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There's Lots of World Out There!

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Cornelius collapsed onto a nearby bench. Today was supposed to be the day where he could finally live and know what the delicate kiss of a lady felt like, but all he was left with after the evening was the piercing feeling of heartache from their dates ditching them as a result of their lack of wealth. Sighing softly, his eyes started to drift towards the joyful couples who were practically skipping down the streets. Cornelius wished he knew how they felt but after the dreaded events of the day, the feeling of requited love and the warmth of holding another's hand seemed to remain a mystery to him.
Barnaby took in the sights of the city at night. Cornelius said the view would be breathtaking, and he was right. The glow of the lights seemed to be alluring and radiant, a much different change of scenery from the nights in Yonkers. Barnaby looked down at his dear friend to remark his thoughts, but something seemed different about Cornelius. The normal flicker of happiness and hope in his eyes was replaced with the gloomy haze of despair. Barnaby nudged his co-worker. Cornelius immediately straightened up while anticipating his friend's words after the rough silence.
“Cornelius, is there anything I can help with? I know you're still upset after everything and all...” Barnaby twiddled his fingers, hoping he chose the right words.
“I'm fine, Barnaby, don’t worry about it. Just watch the night sky with me, alright?” The man flashes one of his signature smiles and motions for him to sit down next to him. They both took in the city view together and somehow, it seemed to be more comforting.
However, Barnaby could not help but notice the stare of longing when Cornelius saw couples nearby merrily walking along. Taking another glance at his friend, Barnaby slid his hand gently into his. Cornelius blushed at this gesture and grasped his hand gently. Barnaby felt warm and safe and with this small action, his heart began to flutter.
He turned to Cornelius, who gave him a wide smile after meeting his eyes in an instant. Barnaby smiled awkwardly in return with his mind whirring with thoughts. His friend wanted a kiss more than anything else tonight, right?
Slowly, he inched more and more towards Cornelius. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest, but it would hopefully be worth it. Once they were close enough, Barnaby took a deep breath and moved his face closer to his gazing friend. Heart pounding rapidly, he pressed his lips to Cornelius's. Cornelius gasped at the sudden kiss, but eased into it. It just felt so right. Cornelius tilted his head and slowly moved his arms down to Barnaby's waist where he held him strongly. They pulled back slowly after a while and gazed into each other's eyes. They both saw a new world of splendor and wonder in them.
“Cornelius, y-you didn't mind it was me?” Barnaby stammered out, breaking the silence.
“Not at all! Gee I couldn't ask for anything better.”
He chuckled and beamed, holding Barnaby close to his chest while rocking him back and forth slightly.
“In fact, Barnaby, I was sure I liked you more than you liked me but you just proved me wrong!” He laughed, planting a small kiss on his forehead.
“Holy cabooses! Cornelius does this mean we're a couple now?”
Cornelius nodded, humming softly. His night had a different outcome than he expected, but it seemed to be one that was pleasant in the end, and even one he would prefer over anything else.
“Say, Barnaby, why don't we walk back? It's getting cold and we have a store to clean up.”
Barnaby joined hands with his lover and embraced the warm feeling. Good things were coming their way, and they could feel it.