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What We Left Behind

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Author’s Notes: First if you want to read this you must first read “Waiting”. This is a squeal. This story will only be about 10-15 chapters. So this takes place right after chapter 24. It also short because it more likes a teaser of what is to come. Please read and review!!

What We Left Behind by 3sth3r

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.

Chapter 1: Found

Barbara’s POV

            My little girl is coming home. According to the Trinidad official on the phone she had been stranded on one of the uncharted islands off the coast. She was found alive and she survived. And now she was coming home. The Trinidad official said that there was more I need to know but before he could talk anymore I shut the phone on him. All I needed to know was that my daughter was alive and well. Now she is waiting for me in Trinidad.

            Jack McMullen called the house soon after the official called. We decided together that we should go and meet the children together as a united front. Phil and Jack made all the arrangements but we had to wait at least two weeks because we couldn’t just leave work and travel to Trinidad.

            Since I had shut the phone off on the official Phil called the office back just to make sure I had heard was right. Phil, Stacey, Jack and I are on a plane heading straight to Trinidad. I can’t wait to see my baby girl again and hold her in my arms. We all sit together, and when we go home there will be two more joining us.

            “Ladies and gentlemen please head to our seats and fasten our seatbelt. We will be landing in less than fifteen minutes. We hope you have enjoyed your fight today. And we hope that your choose American Air again.” Soon we land in Trinidad.

To be continued….