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In the Absence of Warmth

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“Iz- Izuku,” breathes Inko Midoryia, “y-you’re doing it again.”


Wide eyes peered at her through a curly fringe. Her lips are turning blue. She’s trembling.

He pulls away from her hug - leaving her warm embrace to shuffle to the opposite side of the couch.

“Sorry.” He whispers. He really is. He ducks his head, avoiding her gaze. Tugging absentmindedly at loose threads from the worn couch. The last time this had happened, she became so cold, so disorientated and…

He sighs, feeling the tell tale prickle at his eyes and the hurting lump forming in his throat. He wants to cry. Again. Yet, he can't. Mama would want to hug him again and he just can’t risk it, not like that.

Sometimes he wishes he never got his stupid quirk. It was the perfect blend of his parents, but it was so useless - it just hurt people. Tears escape his eyes and he swallows painfully.

Kachan was right; Izuku is just a worthless Deku.

“It’s okay Izu.” His Mum says, stroking his head. He hadn’t even realised she had moved. “It’s not your fault, you will learn to control it.” She threads her fingers through his hair, it feels nice and warm- relaxing.

He shifts slightly, careful not to touch her or open his hands. “Really?” He asks, lips trembling, but not because he was cold. He was always cold, ever since his quirk came. He wished it never did.

“Of course!” She whispers exaggeratedly, copying his tone. “Why don’t we watch the All Might video you love so much? It’s scary, but you can handle it you’re five and grown up.” She tells his solemnly, cupping his cheek and wiping his tears. “You’ll still be my baby though.” She adds as an afterthought, giggling to herself at his indignant expression. “Come on.” She holds out her hand, moving to stand up.

Izuku is apprehensive to take it, but he does because his Mama is strong and can take anything. He’s careful though, he does not want to indulge himself and give in to pulling away her warmth. He can do it without physical contact, but it makes it much easier to activate his quirk. He frowns before pulling her along, perking up in excitement. The Number One Hero always cheered him up because he could just smile away his fears. His Mum laughs again, allowing herself to be pulled along. He clambers onto the computer chair eagerly waiting for her to turn it on and load up the video.

“Never fear because am here !” Comes the strong voice of All Might, who is carrying at least five people not to mention the many more he had just rescued! Izuku grins fist pumping the air, as he had seen Kachan do earlier. His signature theme song accompanies the video and Izuku giggles. He would be a hero too, just like All Might!

“Mama,” Izuku begins slowly, pointing towards the monitor, “can I be a hero too?” His brow furrows and he wants to cry again though. “Even- even if I have a useless quirk?” His breath hitches and he suppresses the tears, like he does when Kachan pushes him.

He watches his Mum, but she’s turned away slightly. Her hair obscures her face, but he sees her cheek glisten anway...




“Oh, Izuku I am so sorry.” She sobs out, she draws him closer to her pulling him from the chair to her lap. She clutches him tighter and he feels her shoulders shake slightly. “If- if perhaps you had just gotten your father's quirk or even just mine,” She rushes out, voice cracking. “I’m sorry,” and she really is. Izuku can tell.

He wants to react like All might would and smile, reassuring he can still do it. He can’t though. Something im him snaps and soon he’s crying too - clutching her just as tightly. It hurts. He wants to drown and pretend she never said that. He waits for her to change her mind, take it back. She never does and for some reason that hurts even more.

He doesn’t activate his quirk by accident this time, despite his body’s permanent cold state. Despite the pain and the crying, something in him burns.



He will be a hero.



He just knows it.

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Izuku Midoryia Age 7 - Time Skip

Ouch, thought Izuku repressing a hiss of pain. Kacchan had done it again, he burnt him of course, just like usual. He sighed, his chest coiling uncomfortably, at least he was home now and he could finally remove his blazer that aggravated the blistering skin. Stupid, worthless Deku. That was his favourite line, that was more painful than the beatings themselves. He was just grateful that he only did it on his arms, never damaging his clothes or him somewhere visible as that would just cause trouble for both of them.

“Dinner will be ready in five!” Inko called from the kitchen, clattering pans with her bustling around, humming along to the radio.

Izuku did not say anything in response, he knew his voice would crack and so he let the tears roll silently. He clutched his head, pulling at his hair. Stop! You’re better than this, he told himself sternly. He hissed again, quickly tugging off his blazer. He glanced at the small burns they were definitely sore and some were weeping clear fluid. Trotting to the bathroom, he then ran his arms under the cool water, gently allowing the dirt to flow from them too. He gritted his teeth, he needed to hurry or his Mum would come to get him. The cool water was soothing though, you would think that the burns would not be bad due to his colder temperature - wrong! He gently patted his arms dry and left the bathroom, pulling on the soft jacket he brought with him.

“It’s ready!” His mother called again. He ignored the feeling of his wounds, he would have to pick the fluff from them later due to the jumper, but now he had to go eat and he was famished.

“Thank’s Mum!” Izuku grinned, hoping he did not look in pain, before sliding in the dining chair. He picked up his chopsticks and dug in, allowing the warmth to flood his mouth. Mmm! Hot food is delicious, even if it was summer and slightly odd in this weather. He needed it though, upon learning his quirk had the side effect of him being a form of conductor -  if the surrounding air was too warm for the heat he attracted to disperse in.

“Everything alright sweetie?” His Mum asked, tilting her head. She knew Izuku only wore long sleeved items and she hoped it was due to his quirk, no other reason. She frowned, noticing her son grimace slightly in thought. Katsuki hurt her son, she knew that, but boys would be boys.

“Yeah,” Izuku mumbled around his food, “just fine.” He smiled at her briefly, but his cheeks felt strained and they twitched slightly. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice…

“Good,” she replied, but doubt coloured her voice, “Oh yeah!” She said brightly, letting her son’s discomfort go, but she silently promised herself she would find out what was going on. “A leaflet came for you today,” she continued, brushing aside her thoughts “there’s a kickboxing class starting, just outside of town and I thought you would like to try it as you’re just old enough to start.”

Izuku blinked, well that was random - or was it because she knew he was picked on because of his quirk? He released the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, before smiling and this time it was not forced. “I would like to go!” He answered brightly, maybe in time he could stand up for himself ( like a hero) his mind whispered. “If that’s okay?” He asked quickly, they did not have a lot of money with his Mum’s job. He knew that, but she would not offer if she could not afford it - right?

“I will sign you up then!” She responded , mirroring his delighted grin. “However,” her tone darkened considerably becoming more solemn, “on the condition that you tell me what or who is hurting you.”

So his Mum wanted to bargain with him?

Izuku chest tightened and he lowered his chopsticks to steady his hands. He can’t tell her. He can’t. Kacchan will kill him. His eyes watered slightly. He can’t , he can’t, he can’t …


“Izu, it’s okay.” She whispered softly in his ear, gripping his shoulders.


When had she moved ?

“Not right now, in your own time. You can still go, but after the first lesson you have to tell me before you go to another.” She told him, keeping her voice quiet and soothing.

He nodded, and gasped for air before releasing a shaky, unsteady breath. She rubbed his back, continuing to speak reassurances, she was just helping him. He felt a warm glow, knowing that at least she cared. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to tell her about it, he decided.

Dinner was left forgotten as he cried silently in his mother’s warm embrace. He would be stronger and the lessons would help.

He tightened his grip on her woolen cardigan, yes, things would be better. He could be tough and ignore the ridicule he got for his quirk.

Useless Deku.

Yet, the words still rang through his mind.


This was it. He glanced nervously at the warehouse like building in front of him. He noticed it was recently refurbished and modern lighting lit up the building. He spotted another kid, his age , it seemed dragging his friend along laughing about a joke. He tightened his grip on his mother’s hand, careful to not activate his quirk in his nerves.

Inko Midoriya sighed, she understood why her son was nervous. He never brought friends round and most people here came in groups or pairs. She nudged him to go join the other children sitting down. He needed to stop isolating himself, he was apparently still apprehensive of either being torn to shreds by them or accidentally using his quirk. No wonder he often mumbled to himself, he had to fill the silence because no one else did.

Inko just prayed this would help him.

“Go on, I will pick you up in an hour when the session ends.” She brushed his hair from his face, smiling softly.

Izuku smiled back, waving to her as she left. He walked into the building, noticing the various certificates lining the walls. They were mostly first aid, a few awards and some where written in… english? Huh, that was interesting. He frowned before noticing the other 10 participants were sitting down already. He quickly joined them, sitting close to the exit.

Hello!” Boomed an accented voice from behind.

Izuku like the others startled before whipping round to look at the voice’s owner. He was a tall, well muscled man with green, generic tribal tattoos plastered over his arms. Izuku’s heart thudded painfully. He looked more like a thug than their teacher. The bald man moved to the front, his loose sweatpants and t-shirt rustling with the movement.

“I will be your teacher, but just call me Mike.” He announced, chuckling at their startled and incredulous faces. “I am glad to see you’re all dressed appropriately.” Mike told them his gaze sweeping over the children dressed in gym clothes. Blue eyes crinkled around the edges as his face practically beamed. “Today we will go through basic exercises, we will determine your strengths and weaknesses so next week we can split you off into groups. Although, I doubt most of you will return.” His face stopped smiling and the atmosphere became tense. “Kickboxing is a serious sport, it can cause a lot of damage and it is hard. We will not allow any of you to fight against others till you’re ten, if you stay that long. We have a duty of care to uphold and while you are young, any repeated blows to the head can be permanently damaging.” He continued, tone serious and severe, blue eyes pierced straight through them. “On that note, quirk usage is absolutely forbidden. We know other places allow it, but we most certainly will not. This sport is supposed to be strengthening you and relying on your quirk will not help that. Similarly, if I hear any of you using the skills you learn here outside this gym you will be removed from the group. Break any of these terms - you will be removed.”

Izuku hands began to tremble as he committed the rules to memory - no quirks, no using skills outside and no fighting with others. While Mike continued speaking about what was going to happen now, Izuku glanced around the open room they were in. One corner had a small ring - for practice spars, one side of the wall had punching bags, there were weights nestled in another corner but aside from that it was simply a large open hall. It was well air conditioned and it felt comfortable, there was no need to sit closely with others and there would minimal contact anyway.

Right!” Mike called clapping his hands together, “let’s begin!”



Izuku ached, everything ached, but he felt relaxed. He felt happy.

He also never realised he could sweat so much!

Mike had put them through a work out and a half. First they had done an 800 meter run around the hall, then they learned a few punches and he corrected their stances and helped them put as much power as possible; when they were successful in punching they repeated the movement 50 times before moving on to legs. Then, they did weight training squatting with small dumbbells and ugh - Izuku was far too exhausted to think about the rest.

His Mum seemed happy with the session though, as she noticed his pleased grin and flushed face. She said he would return next week, after they talked tomorrow. Izuku squeezed his eyes shut, pushing his face against his cool pillow. He felt like he was going to be sick. His burns itched.


He felt tears dribble down his cheek. There goes his good mood.


Now he would sleep until tomorrow.


Sleep however flitted from his grasp, taunting him with explosions and laughter. He lost count of the many times he awoke, his numerous tears staining his pillow.


Izuku avoided his Mother for a while, only joining her at breakfast and ignoring her questions. He felt sick. So, to calm himself down he decided to indulge in his favourite hobby- Hero analysis.

Currently, he was trying to draw Eraserhead, one of the lesser known Heroes. He frowned at the picture, his anatomy and placing was all off and the capture gear folds were a nightmare. It was understandable though, while his drawings were above average than his peers, he was still only 7 years old and it was to be expected.

He coloured the Hero’s black outfit with a flourish, technically it was not great and quite rough, but he was proud of it regardless. Puffing his cheeks, Izuku squinted at his work before a satisfied grin plastered his face. He was lucky to have gotten this magazine with a small side bar on the elusive hero, his quirk was eraser.

This has many advantages, firstly, it allows Eraserhead to fight on an even field and the enemy will not know precisely how his quirk is activated due to the goggles obscuring his face. It also means that he has an upper hand in a fight because he is prepared for close combat, where as a villain will typically use their quirk as a first reaction. His capture gear also allows him to overpower enemies without having a combative quirk. Also his low media profile means that many are simply unaware of his work, let alone his quirk, giving the advantage of surprise.

However, despite these advantages there are negatives to his quirk too. For example, it is ineffective to someone with a mutant type quirk so he will have to depend more on his capture gear and physical ability. If he or capture gear get damaged, it is easy to see he could lose. He could however. Additionally, if his eyes are damaged then he cannot use his quirk, but that’s why he has goggles.

He stopped there, putting his pencil down with a soft sigh. His own quirk is not an ideal quirk for combat all he did was basically act like a conductor, with minimal control of where to move the heat. Honestly, he did not know how he could utilise it in basic terms, let alone for a fight. He shut his 8th notebook, how would he be a hero at this rate?

Sure, the kickboxing sessions would improve his physical ability, but villains would not use their quirks on him just because he asked nicely. He gently traced the notebook’s title: Hero Analysis for the Future.

Wait - That was it!

He could do analysis on his own quirk, he could also run tests to test the limits and abilities of it. He used to find his quirk scary, especially after nearly freezing his mother to death but he could control it mostly. Unless he got really scared or nervous, but he was no longer stealing heat, instead he just wore extra clothing to make up for his temperature. He would also have to learn more about the human body and its limitations, but he could do it!

You’ll still be useless Deku.

He supposed he best go have the conversation with his Mum, shaking the doubt from his mind.


When he started speaking he could not stop. Everything flooded from him, cascading in torrents - all the incidents. All the times he was hurt. Now he felt weak.

Right now, he felt he was falling apart. His mother was crying and she did not understand why he had said nothing and for so long.

Despite this she now held him close soaking his hair with her tears, while he soaked her jumper with his. He was gulping in air every moment he was not sobbing and his mother ran soothing circles on his back. He felt like Kacchan was burning his arms again and he wanted to scream. He didn't.

Later, his Mother spoke to the school, he would be moving classes and was told that the teachers would be speaking to him. He knew they would not care, but at least he would not have to see Kacchan as much. He could now easily avoid the exploding boy and his followers. It was not much, but it helped.

He felt distant the whole time his mother talked through this with him, like he was wrapped up away from her. His chest was still painfully tight from recounting his experiences, but he knew it would be better because his Mum held him tight the whole time and despite being distressed he didn't even use his quirk once.

Something in him warmed from the idea, he was getting stronger.

This time the voice in his head did not correct him; the reasoning of Kacchan remained silent.

That was a small victory in itself.


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Orudera Junior High School -  time-skip


Crisp, fresh cut papers shuffled into place as their teacher entered the room, her lips pursed as she surveyed the students in front of her. Every wisp of her hair was locked into place as she turned to face them fully.

"Today we shall be going over your options for secondary education." She intoned, her voice was sharp and grated like gravel accross smooth paving stones. "I pressume majority of you will be aiming for some form of Hero academy," she continued a sense of displeasure lining her voice, "regardless, at least have another option as your chances are slim at best." 

Her eyes seemed to pierced through Izuku's at this comment, he swore his body dropped another two degrees as he averted his eyes from her gaze. He felt lucky Kacchan was not here, he did not need another person to make the same remark. On that note, he was fortunate that no one here dared even breathe without the teachers direct order. He was vaguley aware of her using her quirk to hand out their forms, he was too focused debating the merits of applying for general education. It was a decent back up plan incase the hero course did not work out and there were a few cases of being moved to the Hero course af UA if he was good enough. 

Izuku released a shaky breath, drawing his blazer tighter to him and slowly began to fill out the form in front of him. A sense of calm washed over him and he began to feel closer than ever to actually achieving something

He startled as the paper whizzed from his desk to his teacher's outstretched hand, joining the others that scrambled to be held. Her angular face was pinched, as she glanced over what they had written. Her nostrils flared, but fortunately the bell rang before she could berate them for their choices. 

Silently everyone scrambled to leave their teacher's web of a classroom. Izuku gathered up his belongings, letting his eyes sweep over his desk ine last time before leaving, satisfied he had everything. He dodged through the clumps of students through the hallways, feeling glad that the muscle he had built up prevented his shoulder becomming too bruised if they did not move. Kickboxing had been great for the past 7 years, they learnt to fight well with technique and gain rhythm often through Mike giving them dance lessons. He never expected that when it first happened, that was for sure. On sunday, his weekly session, they would be finally testing their skills against each other not just dummies as Mike now believed they were mature and old enough to do so. Unfortunately, Sunday was his last ever session. Despite enjoying the sport, he felt he had learnt enough and his Mum just could not afford it anymore as it was difficult just to have hot water at home. Izuku figured if he made it to Yueii then he would be able to use the moves he learned for a real situation, to save someone.

Jolting from his thoughts, Izuku realised he had just walked into a warm firm body.

A certain someone with signature, blong spiky hair.

Oh dear.

Whipping around red eyes narrowed at him, their mouth opened to insult him before snapping shut realising who it was. Dread coiled in his stomach as the mouth twisted into a smirk. Kacchan ripped the notebook he was holding in his arms. 

"Quirk Analysis - To Be A Hero." Kacchan sneered, mocking him in a nasally voice. "Your a fucking creep Deku, watcha gonna do? Cool me off when I become the number 1 Hero?"

Izuku gulped, as a cold laughter filled his ears. Although now he was stronger and physically competition for Kacchan an intrinsic part of him shrunk away. The child part of his mind knew not to fight unless he wanted another burn scar, Kacchan was and will always be better than him. He was impenetrable. Izuku was too fallible.

Kacchan laughed uproariously at him, by now a small gathering had formed around them. They hungrily sought out a fight as admiration gleamed in their eyes for Bakugou.

For Izuku a tendril of dread slithered through him before settling uncomfortably in his gut. They all looked ready to peck away the soft parts of him, much like a murder of crows.

Despite his Mum trying her best, he was still rejected for his quirk and he was grateful it was only ever verbal insults. So now he just isolated himself, personifying the cold that enveloped his body, letting them feel the cold emptiness he felt all the time.

His only reprieve was Hero analysis and workouts with Mike, but one of those were stopping.

He watched Kacchan's mouth move, insulting him again. He just disconnected from it allowing his vision to blur comfortably and a muffle settle into his ears. 

He did not even protest as Kacchan threw out his notebook, soaring gracefully, part of him wished it was him instead. At least he would be free.

"...Let's hope you join your notebook and just pray that in your next life you're actually useful." 

The words registered in his mind, Kacchan could obviously read him better than he thought. He said nothing though, focusing on the ground before shouldering his way outside. He could not even fight him, those skills were forbidden.




Chilling air teased his hair and icy fingers trailed accross his face. He clutched his damp notebook closer, at least it could be rescued. A small part of him wished he could be too. He would though, he has to just do it himself and it's easier said than done. He needed to perk himself up on his way home before his Mum could see something was wrong.


He inhaled deeply, but instantly stopped.



He couldn't.



"Hush, don't struggle child I only need you to hide." Crooned the thing that was now smothering his entire body.


Izuku instantly struggled hader, his throught convulsing as he tried fo gag up the thing that was wedged in his mouth.

His eyes began to water as his throat burned, it felt like his toothbrush was too far back in his mouth. Yet this was slimy, warm and tasted like a public toilet.


Think Izuku, you worthless Deku.


In his panick he began to claw at his own face, leaving his stinging raw and red. He just wanted the thing gone.


Darkness had begun to sweep into the edges of his vision. Desperately he did all he could, he activated his quirk.

Something in him twitched. His heart raced as a soft, comforting burning filled him. He tugged harder, snatching away the warmth of the slime villain. The use of his quirk quenched some thirst he did not even realised he had.


He felt disorientated focusing on the warmth that flooded through, as a dam broke inside him. Yet the blackness continued to fill his sight, it crept closer. He focused desperately on the grey of the overpass above him.









Then there was nothing.









Tap. Tap. Tap.


Something was prodding his face. Wait - oh God.


The slime Villain.


Izuku bolted upright, gasping for air, light filling his vision. He could taste the sewage that lingered at the back of his mouth. He still ached like something was in his mouth. There was not, he was breathing and it was the cool air. It did nothing to stop the rush of sick thag flooded into his mouth. Unfocused, he twisted to his right and threw up. He spat to remove the sour taste. He was now parched, desperate for water as the vile, rancid smell of sick and sewage filled his nostrils causing him to gag again.


" Hey kid! You alright?" 


Izuku startled, someone was here? The deep voice, seemed oddly familiar and he took a breath to refocus himself. He slowly turned to face the person crouching over him, remaining there despite the disgusting smell and his sick. He turned to see him.


Izuku was utterly mortified.


If his body actually functioned normally, he was sure he would have melted by now. In fact, the sudden imput of heat caused him to flush an unsightly red. His ears were burning and that felt strange in itself. But oh my this was All fucking Might. Right here, in front of him!

Izuku was sure that although the slime villain did not kill him, this certainly would.


His idol, stared at him, waiting for an answer concern twisting his signature smile.


"I'm- m fine! Thank you so much for saving me! I love you so much!" He gushed out, before stopping. The heat he had stolen suddenly felt like it had sapped away from him. He instantly closed his mouth and his ears burned even more.


Oh God, I just told All Might I loved him. I am such a creep. He is gonna think I am so weird , it would be fine if I was a girl that would be understandable many girls love him. I'm not a girl and this is totally weird enough-


He stopped, All Might was laughing at him, deep booming chuckles as he clutched his side.

"It's fine m'boy! I get that a lot." He claimed, a grin brightening his features. "I am glad you are okay though, you're something else !" He told him, his voice sincere and a part of Izuku had warmed pleasanlty. All Might grimaced though, a small trickle of gas seeping from his arm. "I must go now, I have safely collected the Villain," he held up two bottles for Izuku to see, "great job at immobilising it. All I had to do was collect it up and clear it from you."


With one last beam directed at him, All Might jumped gracefully leaping out of sight.


Izuku was too shocked to move from where he now stood, from bowing to thank his All Might. 




He had managed to take enough heat from the slime to immobilize it?

It made sense, liquid despite being increadibly viscous in this instance relied of kinetic energy to move, thus, producing heat. As a result removing the source of heat, in this case the movement of water particles, he had successfully stopped it from moving. Especially as it made up his entire body...

Izuku sighed, he clearly had a lot to think about. He grimaced slightly as the smell of sick was still prominant. He moved to pick up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder. He paused picking up his notebook, inside was a pen that was not wedged there before. He flipped to the page, eyes widening as he read the note.

'Good luck becomming a hero, despite this notebook mostly empty, I am sure your quirk has more uses than just cooling water and taking body heat. Think about the applications more! - All Might'


Izuku frowned thoughtfully, glancing at the small note cramped next to the giant signature. All Might was apprently smarter than what he was credited for, but what did he mean?

Maybe it was time to fullfill the promise he had made his seven-year-old self. It was time to analyse himself. He eould begin making several hypothesis and mind map different ways he could use it and on what. Then he would learn more control, it could fill the void that kickboxing had created. A new project to focus on. As well as revising his school work and keeping physically fit. It would help for when he joined UA, especially is All Might thought he was useful. He had a good while to become stronger and use the advice his Hero gave him.

He only realised how long he had been there when the stench of public toilet smelling sick hit him again. His face suddenly flushed again at what had happened.


He had just puked in front of All Might, then told him he loved him. What was wrong with him!


Izuku was sure he would pass out again, just from embarrassment.


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Izuku had ten measly months left. It seemed like a lot of time, but in reality? It was not. He had a whole plethora of hypotheses for his quirk he needed to test, nevermind keeping up with physical training and fitness without the designated time at Mike’s place - and oh - let’s not forget the schoolwork he had to keep up with.

Izuku groaned, looking down at the timetable he had meticulously constructed. He then slumped against his desk, cushioning his head with his arms. It was difficult, that was for sure, especially trying to maintain perfect grades for their exams before high school. Unease crawled in his stomach, as despite being naturally academic there were just so many topics and subjects to study.

If Izuku was a lesser man - he would have crumbled, willing to sacrifice his soul to whatever Gods wanted it. Yet, the need and thirst for success was stronger, it felt like an all encompassing inferno; he was ready to divide and conquer.

Something inside of him stirred. It yearned for the heat and blazes of success. He smirked satisfyingly as the sun clawed its way into his room, snatching away the shadows and bringing a much desired warmth. The maternal embrace of the sun curled around him, attempting to lull him into a gentle slumber.

If Izuku was weaker - he would give in. Yet, he would not and desire to become a hero spurred him into action. The timetable before him had sealed his fate and nothing could sway him from this path.

Nothing would deter him from saving those who needed him. Nor would anyone prevent him.


It was time for his morning run.


His destiny started now.




Day 1 : Hypothesis ~ ‘ The warmer something is the colder it becomes with use of Quirk’

Clouds curled along the sky, white and looming with an air of anticipation as though waiting for something to begin. They gracefully glide , slowly and surely following the calls of the wind. Beneath them, the earth was warming and sand, dusted like sugar, gave in to the call of the sea as it was pulled across the beach.

It would have been beautiful and almost scenic, expect decay lingered and stole away the beauty of the place as it left rotting trails of death. The trash and rubbish along this beach dominated the picturesque air, it hung like a storm willing people away.

It was perfect, at least for Izuku. No one wanted to visit here, so no one would mind him using it as a base for operations and training. It offered a variety of tools to test his quirk, with new items weekly as it was an unofficial landfill. More importantly, however, it kept him in fine shape with heavy lugging required. He could even swing kicks and punches, uppercutting the piles to maintain clean technique. It was simply fantastic and it gave him confidence to be free, driving himself to go beyond the restraints and shackles others placed upon him.

He grinned, eyeing a slab of metal that had slowly been stewing in the unforgiving rays of the sun. Izuku supposed it was at least 15 degrees warmer than himself, perhaps 5 more than the average person wrapped up in this weather.

He tentatively reached out, careful of the ragged edge, clasping his hand onto it tightly. He could feel the dead metal humming, an invisible energy on he knew was there.

Something in him buzzed in return, eager to consume. Eager to take. He let it, allowing it unheeded, to meet the thrumming energy. He pulled and the humming collided with his buzzing and flowed freely into his arm. It worked its way through him, before settling comfortably in his muscles, where the buzz of his quirk lurked.

It felt like a refreshing cup of coffee, as it provided him with a much needed boost. He felt glowing and his desire for more burned. He suppressed it, but marveled at how much cooler the metal was now. He was glad for the warmth it gave him because despite being swaddled in his woollen trench coat and All Might themed scarf (even though it was at least 15 degrees celsius, probably 20 Izuku really could not tell), the yearning for warmth was negated. Usually, the cool metal would be enough to persuade him to activate his quirk, or curl up somewhere brimming with a toasty cosiness. However, with this burst from the metal the need to was not as strong even being with something significantly cooler than what it was.

He pulsed with excitement, turning his attention to a piece of driftwood. The hum if activity inside this object was oddly faded compared with the sun soaked iron. He moved towards it, tracing the ridges worn by the tide and caked in salt he could almost taste as it lingered in the air. Unlike before, he could feel it being closer to his own temperature. He twitched and pulled regardless, keenly aware that his body seemed disinterested in the energy he was taking. It did not have the same rush and beneath his fingers it felt it’s temperature only dropped slightly. The hummed had died down too, but not to the extent of the metal.

Lips twitching softly, Izuku released his hold and took the pencil from behind his ear. From his pocket he took his quirk notebook, flipping to today's page and scribbling away what he had just learned.

After testing several more various objects, Izuku concluded one thing - his hypothesis for today was correct with sufficient evidence. Satisfied, he proceeded to brush up on his moves. Fists and feet colliding with rubbish as he burned away the invigorating whir of warmth he collected earlier.

Although, he felt uncomfortably warm after today and there was an itch he just could not quite reach. He shrugged it off, heading home for the day grateful his mom was out working and would not know he had been gone.



Day 2: Hypothesis ~ ‘Quirk when used on electronics can take enough heat the object will not work’

Notes: This was interesting to conduct, as it is important to note that energy is often wasted by electronics in use and this energy is typically thermal. Upon using this on an old All Might figure, after taking the heat it produced, there was a significant lack of a “humming” sensation from the object. The object itself after this, did not work and failed to produce the signature catch phrase of All Might, which it did before. However, notably after changing the battery it worked again.

Conclusion: Using Quirk results in malfunction of power source on electronics.

Extra: Do not do this on the TV, mom gets really angry and we have to wait a month before she has enough money to buy another. Also do not get carried away as now the plug socket also does not work and the electricity bill has now gone up.


Day 32: Hypothesis ~ ‘The closer something is, the easier it is to steal its warmth’

Notes: This was tested per meter on various scrap metal pieces, which were all noticeably warm from the sun. At 0 with contact, it was easy to identify the heat of the object and sap it away. At a distance of 5 metres, there was a noticeable effort of reaching for the warmth and there were objects closer that attracted me more. I could still take the heat though, even if it took more effort. At 10 metres, it was harder to sense the object and it was only just manageable to use quirk on it. Anything above this distance, I could not sense at all, although perhaps with practice there is a chance I could.

Conclusion: Hypothesis is correct and it is important to note that the warmer it is the easier it is to sense the objects around me.

Extra: I also felt the presence of someone else nearby, as their heat felt more alive and increased with their movements. It was some strange, lanky blonde man who looked worse for wear. He coughed blood when I called out to him , asking if he was okay and promptly left. I need to clean the beach a bit to make it appear I am not just hanging amongst piles of rubbish - which is questionable at best.


Day 57: Hypothesis ~ ‘The more heat I absorb, the more energy I gain from it if I take it in’

Notes: This was far easier to test than previous experiments, as all it required was running as long as I could and timing it before I got exhausted. I found that my stamina increased with the more heat I had taken in, but after physical exercise I needed to concentrate more to take in heat. I also found with more use, despite the energy boost, I still craved to take more warmth. I also began to ache and was uncomfortable in a way similar to gaining a fever. It is best to be more cautious in the future.

Conclusion: The hypothesis was proven correct with my experiment and there were definite side effects of using Quirk.

Extra: I sensed the same blond man again, he seems to be interested in what I was doing. I must have looked pretty odd, but he did not seem particularly phased or even questioned what I was doing. Maybe I should be concerned if he is a pedophile or something equally detestable. However, there is something familiar about him, as his heat buzzed around one of his sides and is lacking on the other - I am certain I must have encountered him before.


Day 77: Hypothesis ~ ‘Using Quirk on water will cool it enough to freeze’

Notes: This involved a bucket, a flask with warmish water, a flask with freshly boiled water and a thermos of icy water. Starting with the hottest water, when plunging hands into it, it almost burned but luckily I was able to cool it enough to prevent blisters. It eventually got to the point where it become as cool as the icy water, but it did not freeze. The other temperatures yielded similar results minus the stinging heat.

Conclusion: Hypothesis is proved wrong, I cannot freeze things.

Extra: Perhaps this is due to my own body temperature? It is plausible I act as a conductor of sorts opposed to being able to freeze things, with the added ability of directing the heat elsewhere.


Day 80: Hypothesis ~ ‘When removing the heat from one object, it can be transferred to another’

Notes: Everything about this was exhausting, taking great concentration. A few times my control slipped and the buzzing energy of heat I could feel either charged towards me or dispersed into the air. However, it was largely successful despite the amount of energy it took to complete.

Conclusion: Hypothesis is proved correct, it just takes concentration and energy.

Extra: To use this in a fight would be draining physically, left me again like I was ill. More importantly it took longer than simply absorbing the heat, thus, it is impractical to use in a fight but could be used to help someone burning up. This is also the last experiment for a while, the entrance exam is in a few days and my experiments need to be tested on living organisms.


The day of the entrance exam

The weather today was mild and almost warm for February, Izuku noticed. As he hopped from the train he could not help but feel self conscious as people gave him curious looks, as though asking why he was dressed for the Arctic even though it was not that cold. The lack of sleep undoubtedly did not help either, as shadows curled beneath his eyes and his naturally stark face seemingly even paler. If someone were to touch him, they would probably think he’s dead, to be fair he did feel like a walking corpse.

The nerves and apprehension for today bubbled inside of him, staving away the much needed sleep. Not even the ethereal moon relaxed him like it normally would. As a result, Izuku felt like dying or sleeping for the rest of his life.

This would make or break him after all.

He followed the flow of people making his way to UA amongst all the hustle and bustle. There seemed to be so many candidates, all here for just today! Only a tiny minority ever got it and many kids here seemed so powerful with curling wings, flaming hands or even just sharp horns.

However, his interest in others was suddenly dwarfed by the utter awe he felt looking at the gianormous facility of UA. It looked so modern and high tech, the building itself was expansive nevermind the rumoured sites the place had for training.

Too absorbed in the building he was entering, he never noticed the misplaced stone until he was all of balance falling rapidly toward the ground. Oh God! This is humiliating he had barely been here 5 minutes and he was already embarrassing himself, he thought rapidly preparing for his woollen cocoon to cushion his fall.

It never did, instead he had stopped and the familiar tug of gravity had disappeared.

“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! I just did not want you to fall, it would be bad luck for the exams today after all.”

Izuku turned around, as his feet impacted the ground once again. In front of him was the owner of the bubbly voice, a mousey brown haired girl who was grinning sheepishly at him.

“It’s oh-okay, thank you.. uh.. I.. appreciate it!” He stammered awkwardly, instinctively bracing himself for the mocking laugh he would get.

It never came, instead she eyed him before blinking as though to reassure him.

“Sorry for using my Quirk though, I know it’s rude ‘n’ all.” She said instead, before blushing and dashing off into the throng.

Izuku smiled, glad to finally talk to someone who did not mock him for being awkward or laugh at his attire. The feeling was elating, and he hoped to see her again to thank her and ask to be friends. His first friend ever since Kacchan - that thought seemed to quell the nervous energy he had pented up.



Before he knew it, Izuku found himself sitting next to a seething Kacchan as they waited nervously to discover what their test would be. Whispers began to die down as the lighting changed and Present Mic walked on stage, preparing to address the examinees.

“Everybody say ‘heyyy’!” He shouted towards them, his directional speakers booming.

Izuku flushed from second hand embarrassment, he loved listening to Present Mic every week when he was on, but clearly a room full of adolescents were not going to respond to that.

Present Mic seemed undeterred though, like he was used to such a reaction, and carried on with his speech. “For the exam all of you will be spending 10 minutes in our city replica! So after this, bring whatever ya need, meet at the meeting area.” He beamed at them, as though accomplishing something great. “Okay listeners, for this you’re gonna be fighting the ‘villains’ we have put in each area! There are three, each having a worth of one, two or three points, ya dig?”

Izuku’s eyes widened as a tall, muscular boy stood up adjusting his glasses.

“Excuse me, but on the handout it says there are four robots. For a school as prestigious as UA, that is a poor error.” He exclaimed, hands flying in emphasis.

Present Mic smiled, “ah examinee 7111, your concern is duly noted but there is no error! Similar to the game Super Marios Bros, there is a zero point robot that is worth nothing to you little listeners, but acts like the things that 'thwomp' you!”

The boy nodded vigorously, bowing sharply at the waist, “sorry for the interruption then, that was rude of me.” He conceded sitting back down.

“That’s okay listener ! Now, make sure none of you disrupt or attack other candidates as that would be like a villain, on that note do not do anything villainous at all or you’ll be disqualified. Now if everyone’s ready-”

Izuku stood, his heart hammered as Present Mic paused to stare at him. Gulping nervously, he bolstered out the concern he had. “Uh sorry to interrupt, but I do-don’t understand.” He bubbled nervously.

“That’s okay Listener, what is it ya don’t get?” Said the voice hero. Several people muttered and twittered under their breaths causing Izuku’s cheeks to burn.

“It’s not that I don’t g-et- get it, sir, it’s more an issue I- I- I suppose.” He paused, clutching his coat to prevent his fingers shaking. “You say not to act villainous, but you’re presenting us with an exam that causes us to. As far as I can tell, we must destroy these robots, which would be fine, except that surely a hero must not destroy a villain? That would kill him. Furthermore, I understand that you could disable or turn off a robot but that situation is not applicable to real life. Unless, you’re suggesting that it is normal to turn someone off but that implies killing them which is hardly heroic by any standards. On that note, as a school UA ranks as the top but your exam seems poorly thought out because there are many pros who would not pass this sort of exam, merely because their quirk is not combat oriented. For example, Mandalay in the pussycats, whom supposedly got in on recommendations, but if she did not have that it would have been difficult for her to pass. Or heroes like Eraserhead, whose quirk is ineffective against machinery. All in all it just does not make sense and you seem to be discriminating people based on their quirks, which is rather hypocritical considering you do not want us to act like villains…” Izuku trailed off nervously, glancing at Present Mic’s stricken face and flushing at the stares he was receiving.

“Ah well listener, you bring up valid points but as a school we know what we’re doing. Right let’s move on to the exams! Yeah Plus Ultra!” Present Mic blundered on, side stepping Izuku’s concerns completely.

Izuku felt more than a little bewildered and frustration began to boil in his stomach. He noticed even Kacchan seemed a little more angry than usual, but whether it was with him or Present Mic Izuku could not tell and it was slightly irrelevant.

He sighed tugging off his gloves before trailing behind the other contestants leaving for the physical exam.

Just as he was leaving a rather bedraggled man came up to him, with eye bags that gave his own competition.

“Candidate 948, Izuku Midoriya, after the physical exam instead of leaving come back to the building.” He intoned in a rather grave, but also tired manner.

He just nodded and a sense of dread wormed its way around his chest.



Gathered with the other contestants, in front of them stood the city district that was a replica of the three others beside this one. Present Mic stood upon an incredibly tall tower, watching over the four arenas.

Izuku swallowed nervously, his quirk he hoped would be powerful enough to disrupt the power source of the robots he just was not sure what to do incase they fell on him or endangered someone else. Tugging at the coat he wore, Izuku noticed practically everyone else had flimsy sports gear on but to him it seemed just too cold. He paused, noticing the brown haired girl from before, he was tempted to speak with her but she probably thought he was a freak for questioning UA. He slumped, deciding against it as the other boy from before seemed to be eyeing him calculating something.

Begin!” Present Mics voice called out, jarring him from his thoughts. “Did ya expect a countdown?! Real fights don’t have ‘em.”

Izuku blinked as everyone dashed off, shaking away the last dregs of nervousness he ran after them turning around several street corners. He halted as he felt a bright source of buzzing energy, that was nothing like the other candidates. He turned to face it, panicking and activating his quirk before he could even think.

The loud ‘hum’ of the robot stopped, it seemed frozen mid swing before it crumpled to the ground in a harsh clang of metal. He grinned, the buzzing of the robot filling him more than anything he had ever taken before.

The feeling was so powerful and elating, endorphins pumped through his body and he was suddenly consumed for the desire for more.

The craving for warmth filled him to his core, unlike before there was nothing to stimulate it and he had control. Now, there was no control, just a basic instinct telling him to move and find more no matter where it came from.

Izuku felt the iron will he had built over the past few months slip from his grasp just like smoke and impossible to catch. His legs moved on their own and his whole body burned. He was just glad the robots power was so powerfully charged he would ignore the other candidates, but he was not sure how long that would last.

Chapter Text



I am too tired for this, Aizawa thought miserably. He sighed, allowing himself to slump slightly against the wall and eternally grateful that no one was here to comment on his bad posture. Usually, he never usually minded being with the other teachers at the entrance exam, picking out those with potential and critically evaluating those who just did not have it. This year though - this year was entirely different.

First of all, there was one boy who was ready to penalise U.A. for their mistakes and looked eerily similar to his old classmate Tensei, who was equally a perfectionist. So, this must obviously his younger brother who he had heard a lot about.

Then there was the other child, a small boy drowning in clothing despite being indoors with heating, he was certainly an odd one. This boy then proceeded to interrupt Yamada and downright criticised the school, having the gall to compare them to villains for discriminating those with less physical Quirks, then used himself as an example. Yet, he had a good point. This of course captured the staff’s attention, himself included, and then bloody scheming Nedzu requested to speak to him.

Now here he was, despite claiming the unfairness of the whole exam, taking down a robot with swift and practised ease. A two pointer at that.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming on - he needed a nap.

Before he could do anything though, he watched as the boy became sort of glazed similar to having reached a battle high. Next, cocooned in his coat, proceeded to sprint off.

Well that can’t be good.

Aizawa allowed himself to be absorbed into how everyone else seemed to be doing and pushed away the nagging doubt that lingered at the back of his mind.

Maybe I should retire soon.





Never before had Izuku felt so free than he did now. Clearing his head of the last traces of doubt, he grinned, flushing in the exhilaration of the whole thing. The energy burning in his muscles fueled his determination and he sprinted off, leaving the collapsed metal behind.

He could feel energy sapping away as he ran, his temperature began to drop back to the normal cold. It never had a chance, as he sensed another bright buzzing ahead of him. It was a three pointer this time, a tad larger than before and ever so much hotter. He smirked, not for long, he thought. He leapt to the side, quick reflexes ingrained from kickboxing, slapping the metal and dodging the blow that had swung his way. The familiar tug began again, not as intense as before but still incredibly invigorating. The robots moves were awkward and stiff, till they stopped completely and the thing stooped over. Izuku awkwardly scrambled away, fascinated as the robots whirring that he could feel inside dwindled down to nothing.

For a fragment of a moment, Izuku wondered if that was what dying was, completely losing the humming energy that made things - made people. He had noticed over the years everyone felt slightly different in terms of heat, Kacchan's, for example, was focused around his palms. What if one day that just disappeared completely?

Izuku felt faintly sick, his hand moved to cover his trembling lips. He stared at the motionless metal and a realisation dawned in his mind - Quirks are a mutation of genes that increased the level of survival rates, but also equipped them for the battle known as ‘survival of the fittest’. It struck him, the epiphany rolling like thunder and crushing his elatedness from earlier; all Quirks were literally designed to either kill or survive and that included his - which had the power to do both if he wanted - the robot before him was proof of that. Now he felt like he understood, his Quirk was not useless as he had learned over the past 10 months, his Quirk had the power to help people and he could not do that if he was too cautious. That was why he had the desire for warmth, he needed it to survive but he was constantly suppressing that desire, it was like denying a man in a dessert water and he would not let it happen again.



He would no longer be afraid.


“Only three minutes left to go listeners!”

Well, in the wise words of Kacchan, shit. Izuku had very little time and there was no way that his five points would be enough, at this rate he was not going to pass. His thinking had took too much time. He needed to hurry and he ran down the mock street, focusing on the brightness before him using it as a guide.

Of course, even as he burned away what he had collected, the lust was still there, the yearning of more. He would not let it get the better of him. So, instead of using direct contact he stood near the robot, only just hiding from its view. It was more difficult now and took more concentration, but he managed to leech the heat from its battery regardless. He did not pause to watch it collapse, he did not even shift his gaze to the blond boy shooting past with a beam of light. He just twisted his desire to seek the next opponent, his muscles aching as he ran forward in a frantic pace. He was terrified he would not make up enough points and that he would not become a hero, that thought alone would be enough to slaughter him, he needed to be stronger.

A deep rumbling shook the earth. It was like what he imagined a God would create, a deep shocking force. He pushed from his running, chest constricting and leaving him breathless. It then hit him, shattering what he ever thought heat could feel like. It was blinding, boundless and absorbing all at the same time. Izuku, like a moth to a flame drew closer, desperate to revel in this great emitter of life.

It was huge, at least ten times his size and he supposed that was why people were running. Despite how formidable it seemed to be, it was utterly worthless and the number zero was adorned like a crest, mocking of the puny humans in front of it.

“Help. Please.” The weak, pitiful cry snapped Izuku completely from his daze. The cherub girl from earlier was partially trapped by a heavy limb of a robot.

She was directly in the pathway of the hulking beast before them, she would be crushed like an ant. A small, selfish part of him whispered to leave her as he knew U.A would not allow her harm. Although his realisation from earlier still thundered in his mind. He had mere seconds to help her.

He ran forward, removing his coat and flinging away his scarf, willing himself to be as cold as possible. He paused at her side, blatantly aware the robot was now focused on him and was raising its arm to strike him. Izuku raised his own in retaliation and pulled with all his might. For a fraction he thought it would not be enough, that the robot was going to squish them both and that it was going to be over, that he could not absorb enough to completely stop it. It was, the robot was now slowing in its movements and had become more sluggish.

Izuku panicked in realisation that they were still in the way, the robot was going to fall on them! Still, sapping at its' heat, he moved closer to the girl and strained to push the metal trapping her. Her leg was now free, but slightly swollen and definitely bruised. Izuku was vaguely aware of her talking to him, maybe she was shouting, he could not really tell, far too focused on stopping the robot and getting out of there.

He grabbed her arm, perhaps to roughly as she flinched and proceeded to half carry and half drag her away. His frantic pace increased and he stopped tugging at the robot, he no longer needed to.

Not even a meter away from them, the robot now lay fallen just where they had been not even moments before.

“Time’s up! The exam is now over, please remain where you are if you need healing or if not, please head home.”

Izuku was ready to cry after hearing Present Mic’s words, “there’s no way that my 8 points is enough to pass.” He muttered miserably, he sighed and carefully set the girl down.

She said nothing as she watched him, only her eyes fluttered several times in apparent confusion.

He offered her no explanation and seeing as she was not hurt, he smiled softly and bowed before heading off back to the main building.




Ochako was confused.

The clumsy boy who had tripped earlier, bundled in clothing and had adorable freckles was actually terrifyingly strong. When she called for help, she was ready to face her doom as everyone left her behind as her leg was trapped. She thought, for a glimpse, she was actually going to die. Then he turned up. The strange boy, who ripped off his clothing just to help her. The strange boy, who pulled her away and still managed to stop the robot. All at the same time.

She was more than a little confused, she was downright bewildered. Especially as he had been preaching justice earlier to Present Mic, but seemed to handle the challenge fine. She honestly thought he would be terrible, despite his inspiring speech, as he looked so unsure. Yet, when he looked like he was afraid of her hurting him he looked so frail, so unlike the hero who had just bowed to her. Something inside of her felt protective of him, an innate desire to help someone who looked lonely and was so sweet.

She vowed to help him, she would share her points because he deserved it - because he had been her hero and now she could be his.




Izuku stood shaking akin to a leaf, as the teachers in front of him seemed to eye him incredulously. He wrapped his arms self consciously around himself, feeling slightly feverish from all the excitement of today. Not to mention the Quirk overuse. 

“Sit down.” Commanded the scruffy man from earlier, gesturing to the couch.

Izuku happily complied, sitting down lightly and pulling his coat closer to his body. He was exhausted and was freezing. His head swam lightly and he felt clammy as cold sweat trickled down his neck. He gingerly placed his cool hands on his warm temples. His body was all over the place after his quirk usage. He really hoped this would not take long, he really wanted to go home and sleep. He wanted to lick his wounds in peace after that bitter defeat. He tried to smile, but it felt more like a grimace as he watched the people in the room.

If he had more energy, he would have been freaking out. Cementos, Ectoplasm and even Midnight were there! As well as other heroes. There was also something oddly familiar about the man who had taken him here. He peered at him curiously, eyes widening in realisation when the man tugged at his scarf. It was Eraserhead and that was his capture gear. He personally really admired him, his quirk was so useful and despite being mostly underground he was still known by few. It was interesting because his quirk relied on his eyes, so, the most obvious way to take him down would be to gouge them out or at least stun his vision. However, he had goggles so you would have to get rid of those first and they were undoubtedly made of a sturdy material…

“I really hope you don’t gouge out my eyes kid.” Eraserhead remarked dryly, lips twitching slightly.

“Oh! No of c-couse not. I am sss-so sorry! I did not realise I was speaking out loud.” He sputtered nervously, the energy from today burning his cheeks and ears. He stared at his lap, unwilling to meet anyone's eyes.

“Well that is most interesting Izuku Midoriya, how you think of such weaknesses in others! Oho! Quite similar to your identification of the flaws in our system, most admirable, I must say.”

He startled slightly at the new, high pitched voice. He looked up, to see Nedzu the principle of U.A. He blushed again as the peculiar mouse looking thing stared at him.

“How about some tea? Hmm?” The creature asked, smiling gently, the perfect picture of geniality.

He nodded cautiously, he was highly aware that the being in front of him was incredibly intelligent and most likely played the card of courteous host, but with no real meaning behind. Izuku’s guard came up, every instinct telling him to be careful as this animal was dangerous

“Now, tell me, Izuku, about myself. If you can identify Eraserhead here, then I have no doubt you will recognise me. I want to know your thoughts on my entire being, every weakness and every strength.” Nedzu had paused from his bustling near the kettle and had turned to face him, flashing sharp teeth and cold, shining eyes.

Izuku gulped and forced himself from burying into his scarf. The other teachers were either typing or watching something, but he was not fooled. They were pros and were undoubtedly listening in to the conversation. Eraserhead himself had flung himself onto another couch and for all the world, appeared to be absorbed by his phone.

Izuku sighed, bringing his analysis notebook to the forefront of his mind the picture of it aiding his memory. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and began. “You’re the Principal, Nedzu, the first record of an animal with a quirk from what officials say. Although there is the off chance there were others that died in experimentation, according to some theorists. Regardless, no one is entirely sure what animal you are exactly - a possible side effect of your quirk. What I do know is you have High Specs which gives you a higher than average human intelligence. However, this is only an average human so there are people just as clever as you, if not more. Your species is undecided from a mouse, bear or dog, thus, it’s safe to assume you share qualities with them. So, despite having a deceptively cute appearance I have no doubt your claws, teeth and reflexes make you a formidable close combat opponent. Despite this advantage you clearly favour public opinion or you have a underlying doubt that you will be used for experiments, which, ultimately motivates you to wear suits and act more like a human. This in itself is a weakness as if you were suddenly put in a situation your suit would restrict your movement that would be far greater than a humans. Secondly, there is the off chance you have trauma or residual anger from the way you were treated and that could be an interference in a fight. Lastly, animal instinct could also override your brain and cause you to act out on that.” His voice had began to dwindle towards the end and became slightly monotone from all the talking.

He had been staring at the ceiling the whole time and was currently oblivious to the impressed grins shared between the teachers, or the calculating gaze Nedzu was watching him with.

“Well, that was most enlightening, I must say!” The principle chirped, grinning as Izuku flickered his gaze to him. “You’ll find out your results soon, thank you for coming. Mr Aizawa please lead him out.” The principle shook his hand with his large paws and lumbered off and out a side door.

Aizawa stood, rolling his shoulders to remove the kinks that had gathered. He stalked out of the room, briefly glancing behind to ensure Midoriya was following him.

Deku hurried after the long legged hero, glad he was walking him to the gates. The layout of the building was confusing and there were minimal signs to help. He barely focused on his surroundings, until they reached out doors and trees were now looming over him instead of classroom doors. He halted as Aizawa did, they had reached the gates it seemed. He said nothing as Aizawa stared at him, his face impassive and hard to read. He opened his mouth to thank him, but ended up gaping at him - the hero was petting his head slightly as though he were a cat. What? Before he could comment on it, Mr Aizawa had turned on his heel and left him there staring at his back in confusion.

He wondered briefly if the teacher could sense his brewing anxiety about today, but that idea was laughable in itself.

Today had certainly been interesting, there was no doubt about it. All he had to do now was wait and hope he had done enough. The nerves from earlier slamming back into his concious at full force.
















A phone rang. The cold metallic shrilling resonated in the cold room, echoing on the concrete walls. A man shuffled in, completely obscured by the darkness, but a faint light from the doorway showed him to be twitching perhaps in anger or perhaps in fear, one could not really tell.

It was curious, the way the man’s hand clasped the phone, as though he was tentative and unsure despite his body screaming danger. “Hello.” He rasped out. It was not a question, he knew who was calling.

“I have someone of interest.” Rang out the voice from the other end. It was strangely garbled and distorted. A moment of silence as the man held his breath, apprehensive. “From what I gleaned today, there’s someone who will be a valuable asset to us.”

“Who are they?” Came the demand, his twitching had intensified to a freakish level.

“Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya, I believe. He’s young, but already so ruthless and…”

The voice on the other side crackle out of existence, leaving behind empty static.




The twitching man grinned.





Chapter Text

“Izuku, I know you went to the UA entrance exam.”

The air was thick with tension, as though waiting for the first roll of thunder on a humid evening. Izuku shifted nervously, focusing intensely on the dinner before him. What does he say? He can’t help but think that no matter what he says his Mum will either be proud of him or have the air of grim disappointment, and honestly his nerves are too frayed to keep up with either.

“If you don't want to talk right now sweetie, that’s fine,” she tells him, her voice laced with soft comfort and understanding, “however, whether you make it or not I am proud of you.” She admits and her tone lowers to a breezy whisper, “the thing is, after your father…” she audibly swallows and Izuku, from beneath his lashes, watched her clutch her napkin steadying her shaking hands. “After your father,” she continues, “I was scared. I was scared that I would lose you too and when you asked me if you could be a hero, I selfishly believed you couldn’t. All because I just wanted a normal life and for you to grow up happy and content. Yet, I failed you - and for that I am sorry.”

A muffled sob sounded from her, the noise leaving him frozen and desperately sorry. He reached over, taking her hand. His hands were cold and shocking like entering the sea, but it was still grounding and trapped the fragile moment between sharp blades.

“I know, I am sorry too. I should have told you everything to begin with. I love you for it though, and you just wanted the best. I will be completely honest with you from now on.” Izuku said with delicate conviction, his own voice rough with emotion.

Their eyes met, both shining with glistening tears and both holding a promise. It told them that no matter what they lost or what they gained, the mother and son love could never break, never lost and always shining golden.

“Thank you, I love you too. Now let's eat!” Inko replied with a smile.

Izuku nodded vigorously, enjoying this moment between them and hoped that it would last. He thought she would be too emotional, too overbearing and overwhelming but she was not and he felt significantly better about his day. Even if he did not make it, he still had his family and in his Mum’s eyes he would always be a hero.

The thunder was still there, ready to burst and cackle alive with energy, because nothing really lasts forever and it was only really a matter of time.






It had been days, but it honestly felt like years. He had gone to school as normal, gone for runs and kept up with work, but it still felt incredibly mediocre to the thrill of the entrance exam. Despite having, for the first time, a glimpse at friendship he still inherently shied away from people and only responded with cold indifference to people’s interests. The squirming feeling of apprehension and anxiety only made matters worse, but perhaps it was due to waiting for his results too. A small kindle of determination was still blossoming and he planned to change his considerably poor socialisation skills in high school, he just hoped it would be at U.A.

He frowned in concentration, as after seeing several pros at the school he felt it only right to update his analysis notebooks. It was honestly frustrating, that despite having nailed Eraserheads appearance and anatomy, it still felt incredibly stiff and unnatural despite nothing being wrong. Although he supposedly had ‘natural talent’ for drawing, as his Mum likes to tell him, he decided he could never be an artist as he would simply lose his sanity. He dropped his pencil, wincing as it clattered to the ground. He ignored it, instead resting his head on his desk and pondering on what he could do now.

“Izuku! A letter is here for you!” His Mum called, snapping him from his slump.

His heart felt like it was ready to leap from his chest, he could physically feel it pounding. He stood, carefully making his way to his door and opened it. His mum stood there, face flushed and hair fluttering out from her half up-do.

“Here you go, please let me know what the verdict is.” She said, obviously reigning in her excitement.

He sighed, she was undoubtedly going to cry upon hearing he didn't make it. He squashed down any buds of hope because it was far easier to be pessimistic and not have to deal with your own disappointment.

He clasped the envelope in his shakey grip, and smiled grimly at his Mum. She clearly read something in his face and left, closing the door softly behind her. She was a never ending well of emotions, but she clearly understood he needed to be alone for this.

He dropped back into his chair, placing the envelope on the table as though it would bite him. He closed his eyes and taking a deep breath, he opened it. Inside was nothing but a small flat disk and a single sheet of paper. He thought there would have been more, but apparently not. He pulled out the disk and set it on the table.

“Hello young Izuku Midoriya!”

Izuku startled, nearly toppling from his chair in surprise. His idol, the All Might, who he had only met once was there! Right in front of him as a blue holographic. “What is that citezen? Yeah… of course…” Izuku had to stifle a giggle at All Might being directed. “Well, anyway, sorry for not contacting you sooner m’boy this just took a while. Anyway, you did exceptionally on the written test we received from your school! However, that is not enough and for the practical you scored a measly eight which normally would mean you have not made it in. Your actions though, were truly worthy of a hero, so, watch this!”

The hologram flickered to Present Mic and the gravity girl he had helped, Izuku shifted in his chair, fascinated with what was happening.

“Uh excuse me,” the girl mumbled nervously, “but you know the boy with curly hair, a plainish face and dressed ridiculously in a large blue woollen trench coat and red scarf? Well, uh, erm he said he only managed to get eight points and I want to share some of mine with him! He deserves to make it, he was a hero. He helped me when no one else would and he saved me!” Her already pink cheeks became even more flushed with her passionate outburst.

Izuku stared in shock. The hope he had attempted to quell earlier slammed back into him with a right hook to the gut. Perhaps he really was going to make it. He focused back to the hologram to watch Present Mic ruffle the girls hair.

“Ah! That’s great, but no need to worry little listener, we have it covered.”

It switched back to All Might who was beaming in pride. “See! As a result the judges decided to award you 64 rescue points for getting the girl out of danger and stopping the robot, giving you a nice 72 points. This is your Hero Academia, Plus Ultra!”

Izuku was overcome with relief, he gladly accepted the hug his Mum gave him and they cried together in happiness. Although he was surprised she was sneakily listening in, not that he could blame her of course.


Spring has sprung


It was in a flurry Izuku Midoriya found himself getting ready for his first day af U.A. His Mum was gently reminding him to bring certain things and generally trying to get over the fact her son was really going to be a hero. Honestly, Izuku found her stressing rather annoying and making him feel more flustered than necessary. He huffed in frustration at his tie, despite watching several videos he still could not get it right. He decided to leave it, instead double checking he had everything and went to leave.

“Izu,” came his mothers soft call as she gently gripped his shoulder, “I am proud of you, I really am.” She offered nothing more than a watery smile and all Izuku could do was smile back, nodding resolutely in return.

He left, letting the door click behind him. The sky was a calming blue with little clouds dancing across in the breeze, it was supposedly warm today not that he could really tell. He sighed, content for once and tightened the fluffy white scarf he had around his neck, ignoring the odd looks from passerby’s. He set off, making sure he was early to truly relish in his first journey to school.

The train ride was interesting, there were many people with physical manifestations of their quirks that Izuku was itching to ask about. He refrained though, knowing it was rude and one guy with a seed quirk was eyeing him in annoyance when he began to mumble to himself. The guy was really strange though, with assorted seeds in his pores like he was a mutated strawberry and at first glance he thought them to be spots, until he popped out a pumpkin seed and ate it.

Although the train ride was rather bizarre, it was quickly forgotten as he approached the building of U.A. It looked just a formidable and terrifying as it did when he first saw it. His stomach clenched unhappily as he desperately tried to find his classroom labeled as 1A.

Eventually he came across it, the door itself was huge and he supposed it was for mutant quirks or gigantic Quirks like Mt Lady. Tentatively, with a shaking hand he pushed it open allowing the voices to wash over him.

“Okay Mr Private School, I could not give two shits about this desk! So my feet will stay where they are.”

Well Kacchan was clearly here, as was the boy from the exam he was currently growling at. Izuku nervously tugged his coat tighter around him, as the boy turned his focus from the lecture to himself.

“You!” He called, swishing hands through the air in exaggeration.

Izuku swallowed and tried to bury his face in his scarf.

“You discovered the true nature of the exam and had the guts to call U.A out on their fairness, you are clearly admirable. I must admit, I misjudged you at first, but you are clearly worthy to be here.” The boy said bowing. “I am Tenya Iida, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Izuku opened his mouth to respo-

“Ahh it is you! From the exam.” A familiar voice reached his ears, it was the girl he had met and saved. “I am glad to see you made it!” She chirped, clearly delighted he was here.

He would have blushed if he were warm, but instead looked away and snuggled further into his scarf.

“I- it… it is a pleasure to meet you both.” He said stumbling over the words. “I am Izuku Midoriya.” He mumbled, barely audible from the folds of his scarf. He shyly shuffled his feet, unsure what to do in this situation and so used to ignoring other people. He tried to smile, as most do, but it felt strained and awkward.

“If you're here to make friends, you can leave now.” Came the grumble.

Izuku's attentioned snapped to a yellow sleeping bag baring the head of Eraserhead.

“Well, I am Shouta Aizawa, also known as Eraserhead, your homeroom teacher. Meet me outside in the training grounds and put these on.” From his sleeping bag he pulled out several uniforms and threw them to each student.

It was odd, that was for sure and Izuku began to feel incredibly confused. He brushed it off for now and grabbed the uniform handed to him.

It took seconds to change and he followed his classmates outside, he was glad that his gym uniform was long sleeved and he had the foresight to wear a scarf otherwise he would be freezing. It was still warm of course and many were content in their shorts and t-shirts, Izuku really did not know how they coped. Although Mr Aizawa certainly gave him an odd look, as did Uraraka and Tenya, but he was used to it by now.

“We’ll be doing a Quirk apprehension test. This includes seated toe touch, pull ups, sustained sideways jumps, grip strength test, endurance running, 50 metre dash, standing long jump and softball pitch. All activities I am sure you are familiar with from your old schools, however, here you will be using your quirks so we can learn your true potential.” Mr Aizawa’s voice cut through the student’s quiet murmurs and commanded absolute silence. He paused in his little speech and quirked an eyebrow in apparent boredom. “You will all be measured against each other, whoever comes last shall be instantly expelled.”

No one dare spoke against such a grave warning and Izuku felt slightly hysterical, his Quirk was just not suited for such tests. How was he going to pass?

“Anyway Bakugou,” Mr Aizawa continued, as though he had just not dropped that bomb into their lives, “what was your record at school for softball pitch?”

Kacchan grinned, teeth glinting in the sunlight and sparking the sams irrational fear he always felt around his childhood friend. “67 metres.” He huffed, a sense of pride blooming in his tone - he had always been top of the class.

“Okay, this time try it again, but use your Quirk. Don’t hold back.” Said Mr Aizawa.

“You got it.” With a smirk he swaggered into the middle of the marked pitch and deftly caught the ball thrown toward him. He leant back slightly, weight pushed on his hind leg which was ready to help move his body forward. “Die!” He screamed, throwing the ball with all he had and feeding the power with a large explosion.

Izuku mused that Kacchan had been nervous and built up enough sweat for such a throw, regardless of his cocky attitude.

“705.2 metres. Not bad, let’s move on.”

Izuku swallowed and the nerves from earlier came back in crashing waves. Well, he had to think of something. He frowned, maybe I can outwit this trial? After all if Mr Aizawa himself were to do this, he would be useless and only slightly better than normal… so this was going to be using brain over brawn and just hope the opportunity comes up to flaunt it.

Although, looking at where the invisible girl stood, he felt confident he could at least come on parr with her or even outmatch her as he had done kickboxing before and built quite the physique. The strange boy with purple bubble hair also looked weak, so, unless he found a way to really excel Izuku supposed he could beat him too. Perhaps he was going to be able to just scrape by.

He vaguely listened to the complaints made by other students and almost tuned out Mr Aizawa’s speech completely until he said, “it is your duty to overcome these trials and reach for the top, this is Plus Ultra.”

Well, here goes nothing.

The first test up was the 50 metre dash, of course Tenya excelled with literal engines for legs. Uraraka score was rather respectable too and a definite improvement according to her own words. Kacchan was, as always brilliant and used his explosions to propel himself forward. Izuku found himself improved too, since the last time he officially tested his sprinting, the training had clearly helped. He had placed above quite a few, including Uraraka despite not using his quirk, but compared to those at the top of the class he felt like miles behind. He had amused himself with the thought that if he used his quirk on everyone, he would gain more energy and perhaps do far better in the rankings. Especially as the top scorer Iida relied on engines, which of course was a chemical reaction that relied on heat. Even so, just having a small heat boost without hindering his peers Izuku was certain he could have done better. He supposed this was just another fault of U.A.’s clearly they did not take into consideration the full range of Quirks, Izuku could not help feel a little disappointed Mr Aizawa did not use the freedom that came with being a teacher here to alter this - so everyone could really go ‘Plus Ultra’.

Izuku would have to wait, but when the opportunity arose he would strike it with all the viciousness it truly deserved.

The rest of the tests passed swiftly, Izuku felt grateful that his increased strength and stamina meant that he was right - he was just above the invisible girl and grape boy. The latter, though, his Quirk could have been utilized better, but that was not his problem.

Lastly it came to the softball pitch, he had yet to use his Quirk and with this being an apprehension test of their Quirks - he really needed to use it. He wrapped his scarf tighter around his neck, hoping the little warmth it provided would be enough to stop himself losing control, regardless of his understanding and acceptance, the sliver of doubt still lingered. Everyone cheered seeing Uraraka get infinity as her score, Izuku following that up was bound to be a tidal wave of disappointment.

“Midoriya you’re up.”

He was resigned to this fate now and although he was glad he could not be expelled for coming last, the thirst to prove himself was still there and Mr Aizawa's disinterested gaze only fuelled that determination. He took the ball handed to him, tightened his grip around it and pulled. He focused his pulling on the device Mr Aizawa had and literally stole the heat, as well as breaking it in the process. The warmth it gave was a pleasant tingling, nothing like the ferocious blast from the robots, but it still gave him a little more oomph that he needed. He grimaced, using his weight to propel the ball as far as it could go while simultaneously dispersing the heat he had gathered behind it. It landed, it was nowhere near Kacchan’s throw, but it was still higher than average.

He turned to face Mr Aizawa who was frowning at the device he held. The screen was completely black and nothing Mr Aizawa pressed made it function again.

“You have just damaged school property.” Mr Aizawa’s voice was flat but still held a simmering annoyance beneath his tone.

Izuku pointedly ignored the mutterings of the class behind him and equally as flat as Mr Aizawa responded, “no, I just went Plus Ultra like you said. My Quirk is heat attraction and the device gave off heat, which I needed to show my Quirk.”

Izuku honestly had never seen someone look as done as Mr Aizawa did in that moment. “So? You could have easily took the heat from someone else or elsewhere, so why the device being used to measure you?”

Izuku took a deep breath, feeling suddenly nervous and isolated. “W-well why not?” He stammered, nerves getting the best of him. “It’s not measuring my Quirk, so why is it really needed? This is a Quirk apprehension test after all.”

The tittering from his classmates had stopped entirely and Iida looked ready to combust with the disrespect Izuku had just displayed.

Mr Aizawa was now staring at him, looking part angry and part amused. He merely raised an eyebrow, as though asking for elaboration.

He resisted the urge to bury his face into his scarf or borrow someone's heat for comfort. “This test does not show our true potential, much like the entrance exam didn't. If you took this test, you would be average and nothing more.” Izuku said pointedly. “I-if you really wanted to learn our true potential then you should have done a different test.” He paused at this, thinking over his words. “Wait, you just really wanted to see how well we could adapt, right?”

Mr Aizawa gave a barely distinguishable nod, his mouth was twitching at the corners.

“So, it would have been far better to put us in various situations to measure our Quirks and see how effective they are against people and not just in a standardised test. Fo- for th-th-the amount you were saying how great it was to have freedom to do as you pleased to teach us, your method was at fault from the beginning. I know that I did not finish last, but it is still important to not use this as our only test.” Izuku finished solemnly, regarding Mr Aizawa in slight fear, he had been far too defiant with that.

“Yes, this test does not show me your potential. If I, myself, had done it without my gear, my Quirk would be useless, as you rightly pointed out.” Mr Aizawa held Izuku’s gaze before shifting it to the class gathered around. “I do not apologise for the test, it was still useful, but we are done for the day. Midoriya broke the device used to measure the distance anyway, so once you have changed you’re free to leave. I shall be seeing you tomorrow for homeroom.”

“Deku! What the fuck? You little piece of shit, ruining the test for everyone when they could have seen how much above everyone I was.” Kacchan’s growl instantly swamped the relief he had felt after Mr Aizawa's words and replaced it with the irrational fear he had felt earlier.

He watched in fascination as the crackling palms of Kacchan came closer and he instinctively flinched into his scarf, bracing himself for impact. It never came, instead Mr Aizawa was restraining Bakugou with his capture gear while his matted hair was floating and red eyes were scowling.

“Bakugou, enough. I have made my decision now curb your attitude and leave.” He reprimanded sternly. “I have dry eye and using my Quirk is a pain.”

Izuku nearly snorted at the muttered complaint, but quickly decided to follow after his new classmates, unwilling to be left behind with Bakugou.

“Midoriya, a word, if you will,” Mr Aizawa's request caused him to stop where he was.

“Uh y-yes sir?” He managed to mumble through his scarf, avoiding the teacher’s eyes which were no doubt schooled back into disinterested boredom.

“Nedzu and myself have noticed unlike the other’s Quirks yours is completely reliable on others to be of much use, unlike Hagakure and Mineta who although were doing worse can still use their Quirks independently. Therefore, as is the process that other students go through in such situations, commencing next week you will have weapons training with me every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Your mother had been notified and agreed to the arrangement, so unless you yourself have any protests this is will be occurring.” He said, watching Izuku with narrowed eyes.

“Uhm s-sure okay.” Izuku agreed with only a slight hesitation to his tone.

Mr Aizawa nodded, “oh and we will also be working on your analysis of Quirks and fighting during these lessons, they will be difficult so do not slack off or you will be moved to the General Education course. That is all, you are dismissed.”

Izuku glanced at his teacher’s face who had an unreadable expression, he gave a hesitant smile before scampering off to get changed.


When he reached the exit of U.A. he was beyond startled to see Iida and the entrance exam girl waiting at the gate. He offered a small wave as he approached and became even more confused as they rushed toward him, their expressions lighting up. Had they really been waiting for him? That was definitely new.

“Hi!” He chirped, hoping to sound eager as they approached.

“Your speeches are most admirable and a great trait of a hero!” Boomed Iida, smiling at him happily.

“Yeah! They're great, like Iida said! I am Uraraka Ochako by the way.” She added as an afterthought.

Izuku warmly regarded the two, feeling for once delighted with his time at school. “Uh i-it’s nothing, but thanks… may we be friends?” He asked softly, hoping to act as nice as he could which his Mum said was the best method to make friends.

“Of course.” Iida instantly responded, seeming to be just as eager as Izuku was. He wondered if Iida perhaps was as socially inept as himself, his forward personality probably was not that appealing and so that was probably why he was readily agreeing to be friends with Izuku.

Uraraka, obviously not wanting to be left out, wedged herself between the two as they walked. “I will be both of your friends too!” She responded, equally as enthused.

Izuku giggled at her antics and for once felt his face beaming in response, nothing like the awkward strain it had been before. “Are you both headed to the train station? If so, let's walk together.”

Both of his new friends nodded and they set off, willingly listening to Iida gush about his older brother Ingenium.

For once, the cold ache Izuku usually felt was diminished in the bright spheres of the two people he had met today.













Eyes glowed gently in the dim lights, while silence reigned between two figures.

“Do you have it?” One hissed, his hulking form twitching in the chair.

The other leaned forward, a smirk gracing their lips, “of course, see for yourself.” They murmured, lazily sliding the papers forward letting their hands linger there a little too long.

The trembling being snarled, snatching them away. “Good, well done, little one.” The older thing crooned, it sounded disturbing comming from it.

“You're welcome.” Was all the other said, silently leaving the room.

The trembling thing glanced over the paper, the top read ‘Class 1A’s scheduled lessons - for teachers only’. The thing laughed, wheezing in absolute delight.





Chapter Text



Dead skin flakes fluttered to the ground, delicate and white, like snowflakes in a wintery light. It was repulsive, Kurogiri decided as he watched Shigaraki’s dirt crusted nails dig into his dry skin. He felt incredibly grateful for his corporeal body, the finer details of human hygiene foreign to him and being with the epitome of disgust, Shigaraki himself, it was a blessing in disguise.

It was mornings like these he detested his job, but his debt to All for One was all consuming and everything he cherished, including his own Quirk, was held together with little more than a fraying thread and looped through the needle of All for One. He still remembered the silky promise that if he did not comply, his Quirk would be stripped away and his father’s bar would be destroyed. He remembered his own screaming, his own begging that he would serve him for the rest of his life - just as long as he could stay here. Now though, a small part of him enjoyed it because he could watch heroes suffer when they never helped him. He supposed it was just a small price to pay, a lifetime of servitude. It was worthless anyway.

“I want All Might dead.”

Shigaraki’s rasping voice, shook him from his stupor and the dark dwellings of his own mind. This was the fourth time this morning Shigiraki had whined about All Might; this was just another daily routine now, he never thought he would become a caretaker for such a spoiled brat, which was rich considering the boy had nothing.

He sighed, placing down the glass he cleaned, it was more of an impulsive habit - the place was desolate. “Yes, I know.” Kurogiri replied, his own voice was gravelly and sounded foreign to himself. It was pitiful, it used to be far more passionate, but perhaps that was just another side effect of experience and living.

“Sensei said I could kill him, he even made nomu for me. Precious little nomu.” The childish voice crooned and crackled at the mention of nomu. The fear of such a horrific thing also kept Kurogiri anchored to this place. It would be so easy for him to be turned into a mindless being of the same ilk, a simple lifelong duty and loyalty was far easier to comprehend.

“Well, Shigaraki, master has brought news. Not tomorrow, in two days time, All Might will be at U.A.’s USJ facility. It is the perfect time to strike, master himself has gathered many criminals and has allowed you to have nomu to help your endeavour.” He neglected the part where he was supposed to look for powerful children to become apart of them, Shigaraki would not understand that anyway, that was why it was his job. No matter how much he hated it. All for One’s informant supposedly saw potential in a child already, but the final judgement would not be made for a while and this would act as a small test.

He barely registered Shigaraki's foolish plan to take down U.A’s barrier, All for One let him have complete freedom and Kurogiri just had to comply to those wishes. He agreed solemnly, offering no comment or advice, the child had to start making his own way in life after all.

He wanted to forget Shigaraki’s delighted laughter. He felt so, so sorry for the boy who was raised to become so twisted. It was his own fault, the admission branded his core with molten lava, Shigaraki could have been more. Yet, he was a chained to this fate as much as him, the least he could do was make the most of it and ensure Shigaraki did not die. Even if he was utterly repulsive, a tiny flicker of himself still cared regardless, perhaps this is what fatherhood felt like?

It was not. It was nothing more than a misplaced loyalty that only burned on the fuel of fear.

It is often said that not all men are born equally, that was a lie. Everyone was born completely dependant and helpless, otherwise a mother’s love and support would not be necessary. It was circumstance and society which created inequality, therefore everyone was equal until they began to care for it. Kurogiri hated that he had filled that gap in Shigaraki’s life. He was the sole reason the boy was as demented as he was. He detested himself for that too. He was as much as an influence as All for One. In fact, he was probably worse. Yet, he indulged Shigaraki anyway, even though he was only growing worse.






The most surprising thing for Izuku was the normalcy of morning lessons, well, not counting the part of being taught by pro heroes. It was rather odd being in a lesson with an over exuberant Present Mic whom was currently drilling them on the rules of english. Despite maintaining high grades, Izuku's mind in lessons still wandered and he could not help but feel excited for this afternoon - they would be having a Hero lesson. He smiled into his scarf, glad he was able to be here in his dream school regardless of what others had thought of his abilities.

The novelty of being in a new school had not worn off and so lessons passed surprisingly quickly, even literature with Cementoss whose pacing was as fast as concrete. Iida and Uraraka shared a brief smile with him before settling into their designated seats, five minutes early from lunch as Iida said it was imperative to maintain impeccable time management.

Izuku watched his other classmates in curiosity, there was a red haired boy who had a hardening Quirk from what he saw yesterday. He had strangely pointed teeth which was probably more from genetics opposed to a Quirk side effect. He was bubbly and vibrant, a never ending well of optimism, if what his interactions with the electricity Quirk user were to go by. On the other end of the spectrum there was Todoroki - Endeavour’s son - who had not once interacted with others than to ask about the work and was yet to even smile. Izuku briefly wondered if he had been as isolated as himself, but surely he must have met lots of people? He was the son on the number two Hero afterall.

“It’s me! Entering like a normal person!”

All Might’s booming voice shocked Izuku from his thoughts and he snapped his head up in surprise. The man was just as impressive as when he first saw him, a dazzling bright beacon in the room that just absorbed attention. He heard several mutterings of thoughts similar to his own and he could not help but to smile. Of course, Izuku's Quirk noted the strange emphasis of warmth on one side of All Might’s figure or perhaps it was lack of warmth on one side? He noted that as something to find out about his favourite Hero later, although things like that often felt incredibly impersonal to ask.

All Might beamed happily at their shocked reactions and proceeded with his explanation. “So this is your foundational heroics course! Where you embryos shall develop the skills to become true heroes, your first lesson with none other than myself.”

“That's so manly!” Came the excited whisper from the sharp toothed boy he noticed from earlier.

“Yes, anyway young Heroes it is time for you to go and change into your costumes and then meet me at Ground Beta for the trial of battle!”

Everyone was now buzzing with an excited energy, even stoic Iida was grinning as childishly as the rest of the class. Izuku felt a certain awe seeing the costumes lined up like soldiers for battle and waited patiently for everyone to get theirs. He quickly grabbed his and went to a private stall to change, although he was not particularly self conscious he still felt nervous around Kacchan and wanted to avoid the fiery temper of the other as much as he could.

His mother had originally asked to make his costume, but he pointed out that he would need particular gear for his Quirk which was far beyond her sewing skills. She relented easily, instead presenting him with a small silver necklace. It was tiny, rather feminine actually, with a small tiny star charm, but it had been his grandmothers and so he wore it constantly regardless.

The costume the support department had designed was exactly what he asked for, if not better. It was a jumpsuit and a gentle green in colour that complemented his eyes. It was made of a material that was woven with metal fibres which meant it would keep him warm, but also acted as a conductor and could easily become cool if he used his Quirk. He had a metal mouth guard resembling the smile of his idol and worked well to protect the necklace his mother had given him. His sleeves also covered the back of his hands and had rings around each of his fingers to hold it in place, but also left his fingers and palms completely free as it was the best place to work his Quirk. He also paid a tribute to his mother with a small star that centred the glove part of his sleeves. His costume also came with red boots which were reinforced with a steel toe cap to add strength to his kicks. Originally it had a hood with tufts similar to All Might’s, but it seemed the designers thought an actual rabbit ear design looked better with small silver star studs. That was probably the part that he had fault with, but it looked great and he supposed image was important for a hero and it detracted from the odd looking mouth guard.

Finally, the most important part though, was definitely the red utility belt. It had pouches filled with removable cans which had some substance that remained frozen for 48 hrs until they had to be cooled again. The pockets were made in such a way that it did not affect his already low temperature, but were easily accessible. They allowed him to direct any heat he took into them, which meant he could take an incredible large amount compared to usual and not be affected by it. The acted as portable conductors and were -20°c each, thus, being a great aid for his Quirk.

Izuku perked up quickly hearing his peers leaving and dashed after them, feeling proud and confident in his new attire.

Everyone had gathered outside and were talking animatedly among themselves, each admiring each other's and their own costumes. He made his way straight to Iida and Uraraka, not wanting to feel awkward amongst them.

“Ah, y-you both look great!” He exclaimed awkwardly and missed having a scarf to hide in.

Iida looked formidable and held an air of grandeur, looking like a chivalrous knight reminiscent from ancient times only with a modern twist. His gleaming armour was great and Izuku felt a twinge of jealousy due to the protection it offered, unlike his own but it was more suited for his Quirk.

Uraraka's was far more approachable and looked like her personality, something which amused him greatly. Her suit sculpted her figure well, with added bracelets and boots which he guessed helped her with her Quirk usage like Iida’s intricate pipes on his engines.

“Thanks Midoriya, you look awesome too! I love your ears.” Uraraka teased gently, causing him to look away from her amused grin. Iida, surprisingly seemed to agree with the assessment and nodded along with her comment. “I kinda wished my suit was less fitting, it is rather exposing.” She admitted softly, peering down at herself.

“Uh-uhm I th-think it actually suits you and g-goes well with the space look of your costume.” Izuku murmured, still avoiding her gaze.

“Me too Uraraka, you must not be disheartened as you very much do look like a hero!” Iida added stiffly, punctuating with his hands for emphasis.

He looked up and noticed Uraraka had brightened considerably under their encouragement, seeming to preen more happily than before. Izuku felt a sense of accomplishment at being able to support his first ever friend.

“Right!” All Might said, clapping his hands to draw their attention to him, making Izuku think of Mike with a sad fondness. “So, this will work by splitting you up into teams of two through a random lottery. Each team will be paired with another and one’ll be the Hero team and the other Villains. The Villains will have a fake Nuke to protect and the Heroes to win will either have to attain it or capture both Villains to win. If they fail in either task, the Villains will win. After each match one person will be nominated as the ‘best’ of each round for their strategy and hard work. This will be decided after we have discussed each match, which will of course be recorded and individual notes will be made for all of you.” He explained and began to work his way around the class, each student picking a ball which would determine their team. Although Izuku swore All Might had been reading from a piece of paper.

Izuku suddenly felt an urge of dread, he felt like praying to whatever deity to make sure he was not paired with Kacchan. It would only end in as a complete disaster.

As it turned out he was apart of team A, the very same as Uraraka who flashed him a dazzling smile. It seemed poor Iida was actually partnered with Kacchan and Izuku could only offer a sympathetic grimace. However, Iida could be a positive influence on him he hoped.

“Everyone sorted into their teams?’ All Might asked, receiving several nods mixed with excited shouts in return. “Good, let's see who'll be going first,” he plucked a random ball from the box with the letter D emblazoned on the front. “Ah, Team D young Bakugou and Iida shall be the villains for this round. As for heroes… Team A! Midoriya and Uraraka.”

Oh God, this is how I'm going to die, Izuku thought miserably. A very real wave of panic swept over him causing his chest to constrict uncomfortably. He began to clutch at his mouth guard hoping to still his trembling hands. He listened numbly as All Might explained the proceedings and it was not long before it was just him and Uraraka waiting to go in, both holding a map of the building.

His hand was suddenly tugged away and enveloped in a comforting warmth, he had to pause for a moment and squash the urge to take the heat for himself. He then noticed it was Uraraka holding his hand with concern etched upon her delicate face.

“Midoriya, are you alright?” She inquired, a hint of trepidation lining her voice.

“Ye-yeah, just nervous is all.” He whispered back breezily, it seemed holding her hand genuinely helped and he felt less isolated and nervous than before.

She stared at his face, as though gauging something , but what ? He could not tell. She hummed thoughtfully and released his hand, while remaining quiet about what had transpired. Uraraka seemed to be treating him like a frightened animal and although it was patronising, it was all the same rather comforting.

He offered her a tiny bashful smile, something that made her eyes glitter. The whole idea of offering comfort and receiving it return was strange, especially from anyone that was not his mother.

“Let's talk strategy.” He said and his voice was a lot stronger than before, his nerves fizzling away into nothing.

“Yeah!” Uraraka agreed without hesitation, and so it began.






All Might felt a twinge of nerves, this was his first real lesson he was teaching and the lessons he were taught were by Gran Torino - who had just beaten him up the entire time. He felt incredibly glad he had read through the class’ files before coming here, including Aizawa's who seemed to have some animosity against him, although All Might was not entirely sure why.

He still remembered first meeting young Midoriya, he had certainly left quite the impression. What was even more interesting was the boy’s Quirk, which had been dismissed as useless and it was a shame because there was a lot more to it than that. Heat removed from the human body could cause serious issues and the lack of interest over such a power was a cause for concern, so he did what he thought was best by leaving the note and hopefully giving him the push in the right direction. The boy had obviously taken it to heart, but seeing him use the beach he had trained at tugged a little at his heart strings. Then, seeing him in the teacher's lounge after challenging U.A. was even more surprising and he had to make sure he hid near the back because if he had been recognised from hanging near the beach, it would have just been strange. Especially as he was in his ‘true’ Yagi Toshinori form.

Aizawa’s stern gaze still scorched his memory and he supposed that he was waiting for him to mess things up. He guessed their methods in heroics were rather contradicting, his method of acting quickly without consequence was probably quite irritating to someone who spent time with careful planning and meticulous ambushes. He just hoped that while he stayed here searching for his new successor he would become more amicable with him in time.

All Might refocused on the battle about to start, eternally grateful that he was able to hear the conversations happening. It was frustrating though, especially Iida and Bakugou, who could not settle on one tactic. Iida was doing considerably well regardless, quickly moving objects that Uraraka could use for her Quirk and resolving to stay and guard the weapon which Bakugou had quickly dismissed.

On the other hand, there was Uraraka and Midoriya who happened to be getting on swimmingly. He had felt his own smile soften at their tender interactions and he hoped that loyalty and friendship would serve them well for many years to come.

Enough time had passed and so now the real battle could begin. “Okay Heroes you can begin!” He called into the mic.




So, here was the plan: infiltrate, find weapon, capture weapon.

Yet, Izuku knew it was going to be far harder than that. It had been a strange feeling as they floated up to the second window, an experience he was not overly fond of repeating.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, knowing his voice would be amplified within Uraraka's ear piece.

“Yeah, just fine, I don't feel sick yet.” She replied, moving to stand nearer.

He nodded and closed his eyes, holding out his hands for guidance. He proposed he could get a rough location of where the two were by sensing their heat. Of course they would be pretty similar, but Iida’s would be far more focused on his legs while Kacchan's on his palms. It was difficult as the electronics that this place had all gave off their own source of energy, proving to be distracting as he tried to sense the other two in the building. He exhaled, calming himself like preparing for a demonstration in a kickboxing class. There. He could feel Kacchan's signature heat pacing swiftly through the building, they needed to move fast. Iida’s was far feinter and quite a bit above them, making small movements. It was not hard to deduce Iida was protecting the weapon and Kacchan storming off was predictable in itself, he probably wanted to finish the fight he had started yesterday before Mr Aizawa stopped him.

“Iida’s guarding the weapon, I believe it's above us probably the top floor to be as far as possible from us. Are you still okay going after it?” He asked, trying to speed up the talking pace as Kacchan was still moving.

“Of course!” She chirped back, offering a smile and started to dash after it. “Good luck.” She whispered into the communication device, sealing his fate against the inevitable fury of Kacchan.

He offered a weak hum in response, running in the opposite direction hoping to stall time for Uraraka to get the weapon before Kacchan arrived. It was with a bitter acceptance that he knew Kacchan would beat him, he always does.

His blood ran cold. He quickly raised his arms to protect his face, there was barely anytime-




Well, Kacchan was here and he had stupidly let down his guard. He gulped, turning to face the manic boy who was sporting a satisfied grin.

“Just who I wanted to see, worthless Deku!” He roared, hands cackling with tiny sparks in emphasis.

What does he do?

Little Izuku use your weight, even if your opponent is bigger, it will still add force to your blows.

That was one lesson Mike had grilled into him from day one and it seemed like something he could use now. He made sure to activate his Quirk, focusing on the heat emitted from Kacchan's palms. He did not know what would happen, he had always been to scared and it was illegal to show ‘individuality’.

He would have go be quicker than Kacchan. He would have to be smarter. He was against brute force after all.

He straightened up, narrowing his eyes at the mocking glint reflected in Kacchan's eyes. It was now or never.

He darted forward, using his hind foot to propel himself forward and reached out with a fist, planting it into Kacchan's side who gave a startled grunt in response. He neatly side stepped the right hook aimed for his face, grabbing the wrist of the offending punch and sent a sharp kick in return.

It seemed Kacchan's concentration had returned and was now panting slightly, but he had grasped his foot. It would have still definitely hurt though, the steel toe caps weren't for nothing.

“Get ready fucker!” Kacchan practically screamed, tightening his hold.

Izuku pulled the wrist he had held towards him, with only one leg on the ground it felt awkward and uncomfortable but he gritted his teeth.

It seemed to throw Kacchan off balance and the slight waver in his hold was enough for him to roll backwards, causing him to collide painfully with the floor but at least he was out of reach.

Kacchan was looking mildly confused, and was staring at his hands.

Izuku belatedly realised that he was not tiring and it was because of the energy consumed from Kacchan, although it was quickly burning away from their fight. His absorption had actually been enough to prevent Kacchan's explosions! The thought sent a slither of satisfaction through his system, all that pain for nothing.

He picked himself up and Kacchan growled, Izuku made sure his Quirk was still active and the two were more evenly matched. It seemed the volatile teen had gathered Izuku's knowledgeable fighting from that short demonstration.

“Hey! I have reached the top floor, Iida's here with the weapon but he’s moved everything and- ah no! He saw me , gotta go.” Came Uraraka's voice fizzling in his ear.

Izuku smiled, “okay try and get it if you can, I will keep Kacchan occupied.”

It seemed like they had a chance to win after all, he noted, keeping an eye on Kacchan as they were eyeing each other for strength. Izuku knew his muscle was on display from his suit, something he usually kept hidden and now Kacchan would not underestimate him.

“Shitty Deku! All these years you have been lying to me, pretending to be weak and pathetic.” Kacchan accused, baring his teeth. There was an underlying note of hurt though, it was barely there, like a whisper upon the wind.

“That's not true! Y-y-you ne-never gave me a chance, you just beat me as a w-way to demonstrate your strength. As a way to sh-sh-show how weak my Quirk was.” It seemed old habits die hard, nerves were causing him to stumble over his words but the venom was still there.

“Well, now I can defeat you once and for all. Those burns I gave you are jothing compared to this! Shut it old man.” Kacchan spat, ripping the earpiece from his ear. He then aimed his fist at him.

Izuku was momentarily confused, until- oh- oh. He tried to reach out. He tried to take the heat. He was too late. Too slow.

A blinding light filled his gaze and he tugged as hard as he could, but it did nothing. He had been taking the heat from the wrong place. He would have realised. He should have been smarter.

He felt himself sinking to the ground and the scorching pain enveloping his body.

Desperately, he did the last thing he could think of. He took the faint buzzing he had taken from Kacchan earlier and pushed it upwards, directing the explosion slightly so, although it hurt him maybe it would be enough. Maybe it would be enough to reach the top floor and create something for Uraraka to use.




This was it, All Might thought he was going to die. Not by a villain, but by Aizawa who had entrusted him with this simple training exercise to test his competence. Then Recovery Girl was going to resurrect him, only to kill him all over again.

He should have stopped this. He should have saw the tell tale signs of animosity between Bakugou and Midoriya, Bakugou had clearly stated his intention after all.

At least not all was lost, the blast had been proven as a sufficient distraction for Iida and enough debris had given Uraraka the perfect chance to snag the weapon, wrapping her tiny self around the thing.

“Hero Team wins!” He called, hoping to lighten the dark atmosphere in the watching room.

Yet no one seemed to have bought it, Midoriya had looked badly hurt and it had seemed so unjust. Even Kirishima and Ashido, who had been so thrilled for this exercise jad deflated from the intensity of the battle.

Well, regardless, the needed to move on and his time limit was drawing closer. Yaoyorozu had made exemplary comments, covering everything he had wanted to say analytically about the match, commending Iida for his excellence.

It was time for the next match and they were joined by a fuming Bakugou, a worried Uraraka and a fretting Iida. It did nothing to help the mood.



His face ached. That was the first thing he noticed. The second thing he noticed was that he was rather comfortable despite his face feeling tender. Izuku sat up cracking open his eyes despite the pain. He squinted as a soft light filled his senses and he could hear an angry mutter and an apologising whisper in return.

It stopped and Recovery Girl walked in, a hero he would recognise anywhere. She had saved countless lives in her lifetime and he had no doubt she would save many more. He offered her a tentative smile, realising Kacchan had caused him enough damage to be in the infirmary.

“Ah you’re awake dearie, have some water and then eat a gummy. They are right next to you.”

He obeyed, allowing the cool water quench his parched throat and the sweet gummy to tickle his tongue.

“H-how long have I-I-I been here?” He asked nervously, hoping he had not missed too much. Mr Aizawa probably did not appreciate slackers in his class.

“Only for an hour, it is the end of the school day now, but your friends are waiting.” She said kindly, patting his hand. “You have attained quite the injury for your first Heroics lesson, I had been hoping I would not have to treat these till at least next year.” She admonished, but her eyes crinkled in amusement.

“Ah s-sorry to trouble you Miss.” He whispered dolefully, lowering his head slightly. He realised he had been changed from his hero costume into his school shirt and trouser, he turned to see the rest of his uniform draped across a chair. He refused to think about who had changed him, it was unbearably embarrassing. He also noticed his familiar scarf was back, the white wool a familiar comfort and easy on the eyes opposed to his other favourite red one.

“It's not your fault.” She said, her voice hardening slightly.

He nodded warily and fidgeted with his scarf under her stern gaze.

“Anyway, you should be fine now the burn and was quick to heal even with my Quirk. I suppose yours also helped taking the heat to fuel the rest of your body. Your face will feel quite tender for a day or two, so come back in the morning for me to re-apply the aloe cream and see how you're holding up. You're quite lucky you only seemed to pass out from the dramatic and fast change in temperature, a side effect of your Quirk which I added to your file. Unfortunately half of your eyebrow did not survive, but it only looks like a strange fashion statement you young children are into these days.” She explained and bustled to the other side of the room. “You're free to go, your friends are quite anxious about your recovery.” She turned to flash him a little smile, before moving into another room and closing the door behind her.

Izuku had sworn he had heard two voices earlier, but he guessed it was just someone else passing by. He sighed and donned the rest of his uniform, ever so glad for the usefulness of Recovery Girl’s Quirk.

Outside were Iida and Uraraka, both instantly lighting up seeing he was okay. He reassured them he was perfectly well and was informed of the rest of the matches. He congratulated Iida and praised Urarak as both had done remarkably even though he had messed up.

Their soothing chatter was a great distraction from the hurt he felt from Kacchan’s aggression which had seemed to reach a whole new level.



The next day was pretty normal, all things considered. Especially as they only had to study in the afternoon, unlike most afternoons where they had Foundational Heroics.

The most interesting thing happened to be their choosing of class president, a role highly valuable and sought after because it offered many opportunities and a chance for a student to prove themselves. They also had an input in school affairs.

So, all things considered, it would be normal that everyone wanted the role.

Izuku Midoriya was perhaps the first to openly admit he did not, especially as he disliked attention and the prickly gazes of others made him uncomfortable. So, when Iida suggested a vote Izuku proposed, awkwardly and rather stutteringly, that those who wanted to role to make a brief speech and then vote. As well as the rule they would not vote for themselves and it was definitely interesting to say the least. Not that Mr Aizawa cared who snoozed through the procedure, little did Izuku know the man was listening to the whole thing.

There were some speeches that were amusing, particularly Kacchan's death coated suggestions and Kirishima’s manliness emphasis.

One was horrendously vulgar, from Mineta, who showed an unhealthy desire towards their female classmates and quickly prompted the wrath of Asui. She held no hesitation in slapping him for those comments.

It was Iida and Yaoyorozu’s speeches that were truly exemplary, in Izuku’s humble opinion. They both made sensible suggestions and had easily proved themselves in intelligence from yesterday.

Iida’s was definitely more refined and appealed more to the aspirations of the class, promoting their common goal of becoming Heroes. While managing to add a touch of personality with his gushing of Ingenium and that sold Izuku there and then.

What surprised him the most was when Kirishima called him out, in front of everyone. Reminding them all of Izuku’s past speeches and particularly the one at the entrance exam, this caused confusion for the recommended students who had no idea over what had transpired. The class were genuinely disappointed when he said he did not want the position, even Iida who wanted it more than anything, seemed to be startled by the admission. He just mumbled something half heartedly and buried his face into his scarf, showing his dislike of the attention.

Iida won, of course followed closely by Yaoyorozu. It was amusing the way Iida also proved himself later on in the day, quickly calming down the students as the press wormed their way onto the grounds. Earning him the fond nickname ‘Emergency Exit’ which he took in stride.

Izuku felt thankful that the day was significantly calmer after the thrills of the day before. He had no idea he would begin to wish that yesterday would be the worst.

The storm continued to gather.





“I don't think Bakugou would be popular as a hero.”

The blunt, unrelenting statement had come from Asui - call me Tsuyu.

It was enough for Izuku to choke on air, this day was revolutionary. He realised Tsuyu was slightly less buzzing, heat wise, than his classmates and made a mental note of it, just in case.

“You bitch! Say that to my face!” Shouted Bakugou, getting riled up from all the teasing.

Ah, how the tables have turned.

Izuku bravely tucked himself into his scarf, which he had worn instead of his mouthguard becuase it was still damaged from the other day.

“I believe I just did.”

Did Tsuyu really have a death wish? Several openly laughed and continued to annoy Kacchan. It was similar to poking a hornet's nest for fun in Izuku's mind. It did amuse him though, not that he showed it openly and especially not to Kacchan.

He was grateful that the coach finally came to a stop and so he could make his way off quickly to avoid Kacchan's ire.

Mr Aizawa than proceeded to lead them into this huge facility, apart of U.A. It made him wonder how much money and funding the school really had.

They came to a halt in the entrance and Izuku was left feeling slightly breathless at how incredible it was, even Iida seemed to absorb in their surroundings with a childish glitter in his eyes. Uraraka was literally bouncing with excitement, a physical representation of how he currently felt.

“It's just like Universal Studios!” Kaminari called and Kirishima, in an impressed manner, whistled in response.

“Yes welcome to your rescue trial.” A voice called, oddly robotic, and everyone gathered around to hear more.

Uraraka squealed in excitement, “it is the space hero Thirteen! Oh my I want to be just like him.”

Izuku nodded along, giggling slightly. He stopped, seeing Mr Aizawa approach the Hero and strained his ears to listen to the quick, muttered conversation.

“I thought All Might was supposed to come.” Mr Aizawa said, frowning slightly.

“Mm, he got caught up in work.” Thirteen responded, for some reason holding up three fingers.

For a reason unbeknownst to Izuku, Mr Aizawa seemed irritated by that information and huffed in response before moving to stand beside Thirteen.

“So students, I am the space hero Thirteen.” Their teacher announced, bowing slightly. “This is our rescue stimulation facility where I will be helping you to become adept at rescue, which is something I specialise in for those of you who did not know. Anyway, my Quirk is called Black Hole and although it is great for helping disaster relief it is as equally dangerous and deadly if used wrong. I hope that you appreciate the destructive nature your Quirks can have and I hope that you use them wisely to help others, like myself.” He concluded his little speech gesturing at their surroundings and added, “so I helped to design this, to help you all improve and become Heroes society can be proud of.”

“Bravo! Bravo!” Iida said, clapping along joyously like the rest of the class.

Izuku clapped too, smiling fondly at Iida's and Uraraka's enthusiasm.

Mr Aizawa had stiffened, the gesture causing Izuku a sudden feeling of dread.

There, in the middle of the plaza, a great inky blackened purple oozed out from a single point. People of all sorts stepped out, some sporting weapons of different varieties and other showcasing their features with pride. Lastly, come out a deranged looking man covered in various hands, radiating smug satisfaction.

“Thirteen protect the students! These are Villains.” Mr Aizawa hissed, transforming from his lazy demeanour into an agitated beast, ready to strike.

It was like a storm had broken, choking their senses with a fear like no other. However, this fear was also twisted by most who used it to fuel their determination. They were going to need it, if they wanted to survive.











“They are all fools.” They hissed, amusement flashing in their eyes. “Each side have been played, yet neither can blame me. I am too valuable for both.”

They let out a tiny laugh, shuffling through several papers, rearranging them to their satisfaction.

“Soon I will be strong enough for my own side, but I must wait to gather more information. They are so simple minded. So pathetic. Both equally too believing in their own strength.” The muttered, tracing the papers in front of them fondly like they held the secrets of the darkness.

“Soon this bird will be able to fly. Soon.” They whispered, crooning a promise to themselves.

“Then I will strike.”

The promise echoed like chiming bells in the empty well they called their own.

Chapter Text


Izuku wanted to be sick. He knew being a hero would entail fights with villains, but for it to be so soon… they hadn't even started real training yet! He found himself anxiously tugging at his scaff as his mind raced, desperately trying to to scramble up something of a plan. Nothing was better than feeling some sense of preparation after all. He was going to have to wait though, to really see how this would play out and understand how to act next.

He was startled from his thoughts as a warm hand had grasped his own. The hand itself was rough, a little dry and felt sturdy– he was surprised to see it was Uraraka who had grabbed his hand becuase she looked delicate and rosy. Ah, she must have had to have worked quite a bit in her life, he mused to himself. He averted his eyes from her worried gaze and squeezed her hand in reassurance, he noted she had also taken Iida’s who was transfixed on the strangers spilling from the shadowy portal.

He narrowed his eyes as a large portion had dispersed from the gathered and headed off to various zones, so now he knew there was a sense of purpose behind this act. However, most were cut off as Mr Aizawa’s figure swung down into the central plaza.

It was phenomenal to watch, and if the situation wasn't so cutthroat he would have been taking notes.

Mr Aizawa’s goggles covered his eyes in such a way that none of the villains knew where he was looking, and their combat suited Quirks hindered their movements as they tried to get him without nipping their comrades. His capture gear was striking mercilessly at his foes, snagging them, constricting them and utilising them as weapons against one another. All the while his body was constantly moving and his feet pivoting around them as they surrounded him. It was like watching ballet– only this time it was with blades and not ribbons.

Compared to the heavy handed blasts heroes like Endeavour and All Might employed, it was spectacular. If only now was the time to focus on it, instead he needed to figure out how to escape.

“Students!” Called Thirteen, “please leave, the nearest exit is behind you! Communications have been blocked.”

“It's probably someone's Quirk.” Todoroki murmured quietly, appearing to be discussing it softly with Yaoyorozu.

It seemed that while Izuku had been absorbed into the fight, Thirteen had been conjuring up his own plan to aid the students under his care.

Uraraka was pulling his hand with urgency, forcing him and Iida toward the exit.

“Hmm, nice try little heroes, but not so fast.” Came the drawling voice from the warp gate villain, whose eyes were flashing a menacing yellow. His corporeal body was sprawling outward, just like before from that single focal point. It was strange, seeing mist clothed in formal wear with a metal neck brace. “We are the League of Villains and we have come to take down the Symbol of Peace.”

Izuku’s face became as pale as death as he wondered what this would mean for them all. All Might was incredibly powerful, nothing could truly harm him... could it?

Thirteen moved forward, acting as a shield between them. Now they really were huddled, like a defenceless nest of chicks.

“Oh? Well, what are you going to do Space Hero?” The warp gate asked, his tone laced with malicious joy.

Thirteen said nothing, merely squaring his shoulders and raised a hand toward him, and released his quirk. The effect was instant, the black hole swift and greedy hoping to consume.

In return, the warp gate stilled.

Izuku felt hope bubble up inside, filling him with a sense of warmth his scarf could not provide.



It was gone as fast as it came.



Thirteen had been so close. So close. His Quirk was so powerful, but it took one simple warp gate and now their teacher was on the receiving end of it.

And- Oh God. It looked so painful. He just lied their writhing under the influence of their own power as his costume was slowly crumbling away.

They still needed to leave or at least get help.

Iida!” Izuku hissed, fear overriding the hesitation he usually felt addressing a friend. “Quick! You're the fastest of us all. You can escape and get help. You can get All Might.”

“But– I… I can't leave you all here. That's not the way of a hero.” Iida answered back, dropping Uraraka’s other hand.

“It is being a hero though, you would be saving us all. In the best way possible.” Uraraka chimed in, clearly agreeing with Izuku's suggestion. She gave him a smile and a quick squeeze before releasing his hand so she could turn her full attention to Iida.

Izuku wrenched his gaze from Thirteen laying still on the ground, the warp gate preoccupied with his victim.

“Please, just look!” Izuku retorted. Frustration creeping into his tone.

Iida followed his gaze, before swallowing. He pushed his glasses further up his nose and nodded firmly, “I won't let you down.” Those were his final words before he activated his Quirk and dashed from the scene.

Purple mist tried to ooze after him, but it was too slow. He escaped with moments to spare.

“Now we're on a time limit.” The warp gate muttered. “Now, just because one of you escaped does not mean you all can.”

Kacchan, as loud and as bright as he is, came shooting through like meteor and re-sparked the little hope he had felt earlier. It was nice to not be on the receiving end. His blasts propelled him and his foot smashed into the warpgate’s neck brace, forcibly knocking him away from Thirteen's immobile form.

“That was foolish, but a great display of power for a little hero like yourself.” The Warpgate sneered and fixed himself up.

Once again his body flowed forward and the tendrils started to envelope Kacchan and Kirishma whom had been aiding his classmates.

Izuku leapt forward, trying to latch on to his childhood friend and classmate. He had to try and stop them from leaving!

The Warpgate was obviously amused as tiny wisps began to flicker around the semblance of a face. “Now, let's see how you fare against real villains.”

It was with that statement Izuku found himself plunging into darkness. It was ice cold and shocking, like plunging into the cool sea during winter.






Midoriya!” Uraraka screamed and tried to grab him back, but Shouji’s firm arm managed to pull her from the inky black pool.

“Now you will all suffer.” The Warpgate said and retrieved his webs of darkness and, once again, disappeared.

Uraraka trembled and took a sharp breath through her nose– that had been far too close. She took in her surroundings noting that only a few of them managed to save themselves from being pulled in. It appeared it was only her, Shouji, Ashido, Sero and Satou left. Of course, Thirteen was here too, but their teacher was of no use being injured as he was.

She wished either Iida or Midoriya were here because both were firm strong figures and easily capable of helping them decide how to proceed. They were also her first true friends, never once had she felt isolated with them despite her money difficulties. She enjoyed their company, they felt warm (or soothingly cool in Midoriya’s case) and she would never forget her vow to protect Midoriya since the entrance exam. If she had siblings, Izuku would be her little brother. Iida would of course be the eldest– true to his stubbornness. She needed to stop and focus, now was not the time to be thinking of such things. She just hoped Iida would make it in time.

Taking a step forward, she stood closer to her classmates who were gathered around Thirteen and watching the different zones that sprawled out in front of them. She steeled her nerves as she peered at Thirteen, the hero she admired, his body utterly destroyed as blood was pooling inside his suit. Someone had already sacrificed their clothing to help stop it, but Thirteen was going to need more than just that.

“What are we going to do?” She whispered trying to stop the despair she felt colour her tone.

“I guess, we can only wait here for the Heroes. We can watch out for our classmates, but it would be silly to engage in combat. We need to protect Thirteen.”

It was peculiar that Shouji talked through one of his ‘tentacles’, yet, his firm voice was reassuring all the same.

Although, Uraraka couldn't shake off the feeling she should be doing more. As it was, she just felt like an insignificant piece apart of a much larger game. She was no chivalrous knight like Iida or a king of justice like Midoriya, but she could be the support they all needed. She just had to prove it to them as well as herself. She would be the castle and offer unwavering support. Her resolve had yet to crumble.








“Did you do it? Have you finalised our plan?” One asked, their breath whistling through their teeth cackling through the speaker.

Their lips curled into a grin as they gripped onto the warm phone, “of course. Why? Were you worried little one?” They mocked, enjoying this far too much. If only the villains knew how amusing the petname was.

“No, I trust you are intelligent. Yet, you lack my finesses.” They responded smoothly, ignoring the jibe aimed their way. “I still don't understand why it has to be me personally interacting with them.”

“Of course you wouldn't. But they're more likely to trust you, you have a plausible reason to aid them after all. Jealousy is so shallow, but to them it's a diamond in the rough. The perfect reason for betrayal.” The thing responded. They itched to do more than just talk, they wanted to manipulate the other just a little more as they needed to solidify their agreement further. The other was a useful and beneficial ally. Who was going to suspect them after all?

“Hmm.” They hummed noncommittally, gearing themselves up to ask something else unbeknownst to the holder of the phone.

A knock sounded softly on the door, causing them to sigh. “I must go. I may not have your supposed ‘finesse’, but remember I am far wiser and smarter than you, little one.”



With that they hung up and stood to greet the visitor entering their office.