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In hyperspace, the Millennium Falcon has just escaped the planet Crait, with the last survivors of the resistance on board, who are on the run from the oppressive First Order.


On board the Falcon, Rey, the last of the Jedi, is seated next to General Leia Organa in the ship’s common room.


“Ben killed Snoke.” Rey says, looking down, toward the broken lightsaber in her lap.


“What?” Leia says, uncertain of what she just heard.


“Ben killed Snoke. I think he did it to save me. We fought Snoke’s guards together, and killed them all.” Rey answers.


“You worked together?” Leia asks.


“For a moment, yes. Then, he asked me to join him, and let the resistance die. That’s when I knew that I had failed. He’s still Kylo Ren. He’s still strong in the dark side.” Rey answers, with sadness in her voice.


“You care about him, don’t you?” Leia asks.


Yes, I suppose I do. I thought that I could save him. I was wrong.” Rey answers.


“Perhaps. Perhaps not. Only time will answer.” Leia says.


Chewbacca approaches Rey and Leia, and looks at Leia.


<We have just cleared the Crait system. We were not followed.> Chewbacca says.


“Thanks, Chewie.” Leia says.


“So, where do we go now?” Rey asks.


“Lothal. I have some old friends there. Former rebels. I think they can help us.” Leia answers.


“Never heard of Lothal.” Rey says.


“It was the first world to be liberated from the empire. A friend of mine was responsible for that. He was a jedi.” Leia says.


“A jedi? I thought Luke was the only one around back then!” Rey says.


“This was a few months before Luke joined the rebellion. There used to be two jedi with the rebellion. A master, and an apprentice. I knew both of them.” Leia says.


“What happened to them?” Rey asks.


“The master, whose name was Kanan, sacrificed himself to save his crew. The apprentice, Ezra, disappeared for a few years, then, came back with students of his own. He started a new jedi temple soon after. Luke joined it for a couple of years, then left.” Leia answered.


“Luke left the jedi order?” Rey asks.


“No. He didn’t stop being a jedi. He left because he disagreed with Ezra’s beliefs, and started his own temple. Luke wanted to be like the old jedi order, while Ezra was more open minded.” Leia answered.


“What happened to this Ezra?” Rey asks.


“The First Order attacked his temple about thirteen years ago. They killed most of his students, as well as his wife and daughter. Ezra sent his students away, and stopped being a jedi. He’s...a bounty hunter now, actually.” Leia says, with sadness in her voice.


“A jedi master became a bounty hunter?” Rey asks, disbelieving.


“He lost his family. It broke him. I think he just gave up, and stopped caring. I haven’t seen him in almost ten years. From what I hear, he’s a completely different person now. Goes by a different name too.” Leia answers.


Leia looks toward Chewbacca, who is nearby, talking to Captain Poe Dameron.


“Chewie, set course for Lothal. Poe, contact Ghost Base, let them know we’re coming. Use the emergency frequency.” Leia says.


Rey starts to get up, and Chewbacca approaches her.


<No Rey, you rest. I’ll change our course.> Chewbacca says.


“Thanks, Chewie.” Rey says, with a smile.


Chewbacca walks away, toward the cockpit.


“So, what kind of planet is Lothal?” Rey asks.


“A neutral planet. Lightly populated, but very high crime. Mostly drug runners and bounty hunters.”  Leia answers.

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On the planet Lothal, it’s night in the massive capital city. In a less ideal part of town, there is a large cantina, where people of various races are drinking, dancing, or playing sabacc. One game of sabacc is of particular interest, drawing a large crowd of people. There are five players. A neimoidian male, a young woman with bright green hair, a bald young man with tattoos on his face, a blonde haired young man with an eyepatch over his left eye, and a man in his early fifties, with greying hair, and a thick beard. The older man has a lit cigar hanging from his mouth, and is staring at the young man with the eyepatch. The young man puts his cards on the table, and says “Sabacc!”


He reaches for the pile of credits in the center of the table, when the older man says “Hold it, son. Looks like I have an idiot’s array!” The man puts his cards on the table, and there are gasps from several bystanders.


“Kriffin’ Dev Morgan!” The young woman says. The man with the eyepatch slams his fist on the table.


“Sorry, boy. You had a good hand, but an idiot’s array beats everything. Better luck next time!” Dev Morgan says. The young man stands up, and reaches for the blaster holstered to his belt.


“Come on, Jesko. Let it go! That’s Dev Morgan! The bounty hunter! He’ll kill a man for looking at him wrong! Let’s go, man.” The tattooed young man says.


“I’d listen to your friend, son. I’ve killed people for doing far less that what you just pulled. Now, get the frack out of here!” Dev says, taking the cigar out of his mouth. The two young men leave the cantina.


A scantily clad young woman approaches Dev, and wraps her arms around him. She says “ You sure showed them, Dev. Now, why don’t you come to my room, and we can...celebrate your victory?”


“Sure. Why not?” Dev says, as he grabs the credits from the table, and gets out of his seat.


A few hours later, Dev exits the cantina, and starts walking toward several parked speeders, when he sees his path blocked by Jesko, and his tattooed friend. Jesko spots Dev, and says “Dev Morgan! We have unfinished business!”


“The hell we do! Now, kriff off!” Dev says, irritated.


“I don’t think so, old man! You cheated! I want my credits back!” Jesko says.


“You’re accusing me of cheating? You know who I am, don’t you?” Dev asks.


“Yeah. You’re an old has been bounty hunter, who’s on his way out!” Jesko’s friend says.


“You kids have to be a special kind of stupid! Or, maybe you just want me to kill you! Now, last warning, get the frack out of my way!” Dev says angrily.


“Give me my credits you old bastard, or I’ll take ‘em from your corpse!” Jesko says angrily.


“One.” Dev says.


“One what? What are you doing?” Jesko asks.


“Two.” Dev says.


“Two? Is he counting us?” Jesko’s friend asks.


“Three!” Dev says, as he suddenly draws a blaster, and kills both men before they can react.


Dev walks away, and gets on his speeder. As he takes off, a bystander says “that’ll show those punks! Nobody fracks with Dev Morgan!”




Several hours later, it’s almost midday, as Dev approaches a large walled off area in a mountain range south of the capital city. He presses a button on his wrist comm, and a part of the wall slides to one side. Dev drives through the opening, and presses the button again. The wall closes, and he parks his speeder next to a small black ship, with triangular wings.


Dev gets off of his speeder, and approaches a small valley, where there are a few small metal buildings, and an old freighter parked in the center. Dev approaches the freighter, where thirty five year old Jacen Syndulla is standing, at the bottom of the loading ramp, dressed in a modified rebel pilot outfit.


“Jacen.” Dev says, as he stops near the green haired younger man.


“Uncle Ezra! You’ve been gone for two days! Mom was about to send me after you!” Jacen says, a hint of irritation in his voice.


“Couldn’t be helped. Had a job in town.” Dev, or rather, Ezra says.


“Fair enough. She’s worried though. You should probably go talk to her.” Jacen says.


“Where is your mother anyway?” Ezra asks.


“In the Ghost. Probably watching us from the cockpit.” Jacen says, pointing at the freighter.


“Sounds like Hera.” Ezra says, as he heads up the boarding ramp of the Ghost.

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In the cockpit of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla sits in the pilot’s seat. Her only company is the astromech droid, Chopper. The sixty-four year old twi’lek watches her son, Jacen, as he walks away from the Ghost. Hera is dressed in a basic dark brown outfit, having abandoned the pilot’s garb of her younger days.


“Hera?” Ezra says, as he enters the cockpit. Hera gets out of her seat to look at him.


“You’ve been gone for two days, Ezra! I was starting to get worried!” Hera says.


“Had a job to do. Here’s ten thousand credits.” Ezra says, offering a sack to Hera, who accepts it.


“Ten thousand? For me? Must have been some job!” Hera says with surprise.


“Well, made a little at the sabacc table too. Anyway, looks like you have enough to get a new ship now.” Ezra says.


“Actually, now that I have enough, I was thinking about fixing the Ghost.” Hera says. Ezra laughs.


“Fix the Ghost? This ship is dead! Hell, it hasn’t flown in ten years!” Ezra says.


“It’s not dead as long as I’m around!” Hera says, irritated.


“Hera, it’s gonna take years to fix this thing! You, me, Jacen, Chopper, and Ahsoka! That’s all we have here! In case you haven’t noticed, Ahsoka’s getting a little old to be rebuilding ships!” Ezra says, irritated.


“I am too.” Hera says sadly, then continues “Actually, we have company on the way. They’ll be here this evening. Maybe they can help us repair the Ghost.” Hera says.


“Who’s coming?” Ezra asks.


“The resistance.” Hera answers.


“Leia’s sending people here? For what?” Ezra asks.


“She’s not sending anyone. The entire resistance is coming here.” Hera answers.


“What? That’s insane! This is a frackin’ neutral planet! We don’t need a fleet of resistance ships in orbit! It’ll just make Lothal one big damn target for the First Order!” Ezra says angrily.


“No fleet. Just one ship. The Millennium Falcon. That’s all that’s left of the resistance.” Hera says.


“Kriff! I knew the resistance got their asses kicked at Crait, but that’s really all that’s left? The Falcon can’t hold more than what? Thirty people?” Ezra says.


“That’s all there is. Poe Dameron commed almost nine hours ago. I told them they can camp here. There’s plenty of room for everyone.” Hera answers.


“So, our home is a rebel base now? How is a group that small going to fight the First Order?” Ezra asks.


“They have hope. They believe in their cause. We should help them anyway we can.” Hera says.


“Hope doesn’t mean chit, Hera! I’ll sit out this rebellion, unless Leia needs someone killed. About all I’m good for is killing, gambling, and drinking!” Ezra says bitterly.


“What happened to you, Ezra?” Hera asks, annoyed.


“Life. Yeah, maybe you have some happiness for a while. Then, you lose everything! Not much point in giving a frack, is there?” Ezra says. Hera shakes her head.


“What would Juno and Kira think of you now, Ezra?” Hera asks.


“They don’t think a kriffin’ thing anymore! Neither does Zeb, or Kanan!” Ezra shouts. Hera slaps him across the face.


“Dammit, Ezra! Do you even hear yourself anymore?” Hera asks angrily, then points toward the cockpit’s exit, and says “just...get out!”


“Fine by me!” Ezra says, as he walks out of the cockpit.


Hera starts to tear up, and says “Where did I go wrong? I failed him, Kanan.”


“You didn’t fail. He did. He didn’t learn from his mistakes, or deal with his loss in the right way. Instead, he gave up.” Kanan says, as his glowing blue force ghost appears.


“That’s still our Ezra in there. I still love him as much as I always have, but he makes it so hard sometimes! The bad attitude, the drinking, and all that killing! Is there any hope for him, or am I just fooling myself?” Hera says.

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“There’s hope, Hera. There’s a chance to get him back. A small chance, but a chance nonetheless. There’s someone coming who might be able to help him find his way.” Kanan answers. Despite his ghostly form, he is able to put his hand on Hera’s shoulder. Hera looks at him, and smiles.


“You’re right, love. Leia can talk some sense into him.” Hera says.


“I’m not talking about Leia. You’ve heard of Rey?” Kanan asks.


“Yes. The jedi girl, who fought Kylo Ren, and left to look for Skywalker.” Hera answers.


“Yeah, that one. She’s special, Hera. Maybe the galaxy’s last hope. She’s also Ezra’s last hope.” Kanan says.


“What do you mean, Ezra’s last hope?” Hera asks.


“She’s very strong in the force. One of the strongest ever. She’s also Ezra’s daughter.” Kanan says.


“That’s...impossible! Unless he...had another daughter I don’t know about.” Hera says.


“No, Hera. Kira. The First Order grabbed her, and killed Juno when she tried to stop them. They...experimented on her, and Snoke suppressed her memory. She doesn’t remember who she really is.” Kanan says.


“Kira’s...alive? Our alive?” Hera asks, as she starts to cry. Kanan embraces her.


“Yes, Hera. Spectre twelve is coming home.” Kanan says.


“Kanan…” Hera manages to say, before breaking down completely, and sinking to the floor. Kanan continues to hold her.


“I’m here, Hera. I’ll always be here.” Kanan says.


“I know. I Love you, Kanan.” Hera says.


“I love you too, Hera.” Kanan says.

In one of the buildings near the Ghost, Ezra is seated at a table, drinking a cup of tea. Sitting across from him, also drinking a cup of tea, is seventy year old Ahsoka Tano, dressed in white robes, and a hooded cloak.


“I sense your unease, Ezra. Do you want to talk about it?” Ahsoka asks.


“Hera and I just got into a fight. I really hate it when that happens.” Ezra answers.


“I know. You both like to be in charge. It’s expected. Although in this case, I sense there’s more to it.” Ahsoka says.


“Yeah. The resistance is coming here. Hera’s going to let them use our home as a base. She’s going to throw herself right back into the good fight.” Ezra says.


“You don’t agree with that?” Ahsoka asks.


“No. We have a good thing going here. Nobody bothers us. I bring in plenty of credits from the jobs I do. There’s no war here. No reason for the First Order to come here, but they will if they find out the resistance is here!” Ezra says.


“You don’t want them here. You don’t want to fight. You don’t think it matters anymore.” Ahsoka says, with a hint of sadness.


“No, it doesn’t. I don’t need to fight for anyone, except for you, Hera, Jacen, and Chopper.” Ezra says.


“What about Sabine?” Ahsoka asks.


“She doesn’t need me to fight for her. She’s the Empress of Mandalore! She has an army of warriors to fight for her!” Ezra answers.


“I see. Perhaps you’re right.” Ahsoka says.


“How’s our guest doing?” Ezra asks.


“I’m still healing him. The wound was nearly fatal, but he’ll be alright. He should wake up soon.” Ahsoka answers.


“Good. We could use some good news around here.” Ezra says.

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On board the First Order Star Destroyer Finalizer, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is seated behind a desk in his office, when General Hux enters.


“What is it, general?” Kylo asks.


“Supreme Leader, the Millennium Falcon has escaped us. It seems that they were able to use Skywalker’s distraction to their advantage.” Hux says, with a hint of irritation in his voice.


“They can’t hide forever. They’re desperate, and will likely turn to old rebel allies, or hide out in old rebel bases. Send ships to search all known former rebel bases.” Kylo says.


“And, if we find nothing?” Hux asks.


“Investigate rebel allies and former rebellion members.” Kylo answers.


“Very good, Supreme Leader.” Hux says.


“You may go, general.” Kylo says. Hux exits the office, and heads to his quarters. Once in his quarters, Hux approaches a small holotable. He presses a sequence on the control console, and kneels on one knee as a severely distorted hologram appears.


“General Hux, report!” The hologram says in a sinister, distorted voice.


“My lord, Supreme Leader Snoke is dead. As is the entire Praetorian Guard.” Hux says.


“I see. How did this happen, general?” The hologram asks.


“Kylo Ren claims that the jedi girl killed Snoke, then knocked him out. I entered the throne room as he was recovering, and noticed the guards were dead.” Hux says.


“You say Kylo Ren claims! You do not believe him?” The hologram asks.


“No, I do not. I believe that Kylo Ren killed Snoke, and is in league with this jedi. She willingly boarded the Supremacy alone, and was escorted to Snoke by Kylo Ren, with no guard.” Hux says.


“I am inclined to agree, general. Kylo Ren is not fully committed to the dark side, and has formed a force bond with this girl. Snoke never considered him to be fully trustworthy, and that is why he never made young Solo aware of my existence. The boy has played emperor for long enough! Bring him to me, immediately!” The hologram says.


“How do I get him to come to you?” Hux says.


“You may tell him whatever you wish about my facility, only, do not tell him about me. He will come here to satisfy his curiosity, then, he will meet his true master!” The hologram answers.


“Kylo Ren has ordered me to begin sending ships to search old rebel bases for possible resistance survivors. This mission is in my opinion a waste of our resources, as I do not believe that General Organa is stupid enough to hide in such obvious places. Do you still wish for me to carry out these orders?” Hux asks.


“For now, continue to follow young Solo’s orders, until I say otherwise. There is a reckoning coming, general. Soon, the galaxy will once again know the might of the Empire! The last remnants of the rebellion will be destroyed, and there will be peace!” The hologram says.


“Yes, my emperor.” Hux says.


General Hux returns to Kylo Ren’s office. Kylo seems to be annoyed and, in an irritated tone, says “what is it now, general?”


“I apologize for the abrupt return, Supreme Leader, but there is certain confidential information which I must make you aware of.” Hux says.


“What sort of information?” Kylo asks.


“There is a secret advanced weapons facility in orbit of the planet Korriban. Only myself, and those who work at the facility are aware of its existence.” Hux answers.


“Why didn’t I know about this before?” Kylo asks angrily.


“Snoke’s orders. I suppose that he didn’t trust you enough to tell you. He was always so paranoid after all.” Hux says.


“I see. I would like to visit this facility, and see what it has to offer us.” Kylo says.


“Very good, Supreme Leader. Do you wish to go there immediately?” Hux asks.


“Indeed, general. See to it at once.” Kylo says.


“Yes, Supreme Leader.” Hux says, and exits the office.

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Twelve hours later, the Millennium Falcon lands in the small valley of Ghost Base. Ezra, Hera, Jacen, and Chopper stand near the landing site to greet their visitors. Several rebels exit the ship, including Leia, and Poe, who approach Hera.


“Leia.” Hera says, as she embraces the other woman.


“Hera. Thanks for letting us come here.” Leia says.


“Stay as long as you need to. We have plenty of room.” Hera says, then looks at Poe. “Poe Dameron. Still reckless as ever?” Hera asks. Leia laughs.


 “Working on it, General Syndulla.” Poe answers.


“I’m not a general anymore, Poe. I’m retired.” Hera says.


“Poe, why don’t you oversee the setup of base camp.” Leia says.


“Copy, general.” Poe says.


“Go ahead. The entire open area is yours to use.” Hera says.


“Thanks,” Poe says, and walks to the other rebels. Finn and another rebel emerge from the Falcon, carrying an unconscious Rose Tico on a stretcher.


“You have wounded?” Hera asks.


“She’s the only one. Do you have any kind of medical equipment here?” Leia says.


“We have a bacta tank in that building.” Hera says, pointing at one of the buildings near the Ghost. She turns to Jacen, and says “Jacen, get the bacta tank ready!”


“On it!” Jacen says, as he heads for the building.


“Thanks, Hera.” Leia says.


“No problem. I’ll always help those in need.” Hera says.


“Ezra Bridger. It’s been a long time.” Leia says, as she approaches Ezra.


“Yes it has. You’ve been busy.” Ezra says.


“So have you, Dev Morgan.” Leia says.


“Oh, you know about that.” Ezra says.


“Yeah. I know about a jedi master turned bounty hunter, one who goes after First Order targets. You’re fighting the same fight we are, Ezra. We could use your help. I...could use your help.” Leia says.


“I’m not a rebel. I only kill because I hate the First Order. Not because I believe in any kind of cause. Now, if you need someone killed, I’ll do it. Other than that, i’ll sit this one out.” Ezra says, as he walks away, toward the black ship.


Leia shakes her head, and says “He’s...worse than I thought, Hera. I’m so sorry.”


“Some days, he’s decent. Other days, we end up cursing each other, and then he goes to his ship to get drunk. Ahsoka seems to be the only one he doesn’t argue with.” Hera says, sadly.


“How does she manage that?” Leia asks.


“She pretends to agree with everything he says.” Hera answers.


“That sounds like Ahsoka. Where is she anyway?” Leia asks.


“In her house. Probably sleeping. I haven’t seen her since this morning.” Hera answers.


Rey exits the Millennium Falcon, with Chewbacca and R2-D2 behind her. Hera’s eyes widen at the sight of Rey.


“Kira?” Hera whispers. Leia nods, with a faint smile.


“You know?” Hera asks.


“Yes, Hera. I know who she really is. Luke told me. You...know he...passed away, don’t you?” Leia says.


“Yes, I know. Kanan told me. Luke’s like him now. Gone, but not really gone.” Hera says.


“No one’s ever really gone.” Leia says.


“Indeed.” Ahsoka says. There are several startled gasps, and the howl of a wookiee as everyone looks toward Ahsoka. However, they aren’t looking at her. They’re looking at Han Solo, standing next to her.

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“Is that...really him?” Leia asks, as tears form in her eyes.


“Yes, Leia, he’s here. Ahsoka saved him.” Hera says, as she puts a hand on Leia’s shoulder.


Han Solo starts walking to Leia and Hera. Leia starts walking toward her husband, who she had expected to never see again.


At the Falcon, Rey is in tears upon seeing Han alive, and uninjured.


“He’s alive, Chewie…” Rey says, as she starts sobbing. Chewbacca embraces her.


Finn emerges from the medical building, and approaches Rey. From the direction he approaches, he isn’t able to see Han, and asks “What’s going on, Rey?”


“Look, Finn.” Rey answers, pointing at Han.


“Wait, Solo’s alive? How? We saw him fall!” Finn says.


“That old woman. She’s very strong with the force. I think she saved him.” Rey says, pointing to Ahsoka.


<Her name is Ahsoka. I Have known her for many years.> Chewbacca says.


“What did he say?” Finn asks.


“Chewie knows her. Says her name is Ahsoka. I have a strange feeling when I look at her, like I should know her. Same with the twi’lek woman. I don’t know what it means yet.” Rey says.


“Force stuff, I guess. Maybe this Ahsoka can help you.” Finn says.


“I hope so.” Rey says, watching as Han and Leia embrace.


“Han…” Leia says, her voice breaking.


“Leia…” Han says.


“You’re here! You’re...really here!” Leia says.


“Yeah. I think I’ll stick around this time, if that’s alright with you?” Han says, with a lopsided smile.


“You better.” Leia says, managing a laugh, then, in a more serious tone, says  “Don’t you ever leave me again Han Solo.”


Han and Leia separate from their embrace, and walk toward the Millennium Falcon, where Rey, Chewbacca, and Finn are still standing. Upon reaching the group, Han is suddenly embraced by Chewbacca, who affectionately brushes back Han’s hair.


<Han! We thought Ben killed you!> Chewbacca says.


“I’m alright, Chewie. I thought I was a goner, but that Ahsoka woman appeared out of nowhere as I was falling. She flew up to me, and took my hand. She had some kind of fancy stick that started glowing, and then, we were here. I passed out soon after that.” Han says.


Rey approaches Han, with a big smile on her face.


“I never got the chance to thank you for coming to Starkiller Base to save me. It’s good to see you again, Han.” Rey says, offering her hand, which Han promptly shakes.


“It’s good to see you too, Rey. Did you ever find Luke?” Han asks.


“I did. He didn’t train me that much. He didn’t want to. He saw himself as a failure. I ended up leaving after a few days, and went back to the resistance. Luke did the right thing in the end though. He confronted Ben so the rest of us could escape.” Rey says.


“What do you mean, in the end? Luke dead?” Han asks.


“Yes, Han he is.” Leia says sadly.


“Damn!” Han says angrily.


“There’s more. Snoke is dead. Ben killed him, and is now the supreme leader of the First Order. However, there is much conflict in him.” Rey says.


“I noticed that when I faced him. I know my son is still in there, and I’ll be damned if I don’t try to get him back!” Han says.


“Han, he almost killed you! Hell, he thinks he actually did.” Leia says.


“We have to try Leia.” Han says.


“It won’t be easy, but I agree.” Rey says.


“He’s Kylo fracking Ren! It’s impossible!” Finn says, irritated.

“Nothing is impossible.” Ahsoka says, suddenly appearing behind Finn, who is startled, and jumps several inches.


“What? How? You were...over there!” Finn says, pointing to Ahsoka’s previous location, fifty feet away.


“As I said, nothing is impossible!” Ahsoka says, slightly irritated.


“That’s how you got Han out of Starkiller Base, isn’t it? Using the force to move from one place to another?” Rey asks.


“Indeed, child. I can use the force in ways that no one else can.” Ahsoka answers.


“There’s so much that I still don’t understand. Luke didn’t teach me very much. Can you help me?” Rey asks.


“I believe I can. I can help you remember.” Ahsoka answers.


“Remember what?” Rey asks.


“Everything. What the First Order took away from you when you were only six years old.” Ahsoka answers.


“What are you talking about? I remember my life perfectly well! I’m from Jakku! My parents were traders, who sold me to Unkar Plutt for drinking money!” Rey says, irritated.


“Wrong! Those are false memories! Given to you by Snoke! He tried to turn you into a weapon! Snoke failed, and he suppressed your force connection, as well as your true memories, and had you dumped on Jakku!” Ahsoka says.


“That’s not true!” Rey says, angrily. Ahsoka’s cane suddenly transforms into a white staff that is taller than her.


“It is true, Kira!” Ahsoka says, as she touches Rey’s forehead with the end of her staff. The staff glows, and Rey seems to fall into a trance.


“Why did you call her Kira? What’s going on here?” Finn asks.


“Calm down, Finn. Everything will be alright.” Leia says.


Rey regains all of her suppressed memories, including her early jedi training, and her true name...Kira Bridger, daughter of Jedi Master Ezra Bridger, and former imperial officer Juno Eclipse.

Chapter Text

 After a minute or so, Ahsoka, sensing her intended task is complete, withdraws her staff from Rey’s forehead. Rey, or rather, Kira, comes out of her trance, and looks at Ahsoka.


“Ahsoka!” Kira says, as she embraces Ahsoka.


“Hello, Kira. I’m glad to see you too.” Ahsoka says with a smile, as she casts aside her staff to return Kira’s embrace.


<Snips!> R2-D2 says, as he approaches Ahsoka, who smiles at the sight of the droid.


“Artoo!” Ahsoka says.


“Did Artoo just call you Snips?” Kira asks.


“Yeah, he did. That was Anakin’s nickname for me, when we fought together in the Clone Wars. Artoo started calling me that soon after.” Ahsoka answers, with sadness in her voice.


Jacen returns from setting up the bacta tank for Rose, and walks to Hera, who is watching Kira and Ahsoka.


“Who’s the girl? How does she know Ahsoka?” Jacen asks.


“It’s Kira.” Hera answers.


“Kira? Mom, have you been into Uncle Ezra’s spice stash?” Jacen asks.


“Oh, for kriff’s sake, Jacen! You know I can’t stand that stuff!” Hera says, offended.


“Are you sure? Because I could have sworn I heard you say that that girl was Kira! She doesn’t look dead to me!” Jacen says.


“It’s Kira! She’s...not...dead!” Hera says, annoyed, as she starts to walk toward Kira and Ahsoka, leaving a confused Jacen to stand with Chopper.


“I still think she’s chewing spice!” Jacen says, looking at Chopper.


<Are you fracking kidding me? Mother doesn’t like that chit, and you know it! If you would use your kriffing eyes for two damn seconds, then you would fracking see that that girl is Kira!> Chopper says, as he takes off to follow Hera. Jacen stays put, with a scowl on his face.


Kira and Ahsoka separate from their embrace, and Kira notices Hera approaching.


“Grandma Hera!” Kira says, as she runs to Hera, and embraces her.


“We missed you so much, little one! We thought you were dead!” Hera says, tearing up, as she returns Kira’s embrace.


“I was alone for so long! I didn’t remember any of you, or who I was! Nobody cared about me, and I had to scavenge junk to survive!” Kira says, now sobbing.


“You’re safe now, sweetheart. You have people who love you, and you’ll never be alone again. Welcome home, Spectre Twelve.” Hera says, with a smile.


“Thank you, grandma.” Kira says, managing a smile despite her tears. She looks around for Ezra, and not seeing him, asks “Where’s daddy?”


“He’s in the Gauntlet. Probably getting drunk.” Hera answers, pointing toward the black ship.


“What? My father...drunk?” Kira asks, disbelieving.


“Your father has changed, Kira. He’s cut himself off from the force. He kills people for money, and he drinks, a lot.” Hera says sadly.


“Because mama’s dead. Because he thought I was dead.” Kira says.


“We all thought you were dead, but he took it much harder than the rest of us.” Hera says.


<Kira! Where the frack have you been?> Chopper says, as he touches Kira’s leg gently.


“Language, Chopper!” Kira says, as she smiles and pats the top of his head. Then she says, “by the way, it’s good to see you too.”


 “Kira? I’ll’s really you!” Jacen says, as he embraces Kira.


“Is that...Uncle Zeb’s bo rifle?” Kira asks, pointing at the weapon on Jacen’s back.


Jacen laughs, and says “Yeah, i took it from the imp bastard that killed him! Comes in handy when your father needs help killin' things.”


<Please, go see your father! He’s being a fracking idiot, trying to drink himself to death! He needs you! I want the old Ezra back!> Chopper says.


“You’re right, Chop. It’s time for me to go see him.” Kira says.


“Alright, but I’m coming with you. As I said, he’s changed. You may not like what you see.” Hera says.




 In the Gauntlet, Ezra sits alone in the cockpit, looking out the forward viewport, and drinking a bottle of blue liquor.


“Ezra? Are you in here?” Hera yells from the back of the ship, startling Ezra, who spills some of the liquor on his pants.


“Not a good time, Hera!” Ezra yells, angrily.


“Sorry, Ezra. This can’t wait!” Hera yells from outside of the cockpit, a hint of irritation in her voice.


“Dammit, Hera! I said…” Ezra yells, and but stops as he turns his seat and sees Hera standing in the cockpit entrance with Kira. Ezra drops the liquor bottle and it shatters. Kira starts crying at the sight of her father.


“Daddy…” Kira says, as she approaches Ezra, who slowly gets out of his seat, and approaches Kira.


“Kira? Is that really you?” Ezra asks, not believing what he is seeing, as he slowly approaches Kira.


“Yes, Ezra. It’s her. She came back to us.” Hera says.


Ezra hesitantly embraces Kira, who returns the embrace immediately.


“Daddy!” Kira says, burying her face in Ezra’s chest.


“Kira! I thought I lost you!” Ezra says, as he starts crying.


“It’s alright daddy! I’m here!” Kira says.


“My baby!” Ezra says, now sobbing, as he and Kira sink to the floor.


Hera approaches Ezra and Kira, and kneels down to wrap her arms around both of them.


“She’s here, Hera! She’s really here!” Ezra says, still sobbing.


Hera kisses Ezra on the top of his head, then does the same to Kira.


“I love you so much, my little one.” Ezra says.


“I love you too, daddy.” Kira says.


Chapter Text

  The Finalizer reaches the planet Korriban, where five spherical structures surround the planet. On the bridge of the star destroyer, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and General Hux are looking out the forward viewport toward the planet, and the five spheres.


“Are those...Death Stars?” Kylo asks, disbelieving what he is seeing.


“Indeed, they are. About half the size of the original, and they each have two primary weapons instead of one!” Hux answers.


“So, they can destroy two planets at once. Starkiller Base could destroy five planets at once!” Kylo says, unimpressed.


“True. However, Starkiller Base was a converted planet, stuck in one place. The Death Stars have full hyperdrive capability, so they can be deployed anywhere, target any planet.” Hux says.


“Alright. I’m impressed. Are they ready for launch?” Kylo asks.


“Not yet. It will be about two weeks before they are ready for test firing.” Hux answers.


“Good. As soon as they are operational, order them to be deployed to the remaining core systems of the former republic.” Kylo says.


“Actually, Supreme Leader, I can’t do that.” Hux says.


“I gave you an order, general! Are you refusing to follow it?” Kylo asks, annoyed.


“No, I am not refusing your orders! This facility, and the Death Stars, are part of the Empire, not the First Order! I have no command authority here, and neither do you!” Hux says.


“The Empire? What is going on here, Hux?” Kylo asks.


“The First Order is merely part of the Empire, not actually its replacement. Snoke knew this, and so do I. We all serve the Empire, and we will have to go to the facility on the surface, and speak to the person in charge!” Hux answers.


“So be it! I tire of games!” Kylo says, angrily, as he exits the bridge, with Hux following.




Korriban is a long dead world, once the home to the ancient Sith Empire, it is now uninhabited, except for the secret facility within an ancient sith temple, which is the destination of the shuttle carrying Kylo Ren and General Hux. Upon landing, they are met by several death troopers, and an officer wearing an imperial uniform. The officer is a dark skinned woman in her seventies.


“An Imperial Grand Admiral?” Kylo asks.


“Indeed, Kylo Ren. I am Grand Admiral Sloane.” The officer answers. She starts walking away from the shuttle, and motions for Kylo and Hux to follow.


“Why wasn’t I told about this facility, or the fact that the Empire still exists?” Kylo asks.


“Snoke was under orders to not tell you. I do not know why.” Sloane answers.


“No one gives orders to Snoke!” Kylo says, defiantly.


“I suppose that’s true now, since you ‘relieved’ him of his post.” Sloane says.


“That’s not true. The jedi girl killed Snoke!” Kylo says, irritated.


“Come now, Solo. We know that you killed Snoke, and are in league with the jedi woman.” Sloane says.


 “Did you just call me Solo?” Kylo asks, angrily.


“Indeed I did. I know who you really are. I know that your grandfather was Lord Vader, a man I once admired greatly, until he foolishly betrayed his Emperor.” Sloane answers.


“Careful, Sloane. I am the Supreme Leader of the First Order, and I am a master of the dark side of the force!” Kylo says, angrily.


“Master of the dark side? We’ll see.” Sloane says, as the three reach a door with two Royal Guards standing in front of it. Sloane approaches the guards, and says, “He is expecting these two.”


The guards move aside, and the door opens. Sloane enters, followed by Kylo and Hux. The three enter a large throne room, with stairs leading up to a throne flanked by two more Royal Guards. Kylo is shocked by the sight of the man seated on the throne. Sloane and Hux are not, as they kneel on one knee.


“Emperor Palpatine?” Kylo asks.


“Indeed, young Solo. I have been expecting you.” Palpatine says.


“I admit, I wasn’t expecting you. As far as the galaxy knows, you’ve been dead for over thirty years.” Kylo says.


“True, my body did die at Endor. However, my essence survived, and I have lived in cloned bodies ever since. Unfortunately, these bodies do not last for long, thanks to the limitations of the Kaminoan cloning technology. That is, until now. My new, younger body will soon be ready, and it will age normally. As for you, there are many things that my now deceased apprentice did not make you aware of, and that was by my order. You are strong in the dark side, but you do not fully embrace it. Until you do, you will not be worthy of becoming a sith.” Palpatine says.


“What must I do, to prove myself?” Kylo asks.


“First, kneel, and swear allegiance to me!” Palpatine answers.


Kylo kneels on one knee, and says “I swear allegiance to you, my Emperor.”


“Good. Your first test will be to deal with the rebels. Kill them all, except for the jedi girl. Bring her to me!” Palpatine says.


Kira suddenly becomes visible to Kylo.


“This is not a good time, Rey.” Kylo says, irritated.


“You think I want to talk to you! After what you did to the Resistance! They’re broken! They have nothing left! Let them go!” Kira says, angrily.


“I can’t do that! It’s no longer up to me! My new master will decide what happens to the rebels.” Kylo says.


“New master? Who is master?” Kira asks.


“I am!” Palpatine says, as he becomes visible to Kira.


“What the frack? Emperor Palpatine?” Kira asks.


“Kira Bridger! We meet at last!” Palpatine says.


“What? You’re Kira Bridger? That’s impossible! I read your mind! I saw your past!” Kylo says, disbelieving.


“It’s true, Ben. I am Kira Bridger. Snoke captured me when he attacked my father’s jedi temple thirteen years ago. Thanks to his experiments, I had no memory of my true identity, until recently.” Kira says.


“Indeed, child. He captured you, and experimented on your mind. This was by my order! I intended for you to be one of my new inquisitors, with no memory of your past! Unfortunately, the indoctrination failed in most cases, and the project was abandoned. I ordered all test subjects to be cut off from the force, and left on various worlds to live out their days in obscurity. What I do not understand, is how you were able to regain your force connection, or your memories.” Palpatine says.


“You...mother fracker!” Ahsoka yells, with rage, as she becomes visible to Palpatine, Kira, and Kylo.


“Ahsoka Tano!” Palpatine yells, as he starts to fire force lightning toward Ahsoka. The lightning is absorbed by her staff as she approaches Kira.


“Come, Kira! It’s time to go!” Ahsoka says, as she grabs Kira’s arm.


“No! You are both mine!” Palpatine yells.


“You look prettier each time I see you! Until next time, chancellor!” Ahsoka says, with sarcasm as she mockingly salutes Palpatine. A few seconds later, Ahsoka and Kira vanish.


Palpatine howls with great rage, firing force lightning upward toward the ceiling. Once Palpatine calms down a few seconds later, he says “this is most unexpected. I did not foresee the involvement of Ahsoka Tano. She is not one to be taken lightly. We must proceed with caution.”


“Orders, my Emperor?” Sloane asks.


“Grand Admiral, you will continue with your current duties. You may go.” Palpatine says.


“Yes, my Emperor.” Sloane says, as she stands up, bows to Palpatine, and leaves.


“The First Order shall be integrated into the Empire effective immediately, and I shall make my public return as Emperor. Kylo Ren, the rank of Supreme Leader is hereby dissolved, and you will instead be supreme commander of the Imperial fleet. The Knights of Ren will assist you in dealing with the rebels, and the remaining jedi.” Palpatine says.


“Yes, my master.” Kylo says.


“General Hux, you will serve as supreme commander of the Imperial army. You and Kylo Ren will report directly to me, and will both serve on my new command ship, which Kylo Ren will command! Neither of you will act without my orders, and you will cooperate with each other for the good of the Empire! Now, leave me, and assume your duties!” Palpatine says. Kylo and Hux stand up, bow respectfully, then exit the throne room.


Chapter Text

On Lothal, it’s now night. Ahsoka and Kira are alone, walking around Ghost Base.


“You really hate the Emperor, Don’t you, Ahsoka?” Kira asks.


“Yes, I do. For what he did to Anakin, to the clone troopers, and the jedi. He destroyed everything that I cared about.” Ahsoka says, with sadness.


“I can’t fight a sith lord! I’m not ready!” Kira says.


“Not yet, but, when the time comes, I believe you will be.” Ahsoka says.


“I can’t do this alone. I’m still trying to figure out all of this jedi stuff.” Kira says.


“You won’t be alone.” Ahsoka says.


“Will you teach me?” Kira asks.


“I will help, but your father should be the one to train you.” Ahsoka says.


“I don’t think he will. He’s cut off from the force, and he’s so full of bitterness and anger. It breaks my heart to see him this way.” Kira says, fighting back tears.


“He will train you. He has to. There’s too much at stake now, with the Emperor still alive. We don’t have time for your father to run away from his problems anymore! Your mother would want him to move on, and continue to be the man she loved.” Ahsoka says, putting a hand on Kira’s shoulder.


“You’re right. She wouldn’t want him to act this way.” Kira says.


“In the meantime, you should study on your own. Perhaps those books you ‘borrowed’ from Luke might be of use?” Ahsoka says.


“You...know about those?” Kira asks.


“Of course I do. Let’s just say that a ghost told me all about it.” Ahsoka says, with a smile.


“I can’t read most of it. It’s like it’s partially in some sort of code.” Kira says.


“Those books are over twenty thousand years old. They are likely written in old basic. If that’s the case, I should be able to translate them.” Ahsoka says.


“I’ll get them for you.”  Kira says.


“One more thing, Kira. I understand your lightsaber is broken. May I see it?” Ahsoka asks.


Kira retrieves the broken halves of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber from her pack, and hands them to Ahsoka. Ahsoka stares at the pieces, and closes her eyes.


“I’m so sorry, Ahsoka. I broke your master’s lightsaber. I know how much he meant to you.” Kira says.


“You didn’t do this. Ben did, when he tried to steal it from you. The saber called to you. It bonded to you, and was rightfully yours.” Ahsoka says, as she hands the pieces back to Kira.


“Can you help me repair it?” Kira asks.


“No. The outer case is beyond repair. The crystal is intact, as are some components. You’ll need a new casing, as well as some other components.” Ahsoka asks.


“I’ve never constructed a lightsaber before, and I have no idea where to begin.” Kira says.


“Since we have no jedi holocrons, we’ll have to use the next best thing. Artoo.” Ahsoka says.


“Artoo?” Kira asks.


“Indeed. He has decades worth of jedi knowledge, including historic records, as well as holograms of jedi in combat. I am fairly certain he has some design templates for a lightsaber. However, the important thing to remember about lightsabers, is that you are supposed to use the force to construct them, and the design will be unique to you. Until you have your own saber again, use this one.” Ahsoka says, as she unclips one of the lightsabers from her belt, and offers it to Kira. Kira hesitantly accepts the saber, and stares at it in her hand.


“Thank you, Ahsoka.” Kira says.


“You’re welcome. I remember when you were little, you always liked my lightsabers, and every time I came to visit, you would ask me to activate them and show off some of my moves.” Ahsoka says, with a smile.


“I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I mean, white blades! Nobody else has those!” Kira says, with a smile.


“The blades are white because I healed two bled kyber crystals.” Ahsoka says.


“So, any dark sider’s lightsaber crystal would be turned white?” Kira asks.


“Indeed.” Ahsoka says.


“Can you help me with something else?” Kira asks.


“Possibly. What is it?’ Ahsoka asks.


“This...force connection I have with Ben. Snoke claimed to create it, but I’m not so sure.” Kira says.


“Snoke didn’t create the force bond. I did.” Ahsoka admits.


“What?” Kira asks, a hint of irritation in her voice.


“I created the force bond. I ensured that you would always have the advantage in the bond, which is why Ben is unable to see your surroundings, and why you were able to rip knowledge from his mind, and learn some of his skills. I saw the bond as the best opportunity for Ben Solo to be saved. To me, he is family, just like you.” Ahsoka says.


“You connected me to him, so I could influence him?” Kira asks, irritated.


“Indeed. I apologize if I have upset you, but I believe that there is good in him, and I think that you do as well, or you would not still care about him.” Ahsoka says.


“You are right. I do care about him. I think that for one brief moment, I reached him. The real Ben Solo. It didn’t last, but I know there’s good in him. Can you help me control this force bond?” Kira asks.


“Indeed, I can. Thanks to me, the Emperor is now aware of you, as well as my connection to you. I’m sorry Kira. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” Ahsoka says.


“You didn’t know the Emperor was alive, Ahsoka. It’s not your fault.” Kira says.


“Thank you, Kira. The least I can do now is show you how to control the bond.” Ahsoka says.





On the Imperial command ship, Kylo Ren enters his new quarters, and suddenly hears a voice say “you are a fool to serve him, Ben.”


Kylo turns around, and sees the force ghost of Luke Skywalker.


“You!” Kylo says, angrily.


“Told you I’d see you around.” Luke says.

“So, you’re here to haunt me.” Kylo says.


“Something like that. Palpatine doesn’t care about you, or anyone, but himself. You will never rule the galaxy, and you will serve him, until he has no further use for you. Then, he will cast you aside, like you are nothing. To him, you are nothing.” Luke says.


“If I become his apprentice, I will be a sith at last! If that means I have to serve another master, then so be it. I will destroy the rebels, and there will be peace at last.” Kylo says.


“What about Kira?” Luke asks.


“What about her?” Kylo asks.


“He told you to bring her to him. You know what will happen, don’t you?” Luke asks.


“She will see reason, and join us.” Kylo says.


“Or, she will refuse, and he’ll kill her, or more likely, force you to do it.” Luke says.


“I’m the only one in the galaxy that really cares about her! She will join me, and we will be unstoppable! Not even the Emperor will be able to stand against us!” Kylo says defiantly.


“Impressive. Every word you just said is wrong.” Luke says.


“Damn you, old man! Don’t you have something better to do?” Kylo asks.


“I sense the conflict in you, Ben. That’s why I’m here. I also came to tell you that your father is alive.” Luke says.


“Now you’re just playing games with me. Be gone!” Kylo says, irritated.


“Search your feelings, Ben. I am not lying.” Luke says.


“That’s impossible! I stabbed him! I saw him fall! Nobody could survive that!” Kylo says defiantly.


“Nothing is impossible with the force. Ahsoka Tano intervened, and Han is now alive, and fully healed.” Luke says.


Kylo meditates for several seconds, then says, “You...are telling the truth. I sense that Han Solo is alive.”


“You have a chance, Ben! A chance to leave this all behind, and be with your family again! Don’t waste it!” Luke says, as he vanishes.

Chapter Text

On Lothal, Leia, Hera, Chopper, Han, Chewbacca, Poe, Finn, BB-8, and C-3PO are in the Millennium Falcon’s common room.


“We’ll start repairs on the Ghost tomorrow, as soon as the parts are acquired.” Leia says.


“Thank you, Leia. I’ll go to capital city to buy the parts. It’s a rather large list, so I could use some help.” Hera says.


“Take anyone you need. We’ll help you get the Ghost flying again.” Leia says.


“You sure you have enough credits, Hera? The Ghost looks like it needs a lot of work.” Han says.


“I have enough. Ezra’s been giving me credits for years. Normally, I would be insulted by such a remark about my ship, but you’re right, Han, the Ghost does need a lot of work. By the way, Leia, how is the young woman in the bacta tank?” Hera says.


“Our medic says she’ll be alright. She’s resting now, and should be back to work in the morning. She’s a very talented engineer, I think she’ll come in handy repairing the Ghost, if she’s up to it.” Leia answers.


“We can’t hide here forever, general. What’s our next move?” Poe asks.


“We need to contact the other resistance cells, and head to one of their bases. Until then, we stay here. Once the Ghost is repaired, Hera and Chopper will be going with us.” Leia answers.


“What about those other people that live here?” Finn asks.


“I’m not sure yet.” Hera answers.


“We need to get back to fighting the First Order!” Poe says.


“I admire your enthusiasm, Poe, but there’s not much we can do right now. The other two cells aren’t that big either, less than a thousand people in each cell. That’s not enough people to put up much of a fight. We’ll have to resort to small scale operations, such as ambushes and sabotage.” Leia answers.


“I know some people that have no love for the First Order. You know, pirates, smugglers, mercenaries. Some of them will fight, for the right price.” Han says.


“Something to think about. Not bad, Han.” Leia says.


<My people might aid the resistance as well. They have no wish to be enslaved again, which is likely if the First Order is allowed to take over the entire galaxy.> Chewbacca says.


“Chewbacca is correct. The wookiees would be a valuable ally. As would anyone else willing to stand against the Empire.” Ahsoka says, as she enters the room.


“Actually, it’s called the First Order now, ma’am.” Finn says, nervously.


“The First Order is only part of the Empire, which most definitely still exists. I have discovered some disturbing news, which I need to make everyone aware of.” Ahsoka says.


“It’s bad, isn’t it, Ahsoka?” Hera asks.


“Emperor Palpatine is alive. He has been secretly rebuilding the Empire in old sith space.” Ahsoka says.


Leia sits down slowly, with a depressed look on her face. Han approaches her, and puts a hand on her shoulder.


“That’s impossible! He’d be what, about a hundred and thirty?” Poe asks.


“Do I look like I’m joking?” Ahsoka says, anger in her voice.


“Sorry. It just seems a little hard to believe.” Poe answers, nervously.


“Yes it is. Unfortunately, it’s true. The Emperor has survived in cloned bodies, and he can, in theory, live indefinitely, as long as he has a suitable body to transfer his essence into.” Ahsoka says, closing her eyes as she centers herself.


“Then, we need to find his clone bodies and destroy them.” Finn says.


“Good idea, but we also need to prevent him from possessing someone else’s body.” Ahsoka says.


“So, he could take over anyone’s body, and just like that, they’d be the damn Emperor?”
Poe asks.


“It’s possible. You have only encountered Snoke and Kylo Ren. They are just playing with the dark side. Palpatine is a master of it, perhaps the strongest ever.” Ahsoka says.


“Then, we need the jedi. Rey, or Kira I guess, is the start. We also need Ezra Bridger, he’s the only Jedi Master left.” Poe says.


“I’m working on it.” Ahsoka says.


“What about you?” Finn asks.


“I am no jedi. I used to be, long before you were born. Now, I’m old, I can only do so much. I can advise, and fight to a certain extent, but I am no longer the young woman I was during the clone wars. I won’t be charging into the front lines with a lightsaber.” Ahsoka says, with sadness in her voice.


“In the meantime, I know someone who may be able to help. She has a large army of thousands of warriors, and a fleet of ships, including a few stolen Imperial star destroyers.” Hera says.


“An army? A fleet? Star destroyers? Who is it?” Finn asks, surprised.


“Sabine Wren, the empress of Mandalore. She hasn’t gotten involved, because she prefers to keep her people away from war. Her army, and her fleet, are solely to defend her worlds.” Hera answers.


“Mandalore? They won’t help us! Hell, they’re practically in bed with the First Order! They’re still independent because they consider the resistance a terrorist group, and they give credits to the First Order! To think, Sabine Wren used to be a rebel!” Poe says, angrily.


“I think you’ve said enough, Poe.” Hera says, irritated.


“Hera’s right, Poe. Do you remember what I said to you, about getting your head out of your cockpit? Well, it means you need to look at the larger picture here. What you don’t know about Sabine, is that she has also secretly sent credits and supplies to the resistance. I advised her to declare the resistance a terrorist group, in order to keep her people safe. She is the ruler of thirty billion people, and is responsible for every one of them. Personally, I think this whole neutrality stance is going to change when she finds out that the Emperor is alive.” Leia says.


“I will confer with Sabine. I can be there in seconds, and return just as quickly.” Ahsoka says.


“How? There’s no ship that fast!” Poe says, as Ahsoka vanishes.


“Like that, Poe. She doesn’t need a ship. It’s how she saved Han after all.” Leia says.


“Oh, right. Forgot she could do that teleporting thing.” Poe says.


On Mandalore, fifty five year old Sabine Wren is seated behind a desk in her office, reading a datapad. Ahsoka suddenly appears in the office, only slightly startling the empress, as she seems to be used to the unannounced visits from the togruta woman that she has known for almost forty years.


“Ahsoka. What brings you here, old friend?” Sabine asks, as she puts down her datapad.


“It’s good to see you, Sabine. I bring news.” Ahsoka says.


“Good or bad?” Sabine asks.


“Both. Let’s start with the bad news, and get it over with.” Ahsoka says.


“What’s going on?” Sabine asks.


“Emperor Palpatine is alive. He is secretly rebuilding the Empire in old sith space. I’m sorry, Sabine, this is no joke. I wish it were. As long as that old bastard is alive, none of us will be safe!” Ahsoka says, anger in her voice. Sabine gets out of her seat, and takes her darksaber from her belt, igniting its black blade. She screams in fury as she destroys her desk, chopping it into several pieces.


“Goddamn...sith...fracking...hell! That son of a bitch enslaved my world once before! I will not let him do it again!” Sabine yells as she continues to destroy her office furniture. After several seconds, she shuts off her saber, and clips it to her belt. Ahsoka approaches her, and puts a hand on her shoulder.


“I know. I reacted the same way when I found out. He’s survived all these years in cloned bodies, and he’s rebuilding the Empire.” Ahsoka says.


“What can we do? I’ll fight him with everything I have if he threatens my people, but he’s a sith lord. That won’t be enough. We need jedi. Too bad all we have left is that Rey girl that Skywalker trained.” Sabine says, frustrated.


“Her name isn’t Rey. It’s Kira.” Ahsoka says.


“Kira? Wait...she’s...Ezra’s daughter?” Sabine asks, disbelieving.


“She is. Kira has come back to us. She was captured by the First Order when they attacked the jedi temple on Yavin. Snoke faked her death, and experimented on her, trying to turn her into a mindless inquisitor. The experiment failed, so they mindwiped her, gave her false memories, and dumped her on Jakku.” Ahsoka says, sadness in her voice.


“Thirteen years, since we lost Zeb, Kallus, and Juno. We thought Kira was dead too. Her death broke all of us. Then, there’s Ezra. It destroyed him completely. He gave up, and became a completely different person. Honestly, I’m amazed that you and Hera can stand to be around him, much less live with him.” Sabine says, frustration in her voice.


“We still love him, Sabine. He’s still in there. I hope that Kira can help him find his way back to us. Now that she remembers her true past, she’s his only hope.” Ahsoka says.


“I still love him too, Ahsoka. He’s my brother, not by blood, but in spirit. I want nothing more than to see him be Ezra Bridger, Jedi Master once more. A man of honor, wisdom, and compassion. I hope Kira can bring him back, because it sounds like we need him, badly.” Sabine says.


“Indeed we do. In the meantime, do you think you could get some operatives into the ranks of the Empire, and learn more about what their plans are?” Ahsoka asks.


“Yeah. Good idea. We need more information before committing to open warfare. I’ll assign some operatives and contact you or Hera as soon as I hear anything.” Sabine answers.


“Thank you, Sabine.” Ahsoka says, as she vanishes.


“Wish I could do that.” Sabine says to herself.

Chapter Text

On Lothal, activity around ‘Ghost Base’ is starting to wind down for the night, when Jacen comes out of the Ghost, running toward Ezra, who is talking to Kira, Hera, and Chopper.


“Ezra, mom, we’ve got a problem! There’s a ship approaching. Unknown class.” Jacen says.


“Ok, Jacen. You and Chopper get to the Gauntlet! Get airborne, and find out what we’re dealing with!” Ezra says.


“Right! Come on, you old rustbucket!” Jacen says.


<You moronic meatbag! My name is not rustbucket!> Chopper says, staying put.


“Frackin’ pile of scrap metal! I told you not to call me that, now move your ass!” Jacen shouts.


<Frack you, you goddamn piece of bantha poodoo! I will rip your eyeballs out and skullfrack you!> Chopper says, as he utters an electronic laugh. Kira giggles at Chopper’s remark, and gets a raised eyebrow from Hera.


“Chopper, be nice! And, watch the language!” Hera scolds.


<Sorry, mother.> Chopper says, as he takes off for the Gauntlet.


“Quit frackin’ around, Jacen! Get on that damn ship, now!” Ezra shouts.


“I’m going!” Jacen shouts back, as he heads toward the ship.


The Gauntlet soon takes off, and flies for a few minutes, until Jacen sees the incoming ship, which is a small, brown freighter. Jacen activates the ship’s comm.


“Ezra, come in!” Jacen says.


“Jacen, what are we dealing with?” Ezra says, over the comm.


“It’s just an old freighter. I don’t think it’s First Order. You want me to blast ‘em?” Jacen asks.


“It’s probably smugglers. Might even be someone we know. Let them land, and get back here.” Ezra says.


“Got it.” Jacen says. The Gauntlet turns around, and heads back home. A few minutes later, as the Gauntlet is landing, the freighter approaches ‘Ghost Base’, and becomes visible to Kira, Ezra, and Hera, who are now joined by R2-D2.


“I know that ship! It’s Unkar Plutt!” Kira says, anger in her voice.


“That bastard that enslaved you on Jakku? How the hell does he know where you are?” Ezra asks.


“It’s possible he’s tracking the Falcon. We bumped into him on Takodana, not long after I met Han and Chewie. It was not a pleasant encounter. He tried to force me to go back to Jakku with him, and Chewie ended up ripping his arm off.” Kira says, with a smile.


“Way to go, Chewie. I’m glad this Unkar Plutt is coming here. It means I don’t have to go all the way to Jakku to kill him.” Ezra says.


“Ezra!” Hera says, with irritation in her voice.


“What the hell do you expect me to do, Hera? Give him a fracking medal? He forced my daughter into slavery! You think I’m going to let the son of a rancor’s ass get away with it?” Ezra asks, enraged.


“I’m not saying you should let him get away with it, but do you really need to kill this man?” Hera asks.


“Well, I’m going to have fun with him first. Then, yes, I’m going to kill him.” Ezra says.


“Fine, do whatever you want. I’m staying out of this.” Hera says, as she walks toward the Ghost.


“Jacen, we have a problem. Kira recognizes the ship. She said it belongs to the man that enslaved her on Jakku. He’ll probably have some armed thugs with him, so we’re gonna need some heavy firepower out here. Bring me the xr9.” Ezra says into his comlink.


“You just rebuilt the thing! We’ve never even tested it!” Jacen says, over the comlink.


“I know. Just...bring it. I’ll only use it if I have to.” Ezra says.


“Got it. On my way.” Jacen says.


Several seconds later, Jacen and Chopper emerge from the Gauntlet, and Jacen is carrying a large, black rifle, with multiple attachments. Jacen approaches Ezra, and hands him the weapon.


“Thanks, Jacen.” Ezra says.


“What is that thing?” Kira asks.


“Xr9 heavy assault rifle. First Order issue. I stole this one several months ago. It was in pretty rough shape, so I rebuilt it, with some modifications.” Ezra answers, showing the weapon to his daughter.


“You’re going to use that on Unkar Plutt?” Kira asks.


“Possibly.” Ezra answers.


“Good. I loathe the bastard, and he deserves what’s coming to him.” Kira says.


The brown freighter lands in the valley of ‘Ghost Base’, not far from the Millennium Falcon. Ezra, Kira, Jacen, R2-D2, and Chopper approach the freighter, as several armed men exit the ship, followed by Unkar Plutt, now sporting a cybernetic right arm.


“That’s far enough. What’s your business here?” Ezra asks.


“I am Unkar Plutt, from Jakku. That girl next to you is my property, and stole that freighter from me.” he says, pointing at the Falcon, then continues by saying “Just give us the girl, and the ship, and well be on our way.”


“Kriffing bastard! Like hell I’m going with you!” Kira shouts.


“You are coming with us, Rey. Even if we have to kill everyone else here, you are coming with me!” Unkar says defiantly.


“Her name is Kira, you dumbass nerf herder!” Jacen says, as he takes his bo rifle from his back.


“You heard her, you kriffin’ blobfish dipchit. My daughter’s not going with you. Now, get the frack off my lawn!” Ezra shouts, as he raises his rifle, and aims it at one of Unkar’s men, a large dark skinned man.


“Stupid old man! You’re outnumbered! Give up the ship, and maybe I’ll let you buy the girl!” Unkar says.


“Do you know who I am? Haven’t you ever heard of Dev Morgan?” Ezra asks.


“Dev Morgan? You’re Dev Morgan?” Unkar asks.


“Yeah.” Ezra answers.


“Boss. It’s Dev Morgan! That there other feller...I think he’s One Eye Jacen! They’s friends with Boba Fett! We should get the hell out of here!” Another of Unkar’s men says.


“Coward! It’s only two men, a girl, and two droids! We can take them! Kill everyone except for the girl!” Unkar yells defiantly.


Ezra suddenly fires his rifle, and it blasts a very large hole into the torso of the large, dark skinned man, killing him instantly. Kira ignites the white blade of her borrowed lightsaber.


“So, you’re that jedi that the First Order is after!” Unkar hisses.


“Enough talk!” Kira shouts, as she extends her hand, and force pushes Unkar and his men, knocking them to the ground.


By this point, several rebels are now watching, including Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Poe, and Finn.


<That’s Unkar Plutt! I think he’s after the Falcon, and Kira!> Chewbacca says.


“Unkar Plutt? That’s the moof-milker who screwed up my damn ship! Come on Chewie!” Han says, as he heads toward the fighting, with Chewbacca and Finn following close behind.


Unkar and his men start to get up, when Kira charges toward them furiously, with an unnatural speed. One by one, she kills them with her lightsaber, stabbing torsos, slicing away limbs, and even beheading one man. She only spares Unkar, who is now terrified, but still aiming his blaster at Kira.


“Drop it, mother fracker! Or I’ll end you!” Kira shouts as she points her lightsaber at the man’s throat, glaring at him with yellow eyes.


“So, it is true. You are the jedi. You’re not safe anywhere, girl! The First Order will hunt you no matter where you go! So, go ahead, kill me!” Unkar says, not lowering his weapon. Kira scowls, then takes her lightsaber, and cuts off Unkar’s left arm at the shoulder, taking his blaster with it.


“Aargh! Damn you!” Unkar screams in agony.


“Stay the frack down, or I’ll cut off your legs next!” Kira says, in a low, ominous tone.


“Kira! Stop!” Ahsoka shouts, as she appears.


“Let her be, Ahsoka. She’s got things under control, as you can see.” Jacen says.


“Yeah. I don’t see what the problem is.” Finn says.


“I do.” Ezra says.


“What?” Jacen asks.


“She used the dark side.” Ezra answers, with sadness in his voice. Upon hearing this, Kira closes her eyes, and shuts off the lightsaber.  Ahsoka approaches Kira, and puts a hand on her shoulder.


“I understand your anger, Kira. This man did evil to you, but don’t let your anger consume you, or you will end up a mockery of everything you believe in.” Ahsoka says.


“You’re right, Ahsoka.” Kira says, as she calms down. She opens her eyes, now their normal color, and looks around at the dead men on the ground. She starts trembling, and tears form in her eyes. Ezra tosses his rifle aside, and approaches his daughter. Kira turns toward him, and embraces him. Ahsoka steps away from them, and approaches Unkar, who is slowly pulling a knife out of his boot. Ahsoka calls upon the force to freeze him.


“You were a fool to come here. I know your kind, and I do not approve of the way you have treated my niece. Furthermore, if we allow you to leave, you will likely contact the Empire, and inform them of the location of the jedi, in hope of securing some sort of reward. I cannot allow that, nor can I allow my niece to give in to hatred. So, it falls to me to end you.” Ahsoka says, as she force chokes Unkar, who grasps at his throat with his cybernetic hand for several seconds, before Ahsoka snaps his neck, killing him instantly.

Chapter Text

Ezra is still embracing his crying daughter as the gathered rebels start to disperse, now that Unkar Plutt and his men have been dealt with.


“It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s over now.” Ezra says.


“I did that. I killed them. I...lost control.” Kira says. Ahsoka approaches Ezra and Kira.


“You are very strong with the force, but untrained. You have the power, but you don’t know how to use it properly. You briefly turned to the dark side, when you drew on your anger, and your hatred for this man.” Ahsoka says.


“What can I do? How do I stop this from happening again?” Kira asks, as she separates from her father’s embrace to look at Ahsoka.


“You need a teacher.” Ahsoka says, looking at Ezra, as she walks away.


“Come on, Kira. I don’t think you need to see this anymore.” Ezra says, pointing toward the bodies on the ground.


“You’re right.” Kira says, as she walks away with Ezra.


Ezra and Kira walk to the Gauntlet, and go inside. They both sit down in the cockpit.


“I see Ahsoka gave you one of her lightsabers. Does this mean she’s going to train you?” Ezra asks.


“No, she’s not. She thinks that you should, and I agree with her.” Kira answers.


“I can’t, Kira. I’m no jedi. I don’t deserve to be.” Ezra says.


“That’s not true! You are the jedi order! The last jedi master! The galaxy needs the jedi. Especially now.” Kira says.


“I failed, Kira. You need a teacher, as Ahsoka said. I agree with that, but it should be her, not me.” Ezra says.


“Daddy, we need you. Things have changed. We’re not just dealing with Kylo Ren and the First Order anymore. Emperor Palpatine is alive, and he seeks to rebuild the Empire.” Kira says.


“The man’s been dead for thirty years, Kira. Where did you get such an idea?” Ezra asks.


“I saw him, and so did Ahsoka. We know that he is alive, and that Kylo Ren now serves him.” Kira answers.


“How did you see him? A force vision?” Ezra asks.


“No. I share a force bond with Kylo. We are able to communicate through the force.” Kira answers.


“I know what a force bond is. You have one with...Kylo Ren?” Ezra asks.


“Yes.” Kira answers.


“This is very bad. You are somehow force bonded with a darksider. Do you have any idea what can happen?” Ezra asks.


“I can see and touch him, as well as see his surroundings.” Kira answers.


“There’s a great deal more to it than that. You can influence each other to a certain extent, since your minds are linked. Yes, perhaps you can help him turn away from the dark side, like Han and Leia want, but, in turn, he can use the bond to drive you closer to the dark side. He can also use the bond to sense where you are, and that would lead him here, to us, and all of your resistance friends. Bonds this powerful are rare. The last one was about four thousand years ago. It’s a...long story. For another time. You need to sever this bond as soon as possible! Ask Ahsoka to do it.” Ezra says.


“Ahsoka won’t do it, since she’s the one that created the bond in the first place.” Kira answers.


“What? Why the hell did she do that?” Ezra asks, irritation in his voice.


“She thought that I could influence Ben, and help him turn from the dark side. There’s great conflict in him. He hasn’t surrendered to the darkness completely. He killed Snoke to save me, and we fought Snoke’s guards together.” Kira answers.


“You barely know the man, yet you seem to believe he can be saved? called him Ben! You have feelings for him, don’t you? How long has this bond existed?” Ezra asks.


“A few days.” Kira answers hesitantly.


“A few days? This means that Ahsoka knew you were alive, and didn’t tell me! Son of a rancor’s ass!” Ezra says angrily, as he gets up, and punches a wall. He then grabs a bottle of liquor from a nearby crate, takes a drink from it, and asks, in a calmer tone, “how long have you had feelings for him?”


“Maybe a day or two. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I don’t know what to do!” Kira answers.


“Forget him, Kira! He’s the enemy! Instead of falling in love with him, you should be preparing to fight him! Go talk to Ahsoka, and get her to sever the bond!” Ezra says.


“No, I won’t do it! Ahsoka taught me how to control the bond! I can block him, and keep him from sensing where I am! We can capture him, and I can bring him back to the light! I’ve seen the future! We will stand together, on the same side!” Kira says defiantly.


“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Kira! For all you know, the vision you saw was of a possible future where he turns you, and you both serve the dark side! I won’t allow that to happen, even if I have to kill Kylo Ren to stop it!” Ezra says, angrily.


“No! I won’t let you kill him!” Kira says angrily, tears forming in her eyes, as she gets up, and starts to walk away.


“Kira, stop! We’re not fracking done here!” Ezra shouts.


“What is going on here?” Ahsoka says, as she enters the ship, and approaches Kira, who promptly embraces Ahsoka.


“We were talking about the force bond between my daughter, and the second coming of Vader! I can’t fracking believe you would do such a thing, without at least telling me about it! How long have you known she was alive?” Ezra shouts.


“Kira, it might be best if you left. Your father and I have much to discuss, and he seems to be in one of his moods.” Ahsoka says.


“You’re right. I think I’ve had my fill of him for the moment.” Kira says angrily, as she leaves the ship, wiping her tears.


“You had no damn right to form that bond between them! Sever the fracking bond, right now!” Ezra says angrily.


“No. There is still good in Ben Solo, and Kira will be the one to free him from the darkness. She is already influencing him. She cares about him, and he cares about her as well. He killed Snoke to save her, after all.” Ahsoka says.


“He probably saved her, because he wants her for an apprentice! Don’t let him drag her to the dark side! Sever the bond, and train her!” Ezra says, now starting to calm down.


“No, Ezra. I will not sever the bond. Ben will not be able to use the bond to turn Kira. As for training her, that is your responsibility, not mine. I will help, but you will be her master, as you were when she was a little girl. This is...the will of the force.” Ahsoka says.


“I don’t care about the will of the force anymore, Ahsoka. I can’t train her. I don’t deserve to. I’ve already failed her once! You train her, or find someone else who can. Maybe one of the force ghosts.” Ezra says.


“You are the only option Ezra.” Ahsoka says.


“I can’t. Find someone else.” Ezra says.


“You will train Kira, even if I have to make you do it!” Ahsoka says, irritation in her voice.


“Make me? What the hell is your problem, Ahsoka?” Ezra asks angrily.


“I’m not the one with a problem, Ezra.” Ahsoka says calmly, as she focuses on the crate where Ezra stores his liquor. Calling upon the force, she causes every bottle inside the crate to shatter.


“What the frack? Just...get the frack out of my goddamn ship!” Ezra shouts.


“The time for games is over, Ezra!” Ahsoka shouts back, as she leaves the ship.




Once Ahsoka is outside the Gauntlet, Kanan’s force ghost appears, and he says “you are doing the right thing, Ahsoka.”


“I know. I just hate being so direct about it.” Ahsoka says.


“You are doing what you have to do. He’s family, but you can’t stand seeing him destroy himself, and neither can I. He’s cut himself off from the force, so he can’t see or hear me at all.” Kanan says.


“I agree with Kanan. You are doing what has to be done. This is the only way. Have faith, Ahsoka.” The voice of Anakin Skywalker says, as his force ghost appears.


“There are times that I don’t know what to do. Like now. Ezra is so stubborn! He won’t accept that Ben can be brought back from the dark side, and he’s angry with his daughter for the way she feels about him.” Ahsoka says.


“Love is the most powerful force of all, Ahsoka. Even now, there is conflict within Ben Solo, because of his love for Kira. It keeps him from fully embracing the dark side, and is his only hope. You can’t jeopardize that, no matter what Ezra says. He’ll just have to accept it.” Kanan says, as he vanishes.


“Bridger will find his way back. His love for his daughter will be his strength, as will her love for him. As for you, Ahsoka, you know what’s coming.” Anakin says.


“Yes, I know. Palpatine wants Kira. He wants her power.” Ahsoka says.


“Yes, Ahsoka. You can’t allow that to happen. No matter what. She’s the last hope for the jedi. Without her, the galaxy will be consumed by darkness for centuries.” Anakin says.


“I won’t fail her. I’ll do whatever I have to do.” Ahsoka says.


“I know, snips.” Anakin says.


“I think I’m getting a little old to be called snips.” Ahsoka says sadly.


“Not to me. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be my snips.” Anakin says, as his force ghost embraces Ahsoka.



Several minutes later, Kira is practicing with her borrowed lightsaber, while R2-D2 stands nearby, projecting a hologram of Anakin Skywalker, practicing lightsaber forms. Ezra watches silently for several seconds, then approaches Kira.


“What do you want?” Kira says, irritation in her voice, as she continues to practice.


“I...came to apologize for earlier. I’m sorry I lost my temper. It’s...been a difficult day. It’s also been one of the best days of my life. I got you back, when I thought that I would never see you again.” Ezra says.


Kira stops practicing, and shuts off her lightsaber. She turns to face her father, and says “I’m sorry too.”


“I also came to tell you that I’m going to town. I...have some things to think about. I won’t be back until sometime tomorrow. I love you, sweetheart. Stay safe.” Ezra says. Kira approaches Ezra, and embraces him.


“I love you too, daddy.” Kira says. After several seconds, Ezra and Kira separate, and Ezra heads for his speeder. He gets on it, and takes off.


As Ezra leaves, Hera approaches, and asks “where’s your father going?”


“He said he’s going to town, and won’t be back until tomorrow.” Kira answers.


“Damn.” Hera says.


“What’s the problem?” Kira asks.


“When your father says he’s going to town, it means he’s going to get drunk, and sleep with prostitutes. He’ll probably chew some spice too. Sometimes, Jacen goes with him. I had hoped that he would stop doing this with you around, but, I guess I was wrong.” Hera answers, disappointment in her voice.


“He also said that he has some things to think about, so maybe it’s not what you think.” Kira says.


“I hope you’re right.” Hera says.

Chapter Text

The next morning, as the resistance survivors assemble in the common room of the Millennium Falcon, they are joined by a fully recovered Rose Tico, who enters the ship with Finn.


“Wow! The Millennium Falcon! I remember all the old stories about this ship! Now, I’m actually on it!” Rose says.


“It’s pretty much our command center now. At least until we get to the new base.” Finn says.


“New base? Where’s that?” Rose asks.


“I’m not sure yet. The general hasn’t said. We’re here on Lothal for now. At least until the Ghost is fixed.” Finn answers.


“We’re on Lothal? That old freighter the Ghost? General Syndulla’s ship?” Rose asks.


“Yep. Come on, the others are waiting.” Finn says.


“Oh, right. Sorry.” Rose says.


Finn and Rose enter the common room, where the resistance survivors are present, along with Hera, Chopper, and Jacen. They are greeted by Hera and Leia.


“You must be Rose. It’s good to see you recovered. Welcome to Lothal.” Hera says.


“General Syndulla?” Rose asks.


“Please, call me Hera.” Hera says, as she heads for the holotable.


“So, Rose, you up for some work?” Leia asks.


“Yes, general. Whatever needs to be done.” Rose says, enthusiastically.


“Glad to hear it. For now, our priority is getting the Ghost repaired so it can fly out of here when we leave. We still need to buy the parts, and it’ll take a few days to get the ship operational again. As soon as our meeting is over, Hera is going to lead a small team to the capital city to buy the parts. They’ll take a small freighter we’ve managed to acquire. I’d like you to accompany the team. Your technical skill will be of use to them.” Leia says.


“I can help them spot counterfeit parts, and I’ll be able to tell if there are any compatibility issues between the components. I would also like to volunteer to be part of the team that repairs the Ghost.” Rose says.


“I thought you might. Hera already insisted on it. We’ll be starting soon. Go ahead and find a spot.” Leia says.


“Han Solo? I thought he was dead!” Rose says, as Han Solo and Chewbacca enter the room.


“The rest of us did too.” Finn says, as he and Rose approach the holotable. Kira enters the room with R2-D2, and they approach Finn and Rose.


“You’re...the jedi!” Rose says, disbelieving.


“Kira Bridger. You must be Rose. I’ve heard good things about you. I’m glad you’re alright.” Kira says, extending her hand.


“Kira? I thought your name was Rey?” Rose says, uncertainly, as she shakes Kira’s hand.


“I couldn’t remember my real name until yesterday, so I thought my name was Rey. Thanks to an old friend, I remember who I really am. I understand Grandma Hera has already drafted you to help with the Ghost?” Kira says.


“Grandma Hera? General Syndulla is your grandmother? Forgive me, but I don’t see the resemblance!” Rose says.


“She’s not literally my grandmother, more like an adoptive one. She practically raised my father when he was a teenager, and became a second mother to him. Lothal is my father’s home planet, and most of the family lives here. At least what’s left of it.” Kira says, with sadness in her voice.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Rose says.


“It’s alright, Rose. We’ve all lost people. Now, we fight for them, as well as for those who can’t fight for themselves.” Kira says.


“Well said.” Rose says.





Later, once the meeting ends, Kira goes to the cabinet in the common room, and retrieves the ancient jedi books, putting them in her pack. She exits the ship with R2-D2 at her side, and approaches Hera, Chopper, Leia, Finn, C-3PO, and Poe.


“We’ve got Plutt’s ship ready to go. It’s a basic freighter, but heavily modified. I’m glad we don’t have to take the Falcon or the Gauntlet. Those ships are too well known.” Hera says.


<It was nice of frackface to leave his ship for us. You could say he was just dying to give it to us!> Chopper says, laughing. Kira laughs at Chopper’s remark.


“Chopper!” Hera scolds.


<I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there!> Chopper says.


“Come on, Chopper. Let’s get to the ship.” Hera says, shaking her head, as she walks toward Unkar Plutt’s ship. Chopper follows her.


“I must say, that droid certainly is odd. It would seem that he requires maintenance.” C-3PO says.


“Chopper’s always been that way. A little strange yes, but completely loyal to those that respect him. I wouldn’t have him any other way.” Kira says.


“Are those the jedi books you told me about?” Leia asks, noticing the books in Kira’s pack.


“Yes. I’m taking them to Ahsoka. She’s going to help me translate them.” Kira answers.


“Good. I hope they have answers for you. Has your father come back yet?” Leia asks.


“No. Not yet. He was pretty vague about why he was leaving, other than saying that he had some things to think about.” Kira answers.


“I know that he’s not what you expected.” Leia says.


“He’s in a great deal of pain. Since he’s cut off from the force, I can’t sense it, but I can tell, by the way he acts. He misses mama, and it’s tearing him apart. My coming here seems to have helped somewhat, but it’s not enough.” Kira says sadly.


“It’s a start. From what Hera has told me, your father was much worse before we arrived here. I haven’t given up on him, and neither should you.” Leia says.



In the capital city of Lothal, the freighter formerly belonging to Unkar Plutt lands at the spaceport. Hera pilots the ship with Jacen co-piloting. Chopper, BB-8, Rose, and a few rebels are on board. Hera, Jacen, and Chopper are alone in the cockpit.


“Maybe we should have brought more of the rebels with us. The city can get a little rough. Even during the day.” Jacen says.


“The others are too well known. We don’t want bounty hunters spotting any of them. We have enough people to do what needs to be done. It should only take a few hours.” Hera says.


“Hope you’re right, mom.” Jacen says.


<She’s right, boy. She’s always right.>Chopper says.


“Not always, but thanks for the confidence, Chopper.” Hera says.


Hera, Chopper, and Jacen exit the cockpit, and approach the rebels gathered in the cargo hold.


“There’s a lot of crime in the capital city, so I need four of you to stay and guard the ship, and make sure nobody tries to steal it. The rest of us will go to the junk dealer where I’ll buy the parts we need. We’ll be back as soon as we can, then we’ll get out of here.” Hera says. The rebel soldiers salute Hera. Hera, Chopper, Jacen, Rose, and a few other rebels exit the ship to head to the junk dealer.




The junk dealer in the capital city is a sullustan named Melx Tugba. Melx is based in a large building, which was once part of the Imperial tie defender factory. He recognizes Hera, Chopper, and Jacen from prior dealings.


“Hera! Jacen! Always a pleasure! What brings you here?” Melx asks.


“Hello, Melx. We’re here for parts for the Ghost. I have a list of everything I need.” Hera says, as she hands a datapad to Melx.


“Finally fixing the Ghost, eh? Who are these people with you?” Melx asks, pointing toward Rose, BB-8, and the other rebels.


“Some help I hired. They’ll be helping me haul the parts back to my other ship, and they’ll be doing most of the repair work on the Ghost.” Hera answers.


“Hired help? Other ship? Dev must be giving you a lot of credits!” Melx says.


“You could say that.” Hera says.


“Right. Hera, Jacen, If you’ll follow me to my office, I’ll check my inventory, and see if I have all you need. Then, we can discuss payment.” Melx says.


“The rest of you, wait here until we get back.” Hera says.


“Yes. Go ahead, look around, but if you break it, you buy it!” Melx says. Melx walks toward his office, followed by Hera and Jacen.


Most of the rebels stand together, talking. Chopper and BB-8 are standing with Rose.


<So, Chopper, I hear you killed one of the Knights of Ren when the Jedi Temple was attacked. Is this true, or is it just a rumor?>BB-8 asks.


<It’s true, sonny boy. I killed that sumbitch! With his own lightsaber!>Chopper answers.


<You used a lightsaber? I find that very hard to believe!>BB-8 says.


<You calling me a liar, boy? Ain’t nobody calls me a frackin’ liar!>Chopper says.


<Astromechs can’t use lightsabers! Are you also going to claim that you have force powers, and are secretly a Jedi?>BB-8 asks.


<When we get back home, I’ll show you what I can do with a lightsaber!>Chopper says.


As the astromechs continue their argument, Rose sneaks away unnoticed, and heads to a secluded area of the shop. Once she sees that no one is nearby, she takes out a comlink, and presses a few buttons. A hologram of Emperor Palpatine appears.


“Agent Tico. We have not heard from you in some time!” Palpatine says.


“I was wounded at the battle of Crait, and I was unconscious until last night. This is the first time I have been alone since then.” Rose says.


“Save your excuses, agent! Report on the status of the resistance!” Palpatine says, irritation in his voice.


“There are less than thirty survivors. They have made their way to Lothal, and are now working with Hera Syndulla, Jacen Syndulla, Ahsoka Tano, and Ezra Bridger.” Rose answers.


“Lothal? Is the jedi girl with them?” Palpatine asks.


“Yes, my lord. She is Kira Bridger. Ezra’s daughter.” Rose answers.


“This I already know.. I will send Kylo Ren to deal with the rebels soon enough. Maintain your cover until his arrival. Do not fail me, Agent Tico!” Palpatine says.


“Yes, my emperor.” Rose says. The hologram of Palpatine disappears.


Chapter Text

Near the capital city, Ezra is inside an old comm tower, which was once his home. The rooms inside are mostly empty, as the tower has been abandoned for years. There are only a few pieces of furniture, and some paintings on the walls from the years that Sabine Wren lived in the tower, awaiting Ezra’s return from the Unknown Regions. Ezra approaches one of the paintings, an image of the original Ghost crew from over thirty years ago.


Ezra touches the painting, and says “I’m sorry. I let our family down. It’s time to make things right.”


Ezra walks away from the painting, and sits on the floor, in a meditation posture. He closes his eyes, and nothing happens for several seconds. Suddenly Ezra feels something strange, and opens his eyes, only to find that he is no longer inside the comm tower, but is instead in the council chambers of the jedi temple on Yavin 4.


“What is this?” Ezra asks, confused.


“A reminder.” Kanan answers, as he appears in the flesh, instead of as a force ghost.


“Kanan? Is this real?” Ezra asks.


“Yes, and no. Yes, in the sense that I am actually talking to you, and no in the sense that you are not actually on Yavin 4. This is a vision of the past.” Kanan answers.


“Kanan, I’m glad to see you, but why am I here?” Ezra asks.


“You have reconnected to the force, but you have not made peace with yourself, nor have you moved past what happened here. Until you do that, you are in danger of falling to the dark side, and you risk taking Kira with you.” Kanan answers.


“NO! I won’t let that happen!” Ezra says, irritation in his voice.


“Then, you need to see what happened on that day, thirteen years ago, including some things that you missed. The force remembers all.” Kanan says.


“I’ve missed you, Kanan. I’m glad to see you again.” Ezra says.


“I’ve missed you too, Ezra. I haven’t been able to talk to you since you cut yourself off from the force. I have to say, you’ve really put Hera through hell, and you turned my son into a bounty hunter! I can’t say that I’m happy about that.” Kanan says.


“I’m sorry, Kanan. I want to try and make things right.” Ezra says.


“I forgive you, and you’re already making things right.” Kanan says.


“I cut myself off from the force because I failed as a jedi, as a husband, and as a father. Now that Kira has come back to me, i don’t know what to do. She’s lived a hard life, and the dark side comes to her too easily. She needs a teacher, badly. Part of me feels like I should train her to become a jedi, while part of me feels like I don’t deserve to.” Ezra says.


“Then, let the force show you. Trust it.” Kanan says.


“Alright.” Ezra says.


Ezra’s surroundings change, and he finds himself outside the Yavin jedi temple. He sees his forty year old self, in dark green jedi robes, standing with Zeb Orrelios, captain of the jedi temple guard; Proxy, Ezra’s personal droid; and Juno Eclipse, Ezra’s forty two year old wife.


“Juno! Zeb! Proxy! Get the children to safety, now! The First Order is going to attack!” Ezra shouts. Juno, Zeb, and Proxy remain motionless.


“I’m sorry, Ezra. You can’t change what happened. You can only observe. what has to be.” Kanan says, putting a hand on Ezra’s shoulder.




Begin flashback-Thirteen years earlier


Ezra is standing outside the jedi temple on Yavin 4, talking to Juno, Zeb, and Proxy. They are observing a black shuttle as it lands nearby.


“Proxy, do you know what kind of ship that is?” Ezra asks.


“It appears similar to Imperial designs, but this configuration is unfamiliar, master.” Proxy answers.


“It could be this First Order that Ahsoka’s been telling us about.” Juno says.


“I sense the dark side at work here. Zeb, Proxy, get to the comm, and try to contact Hera or Ahsoka!” Ezra says.


“No way! As captain of the temple guard, it’s my job to protect the jedi order. That includes the grandmaster, even though he can be a pain in the ass.” Zeb says.


“Alright, Zeb. You can stay. Call the other temple guards.” Ezra says.


“Master, I think it would be wise of you to contact Master Katarn, and ask for assistance.” Proxy says.


“Good idea, Proxy.” Ezra says, as he activates his comlink. He then says “Kyle, come in.”


“Ezra, what’s going on? Some of us are sensing the dark side!” Kyle Katarn says over the comlink.


“There’s an unknown ship that just landed out front. I need you and the older apprentices to start evacuating the temple. Children and civilians first. Use the Raven’s Claw and the Rogue Shadow. I want all other knights to join me out here.” Ezra says.


“Will do. Where do you want to evac to?” Kyle asks.


“Chandrila. Comm Leia, and let her know.” Ezra answers.


“Got it. You want me to contact Mara, and let her know what’s going on?” Kyle asks.


“No. She’s still on her mission with Skywalker. We’ll have to contact her later.” Ezra answers.


 “Got it. Kyle out.” Kyle says.


The boarding ramp of the shuttle lowers, and approximately twenty stormtroopers exit the shuttle, followed by six men and women in black armor, and a tall, pale, humanoid man in a black and gold robe.


“That tall man, he’s a Yuuzhan Vong! What do we do?’ Juno asks.


“Go find Kira, and prep the Gauntlet for takeoff!” Ezra says.


“What about you?” Juno asks.


“I’m going to find out what our visitors want.” Ezra answers.


“I’m not leaving you, Ezra!” Juno says.


“Please, Juno. Protect our daughter. Give me ten minutes. If you don’t hear from me by then, take Kira, and go!” Ezra says, embracing his wife.


“Alright, Master Bridger. You win, but if you get yourself killed, I will kick your ass!” Juno says.


Ezra and Juno kiss briefly, then separate. “I love you.” Juno says.


“I love you too. Now, go.” Ezra says. Juno hesitates for a few seconds, then slowly separates from her husband’s embrace, and heads inside the temple.


The Yuuzhan Vong man, and the armored people start walking toward Ezra, Zeb, and Proxy. Soon, several other jedi appear behind Ezra, who steps toward the approaching group.


“Welcome to Yavin 4. What business do you have with the jedi order?” Ezra asks.


“I am Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order, and I have heard much about you, Master Ezra Bridger, leader of the jedi order.” the Yuuzhan Vong man, Snoke says.


“I know that you are Yuuzhan Vong, but I have never heard of you, and have only heard rumors of this First Order you speak of. I wasn’t sure that it even existed.” Ezra says.


“Oh, it certainly does exist. We seek to form an alternative government to the corrupt and decaying republic.” Snoke answers.


“So, what brings you here?” Ezra asks.


“I have a proposition for you, Master Bridger.” Snoke answers.


“What do you propose?” Ezra asks.


“You, and your fellow jedi swear allegiance to the First Order. Help us bring peace to the galaxy.” Snoke answers.


“I’m afraid that won’t be possible. The jedi order serves the republic.” Ezra says.


“The republic? The republic is corrupt, and will fail soon enough. They are repeating the same mistakes as every republic that came before.” Snoke says.


“What would your First Order do differently? Take worlds by force, like the Empire did?” Ezra asks.


“There are some similarities to the Empire, but we are also very different. Mistakes were made with the old Empire, mistakes that we will not make! When the republic falls, the galaxy will need the First Order to bring peace and security. The jedi will unite with the Knights Of Ren, and together, we will bring balance to the force!” Snoke answers.


“The Knights Of Ren? I know all about the Knights Of Ren from my time in the Unknown Regions. They were founded thousands of years ago, as an alternative to the jedi order, but later became a darksider cult. You would have the jedi join with such an order?” Ezra says.


“Yes. You and your followers will have to abandon the jedi code, and embrace the dark side.” Snoke says.


“The jedi will never serve the dark side, nor will I. I believe that our business is done here, supreme leader. I suggest that you take your men, and leave.” Ezra says.


“So be it, jedi.” Snoke says. He turns away from Ezra, and walks toward the stormtroopers. The six armored Knights Of Ren follow him. Ezra activates his comlink.


“Juno? Come in, Juno!” Ezra says. Snoke stops walking, and looks at Ezra.


“Oh, I forgot to mention that we are jamming your communications, Master Bridger. You will not be able to summon reinforcements from the republic, or order your pilots to their fighters! Nor will you be able to order your ships to evacuate. In fact, I have additional forces that have been ordered to land on the other side of the temple.  They are to kill all jedi they encounter, and capture your wife and daughter, who will be held in First Order custody until I say otherwise. As for you, you have doomed yourself and your fellow jedi by refusing my offer.” Snoke says. He takes a lightsaber from his belt, and ignites a red blade. The Knights Of Ren also ignite the red blades of their own lightsabers. Ezra ignites the green blade of one of his lightsabers, and the other jedi ignite their weapons as well. They begin to advance toward the Knights Of Ren and Snoke, while Zeb and several lasat dressed in white jedi robes take out their bo rifles, and advance toward the stormtroopers.




Meanwhile, on the other side of the temple, Juno is running through a hallway, carrying the six year old Kira. Proxy appears in front of her. Juno stops running, and puts Kira down.


“Proxy! Did you contact Hera or Ahsoka?” Juno asks.


“I was unable to contact General Syndulla or Master Tano. The temple’s communications are being jammed.” Proxy answers.


“Damn! We won’t be able to comm for help, or contact Ezra!” Juno says.


 “Master Bridger can take care of himself. It would be wise of you to respect his wishes, and evacuate with Kira.” Proxy says.


“You’re right, Proxy. Why don’t you go back and help Ezra?” Juno asks.


“I will do as you ask.” Proxy says. The droid walks away. Juno picks up Kira, and starts to run again.




A few minutes later, Juno and Kira reach a hangar where a few ships and starfighters are docked. Among the ships are Juno’s ship, the Rogue Shadow, Kyle’s ship, the Raven’s Claw, and The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is painted blue and white with various colorful designs on its hull, as opposed to its later black paint job.


Kyle Katarn, forty five year old jedi knight, and member of Ezra’s jedi council, is overseeing the evacuation of children and civilians onto the Rogue Shadow and the Raven’s Claw. He is assisted by a few older apprentices, including his own apprentice, Jaden Korr.


Juno stops running, and sets Kira down. The two of them walk toward Kyle.


“How are we doing, Kyle?” Juno asks.


“The Raven’s Claw and the Rogue Shadow are good to go. I’m just waiting for Ezra to give the word, and we’ll take off.” Kyle answers.


“Comms are being jammed. We won’t hear from Ezra unless he makes his way here. He asked me to give him ten minutes, then I’m to take Kira aboard the Gauntlet and leave.” Juno says.


“That’s Ezra. Always looking out for everyone.” Kyle says.


“He cares about all of us, and wants us to be safe. What upsets me is the fact that he may very well sacrifice himself to protect us, and I won’t be able to do a fracking thing about it!” Juno says, frustration in her voice.


“Bad word, mama.” Kira says.


“I know baby, I’m sorry.” Juno says.


“Master, we have incoming!” Jaden Korr says, as he runs to Kyle. He points to another black shuttle approaching.


“That shuttle is just like the one out front. Neo Imperials calling themselves the First Order.” Juno says.


“I sense the dark side coming from this shuttle too. That can’t be good. Jaden, get to the Raven’s Claw! Take off without me!” Kyle says.


“I’m not leaving you behind, Kyle!” Jaden says.


“Sorry, kid. You need to get those kids to safety! Go now!” Kyle says.


“Alright. May the force be with you!” Jaden says. He heads for the Raven’s Claw, which takes off seconds later. The First Order shuttle, which is in the process of landing, fires at the Raven’s Claw, but misses, and the ship escapes by jumping to hyperspace inside the atmosphere.


Chapter Text

 The First Order shuttle lands, as Juno, Kira, and Kyle observe. “Juno, maybe you should get Kira to the Gauntlet, and take off!” Kyle says, taking his lightsaber from his belt.


“It’s too late. They’ll likely try to shoot us down.” Juno says.


“Damn. I think you’re right.” Kyle says.


Twenty stormtroopers emerge from the shuttle, followed by a blonde woman in red and black robes. The woman appears to be in her early twenties, and approaches Juno, Kira, and Kyle, signalling the troopers to remain where they are.


“Who are you, and what do you want here?” Juno asks.


“I am Vastia Ren, of the Knights Of Ren. I serve Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order, and the three of you are under arrest. Throw down your weapons!” Vastia says. Juno drops her blaster, while Kyle keeps his lightsaber in his hand.


“Do as she says, Kyle. We are seriously outnumbered.” Juno says. Kyle reluctantly drops his saber.


“So, Kyle? The jedi has a name! I presume you to be Kyle Katarn, Bridger’s first apprentice?” Vastia asks mockingly.


“What’s it to you, lady? You lookin’ for a date?” Kyle asks.


“Ha! I’m flattered, Katarn, but I must decline. Unfortunately, you won’t be around much longer anyway. I have orders to take Bridger’s wife and daughter alive. My master told me to kill everyone else.” Vastia says. She ignites the red blade of her lightwhip. She raises her weapon above her head, and swings it at Kyle, who blocks the attack at the last second, by calling his saber to him, and activating its blue blade.  


“Nice weapon. I’ve always wanted one of those!” Kyle says, sarcastically. He jumps away, and force pushes Vastia, knocking her back a few inches into a stack of crates. She recovers quickly, and blocks an attack by Kyle.


Troopers walk to Juno and Kira, and Juno kneels down to pick up her blaster. She aims the blaster at the troopers, and shoots one of them.


“You’re not taking my daughter anywhere!” Juno shouts. The troopers continue to move toward Juno and Kira. Juno motions for Kira to get behind her, and the child does so.


“You have little choice in the matter, Captain Eclipse!” Vastia says, as she evades Kyle’s aggressive attacks.


Suddenly, ten jedi children, and five teenage apprentices, emerge from the Rogue Shadow. All of them activate their lightsabers, and start attacking the troopers.


“Troopers! Kill those jedi brats!” Vastia says angrily, as she jumps away from Kyle, who nearly takes her left leg with his saber.


Juno and Kira get behind a stack of crates. Juno continues to shoot at the troopers, who are busy fighting the jedi.


“Juno, Kira, go! I’ll hold off this crazy bitch!” Kyle says. He then charges toward Vastia, who uses the force to throw nearby debris at him. Kyle manages to cut most of it out of his way, with only a small piece hitting him in the leg.


“Now now, dear. Let’s not resort to name calling.” Vastia says sarcastically. She strikes at Kyle with her lightwhip, only missing him by a few inches.


“Oh, frack you!” Kyle says.


“Sorry, love. We’re a little busy right now!” Vastia says. Kyle attacks Vastia aggressively, managing to slash her left arm.


“Damn you, jedi!” Vastia shouts. She recovers quickly, and jumps away before Kyle can attack again.


Meanwhile, eight of the jedi are now dead, including one of the teenagers, and several troopers are moving toward Juno and Kira, who are heading for the Gauntlet. Juno, who is busy trying to shoot troopers in her path, fails to notice two troopers come up from behind and grab her daughter.


“Mama!” Kira shouts, with tears in her eyes.


“Kira!” Juno yells, as she turns around to see her daughter held by two stormtroopers.


“Drop your weapon!” One of the troopers holding Kira says. One of the jedi children tries to help Kira, but is shot dead from behind.


“Let my daughter go, you bastards!” Juno shouts.

“I’d drop the blaster if I were you, Eclipse. You’re running out of jedi friends, and I wouldn’t want to have to order these men to stun your daughter and kill you!” Vastia says, as she jumps away from Kyle, who is force pushing debris toward her. Juno reluctantly tosses her weapon aside, and she is put in binders. Kyle sees this, and runs toward Juno and Kira, with Vastia following him.


“Oh, no you don’t!” Vastia says, as she swings her lightwhip at Kyle. The weapon hits him in the left leg, causing a deep cut. His wound causes him to fall to the ground, dropping his lightsaber in the process. Kyle calls his saber to him, and starts to get back up, but Vastia hits him again, this time, in his back, causing another deep cut, this one being several inches long. Kyle now struggles to get up due to the pain.


“I’ve enjoyed this, Katarn, but playtime is over.” Vastia says, as she strikes Kyle’s right arm, and his back twice more. Vastia then puts away her weapon, and calls upon the force to throw Kyle several feet into a wall, knocking him out, and taking him out of the fight.  


Two of the teenage jedi, along with two of the children, engage Vastia, who proves to be a vastly superior fighter, and kills both of the children within seconds. The teenagers manage to last longer, with one of them nearly striking Vastia in the thigh. However, the fight is still over quickly, as Vastia kills both teenagers soon after. Vastia deactivates her lightwhip, and puts it away.


This now leaves two teenage apprentices and one child fighting the troopers, of which there are still ten. The troopers now surround the three jedi, and Vastia moves toward them.


“Troopers, cease fire!” Vastia shouts. The troopers stop firing their blasters, and Vastia approaches the jedi alone.  One of the jedi moves to engage Vastia, and she raises her hand.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you jedi. I could have all of you killed in seconds. I just want to talk.” Vastia says.


“What do you want?” One of the teenagers, a male with deeply tanned skin, asks.


“Give yourselves to the dark side. Join the Knights Of Ren, and I will spare your lives.” Vastia says.


“We will never join you.” The other teenager, a female zabrak, says.


“So be it.” Vastia says. Instead of taking out her lightwhip, Vastia takes an ancient looking double bladed lightsaber from her belt, and two yellow blades emerge from it when it is activated. She uses the weapon to behead all three jedi in one single move. Vastia then deactivates the weapon, but keeps it in her hand. She walks to Juno and Kira.


“It would seem that you have lost, Captain Eclipse. I can’t believe how pathetic you have become! You once served the Empire! You commanded your own squadron! Now, you’re married to the leader of the jedi, and you spend your time teaching jedi how to fly ships! What a waste. I will contact the Supreme Leader, and he will decide your fate. As for your daughter, we have...special plans for her.” Vastia says.



On the other side of the jedi temple, the five remaining jedi knights are fighting the three remaining Knights Of Ren. Zeb, Proxy, and several lasat temple guards are fighting the troopers, of which there are only a few remaining. There are several lasat guards already dead, as well as ten jedi knights. Two more shuttles land in front of Snoke’s shuttle, and forty more stormtroopers emerge from them. Ezra and Snoke are fighting each other, using their force abilities as opposed to lightsabers.


“Your numbers are dwindling, Bridger, whereas I have two star destroyers in orbit, with thousands of troops! The jedi order will end, and your allies will die!” Snoke says, as he fires force lightning at Ezra, who absorbs the attack, and reflects it back. Snoke activates his red bladed lightsaber, and blocks the lightning. Ezra activates both of his lightsabers, one with a green blade, and one with a blue blade. Ezra and Snoke charge toward each other, and attack each other aggressively. They seem to be evenly matched, and eventually, Ezra backs off, hoping to lure Snoke toward his allies. Snoke fires lightning at Ezra, who blocks it with his sabers. Snoke suddenly redirects his lightning to a nearby jedi, who is killed within seconds, as he is impaled from behind by a Knight Of Ren. This knight is soon after killed by Zeb, who manages to shoot the knight in the head.


The newly arrived troopers advance toward the remaining lasat and jedi, who take cover behind parked speeders and stacks of crates. Two more lasat temple guards are soon killed, leaving only five.


“Are you going to answer that? You know, it’s rude to ignore a comlink!” Ezra says sarcastically, referring to Snoke’s beeping comlink.


“Joke now, while you still can, Bridger!” Snoke says, as he activates the comlink quickly, managing to evade an attack by Ezra. He then says angrily “what is it? I ordered no interruptions!”


“Apologies, Supreme Leader. I have Bridger’s wife and daughter in custody. Everyone else is dead, or escaped!” Vastia says over the comlink.


“Escaped? How?” Snoke asks, as he continues to evade Ezra’s attacks.


“One ship took off while we were landing. Our guns missed it, and we couldn’t get a sensor lock. It seems to have a cloaking device.” Vastia answers.


“Very well, Vastia. Ready the woman for execution, but do nothing until I order it.” Snoke says.


“No!” Ezra shouts. He withdraws from his fight with Snoke, and calls upon the force to leap several feet up the side of the pyramid shaped jedi temple, to the next level. Ezra then runs around the perimeter of the temple. Snoke leaps up after Ezra, and follows him.


Back on the ground, Zeb and Proxy are taking cover behind a stack of crates. Another jedi is killed by a Knight Of Ren, leaving only three jedi knights, and five lasat to fight two Knights Of Ren, and almost forty stormtroopers.


“Karabast! Proxy, go help Juno and Kira! We’re not doing much good here!” Zeb shouts.


“Very well, Captain Orrelios.” Proxy says. The droid leaves the fight, and enters the temple.


“Well, looks like we get some help after all!” Zeb says, looking toward the sky.


 A u-wing, several x-wings and two y-wings appear. They engage a group of TIE fighters in the sky. Piloting the u-wing is Colonel Alexsandr Kallus, leader of the republic intelligence base near the jedi temple.


“There are friendlies down there, so check your fire! Transmissions are being jammed, so we can’t contact Master Bridger, or anyone else on the ground. General Syndulla is inbound with reinforcements. They’ll be here in a few minutes, so we’ll have to hold out until then.” Kallus says, over the comm.


“Copy, Spectre Nine.” One of the fighter pilots answers, over the comm of the u-wing.


“Y-wings, form up with me. We’re going to hit the troops on the ground. The rest of you, stay here, and deal with the TIEs!” Kallus says. His u-wing, and the two y-wings head toward the fighting on the ground.


“Everybody, take cover!” Zeb shouts. The remaining jedi and lasat stop fighting, and run for cover, while the First Order stormtroopers and the last two Knights Of Ren head toward their shuttle, which happens to be the first thing fired upon by the y-wings. The shuttle explodes, killing most of the troopers, and one of the knights. The remaining knight manages to find cover behind a stack of crates. Kallus and the y-wings circle around, and on their second pass, fire on the troopers, killing several of them. As the three fighters are flying away, the Knight Of Ren throws his lightsaber at Kallus’ u-wing, hitting one of its engines. The knight’s lightsaber returns to him.


“Kallus! Get out of there!” Zeb shouts into his comlink, forgetting that the comms are jammed. The u-wing starts to descend toward the ground, with flames coming from the damaged engine.


“Shadow Two, I’m going down. Take command of the squadron. When you see Master Bridger, General Syndulla, or Captain Orrelios, tell them it was an honor to know them, and be their friend.” Kallus says into the comm. He manages to maintain enough control of the u-wing that he is able to turn it around, and crash it into some of the stormtroopers.


“Kallus!” Zeb shouts, upon seeing the death of his friend. Thanks to Kallus and his squadron, there are now fires all around, and only a few troopers left alive, who are busy dealing with the other lasat guards. Zeb sees the last Knight Of Ren, fighting the last two jedi knights. He decides to aid the jedi, and puts his bo rifle into melee configuration. He stares at the knight, and shouts “Hey, ugly! Come fight me, you fracking son of a hutt!”


“Lasat, I will make your death slow and painful!” The masked knight shouts in a distorted voice, as he kills one of the jedi. Zeb and the remaining jedi take turns attacking the knight, who attacks aggressively. Within seconds, the last jedi knight is slashed across the chest by the Knight Of Ren, and falls to the ground, dead. This leaves Zeb to face the darksider alone. Due to his lasat strength, Zeb is able to push the knight back several feet, and knock him to the ground.


At this point, the Ghost arrives, piloted by Hera, with Ahsoka, Jacen, and Chopper aboard. Ahsoka is at the co-pilot’s station, while Jacen and Chopper are at the guns. The Ghost is aiding the x-wings in battle against the TIE fighters.


“Damn, there’s a lot of fire down there! I see Zeb, but where’s everyone else?” Jacen shouts from the nose gun, just below the cockpit.


“I don’t know! Stay focused on those TIEs!” Hera shouts.


Back on the ground, the Knight Of Ren is getting back on his feet. Zeb, believing his opponent to be vulnerable, moves in for the kill. The knight suddenly calls upon the force to throw his lightsaber into Zeb’s chest.


“Karabast…” Zeb says, as he falls to the ground, and dies from his wound.


Back on the Ghost, the crew has just witnessed Zeb’s death. “I’m gonna get that son of a bitch!” Jacen shouts, as he leaves his gun station.


“Spectre Seven, get back on that gun!” Hera shouts.


“You saw what just happened down there! That mother fracker killed Zeb! Now, I’m gonna end him!” Jacen asks angrily. He heads toward the closest airlock, grabbing a jetpack. Chopper leaves his place at the turret gun at the top of the ship, and approaches Jacen.


“He’ll kill you too! Don’t do anything stupid!” Hera shouts.


“Sorry, mom. You’ve been outvoted! Looks like Chopper’s coming too!” Jacen shouts. He opens the airlock, and jumps out, followed closely by Chopper. Jacen flies to the ground, near the Knight Of Ren, who is now holding Zeb’s bo rifle. Chopper hovers above, watching.


“Just what the hell are you?” The knight asks Jacen, who has a very unique appearance, due to his bright green hair, red rebel pilot’s flight suit, and mandalorian jetpack and vambraces.


“Lieutenant Jacen Syndulla of the republic fleet, and I’m here to kick your ass!” Jacen answers, as he takes out a vibroblade.


“Oh, how quaint. Shall we dance?” The knight asks, mockingly. He holds his lightsaber in one hand, and Zeb’s bo rifle in the other. The knight begins to charge toward Zeb when he is suddenly zapped from behind by Chopper. The surprise attack causes the knight to drop the bo rifle, and Jacen quickly picks it up, putting away his vibroblade. Jacen then charges toward the knight, who is still recovering, and starts beating him with the bo rifle. The knight tries to attack Jacen, but is zapped by Chopper once more.


<Suck on that, chit for brains! I’m gonna chop you up into little pieces, and mail your frackin’ carcass back to your mommy!> Chopper says. Jacen knocks away the knight’s lightsaber, and Chopper picks it up. <Look at me! I’m a frackin’ jedi!> Chopper says, as he impales the knight through the chest, killing him instantly.


“Dammit, Chopper!” Jacen shouts.


<What’s the problem? Didn’t you want the bastard dead?> Chopper asks.


“Yeah, but I was gonna do it!” Jacen answers.


<Well, my way was better! Who expects an astromech to use a lightsaber?> Chopper asks.


“Fine. He’s dead, I guess that’s what really matters.” Jacen says. He activates his comlink, and says “Spectre Seven to Ghost. We have things under control down here. Go find Ezra.”


“Copy Spectre Seven. Now, you and Chopper get your asses back to the ship!” Hera says over the comlink.


“On our way.” Jacen says. He takes one last look at Zeb’s body, then he and Chopper fly away, toward the Ghost.

Chapter Text

On the roof of the jedi temple, Ezra is still being pursued by Snoke, when he feels the deaths of Zeb, Kallus, and many of his jedi through the force. He stops running and closes his eyes.


“I’m sorry. I failed all of you.” Ezra says.


“Yes, Bridger, you failed them! Now, join them!” Snoke shouts, as he catches up to Ezra. The two reignite their lightsabers and begin dueling again. They both exchange aggressive strikes, with neither gaining an advantage, when suddenly, Snoke sees an opportunity, and gives Ezra a strong force push into a wall, leaving him disoriented long enough for Snoke to leap away to the next level up. Once alone, Snoke activates his comlink.


“Vastia, respond!” Snoke says into the comlink.


“Yes, supreme leader?” Vastia answers over the comlink.


“Execute Juno Eclipse, and take Bridger’s daughter to the shuttle. Leave the clone body among the dead jedi. Everyone will think the girl died with the others! ” Snoke commands.


“Yes, master.” Vastia says.



In the hangar, Juno and Kira are kneeling on the ground, embracing each other. Kira is crying.


There are several stormtroopers aiming blasters at them, while Vastia stands several feet away, ensuring no one can hear her conversation over her comlink.


“Bring the clone to me at once!” Vastia says over the comlink.


Several seconds later, two stormtroopers emerge from the shuttle carrying a clone of Kira, who is dressed identically to the real Kira, except she is dead, from a lightsaber wound to the chest. The dead clone is tossed next to Juno and Kira. Juno looks at the clone, then looks at Vastia.


“What the hell is going on here? What kind of sick game is this?” Juno asks angrily. Vastia walks toward Juno and Kira, stopping only a few inches in front of them.


“Your daughter will be taken from here, and trained by the Knights Of Ren to properly use the force. Your associates will believe that she is dead, and will have no reason to attempt a foolish rescue. One day, the real Kira Bridger will be a servant of the dark side, and will not care about you, or her foolish father!” Vastia says.


“Frack you, darksider!” Juno shouts, as she spits at Vastia. Vastia slaps Juno across the face, and takes out her lightsaber, but doesn’t ignite it.

“Troopers, take the girl to the shuttle, and put a suppression collar on her!” Vastia commands. Three stormtroopers pull Kira away from Juno, who tries to grab the leg of one of the troopers. She manages to slow the troopers down, until another trooper hits her in the head with the end of his rifle. Juno is dazed, and falls to the ground.


“Mama!” Kira shouts, sobbing as a collar is put on her, and she is dragged toward the shuttle.


“Let go... of bitch!” The disoriented Juno says, as she struggles to stand. Two troopers grab her, while two others aim blasters at her.


Vastia ignites her lightsaber, and says “Don’t worry about the child. The Knights Of Ren will take good care of her, and she’ll forget all about her pathetic family. As for you, Captain Eclipse, any last words?”


Juno starts to tear up as she looks at Kira, who is now several feet away, being carried by two stormtroopers, while a third walks next to them, aiming a blaster at the girl. Kira looks her mother in the eyes.  “I love you, sweetheart, and I’ll always be with you!” Juno shouts. Vastia scowls in disgust, as she ignites her saber, and slashes Juno across the chest, killing her instantly.


“Mama! NOOOOOOOOO!” Kira shouts, as she starts sobbing.


“Silence her!” Vastia commands angrily. The trooper with his blaster aimed at Kira fires his weapon, stunning the girl instantly. The troopers carrying Kira take her into the shuttle.





 On the roof of the temple, Ezra and Snoke are dueling once more, when Ezra senses the death of Juno, and is no longer able to sense his daughter either. He looks at Snoke with anger in his eyes.


“My wife and daughter...are dead! I’ll end you, mother fracker!” Ezra shouts, as he strikes Snoke with force lightning.


“Yes, Bridger! Give in to the dark side! No more family to hold you back! Unleash your true potential! Destroy me, if you can!” Snoke says.


“Oh, I will, but first, I’ll deal with the one who killed them!” Ezra shouts, as he leaps away. He lands several feet away, on a ledge above the hangar where Vastia is. Ezra looks down, and sees the bodies of Juno and the Kira clone, who he believes to be his actual daughter.


“Ezra! Stop! Don’t do this!” Kanan says, as his force ghost appears in front of Ezra.


“Out of my way, Kanan!” Ezra shouts, as he readies himself to leap down to the hangar.


“I know you’re upset, Ezra, but giving in to hate, and killing out of vengeance will not bring back the dead. It will only destroy you. You don’t want to do this. Hera and Ahsoka are on their way. Wait for them.” Kanan says.


“I can’t! I have to stop these people! I can’t let them get away with this!” Ezra shouts.


“There is some truth in your words, Ezra, and if I were in your place, I would probably act as you intend to. However, if you act rashly, you may lose your life as well, or worse. Remember what I taught you, during your time in the unknown regions.” Another force ghost, a masked man in dark robes and armor says, as he appears next to Kanan.


“I remember, but I’m still going down there.” Ezra says, in a calmer tone.


“Be careful, Ezra! Think about this!” Kanan says.


“He already has, Kanan. This decision is his alone, and he will do what he must.” The force ghost says, as he vanishes.


“Very well, Ezra. May the force be with you.” Kanan says, as he vanishes.


“Thank you, Kanan.” Ezra says, as he jumps off the ledge. Seconds later, he lands near Vastia, and ignites both lightsabers.


“Oh Noble Grandmaster! So glad you could join us!” Vastia says sarcastically, as she turns toward Ezra, with her lightsaber still ignited.


“Enough talk, darksider! You’re going to answer for what you’ve done here!” Ezra shouts.


“Don’t worry about your family, Bridger. You’ll be with them soon enough!” Vastia says. Snoke lands several feet away, and ignites his lightsaber as he approaches Ezra.


“Vastia, ready the shuttle for departure. This will not take long.” Snoke says. Vastia nods.


“Sorry, Bridger. It looks like you’re going to be too busy to get revenge!” Vastia says, as she shuts off her saber, and starts to walk away. Ezra and Snoke begin duelling once more. Proxy suddenly enters the hangar, with a green bladed lightsaber in hand.


“Proxy? Where the hell have you been?” Ezra shouts.


“I apologize for my late arrival, master. I had to fight numerous hostiles on my way here.” Proxy answers.


“Never mind that! Kill that darksider bitch before she gets away! She killed Juno and Kira!” Ezra shouts, pointing at Vastia, who is walking toward the shuttle.


“Yes, master.” Proxy says. The droid chases after Vastia, who turns, and ignites her saber.


“A Droid? Against me?” Vastia asks.


“I am programmed in the lightsaber arts, and my primary function is to assist in jedi training. I believe I can handle you.” Proxy answers.


“We’ll see, droid.” Vastia says. Proxy and Vastia charge toward each other, and start duelling. They seem to be evenly matched at first, until Vastia jumps backward, and fires force lightning at Proxy, shorting out some of his systems. Vastia then moves in to re-engage the droid, who is now moving slower due to his damage. Snoke takes his attention away from Ezra long enough to force push Proxy, knocking him to the ground.


“Vastia! We do not have time to play with droids! There are republic ships in orbit! Destroy that thing, then help me deal with Bridger!” Snoke shouts. Vastia stands over the fallen Proxy, who is now getting up. She swings her saber at him, and he manages to block it with his own saber. Vastia backs away, then suddenly strikes aggressively, several times, until she severs Proxy’s saber hand. She then slices the droid into several pieces, and he deactivates. Vastia walks toward Snoke and Ezra.



On the Ghost, Ahsoka, seated at the co-pilot’s station, closes her eyes.


“Ahsoka? Are you alright?” Hera asks from the pilot’s station.


“Ezra’s in trouble. Other side of the temple. Hurry!” Ahsoka says, then vanishes.


 On the ground, Ezra is now fighting Snoke and Vastia, and is starting to feel fatigued. Vastia manages to slash Ezra’s thigh, and Snoke hits him with force lightning. Ezra manages to stay on his feet, until Vastia stabs him in the gut, causing him to drop his sabers, and fall to the ground near the bodies of Juno and the Kira clone. Vastia starts to move in to finish him off, but Snoke says “He’ll be dead soon enough. It’s time to go.”


“Yes, it is. Straight to hell!” Ahsoka shouts, as she appears.


“Ahsoka Tano! An unexpected surprise! Now, we will destroy you as well!” Snoke says.


“Not today, Snoke.” Ahsoka says, as she throws her staff to the ground. She starts to chant in a strange language, and the staff starts to glow.


“What is she doing? Sith alchemy?” Vastia asks, looking at Snoke.


“No. That is not the sith language. This is something else.” Snoke answers. Ahsoka’s staff begins to levitate, and starts spinning, slowly at first, then, more quickly. Suddenly, fire shoots out of the staff, and burns a few of the troopers.


“Troopers! Shoot her!” Vastia shouts. The remaining troopers form a firing line, and fire their blasters at Ahsoka. However, the blaster fire is frozen in mid air several feet in front of her, then is sent back to where it came from. Some of the troopers manage to dodge the blaster fire, but a few fall victim to it.


“Fascinating. This power will be mine.” Snoke says.


“Supreme Leader, we must go! We cannot fight this power!” Vastia yells, panic in her voice.


“Very well. All forces, withdraw!” Snoke commands. Suddenly, a blast of fire hits near Snoke and Vastia. Snoke and most of the remaining troopers are caught in the flames, while Vastia manages to jump clear. She sees that Snoke is burning, and pulls him out of the flames using the force. Vastia sets Snoke on the ground in front of her, and puts out the flames on his body with her cloak. Snoke is still alive, but badly burned, and struggles to stand. Vastia activates her comlink.


“I need a med capsule, now!” Vastia yells into the comlink. She helps Snoke to his feet, and he manages to walk with assistance. Halfway to the shuttle, they are met by two troopers carrying a medical capsule. Snoke is placed inside, and is carried into the shuttle, which quickly takes off.


Meanwhile, as her staff continues to shoot flames, Ahsoka heads toward Ezra, who has managed to crawl a short distance, so that he is now a few inches from Juno’s body. He is touching her face when Ahsoka kneels next to him.


“Ah...soka. Juno...and...Kira. Save...them.” Ezra says weakly, as he struggles to remain awake. Ahsoka uses the force to put Ezra to sleep, then puts her hands on Ezra’s wound, and starts to heal him.


As the first order shuttle escapes, the Ghost lands nearby. Ahsoka’s staff stops shooting flames, and falls to the ground. Hera, Jacen, and Chopper emerge from the ship, and go to Ahsoka.


“Ezra! Juno! Kira!” Hera shouts, as she sees the three bodies on the ground. She starts to tear up as she runs to Ahsoka’s side, and kneels next to her. Jacen kneels next to his mother, and embraces her. She buries her head into his chest, and starts sobbing.


“Jacen. Chopper. Find Kyle. I sense he is still alive.” Ahsoka says.


“Anyone else?” Jacen asks.


“I don’t sense anyone else. I think they’re all dead.” Ahsoka answers, with sadness in her voice.


“Go on son. Go help Kyle.” Hera says, wiping away her tears.


“You sure? Why don’t we just wait for the cruiser to send a med team?” Jacen asks.


“He might not last that long, Jacen. Now, go.” Hera says. Jacen and Chopper leave to find Kyle.


“Can you help them?” Hera asks, looking toward Juno and the Kira clone.


“I can’t create life. I can only preserve it. I’m sorry, Hera.” Ahsoka answers, holding back tears, as she takes Hera’s hand.


“What about Ezra?” Hera asks.


“I got to him just in time. His wound is serious, but he’ll live.” Ahsoka answers.


End flashback



Present day Ezra and Kanan observe as the vision of the past ends, and their surroundings change. They once again find themselves in the council chambers of the jedi temple on Yavin 4. Ezra wipes away tears, and looks at Kanan.


“If I had waited, like you asked me to, we might have been able to defeat Snoke and the Knights Of Ren. The First Order might have fallen, and all the lives they destroyed with Starkiller Base might have been saved. Ahsoka and I might have been able to save Kira from the First Order, and a life of slavery. Instead, I acted like a fool, almost got myself killed, and cut myself off from the force, like a coward.” Ezra says, voice filled with regret.


“So, now you understand why the force showed you this vision?” Kanan asks.


“Yes, I do. It’s teaching me a lesson. I can’t change the past, but I can change the future, by becoming what I’m supposed to be. I’m just not sure that I deserve it. I failed my students. I failed Juno, and I failed Kira.” Ezra says.


“You didn’t fail us, Ezra.” Juno says, as she appears in front of Ezra. Kanan puts a hand on Ezra’s shoulder, then vanishes.


“Juno? How?’’ Ezra asks, reaching out toward his dead wife.


“You are between worlds. Only here, can we be together like this.” Juno says, as she reaches toward Ezra’s outstretched hand. When Ezra feels Juno’s hand in his, he starts crying, and Juno holds back tears as she embraces him. “So much pain. Let it go, my love.” Juno says.


“I’ve missed you so much, Juno. I can’t stand being without you. I want to stay here, with you, forever.” Ezra says.


“I’m sorry, babe, but it’s not your time yet. You have to go back. Kira needs you. The galaxy needs you. Be the best father you can be. Be the best jedi you can be.” Juno says.


“I don’t deserve her. If I hadn’t cut myself off from the force, I might have been able to sense that she was still alive. I might have been able to…” Ezra says, until Juno puts a finger on his lips.


“Enough, Ezra. You can’t change what happened. So, accept it, and stop blaming yourself. You have let your grief and self loathing consume you for so long. It’s time for that to stop, and it’s time for you to once again be the man I fell in love with. The man I was married to for fifteen years.” Juno says.


“I...don’t know if I can. It’s been so long.” Ezra says.


“Yes, you can. I believe in you, and I love you, with all of my heart.” Juno says.


“I love you, too.” Ezra says. Ezra and Juno share a long, passionate kiss. Juno backs away hesitantly, and puts her hands on Ezra’s chest.


“It’s time for you to go back now, Ezra. Kira needs you. Tell her...her mama loves her.” Juno says, voice wavering, as she starts crying. Ezra takes Juno’s hands in his.


“I’ll tell her, baby. I’ll tell her.” Ezra says, as he starts to tear up again.


“Thank you.” Juno says.


“Will I see you again?” Ezra asks.


“Not until the end. One day, our family will be together again. Until then, I will be with both of you, in spirit.” Juno says.


Juno vanishes, and Ezra finds himself back in the comm tower, seated on the floor, with Kanan’s force ghost standing in front of him.


“I’m sorry, Kanan.” Ezra says.


“I’m sorry too, Ezra. None of us were able to foresee the attack on the temple, or we would have warned you. The dark side was at work, and clouded our vision of what was to come.” Kanan says.


“I suspected as much. I know that one of you would have told me. I don’t blame you. Not even force ghosts have unlimited power.” Ezra says.


I’m also sorry about what happened with Kira. If we had sensed that Kira survived, we would have found a way to tell you.” Kanan says.


“She was cut off from the force. You didn’t have any way of knowing.” Ezra says.


“Fortunately, Kira regained her force connection, and came back to you. Now, you have a second chance. She is special. One of the most powerful ever. The Emperor cannot be allowed to have that power. She needs you, Ezra. Train her.” Kanan says.


“I will. Thank you, by the way, for helping me to see Juno again.” Ezra says.


“I’m glad I could help. No matter what happens, no matter what you face, you won’t face it alone.” Kanan says, as he kneels in front of Ezra.


“Thank you, Kanan. I’ve missed you. Every time I’ve needed you, you came back. Like now.” Ezra says. Ezra and Kanan embrace.


“As I told you so long ago, I’ll always come back.” Kanan says.

Chapter Text

On Mustafar, in the former castle of Darth Vader, the five Knights Of Ren are assembled in the throne room. Kylo Ren is seated in a large, black throne, while the other knights are standing, facing him. The knights present are Kelbar Ren, a tall man in black armor, and a mask; Marek Ren, a young man in his twenties, dressed in black and gray robes; Talon Ren, a red skinned twi’lek woman in her early twenties, with numerous tattoos, and a very revealing outfit; and finally, Vastia Ren, now in her mid thirties, dressed in a red and black armored outfit.


“The Emperor has informed me that the resistance is on Lothal. Kira Bridger is with them, and is to be taken alive.” Vastia says.


“I see. Why did he tell you this, before telling me? Am I not the leader of the Knights of Ren, and commander of the Empire’s fleet?” Kylo asks.


“I do not know. Perhaps Lord Sidious didn’t tell you because he didn’t want to. Maybe he was worried that you would run off on your own and save your girlfriend!” Vastia says.


“Mind your tone, Vastia. Remember that I am the master here, not you. You may be the oldest and most experienced of the knights, but I am more powerful than you, that’s why Snoke appointed me to lead this order.” Kylo says, irritation in his voice.


“The Emperor is my master. Yours too. You only lead this order because he allows it. If you fail him again, he may very well cast you aside.” Vastia says.


“That’s enough!” Kylo shouts, as he stands up.


“I will say what I please! I am descended from the founder herself! I am the keeper of the archives of our order! If I were to die with no apprentice to take my place, you would no longer have access to the ancient records!” Vastia shouts


“The only reason I haven’t already killed you is because you were Snoke’s favorite, and now seem to have favor with the Emperor as well. This doesn’t mean I can’t remind you of your place.” Kylo says, pointing his finger at Vastia.


Suddenly, the force ghost of a woman in a hooded cloak appears next to Kylo’s throne. The woman appears to be in her mid twenties. All the knights bow except for Kylo, who simply looks at her.


“Founder.” Vastia says. The ghost remains still, staring at the knights, with her arms crossed.


“Why are you here? All you ever do is mock us, and haunt our dreams. You should be giving us advice, helping us become more powerful, like a proper master!” Kylo says. The ghost turns to face Kylo, and she scowls, taking offence at his words.


“I am not your damn master, Baby Vader!” The ghost says. Vastia laughs. The ghost briefly looks at Vastia, then once again looks at Kylo, and says “I appear to you because your foolishness amuses me.”


“It is not foolishness to seek greater power! The Knights of Ren have destroyed the jedi! We have brought peace and security to the Empire!” Kylo says angrily.


“Oh, you take offence at my words? I take it that you really wish to be like Darth Vader?” The ghost asks, in a mocking tone.


“Yes, I do! I’d be a fool not to want the power that he had! His blood is within me! I am his legacy!” Kylo says. The ghost steps closer to Kylo, and throws back her hood, revealing dark hair, tied back into two tails.


“Then if you really wish to be like your grandfather, I suggest cutting off your arms and legs, then taking a swim outside. The oceans on Mustafar are nice and warm this time of year.” The ghost says. Vastia laughs and points at Kylo.


“This is ridiculous! It’s bad enough you torment me in my dreams! Now, you insult me and mock me in front of the other knights! Don’t you force ghosts have anything better to do?” Kylo asks.


“Do not presume to tell me what to do with my time. I will do as I damn well please.” The ghost says.


“So will I! I regret nothing! I have become more powerful than any jedi! Even you, Bastila Shan!” Kylo says defiantly.


The ghost, Bastila, laughs, then says “Keep telling yourself that, Young Solo.”


“Why don’t you just leave! Go back to your husband in the afterlife! We don’t need you, unless you actually decide to be proper founder and help us!” Kylo says. Bastila screams in rage, and despite her ghostly form, calls upon the force to throw bolts of lightning around the room.


“Fool! I did not found your order! This dark side cult of yours is a mockery of what I created so long ago! What I founded, was an order devoted to the ancient teachings of the Order of Bendu! I named it the Knights of Revan, in honor of my husband! None of you follow my teachings! Yes, they influence you somewhat, but you are basically sith in all but name!” Bastila shouts.


“Your way was to reject conflict! You would have us abandon the war against the rebellion, and the jedi? What would we do? Use the light and the dark sides? Heal the injured and the sick? Only fight when attacked?” Vastia asks.


“If you wish to truly honor me, then yes. You would do these things.” Bastila answers.


“Then, maybe you are the one who is the fool?” Vastia asks.


“You offend me most of all, Vastia Shan. You are my descendant, and very much like I was in my youth. You were once a promising student, content to watch over the archives of your order, as well as the ancient artifacts in your possession, including my lightsaber, which you have since used to spill jedi blood, as well as the blood of innocents. You are a crude thing, murderer.” Bastila says.


“I spilled the blood of inferiors, in the name of galactic peace! I would do it all again!” Vastia says angrily.


“There will never be true peace until the force is in balance. There is only one way for that to happen.” Bastila says. She looks at Kylo, then says “Darkness rises, light to meet it.”


“Cryptic and vague as usual. I can’t believe you were anyone’s master, let alone the founder of an entire order of force users.” Kylo says.


“So be it. I leave you with a warning, Kylo Ren. If you go to Lothal, you will die.” Bastila says, as she vanishes.