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Disclaimers: I don't own Harry Potter, if I did there'd be so much LGBT and sex that your parents would disapprove. Nor do I own any characters, places, objects and animals.

I would like to say that there is a likely chance that this story will have no pairing. But if you guys request then yes, I will add a pairing (Most likely Slash...I'll let you know in later chapters)

This Harry will be DARK, borderline EVIL (As evil as a kid could be) for the first few chapters. He'll mellow out years before Hogwarts. You'll find out the reason later.

Now, I understand that some things WON'T make sense, it WILL in future chapters.

On a last note, while this chapter may be short, future chapters will be LONGER

PS. There are BRIEF songs in this chapter, and I don't own them.




Harry Potter was born a normal enough baby. Normal weight, normal birth, normal parents, normal magic...Well, as normal as a child born to a world full of magic and mythical creatures could be...Except for the prophecy hanging over his head.

The prophecy was spoken by a special seer with the name Sybil Trelawney, no matter how fake people think she is. A seer chosen by the Deities themselves, who often tries to force her Inner Eye to work, which did more harm than good. But the prophecy she spoke, changed the Wizarding World.

You see...The Deities, while have the power to control everything and everyone, let the people and animals have free will. Instead of controlling people like puppets, they let them make their own choices. But there were instances where they forced things to happen, in order to create the right circumstances. Just like this was fated to happen since the beginning of time...Tom Riddle was chosen to be the biggest Dark Lord in history, Severus Snape was supposed to overhear the prophecy, the Potter family were fated to die, and Harry Potter was destined to be the one to change everything.

And while Harry was born normal, he was fated to heavily change over a year later. And on Halloween 1981, Voldemort appeared at the Potters house, when he was struck with the Killing curse...He did.




"Shhh...It's okay sweetheart, it's okay..." A red-head mother murmured sweet words of comfort, gently rocking the wailing baby in her arms "James! He only ever cries like this when we leave him alone for too long!" She worriedly told the messy-haired man beside him in hushed tones.

The hazel eyed man furrowed his eyebrows, not as worried as his wife but definitely somewhat concerned "Lily, let me try something?" James asked gently, trying to ignore the feeling of apprehension swirling in his gut. And as Lily passed the still crying baby to James, and eventually smiled herself when he started softly singing.

(For reference, look up 'Beautiful Boy'. More specifically, the cover version by Paul Weinfield)

"Close your eyes...Have no fear...The monster's gone...He's on the run and your daddy's here..."

His low yet soft voice filled the air, making Lily sigh lovingly at him. James never sung all that often, finding himself too tough for such a thing, and whenever he did she always treasured his lovely voice. It's what made her fall in love with him after all.

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...Beautiful boy...Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...Beautiful boy,"

Harry was starting to calm down, listening to his father sing, anyone sing actually, always made him sleepy. The wails was starting to go down, making James slowly grin with victory.

"Before you go to sleep..Say a little prayey...Every day in every way...It's getting better and better,"

By this point Harry had been decreased to sniffles, making his parents quietly sigh with relief. James looked up at Lily with love in his eyes, and after giving her a quick kiss on the lips, stared down at his baby with the same look of adoration, preparing the sing the final words.

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...Beautiful boy...Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...Beautiful boy..."

James smiled in satisfaction when Harry went quiet in his arms, asleep. A quiet laugh escaped Lily, who gently took Harry back in her arms. Whispering a soft 'good job' to her husband, she made her way up to the nursery so she could put Harry to sleep.

It was in that moment that a loud boom echoed through the house, making Lily gasp and almost dropped Harry as he woke up again crying. Clutching her baby to her chest protectively with one hand, she slipped her wand into her other hand just in case. The almost cannon-like noise may possibly not mean danger for them, but she couldn't take the chance with the prophecy. As Lily was already halfway up the stairs, she was about to go check it out until James voice calls out to her.

"LILY! It's him!! Take Harry and run!" With those words, Lily froze with fear filling up in her. She looked down at Harry in her arm before making her choice.

She turned and ran up the stairs, hearing the sounds of a spells flying behind her. The fear in her, was drowned out by anger. Anger at her once thought to be friend Peter Pettigrew. How dare he betray them! It was the only way Voldemort could've come here! She knew that something fishy was up with Peter, but did anyone listen to her? No! Everyone brushed off her idea of James becoming the Longbottoms secret keeper while Alice becomes their secret keeper!

Busting the door to the nursery open, Lily rushed in, pushing all anger away in favour of her baby boy. Looking down at her crying baby, she choked down a sob. She felt the anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards go up what felt like so long ago, and the odds that them getting out of this alive was unlikely.

Hanging to the fact that she and her baby boy won't live to see tomorrow, Lily placed Harry in the crib, finally letting the tears out. She rushed to grab the silver locket with a lily engraved into it around her neck, and after muttering a few charms and spells, it now held the strongest borderline-dark (as well as extremely illegal) good luck charm she knew. It was only temporary, lasting for about 30 minutes, but it was the only hope she had.

After taking it off and shrinking it to fit Harry, and for it to grow as he turns older (Again, she hoped), she used her blood to make it so only direct family members will see it, and only so Harry could take it off. Glancing in the direction of the door, she could still see the bright lights of a duel going on. Lily sucked in a shaky breath before singing in a slightly broken voice.

(Listen to: Goodnight Sweetheart - Cover by Jen Armstrong)

"Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go...Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go...I hate to leave you, but I really must say...Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight..."

She choked on another sob, rubbing at her eyes. Another glance to the door showed the bright light of the Killing curse and a loud thump of a body hitting the floor. She squeezed her eyes shut, falling to her knees on the floor and clenching the arms of the crib. Lily continued to sing despite the harsh pain in her chest.

"Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go...Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go...I hate to leave you, but I really must say...Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight..."

Everything in the house was silent except for the rain outside, Lily's voice that travelled through the entire house, and the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs. There was something beautiful about the whole thing, if a little depressing. And a sad smile appeared Lily's voice, as she knew this was the last time she'll ever sing to her baby boy.

"Well, it's three o'clock in the mornin...And baby, I just can't do right...Well, I hate to leave you, baby...I don't mean maybe, because I love you so..."

Lily placed the locket around Harry, watching as a soft gold light surrounded the locket for a moment before fading out. She knew that it was the magic taking hold. Harry, now silent, was standing up in his crib, gripping into the handles, staring past Lily with a curious expression on his baby face. And without looking, Lily knew exactly who he was staring at.

"Well, how sweet." A mocking voice said from behind her, just as she expected. Getting up, gripping her wand with hatred burning in her gut, Lily turned around to glare at the red-eyed man - if you could call him that - who killed her husband just minutes ago.

"I won't let you hurt him." She calmly said, surprising even herself. If she looked in the mirror, she would see the hatred, determination, and hopelessness in her eyes. Lily didn't even flinch or showed any other emotion when cruel, cold laughter filled the air.

"Silly girl, can't you see that you won't make a difference?" Voldemort asked with an obviously fake pleasant tone of voice, but it was clear that there was no need to answer. And then a nasty sneer crossed his face "Now move aside." He ordered.

A truly ugly expression appeared on Lily's face, one that she never used. How dare he think that she would actually do it? "Hell no." She spat out.

Taking a step forward, Voldemort narrowed his red eyes at this mudblood. If Snape didn't deliver this prophecy, he wouldn't have even thought twice about killing her. Damn him and his word-keeping tendencies "I said step aside."

"And I said no, you bastard!" Lily shouted, gripping her wand so hard her knuckles were white, her green eyes almost glowing.

His anger spiking higher once more, Voldemort raised his wand "One last chance, you filthy mudblood." He ordered, faintly wondering why he was even trying. This mudblood was clearly persistent...Stupid Gryffindors.

Lily looked at her child, who was watching Voldemort with innocent fascination. Feeling love fill up in her heart, seeing her sons green eyes and tuff of black hair. Years ago she never would have thought she'd have a child with James...He truly was a beautiful child...Feeling much lighter than before, she calmly turned to Voldemort "I'd rather die." She stated.

Well, at least he tried to keep his promise. No one could blame him.

"That could be arranged." Voldemort sneered before shouting out the familiar words "Avada Kedavra!"






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