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You Are An Amazing Person, Steve:

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*Summary: Steve went to see Danny after his experience with Catherine, What happens?, Stay Tuned, It’s gonna be a great one!!!!*


“Hey, Super Seal, Just time, Pizza is on the way”, Detective Danny “Danno” Williams told his partner, & lover, Commander Steve McGarrett. He kissed softly, & knew he had a hell of a day. The Blond led him in, & they got settled on the couch.


“You doing great, Babe ?”, He asked, as he making up the plates, & they sat down, & ate, as they watched the game that Danny had put on. Steve smiled, as kissed him on top of his head, “Just fine, Danno”, & after a few minutes, He went on to say.


“It was nice to see Catherine again, Also, We managed to put the past to rest”, Danny said with a nod, “Good, I am glad that you were able to”, He forgave Catherine, when she told Steve, why she left, & she had no choice in the matter.


“I realize that I can finally put the past behind me, & focused on my future with you, & us”, The Five-O Commander said, as he had a smile on his face, & really felt happy for the first time. “I love you, Danno”, The Former Seal confessed with a bigger smile, as they cuddled & snuggled.


“I love you too, Babe, You are an a amazing person, Steve”, The Loudmouth Detective said, & they relaxed after awhile, & not worry about a thing.


The End.