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Let Me Show You How Much I Missed You

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“Baby,” his voice cooed quietly in your ear, warm breath ghosting over the exposed skin of your neck as you lay asleep on the bed.

Hugh had been gone for five days to film parts for his new movie, but you didn’t expect him back so soon. He had told you he’d be away for at least an entire week. If you had known he was coming back so soon, you would have planned to stay awake, be there to greet him when he arrived home.

Instead, you were sprawled across the king bed that you and him shared, enjoying having the entire bed to yourself for once since he was usually such a bed hog.

His lips were now pressed to the underside of your ear and if you hadn’t been awake from his previous gestures, you definitely were now. There was no ignoring the intoxicating feeling of his warm lips pressed to your bare skin, the skin that had been missing his touch for days. Heat coursed through your body as your eyes fluttered open, darkness filling the entire room still but there was no missing the tall figure that was leaning over you, broad smile on his face when he saw you stir in his presence.

“I missed you,” your voice was just above a whisper, the last word caught in the back of your throat as he captured your lips in a deep kiss.

Instantly your body lurched forward into his chest as he rested one of his arms on the opposite side of you, now completely covering your upper body while still standing at the edge of the bed. The kiss was desperate, his tongue wasting no time as he pushed it past your lips and invaded your mouth, massaging his tongue with yours. His hands were running all over your body as if he didn’t know where to start, one hand cupped your cheek so tenderly while the other glided in between your thighs, pressing against your awaiting core.

You pulled away from his lips only from a lack of breath, and his eyes bore deeply into yours, love and flickers of lust filling them as he searched you. His chest was rising and falling with each heavy breath that he took, trying to steady it with each intake of air.

“Let me show you how much I missed you,” you purred while you held his gaze with yours, his tongue flicking out over his lips at the promise of fulfillment that was laced in your words.

You pushed him off of you to which he obliged and he stood, waiting to see what your next actions would be. You sat up from your previous place on your back and repositioned yourself to lay on your stomach, looking up at him with the most innocent but at the same time devilish smirk plastered on your face.

“Come here,” your voice was soft but there was command in it and he didn’t fight you, he took one step forward just like you had asked.

You reached forward and palmed at the prominent bulge that was covered by the confines in his pants. His cock twitched underneath your grasp and his hips jutted forward ever so slightly, desperate for your touch on him.

“Tell me baby,” you continued to palm at his growing erection, but never removing the barrier between your hand and his cock. “How many times did you get off this week to the thought of me?”

His body shivered under your touch when you pressed your hand just a bit harder against his bulge, a quiet groan coming from his lips at your words.

“Fuck,” he gasped when you finally hooked your fingers into the waistband of his pants and pulled them down along with his briefs, giving him some relief from the confinement of them.

“Did you think about me sucking your dick? My lips wrapped around you as you fucked my mouth?” You wrapped one of your petite hands around his length and pumped slowly to which he let out an animalistic groan from the feeling of you finally touching him.

“(Name),” his words were a plea, he needed more, he needed you.

“Do you want to fuck my face daddy? Is that what you’ve been wanting to do every night while you got yourself off?” Your sinful words were like a drug to him and his head shot up when you spoke them, the offer that you had put out was something he would never pass up.

“Fuck yes,” he growled and he wasted no time as he stepped forward to be even closer to you. Your hand was still working his length as he brought his to behind your head, tangling his fingers in your hair while you brought his throbbing length to your mouth.

You wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock and he let out a low, guttural groan, his hips thrusting forward to push his cock deeper into your mouth. Your eyes fell shut and you hollowed your cheeks out as you allowed him full control, his tip hitting the back of your throat as he sheathed himself fully inside your warm mouth. His grip on your hair tightened from the overwhelming pleasure and he held you there for a few seconds before pulling back, completely removing his length from your mouth and yanking your head back with his hold on your hair.

“Look at me while I fuck you,” he demanded in a much deeper voice now that was filled with lust, a pool of heat forming between your legs at the sudden dominance he took over you.

You opened your eyes and met his gaze, but immediately glanced down at his thick cock that was directly in front of your desperate lips. His lips formed into a smirk when he saw your eyes avert from his, and he took that as his sign that you wanted more. He wrapped his hand around his cock and pressed it to your lips again, to which you took him into your mouth and moaned obscenely loud just for his fulfillment.

“Shit,” he grunted when he pushed your head down and his length was engulfed in your wet heat, his hips thrusting forward to push farther into your mouth.

You consciously kept your eyes open, making eye contact each time his eyes opened so he could steal a glance down at you, your swollen lips wrapped around him and letting him mercilessly fuck into your mouth.

He tightened his grip in your hair when he started to thrust his hips at an even, fast pace into you, his eyes dark with desire and loud groans falling from his lips each time he felt the tip hit the back of your throat. You reached your hands up to let them roam over his bare chest but he swatted them away, groaning in disapproval at your actions.

“Don’t make me tie you up, baby,” he threatened and pulled his cock from your mouth, pumping it in his hands a few slow times as he let you catch your breath.

You whimpered at the loss of him and licked over your lips, feeling the saliva that had collected outside your mouth and down your chin but it didn’t phase you in the slightest. “More,” you begged him and moved off of the bed onto the floor, dropping to your knees in front of him to let him pleasure himself in a new position. Tonight was all about him.

“Fucking hell,” his breathing was heavy as his chest was rising and falling merely from just watching you and hearing how badly you wanted him.

He pressed his cock to your lips again and didn’t wait for you before pushing himself into your mouth again, his knees practically buckling when you hollowed your cheeks out and swirled your tongue around his length. His hands found the back of your head again as he set an even faster pace from before, fucking into your mouth relentlessly and desperately trying to bring himself to release.

You felt his cock twitch in your mouth and you knew he was close, so you took back control. Pulling your head back, you wrapped both hands around his length and pumped him in swift motions while you lapped your tongue over his tip, keeping your eyes focused on his as he panted out heavy breaths.

“Cum for me, daddy,” and that was all the encouragement he needed as he grasped onto your hair again while he shot spurts of his release onto your tongue, some falling onto your chin.

You moved your hand over his length slowly a few more times before pulling away, but staying in your position on your knees. You used your pointer finger to collect what had fallen onto your chin and brought it your mouth, sucking the finger in and purposely moaning loud just for his pleasure of watching you clean your finger completely.

“Welcome home,” you smiled, standing up and pressing a kiss to his lips.