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A CM fanfiction


(Reid, other team members)

 [Thank you to Aut, for all the corrections and suggestions, for putting up with my CanadianBritish spelling, for offering helpful input into certain aspects of the story, for researching American things I don’t have a handle on and most especially for the emotional support and the listening ear as this story was written during an especially difficult time. #humboldtstrong]


The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursing our own good, in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs or impede their effort to obtain it.- John Stuart Mill


He awoke with a start to the sound of something crashing in his apartment. As he fumbled for his glasses on the nightstand, his bedroom door opened forcefully. Before he could react, Spencer Reid found himself overwhelmed by two burly men. One of them clamped a hand over Reid’s mouth, dragging him off his bed. He flailed his arms in a vain attempt to break free and his left hand moved across the top of his nightstand, sweeping his watch off in the process. A gag was forced into his mouth and as he fought back, the larger of the two men punched him solidly in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him. Another punch to his head and Spencer Reid’s world went black.



         Unit Chief Emily Prentiss sat at her desk, drowning in the paperwork that plagued her position. Sighing, she stole a glance at her watch, sighing again as she noted the late hour. She signed off on several reports and set them aside as a knock on her door sounded.


         Without waiting for a reply, Senior Agent David Rossi opened her door and strode in. He waved his smartphone in one hand as he asked her,


         “Have you heard about this, Emily?” He showed her the screen but reported on its contents, “Prison break at Milburn about three hours ago.”


         “Milburn!” Prentiss’ eyebrows rose. “Did any escape?”


         “Dunno yet, they haven’t elaborated. But Emily—“


         She was already punching a number into her cellphone as she interrupted Rossi, “I’m calling Reid.”


         Thirty seconds later, she made a face at her phone and looked up at Rossi. “Voicemail.”


         “It’s almost midnight, Emily. He’s probably asleep.”


         “He needs to know about this, Dave.”


         “I don’t disagree, Emily—“ he let his words die on his lips.


         Emily was already punching another number on her phone.


         “Yes. This is the BAU Chief Emily Prentiss, I need a detail to go to an address to take one of my agents into Protective immediately.”


         Rossi stood quietly as Prentiss gave Reid’s address to her caller; made arrangements to have him brought to their office and then called their technical analyst Penelope Garcia. While Prentiss was calling Garcia, Rossi busied himself searching for updates on the prison break and moved to the television monitor on the wall across from Emily’s desk. Picking the remote up off the coffee table, he switched the unit on and called up a news channel.

  A reporter was broadcasting live from just outside the prison grounds and Prentiss joined Rossi to watch. They stood in rapt attention as the reporter disclosed that two prison guards had been killed and at least four inmates had escaped. He promised a live update from the prison warden shortly. The reporter continued to disclose the scant amount of information he had been given and the two agents paid close attention to every detail imparted. 


         Prentiss’ phone rang. She turned to answer it, listened to her caller and Rossi’s eyebrows rose in surprise when he heard her gasp.


         “Keep me informed,” she barked into her phone before ending the call and meeting Rossi’s concerned gaze. “His apartment was empty. He’s not there, Dave. I’m calling the team.”


         As Prentiss called Agent Jennifer Jareau, Rossi phoned Dr. Tara Lewis. 


         “JJ’s on her way in, I’ll call Luke,” Prentiss told him as he concluded his call.


         “I’ll get Matt,” Rossi replied.