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The Apprentice

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Quinn returns home after spending a week in London working. Rachel opens the door with a smile because she knows that her wife is there

Hello Love- says the brunette

Hi- says Quinn

You don't know how much I missed you - says Rachel and puts her arms around Quinn's neck and kisses her

The important thing is that I'm here- says the blonde- where's Charlie? - she ssks about her three-month-old

Love, Charlie is sleeping, heate recently and you know that after that he goes to bed - says the brunette

Really? I want to see him- Quinn says and without thinking twice she leaves herluggage in the living room and goes to the room of the little one followed by her wife

He's beautiful- says the blonde when she sees him sleep peacefully- he looks like a little angel, he even looks bigger

Love, it was only a week- says Rachel

A week in which I missed him a lot- says Quinn

The brunette approaches her wife and stands in front of her and then kisses her neck- Ah ... just Charlie?

Umm ... not just Charlie- says the blonde and her lips look for those of the brunette to join them in a kiss while her hands caress the buttocks of her wife

You don't know how much I miss you- Rachel says against her lips- the brunette takes her wife by the hand, turns and takes her to the main room, during the way Quinn doesn't stop seeing Rachel's butt she notices and smiles. They both want exactly the same

Soon clothes disappear from their bodies, Quinn cornered Rachel against the wall and kisses her with passion while caressing her breasts, one of her hands travels to the center of the brunette, touching her in the most intimate part and filling her with pleasure

Love ... - moans Rachel and the blonde knows what her brunette needs

Quinn makes Rachel turn so the front of her body is against the wall, gives her some kisses on the back and without warning penetrates her

Ah ... .ahhhhhh - the blonde moans and urges her movements taking her wife's hips

Quinnnnn- moans the brunette minutes later when she reaches climax and her wife quickly follows her

Between kisses the girls fall to the bed and Rachel with her hand stimulates the member of the blonde who procures there is not the slightest space between their bodies while caressing her

The brunette sits on Quinn's lap, the blonde takes her penis and places it at her wife's entrance

Raeeee- the blonde moans and puts her hands on the hips of the brunette who moves sensually on her because she knows how much that excites her wife

Quinn needs more and in an agile movement makes them turn so the brunette is lying on the bed, feeling the unbridled kisses of her wife as she penetrates with more force again and again

Racheeeeeeel - the blonde moans, she's already close

The brunette leads to orgasm and deliciously squeezes blonde who keeps depositing her cum inside her

Quinn pants and remains inside her wife - I love you- says the brunnette

The blonde looks at her and for a couple of seconds she loks at her with confusion but Rachel does not notice it, Quinn does not say anything, she just kisses her again and again until they fall asleep because she never gets tired of kissing the lips of her brunette

A couple of hours later the blonde wakes up when she hears Charlie crying, puts a robe on her body and goes to his room

Hello Prince- Quinn says with a smile- Did you miss your mom? Because I missed you so much

The little boy stares at her and his tears stop

I know you missed me- says the blonde with her baby voice

Quinn feeds him and spends half an hour with him until the little one falls asleep, the blonde returns to her room and the brunette is still asleep, clinging to a pillow that takes her place, Quinn runs her hands through her hair in a sign of frustration, things were out of control and part of her was responsible for that

Without thinking about it, the blonde takes off her robe and lies down on the bed, as if sensing her presence the brunette still asleep moves away from the pillow and accommodates hugging the body of her wife who, although tired from the trip and the previous activities with her wife does not sleep all night

Two days later

Quinn and Rachel were having breakfast together, the blonde was ready to go to work because being the head of the Fabray Corporation carried many responsibilities, the good thing was that Rachel was on sabbatical because she was already one of the most recognized singers in the world. For both of them motherhood came first and work after

It's getting late - Quinn says and gets up from the chair

You are the boss Love, you can arrive a couple of minutes later you also have time to spare- says Rachel

Because I'm the boss I have to give the example- says the blonde before approaching Charlie who was resting in his stroller and kiss him goodbye

The kiss scales in passion and soon the hand of the brunette caresses the member of the blonde over her pants

Sam Evans and Blaine Anderson, the bodyguards of the blonde waited for the blonde in front of the house, it had already been 5 minutes from the time set by the blonde to meet them so Blaine decided to go to the door to ring the bell and ask for her boss but stopped short when he heard the blonde sharing a rather intimate moment with his wife

Rach ... - the blonde moans and continues to kiss her

Uumm- says the brunette

Already ... I'm already late Rae- Quinn says while Rachel kisses her neck and unbuttons her pants to bring them down with her boxers, the blonde does not stay behind and takes advantage of the brunette uses a skirt and removes her panties

You're so wet- says the blonde just before entering her

Ahhhhh- Rachel moans

Minutes later the girls continue kissing to finish enjoying their brief moment of passion

Now you can go - says Rachel with a wicked smile before giving her one last kiss

You always get away with it, right? - Says the blonde as she fixes herself

Yes- the brunette says with a smile until she hears Charlie's cry and goes out in search of him

Quinn laughs without humor and opens the door

We're going - says the blonde to her bodyguards who share a knowing glance


Rachel's parents pick up Charlie because they want to spend quality time with their grandchild and the girls also need some time alone. For its part, the meeting of the blonde does not last more than two hours, it was routine so it did not last long, Quinn changed her clothes and left

At about 2 in the afternoon Rachel receives an envelope with some photos of Quinn with another woman, the girl's face was familiar but could not distinguish her, the photos were not compromising but they worried her, she knew that her wife was unable to cheat on her, that was impossible, in addition to the photos there was a paper that said Park Down Fall at 3:30 in the afternoon

Rachel takes her car and arrives at the park at the agreed time, she does not see anything unusual, maybe it was just someone trying to prank her or something, the brunette was about to leave when she sees her wife with the woman in the photo and a baby that according to the colors of her dress must be a girl, the woman was carrying the baby while Quinn talked and laughed with them, something curious was that the blonde was not with her bodyguards

Nothing to worry about- says the brunette- sure all this has an explanation

Half an hour later Quinn, the woman and the girl get into a car that the blonde drives, Rachel follows them and minutes later they arrive at a beautiful house on the outskirts of the city

The brunette hides and observes their interaction, Quinn and the woman talk about something, the blonde kisses the little girl and then they all enter the house

What's wrong? - Rachel wonders worried because she was not sure of anything and was struggling with her impulses not to go into that house and find out for herself

In the meantime

Beth is exhausted- says Marley

Let me put her in the crib - says Quinn

Dream with angels Princess, I love you- the blonde says to the little girl

Every day she seems more like you- says Marley

You and she have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my life - Quinn says just before hugging her

Come, let Beth rest - says Marley

The girls go to the main room because they should talk

How's everything? - Marley asks indirectly

Mar- says Quinn- everything is fine

Yes, I see that everything is fine for you- says Marley

Love, things are not like that and you know it- says the blonde

What do you want me to think, Quinn? You're still married- says Marley

You think it's because I want it- says the blonde- the important thing is that this situation will soon change, I talked to Artie and he told me that everything is practically ready and in a few days I'm going to ask Rachel for a divorce, you know it's a complicated process and that I have to protect us

I don't want to be the other Quinn- says Marley- I love you but I'm tired of asking you to fight for our family, for us, it's always been like that and apparently it's not going to change

Mar, don't tell me that, you know how much I love you and what you mean to me, do not give up now that we are so close to our happy ending- says the blonde taking Marley's face in her hands

Quinn- says Marley and some tears fall down her face

Don't cry, it breaks my soul to see you like this, Love- says the blonde, cleans her tears and then kisses her tenderly, they slowly fall on the bed

I love you, Mar, I'm always going to love you- Quinn says between kisses

I love you too Quinn- says Marley

Slowly the girls take off their clothes and Quinn insists on decorating Marley's body with kisses and caresses, she loves her and wants to prove it over and over again. Soon the girls are moaning with pleasure at the touch of their skin and that way of making love that has become unique to them

I love you, Precious, I love you, I love you- Quinn says and feels that Marley reaches the climax leading her to her own sensation of pleasure

After what was an infinity of time for Rachel, Quinn leaves the house accompanied by the woman, the brunette sees them sharing a hug that looks very intimate to her liking, the girl moves away from Quinn but the blonde does not leave her go, in an agile movement brings her closer to her body and kisses her repeatedly, minutes later the blonde climbs back to her car and disappears on the horizon

Rachel returns to her car and is paralyzed, she can't believe her wife is cheating after three years of marriage, a marriage that she believed to be perfect and indestructible, a happy marriage, tears fall freely down her face and cloud her vision, in the memory of a happy family that she no longer has

The brunette comes home, takes a bath, cries in the shower and then gets redy for the night because if she does not want Quinn to see her weak

Brittany and Santana pick her up and notice there is something off but they do not comment because they assume that having a child takes your energy

The girls arrive at the bar and immediately see Quinn there

The atmosphere is great- says Brittany

Yes, it seems so- says Rachel without feeling it and staring at Quinn as she approaches them

Hello Girls, we already have a table, it's number twelve- says the blonde with a smile and Brittany and Santana go there

Hello- Quinn says and bends to kiss his wife but is surprised when she turns her face

What's wrong? - asks the blonde

Do not touch me- says the brunette between teeth and with evident anger

Quinn takes her arm and and the brunette brusquely moves away from her

Come, let's talk - says Quinn and the brunette follows her reluctantly

Why do not you want me to touch you or kiss you? - The blonde claims once they arrive at a more private place

You're very wrong if you think I'm going to let you touch me after you were with her- says Rachel

Her? - asks Quinn as if nothing was happening

I know you have a lover Quinn- says the brunette and without wanting the tears fall down her face- so if you want kisses and caresses the best thing is that you go with your bitch

I do not allow you to insult her, you do not know her- says the blonde in a threatening tone, she does not even bother to hide her romance with Marley

And you still defend her, you do not think you've hurt me enough, how can you do this to me ... I love you, damn it, I LOVE YOU QUINN! Not thinking about Charlie much less about me, look at the damage you're doing to us, how can you be so cruel- she says in tears

Do not put Charlie in the middle of this- says Quinn

Maybe you don't think about our family but I do! - says Rachel and she repeats with gentleness- ... I do

Do you love her? - she asks after a few seconds of silence

Yes, I'm in love with her- Quinn answers with sincerity

The brunette feels that her heart is shattered and each blow is stronger than the previous one - so what do you feel for me? - she demands an answer

Please Rachel, don't be dramatic- says the blonde as if it were an everyday conversation to hide that she was not really sure of the true answer to that question

Don't be dramatic! when from one day to another I discover that our marriage is nothing but an illusion ... - says the brunette

It's hard, right? - says Quinn- see people for what they really are

If you are so in love with her, why do you continue with this farce? Why do you make love to me? What need do you have to lie? - Rachel has so many questions that she does not even know where to start

What do you want me to say, you're good in bed?- says the blonde and does not react until she feels the slap

Come on, you're going to miss the show and the girls must be wondering where we are - Quinn says after giving herself a second to compose after the blow she received

Who are you? - Rachel asks staring at her- you're not the Quinn I fell in love with

The blonde does not answer, she simply turns around and walks until she hears

The girl is yours? - asks Rachel with a choked voice

Yes, she's my daughter- says Quinn

Quinn ...- says the brunette and she approaches her looking her straight in the eyes because she needed to find that tender blonde she fell in love with, not this cruel version of her

The blonde look at her coldly and moves away from Rachel

You got lost with the Dwarf- says Santana in suggestive tone

I don't want to talk Santana- says Quinn

What's up? - asks Brittany

Nothing- the blonde replies and her friends share a curious look it is obvious to them that something is happening

A few minutes pass and Rachel decides to leave, she's been humiliated enough for a day when she suddenly hears the voice of the blonde

Tus besos saben tan amargos cuando te ensucias los labios con mentiras, con mentiras
dices que te estoy haciendo daño, que con el paso de los años me estoy haciendo más cruel
nunca creí que te vería remendando mis heridas con jirones de tu piel – the blonde sings with her eyes clsoed
de ti aprendió mi corazón, de ti aprendió mi corazón
no me reproches que no sepa darte amor – Quinn stares at Rachel

Me has enseñado tú, tú has sido mi maestra para hacer sufrir, - Brittany and Santana feels the tension and that the song is a message for the brunette
si alguna vez fui mala lo aprendí de ti
no digas que no entiendes cómo puedo ser así, si te estoy haciendo daño lo aprendí de ti

Me has enseñado tú, maldigo mi inocencia y te maldigo a ti – the blonde seems angry with herself
maldita la maestra y maldita la aprendiz, maldigo lo que amo y te lo debo, te lo debo a ti

Me duelen tus caricias porque noto que tus manos son cristales rotos bajo mis pies
dices que te estoy haciendo daño, que con el paso de los años me estoy haciendo más cruel
pero es que nunca creí que te vería remendando mis heridas con jirones de tu piel – the blonde can't look away from Rachel

De ti aprendió mi corazón, de ti aprendió mi corazón
no me reproches que no sepa darte amor - 
the brunette has cried some much that her eyes are red

What's going on?- Santana asks her wife

I have no idea- says Brittany

Me has enseñado tú, tú has sido mi maestra para hacer sufrir – Quinn comes down from the stage and sings directly to her wife, the blonde can't control the tears of anger, she can't contain them because she is finally saying what she feels, she is finally venting
si alguna vez fui mala lo aprendí de ti
no digas que no entiendes cómo puedo ser así, si te estoy haciendo daño, niña, yo lo aprendí de ti
me has enseñado tú, maldigo mi inocencia y te maldigo a ti
maldita la maestra y maldita la aprendiz, maldigo lo que amo y te lo debo, te lo debo, te lo debo a ti...

The girls share a final look and Quinn can see the fear in Rachel's eyes, the truth begins to be discovered and there is no escape for either of the two

The song was my inspiration for this story, which is way more complex than it seems. Also, English is not my first language so sorry in advance for any mistake.

Song:  Alejandro Sanz- Aprendiz -(Youtube/ watch?v=j0rjF8pg65s)