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Truly, Madly, Deeply

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They meet by chance.

Hannibal does not normally attend events outside of his own social circle but on in invite from his colleague Dr. Bloom he goes to a Christmas party given by one Beverly Katz.

When he walks into Ms. Katz’s home he turns his nose up at the outdoor lights and by the time he’s passed the hideous Christmas decor to the beverages Hannibal is ready to leave.

Then he smells the most intoxicating scent to ever grace his nostrils in all his life. He turns and a deep purr of intent escapes his mouth without conscious thought.

“Hannibal you’re here!”

Alana’s interference makes him growl and all his alpha instincts ride up at her scent near that of the omega who is making him weak.


He takes a deep breath and tries to calm. “I apologize, I am slightly disoriented. You did not tell me there would be any unattached omegas here.”

Alana blinks. “Omegas? There aren’t.”

Hannibal scoffs. “I can smell him, Alana. There is no need to—“

There is a crash and they both look towards the origin. A man is bent down picking up the pieces of a broken dish alongside a woman he does not recognize.

The sight of him makes his knot half full and Hannibal lets out a long breath. “Who is he?”

“Will Graham? I’ve told you about him. He’s the consultant Jack uses. The beta who—“

Hannibal hardly hears the rest and crosses the room with only one thought:


Will looks up as he draws near and moves back defensively.

“Hello, can I be of service?”

The woman beside him smiles. “In that suit I’m sure you could be of service to anyone you wanted.”

Will blushes a lovely pink and Hannibal bends down to retrieve the last piece of bowl.

“Are you Lecter? Alana said she was inviting her shrink friend.”

He straightens, hands over the piece, and never looks away from Will. “Yes that would be me.”

The woman takes his hand and they shake.

“Beverly Katz,” she says, “and the quiet one is Will Graham.”

Hannibal holds out his hand which is an odd gesture he’s sure to the omega who must know by his scent how interested Hannibal is.

Will takes his offered hand and they both shiver on contact.

“Dr. Hannibal Lecter,” he purrs, “I’ve heard so much about you.”

Will’s throat bobs as he teases , “I can’t say the same.”

Oh he likes this.

“Then I will have to tell you about myself in great detail.”

Beverly laughs. “Please do. Drink, Doc?”

“White wine, please.”

She walks off and Hannibal slightly squeezes their still joined hands.

“A thoroughbred omega amongst all of these lessers, I never thought I’d see the day.”

Will lets out a long breath.

“I’m not a thoroughbred. I’m just—“

He inhales and steps closer despite the impropriety. “A diamond in the rough.”

Will stares at his mouth and then looks away. “I’m not one, I promise you. They don’t know here about me being...not what it says in my file. Please don’t give me away.”

He steps back as Ms. Katz returns with the worst wine he’s ever tasted. Hannibal expertly swallows and sets down the glass to be abandoned later while small talk is thrown back and forth between them. Will is nervous but instinctively leans more towards Hannibal for comfort, though he doesn’t seem to notice.

By the end of the evening he learns much about everyone but Will Graham, who seems to have perfected evasion even more so than Hannibal himself. The expert way he directs questions about himself onto others is quite interesting as is the strange allure he casts over the room without knowledge. Every person in the room wants to please him as is their biological imperative but they have no idea why.

Hannibal has never wanted anyone more.

When Will finally excuses himself despite many protests he has hardly spoken the entire time Hannibal has been present but it does not matter. The few moments his gave glimpses were enough.

Hannibal watches Will say his goodbye to Beverly before he heads for the door and gives his as well hoping to meet him there at the same moment.

He does and feigns a stumble just in time to catch the omega in his arms. Will is breathless and looks shocked at his arrival.

“I apologize.”

They share a look that is oddly silent till a familiar voice calls out.

“Ohhh look what’s up above you!”

Hannibal knows but thinks Will must not, the hidden omega’s anger quite comical.

“I must confess I—“

Will rights himself and glares.

“This is why no one knows. THIS.”

His hiss is lovely, dangerous, and Hannibal wants him more with each passing moment.

“You do not have to oblige.”

Will grabs him by his lapels and says with all the ire in him, “Fuck you.”

Then he kisses Hannibal and both of them are surprised.

Will is his true mate.

The omega groans and pulls back almost instantly. “Oh god no, seriously?”

Hannibal frowns. “I don’t think—“

There are catcalls and whistles as he watches his destined mate leave and slam the door behind.

Hannibal feels an odd hurt to his alpha core.

What was wrong with him?

Why had Will left?

That was not how every book he’d ever read explains true mates.

Hannibal follows and catches up to Will just as the omega gets into his vehicle. He leans down and peers inside waiting for Will to roll down the window.

Will does not and drives off.

Hannibal resists the urge to follow his vehicle and instead plans his murder of Dr. Allen Toby an expert in Omegas whose book seems to be absolutely useless.