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All the gods (except for Poseidon, Hestia, and Aphrodite) stared at the new Savior of Olympus in stunned silence.

Poseidon looked like he couldn't choose between proudly beaming and force himself to be happy with his son's decision, or deeply upset with the missed opportunity to make up for not being apart of most of Percy's life. So he settled with looking like a gaping fish.

Aphrodite was doing a happy dance in her throne. She had been crossing her slender fingers as tight as she could, hoping the Fates would not have Percy become a god. And, thank goodness, he refused! The goddess of love couldn't have felt more relieved, it would have difficult for her to convince the other gods to have Annabeth become immortal as well.

But who cares?! the goddess of love thought with glee, resisting the urge to throw her arms around Ares' thick neck.

Percabeth LIVES!

Aphrodite couldn't restrain the small giggle that escaped her lips.

Meanwhile, the quiet goddess by her ever burning hearth also tried and failed to hide a knowing smile. She had known the moment her younger brother suggested immortality, Percy Jackson would refuse. Although she had known him for only a short amount of time, she felt she knew him well enough to know he was too loyal to his friends and family to abandon them for a better life as a immortal.

He is definitely unlike the other heroes before him. Hestia thought, as she patiently waited for her family's response, perfectly content with once again being a wallflower.

"No?" Zeus said. "You are... turning down our generous gift?"

There was a dangerous edge to his voice, like a thunderstorm about to erupt.

"I'm honored and everything," Percy said meekly. "Don't get me wrong. It's just... I've got a lot of life left to live. I'd hate to peak in my sophomore year."

Ares inwardly deflated at the loss of his future immortal punching bag.

"I do want a gift, though," Percy said. "Do you promise to grant my wish?"

Zeus thought about this.

"If this is within our power." he cautiously replied, not sure where the son of the sea god was going with this.

"It is," Percy assured. "And it's not even difficult. But I need your promise on the River of Styx."

"What?" Dionysus cried, tearing his eyes away from his wine magazine. "You don't trust us?"

"Someone once told me," Percy said, staring directly at Hades. "you should always get a solemn oath."

Hades shrugged. "Guilty."

Quickly sending Hades a particularly nasty glare (who, in response, smirked), Zeus growled.

"Very well! In the name of the Council, we swear by the River of Styx to grant your reasonable request as long as it is within our power."

Zeus didn't bother telling the naive Percy Jackson that his request had to be reasonable to his standards.

The other gods, knowing there was a loophole in that promise somewhere, muttered assent. Thunder boomed, shaking the throne room. The deal was made.

"From now on, I want you to properly recognize the children of the gods," Percy said. "All the children... of all the gods."

Zeus' Master Bolt almost fell out of his almighty fist in shock.

"Percy," Poseidon said slowly as if his son had asked why were globes round if the earth was flat. "what exactly do you mean?"

"Kronos couldn't have risen if it hadn't been for a lot of demigods who felt abandoned by their parents, " Percy clarified.

"They felt angry, resentful, and unloved, and they had a good reason."

Zeus' royal nostrils flared. "You dare accuse-"

"No more undetermined children," Percy interrupted, aggravating the king of gods even more.

Zeus gritted his teeth, resisting the tempting urge to zap Percy Jackson back into place. Literally.

He saved Olympus. He saved Olympus. He saved Olympus.

"I want you to promise to claim your children- all your demigod children- by the time they turn thirteen. They won't be left out in the world on their own at the mercy of monsters. I want them claimed and brought to camp so they can be trained right, and survive."

"Now, wait just a moment," Apollo began, only to be ignored.

"And the minor gods," Percy added. "Nemesis, Hecate, Morpheus, Janus,"

Nobody noticed the sudden tension between the gods at the mention of the idiotic Roman god.

"Hebe- they all deserve a general amnesty and a place at Camp Half-Blood."

Everyone, except Janus' children. Zeus thought, mentally marking that down as a unreasonable request.

"Their children should not be ignored. Calypso and the other peaceful Titan-kind should be pardoned too."

They are peaceful for now, but will become backstabbers later, just like the rest of their kind. Another unreasonable request. Zeus thought.

"And Hades-"

"Are you calling me a minor god?" Hades bellowed. If looks could kill, the Savior of Olympus would've been on a one way trip to the Underworld in a split second.

"No, my lord." replied a surprisingly polite Percy, obviously not wanting to return back to Hades' dungeons. "But your children should not be left out. They should have a cabin at camp. Nico has proven that."

Nico slightly blushed at his words.

"No unclaimed demigods will be crammed into the Hermes cabin anymore, wondering who their parents are."

Chris Rodriguez, sitting next to his girlfriend, nodded his head slowly in agreement.

"That would be nice..." murmured a groggy Clovis, wiping the sleep out of his heavy lidded eyes. It was always difficult to find a decent place to sleep in the Hermes cabin.

"Too much pranksss..." he added, struggling not to doze off again. He nearly lost his head in the war because of that.

"They'll have their own cabins, for all gods. And no more pack of the Big Three. That didn't work anyway."

"You can say that again. " Hera huffed, glaring at Thalia. Said huntress glared back.

"You've got to stop trying to get rid of powerful demigods. We're going to train them and accept them instead. All children of the gods will be welcome and treated with respect."

Only if they are Greek. Zeus added silently.

"That is my wish."

Zeus snorted. "Is that all?"

It was a simple task, now that he narrowed it down to reasonable standards. All he had to do was claim all his Greek children (which, considering he only had one, was already done) and allow minor Greek gods to have their own cabins for their children at Camp Half-Blood. It was too easy! Why Percy Jackson made such a huge 'I Have A Dream' speech was beyond him.

"Percy, you ask much. You presume much." Poseidon warned.

"I hold you to your oath," Percy said. "All of you."

The gods gave him steely looks.

Much to Percy's surprise, it was Athena who spoke up next.

"The boy is correct. We have been unwise to ignore our children. It proved a strategic weakness in this war and almost caused our destruction. Percy Jackson, I have had my doubts about you, but perhaps-" she glanced at Annabeth, and spoke the last words as if it hurt more than bathing in the River of Styx. "perhaps I was mistaken. I move we accept the boy's plan."

"Humph," Zeus said. " being told what to do by a mere child. But I suppose..."

"All in favor," Hermes said.

All gods raised their hands.

"Um, thanks." Percy said sheepishly.

Percy turned, only to back away in surprise at the sudden bright light in front of him.

Roaring thunder boomed overhead with enough force to shake the gargantuous room.

Everyone immediately turned to Zeus, thinking he had something to do with it, but he looked as clueless as they were.

"Draw your weapons!" Zeus ordered when the light grew brighter. "This may be another attack from the Titans!"

Not needed to be told twice, it only took seconds for the once celebrating group to draw their choice of weapon.

When the light sluggishly faded, in it's wake stood a confused looking Latino elf-like boy.

"This could be a trick." Athena warned, but Hephaestus paid her no attention. Lowering his sword, the god of fire muttered softly in disbelief.


As if hearing his name, the elf-like boy snapped out of his daze.

"Holy Hephaestus!" the boy covered in motor oil exclaimed. More out of instinct, he quickly reached in his tool belt and pulled out a tin box of breath mints.