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Fighting to Unite

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Title: Fighting to Unite
Genre: Family
Author: Carcan
Rating: M
Status: Complete
Summary:The Glee gang returns to Lima, Ohio to introduce Beth to Mrs. Puckerman...let the fireworks begin. Sequel to 'A Family Divided', in the 'Unforseen Circumstances' verse.


**A/N: Alright guys, I'm back. I know it has been a while since I published, but I've been exceptionally busy lately and haven't really found all that much time to write. Having said that...I have been working on this story for a few months now and do have about half of it written already, so time between updates shouldn't be to long.

**This story was actually written in response to a lot of reviews left for 'A Family Divided', people really wanted to see more of the consequences to the whole situation so I decided to see what I could come up with.

**The story itself was only meant to be a short story, I envisioned about 5 chapters at most, but it got a little away from me so it's probably going to be a little longer than that. I've tried really hard to stay true to the verse I created and as such there is likely going to be quite a bit of angst...but I promise for every scene of angst there is always a fluffy one to balance it out a bit...and there may even be some more intimate scenes between Rachel and Quinn in future chapters ;)

**Lucas features heavily in this story as he is the character that is having the most difficult time with the entire situation. We delve a little deeper into his mind set and how his condition impacts and aggravates the circumstances. We get to see how Beth's return has really effected his relationship with Quinn, and how Luke and Rachel have chosed to deal with Puck. The good news is that we get a lot of opportunities to see Rachel and Quinn as moms' and that's always a good thing :)

**This chapter was initially much longer but I decided to split it into two. This first one really sets the scene for what this story will be about, with a large focus on Rachel and Lucas' relationship. While the second chapter has more Quinn/Luke interaction in it.

**My twin sister, deserves a big thank you because she actually typed this up for me (I write everything in a notebook first) and fixed any spelling or grammatical errors I made (I apologise if you do come across any)

**Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, that honour belongs to one Mr. Ryan Murphy and Co. I'm merely borrowing them for a while :)

**I hope you guys enjoy.


**Chapter 1**



Lucas stood between a crouching Quinn's legs, eyes filled with wonderment as he watched all the planes taking off and landing through the viewing booth window at the airport.

"You like that baby?" Quinn cooed softly, squeezing his waist gently.

Lucas cast a brief glance over his shoulder at the woman before returning his focus to the window with a nod of his head, eyes fixed on the planes once more.

Quinn chuckled lovingly, running her fingers through his hair. It had been a month since the fall out over Beth had occurred and she had been doing everything in her power to make up for all the mistakes she had made. She had been the perfect doting girlfriend and mother, attending every rehearsal and performance Rachel had at the club and spending every free moment she had with Lucas. Even going so far as to start taking him with her to her internship at the photography studio  much to her mother's dismay as it was cutting into her time with him... Sure, it had initially been confusing for the boy as he couldn't understand why he was no longer spending the day with granny, and yes sure, she had initially gotten into trouble with the studio because of it, but she had wanted to spend as much time with him as possible Plus it didn't take long for him to wiggle his way into her boss's heart. In fact he's become her muse of sorts She absolutely loves to take his picture.

She was drawn out of her thoughts by the feeling of Lucas tapping her thigh excitedly, "What is it baby?" She queried.

"Look mommy!" He exclaimed excitedly, pointing at the plane taxing down the runway.

Quinn watched with a fond smile as her son watched with absolute awe and astonishment as the plane took flight, bouncing on the balls of his feet excitedly as it disappeared from sight. "I want to go," he stated, spinning in his mother's arms to face her, "can we go now?"

"We have to wait a little while baby, but we'll be on one soon," she cooed, rubbing his back gently. "What's the rush anyway?.. Don't you like spending time with mommy?" She questioned in faux hurt, an exaggerated pout on her lips.

"No!" Lucas exclaimed, shaking his head rapidly. "I love you," he stated, leaning up slightly to place a kiss to her lips, "So no more sad."

Quinn pulled the tiny boy tightly against her and rapidly began dropping a series of kisses to his head and face  much to his delight as he attempted to squirm away from the onslaught, squealing happily the whole time.

"Alright," she mused fondly, finally relenting her attack, "no more sadness from me."

"Good," Luke murmured, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling into her neck, his eyes slipping shut as he relaxed into her body, the excitement of the day finally catching up to him.

Quinn swayed gently from side to side, lulling Lucas further into unconsciousness, a blessing for his mother as it would certainly make the boarding process for the plane much easier.

She was patting his bum gently, her goal within reach when a high pitched squeal of her name reversed all progress.

Lucas' head snapped up, following his mother's gaze to lock on the small girl standing with her parents, waving excitedly at them.

His gaze shifted from his mother's smiling face, to Beth's and then back again, a sad sigh escaping him. He leaned up and placed a gentle kiss to her cheek, patting it lovingly before extracting himself from her arms as Beth bounded towards them  It was time for him to go find his mama now.

Quinn wrapped an arm around Beth as soon as the small girl was in reaching distance, "Hey sweetheart," she cooed softly, kissing her cheek gently.

"Hi," Beth murmured, pulling back slightly with a frown, "where's the baby going?" She asked, having noticed the small boy walking away.

Quinn's head immediately snapped behind her, her arm reaching out on instinct to grab Lucas's hand as the small boy tried to walk off to find Rachel, "Luke, come back here," she chastised gently, tugging him back towards her. It hadn't even been a minute since Beth had arrived back in the picture and already she had messed up, "Come say hi to Beth."

Lucas furrowed his brow in confusion, shaking his head  this wasn't what it was like last time, he was supposed to go away when Beth was here, "No " he stated softly, pulling against his mother's hold.

"Come on baby," she cooed, heart breaking at his obvious reluctance, "I really want you guys to meet, I think you might get along if you did."

Lucas stared at Beth for a moment before returning his focus to his mother, shaking his head emphatically, "No," he whimpered loudly, pulling fervently in an attempt to break her grip  Why wouldn't she just let him go, it was her time with Beth now, she isn't supposed to be paying attention to him, that only happened when Beth was gone.

"Luke " She sighed softly, pulling him firmly into her arms, much to his distaste. She had wanted him to voluntarily come back to her and meet Beth, but she wasn't about to let him wonder off by himself just because he was feeling uncomfortable  Plus she figured the only way he would get over his discomfort was to meet and get to know Beth.

"No, no, no, no " he mumbled, fighting against her hold, "not supposed to be here!" he exclaimed, bottom lip trembling as his eyes began to fill with tears. "I don't want too " he yelled, one hand gripping his hair tightly as the other gripped tightly to Quinn, unsure of whether to carry on his futile attempt to push her away or pull her closer as his confusion began to descend into panic and fear. "Don't make me  Please don't make me!" he begged, tears falling freely as they began to draw unwanted attention from surrounding people.

Rachel, who had been standing nearby on the phone with the club owner, immediately turned her focus to the trio at the sound of her son's voice  The sight of him pushing against Quinn as she tried to pull him into a comforting embrace kicking her into gear, "I'm going to have to go Tony, I'll call you later," she stated distractedly, as she made her way over to her family, "Yeah bye," she murmured, ending the call as she arrived at her destination.

She bent down, picking the small boy up, removing him from what was quickly becoming a volatile situation, "What's happening here?" She cooed, rocking the sobbing child gently.

Quinn sighed as she stood up, pulling Beth into her side, "I wanted to introduce them, I thought it would help to smooth things over if they met and got along Needless to say Luke wasn't very fond of the idea."

"Quinn " Rachel exhaled, dropping a kiss to her now quiet son's head, "You can't "

"Hey Rach!" Brittany exclaimed as she came bounding over to them, Santana trailing behind, "Are you guys ready?"

The group were all making their way back to Lima for a week of their summer vacation so that Beth could meet Mrs Puckerman. Rachel had initially been very reluctant, not at all understanding why Quinn had to make the trip, especially considering Mrs Puckerman's obvious distain for her. The blonde however, hadn't wanted to miss out on any potential time she could be spending with Beth and consequently had all but begged for the diva and Luke to accompany her on the trip. She couldn't bear the thought of being away from them for any amount of time and she wanted desperately to make them feel included  especially after how the previous meeting with Beth had played out. They were eventually able to reach a compromise that both girls could agree on, which was to invite the rest of the gleeks to come along so that if, for whatever reason, something was to go awry Rachel and Luke would have a support system readily available Although Quinn was adamant it wouldn't be needed.

Rachel smiled warmly at the girl, "We are as ready as one can be when travelling with a toddler for the first time," she mused, resting her cheek on Lucas' head, "What about you, you guys ready?"

Brittany bounced on her feet excitedly, "Yip  Santana's taking me to build-a-bear and I was wondering if Beth and Luke wanted to come too  She's paying?"

The diva looked past Brittany at the grumbling latina, a smirk forming on her lips, "What do you guys say  Do you want to go build a bear?"

Beth immediately began nodding her head, skipping over to the ditzy blonde, while Luke somewhat less enthusiastically agreed, stretching out for Brittany to carry him. "Come on " she stated excitedly, walking towards the door with the two children and Santana trailing behind, "We're meeting Cedes and Kurt there, it's going to be so much fun!"

Quinn and Rachel stood in silence, watching the little group until they rounded the corner and vanished from sight, before finally turning their focus to each other, "I messed up didn't I?" The blonde asked guiltily, dropping her head to her chest.

The brunette exhaled slowly, taking a step towards the blonde, cupping her chin and tilting her head up so she could look into those piercing hazel eyes she loved so much, "You just can't force it baby, that's only going to make it worse. Luke needs to come to terms with this at his own pace, and approach Beth when he's ready  And we both know from previous experience, ala Kevin, that it is something that is likely to take a while," she explained softly, placing a gentle kiss to her lips.

Quinn sighed, eyes tearing slightly as she gripped Rachel's hips tightly, "I know  it's just, I really want them to get along you know. It would just make things so much easier if they could be in a room together  I don't want Luke to feel neglected or less important every time Beth visits, but I also don't want to miss out on what little time I actually get to spend with her. I just  I " She paused, staring despairingly into chocolate pools as she tried to organise and make sense of her chaotic thoughts, "I feel as if I'm being forced to pick, to to make a choice and I don't like it."

Rachel, heart breaking for the blonde, wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her into an embrace, "I know baby, and I'm sorry you're in this position. I wish I could provide you with some quick fix, but I can't. What I can do is assure you that it will eventually get better," she stated, pulling back from the hug and wiping the tears from Quinn's cheeks. "Have a little faith in our son, he'll come around and eventually see what a wonderful little girl Beth is  and when that day arrives we won't be able to separate them," she mused softly, her lips quirked into a small loving smile.

Quinn smiled resting her forehead against the shorter woman's, "Do you really think so?"

"Of course," the diva stated assuredly.

"Thank you," the blonde murmured quietly, placing a lingering kiss to the petite brunette's lips before pulling back slightly so she could look into her eyes, "I still want to tell Beth who Lucas is though  Who knows, maybe it will help to progress things between them."

Rachel rolled her eyes in mild exasperation, "Okay  but don't get your hopes too high. The likelihood of everything being fine and joyous between them following one conversation is low."

Quinn nodded her head, "I'm aware of that, but that's not the sole reason I'm wanting to do this. I would still want to do it even if I thought it would have no impact on their relationship whatsoever  I just think it's time she knew." She lowered her gaze bashfully, "You guys are the most important people in my life and I think it's about time that I acknowledge that publicly and tell Beth about you."

The diva smiled, biting her lip cutely, she loved it when the blonde put her and Lucas' needs and feelings first and above all other's  which she had been making a concerted effort to do over the last month, "I love you," she stated softly, nuzzling her nose against the girl's cheek.

"I love you too," Quinn replied, squeezing the girl's waist, "and don't you forget it."

Rachel wrapped the blonde in an embrace, resting her head on her shoulder, more than content to just stand there and savour in the comfort and protection she felt wrapped in Quinn's arms  Until, that is, she noticed who was walking their way.

Quinn, who had been thoroughly enjoying holding the diva in her arms  Something she had made sure to do often over the last month felt the girl become rigid and immediately knew something was wrong. She pulled away slightly to get a better look at the brunette, her brow furrowing in confusion upon seeing the girl's clenched fists and jaw, having absolutely no idea what could possibly have happened in the last few seconds to have resulted in such a drastic change in mood. "Rach?" She questioned gently, rubbing the girl's back soothingly. When no response was forthcoming and the brunette continued to stare steadfastly over her shoulder as if she hadn't heard her, she followed her line of sight to see what had her so distracted  her eyes coming to rest on none other than Noah Puckerman walking towards them.

The blonde sighed sadly, returning her attention to the brunette, cupping her chin and tilting her head until brown eyes met her own, "Are you okay?" She asked quietly.

Rachel stared at Quinn for a moment before nodding her head, "but I think this is my cue to leave  I'm going to go and find your mom and Kevin to see if they want to go and get a coffee."

"You don't have to "

"No Quinn!" the diva snapped, interrupting the blonde, "I really do "

There was a moment of tense silence before Rachel dropped her head with a sigh, angry with herself for being unable to control her emotions and taking her frustrations out on the blonde. "I'm sorry," she murmured, "I just really need to not be here now, Okay? But, I'll be back soon, I promise."

Quinn nodded, pulling the girl into her for a quick kiss, "I'll see you soon," she murmured before releasing her hold on the brunette and allowing her to walk away, a small sad smile adorning her face. She felt almost entirely responsible and so guilty for the current state of Rachel and Puck's relationship. The two could barely even be considered acquaintances anymore, let alone best friends, with Rachel still isolating Puck from her life, choosing rather to ignore and avoid him for the majority of the time and simply tolerating him for the rest. The brunette had sent the text informing the boy that forgiveness was on the horizon  It just hadn't arrived yet. She still felt too much anger and betrayal towards the boy that she hadn't quite come to terms with yet, and until she did she found it was in everyone's best interest, both emotional and mental, if she just avoided him. Quinn honestly felt that Puck had taken the brunt of the blame for the situation, while she and Judy had gotten off practically scot free, adding a whole other aspect to her guilt. She hated that their relationship was ruined and that Puck was being used as a scape goat for a situation she was equally involved in. She hated that she had been the common denominator underlying all the drama and chaos   but most of all she hated that she was so happy and utterly relieved that Rachel had picked her and chosen to forgive her.

Puck, upon noticing the small diva turn and walk towards him felt a bubble of hope rise in his chest and allowed himself a moment of optimism, perhaps she was finally going to forgive him  Only for it to be dashed mere seconds later when she walked by him with nothing more than a tight smile and small nod of her head.

He absolutely hated the situation they found themselves in, it honestly felt like they were going through a messy divorce and Rachel had sole custody of all their friends and a restraining order against him. He was tired of feeling like a social pariah  he wanted to be included in conversations and willingly invited to group hang-outs but above all else he wanted the little diva to forgive him and to be his best friend again, he missed her more than he thought possible.

About a week after everything had come to a head and he had yet to be forgiven, despite having received the text indicating such, his feelings of guilt quickly became those of anger. In his eyes he had done nothing wrong, it wasn't like he and Quinn had had an affair  All of a sudden his reasons for grovelling for forgiveness had seemed absurd. He had turned up at the girls' apartment, ready to give Rachel a piece of his mind, only to have Judy open the door and give him a piece of her own. She had knocked some sense into him, in a way only she could, assisting him to understand everything from the diva's perspective, the betrayal she must have felt because of his actions. From that point on he was back to feeling guilty and had opted to respect the brunette's request for distance for as long as was necessary  he just hoped it wasn't for too much longer.

To this day he is so grateful that it had been Judy who had answered the door that day and that the girls had not been home, because who knows where they would have been if it had been Rachel and they had spoken to each other in anger  Probably far worse off than they were now, maybe forgiveness would no longer be an option. The very thought of it caused a shudder to run through him No, that was never going to happen. Rachel was going to forgive him and when she did he was going to be better  he was going to be the best, most loyal friend she ever had. With new resolve he squared his shoulders and continued his trek towards the clearly sympathetic blonde.


* * *


Rachel sat between Judy and Kevin on a bench, her head resting in her hands as the older woman rubbed soothing circles on her back. "Don't let him get to you Rach," she stated softly, "Don't let him ruin this trip for you."

Rachel picked up her head with a sigh, staring across the airport at all the people bustling about, "Isn't it actually the other way around," she mused, turning to stare at Judy. "I mean we're going back so Beth can meet Mrs Puckerman  So technically he has more right to be on this trip than I do."

Judy tutted with a shake of her head, "That may have been the initial reason behind it, but we've turned it into a family vacation and you're an integral member of this family  So no more talk like that, you have just as much right to be on this trip as he does."

"Yeah," Kevin added, "Forget about him and focus on how much fun you're going to have  Luke has been so excited about this. He's going to be like a little ball of kinetic energy when we actually get on the plane to leave."

Rachel smiled widely at the mention of her son  the apple of her eye, "Yeah," she mused fondly, the idea of spending the next week with Lucas and getting to see his excited little face every morning, all of a sudden made this trip not seem so bad, "Maybe we could take him to "

"Could Rachel Berry please report to the security office  Rachel Berry to the security office now please."

Judy turned to the small diva seated next to her, a confused look on her face, "What could security possibly want with you? You're not on a no fly list are you?"

Rachel shrugged her shoulders as she stood up, "Not that I'm aware of, but this is me we're talking about so anything is possible," she mused before walking off in what she assumed was the direction of the security office."

Judy watched the young diva walk away before turning towards her husband, a dumbfounded look on her face, "What could she have possibly done that would result in her addition to a no fly list?"

Kevin shook his head, "I have no idea  Absolutely nothing since she became a member of this family."

"Quinn's not going to like this at all," Judy stated with the shake of her head, wondering exactly what they were in for if it turned out Rachel couldn't fly.


* * *


Rachel was met at the door to the security office by one of the guards, "Hello, I'm Rachel Berry," she greeted, shaking the man's hand firmly, "I'm under the impression you need to speak to me rather urgently."

He gave a nod of his head, "Yes mam," he stated, directing her into the office, her entire body freezing as soon as her eyes landed on Beth sitting on the counter, and her ears picked up on Lucas' distressed sobbing.

"We found these two wondering around the airport by themselves. They seemed alright, but the minute we picked them up and bought them here the little boy began to throw a tantrum, kicking and screaming until we put him down. He ran and hid under the desk and we haven't been able to get him out since." The guard explained his frustration with Lucas clearly evident. "The young lady over there," he gestured to Beth, "gave us your name and told us you were his mother."

Rachel nodded her head, walking over to Beth with her phone in her hand, Mrs Watson's number already called up on the screen, "Hey baby," she cooed, dropping a kiss to the small girl's head. "Can you take my phone and go with this nice man to call your mom and tell her where you are?" She questioned gently, brushing some blonde locks behind her ear.

Beth directed blood shot eyes at the diva, nodding her head slowly, "Okay," she said softly, taking the phone from Rachel, "What about Lucas?"

Rachel smiled lovingly at the small girl, kissing her head once more, "He's going to be just fine sweet heart, I'm going to stay in here with him and get him out."

The guard looked at the woman as Beth jumped off the counter and took his hand, "I'm really not permitted to leave you in here without any supervision."

Rachel fixed the man with a deadly glare, "If you would like me to get my son out from under your desk I would suggest that you leave the room, because there is absolutely no way he is going to come out if there are people in the room he doesn't know." She stated firmly, just barely able to conceal the anger she felt at the dismissive attitude the man had adopted in response to Lucas' actions and behaviour  Who was he to judge her son and by proxy her and Quinn.

The man stared at her for a moment more, clearly weighing up the pros and cons of the situation in his mind, before finally nodding his head, "Okay," he said as he turned and began to walk out the room. He was just about to exit, much to Rachel's relief, when he spun back to face her, clearly having remembered something he thought was of importance, "Uh  I'm not sure if it will make a difference or not, but he's not wearing his glasses."

Rachel had to physically lock her jaw against the onslaught of rage that was bubbling just below the surface, "What happened to his glasses?" She murmured lowly, breathing deeply in an almost futile attempt to keep her composure.

"Um " he hesitated, running his hand through his hair nervously, "things got a little complicated when the boy through his fit  and I may have inadvertently knocked them off his face and stood on them during my efforts to calm him down."

Rachel pinched the bridge of her nose, breathing deeply no longer a feasible option for maintaining composure as she was finding herself incapable of anything more than short, trembling gasps. Her heart was physically wrenching at the sound of Lucas' panicked cries and at the knowledge of how terrified he must have been while the man, standing not a foot from her, man-handled him so carelessly. She turned to the security officer, all thoughts of restraining her anger a thing of the past, "Get out," she stated, voice beginning to rise as she glared daggers at him, "get out right now, before I do something that I am likely to regret." She took a menacing step towards him, her body moving almost of its own accord  She really wanted to hit him until he was hurting as much as Lucas was in that moment, "Get out, so I can focus on helping my baby." The officer nodded his head as he backed towards the door, trying his damdest to not appear intimidated by the advancing woman, but failing miserably as he stumbled over his own feet in his haste to turn around and leave the room.

The diva stood in the middle of the room, taking a few deep composing breaths now that the cause of her frustration and anger was no longer in her sights, before turning and jogging over to the desk that was currently hiding the source of her sadness  her son.

The brunette kneeled down next to the desk, hunching over so she could see under it. It took her a moment to adjust to the new angle, but the minute she did her eyes immediately locked onto Lucas, her heart breaking all over again at the sight of him. Her baby was curled up on his side in the foetal position, his head buried in his arms as he fought for air through a series of short panicked gasp come sobs. His entire body was wracked with tremors and all she wanted to do was crawl over to him and pull him into her arms, but that was virtually impossible with his current location at the furthest corner of the desk under the drawers. She, Rachel Berry of all people, was too big to get under the desk and reach him  She needed him to come to her, "Luke, its mama baby."

Lucas slowly lowered his arms, a series of watery whimpers escaping him at the sound of his mother's voice. He could make out a person crouching at the end of the desk, but couldn't see any defining features through his tears, "Mama," he gasped.

Rachel smiled in relief, her own vision distorting slightly with unshed tears, "Yeah baby, its mama. Do you think you can crawl over to me buddy," she cooed, tapping the floor with her outstretched hand.

Lucas immediately rolled onto his stomach upon hearing her confirmation, eager to get to his mother. He began to crawl towards her, collapsing several times along the way as his arms gave out as a result of his panic attack.

The minute he was within reach Rachel grabbed his arm and pulled him the remainder of the distance straight into her arms. "I've got you baby," she cooed, cradling the inconsolable child to her chest, "It's okay now, you're alright  I need for you to stop crying and take a deep breath for me okay?"

"I can't," Lucas gasped, gripping her shirt tightly, a fresh wave of tears beginning to fall as renewed panic set in after yet another failed attempt to get air.

Rachel felt a wave of fear wash over her at Lucas' confession, his entire face had already begun to take on a red hue, which she quickly attributed to the lack of oxygen he was taking in, rather than to the tears he was crying. "I know it's difficult baby, but follow mama okay? Breathe like she's breathing," she explained, taking slow deliberate breaths for him to mimic.

It took a few moments of deep breathing and soothing humming, but eventually she was able to discern a difference in the boy's breathing patterns, with Lucas beginning to take more controlled deep breaths. "There you go baby," she cooed, pulling back slightly so she could see his face, "you feeling better now?"

Lucas gave her a short nod, his entire body was still trembling with fear, but at least he could breathe again.

Rachel, now that the main issue of the panic attack had been dealt with, took a moment to give Lucas a once over, her brow furrowing in concern upon noticing how absolutely sweat drenched the small boy was. "Look at you baby, you're absolutely sopping, it's no wonder you're shaking," she cooed, pulling him back against her chest as she stood up and made her way towards the door. "Come on, let's get out of here so we can get you changed," she added, gently patting his wet backside.

"Yeah," Lucas sniffled, wiping his snotted nose against her shirt, his fist tightening unconsciously as another tremor surged through him.

The diva tightened her hold on him, lifting his shirt and resting her hand gently on his back, hoping the direct contact between their skin would provide him with some warmth and comfort until they could get him into some dry clothes. "Alright baby," she cooed, placing a lingering kiss to his cheek, "we're on our way."

She stepped out of the office, stopping immediately upon sight of the officer who had treated Lucas so badly, her rage instantly fuelled once more. She strode over to the man with purpose  She had something to say and he was going to listen to and acknowledge it, "Where's Beth?" She asked softly, her tone of voice nowhere near the tone she wished this conversation would have, but she was not wanting to scare Lucas anymore than he already had been, so it would have to do.

"Her mother came and fetched her a few minutes ago Miss," he explained, holding her phone out to her, "she asked me to return this to you."

Rachel took the phone with a short nod of her head, pocketing it immediately, her eyes never leaving the man. "I would be amiss if I didn't take this opportunity to tell you how absolutely disgusted I am by your treatment of my son," she stated calmly, but firmly. "There is no excuse or legitimate reason that would make your man-handling of my child, or any child or person for that matter, correct or acceptable in any person's eyes." She took a deep breath, running her fingers through Lucas' hair, "In the future try not to make assumptions or judgements about people based on their behaviour after one single encounter  it's often not a good indicator of character. You know absolutely nothing about my son, he's not some selfish child who throws a tantrum to seek attention, he's a sweet boy who has a condition that makes him uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations with people he doesn't know and your damn lucky that he's my main priority right now otherwise I would walk straight from here to your supervisor and you would be out of a job within the hour." She stated, voice dropping to a dangerously low octave, "Do we have an understanding?"

The officer swallowed thickly, nodding his head rapidly, the implication of her diatribe coming across loud and clear.

"Good," Rachel mused, dropping a kiss to Lucas' head as they turned to continue their trek back to their family.