I assume our alliance is still on. None of my people have been hurt by your kind and vice versa."

Maryse nodded. "Indeed. Our alliance is still on and we are keeping a careful watch on our people."

Magnus snorted. "There is one person who you haven't been watching lately."

"Oh? And who is that?"

"Do you know where your song is?"

Robert rose an eyebrow. "Jace? Yes he's in the training room watching our guards train. He loves it in there."

Magnus shook his head. He now fully understood Alec's frustration and hurt. "Not him! Your other son. Alexander. Or have you forgotten all about him?"

"What? What are you talking about?" Robert spat.

Magnus laughed bitterly. "Ask Marcus. Now if we are done here I must be on my way. I will be back in four more years."

Magnus turned around once more and left the throne room and walked out the castle doors just like he had four years ago. As he reached the gates he looked up to see Alec still drawing on his sketch pad. He smiled when Alec finally realized he was being watched.

"Leaving?" Alec asked.

"Yes. I have things I need to deal with. However, it was very nice seeing you again little one."

Alec nodded. "Before you go wait."

Magnus tilted his head to the side and watched As Alec placed the pencil in his mouth and ripped out the paper from his sketch pad. He then started to climb down the tree and make his way towards Magnus. When he held out the paper Magnus took it and grinned when he saw it. It was the same picture as before but with extra stuff.

"For me?" Magnus asked.

Alec nodded. "I don't have much friends. Well any really. Only my sister and sometimes Jace. But I would like to think you're my friend and I wanted to give you that. Unless you don't want it..."

Magnus shook his head. "I love it. Thank you Alexander."

"You're welcome. I guess I should head back in now. Marcus is going to have a cow."

Magnus laughed. "See you around Alexander."

The two looked at each other for a few more seconds before they each turned around and headed in different directions. They wouldn't be seeing each other until four years later when Magnus would be back to talk about the alliance.