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Three’s a crowd, but never crowded

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Soulmates are just as common as quirks these days, everybody has a soulmate, either platonic or romantic. Whether a person's soulmate was platonic or romantic was simply on how what ever higher being deemed it to be. A person can find their soulmate by a image on a part of their body that (commonly) associated with or resembles that person's quirk or personality.

Shouto Todoroki didn’t know what to expect when he notices two images slowly reveal themselves to him as he was brushing his teeth. An Owl and a glowing torch. His eyes widened a fraction before he looked at himself in the mirror.

I have two soulmates..they probably would hate me…

He glanced at the scar covering his left eye, a reminder of why he resents his horrible father. The reason he refuses to use that man's quirk, why he will be the best hero by only using his Mothers quirk.

Nobody would love a boy who has an ugly scar anyway….

He started to plan how to cover the two images on his right arm from his father. So at least they’ll be protected from him.

“I’ll ask sister about it later.” He mumbled lowly


A few miles away a smaller boy was just finding out his soulmates, the images appeared during his bath. He was happily washing his legs so they can be clean and to prevent an infection due to the multiple scrapes and cuts from the day when the image of a smoking ice cube showed up.

The boy shouted with glee upon the seeing the mark, unaware of the second image that was showing up somewhere else..

“Mom!! Mom!! I have a soulmate!!!” He shouted, his mom ran to the bathroom to find her son with his leg propped up on the edge of the tub, the image clear as day. Inko smiled with him then pointed to his chest.

“It looks like you have more than one my sweet boy.”

He looked down to where she was pointing and saw a small tank engine materializing right in the middle of his chest. Big fat tears fell from his eyes and down his face.

“My baby boy, my sweet, sweet baby boy!” She pulled her son close to her heart as they both cried tears of joy


Iida Tenya has a schedule to keep, its a strict schedule at that. Most of what he does is on a time restraint. When he wakes up, when he goes to school, ect, ect. But he made that stuff up himself, he liked the order and repetition of it. It kept him grounded in a way.

During his 9:00 pm daily study time, a image appeared before his very eyes. On the back of his left hand was a bunny, he stared at in awe, his finger gently tracing the outline of it. Getting up from his chair in the dining room he walked to where his older brother Iida Tensei was and gently tugged at his shirt.

“Hm? What’s up little bro?” Tensei glanced at his phone for the time “It’s not time to eat dinner yet..” Tenya held out his hand to show the mark to him. Tensei looked at the mark and gently ruffled his little brothers’ hair.

“That’s a soulmate mark, you have a special person waiting for you. Can I check to see if you have another one?” he asked. Tenya nodded and allowed him to check. First he checked the rest of his arm, then his legs where his shorts don’t cover. Grabbing the hem of Tenyas’ shirt Tensei asked again “Is it okay if I check?”

Tenya hesitated in his answer, he was curious to know so he nodded. Tensei glanced over his chest, no new marks. But when he was turned around Tensei saw another mark, right on Tenya’s left hip. “Tenya! You have two soulmates!” Tensei nearly shouted. Tenya moved his arms in a chopping motion and said

“I have two? Is that bad?” Tensei shook his head. “It’s a good thing. It means you have two people who complete you and makes you feel happy.” Ruffling his hair once more Tensei got up to tell their mom and dad. Leaving Tenya to his thoughts.

“Two soulmates? I won’t let them down!!”