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strangers on a train

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jin @wwhandsom 6:32 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Shoutout to my friend my roommate my bro @mmmaestro starting his new job today. Jin! you say, that's great and all but why are you tweeting this early? Because I answer as I pull my pillow over my head, he’s using 4538 alarm clocks to make sure he’s not late kmn

jin @wwhandsom 6:39 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Lol so he left so fast he forgot his keys. I /could/ drop them off for him but his first alarm was at 4:45 so I don't feel charitable


minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:40 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Lmao so I take this ridic early morning train because I am committed™ to band like a loser and 3 stops in there's this guy that always sits in the same spot only this morning someone else took it two stops before

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:41 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Last time this happened he was SO PISSED but like she was this little old gran so he couldn't exactly get mad at her? But he definitely fumed the whole ride

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:42 AM · Jan 8, 2018
There's a chance nothing might happen but… nah p. sure there will be a smack down I will keep you posted this is ∞ times more fun than homework

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:48 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Omfg he just got on he looks ready to MURDER rip New Guy its too bad your beauty will be taken from this world so soon

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:51 AM · Jan 8, 2018
If looks could kill NG /and/ his ghost would be dead like six times over but he hasn't even noticed the death glares he looks like a zombie I'm dying

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:54 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Literal daggers are coming out of Old Guy’s eyes tbh I'm surprised the whole train doesn't know there's drama going down

minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:59 AM · Jan 8, 2018
Old Guy (tbh not old at all, also fine as fuck) now typing on his phone with biggest frown and angriest thumbs I've ever seen mb chill dude?

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:17 AM · Jan 8, 2018
NG got off the train. OG about to lunge across an take his spot back but some little old lady took it first he looks so salty but he gets off in like three stops anyways

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:25 AM · Jan 8, 2018
OG now off the train no one has died although we got close

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:25 AM · Jan 8, 2018
This has been: Early Morning Train Drama with your host Minnie tune in next week to learn about people who pull emergency alarms when they aren't necessary and how they are the cause of all evil in this world


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:59 AM · Jan 8, 2018
As if Mondays weren’t already bad enough I get on the train and someone is in MY SPOT

Jiminie @ddrevelation 7:11 AM · Jan 8, 2018
didn’t know they had assigned seating on public trains

Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 7:12 AM · Jan 8, 2018
I wake up this early specifically to avoid the rush and use my spot and did I mention it’s MY SPOT D:<


January 8, 2018

yoongi, 7:25 AM
The alarms are necessary to get to this job on time and without it I'd probably stop being able to afford rent and then you'd have to find a new roommate are you sure you can't bring me my keys?

eternal roommate, 7:43 AM
Definitely not
I am so handsome that I do not need a beauty sleep but I /like/ my beauty sleep and you RUINED it
But if you tell me your address I might send someone else with them
Someone who is exactly as handsome as I am but is called Kim Jinseok


Yoongi was not a huge fan of mornings in general. They started before he was properly awake, for one thing. For another, they usually involved him having to go from being horizontal and warm to vertical and cold. He didn't especially like being in either of those states and did his best to avoid them when possible.

Monday mornings in particular were a special kind of hell and the part of Monday mornings that happened before the sun peeked over the horizon? Well. That part of a Monday was to be avoided at all costs, unless he’d stayed up through the Sunday night and had nothing planned for the Monday daylight hours.

It was due to the inherent evilness of Mondays that Yoongi set six alarms on his phone, and another four alarm clocks that he bought from the dollar store hidden around his room and the bathroom, and two more out in the kitchen as added insurance. He cooked and packed his lunches for the week while Seokjin sat at their small kitchen counter and provided commentary on his cooking skills, and unwanted suggestions on how to behave on his first day in the office.

While funny at first, the commentary and suggestions switched to annoying long before Seokjin got tired of making them. Unfortunately Seokjin didn’t stop when Yoongi said “I do have some manners you know,” or when he said “Don’t you have something else to be doing?” so he had to resort to saying “Which of us is holding the very big, very sharp knife?”. As an apology Seokjin set out his coffee, the cheapest brand Yoongi could find at the convenience store but with enough caffeine to jumpstart his brain, and let him have first shower so he could get to bed early.

Yoongi didn’t get to bed early. He used the extra half hour he gained by being first to the bathroom to pull out his keyboard, reasoning he’d play for half an hour to wind down. Three hours later he was still playing and starting to regret the decision to start at all, because now that he’s started he couldn’t quite figure out how to stop. The keys were drawing him in, and kept drawing him in until he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to find Seokjin standing there, pyjama-ed and barefaced.

Seokjin’s lips shaped the word “Yoongi”. Yoongi couldn't hear him over the sound of the synthesized piano in his headphones. “Go to sleep.”

Yoongi was already wearing his pyjamas, the same red flannel he'd had from their university days, and he let Seokjin cajole him off his keyboard bench and into his bed. “Do you need a tuck in?” Seokjin asked in his best imitation of a mother in any children's TV show. Yoongi hesitated, trying to think how he would answer on a normal day, on a day where he wasn't quite so freaked out of his mind, and that hesitation was apparently enough for Seokjin to drop the teasing and give him a concerned, if tired, smile. “Or maybe a water?”

“No, I'm good,” Yoongi said, rolling over onto his side. It was mostly true. He didn't need water, at any rate. “Thanks.”

By the time morning strutted up to their door and knocked, loudly, to be let in Yoongi had managed probably three hours of sleep total. His alarms did little to spur him into action and before long he was running behind schedule. By the time he left he was running so late that he had to scramble at the last minute to shove everything in his bag, his feet in his shoes, and get out the door with his coat trailing behind him like a banner announcing to the world that Min Yoongi wasn't enough of an adult to have his life together for his first real job.

He made the train but only just, collapsing into the seat beside the door. If he was going to make a habit of this he'd have to take up running, or maybe get one of those little scooters that fold up with a hinge at the front wheel. In his rush he’d forgotten his coffee and… with a groan he let his head thunk back against the window. He forgot his coffee and he forgot his keys that was not how he'd hoped to start the day.

The rest of the train ride he spent with his briefcase carefully balanced on his knees, his folded hands resting on top, his lunch bag between his feet, and his music turned off so he could hear the announcements for which station was next. He left his phone in his bag so he didn't have the chance to get sucked in to anything, and had nothing else to do except try not to fall asleep and observe his fellow commuters.

There was a woman who couldn't be anything except a medical worker of some kind - she was wearing scrub pants tucked in to her winter boots, and he could see a scrub top through the open front of her coat. The man sitting a few seats over from her was a construction worker, no questions asked, and a few seats over from that sat a highschool student. A probably a professor got on at the next stop along with a few more people and then Yoongi blinked and someone was glaring at him.

Yoongi wasn't quite awake enough to deal with figuring out what he'd done. He decided avoiding eye contact was the most prudent course of action, and picked a nice spot on the door to stare at until his eyes unfocused. He stayed that way, listening for his station stop, until the announcement came over the speakers. He stood, hand braced on one of the railings and, without even a glance at Mister Hot and Bothered-about-something, shuffled off the train and to his first day at work.


jin @wwhandsom 6:45 AM · Jan 9, 2018
“Two early morning tweets in a row Jin!” you say, surprised. Why yes. A certain someone snoozed all his alarms and left without turning them off this has been a call out of @mmmaestro


minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:48 AM · Jan 9, 2018
Guys guys New Guy is back today and Mr Fine-as-Fuck looks like he swallowed a lemon honestly the best drama is real life


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:49 AM · Jan 9, 2018
The seat stealer is back does he not know it belongs to me

Jiminie @ddrevelation 6:50 AM · Jan 9, 2018
Have you tried putting your name on it?

tae @photaegraphy 6:50 AM · Jan 9, 2018
I bet I could find some spray paint!

Jiminie @ddrevelation 6:51 AM · Jan 9, 2018
Or some permanent marker!

Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:51 AM · Jan 9, 2018
I know you think you’re helping BUT YOU’RE N O T why are you even up this early?

tae @photaegraphy 6:52 AM · Jan 9, 2018
Wouldn't you like to know

Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:52 AM · Jan 9, 2018
on second thought no i don't pls don't share details think of the children


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:48 AM · Jan 10, 2018


minnie @smaxophonegrl 6:48 AM · Jan 10, 2018
He did a victory dance? Like,, with a hip wiggle?? And everything?? Dude it's a seat rela x


January 10, 2018

yoongi, 7:10 AM
you could've woken me up when you turned off my alarms

eternal roommate, 8:15 AM
but you looked so cute and fuzzy asleep!
and they'd been going off for twenty (20) minutes!
it's not my fault you sleep like you're dead!

yoongi, 9:24 AM
If I lose this job I won't be able to afford rent and you'll have to find a new roommate

eternal roommate, 9:25 AM
... I don't think I'd survive that at this point tbh...

yoongi, 9:26 AM

eternal roommate, 9:27 AM
But if /you/ went to bed on time instead of waiting for me to tuck you in you'd wake up better!
Plus /I'd/ get to go to bed on time

yoongi, 10:12 AM

eternal roommate, 10:13 AM
I can hear you playing at night, you know

yoongi, 10:15 AM
But I wear headphones?

eternal roommate, 10:17 AM
Sure, and stomp your foot and
I hesitate to call it singing...

yoongi, 10:17 AM
oh. sorry.

eternal roommate, 10:18 AM
:O :O :O

yoongi, 10:18 AM
won't happen again

eternal roommate, 10:19 AM
the late night or the apology

yoongi, 10:43 AM

eternal roommate, 10:44 AM


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:49 AM · Jan 11, 2018

tae @photaegraphy 6:50 AM · Jan 11, 2018
At least it isn’t Monday?

Jiminie @ddrevelation 6:50 AM · Jan 11, 2018
@photaegraphy how DARE you steal my comment take that back I said it first

Hobi @rayofhope 9:57 AM · Jan 11, 2018
@photaegraphy he's been crying about this all morning pls don't do it again it wasn't even that funny


:))) @polkaholka 7:16 AM · Jan 11, 2018
Hey @smaxiphonegirl no update on our favourite transit riders?

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:18 AM · Jan 11, 2018
NG is back with a vengeance and OG looks ready to eat someone’s head but I gotta finish cramming so that's all the update for today :(


January 11, 2018

yoongi, 6:51 AM
maybe he's plotting to steal my liver?

eternal roommate, 6:52 AM

yoongi, 6:55 AM
the guy on the train. Maybe he wants my liver?

eternal roommate, 6:56 AM
Yoongi you woke me up to text me about how someone on your train is plotting to take your liver?
your liver isn't even in that great a shape...

yoongi, 6:57 AM
oh you're right. Maybe he wants my spleen?

eternal roommate, 6:59 AM
Can I got back to sleep now?
And pretend this never happened

yoongi, 7:00 AM
you aren't being a very supportive roommate...

eternal roommate, 7:01 AM


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 6:49 AM · Jan 12, 2018
FINE! FINE! I'll tell you what I'll get a NEW spot and it will love me EVEN MORE than that one did!


namjoon, 6:48 AM
I have a new plan
I will get a NEW spot
And /that/ will be my spot
and ain't no one can take it from me

My Hope, My Angel, 7:00 AM
You are so lucky my alarm woke me up not your texts otherwise your friendship card would be revoked

namjoon, 7:00 AM
... Bite me

My Hope, My Angel, 7:01 AM
No you'd taste all gross and shit

namjoon, 7:10 AM
And like I could probably be more disappointed but-

My Hope, My Angel, 7:11 AM

namjoon, 7:11 AM
I picked the spot across from my old one and he might be kinda evil but he's also kinda hot?
[img attached]

My Hope, My Angel, 7:12 AM
... Okay fair.


myg @mmmaestro 7:13 AM · Jan 12, 2018
All week long the same guy takes the same seat across the way from me and glares and okay, that's fine, you do you but today? I think he took a picture? Of me?

myg @mmmaestro 7:14 AM · Jan 12, 2018
This isn't normal behaviour right like I'm just sitting here?


Kim Namjoon @namjeditor 7:18 AM · Jan 12, 2018
Not only does he STEAL MY SEAT but he also clips me on his way out r u d e


minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:18 AM · Jan 12, 2018
Ahaha so NG accidentally bumped OG on his way off the train and OG looks about ready to burst a blood vessel over it did anyone else think you could make mortal enemies over seats on a train?

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:19 AM · Jan 12, 2018
Trick question everyone knows you can make mortal enemies over almost anything on a commuter train

minnie @smaxophonegrl 7:20 AM · Jan 12, 2018
Like this one time there were these two women who had purses and were sitting in one of those little like, corner areas? And they…


The thing was that his work life was fine! He liked his coworkers as much as he could like people he'd known for a week, and there was the bonus that none of them seemed to be serial killers. That had been a real concern when he'd seen the job posting, too good to be true, but he'd applied anyways because much as he loved his parents he loved his independence more and having to move back in with them was a real threat given his financial situation. He liked the small office they worked out of, a few stops shy of the main downtown area but since his wallet dictated he bring lunch as much as possible he didn't mind the fewer number of places to eat. He liked the money. Boy, did he like the money.

He did not like the commute.

Ignoring of course the excessively early hour (because the hour really was excessively early) he had to get himself to the office there was the commute itself. The apartment he and Seokjin shared wasn't what you might call “central” but it was both “spacious enough” and “reasonably priced” so he tried not to complain too much. It just… it meant so much time sitting on the train worrying that he might fall asleep and miss his stop and then be late and then get fired and that was not, exactly, the most stress-free way to spend his morning. Not to mention the constant low-level worry that he would somehow bump into someone accidentally and start a fight before he was properly awake, or the fact that his coffee never lasted him longer than the walk to the station and the first four stops, or the fact that it was fucking cold in the winter and he had to wear like three pairs of socks and six mittens plus a hot pack to make sure he didn't lose his extremities.

And on top of all that? The guy he usually sat across from either had a scowl as his resting face or was angry all the time. Any time he so much as glanced innocently in his direction the man, who Yoongi had mentally christened “Grumpyguts” or “Grumpy” for short, was glaring at him as though he'd killed his first born child or something. It made no sense! They'd never even interacted! Yoongi counted on Thursday and caught Grumpy staring at him at least once between every station, sometimes twice.

Friday was by far and away the worst. After the disaster that was Wednesday morning he'd set alarms for going to bed on time too, and given Seokjin permission to nag him about it sooner in the evening. (Seokjin was delighted to help him out this way, singing lullabies at full volume until Yoongi was through getting changed and brushing his teeth and was actually in bed. Yoongi reminded himself that even with a new job living on his own wasn’t financially feasible.) Yoongi didn't necessarily fall asleep as soon as he was in bed but the effort was there and he was feeling almost good about things until he caught Grumpy holding his phone in that awkward angle that people used when they were trying to take pictures and be sneaky about it.

It's too early for this shit, Yoongi thought as he glanced quickly away. Bad enough that he'd caught someone else trying to take a sneaky picture of him but worse would be the guy knowing. He didn't want to start a fight, and it wasn't like he was doing anything except sitting there being cold. It could even be a point of small talk with his coworkers, something to say instead if just “I'm fine” when they asked how he was. Actually...

He cocked his head to the side, and started trying to craft sentences that felt like they might have been off-the-cuff-natural-remarks about this mildly humorous interlude on his morning commute. Everyone else in the office seemed to be able to get those sorts of things out of their mouths without the words becoming all twisted up, and he wanted them to like him. Given the frequency with which surprise social interactions were popping up (kitchen, hallways, people randomly stopping by his desk to say hello) he hoped having something, anything, ready to go would help keep the spikes of adrenaline to a minimum.

So engrossed in his work was he that he almost missed his stop and had to scramble at the last minute to collect lunch bag, tote bag with piano books, and briefcase. It was just his luck that the book back gave Grumpy's knees a rather hard bump as he rushed past. He said "Oh, sorry!" on reflex but the sour expression on Grumpy's face, disproportionately angry for the situation, said quite clearly apology not accepted. Yoongi fled.