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I think friends are the most beautiful thing in the world

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Jason bounced excitedly. He was heading to his first sleepover at someone other than his family’s house. As Trina’s car pulled into the pump by an apartment complex, the boy basically jumped from his seat. He grabbed his bag and anything else he needed, grinning.

“Goodbye sweetie!” Trina said, smiling at her son. She was a little nervous about him sleeping over. “If you need anything call me! Please!” She added quickly.

Jason just nodded and waved before running up to his friend’s apartment. He knocked on the door and waited, bouncing again. He coughed as the door was opened and he was met with the scent of smoke.

He was met at the door by a short black boy in jeans and a Star Wars shirt. That was his friend Brett. Behind him was a taller boy with long hair and brown eyes. He was pale and his black shirt was slightly ripped. Jason couldn’t recognize him. Lastly, there stood a girl in trousers and a v-neck. She had her hair up in a bun. Jason saw her a few times at Temple. Her name was Rebekah.

Jason waved and ran in, smiling. “Hey..” He said, trying to stop himself from bouncing.

Brett smiled and waved. “Hey. You know Rebekah, right?” He stopped, then nodded as Jason did. “This is Andrew. Or Andy. He’s pretty far out.” He laughs.

Jason nods as he glanced at the tall boy. Brett smiled. “Let’s get goin’ up to my room. Unless you want to say hi to my mom and Karen.”

Jason shook his head. Brett yelled to his mother and her lover about Jason being there. The group of kids then ran up to the small bedroom.

“Gee whiz! You’ve got so many posters!” Jason exclaimed, starting to bounce as he saw all of the Star Wars posters on the wall.

“Well, Yeah.. my mom buys me a ton of ‘em. Anyways, what do you guys wanna do?”

“Truth or dare?” Andy said silently. He sat on the floor, placing his hands under his legs. The others nodded in agreement.

“Alright.. I’ll go fir-“ Jason started before being cut off by the beeping of Andy’s watch. He went to an old torn bag and picked up a pill bottle out.

“What’s that?” Jason asked, tilting his head curiously.


“For what?”

Andy hesitated and then took a deep breath “uh.. Let’s play!”