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For once, Momo had a hold on the control – meaning she had control over the TV channels – and she’d finally have the chance to watch this TV show she’d been planning on watching on her phone because getting the TV was super hard. It was a reality show, and not everyone in her class liked them, but they all had established a rule early on that whoever got the TV first could decide what to watch.

It wasn’t much of a fair rule, but it’d been working so far; in part, it was because the common hall could get so noisy that whoever was trying to watch TV would eventually give up, but mostly because class A actually managed to get along pretty well.

“Season 3 starts today?” Mina asked joining Momo on the sofa, eyes on the channel. There was a bakery program halfway to the end on, but the channel was right. Momo nodded, hiding the control between her leg and the arm of the sofa just for precaution.

“Yep,” she said smiling.

“There’s something about watching little kids cooking better than us, isn’t there?” Shoto said sitting between Momo and Mina, his shoulder brushing on hers.

“What, did it start already?” Bakugo screamed from the kitchen, and they all looked back at him.

“You like Junior Masterchef, Bakugo?” Momo asked surprised.

Did it start?” he asked instead of answering her, and she shook her head.

“Not yet.”

He groaned and went back to his cooking, so Momo and Todoroki only exchanged a confused look, shrugging it off.

“He fucking loves cooking shows,” Mina told them as if it was a secret. “I know, I found his TV Show Time. But don’t tell anyone or he will kill us.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Momo said honestly and Shoto nodded. On TV, the judges were deciding the winner of the bakery contest.

Only ten minutes and they’d be watching the show they wanted to watch. Momo loved the first rounds when they still were getting to know the participants and see what they could do. She loved – like Shoto said – to see those little ones mastering techniques they couldn’t even fathom.

“Take a slider,” Bakugo said suddenly by Momo’s side, putting a plate in front of her and she eyed the assemble of finger sandwiches in front of her.

“Oh, what are those?” Todoroki asked reaching for a sandwich, but Bakugo slapped his hand away.

“Not you,” he said, and then started naming his snacks. “Ribs mini hamburgers, all of them, this one with arugula, purple onions, gouda cheese. Cheddar, caramelized onions, American lettuce and tomatoes; mozzarella, crispy onions, bacon and crispy lettuce.”

Momo chose one with sesame bread, it was the hamburger with arugula, and then Bakugo let Mina choose one too before he found a seat on the floor, his back against Momo’s legs.

“Hm…” Momo melted as she bit on her sandwich. “Bakugo, your cooking is sublime as always. Do I taste garlic mayo?”

“Homemade, babe,” he said smugly, a cheddar sandwich in his hand, the plate on the coffee table. By her side, Shoto frowned mumbling ‘babe?’ in disbelief, and Mina chuckled.

“It’s so good, isn’t it, Mina?”

“You know I don’t like to compliment Bakugo because he’s already too smug, but yes, it is!” Mina said practically moaning at the end.

“Can I have one now?” Shoto asked and Bakugo eyed the plate again, making a big show of counting them.

“Oh, shit. There are only three options, two of each left, and three of us. ‘m afraid there is none for you, but hey! The ingredients are in the kitchen.”

“Bakugo, that’s no use!” Momo exclaimed. “You never let us have your recipes.”

Bakugo rested his head on her lap to look up at her and frowned.

“No way I’m letting you extras know my secret blends, they’re too valuable.”

“You know, that’s wise,” she said, left hand on his hair. “Can you get me that mozzarella sandwich?”

“Most definitely,” he said, fishing the sandwich for her and giving it to her. The commercial between TV shows ended and Masterchef’s recap started. “Fucking finally.”

Shoto sighed watching Mina reach for another sandwich and was ready to get up to find him some snacks when Momo elbowed him gently. He wanted to ask her if that was now a thing – Bakugo treating her like a person, calling her babe, giving her food; hell, he even wanted to talk about how he decided to sit on the floor against her legs when there still was plenty of room in the loveseat Bakugo would usually lay on just to annoy everyone – but instead, Todoroki was surprised by her offer of a half-eaten sandwich.

“Thanks,” he said, but she just winked and put a finger against her lips in a silence sign, making him smile.

Momo’s eyes went quickly back to the TV, but he did notice the way she was leaning against him with a bit more pressure than necessary, even though she still caressed Bakugo’s hair (stunning Shoto out of his mind to see that the other boy wasn’t complaining at all), and how when she extended her hand over his shoulder he’d promptly give her another sandwich.

He had no idea what was going on between the three of them. Todoroki knew where he and Bakugo stood, and where he and Momo stood, but this thing was not scripted, he honestly had no clue.

Whatever it was they were having, though, Shoto could work with for now.