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An Illustration of You |Markiplier x Child!Reader|

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"What are you doing, (Y/n)?" An Irish male voice that belonged to a small child called out.

"Wasting my life away," the small girl replied monotonously

A groan could be heard from the girls's bed, "Jesus, (Y/n)! Can you not be so grumpy for once?"

Said (blond/brunette/redhead) rolled her eyes from her desk, "I'll see what I can do."

"You know," though she couldn't hear him, (Y/n) knew he sat up on the bed, "For a 9 year old, you're really sassy. Maybe you should try Stand-Up Comedy. Why make one person miserable when you can work the whole room?"

(Y/n) turned from her chair to face the brown haired male behind her on (Y/n)'s bed, "Are you done?"

"Just tell me what you're doing, (Y/n)," the blue eyed boy sighed.

(Y/n) rolled her (e/c) eyes, "I'm just drawing, Sean. Wanna see?"

Before Sean could answer, there was a knock on the door besides the bed before it opened. An older woman in her 30's stood in the door way, smiling at (Y/n). She wore a short sleeve, yellow dress that reached just below her knees. White frills outlined the sleeves and skirt of the dress, her flats a pearl color. Her hazel brown hair was put into a messy bun, a few strands of hair framing her pale face. Her dark brown eyes bore into (Y/n)'s own (e/c) ones. For a 36 year old, she looked very young.

"Hello, (Y/n)," she smiled sweetly.

"Morning, Ms. Lion," she greeted back.

"Who were you talking to?" She asked her while taking a seat on the bed, causing the 9 year old to scurry away before he got sat on.

Her smile drooped a bit, "N-No one, Ms. Lion. I was just thinking out loud."

Sean crossed his arms across his chest before huffing loudly, clearly annoyed that (Y/n) refuses to acknowledge him.

Ms. Lion's smile didn't falter, "I heard you say a boy's name. Sean, was it?"

(Y/n) feigned confusion, "What?"

The hazel haired woman sighed, closing her eyes, "Are you...seeing or hearing things that I'm not, (Y/n)?"

(Y/n) almost hesitated. She wanted to be honest. She wanted to say yes, that she was talking to the boy next to her. She hated lying. But if anyone knew, they would take her to a hospital to make her better. (Y/n) didn't want anyone to take away her only friend. Sean was all she had in the orphanage.

She smiled reassuringly, "No, Ms. Lion. Thank you for your concern, though."

Ms. Lion gave a small, unsure smile, "Come down stairs when you're ready, (Y/n)," she stood up, "Breakfast is about done."

(Y/n) nodded before Ms. Lion left his room, closing the door quietly before she left. (Y/n) groaned, rubbing her face with her (s/c) hands.

"Well," Sean started, "That was rude of her. She almost sat on me!"

(Y/n) rolled her eyes before standing from the desk, "You're not real, Sean. She would've fazed right through you."

Sean huffed before standing up from the bed, his bare feet making a soft thud against the wooden tile floor "Still it the thought that counts and the effort that matters."

The 9 year old dusted his light gray jeans, then his navy blue shirt before standing next to the door. (Y/n) raised an eyebrow at him before heading to the door.

"What am I gonna do with you?" She pondered aloud.

"Hugging me could be a good start," he smiled, arms reached out for (Y/n).

(Y/n) swatted her hand right through Sean's arm, "Uh, yeah. Okay, I'll get right on that."

Sean pouted, "Fair point."


(Y/n) stared at the drawing of Sean she made 4 years ago when she was 9 years old, his nickname was Jack. She wondered what happened to him. Oh well, no use in crying over spilled milk. Besides, she's too old for imaginary friends.

"The old imaginary friend I had as a kid dropped me because he thought I didn't exist."

"....Now that's just sad."