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Home We'll Go

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Red looks up from his glass, and comes eye to eye with eyes the same shade as the liquid he was just swirling around. He looks the same--same eyes, same spikes, same old, same old...


Blue's face splits in a grin when his suspicions were confirmed. He joins Red at the bar and orders the same drink as his friend.

"Heh, fancy seeing you here. There are no mountains 'round here, you know."

Because Red is usually making his trails all over the mountains of northwest Kanto instead of mingling with people.

"And I thought you're stuck in Viridian..?"

"Just because I'm a Gym Leader now doesn't mean I'm stuck in my own city," Blue snorts, accepting his drink and having some. "I wanted to fly a bit, and Lt. Surge always offered his plane, so."

Red nods in acceptance. The lieutenant shares the same interest in flying as his childhood friend, after all, and the two gym leaders struck up an unlikely friendship over time.

"So, back to my question: why're you here?"

"Leaf's coming home."

Blue chokes on his drink and Red quickly attempts to help him breathe again.

"She is?!" Blue sputters, a look of betrayal clear on his face. After all the things the three of them went through to repair their fractured friendship and she leaves one of them out of the loop? "Now?! How would you know?!"

"Didn't she send you a text?" Red asks, surprised at his reaction.

He doesn't wait for Blue's answer and digs through his bag--the same old yellow backpack--and produces his PokeGear, selecting Leaf's message.

Blue grabs it from Red's hands and reads, his frown melting away into exasperation.

"We both know he'll be pissed, so don't tell Blue," he reads aloud. "We'll  just crash at his beloved gym without telling so he can't say no. Wow, she'll really send me a text if she were planning this." The sarcasm is heavy there. Red sheepishly looks away and from there, it's obvious that Red missed the point of "don't tell Blue".

Maybe Red could get away with acting innocent. Leaf certainly can.

"As if I could ever say no to either of you these days," Blue grumbles, running a hand through his spiky hair.

Red snickers. Damn right, he can't.

"You miss us," Red states. A fact.

"It's been a while," Blue admits. "Especially Leaf, since she's been away for a year on that stupid ship but at least she messages. Don't get me started on you."

Red scoffs. He does drop by once in a while but apparently that isn't enough for stupid Blue.

"It's about time for you two to come back home--"

He cuts himself off, blushing. He admitted too much. Red grins widely at Blue's admittance.

"Home, huh?" Red muses.

He never considered home to be so... permanent, but it's nice, now that he thinks about it. He and Leaf already had a heart-to-heart about this before, back when Blue kept avoiding them at all costs. The two of them agreed that the three of them--Red and Blue and Leaf--are as home as any, no matter where they might be, no matter their broken relationship then. They'll figure it out.

And they did figure it out.

Now the knowledge of Blue thinking of them as part of "home", too, warms Red's heart more than the alcohol in his glass. 

"You two need a place to stay," Blue attempts to rectify his statement.


"And it just so happens that I'm the one who settled down a bit," Blue grumbles, but nothing he can do about it, anyway. He needed some stability in his life and he found it in Viridian while the other two were more at home on the road. "While you went off to the mountains," he accuses Red, smirking.

Oh, they know where this one's gonna go. Red has some kind of sore spot at being called out on his sudden retreat to the mountains (and leaving and disappearing, in general), and Blue never really grew out of pushing his buttons. It's a good thing that their friendship's long since repaired, and they can do this without too hard feelings.

"Leaf went to the sea," Red growls, a little ticked that Blue is accusing him of leaving when he's not the only one to do so among the three of them. Never mind that--Blue shouldn't be picking on them for that. Plus, Red never grew out of picking fights with Blue, either. He's so ready to throw down with Blue like the old days. People and public places be damned; even the security's openly staring at them now, a tense warning in his eyes, instead of just glancing--

"And Blue occasionally takes to the sky when he misses us too much."

The two men immediately stop their bickering to turn to a woman who laughs at their matching expressions of surprise. Her smile reaches her familiar blue eyes which twinkle prettily like the waters she sailed off to, and the two would very much love to drown in them.

"Hello Red, Blue," she greets them and squeaks when the two waste no time in pulling her into their arms.




"Welcome home."