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Born to be wild

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It’s the last day of school and Lucy is driving Maizie home.Maizie said I’m so glad that school is out for summer
“Me too but my mom’s going to embarrass me at your mom’s dinner, in front of the only popular girl who hangs out with us.”
Maizie said,” it’s not like we go to the same school or that she would hang out with us if my mom and her mom weren’t friends “.
Lucy said, “Yes. But I just don’t understand why my mom wants to meet Brittany just cause she claims she’s a psychic doesn’t mean she is.”
Then Maizie said, “ Do you know what she wants to ask her?Are you sure it is going to be embarassing”.
“Of course she is going to embarrass me, she always does. Do we have to go this party tonight or can we skip it?”
Maizie said, “I want to but then both our moms will be mad .Yours will ground you and mine will go on and on about how I should keep my word and how much she wanted me to be there and who knows what else .But I’ll hear about how I of should’ve been there for weeks.”
So we have to go.
Yes .
Later that evening, Lucy’s mom said,”Lucy sweety come over here” and Lucy said Maizie “come with me “.
Brittany was just telling me she can read palms, sort of.
“Yes,”said Brittany,” I can look at someone’s palm, think about a question, and then think about some other things and then I can answer the question .”
“So Judy ”,( Lucy’s mom) what did you want to know?”
“Will Lucy get married “, she asked .
Lucy’s face turned bright red. Lucy now want ed to kill her Mom then turn invisible.
Brittaney took Lucy’s hand, looked at it for a minute and said ,” yes, Lucy will get married.”
Then she whispered in Lucy’s ear, it may not be to a man because I see sweet lady kisses in your future.