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  • #FestiveABO (FestiveABO) by TigerPrawn

    30 Nov 2017


    Season’s Greetings from Omegaverse

    No daily prompts - just that one concept: Season’s Greetings from Omegaverse!

    Whether you are tagging us in some A/B/O you created for another event and would like us to reblog; reblogging old Christmas/Solstice/New Year/Hanukkah A/B/O you want us to share; spending the whole week fists deep in slick as you investigate the true meaning of Christmas in the omegaverse or using this as an excuse to create some fabulous A/B/O festive content - WE ARE HERE FOR IT!!

    Important Note! As long as there is an A/B/O element to your Festive fun, we welcome: all Hannibal and related pairings (including rare pairs from the show and Madancy rare pairs), any AUs, all dynamic combinations (you know omega/omega is damn hot, and perhaps someone can give those poor betas some love?).

    (Open, Unmoderated)