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morning love

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Morning light filters through the gap in the curtains to illuminate the bodies laid out on the queen-sized bed, entangled together from head to toe. Despite being the bigger of the two, Tanigak's acting as the little spoon, his knees tucked up closely to his chest and his arms clutched tightly around one of Sugimoto’s, caught tightly in his grasp. Sugimoto himself has his face buried in Tanigaki’s neck, blowing warm air over his skin softly as he breathes, and there’s a little bit of drool escaping the corner of his lips to dribble onto the pillowcase bellow. The clock to their left reads that it’s close to 9AM, still early for the two for a Saturday, both luckily having the day off and able to spend as much time as they wanted in bed together, wasting the day away.

Or they would, if it wasn’t for the light slowly shifting to cast itself over Tanigaki’s face through a gap in the curtains. His brow crinkles and mouth opens wide in a yawn, tugged softly from the comfortable embrace of sleep, dreams slowly fading away. His entire body feels warm, wrapped up in blankets and pressed close against boyfriend’s chest, and it’s impossible not to wiggle a little closer to the strong expanse of Sugimoto’s body, trying to steal a little bit more of that comforting warmth. Unfortunately, that seems to be enough to wake the veteran, shifting against Tanigaki with a groan. His arm shifts away from Tanigaki’s grip, wrapping it around the larger man’s middle and tugging him a little closer, releasing a small sigh against the skin of his neck.

“Good morning,” Sugimoto breathes, his voice hazy from sleep, as he tucks his head a little closer to press his lips to the junction between Tanigaki’s neck and shoulder, “sleep well, beautiful?”

“Like the dead,” Tanigaki replies, a smile drifting across his face at the kiss and the endearment, “you forgot to close the curtains all the way last night.”

“Sun wake you up? Sorry about that." 

He just hums in reply, wiggling against Sugimoto with a soft sigh. It’s alright; waking up early wouldn’t kill either of them. It's actually pretty nice, being able to enjoy the comfort of each other’s bodies, wrapped up in their plush blankets from head to toe. He can bask in the firmness of Sugimoto’s body against his own, the warmth of his breath along his neck… and, with a little blink and shift of his hips, the unmistakable press of morning wood against Tanigaki’s ass.  

“Good dreams?”

“Only the best when I’m with you,” Another brush of lips, this time on the back of Tanigaki’s neck, Sugimoto slowly trailing them downwards with the unmistakable outline of a smile on his lips, “no nightmares to be found when I’m with you. Only good dreams and—” he gives a teasing thrust of his hips, rubbing his erection along Tanigaki’s ass and lower back, “—all the plusses that come with them.” 

That gets a snort from Tanigaki, turning in Sugimoto’s grasp to face his lover, the smaller man loosening his grip to let him twist in his arms. There's a dopey smile etched across the other's face, dimples twinkling on either side of his mouth, and combined with his hair sticking out all over the place from sleep and his half-lidded eyes, he's adorable. It's enough to make love swell in Tanigaki's chest, gently raising a hand to slowly slides a thumb over the thick scars across Sugimoto’s skin, who's more than happy to press his face against his hand, similar to how a cat does when they're being pet.

Everything about Suigmoto makes him feel tender and exposed, and at one point, that’d terrified him—but now? Now he wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s Sugimoto who leans forward first, brushing his lips lightly across Tanigaki’s. He’s more than happy to return it, smile growing as warmth slowly spreads throughout his body, radiating outwards from his heart. The only sounds in the room is their breathing, the shifting of their mouths against one another, and the occasional movement underneath the sheets as either man moves for a better angle to press against the other. It’s the kind of kiss between two people who know they have all the time in the world to enjoy it. Lingering and loving, it’s the sort that you only see from couples who’re completely and utterly lost on each other. Case and point, Sugimoto and Tanigaki. They're sickeningly sweet at times, enough so that they're friends even fake gag when they start focusing on each other, too distracted to really focus on anybody else around them. It made them hell to go out with sometimes, no one willing to be the third wheel with them, but after spending so long pining for each other and suffering through crippling loneliness, Tanigaki especially didn't care. He loves Sugimoto with his entire being and he's going to do his damn best to show the world that. 

Eventually though, things do end up inevitable heating up, the kiss slowly intensifying. Sugimoto’s hands begin gliding down Tanigaki’s bare torso from his sides, brushing over his skin and body hair gently. It sends shivers down the larger man’s spine at the light contact of his fingers, and he brings his other arm up to wrap it around Sugimoto’s neck, pulling him closer so his chest is flush with Sugimoto's. At the same time, Sugimoto’s hands have reached Tanigaki’s ass, and without hesitation, he grabs both cheeks and squeezes softly, suddenly grinning into their kiss.

The reaction he’s rewarded instant, a flush bursting across Tanigaki’s cheeks and a soft gasp escaping his lips, breaking the kiss with Sugimoto to rest their foreheads together. His breathing is a little bit quicker than before, and his eyes are a little lidded, the warmth that’s spread through him almost overwhelming. Sugimoto’s grinning from ear to ear, looking much, much more awake than before and very, very smug. There’s even a tad bit of color gracing his own cheeks, though certainly not as much as Tanigaki, and he's not letting go of the larger man’s ass either, still happy to cup it in his hands and feel the fat and muscle underneath his fingers. The reaction Tanigaki rewarded him with was the one he wanted, clearly, and the larger of the two shivers as his ass is squeezed again, this time pulled slightly apart by Sugimoto's fingers.

Beyond that, with the position they’re in, pressed as close as they can be lying on their sides and Sugimoto holding Tanigaki against him by his ass, it’s impossible not to feel the outline of Sugimoto’s morning wood through his briefs. If it was at half-mast before, it’s definitely fully hard now, pressing along Tanigaki's stomach. It;s enough to make Tanigaki bite his lip softly, eyes flickering down in the direction of Sugimoto’s crotch. Feeling it against his body is enough to have that already-present feeling arousal stirring in his gut, coiling tightly inside of him, and a small shift of his legs is all it takes to confirm the wetness between his lips. He's just as horny as Sugimoto, and he's sure if he slipped his boxers off, his clit would be standing tall, throbbing between his lips in anticipation for what was to come.

 “Your ass is still probably the best in the entire world,” Sugimoto whispers, shifting his head to press a kiss to Tanigaki’s neck, “even Kim Kardashian would be jealous, if she saw it.”

“Oh my god, shut up please.”

Tanigaki still smiles though, unable to stop it from splitting across his face, using his shoulder to push Sugimoto away from his neck. As soon as he can, Tanigaki ducks his head to capture Sugimoto’s lips in a kiss, effectively stopping the other from saying anything else embarrassing. He enjoys the praise, even though it makes him want to jab an elbow into Sugimoto’s ribs; he enjoys any compliment from Sugimoto, honestly. He certainly has more than enough to dish out about Tanigaki, going on about his face, personality, smile… he’d exhaust one avenue and then just switch to another, dropping compliments until Tanigaki’s face burned a deep red and he had to make Sugimoto stop.

One of the hands cupping Tanigaki’s ass shifts, sliding upwards to rest on the small of his back for a brief moment, rubbing small circles for a second or two before dipping back down. Except this time, the tips of Sugimoto’s fingers are slipping under the edge of Tanigaki’s underwear. He shivers as nails are dragged down his ass, probably leaving red trails in their wake, pressing into his skin just enough to make it barely ache. Sugimoto’s other hand quickly joins the first, both squeezing and kneading his ass directly, and it’s hard not to press himself back against them with a soft whine. He wishes the other would slip them a little further back, just enough to press a finger against his opening, or maybe redirect one to grind against his already aching clit. He already feels so empty and so wanting, the idea of Sugimoto pressing into him incredibly enticing.

“Can we… can we skip the foreplay this morning?” Tanigaki pants against his mouth, “at least a little bit? I’m… feeling a little impatient.”

It’s always like this between them, 0 to 100, too addicted to each other to go slow for too long. There were days and nights where they had plenty of patience to pull each other apart, doing their best to draw out everything but the actual sex itself. There’d been times where Tanigaki had pressed his fingers into Sugimoto nice and slow, rubbing his prostate until he was practically begging for the larger man’s strap on, then fucking him until he was sobbing into the mattress he felt so good. On more than one occasion, Sugimoto had sucked Tanigaki’s dick slow and sweet for what felt like hours, letting him grind against his face as much as he wanted without complaint, until finally providing the release he so desperately craved. That’s not what Tanigaki wants right now though—what he wants is Sugimoto to hold him close, bury his face in Tanigaki’s neck, and just roll his hips against him until he’s panting and shaking in his arms. He wants the other to whisper how much he loves him against his skin like a mantra, a prayer between only the two of them—he wants to feel loved.

“I think we can do that,” Sugimoto replies, smiling into their kiss, “how do you want to do this?”

“On my side? With you behind me? Kind of… kind of like how we were spooning while we were sleeping.”

The other nods, unfortunately having to slip his hands out of Tanigaki’s briefs to pull away to rearrange the two of them. He takes the opportunity to push the covers off of both them, bunching it at the end of their bed around their feet, and Tanigaki's grateful for the relief from the heat; it'd already been getting uncomfortably hot underneath it as both of them grew aroused, sticking to their skin. It's also a good enough time to divest themselves of their underwear, both men quickly slipping the respective garments off their bodies and tossing it towards the dirty hamper near their closet. Sugimoto even manages to get his in, and he turns back to Tanigaki with grin of accomplishment.

“Yes, very impressive Sugimoto, you managed to get your dirty underwear in a hamper that’s twice the size of a basketball hoop and only 3 feet away.”

“Hey, you didn’t accomplish it.”

Tanigaki snorts, not bothering to grace Sugimoto with a retort. Instead, he flops back onto the bed, turning over so he’s facing the window. With a natural ease, Sugimoto slides up behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist and pressing his lips to the back of Tanigaki’s neck. Unfortunately, Sugimoto’s not big enough that they can kiss over the larger man’s shoulder, not unless he squirms up so his dick is pressing against Tanigaki’s lower back. Which of course, sort of ruins the point of them fucking while spooning, if Sugimoto can’t sheath himself in Tanigaki’s cunt. So, they make do; Sugimoto gets himself as low as he can manage, but far enough up that he can lather Tanigaki’s neck and shoulders with kisses, a compromise.

The arm around his waist dips further down, Sugimoto’s hand running down Tanigaki’s abs towards his crotch, barely letting his fingers brush along his skin. Anticipation brews in Tanigaki’s lower gut the closer Sugimoto gets to his cunt, and when finally, his fingers slip between Tanigaki’s lips, there’s a physical sigh of relief from the larger man.

“Damn, you’re already pretty wet, aren’t you?” Sugimoto murmurs into his neck, pushing his fingers down to brush against Tanigaki’s opening just barely before letting them slide towards his clit, collecting slick as he went, “was me grinding my dick against you that nice?”

“I think it has more to do with being so close to such an attractive man,” Tanigaki gets out, flushing deeply as Sugimoto presses two fingers around his dick, and he gasps as the other man squeezes it softly between them and pulls upwards. “W-who’s very, very good with his hands.”

“Attractive and very good with his hands, huh? Hope it’s me; I don’t think I could deal with sharing you.”

Tanigaki can practically hear the grin that’s split across Sugimoto’s face, fingers clenching around his cock a little bit tighter, the very tip trapped between his knuckles and sending ripples of heat through Tanigaki’s lower gut. Sugimoto’s a self-proclaimed expert at jerking Tanigaki off, which honestly, he has to agree with. The smaller man knows all the spots to stroke and tug, when to speed up and when to slow down, the best pressure to have Tanigaki whimpering and twisting underneath him… it’d taken him a little longer to learn how to give oral, but eventually, he’d gotten just at good at blowing Tanigaki as he was at giving him hand jobs.

“You’re so hard too… I should’ve gotten up before you and woken you up with a nice blowjob. Bet you would’ve loved to fuck my face.”

A deep groan peels from Tanigaki’s lips, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, half from Sugimoto’s words, half from how his clit’s being pressed and played with by his boyfriend. Sugimoto’s woken up by blowing him more than once before, and every time it had Tanigaki trembling against their sheets like a leaf, coming so hard he swore he saw stars.

“Come… come on, Saichi, don’t tease me,” he pants, pushing forward against Sugimoto’s hand, trying to chase that pleasure, “just do it already.”

“Do what already?” Sugimoto doesn’t give Tanigaki the satisfaction of rutting against his hand, simply shifting it as Tanigaki move, keeping the same exact pressure on his clit, “I’m not a mind reader, Genjirou. I want to make you feel good, but you have to tell me what you want.”

Tanigaki flushes. Of course Sugimoto would pull this; he’d never waste an opportunity to make the larger man beg. Sugimoto’s addicted to bringing pleasure to Tanigaki, a drug he can’t quit, but the habit of making Tanigaki communicate what he wants from the earlier days of their relationship still hasn’t stopped. Except now, it’s more like a kink than anything else.

“Do I really have to say it?”

Sugimoto hums in response, still idly stroking Tanigaki. He’s not going to back down until Tanigaki gives him what he wants.

“God… god fine I—I want you to,” he swallows heavily, squeezing his eyes shut, “I want you to fuck me. Please, Saichi.”

“That’s all you had to say, Genjirou.”

His name is practically purred out, accompanied by a slightly harder squeeze around his clit. It’s not painful at all, just the right amount of pressure to have Tanigaki gasping and jerking his hips, pleasure shooting through him like a bullet. It’s all he gets though; he’d asked Sugimoto to fuck him, not jerk him off, and that hand on his clit pulls away, taking the pleasure with it. But, he knows, oh he knows he’s going to have Sugimoto’s cock pressing into him any moment now, spreading him open and grinding against his deepest parts, making him feel oh-so-good.

Anticipation brews inside of him as Sugimoto shifts behind him, idly sliding his cock back and forth along Tanigaki’s lower back, hands slipping behind the larger man and grabbing his ass. Slowly, Sugimoto spreads it, leaning back just enough so he can look at the other’s pussy, humming appreciatively as he takes it in. Tanigaki flushes, easily able to imagine what he’s seeing; glistening wet lips, open just enough so Sugimoto can glimpse the pinkness between, pubic hair dark against the soft tan of his thighs. He can just as easily imagine how Sugimoto looks himself, his chest and face flushed, his dick jutting out between his thighs, aching to fuck Tanigaki. It’s something Tanigaki’s seen plenty of times before, but never gets tired of, the utterly obvious sign of Sugimoto’s attraction addicting in its own right. It was a byproduct of the other veteran’s love, a force that swept Tanigaki up and held him tight, overwhelming and all-encompassing. Sugimoto’s a hurricane and Tanigaki’s a boat caught up in the storm, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Reach back and line me up, Genjirou,” Sugimoto whispers, brushing a soft kiss along Tanigaki’s shoulder, “don’t want to stop spreading you. S’too pretty.”

Tanigaki nods in reply, not trusting himself to speak. He simply reaches back with the arm that’s not pinned against the mattress by his body, blindly searching for Sugimoto’s cock behind him. It doesn’t take long for his fingers to brush across his hard length, a little sticky with precome, gently wrapping his fingers around it. 

If Tanigaki takes a moment to relish in the little moan that escapes Sugimoto’s lips at the contact, that’s for him and him alone to know. 

It’s a little difficult from his angle to get Sugimoto into position, but he manages to fumble his cock to the right spot, lining the other man up with his cunt. When Sugimoto presses forward, he doesn’t quite catch on Tanigaki’s opening, sliding past to rut between his lips and rub against his clit. It takes a considerable amount of will on Tanigaki’s part not to whine, squeezing his eyes shut as Sugimoto draws his hips back again, once more sliding along his lips, collecting slick as he goes. Sugimoto’s nice enough not to do it again, abstaining from teasing Tanigaki any further. This time when he nudges himself forward, the head catches and holds. They both pause for a moment, a silent affirmation of consent, before finally, the pressure against Tanigaki’s pussy mounts and Sugimoto’s cock pops inside.

There’s a physical sense of relief from both of them as soon as he’s in. Sugimoto buries his face in Tanigaki’s neck with a hitched gasp and soft moan, and Tanigaki can’t help but scramble for one of Sugimoto’s arms to pull it tightly around himself, holding it for support. It’s still only the head, but it’s enough to make Tanigaki’s body tremble, clenching and unclenching around it, doing his best to adjust to the girth after essentially no prep; he had, after all, asked Sugimoto to skip the foreplay. Sugimoto’s kind enough to take it slow, coaxing inch after inch into Tanigaki with small pauses and kisses along his skin, and it isn’t long before he’s finally balls deep, crotch flush against Tanigaki’s ass and cock throbbing in his cunt. 

“F-Fuck... you feel so good,” Sugimoto whispers with a small crack in his voice, a telltale sign of his failing composure, “so tight, so perfect for me. I love you so much, so fucking much.”

Another kiss against Tanigaki’s neck accompanies the praise, except this time, Sugimoto lathes his tongue over the skin he brushes, tracing the outline of his lips in one area before moving to another. When Sugimoto exhausts one side, he moves to the other, this time nipping here and there, relishing in the gasps Tanigaki rewards him with. It becomes a pattern; abuse one side, switch to the other, rinse and repeat, continuing as long as it took for Tanigaki to adjust to his cock, whispering I love you's the entire time. And after a lifetime, Tanigaki finally feels ready. The pressure inside of him isn’t overwhelming, clit throbbing between his thighs for something more, and gently, without speaking, he rolls his hips back against Sugimoto’s. The action rocks Sugimoto’s cock inside of him, barely sliding it out and back in, but it’s enough spur his partner into action. 

With a soft groan, Sugimoto pulls his hips away, gently going back and forth until the tip is just barely inside, leaving emptiness in its wake. He manages to coax his arm from Tanigaki’s grip, dipping it down to press between his legs, sliding two fingers around his clit in a V, and with another kiss to the back of Tanigaki’s neck, he thrusts forward. The movement results in two things; the first, is Sugimoto’s fingers pressing tighter against Tanigaki’s clit, sending sparks through his lower gut and almost making him weep, it feels so good. The second, the more obvious one, is splitting him back open with a delicious stretch, the smaller man sinking all the way back to the base.

From there, Sugimoto sets an easy pace, sliding his fingers back and forth around Tanigaki’s clit with every thrust forward. All Tanigaki can do is grab the sheets underneath him, arms pulled up close to his chest, eyes squeezed shut. The only thing he can focus on is Sugimoto behind him, the heat in his gut and the slap of skin against skin. He’s vaguely angry at himself for already being so close, orgasm rapidly approaching, but with how Sugimoto’s moaning, he isn’t doing much better.

It’s alright though; it’s still only the morning. They had the rest of the day to fuck and make love. If they both come now, it wasn’t the end of the world. So, Tanigaki chases their orgasms; he clenches around Sugimoto and grinds his hips back, drawing a loud gasp from the other. The pace turns into a mess, Sugimoto's thrusting almost without rhyme or reason, hand messily rubbing at Tanigaki's clit with almost too much force, unable to completely control himself. It's overwhelming and so, so good, and Tanigaki wishes he'd asked to do this in a different position. He wants to kiss Sugimoto, cup his face and trace the lines that mark it, do something besides just letting himself be taken care of; but he can't. All he can do is grind back and forth, rubbing his clot along Sugimoto's fingers and help rock his cock back and forth inside of him. 

And then Tanigaki can’t hold it back anymore, can't fight the inevitable. He comes, harsh and powerful, crying out loudly, and barely a second later, Sugimoto’s hips are jerking against his own as he spills into Tanigaki, sinking his teeth into his neck and biting down with a whimper. The sting of the bite isn’t enough to distract Tanigaki from the power of his orgasm, still trembling as he clenches and unclenches around Sugimoto wildly, until finally going lax against his partner. 

As soon as Sugimoto pulls from Tanigaki’s depths, accompanied by a small trail of come, he flops onto the bed next to Tanigaki, chest rising and falling as he pants. With what little energy Tanigaki has left, he rolls over to face him and reaches out, knots his fingers dark locks and pulls the other veteran into a deep, searing kiss. There’s a muffled noise of surprise from Sugimoto, before easing into it, relaxing against Tanigaki with a small smile. He seems happy to let Tanigaki take his fill of kisses, especially after the monopoly he’d made of Tanigaki’s neck, and it isn’t until they’re both breathless that Tanigaki finally breaks it. Sugimoto looks kissed silly, a vaguely dumb look across his face and a deep flush across his cheeks, and Tanigaki offers him a small, victorious grin before speaking. 

“So… shower and breakfast? I’m thinking eggs and toast.”