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Color him shocked.

As an analyst of criminal organization for over fifteen years, Nox found the rapid and massive transformation of the crown jewel of the criminal world, the infamous Vongola Family, to be utterly baffling.

He expected a number of internal struggles triggered by inability to accept the origins of the new heir, the newly-throned Tenth. He expected a weakened Vongola, unable to uphold the status and influence the Ninth Boss had maintained for decades, especially not by a young man not even twenty-two years of age. He expected a fall from grace, perhaps an end to the tight reign the Family had over the ages. He expected anything and everything, but not… this.

Yes, there were internal struggles. Yes, the vision and agenda of the Family had changed. Yes, there was even a period of uncertainty about the Family’s fate, but soon enough it didn’t matter against the new waves the Tenth had caused.

Word in the streets said the Tenth aimed for a purge, an abrupt shift to change the Family’s line of operations, said the first words the Tenth told the Ninth after officially taking the title were, "You know I'll destroy it, right?" to which the Ninth smilingly replied to with, "Do your best."

It wasn’t even knowing that the Tenth chose vigilantism as his path that shocked and fascinated Nox, it was the fact that the madman somehow made it work and in such a short amount of time.

The Vongola Family never ceased to amaze him really, and this Tenth, this Tsunayoshi Sawada from Japan, this man that wasn’t even a speck on any radar, proved to uphold his Family’s brand of insanity and even bring on his own.

Nox had a feeling he’d have a grand time watching behind the scenes.