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You were in a daze, on the floor of Junes, and all your grocery items were spilled around you. Whatever it was that hit you, hit you hard. You could still hear ringing in your ears.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going, punk,” a male’s voice yelled from above. You dizzily tilted your head upwards and was greeted with the most intimidating figure towering over you.

You quickly snapped out of your daze, hastily gathering up your items and standing up, muttering a string of apologies. You were honestly terrified and left to go checkout as soon as possible to avoid further confrontation.

The encounter was so rushed that you could barely recall what the man looked like. You knew for certain that he was extremely tall and wore very dark clothes, but that was about it. Instead of dwelling on the matter, however, you allowed yourself to forget and continue on with your day.

Yet, forgetting wasn’t so simple when you were hit with an insane amount of déjà vu the very next day.

You were again, in a daze, on the floor, but this time, countless pairs of feet were passing by in the school hallway and instead of your groceries laying around you, it was your books. You could’ve sworn you heard that same voice from the store telling you to watch where you were going, and that same dark clothed figure glaring down at you.

But you weren’t scared this time. In fact, you were beyond annoyed. Twice this week, you had been bumped into and knocked on the ground and both times, it wasn’t even your fault. Usually, you had a relatively high amount of tolerance, but with exams and quizzes surprising you each week, your mental state wasn’t so lax with even the slightest inconveniences.

“Yeesh. Why don’t you get out of the way?” the familiar voice more so demanded rather than questioned. The man had already turned around and was intent on walking away when you gripped the back of his school jacket, pulling him to face you. When you both were face to… chest, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and tugged him down to your level.

The man was inherently very shocked, especially at how fast you recovered and gathered your dropped items, but it was only for a moment before he resumed scowling harshly at you.

His voice was in a low growl:
"What the hell do you think you're doing, kid?"

“You’re the one that needs to watch where they’re going, ‘punk’.”

You quickly released the man before storming away, face heated in anger. The both of you truly wished for no further encounters, but Lady Luck never seemed to be on either of your sides.