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Kneed Help

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Yet again, Mr Schue had booked a school assembly in a futile attempt to recruit new glee club members. His reasoning was that with only twelve members in the glee club, there was a danger that if only one person was unable to perform, the whole group would be unable to perform due to a lack of numbers. He was right of course, but that didn’t mean that anyone would join the club. They were still at the bottom of the school ladder, no one who hadn’t already joined the club would be willing to be in it now.

But no one is able to change Mr Schue’s mind when he has his heart set on something. Which was why Mike currently found himself waiting for Brittany in the auditorium whilst the rest of the group made their way to the rehearsal room. As the best dancers of the group, they had been tasked the challenge of choreographing a routine whilst the rest of the group worked on the vocals.

The chosen song was Toxic and it’s beat gave Mike lots of inspiration for possible routines. If only Brittany could get here faster, it had been almost ten minutes since she was meant to arrive and there was no sign of her and Mike was getting impatient.

However, for Mike, distractions came easy. Especially when he had an open space such as the stage. Dancing was his escape and he loved trying out new moves.

Walking over to the side of the stage, he grabbed a chair before placing it in the middle of the open space. He had seen this move in a video once and had been dying to try it ever since. And as there was not enough room in his bedroom to even attempt such a move, he jumped at the opportunity now presented.

Steeling his breath, Mike tried to attempt the move as casual as possible. He walked up to the chair, climbing onto it as simply as he would climbing the stairs. He then carefully turned around, keeping one foot on the back of the chair before stepping off backwards. Grinning brightly at his success, he then attempted it a few more times, practice makes perfect after all.

Unfortunately, as with all dance moves, mistakes do sometimes occur. Lining up once more to attempt the move, Mike then accidently stepped onto the chair with too much force causing it to jerk backwards. Unprepared for such a move from the chair, Mike was caught of guard. Loosing his balance, he fell and landed harshly on his knees.

A sudden pain tore through him and Mike couldn’t keep from yelling out, feeling what could only be described as a ‘popping’ sensation located in his left knee, he rolled onto his back in an attempt to straighten his leg out. Finding himself unable to do so, a wave of fear joined the throbbing pain.

As a dancer, he knew that realistically it was only a matter of time before such an injury befell him, but no amount of acceptance could take away the agony that currently encompassed him.

Shifting slightly in an attempt to reach his phone, another wave of pain crested causing him to release a pained groan. Bracing himself against the pain, Mike sat up quickly, a distressed shout leaving as he did so. He then rolled up his pants so that he could get a look at the injury, wincing as he noticed the already pretty severe swelling surrounding his knee.


The unexpected shout caused him to jerk in surprise, a groan and involuntary tears of pain leaving as he did so.

“What happened?”

Brittany rushed into the room and to his side, wrapping him in a tight hug. Thankful for the closeness, Mike leant his head on her shoulder, the warmth of her embrace distracting him from the pain for a few seconds. However, that didn’t work for long, the burn he felt not lessening even slightly. He tightened his hug for a few seconds before leaning back so that he could see her face, a serious look gracing his face.

“I need you to go get someone Britt.”

“Okay! I’ll go get Santana, she’ll know what to do!” Brittany agreed. She then ran out of the auditorium before he could say that Santana wasn’t exactly the person that he had in mind.