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And Yet I Feel Nothing

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I stare at the figure lying on the floor in front of me. His thigh high stockings are ripped to shreds and there is a bruise growing on his cheek.

But I can feel nothing but hate for him. The boy who used me, who ripped my heart to pieces, whose father murdered my mother.

I want to rip his throat out right there. But Julian puts his hand on my arm and says quietly “We could use him as bait for the fairy.” And as much as I want to kill Booker I know what Jerome will do to us if we don’t bring him what he wants.

So I don’t kill him but I do smile when I see the trickle of blood leaking from his mouth and hear him wheezing for breath.

Broken ribs don't make up for everything he's done to me but they do make me feel just a little bit better.