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Persona:Next Generations

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He woke up early this time around.

His medium fluffy dark brown hair fluffed as he woke up, stretching his body from such stiff sleep he had the previous night. As he got up and headed to his closest, taking off his black shirt and grey sleeping shorts, he pulled out the Shujin Academy uniform. According to his father and mother, they had to wear turtlenecks for the winter season, but given that was around two decades ago and thanks to a new principal, Principal Kawakami, the turtlenecks were scrapped and the simple white button-shirts with a black and red striped tie replaced it instead. Besides the uniform was losing its style and became retro so it definitely needed the change.

Before he placed his new uniform on as well as the second year pin on it, he immediately went to the bathroom to wake himself up. He turned on the shower, bringing the coldness of the droplets to his skin. His dark grey eyes fixated on the mirror that to his side. He had an athletic physique but not a buffy one like his friend’s Kazuya Okumura, son of the infamous billionaire and friend of his parents, Haru Okumura, yet he still made the girls wow at every corner at school.

In fact he was often teased by his father who shared the same face and eyes. "I'm surprised you haven't gotten a girlfriend yet with those looks Touya!" he often said on the dining table during their busy nights from Diet meetings or harsh paper work that needed to be sent the following day. "Oh you were just like that in his age." that would his mother's retort to his comment as she placed the food, hot and ready to be eaten. Her auburn hair, the same hair color as her son's, and her darting yet gentle red eyes examining the scenery that was in front of her. Her hair tied to the side and the smile of a doting mother. "And that explains why I have the best wife, Police Commissioner Makoto Niijima."




His last name, at least on paper and legal documents. That was one of many things Touya as well as his older brother, Seiji Niijima questioned throughout their childhood. Supposedly it would've been Amamiya Touya, but according to his mother, his father changed it not to make the media draw too much attention to their family while Amamiya Ren was working and making things right in the Diet Building. Still the name would appear from time to time as it was also a part of his full name: Niijima Amamiya Touya. What a mouthful.



He got out of the shower, his fluffy dark-brown hair slightly wet. Putting on his uniform for the second time in his three year career of high school, he felt a bit annoyed. “ This is going to be a fun year. ” he thought to himself as he got dressed. He left the button down shirt untucked around the black and red checkered pants and left a button unbuttoned around the neck area, leaving it exposed and his tie to be hanging a bit loose around his neck a little. Even though his parents were all law and order, he didn't abide to the guidebook because well, no one else did. Sure there were some goody-two shoes (with the exception of Souta Marika), always sticking their noses in places where they don't belong, and he didn't want to be a part of that like his mother was before meeting his father.

Besides his grades were top-notch like his mother and father when they were students so they weren't really bothered by his appearance. He then placed a brown belt and a small chain to his right side, hanging nicely and with ease. Touya sighed a bit as he checked the time. "Better check on Mom and Dad." he grumbled as he grabbed the Shujin Academy bag,  or rather his modified version as it was a messenger bag, lumping it on his left shoulder, he headed to the living room.

He was happy that for once he didn't need to wake them up. Seiji would often do it as the two parents were always up late at night solving a case or debating on a legislation that should or should not be passed, thus waking up a bit late from time to time. Unfortunately his brother left to study in college to become a doctor, the responsibility fell on Touya. The good thing about today, his first day as a second year, his parents were up and functioning for once.

He saw his mother first, Makoto bringing two hot steamy mugs filled with coffee on their ivory colored table. Touya smelled it and reminded himself of Sojiro Sakura, or Gramps as he called him when he was young. The smell of the coffee beans of Leblanc back at Yongen-Jaya, Ren's previous home from when he was his age, as well as the curry that occasionally shows up at their house when there's a celebration.

"Good Morning Touya!" his mother welcomed him to the table. "How was your sleep kiddo?" Ren asked him. Touya sat down and sighed once more before replying, fidgeting around with his phone as he swung it around on his finger. Ren smiled at the sight. "It was alright Dad. Thanks Mom." Makoto brought a plate of waffles and strawberries. She kissed her son on the cheek.

"You're welcome sweetie." she sat next to Ren who was reading the news on his phone, now looking annoyed as he pressed the bridge of his nose. "The cases are the first thing on today's issue Mako-chan." Ren even said annoyed. Makoto placed a hand on her face to hide her annoyance as well. "I wonder why those cases are being brought back again after 23 years Ren-kun. As well as the new ones."

"You mean the ones where some weird monsters have attacked people late at night?" Touya sneaked in the question. If he recalled, he would eavesdrop on their work conversations sometimes. Whether or not they were angry about his sneaky maneuvers was a mystery but he couldn't help himself from finding out the truth. Guess it was another thing he got from his parents. He remembered them talking about the Psychotic Breakdowns that he learned in history class last year as well as the strange new cases about some shadow monsters hurting civilians around midnight.

 Now that was something to wrap his finger around.

"Yes those ones. The entire department has been begging me to solve it on my own than to have them search at night."

"Everyone is scared." Ren placed his phone in his pocket and took a sip of his coffee. "The Diet members and Yoshida are at their wit's end trying to figure out a solution to alert the public without frightening them." Touya saw a strange look on his father's eye when they met his mothers, bringing a sort of nostalgic vibe to the floor. A vibe that Touya also questioned.

"But we shouldn't worry too much about it as we should worry about our little boy growing up!" he placed his outstretched hand on his son's head and ruffled it. "You're officially a second year now!" he yelled with sanguine. Makoto smiled. "Indeed. I can't believe it's been almost sixteen years since you were born. Remember when Seiji was just two years old at the time and was so focused on Touya here? Oh I miss those days."

 "Don't date us Makoto!" Ren gushed a bit before planting a kiss on his wife's forehead. "I don't want Touya calling us old like Seiji does." Touya smirked a little when he himself remembered the little tease his brother would always said in front of them. "Well I mean you guys technically are old." Touya laughed a bit, containing himself and his composure. His mother looked down in disdain.

 “Not you too Touya..." she said in a gloomy manner with clouds all over her head. "Oh I'm sorry Mom!" he quickly apologized to make her feel better. Ren laughed at the sight of his family being like children. "Don't worry about it son, she's alright." he poked her side to get her back to reality. "I'm sorry Touya." she sniffled a bit. She quickly recovered and checked her phone, having a Buchimaru phone case. The same phone case Touya and Seiji bought for her birthday when they were kids along with a pin that he placed on his bag.

 "Well would you look at the time! Touya you need to catch the subway to school!" she gasped as she stood up and grabbed her light brown jacket and purse. "Ren-kun. I'm going to take Touya to the station." she said in her usual motherly tone. Ren gave her a thumbs up. "I'll hold the fort. Yoshida will let me know when to take the papers to his office anyways." he gave her a smile that Touya also questioned as it made not only her mother blush unexpectedly but whenever family friends such as Aunt Futaba, Mr. and Mrs. Yusuke and Hifumi Kitagawa, or even his P.E coach Ryuji would show up, it reminded them of a time long gone and out the door. That smile that looked rebellious and evil, yet fit for justice and service. One that told them he had something up his sleeve and waited for the right moment to deliver what was coming to them.

A smile fit for perhaps a trickster. Yes, a Joker.





Hey it’s Amamiya Ren!

And Makoto Niijima!

To think that our son is now a second year…I can’t imagine it Ren-kun!

 Neither can I...well I’m sure Touya is going to alright! He gets to see his friends after a long time.

That’s right Ren-kun!  Perhaps this will be a nice time to...huh the time! We’re late!

Mako you’re hurting my arm!

Sorry! But we gotta go to work!

I know that!

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