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Just Imagine

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“What did you see?” My Dreamland—I saw My Dreamland.

I sneak a glance outside. The sun is smiling today. I feel its warmth on my skin, see its morning gold grace everything with its touch. A Hashirama tree, whose branch is burdened by a wooden swing, stands proudly under its affection. Grass waves joyfully. Gurgling frogs’ leap, looking for a new adventure. Everything seems happier when the sun smiles.

“I don’t know,” I say instead, knowing he wouldn’t be happy if I told him the truth.

“Nothing? Nothing at all?”

A cloud lulls over the sky, and everything droops. The Hashirama tree slumps, grass stills, frogs hide. Where’s my light, I hear them say. Then, they moan and sob and weep for their light. “It’s alright,” I whisper, and the light returns. As if they were children given their favourite treat, they spring back with a ridiculous amount of energy.

I always forget that Inochi is observant. “Naruto,” he reprimands.

I look at my hands, folded in my lap. “M’sorry.”

For a moment, silence is the wall between us.

“You know that none of this is real, don’t you?” He says this softly and full of sympathy.

“I know.” But I wish it was.