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Alyssa was not at all ashamed to admit her immense interest in the unknown and supernatural, the dismissed mysteries of the world. When she found a forum that specialized in the paranormal, she knew she had found her calling, her people.

Years since her joining of the forum, Alyssa was a well-known contributor to the forum’s activities and investigations with her partial usage of her career as a photographer in her pursuits, with a close circle of friends and associates scattered all over the globe.

One of those friends was a guy who went by the username SmokingBomb. For a friend, she didn’t know much about him, merely a few scattered facts, like his age – twenty-four, a year younger than her – and his multilingualism – which didn’t make guessing his origins any easier. Despite the mystery surrounding him, SmokingBomb was a well-known member of the forum as well, taking over his own special corner among them from his first day. He was passionate in his articles, and his theories were a joy to read.

So, when SmokingBomb casually mentioned his presence in Amsterdam, Alyssa asked for a chance to meet and investigate a local legend together. Much to her surprise, SmokingBomb agreed.

And while Alyssa wasn’t really the sort to take interest or be attracted to anybody, even she had to admit that SmokingBomb was striking, a vision anyone with eyes could appreciate. He told her to call him G, and she secretly thought he was out to keep people guessing about him for eternity. Truthfully, he was becoming some sort of a Cryptid himself among the members of the forum.

Their meeting ended up being a blast and with promising leads to sweeten it, even. It really was so nice to meet an online friend!

They parted on the promise to meet if G ever happened to stop by Amsterdam again – which, come to think of it, G seemed pretty well-off to her to afford international travel with the ease he expressed. Maybe he was a celebrity’s child?

Alyssa liked to think of herself as pretty much the average law-abiding citizen, so when she was taken by the Interpol, she was sure a mistake had been made.

“What’s your relation to the Vongola?” the officer asked.

“The what now?”

Soon enough, she found out that the Vongola was an Italian Mafia Family that interfered with the Interpol’s business in the recent years. It still didn’t explain why she was here though.

Then a picture was brought to her attention. It showed her with G taking a break from their investigations in a restaurant.

“Do you know who that man is?” the officer questioned her, seemingly expecting her to confirm with a yes. He was right, of course, but… huh?

“He’s a friend I met online.”

“He’s also Hayato Gokudera, the second in command in the Vongola Family.”

What the hell?!

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re in the fucking Mafia?!” she asked, panicked and enraged, when Hayato called her days after she was released from the Interpol’s captivity. They had no evidence of her being involved in any shady dealings, so they reluctantly released her with a warning. It seemed her friend expected that, given the public number he was calling her from.

“You didn’t ask,” was his simple answer.

“Pardon me, but I think that’s the sort of thing that should be mentioned before you involve yourself with innocent people!”

“Well, whatever, the Interpol’s annoying but they won’t harm you. Now, about that mystical fish you posted about the other day…”