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Portgas D. Ace - Story Collection

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"Ace. Come here." Sengoku called out, watching the seventeen year old approach him quietly, looking confused.

"Uh, it wasn't me?" The young Vampire hunter offered, offering his best innocent look.

Sengoku fought the urge to sigh at the look but did sigh when he looked down at the scroll in his hands. Garp was going to kill him for obeying the Gorosei on this one but they were the head of their order. If they wanted a special mission done then it had to be done exactly how they wanted it.

Even if it meant sending a seventeen year old out to possibly die. Thankfully it was Whitebeard's clan they were sending Ace after and not Kaido's or Big Mom's. Ace would either have been turned into a Vampire or fed on otherwise. The boy's blood was very sweet to most Vampires and attracted a lot of them. They had used Ace as bait during his training often, which usually pissed the boy off.

"It's a mission." Sengoku announced, handing Ace the scroll who frowned wearily as he gingerly took it.

"I'm not being bait again am I? The last one managed to bite and drink from me." Ace complained.

Sengoku remembered that. He also remembered Garp breaking into his office, eating all his food and ranting about it.

"Don't complain. Your Mother's bloodline has always been attractive to Vampires. She used that to her advantage when hunting their kind. Her fast healing and recovery abilities also were passed down to you along with the sweet scent." Sengoku said firmly, amused at the disgruntled look he was thrown.

"Yey, I'm a dessert." Ace remarked dryly.

"This isn't that kind of mission anyway. You aren't the bait."

"I'm hunting?" Ace looked amazed. "Is it with gramps or one of the admirals?"

"No." Sengoku grimaced. "The Gorosei ordered this one. You are to go by yourself and take down the heads of the Whitebeard clan."

The child choked at that, stunned. "Myself?"

"They believe with your Portgas heritage you can survive and take out many of the Commanders. You are still very young to be out hunting alone. After all we usually only let hunters out themselves after they turn twenty-six but the Gorosei themselves ordered this."

"Gramps isn't going to be happy..." Ace grimaced as he quickly read over the scroll. "But I'll do my best to take down as many of them as possible."

"Your main target is Whitebeard." Sengoku said. "But I added the conditions to the scroll that if you get at least two Commanders down you will be allowed that as a completion."

"But the Gorosei-"

"They did admit that we can't completely risk losing you." Sengoku admitted. "So be careful. Don't take any risks and come back alive."

"Yes sir." Ace bowed and turned away and leave the room to get ready to head out.

Sengoku sighed and glanced over his office. "Rouge will come back from the grave to kill me if that boy gets hurt. I hope Whitebeard is in a good mood this week."