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The Truly (NOT) Magnificent Adventure Of A (Morbid) Maid And (Exasperated) Mage

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Sollux should have really seen this coming, after all when has anything gone his way. He really wants to blame Aradia for dragging them into this mess, but how was she supposed to know what would happen. If anything, future Aradia is the one to blame, she could have at least given them a heads up. 

But even then, he can't seem to bring himself to be angry at her about it. But he had no problem being angry at her for going along with all this utter bullshit. Thanks to her willingness to go through with all this, now his stuck in a crumbling hotel with a bunch of the human's version of Rainbow Drinkers. And to add to the shitty icing on the already shitty cake, his before mentioned matesprite is now fucking dead!

Seriously, fuck his life! And fuck paradox Space for being such a fucking bitch! (No offence Calliope)

Several weeks in the past