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Phone Call

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Apollo stares at his phone, the phone he uses to text all the time but never actually phones anyone with. That might seem strange, but he has a valid reason: he is really, really shit at making phone calls.

He thinks it is part of his autism, the part that makes social interaction really difficult. He relies quite heavily on nonverbal communication in most conversations, but you lose that totally on the phone. In fact, he never knows when it is his turn to speak. It is awkward and stilted and he really dislikes it. So he only phones people when it is absolutely necessary.

And today, it is necessary. Ema, his girlfriend of six months, has been out of the country for nearly a week now, and he misses her. Thanks to the time difference, choosing a time to chat was quite difficult, but they have settled with now, when it is late in the evening for Apollo and early in the morning for Ema. And he needs to phone her if he is going to get a chance to talk to the woman he has missed so much. But he has to psych himself up first, needing to put aside his hatred of phone calls.

So he takes a deep breath and runs his fingers through his hair, and presses the button. His phone rings and rings, and, eventually, Ema answers.

“Hello?” she says, her voice crackling. This is another reason why phone calls are difficult, because the audio quality is poor and he struggles to understand what the other person is saying.

“Hi, Ema, it’s me,” Apollo says a bit too loudly, bouncing his leg up and down.

“Oh, hi, Apollo,” Ema says, and he knows she is smiling. “It’s great to hear your voice. I’ve missed you.”

“Me too. So, how’re things in England?” he asks, not knowing what else to say.

“It’s awesome,” she says. “I’m getting to work with some really amazing forensic experts. It’s fascinating. How about you?”

“Oh, you know, same old things,” Apollo says, shrugging even though no one can see him.

Ema laughs. “I really do miss you, Pol.” And then her voice changes, going lower and softer. It is hard to understand her words, but Apollo still hears her say, “So, have you missed me too? Have you missed me… being with you? Have you missed sharing a bed with me?”

He is confused for a few seconds, but then Apollo realises what is going on. And then he blushes, sweat blossoming on his forehead. Ema must be trying to have phone sex with him. he has never done anything like this, but he has seen people do this sort of thing in movies. So he has a rough idea of how to proceed. And the thought of doing this sort of thing makes his heart race, blood rushing to his groin.

“Y-Yeah, I’ve really missed you,” he says, far too awkwardly. “I’ve missed your presence… kissing you… I’ve really missed making love.”

And he isn’t lying. Last night, he was painfully aroused and masturbated in the shower, thinking of Ema.

He hears Ema sigh. It is an almost gasping sound, and he wonders what she is going on the other end of the line. He starts to get hard just at the thought.

“Really? So have I. I’ve missed your touch and your smell and how it feels to…” Ema trails off. “This is okay, right, Pol? I’m not going too far or anything?”

“No, this is great,” he says. “But… you are having phone sex with me, right?”

Ema laughs and he blushes. “Did you want to be certain?”

“Yeah, that’s it. And we can carry on, you know,” Apollo says, unzipping his pants.

“Awesome,” Ema says, and her voice switches to that sexy tone again. “Remember when we last made love? How I rode you and you came with the most amazing sound? You came three times that night. I can’t even remember how many times I came. It was amazing. Are you touching yourself, Pol?”

“Are you?” Apollo says, the throbbing getting more intense.

“Yeah, I’ve got my vibrator inside me, and I’m pretending it’s you,” Ema says, her voice shuddering.

“I ddin’t know my dick vibrates,” Apollo says, bursting out laughing and then kicking himself for ruining the moment.

But Ema is laughing, the sound turning into a moan. “It doesn’t. but I need something like this to be anywhere near half as good as having sex with you. I’m going to turn the setting up. Can you touch yourself, and then it’ll be like we’re making love together.”

“Okay,” Apollo says, smiling.

He slips his underpants down his thighs, his leg still bouncing. He starts to stroke himself, and lets out a moan.

“Fuck,” Ema groans, her voice little more than a gasp. “You’re fucking me, Apollo. We’re on the bed and you’re thrusting into me and it’s clumsy and messy but it’s fucking amazing.”

Her speech always gets dirtier when she’s horny like this. It really turns him on.

Apollo jerks himself off as fast as he can, thrusting into his hand and pretending he’s actually thrusting into Ema, listening to the sounds of her shuddering and moaning as she masturbates, and he knows he is getting close.

“I love you, Ema,” he says, his jaw gritted as he masturbates, and it suddenly occurs to Apollo that the awkwardness on the phone has gone. This must be the first phone call he has ever had that isn’t awkward. And considering it is the only one where he is masturbating as he pretends to fuck his girlfriend who is masturbating on the other end of the line, that is hilariously ironic.

“I love you too,” Ema says, and then she cries out, and all he hears is heavy breathing.

Realising that she has climaxed is enough to send Apollo over the edge, coming with a groan all over his hand. He breathes slowly, tucking his phone into his shoulder and running his clean hand through his hair.

“I love you too,” he says. “That was amazing.”

“I know,” Ema says. “But just wait until what I’m going to do to you when I get home.”

Apollo blushes and Ema laughs.

“See you in a few days, Pol,” she says. “And thanks so much for that. I needed that.”

“Me too,” Apollo mumbles. “Love you, Ema.”

“Love you too.”

He hangs up, pulls up his pants and heads off to clean himself up. Apollo can’t believe he just had phone sex. Not only was it a new and very hot experience, but he didn’t feel painfully awkward on the phone for the first time in his life. He smiles, hoping he and Ema can do this again sometime.

He’d like that a lot.