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Another One

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Harry walks into the restaurant, one of London’s finest, and the maitre’d snaps to attention.

It’s not that Harry is the wealthiest man in town. No. He’s actually barely “man” given that his 18th birthday just past a month ago. It was notable because Niall, of all people, brought him a cupcake. Harry looked at this amazing, beautiful buttercream cupcake and could think only one thing.

How can someone go to the finest bakery in London, buy a cupcake big enough to feed four, give it to someone for their birthday and yet somehow get a cat hair on it?

Well that would be Niall.

Harry thanked Niall. Offered it back. Niall promptly ate it. Had two minutes of pleasant conversation with Harry and then left. On his way to collect a lost kitten he thought he knew of needing rescuing, or so Niall said, something like that.

That was Harry’s eighteenth birthday. The story of his one and only present because when you’re someone like Harry, nobody really thinks of you as a person...having a birthday. Or feelings. So this made the cupcake from Niall a remarkable thing because at least Niall gave Harry thought.

Not the kind of thought typically directed at Harry.

And yet there was another present that came to Harry that day, February 1st, Harry’s 18th, about a month ago.

It was a smile. Harry remembers because just like today he’d come to this restaurant, Payne’s, at lunch to meet a client. Frequently this was Harry’s thing. More often though, he picked this restaurant, ever since what happened on his recent birthday.


Harry had arrived, the maitre’d directed him to a secluded table. His client arrived on time, they always do when the can only get Harry for lunch and something brief after. Harry and his client ate quickly...they had details, d e t a i l s, to attend to. Afterall the client, older gentleman, had to be back to work in 90 minutes and a wife and kids to get home to later. This was his only chance for what Harry offers.

So there was Harry, and his client, having lunch at this exclusive, posh restaurant when passing by their table was an acquaintance of Harry’s meal ticket déjour. The passing man, also arond fifty, clearly wealthy, well dressed and rather austere made the point to briefly stop and speak with Harry’s client. Their conversation coded. It’s content of no consequence to Harry so Harry’s attention drifted.

From his lunch, the table, Harry’s attention drifted landing where it would take over in Harry from then on leaving him feel something burning into him that has no rest...

It happened with the smile. Yes. The smile. On Harry’s birthday. Given freely, for no reason. Just a smile.

Oh, but the giver. He was a boy about Harry’s age. Smaller. Chestnut hair. Blue eyes.

No, wait. Not blue.

Cerulean, yes they were like the sea.

This boy, the one walking into the restaurant following dutifully, almost hidden, behind the austere man gave Harry this small, warm smile just seconds before he was swept away from a brief stop beside Harry’s table as the short, coded conversation between the two older men came to an end.

It’s the first time a smile had ever taken Harry’s breath away. Harry was about to stand and introduce himself to the lad when the austere man suddenly moved off. In retrospect that was for the better, Harry thought, because it would be in bad form for Harry to introduce himself to someone so attractive when out with a paying client. Always his job is, along with the sex, to be discrete. Discrete is hard enough when you look like Harry. Sex on legs, long hair, dimples to die for and the smile that melts the polar ice caps.

But on Harry’s birthday his own smile was trumped in Harry’s. It was overshadowed by that boy’s. The boy Harry discovered is the son of Austere Man. After that day Harry made it a point to learn more about the boy. He’d learned a little from frequenting the restaurant. Things like, much like Harry, the boy was only seen at the restaurant as an Arm Piece. Unlike Harry, Harry since learned, was only, or always, seen with his father, Mr Autere Man, but when his father brought him it was definitely for d i s p l a y. Austere Man was hyper aware of eyes on his lad.

Of course. Why not display him, use him for attention, when you have a son as pretty and vexing as the boy is. The first day Harry saw him, Louis had done just that, vexed Harry. By the end of his lunch, Harry had noted without drawling attention to his interest every other detail he could about this boy.

Louis was more than pretty. The way his mouth was shaped, his cute nose, playful eyes, completely insanely pixie like hair wasn’t all that was attractive about him. He moved with purpose. From the tiniest detail, like how he sipped his tea, to the way he walked, he moved like he had a gift of motion. Harry knows something about motion. Sex is motion. It’s all about rthym. Balance. Pressure points. Release.

This boy, the one who was the son of Mr Austere, he moved like sex. Smooth. Harry caught sight of that when he watched Louis’ arse as the boy rose to go to the restroom and Harry got all of a few fleeting seconds of a glance at the lad’s insanely, girly, plump bum.

Standing now before the maitre’d Harry blushes because it hits him every time he’s scheduled for lunch here it takes Harry a minute to ask the maitre’d in a causal, not obvious way as to whether Louis, and his father of course, because Louis only accompanies his father, are by chance dining at Payne’s today. Or perhaps coming soon? Harry hopes he doesn’t sound weird in his ask. He tries to play it casual. Frankly he knows he’s not doing this well because he’s been making his visits to this restaurant far too often lately and on every occasion he’s asking for the same information; are Mr Austere and his son Louis planning to dine at Payne’s today?

Harry just gets the query out when he looks across the restaurant. It strikes him.

Cerulean eyes making a casual scan across the room meet his. It was likely an accident but nevertheless the boy smiles instantly upon seeing Harry. Like a jolt Harry’s body tingles. Harry returns the smile. He’s stopped from taking the overt step of making his way toward the boy’s table when he feels a hand on his back. Harry turns. It’s his client. Another man too mature, too self impressed, too whatever but before Harry can react Harry rethinks. This wealthy man, his client, and the sex Harry will have with him, is what has brought Harry here, not the lad with the pretty smile and the cerulean eyes. Turning back as the maitre’d makes haste to take them to their table, a place unfortunately far from Louis’, Harry sees Louis has gone back to his conversation with the austere mister.

Okay so it’s not his birthday, Harry thinks. But if Louis would just smile at him again it would feel like it could be.

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Harry leaves lunch which they finished in an unheard of speedily amount of time. He is with his client and they walk back to the client’s office where in an expansive board room they do it.

It’s fast. It’s kind of raunchy. It’s easy money.

Harry leaves the client’s workplace looking like the “consultant” his client introduced him as when they headed to the board room after passing the stare of the receptionist. Harry usually gets the women starring dumbstruck. Today is no different. Another thing Harry always knows about is how to prepare for these office-setting fucks. He’s done them countless times before. More and more he worrries less about the little things, who cleans up, because, well, because Harrry is earning top dollar. So when they are done Harry simply leaves. The fucking client can clean up the mess. And when a client, like on this day, asks if they can “barter” a trade for Harry’s service, well no, they can’t. Harry’s beyond charity now.

Today the client tries for the barter because he’s gotten addicted to Harry. Moneyed or not he’s worried about his expensive habit. It’s funny because on his knees, sucking Harry off, is London’s most newly famed investment consultant and company CEO. He’s promising Harry, with Harry’s permission, he can invest Harry’s pay for these services that he wants to expand going forward, and in turn Harry’s money will grow exponentially.

Harry grabs the balding man’s tie. He pulls it tight. He threatens in a deep growl that he won’t accept such an insulting offer. With the man’s face becoming red from suffocation Harry knows this dominance turns this pathetic man on. He releases and waits for the begging that always comes after he makes the terms clear. Harry may sell sex but no one controls him.

“I’ll take my pay in cash, you pathetic scum. Or I’ll charge you double if there is a next time, it’s double, and still not giving you what you want! Hum?” Harry releases the tie completely only after his impact has the client weeping from the client’s tiny cock. Despite Harry’s mannoyance with his the man has got his penis one in one of his own hands because Harry tone makes him more urgent. The kneeling client’s other hand was on Harry’s dick as he was bobbing on Harry’s very endowed cock. Weeping also erupts from the client’s smallish, unimpressive eyes. Eyes of blue...not cerulean. Not spectacular.

Harry let’s the man whimper and weep. He needs this. Like so many powerful men, Harry knows the client needs this.


When Harry leaves a few minutes earlier than the allotted time he was booked for, 90 minutes including lunch, he leaves with double the money. These business men. These rich, intelligent, arrogant, powerful business men. They are all the same. They’ll take what Harry gives. They’ll pay more. They’ll beg for him again.

As he’s walking from that score on the sidewalks of London in its poshest district he comes to a cross walk where a light pauses him.

Looking over to the window nearest he sees an avert. The latest showing by Zayn Malik is debuting soon at a local gallery. Harry notes the date and thinks it’s a night he’s booked. It occurs to him to not be conflicted about not being there for his long time friend, Artist Zayn, because Harry’s client that night is an avid art collector. Likely they will go to Zayn’s opening. After they will get a late dinner. Later yet they will fuck.

This agenda would likely go well for the client. Something about things-Zayn stirs Harry’s arousal. His perfect face? His tiny booty? His artist dramatics? Maybe it’s just that Zayn is more than hot he’s actually very, very sweet and sort of shy. He’s also total fucking wreck with people interactions and this makes Harry feel drawn to him.

The light switches Harry is free to walk but as he steps from the curb it occurs to him how thoughts of Zayn are not giving him the usual rise, zero stiffening in fact. It’s the boy with cerulean eyes that has stolen the place of Zany's effects on Harry.

Now Louis. Wondering what assets Louis has, as Harry walks on. This makes him harden. Good thing. Harry’s just gotten a text from a client with “an emergency”.

This is a client located only a few blocks away. Is Harry able to come buy now? It’s an emergency!

Harry stops to text back a reply. “On my way. I’m going to take extra for this you know.”

The reply comes back immediately. “Yes, yes, whatever you say. Just bring that mouth of yours to me! Please! Before the office staff gets back! We worked through lunch to finish a project on deadline so I gave them all a late extended lunch break to compensate. Only really, must admit, it’s been too long, I need you!”

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Harry has to be crazy. Liam wants him to meet at the park at 4PM and Harry has a client at six. He’s just showered, combed out his long hair when Liam phones.

“Harry, it’s Li”, Liam says as if Harry doesn’t see his name on caller-iD or just wouldn't know Liam’s voice because they’ve only been friends forever, but whatever. “come on out, just for a quick bit” Liam rambles on giddy with exuberance, “got news to share.”

Harry huffs and puffs. Stalls. Basically the thing is Harry was out longer than he should have been the night before with a massive wanker. He’s not sure but he thinks his arse might never recover, why did he decide he’d bottom for that guy again? He knows better, but last night was not a client. So Harry took it. And he’s suffering. But god oh mighty the guy pounded his arse so hard he almost forgot... the cerulean eyes. The smile. Louis. The boy he’s yet to hear speak he just certain that when he finally does it will be the death of him because everyrhng about this boy seems...home?

Tonight his client, however is not an arse-pounder. She, that is she, is a lady, her late thirties, maybe forty, quite fit and one of the few women Harry will fuck on a regular basis. She’s also expecting him to pick her up at five and they will collect her friends, drive the city in the chauffeured stretch car she has picking them up. Drink champagne. Go to the clubs. Harry will do his moves. Her friends will suffer in envy.

You see unlike her, the friends she’s invited are all married early. Money into money marriages. They all have kids. Demanding husbands too. But she...she has Harry. And he grinds against her arse like a dream. She will have her driver get the sadder-life choice friends home to their babes and papas while she, she has Harry for the night.

His lips. His body. His charm.

So Harry can’t be late for her; she puts a lot of expectations in one evening with him. “Liam, brother, love to, can’t though. Work at five.”

Harry looks at his Rolex. No he can’t. He is touching up the details on his appearance when Liam says the one thing that compels Harry.

“Okay, I get it. But Harry, I got it!”

Harry almost doesn’t hear the hint. He’s about to say something ordinary like “okay bye”, “another time”, “sorry mate, not tonight”. Then he gets it.

Liam has been this amazing guy, working class, smart, but none of the advantages. He’s struggled. Failed a lot. Worked through a few. Work. Yeah, that’s really it. Liam never does this...invite friends for a brief face to face with good news. No Liam is the type to leave his first job of the day and go to his second. If job one makes him late and he gets docked at job two he doesn’t explain, complain or cry. He does his work. Then he goes to job three.

Right. Liam is a worker bee.

Not only does he worke harder for less pay than anyone Harry knows but he helps others. He has the biggest heart. You see that on his face. The way his eyes are soft, their brown like comfort of chocolate. His voice soft.

Harry can’t be sure but he thinks just maybe Liam is a saint.

So the “it” Liam refers to when he says “I got it” is one thing.

Liam got his scholarship and is heading to a medical education program that puts him on the path to a dream of his life to be a doctor.

Not just any doctor. Liam is a rescuer. He wants to do children’s medicine, the rough stuff.

Realizing this is the call’s purpose Harry snaps out of it. He stops fussing over his Steve McQueen suit and how his arse looks in the mirror wearing it and reacts like he should.

“You, you, it!”

“Yeah, I did. Can you believe it! Harry, I’m finally going somewhere. No more working three jobs, I mean not immediately of course, but soon! No more living with four roommates, again...eventually. But soon Harry. Soon I will help make the world a better place for kids, helping kids....”

There a pause. Liam’s excitement catches Harry in it and he too feels what he guesses makes Liam hesitate. Liam gets a crackly throat sound out of his way and plows on. “Harry what if I help with advances for treating what killed my baby brother! What if, if....”

Harry can’t help but to laugh. He’s not being insensitive but he knows exactly how jacked up and excited Liam is because Liam has always turned a negative into positive. He doesn’t mourn his baby brother like most would with regret. Liam is strong. He celebrates. He will be a great pediatric doctor. Revolutionize medicine.

Harry’s so excited for Liam’s passion he looks at his gold watch again and grabs his phone. His hair is not perfectly groomed, the lady likes it to be in a neat pony tail until they hit the bed, but he’ll go with his hair as is. Better to meet Liam on the cusp of a great tomorrow.


A park? Liam wants to meet at a park. When Harry gets there he’s got maybe ten minutes to be with Liam before he picks up the client in her car and they go together to collect her friends. He’s already nervous about time.

Liam sees him from afar and waves. He’s got an ice cream cart. Fuck. Saint Liam has an ice cream cart. In the park. He’s celebrating by giving out free ice cream to random kids! Really?

Harry strides up. He’s casullay looking around maybe because he is wearing a fucking designer suit in a public park full of kids and some footballers so he is conspicuous looking for the park in his attire. But whatever.

“Liam!” Harry shouts, open arms for a hug.

Liam looks up for a handoff of an ice cream cone to the last of what was a line of kids and considers, probably by body language, hugging the welcoming Harry but he averts last second. Liam realizes he has ice cream stains on his white apron that would transfer to Harry who is in a silk, designer suit.

“Really Harry, are you working all night tonight mate?”

“Yea,” Harry says. “Five. Client at five. Or her car is picking me up, I go to her office, then her friends. She wants to show me off.”

Liam looks down at his cart. He turns some of the little remaining ice cream before closing the top of it and addressing Harry.

“Harry. Can’t you quit this? Tonight. Now? Just put it aside? I know it’s a lot of money but Harry. Harry...”

“Haarrrey?” The voice says.

It’s not Liam’s, this echo of the name.

It’s not any voice Harry has ever heard before but it’s echoing Liam saying Harry’s name and extending the name like the name is butter. Something to be savored.

Harry, or ” Haarrrey” , and Liam both turn to the speaker of the name with the distinctive-sounding voice.

Standing there looking at the two of them holding the hand of a small girl with a bloody knee and barely dried tears is a footballer. The girl is maybe about four years of age. Holding her hand is actually ...

Louis. It’s Louis having just spoken Harry’s name as a question, making it buttery-sounding, savored when he held it in his mouth.

“Hi Louis” says Liam matter of factly like he’s known Louis, cerulean-eyes Louis, for years so this is an unexpected encounter. Quick to assess damages Liam glances at the girl and says, “Need some ice cream?” Meanwhile Liam’s acting like the way Louis was saying the name of Harry was like it was a game.

The girl, bloody knee girl, looks like Liam in fright even though he is to offer to her a scoop of ice cream in a sugar cake cone. He’s doing this without a word from her and no making eye contact but she still is very shy and uncertain of him. The smal girl buries her head into one thigh of Louis’ white football shorts , because fucking-aye, Louis is wearing soccer clothes, and this girl, all of four maybe doesn’t know his thighs are the personal zone, or that they look like ...


Harry is done. He literally can’t speak. Liam proceeds to make the exchange to the girl of the cone which she is afraid to take but Liam passes it in stride to Louis, her champion, whose thigh she’s hiding her face against until Louis offers to pass it on to her.

Once the cone is in her hand she also looks to have lost some of her fear but she scowls back at Liam like he might have handed her poison in a frozen concoction. Diminishing that is how Liam and Louis keep talking casually while Bloody Knee Girl works out her demons. All the while Harry stands there, mouth agape, in some state of ataxia.

It is Louis. The boy he’d stalked at the fine restaurant while at “his work” with billionaire clients who before now Harry was only an occasional patron of a reknowned restaurant. That was before he discovered Louis frequents there, not this sporty sweaty Louis but a Louis who dresses like an avant-guard model while sat at luncheon or dinner with his wealthy father.

But now in this city park, with Harry’s watch alarm sounding because he has to leave for a night of fucking some woman, here is that Louis. He’s got a little girl holding is hand which, frankly makes him somehow sexier than shit. She trusts him. Maybe that is it.

He’s so appealingly sweaty. Of course. He’s been playing a game. The park has three games running on three different pitches and clearly Louis is on one of six teams. His hair is pulled back away from his face; he’s got a hair band on. Harry can really see Louis’ features. The mostly white team clothes Louis is wearing stick to his body here and there so Harry can see the shape of him better too. His thighs....just stop.

“Just stop” Harry hears. He realizes he is drooling and he said that audibly, though to himself, as Louis has squatted to be eye to eye with the little girl. She was suspicious of food from strangers and even though Louis assured her that Liam is a known friend to him still she refuses the ice cream.

The drooling Liam notices, accuses Harry of, though he too speaks about it so quietly as to not disrupt Louis’ touching interaction with the girl.

Drooling came over Harry more though because Croutched Louis has just taken a lick of the girl’s cone to demonstrate that it is indeed safe-to-eat, no poison.

“Charly,” Louis says as he passes the ice cream he just kitten licked over to her, “baby, I promise you, it’s safe. Li-Li wouldn’t poison children. He loves all of them.” Louis head turns and he smiles at Liam.


It’s the birthday gift smile Harry dreams of that Louis makes for Liam as he looks at Liam in his ask. “Isn’t that right Li-Li?”

Liam is assuring the girl this is the god’s truth. Does she want sprinkles? Liam asks her when Harry’s phone goes off. He’s ignored his watch alarm, his 10K watch’s alarm and now his client has been informed by her driver that he is late to the car and what is he doing she shrieking into the phone.

Harry is about to have his neurons explode from all the conflict. It looks like Bloody Knee Girl is settling into eating her ice cream being properly assured at last, Liam is about to introduce Harry to Louis. Or Louis to Harry...fuck...Louis has stood up hand reaching out and smiling at Harry...oh .god...the birthday smile...when...

Louis looks away. It’s a sound. Harry doesn’t not know what the sound is. He thinks it’s a whistle. Sort of a dog whistle, is it not? Yes? No. Maybe. But no.

One thing for sure is Harry reaching for Louis’ hand, as Liam is saying to them each of their names in a manner of introduction. Harry also sees how the little girl taking note of Louis’ body language as Louis goes rigid, controlled, none of things stop when what happens next happens.

Louis pulls away. His hand never gives to touch Harry’s. His smile becomes a cloud, he forgets about the little girl, he turns away, he runs.

As he runs off Harry hears the phone in his suit blowing up from messages, an angry client no doubt, the little girl screams after Louis because he’s leaving her and nothing registers of these noises at the moment because all Harry does register is the delightful bounce of the fleeing boy’s bum as he makes his hasty retreat. Louis gets to street side where without looking back he gets into a distinctive French blue Bentley. The car drives off.


In his ears Harry hears the small child cry. Harry almost feels like he could join her.

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“Looo- wee!” The little girl keeps screaming even after the blue Bentley disappears down the street. The phone in Harry’s pocket keeps vibrating like the frustrated client is calling anew over and over again, Liam just stands there looking terrified about the abandoned little girl when a boy, about eleven comes to get her in Louis’ absence.

“Charly, I know, I saw, Louis had to go. Sorry baby, can you let your actual big brother help you now?” The boy takes her hand and smiles at the two young men. “Thank you Liam, for the ice cream. Mine, and hers, she’s too shy these days for manners.”

The politeness of the boy is wonderful. Harry thinks it will serve him well. After all when Harry started his profession he was about that age and it began from his being polite boy like this one. No family, out on the streets Harry had one skill. He was a polite boy. Unfortunately or fortunately he had many other assets. All of them his beauty. But this boy, Rupert, Harry gets his name by introducing himself as he’s going to ask this boy what else he knows about Louis, is everybit as polite as Harry was as a child and appears to have a family to love him as evidenced by how he clearly loves his little sister. People born into loving homes grow into loving people in life.

“So Rupert, your terribly shy sister, she is not afraid of Louis. How does she know him?” Harry asks like doing it cleverly enough to not sound like fishing even though he can feel Liam looking at him like Liam isn’t sure Harry should be asking about Louis.

Harry is sure the boy will give an answer something like how Louis is a teacher, it is a profession that just suits Louis, or he works as a nanny. Yes that is less common for young men than young women but there was just something about how Louis is with kids that makes him seem like he’s born to it.

“He’s around sometimes, plays footy when he can. My and my friends have gotten so much better since he helps us a lot. My sister, she’s always been shy but she just fell in love with him because he acts like a toddler most the time.”

The little girl is looking at her brother like she adores him. She whispers something that her brother has to bend down to hear. “My sister wants you to know that Louis sometimes does funny puppet shows. She wants you to know he’s very funny. Talks in voices.”

Harry’s heart is beating like it’s pulsing blood for the first time in years. Is that a fucking joke? Louis, sexy, sporty, bouncing-bum-Louis, who is also pretty-fucking-model-Louis is also....amature puppeteer in his off time and kid’s coach?

“So is he, does he coach at your school or something?” Harry’s next question has Liam platently intensifying his stare at Harry’s unusual and ill-hidden interest.

Rupert laughs. Scoffs a bit, answers. “Who Louis? Louis Tomlinson? Work? Funny. But no. Louis doesn’t have to work, did you see the car that picked him up? Besides he’s never been to school, I don’t think. He’s not even eighteen yet either, isn’t he seventeen Liam?”

Liam nervously packs up the icecream cart he’s gotten on loan. He’s now getting a razor stare turned back on him from Harry who all of a sudden finds out that there’s this world people live in including his good friend Liam where they all already know this new obsession Harry’s just met. How can it be that Harry and Louis have been in the same part of town, sharing the same friend and all this time he’s never seen Louis until so recently?

Liam’s voice breaks nervously. He answers only after the boy excuses himself and his sister because his friends are calling him back to their side of the park.

“Louis is seventeen. That’s right.” Liam answers uncomfortably without eye contact.

“Doesn’t go to school?” Harry’s tone is taking an edge to it.

“Nope, not since he was about Rupert’s age I think. But he might have private tutors. He’s very witty and smart.”

“Doesn’t need a job, so that kind of old money wealthy?”

Liam begins to seem highly nervous. Harry’s tone, Harry’s interest, the inquisition getting to him. “Harry, he’s not the type.” Liam answers.

“Not the type?” Now Harry’s got an uncomfortable feeling coming over him. “Not what type? Not the type to work? Or...what the fuck does that mean Liam? Not the type?”

Liam is winching literally when he speaks. They are such good friends and now Harry has put Liam on the spot. Liam, Harry’s biggest advocate for Harry being to good for what he does is going to say the thing. And this one. It’s going to hurt.

“Not the type to spend money on...” Liam doesn’t say ‘the-likes-of-you’. “...he, um, he, he doesn’t even like sex probably.”

Harry feels the knife go in. “Oh, So the thing you’re saying is he doesn’t have to spend money for sex, right? Of course. Look at him and you see he’s too beautiful to need to pay for it. People stop talking when they see him for the first time. I saw that on the day I first ran into him. I was at your uncle’s restaurant, Liam, he was there. I watched him while I ate with a client. Anyone who came passing by his table dropped their jaw and stared. They stared like people stare when they want something. You know I know about that better than most. But what you meant to say what because you see I’m curious, what you meant is that he doesn’t like sex with men, right? He’s straight and I’m gay. He’s rich and I’m a prostitue. I get it Liam.”

Harry turns to leave. He’s now terribly late. His friend just said all the things that hurt only when they are said by a friend. Liam calls after him says things shouting after Harry as Harry storms off like ‘it’s not like that’, ‘don’t go’, ‘come out with [Liam] for more celebration’, but Harry continues walking off with an angry carriage to his stride.


It’s hurts so fucking much that at 4AM, his client asleep after hours and hours of sex, Harry wants to call Liam and pretend they didn’t have that bad exchange.

He starts to call Liam from the bathroom having slid from bed so not to wake his client but he stops. 4AM on Saturday morning Liam is getting up so he can go to one of his jobs. Orderly at a hospital. He’ll work there until noon. At noon he goes to his other job at the place that details cars if he got a shift because it is the job that actually pays the best hourly rate believe it or not. And most days if it’s not a class day at Uni Liam finishes his day at the restaurant that his uncle owns. His job at the restaurant is a floater. He does whatever his uncle needs. Bus-boy didn’t show up? Liam is going to be busing tables and washing dishes. Waiter has the flu; Liam is waiting tables. His uncle needs accounting or inventory done? Liam is bright, he’s studying premed and business administration so accounting is easy for him.

Liam is a saint. He’s never mean. He’s never slighted Harry for being what Harry is.

Harry should apologize. He should. But why did Liam get so bothered by Harry being attracted to Louis. In the past Liam has said he’d like to see Harry got to school, stop working the demoralizing thing he does, make a career in anything respectable, meet a nice man, someone his own age, fall in love. Marry. Have kids.

Louis is Harry’s age. He’s respectable. He is clearly crazy about kids.

So what wrong with Harry just at the very least wanting to know a few things about Louis?

Harry gives up considering calling Liam. He goes back to his money-bed and slips in beside his client. She’ll want a good dicking when she wakes. Probably two. He’s got to get in the mood.

Laying on his back his arms up across his face he feels tears. It hurts. He tells himself it’s just a fuck for a lot of cash but it hurts. He wants the life of respectable work. Marriage. Kids. A daughter as cute as that one with the skinned-knee today.

The way the little girl tucked her face into Louis’ tan, full, tan thigh as she gripped on his sorts showing more of how firm and muscular they are. The image seeps into Harry’s mind.

That’s all it takes. Harry immediately has an image of Louis running off, his booty bouncing visibly outlined by his white shorts. What would those full cheeks feel like in Harry’s hands?

Harry’s client will wake happily now. His fantasies have made the sheets tent over his pelvis as his erection is strong. It’s so strong Harry knows he can wake the sleeping now and his client surely won’t retain any anger over his tardiness yesterday.

Chapter Text

Harry goes by the restaurant because he’s hoping the blue Bentley is there. It’s not.

He shouldn’t be here anyway, he knows Liam is at Uni. He’s not going to be able to casullay scope out information from anyone esle at the restaurant about the Tomlinson’s dining frequency. As a hired escort, he himself frequents this establishment because of its highly discrete practices. This works well for Harry. Nobody bats an eye if a man is with Harry one night and they are back the following night with the wife. The man may even be sat at the same table on consecutive nights, the client may have ordered the same wine for Harry one night that he orders for his wife the next. If a waiter was to overhear the wife ask her husband what’s good on the menu because she knows he frequents the establishment with business associates and Harry’s client lies to her, “Can’t tell you sweetheart, haven’t been here for a while,” never will the waiter reveal the secrets.

That’s the thing about this place. It’s one of the finest because it’s made a reputation for excellence in both cuisine and confidentiality. Harry knows this comes from Liam’s uncle’s ownership and his high standards. Harry also knows that it’s got to be painful for Liam working here knowing Payne family history, how convoluted it is.

Years ago the restaurant opened with two brothers at the helm. Liam’s father, the most reknowned, chef in the fast paced world of fine dining was the head chef. Liam’s uncle the business manager. It was soon the only place for the wealthiest to eat. Liam was a child when it opened, his younger brother born a year before the opening, the family seemed to have it all with the establishment’s smashing success. Restaurant life is however, a sub-culture world. Like carnival workers, prostitues, a subculture only those in it understand the challenges to take kind. Sure the money can be great for the select few successful restaurantuers, but the hours are long, the adreline always fueled by the pace and the demands of being judged every minute of a dish that can go off wrong if one minor thing isn’t right. Most people who are chefs burn out within a few years of success because it’s a cycle. The cycle becomes a master. This is why many people who are chefs are overweight, from lack of time to rest and exercise. Many are also then forced to lean on drugs to get them through the bump of energy needed any given day.

This is the story of Liam’s father. Liam’s baby brother too, an innocent victim of the subculture life. Liam’s dad on a binge of drugs made a fatal error. The infant died. Liam’s mother was hospitalized in an institution afterwards. The strain of enduring the futile two-day struggle to save her baby’s life left her emotionally vacant. Liam’s father was forced out of the business, accidents or not, he was never seen by his family from the time of the tragedy because the uncle insisted he leave, accident or not, he was bad press. Rumors circulated he’d moved to this place or that place but he could not be forgiven by the family. Liam’s uncle took in his nephew, gave him a home. Going forward from that the uncle a man who was always rigid, strictly business, became relentlessly so. Liam began working washing dishes by thirteen. He rearely saw his mother and if he did it was an empty experience because she didn’t know him after her other child’s death. The baby’s death. Liam used it to fuel his goal to be a pediatric doctor in trauma units.

Standing around outside the restaurant Harry reflects on the tradgedy of Liam’s life and how it’s what binds them as friends. When Harry became a street orphan, was his situation that different? Has he ever tried like Liam to turn the bad into his shield for doing good? How can he justify being mad at Liam when Liam is simply doing what he has to given his own life hardships. Maybe Harry should forgive Liam that it’s ingrained in him by his uncle be discrete. Work hard. Don’t tell stories about others. You don’t know about their life. Liam hasn’t got it in him to talk about the negatives.

Harry decides the best thing to do is to loose the anger and go to see Liam. What the hell, walking to campus might give his an idea of what way he can better himself. With his earnings he can afford to pay for his education. He even knows one of the school’s chancellors. Knows the man in-that-way, the way that obligates the man. He might help Harry with admissions if it guarantees the secrecy of how they are acquainted.

Harry is just deciding he might be able to do this and stop looking for Blue Bentleys when he sees Niall, odd Niall doing, well, something ...odd. Niall is between two brick buildings that are nice office buildings, on his knees looking under some pallet that has stacks of cardboard for waste collection on it. He’s talking to someone. Someone under a pallet?

Harry stops. He has to ask. “Oi! Niall! What are you doing? Don’t most leprechauns know to look for gold under rainbows?”

Niall gets up, dust off his knees and strides to Harry.

Talk about weird lives. Harry knows Niall’s has been unusual in some ways too. For the most part Niall never shows it in his disposition because he’s always gregarious and laughing.

“Harry, great! You’re here,” Niall says like they were expecting each other to meet. “Give me a hand will ya?”

A hand with what, Harry’s not sure because Niall turns to go back to the pallet giving Harry’s arm a tug to force the issue that Harry’s got to help him. Standing beside the pallet Niall gives instructions.

“Okay so we both need to take an end and lift this up and away from the side of the building.”

What? Harry isn’t dressed to do labor. Neither is Niall but, like always, Niall is wearing nice clothes under a duster, or Australian style long rain coat. Harry doesn’t know that he’s ever seen Odd Niall around town without the distinctive coat.

“Wait, Niall, first two questions. Why would I do that? I’m not one for getting my hands dirty. Two, why are you mewing, you’re mewing, why?”

Niall pulls a face, nods to the bulky thing he’s asking Harry to help him lift and says, “Help and all will be revealed.” There’s more mewing sounds and what odd for Harry is how the sounds seem to come from Niall’s coat. Harry makes a grumpy noise but he gives in. Together the boys lift the pallet. As they set it down Harry sees that under the pallet which provided shelter is a clump of rags on top of which are two tiny kittens. They are not old enough to be without their mum for very long. Niall picks them up, both fitting easily into his cupped hands. He proceeds to open one of his large pockets on one side of his duster plop the kittens into the pocket. Then he turns to show Harry the pocket on the other side of his coat. Lifting the flap of the pocket to reveal it contents Niall shows Harry he’s already got two other tiny kittens in the large pocket on that side of his coat. Right. Mewing noises.

Your kidding. Harry thinks.

“Found the mama dead on the road over there. When I picked up her broken body I saw she had full teets like she was nursing. Two of these poor little things had made their way crawling out, maybe because mama had been gone too long. The other two are mush littler, too weak. Especially this carmel-colored one. ”Niall changes focus to the other pocket, the one where he just put the two kittens Harry just helped him retrieve.

“I already got a name for that one. Gonna call him Louis because he’s tiny, cute, got the right carmel-color in his fur,”

Whatever Niall was going to say next is cut off.

“What the fuck do you mean going to call it Louis? It’s tiny, it is cute, it’s got the right color in its fur? Fuck, are you saying like Louis Tomlinson is ...tiny? Cute? His hair full of those of highlights that makes his fringe simply killer when they get in his eyes? THAT LOUIS?”

Harry’s shouting has Niall astonished. His eyes widen. He hestitates a second as Harry bends over putting his hands on his knees becasue if he doesn’t he’ll fall down on them. Does everybody know Louis? Harry can’t breathe.

Niall comes to him outing a hand on Harry’s back and rubs it while speaking softly.

“I don’t think he’d take it as an insult. If it helps I’m naming the brown one Liam. The black one Zayn and I’ll save your name for the little one with green eyes that was still snuggled down there in the nest with Kitten Louis.”

Harry vomits. It’s not a lot, but he vomits enough that a little stomach content his in the back of his throat.

How can Niall, a relatively new resident to this part of London, also be acquainted with Louis? Acquainted enough to call him things that define him. Tiny, cute, Carmel-colored fringe?

Niall gets Harry to stand up and come with him. Kittens in pockets, they walk together as Niall assists Harry who admits he feels suddenly light-headed. The world Harry knows has completely turned upside down.

“Are you okay Harry? Do you want me to help you? Are you meeting with someone,”

Harry can’t fucking believe Odd Niall, who knows very little about him is being simultaneously this sensitive, thoughtful while acknowledging Harry’s place around here in this decidedly kind sort of way.

“No, no, not meeting anyone. No, um, no date. No why...”

What Harry means to ask is why is Niall being so nice. He forgot to finish because he almost switched mid thought to ask how Niall knows Louis. But Niall interprets the question as it stands differently. “Why? Because I was working on this kitten predicament and I saw you. You were standing around like you were waiting for someone. Everytime when you go to that Payne’s restaurant you go there with someone, a man. Or. Men. Lots of different men, you know.”

How does Niall have the time to know this? What does Niall even do? Why is he always around, clearly enough to know a lot of people and their habits, why?

All these questions want answers but before they can be asked Harry wants to know the pressing question. “Niall, you wouldn’t by chance know where the blue Bentley is right now would you? Where Louis is?”

Chapter Text

Niall and Harry walk a little ways. They come to a car. A very nice car. Not a Bentley. This is Niall’s vehicle. It’s a Ferrari. Opening a door passenger’s side Niall says “Get in.” Once Harry does Niall plus four kittens from his two pockets and plops them in Harry’s lap. They immediately mew their protests and wiggle to find comfort among each other’s company.

Niall gets in and starts the car. As they drive he seeems to have a certain route which he takes purposefully. He talks filling a void. After some turns that make no sense he announces, “Okay from what I’ve seen on my outings we’ve covered the usual places that the Tomlinson’s go if they are dining out. No Bentley. I guess they are home tonight for dinner.”

Outings? “Niall what do you mean by outings? What do you even do, by the way?”

It’s never occurred to Harry to give much thought to Niall. He’s too young for the type who usually hire Harry. He never acts like a wealthy person. He seems to easy-going. He seems too unguarded. And yet here he is driving his car, his very expensive car, around for Harry’s Beale. So what is Niall? Other than odd.

“What do I do? My family is in banking. So I do some classes at Uni, I help out with the business a little. But my passion is animals. I want to be a veterinarian. Not a thing that resonates at home. So for now I do this.”

“This? This, what is ‘this’ ?”

“I roam this part of London, it has many good restaurants, that attracts strays to the waste. My focus is on the stray cats that are Momma cats, their kittens. I rescue them, get them medical care, find them homes. I’ve been trying to get to these kitten’s mother for days. One of my friends who works around here tipped me off there was this pregnant cat who stopped coming. He thought she’d had her babies. I knew she would be hunkered down in some birth nest around here. Wish I’d gotten to her before a car did.”

Niall looks at the kittens who are mostly yawning and sleeping in Harry’s lap with the purring of motor soothing them. Harry’s warmth comfort too. “Liam, Zayn, Harry and Little Louis will be fine at least.”

Niall’s story has Harry forgetful of watching their route but he’s familiar with itonce he looks around. Many of the wealthiest live in this district. Niall turns his car onto a road Harry knows. They come up on Zayn’s house, his father’s home that is. They pass it. When they come to the grand-gated front entry of the house next door to Zayn’s Niall stops. He leaves the car where from the street you can see the manor. It’s lux.

“Tomlinson’s. Home of Hathaway Tomlinson and his son Louis. Hathaway, you should know, because he works for many of the people you go with. Also he is the shrewdest barrister in all of London. He’s a widower. Louis’ mum died when he was about eleven. After that Louis was removed from the private school and became home tutored. He was seen out very little for years. Seems like when me family moved to town the shift had occurred. Now he’s out a lot with his father. But he still has a mostly sequestered at home life. Shame, he’s socially brilliant. Although he gets really excited when he’s around crowds so usually he gets too loud. Playful. He loves kids. Dogs. Music.”

Harry looks at the stone work of the manor and tries to read more about Louis in its edifice more. He remembers how Louis was the first time he saw Louis at the Payne’s restaurant. Harry doesn’t stop studying the house as he speaks. “Loud? He didn’t seem loud when I almost met him last month at the restaurant. He was bashful-like. Delicate. He was like a doll, almost. He made the tiniest movements at the dining table like he was a marionette. Loud? I don’t see that.”

Niall starts to pull away from the entry of Tomlinson’s as he disputes Harry’s point of view. “Harry, he was with Hath, Hathaway. His father has an effect on him. He’s controlled, measured, like a doll. Like you said. But I can tell you, that’s not Louis. See him out at the park playing footy and he’s relentlessly bold, pushy on the field, mouthing off. He talks shit an delights in unraveling the other players with his wit. The only time he gets flustered in a game is if anyone else who’s all-alpha pats his butt. Then he goes all giggly, blushing and soft.”

Niall has stoped his car at the next gate to the manor on the other side of Louis’ house. The automatic gate engages and opens. They drive in. Oh. Harry gets it. Niall and Zayn are both neighbors of Louis’. And all this time Harry was unaware.

Chapter Text

When Harry gets home he’s given no thought to how the face on Niall’s father fell when he saw his son had a new, unexpected friend over to their home. Harry, the Sex-on Legs protstitue everyone wants, is obviously known to Mr Horan. Clearly, also Mr Horan, is impervious to Harry’s brand of charms. No civility in his reaction to Harry, Horan simply wants Harry out of his house.

Summarily dismissing Harry from the presence, it’s a sign that no son of Horan’s is to be with the likes of Harry. No Son of Horan is even permitted in the curtesy of driving Harry, the-sex-for-hire, home. No.

“Get a car for your arse with your own damn phone” Horan says to Harry with spit flying as he orders Harry to the door, his utter disgust over Harry in his house overwhelming him, “we don’t invite y o u r kind into our home.”

Why, Harry ponders, reflecting back on the evening at Niall’s house before his eviction, before Mr Horan erupts into the room, spews hatred at seeing him, why did Niall get so closed mouthed about Louis? On the drive home Niall was very Niall-like.

They had been playing FIFA and Harry wanted to know more about Louis. Niall ignore him and focused on FIFA.

Harry was quite awful at the game.

Maybe that was because Harry kept asking about Louis instead of focusing, not even trying to win the game, but all the while Niall did keep giving Harry weird nudges whenever Harry asked him things about Louis. In the three hours they gamed Niall only said one thing to all of Harry’s Louis-questions.

The one answer Niall gave? “Louis is really good at this game. Like really good.”

Niall said this as he nudged Harry again, his head nodding toward something off to the side.

Was Niall trying to say something important?

Once at home Harry rethinks the several hours at Niall’s that passed before Niall’s father put an end to it. Harry shares a flat with another prostitue, a female. She’s home so he goes to his room where his phone pings. It’s a text from Niall explaining.

“I’m sorry Harry. My father is such an arse. I told you this... we, me and him, don’t see things in the same way. I want to be a veterinarian. Not a banker. To be able to be just me. I’m not allowed to be what I want, not now. Maybe someday. But you should know, if you don’t already, when you’re with the men you date, in homes like mine, surely most of them have security cameras. My dad has them everywhere here. Also my dad, Hath, Mr Malik are all huge homophobes. Arrogant. And they golf together a lot. They talk. They share ideas about their fortresses, their security systems, and they have probably talked mostly about their sons over everything else. Our weaknesses. They might all know something about you.”

The next text from Niall comes before Harry can reply to the first.

“There’s more...”

“I’m okay where I am with my family Harry, but... Someday he’ll be gone. I’ll do my life in my own way. For Zayn it’s the same, beside Zayn is cool. He’s got so much money and fame coming in on his artistic talents that his dad can’t force him into a mini-Malik mold. Zayn can be An Artist. Mr Malik has too much to brag about letting Zayn be who he is. But Louis, it’s just recently, when I moved next door to him that something changed. So Zayn said when I was trying to figure that family out. Hath has clearly got some plan for his son, like he’s seen a glimmer of how wicked smart his kid is or something. I guess Louis wants something else. Me and Zayn don’t know what it is exactly that’s changed recently but Hathaway has let Louis go out more. So there’s that. But Harry. The worst, I can’t tell you. I can only tell you that when they, our fathers, go golf together, that’s when Louis sneaks out to the park for a game of footy. Me, Zayn, the Tomlinson’s driver, coordinate it. Hath doesn’t know. He thinks he’s giving his son free time but he has no idea how free Louis is or he’d freak...”

Again the next text seems in que before Harry can reply.

“If I was rude while you were here about your questions, it’s because probably right now my father is reviewing footage of us. There was a camera in the game room. He’s looking at footage for anything. If you’d said the wrong thing, too much about Louis, he’d immediately pick up on your interest and go tell Hath. Hath will take it out on Louis.”

Hath will take it out on Louis. That’s it. Harry seizes his phone a retreads all the texts before saying his reply. “Thanks Niall. Delete those texts and don’t have me in your contacts.”

“Way ahead of you buddy.” Winkyface and a heart follow.

This isn't the first time Harry is wipped from existence on a phone. And now Harry got a burning reason to talk to Liam. If Niall knows this much so does Harry’s best friend who has known Louis for years. So does Harry’s other good friend Zayn, though admittedly, Zayn lives in a metaphysical, non-verbal world more than the spoken one.


Three days of Liam not answering Harry’s calls has Harry extremely frustrated. The meager text replies from Liam about his work not giving him a chance to get back to Harry is annoying and seems shady. But that’s not Liam.

Finally Harry decides if Liam’s got that much extra work it’s got to be at Payne’s, the restaurant, because restaurants get staff problems easier than the hospital or the auto detail place. If that job is the barrier on having really important conversations with an exasperated friend in need then Harry’s going to get bold.

How does he arrange to coincidentally go to the restaurant? Step one, text a client that has been begging for any booking iin Harry’s busy schedule and make a pitch. “Take me to Payne’s for their finest and some expensive champagne and I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget.”

Harry knows this is unrealistic, not the procuring the date, but the getting them into Payne’s on a weekend, no advanced reservation. But he also knows this client has the resources; tiny dick, huge bank influence.

It’s three texts replying offering Harry other fine dining options and Harry refuses them all. He makes it clear. “I got others who will make dinner at Payne’s happen for me. My lips are about to mouth theirs if ....”

The phone rings. It’s his tiny-penis-huge-bank influence client. “No! Harry, no! Please! No. Give me a minute. Let me see what I can do. I’m sending a car for you. Meet me at Payne’s. Please. That mouth of yours, please, let it be mine.”

Harry gets to the restaurant. As he approaches the entry he’s passed by an older man and his date, or wife coming out of Payne’s. She looks mad. The man is begging for his companion to understand. Harry hears enough of their conversation to know how things went down. “Marsha, I’m sorry. I know we’ve planned tonight for months, just sat down. But you need to understand the man who came to the table is our money sweety. He is our money! He holds in his hands our financial future...” they get into a car before the situation of power can be described more but Harry knows his client got their table out from under them.

Once inside Harry is not surprised to see his client standing there eagerly waiting for him. From the entrance Harry can see there is a flurry of activity by waiters at a table that looks mostly untouched though they appear to be resetting it. The maitre’d tonight, Liam, as luck does or does not have it, comes to Harry’s benefactor and says “Mr Anderson, if you and your guest will, wait one minute please, your table will be ready.”

Liam follows this with a sheepish-look at Harry. He tries to act like he’s less familiar with Harry than he is. This is customary when Harry is with his work but this time it hurts a little. When Mr Anderson gets distracted by a message on his phone, maybe from the couple he pushed out are asking for clarification on what happened, Liam takes advantage of the distraction. He leans into Harry whispering in passing.

“You absolutely should not be here.”

Harry smirks. He then goes toward the men’s room saying to his client he’s going to wash his hands. His client nods as he’s on his phone listening to what can only be a complicated conflict he’s cause at any expense for sake of seeing Harry.

Harry is about to enter the men’s room when Liam breaks form for his role as maitre’d and says forcefully enough for those around to notice. “Harry no! It’s out of order! Um, just wait, a few minutes!” Heads turn to look at Liam’s atypical, loud behavior.

Harry smirks again. He flips off Liam in a swift move that only Liam sees. Harry steps into the room.

A restaurant like this alway has a palatial bathroom. This one is the gold standard of that. It’s walls, ceiling, floor are made of marble. It’s got chairs for lounging. Usually it has an attendant there, oddly not tonight. Very odd. The attendant is about a thousand years old and reliable because at his age what else does he have to do other than sit here and wait to hand people fresh towels? He’s also a person Harry genuinely likes because he’s never said or acted toward Harry like Harry is a whore. Nope. He treats Harry with the respect as any other patron and he kindly calls Harry “son”. That is unless another patron is using the men’s room then he goes to calling Harry “sir” which is the standard practice.

What is the out of order that Liam referred to? There’s nothing unusual.

Oh, or is there?

You would think if persons were fucking in one of the enclosed stalls the attendant would be essential to standing outside to send away patrons. That how it’s worked at these nicer places for Harry when a quickie is called for. But no Payne’s employee is keeping anyone out, unless that was to be Liam’s job.

Harry stands at the sink. Washes his hands as a way to politely announce to the couple in the stall that he’s in the room. Harry’s hand-washing goes unnoticed by them. Must be too quiet to hear over their noises.

Visible to Harry through the reflection in the mirror because there is a foot of gap at floor and stall wall is one set of feet still clad in shoes, surrounded by pants bunched at the man’s ankles. The walls of the stalls are granite and solid. It’s good because this fucking that’s happening in that stall so intense. It sounds like it has the all the hallmarks of hate-sex.

Harry notices another thing about this pair. Fingers are griping the top of the granite where the side wall of the stall ends. Based on that, and that there are only one set of feet on the floor. Harry knows the fuckee is being held up against a wall, not bent over, this pair is probably face to face. Harry personally likes the bent over, traditional way, but not when facing a toilet, so. To each his/ her own.

Each thrust the Standing Man gives his partner he announces by doing a guttural sound first, which is a sure sign of how hard he is fucking the ever living hell out of his prize. After his grunt he accompanies his trust with a pulse of words.

So it goes. From Standing Man, the guttural noise, then he grows, “Fucking tight as shit, always so tight,”

Next thrusts starts again with a guttural noise, follows with, “little thing so wet with me fucking your pussy,”

Harry hears that disrespectful narrative, he treats this as another day at the office for a prostitue such as himself. He adjust his suit, his tie, he slaps on some of the expensive cologne Payne’s has sitting on the sink for patrons to use. He shouldn’t feel about this pair like he does but he actually enjoys that there are men who like to fuck women like this guy is doing. It’s a twisted emotion, but Harry has been on the receiving end of brutal sex enough that sharing the load, literally, amuses him. He continues to linger purely for enjoying what Harry knows must means he’s a little broken to view someone else’s disadvantage as his amusement.

Another thrust after the guttural noise. Standing Man must be pounding like one massively forcible, brutal guy. He sheds light on why. “..followed his eyes as he went to looking longingly at your pretty mouth,”

He growls more words on the next thrust, “got an idea, he did, that maybe your pink lips on his cock would be good,”

The next words, thrust, follows quicker than previous, “you gave him a fucking smile!”

That statement seems to snap the cadence of the thrusts into another gear. The way Standing Man said “you”, dripped with his distain about a smile.

The fingers holding the top of the stall disappear verifiying that the Standing Man is clearly doing the Fuck-of-Fury. Maybe she, who Standing Man is fucking, has to hold onto Standing Man differently? The sound of them fills the room with anger-vibe such that Harry has to consider, maybe he should actually step up to help her? It’s clear she has released the wall which helped her with the aggressive style of dicking, but did she give out because she is completely wrecked and he’s still not stopping?

Standing man’s feet positions shift around confirming that he’s got his lover being fully held in his arms. Clearly he is too anger driven to stop himself, not until he comes. He takes her from wall to wall, even slamming her back against the door a trust or two. This is unbridled hate sex, violent, unforgiving.

Harry about to say something to stop this intensity when he hears the noises that say the Standing Man is finally coming as he’s perhaps muffled his face against her probably limp body. Maybe this is helping his hold so he can do his nastiest, likely spilling deep in her. His next words make Harry freeze.

Stopping Harry in his tracks are the words that follow the sound of Standing Man’s moans as he ejaculates.

“Tiny boy. Tiny. Yet your bum is so full and plush, it is the only thing I have to struggle to hold easily about you in two of my hands. Cute, pixie that you are, you make them come to you. They want your milkshake. Your had the audacity, you smiled at that man. You smiled and he couldn’t control himself, he touched your carmel-colored fringe right front of me, right in front of my face, in front of the entire restaurant cause he couldn’t resist his burning desire to have you.”

Tiny? Plush bum? Cute pixie? Carmel-colored fringe...Louis?

Harry runs into one of the other stalls furthest from theirs slamming its door shut just before bends over the toilet and vomits.

The fucking is over and the Standing Man’s focus is restored to normal. The boy, it’s a boy, not a woman, whimpers softly. Do they both hear Harry now that the deed is done?

“Shhh. Pussy boy.” Standing Man says confirming he’s aware they were not alone and in so confirming the one who was holding onto the stall wall for as long as possible while being fucked is a male.

It’s quiet as Harry tries to hold back his nausea. Then Standing man speaks. “Hello?”

Harry is vomiting again. Not like he did earlier with Niall but like actual vomit.

“Our sir, apologies, for our behavior, I’m sure you have found my activities here unsettling. I assure you though, really. It’s okay. Just taking care of my little cock-loving whore. Whores don’t matter. He allowed another man to look upon him and smiled. Allowed himself to be touched by that man, not his daddy.”

Chapter Text

Harry has no chance of stopping his body from purging now. Clearly Standing Man only thinks the person, Harry, who he doesn’t see but hears, became sicken in disgust over discovering people in a classy restaurant having sex in a men’s room. If only he knew what Harry knows. How may times Harry has fucked, been fucked in a bathroom. Men will fuck anywhere given a chance, classy or seedy if they want it bad enough.

As Harry’s sick again he hears their door unlatch, they seem to move to the extensive counter/ sink area. Harry isn’t hearing anything from the bottom, the boy, but he hears other after sex sounds. He hears sounds of clothing rustling and shuffling, some water running, towels tossed into the hamper like someone is cleaning and dressing someone. The silence from the bottom is disturbing.

Harry is at a point of only able to do dry heaves when the door opens to the men’s room and two voices join Standing Man and the bottom. Both are familiar voices to Harry because of his frequent patronage at Payne’s. Liam’s Uncle and the men’s room attendant have entered.

The uncle speaks first. “Tomlinson! I told you you were not to do this shit in here again! I told you when you came in earlier and said your parking spot out back was taken that we would have the offending car towed, to be patient. I told you that the attendant would see to the valet moving your Bentley from the patron parking to your spot for you.”

The attendant speaks next, “Sir your car is ready whenever you are, right where it’s suposed to be.” The way the old man speaks is respectful and has none of the frustration of Payne’s voice. It’s also clear he’s not giving any consideration to a scene that most would call terribly wrong.

Standing Man, or Hathaway Tomlinson, gives a flippant retort. “Kind late Payne. See the guy sat at the table next to ours tonight decided he fancied my son here, touched him on the face, right in front of me. The taste of your food went dead to me. You guaranteed not to interfere if I never took this approach in your bathroom but you failed to keep your bargain tonight. After that man touched my property, I had to act.”

The attendant says something about gettting some ice, “...for the lad” but Hathaway shuts him down.

“No need. I’ll put him in the car. He’s not going to sit for days now anyway. He’s not going back to the table with me. He’ll sleep me off. Send my plate back and see to it that I get a fresh meal. I’d like to send the touchy bastard at the table next to me a clear message when I go back to finish eating.”

This has Payne objecting. Not about the plate, they were taken Payne’s tells him. Hath can have a fresh meal, Payne adds, “but we’ve had enough unreasonable disruptions caused by our clientele tonight. A regular chased off another guest for dinner tonight, it’s was a less regular patron who apparently did it only to demand take that table for he and his date. To make it worse he turns out to have shown up wth that leggy escort, the one with the berry lips and the long curls. Adding to the carnival of chaos, the escort then completely disappeared on him so now the patron is publicly fuming at his table where he is sat alone. It’s ruining dining experiences of those around him. At this rate I’m going to be comping more diners that I get paid for! So being the great Hathaway Tomlinson or not, you are not having a conflict with another patron. Not in my establishment. Not tonight! Now get your son off my counter, take him out through the back and if you stay on to dine, be a gentleman.”

Standing mans’s son? It sounds like within a minute everyone has left except the attendant. Harry hears him cleaning up from the assault. Harry steps out of the stall.

Seeing how he looks the old man immediately slides a heavy, ornate chair over to Harry directing him to sit, calling him “son”.

“I’m sorry, so you heard all that? Did he see you when you came in?” Harry appreciates this kindness. He sees his reflection and knows he looks unuaslly pale and not fit. He was gorgeous when he walked in, something about so much unsettling exposure has him ruined.

“No, they were in a stall when I entered.” Harry says laying his hands over his face and feeling sick again. “So that was father and son? Really? And this sort of thing goes on and nobody speak out?”

The old man hands Harry a cool wet towel before he goes on cleaning up. “Son, you of all people know someone being rich doesn’t make them above acring like filth. Someone being educated doesn’t make them right.”

Harry is shaking when he hands the towel back to the old man. “Thank you for your kindness. Sort of don’t believe a boy that rich, delicate, seems sweet too, could be abused and no one says anything to stop it. What about Liam? He must know.”

The attendant looks scared to say anything about Liam, the owner’s nephew. What should he say? He chooses to shake his head and make a ticking noise.

Harry sits in silence then for a minute or two before he asks. “So can you have Liam tell my date I had to leave because of a sudden virus, something like that. Apologies, I’ll call and reshcedule? Oh, and also, can I leave out through the back? It’s not good for my business to be seen looking like this.”

The attendant nods. He offers some unsolicited advice. “Yes, I can do that, and you can leave through the kitchen, but son, you deserve a better business than this plan you have now. Go on, I’ll see to it that Liam gives the message to the gentleman.”


Harry slips through the kitchen. He’s sure his client is furious at this moment but he can’t care if it’s awkward for Liam. He so mad at Liam he can’t image anything other than the emotion of rage.

He steps our th back door and takes two steps down the back stairs before he sees it.

The fucking blue Bentley. It’s in this rear lot which is reserved for employees but the spot is marked with a sign bearing two words; “Reserved”. “Tomlinson”.

Seeing the car dampens Harry’s anger and he runs to it with a surge he can’t define filling his senses. The car is naturally dark. It’s night, the lights in the rear lot are fewer than public parking.

Harry tries to open the rear door but all the doors are clearly locked. There is a form laying on the back seat but there is no movement as Harry pounds on the window. Harry feels the seams of the windows in case one is open a little. He tries opening the trunk. He’s not sure you can access a car’s interior through a trunk but he saw that in a movie once. The entire time he’s saying “Louis” hoping it’s soft enough to not draw attention should a kitchen worker step out to put a bag of trash in the bin, but loud enough make Louis wake.

Louis doesn’t stir.

Harry uses his phone flashlight to shine in. Louis remains deathly still. He doesn’t flinch with the light. He just stays in a tiny ball looking a lot like those little kittens that Niall saved. Harry stands there and he cries. It’s maybe five minutes of crying before he realizes he’s crying for Louis and for someone else too.


This has never happened before. Not since he went to the streets. Not once did he ever cry. Not about the homelessness, the suffering of missing his family, not about the first time when a man took him because he was a “street rat”, nor about after that, the first time he gave himself away to a man for a single plate of food. The closest Harry ever came to crying before now was for his roommate. She had a thing go bad with a client and nearly didn’t make it home because of her injuries. Taking care of her for the days, the week to follow, made him cry for her. But since he’s only seen Louis so few times, actually, here in the dining room of Payne’s and at the park, why is Louis so profoundly important to him? Important enough to cry for.

“Louis? Louis? Please wake. Please. Let me in, no, let me take you out of there, away from here...Louis?”

A fear creeps into Harry. Is Louis dead? Why is he still not moving at all? It sends Harry back into tears as he stands there leaning on the car, face buried in his arm that lays on the windshield which affords him the best look at Louis. As if the gods feel his pain and join his sorrow a soft rain starts.

Soon Harry is soaked.

A kitchen staff steps out to dump trash. Seeing Harry as this unrecognizable figure leaning of a pampered client’s car he begins shouting at Harry. Harry is glad the rain makes him hard to recognize, but this does force him to go home.

He walks. It’s a long walk.

He’s ruined 800$ shoes. His silk shirt will be fine, the suit he’s not sure. He doesn’t care. He goes to sleep with a restlessness that only lets him go when it’s nearly morning.


Harry sleeps for two days. Somehow he missed several calls from Liam, starting the night at the restaurant when Louis was assaulted there. By the time the call was made to Harry it’s clear it was when Liam would have just left work. Harry missed many other texts from Liam too in his sleep. One from Zayn too. Also missed? Several clients calls and somewhere on the order of twenty messages in both formats from Charles Anderson, the man he made get them a table at Payne’s only to ditch.

He tries Liam first. No answer.

He calls Zayn. No answer. Zayn at least quickly texts back the why with two explanatory words “wet paint”. Harry knows what this means. Zayn cant stop mid-painting no more than Harry would be able to pick up mid-fuck. Work is work.

Finally Harry decides to call Anderson. Anderson picks up first ring. “Styles you owe me. Owe me big.”

Harry uses his deep, sultry voice in these situations. He knows it’s effect on them, the desirous. “Oh I know, I know, don’t worry. I got a big one for you.”

“Shut it Harry, I don’t want your tricks! You don’t understand what I did to have you the other night? What I did and the trouble it made for me! Put important people out of Payne’s so you can have a prime rib and champagne and I never even got you on your knees for me!”

“I was sick. You don’t want me like I was. I know how you want me. In those pink undies with the lace cutting into my hips while I f u c k y o u, your nipples pinned with clamps so it pleasure and pain. All that after I’ve sucked you hard so you squeal for it when I plow into you because you can’t wait anymore. Then when you come you want to rip off my panties, tie my hands with their spreads and suck me off. I know, I know. You want it like that.”

Harry knows he has the man hard by his dirty narrative. Anderson can’t ever decide if he wants to be fucked or be dominant, but he’s basically an easy job.

“I need you here, now Harry. In my office. Forget the panties. I want to be in that tiny hole of yours, fucking you. And...I want you raw.”

Harry sits up straight. “I don’t do raw. You know that. You want me to come to your office? Fine. I’ll be there in 20.” Harry’s voice deepens more. He doesn’t like threats. “Now you listen since your being a dick. Look for me to be wearing a suit jacket, and those panties under it and nothing else other than stelletos, but I’ll have a box of condoms in my hand. Use them or get nothing.”

Harry hears a whimpering noise. It would be the sound of negotiations won by Harry. The response comes in a voice with concession and pleading. “Be here in twenty. Wear clothes for god’s sake. I got people here, a barrister coming to deal with the problems our meeting the other night at Payne’s made for me.”


Harry arrives to the office building that houses many investment firms, a few law offices, Anderson’s wealth management firm. Harry takes the elevator to the floor of Anderson’s office. He walks in to reception where the two women working the front are set well back because the entry space sets the stage for what kind of money the client’s serviced must have. With so much space the couches and chairs for waiting clients are well out of the path to the receptions desk. Harry walks with purpose maintaining eye contact with one of the women. Both are stunning looking. Both never take their eyes off Harry though, because he’s far more the beauty than they.

At the desk he runs a hand through his long hair for effect as he leans on the desk which has one woman’s jaw dropping. It also has his slightly less-buttoned sheer shirt pull open more, allowing his long necklass to secure the women’s attention on his chest, some tattoos, his skin, “I'm here for Mr Anderson. Harry, Harry Styles. He’s expecting me.”

It takes a second for one of these receptionist to snap her gapping mouth shut and speak. “Oooh, okay. Um, but can you wait? I’m sorry but his counsel just stopped by, it’s a crisis. Can you wait a few minutes for him? Please.”

Harry is chewing gum and he pauses before answering just for effect because now he feels they are both staring at his lips. He wants to give them that moment before he’ll smile and oblige. “Sure, for you, I can wait.”

The women blush. One of them drops her coffee she was just starting to sip. The other woman jumps up to grab a box of tissues to stop her coworker’ spill from flooding everywhere. She is flustered by how they are falling over for Harry so she directs Harry with a gesture.

“Have a seat? Please”

Harry smiles at them as he turns aware they will immediately check out his arse, but then...

...turning to the seating he discovers he’s not alone in the waiting area.

On a couch, paused in reading a magazine, looking small and fragile is none other than Louis Tomlinson. Louis was watching Harry the entire time Harry unraveled the two women’s composure. Being so quiet, and ...tiny, he had gone unnoticed. When Harry eyes land on him he smiles. It’s a differ than the smile Harry’s seen before, it’s a sweet smile, but very demure. Nothing like the cheeky smile Harry got when they encounter each other at the park. It’s not a freely given smile like the first one he gave Harry the first time the saw each other at Payne’s.

No. It’s controlled. Very measured and restrained..



Harry hasn’t a clue how he got to sitting beside Louis. He thinks he floated there. He is however sat right beside the one he’s been seeking in this of all places, the reception of a wealth management firm.

Louis’ smile was pulled back by Harry being in such close proximity. Further showing his trepidation he’s turned his eyes to his feet looking at the magazine the fell to the floor between them. He makes no move even to pick it up. Instead he tucks his hands between his knees and closes them on his hands. On his face there is a dark bruise on one cheekbone. Harry knows how that bruise happens. It’s from taking a hard slap. Harry’s guess that happen the instant that Louis was behind the doors of the men’s room at Payne’s before he was assaulted sexually by his father.

Louis rocks like he knows Harry is studying the bruise. He doesn’t make eye contact though, he just states his lie. “Took an elbow to the face playing football.”

Harry’s sure the playing of football hasn’t been a thing. Can Louis walk normally yet? Maybe, but not pain free.

“So at that park, the same one as the other day then? Did you see our friend Liam?”

More nervousness seeps from Louis. “Different park, haven’t seen Liam since that day we met when he had the ice cream he was giving out to kids.”

That statement was started into with a vague, non answer. It ended with another blatant lie since Louis had to of seen Liam at Payne’s. Liam was maitre’d. Louis was eating when a man touched him. That’s when he was pulled into private by his father and raped. Louis doesn’t know Harry was there in the very room, clearly, and yet he’s so nervous it’s oozing off him.

Harry sits back thinking if he crowds Louis less Louis might relax a little. “So you know Louis, technically we have never properly met. We saw each other last month at Payne’s. We started to meet at that park when Liam broguht the ice cream, but technically we’ve not really met.

It’s then that Harry extends his hand. Louis sees it and his eyes widen but he smiles and pushes on rather than withdraw. He stops staring at his feet turning to look at Harry. To Harry it’s like next couple seconds are in super slow motion. Louis keeps his eyes on Harry, the smile Harry made him give by this ploy has induced crinkles around Louis’ cerluean eyes that sparkle with the idea of Harry’s point of view. As Louis’ hand goes to accept Harry’s the sensation must be somewhat like the electric connection it makes in Harry because with their touch Louis looks at their hands while his other hand goes to cover his mouth like he’s astonished by the feel of this touch.

Eyes darting back to Harry’s he says, “Nice to actually meet you Harry, your, your hand is so soft.”

Harry wants to say how Louis’ is so delicate, tiny, but he knows the two women are watching them. He doesn’t want to be seen as flirting with Louis.

The wisdom of that is brilliant. In response to nothing Harry had yet to detect Louis suddenly pulls away and jumps up to stand. All that sparkly, pretty glow that was between them evaporates. Louis’ face goes concerned and he gets more distance backing away from Harry. The voices announce who it is before the two men become visible. Walking out from the back offices is Harry’s client along with Hath Tomlinson who Anderson is seeing to the front as they are still in conversation. Louis looks around while looking down, he seems to want more space between he and Harry. Harry gives him that just seconds before two absorbed men look up from talk to see the two of them.

Hath stops. He’s arrested by Harry’s presence. It’s not the normal arrest Harry creates in men. His glare at Harry says he’s immediately disatisfied a man in so close to his boy.

Hath is tall, big in stature. He’s takes vet few strides to cross a large space because of his imposing stature. He snatches Louis by the bicep when he closes the gap and sets himself between Harry and Louis studying how this effects Harry.

Harry stays his ground, stays chill, finches not at a very decidedly non verbal alpha male territorial display intended to threat.

Anderson is catching a note of some drama. How could he not? As Hath stares down Harry, his hand fisting Louis’ bicep tightly such that Louis caves a little to that side while keeping quiet, Anderson clarifies. “Barrister Tomlinson, I see that your son Louis has met my...”

Harry gets a chuckle out of this, Anderson’s what?

“ um, my my new intern. Right. Harry here is, new intern.”

Harry has no idea how anyone will believe he is an intern. Sure he’s dressed nice. But business nice, no. Getting laid nice? Yes.

Hath hasn’t loosened his grip on Louis. Louis goes to put an hand on Hath’s to try to loosen it and he actually starts to tear unable to loosen the grip.

“Intern? Is that what we’re calling them now?” Hath scoffs staring at Harry until he’s finished the insult. Then he looks at Anderson, “Keep hiring ‘interns’ like this one and you’ll be hiring me to clean up your mess at work just like the mess I’m fixing that you made at the restaurant the other night.”

Hath jerks on Louis so that he pulls Louis off balance. Louis yelps. It makes Hath set an arm around Louis’ waist to keep Louis closer still to him but free from the bruising arm grip. They exit.

The two receptionist are puzzled. Keeping quiet about the weird exchange. Certainly all of what they saw, heard, will make for office gossip. Anderson looks embarrassed. Maybe because he lies badly.

Harry keeps driving him his status as not anyone’s whipping boy. He has to keep his clients begging so they don’t expect they can treat him like Hath treats Louis. “Well boss, can I call you that, where do you want me to start working under you?”

That odd phrase should cement the gossip.

Chapter Text

Harry’s not looking forward to his evening.

His booking? An Italian art collector with demanding Middle Eastern and Asian clients who have deep pockets. Their arrogance rubs off on their collector for hire so he can be a brute when he feels like he’s not going to make money. He buys a night with Harry even if he doesn’t know when or if he can afford another one. That makes this night a risk. The client will really need to buy the right pieces.

Getting confirmation from Giovanni that it’s Zayn’s latest opening they are attending, as Harry hoped, changes the outlook for Harry. It’s much improved. Harry knows if Zayn’s opening delivers something like Zayn usually does, Harry’s client should acquire the rigth art for his clients. In turn Giovanni will be content that he will make big money, he won’t be a total prick, or want to treat Harry like Harry is his bitch.

Typically Harry doesn’t care if the client wants him to top or bottom, just as long as there is respect. Giovanni is just moody and unpredictable.


Entering the gallery a transformation is instant. Energy of the creative infuses the air. Music pulses, not like at a music club because Zayn’s style is more nuanced. So is his music at his openings. Lights are amber, soft, but revealing on the individual art pieces.

People are standing around, cocktails in hand are, as a rule, the people at the opening are gorgeous. Harry’s sure many of them are simply friends of a Zayn’s. One reason Harry never pursued Zayn for a anything beyond friendship is that he knows Zayn’s type. It’s not Harry.

Within minutes of entering the gallery Harry is already earning his keep. Eyes are on instantly directed at Harry. Women and men alike. This makes Giovanni stay close though the man has work to do giving focus to each piece of Zayn’s art. It makes an impression on him as well when Zayn breaks from a crowd around him when he sees Harry.

Zayn goes right to Harry, boldly calls out Harry’s name, hugs Harry like the best, oldest of friends. Without looking Harry knows this makes impact on his client.

Having much of Zayn’s time, with many others wanting to talk to the artist is a challenge. Giovanni decides to wander around and look at the art to take a proper inspection of Zayn’s work while Zayn engages many fans as he remains in place hanging on Harry likeHarry is a convenient prop.

Once Giovanni leaves the room where Harry and Zayn are to go into the next room of the formal gallery space Zayn pulls Harry aside, like totally aside. Zayn ditches everyone else, clearly his plan, reason for keeping his arm over Harry’s shoulder is to get Harry alone. He takes Harry into a room off of the formal gallery room. The small room appears to be an office, or, maybe an overflow space because it’s a total mess.

Alone together Zayn drops his artist persona.

“Arreh, mate! Been too long! Glad you made it.” Zayn hugs Harry again more fully, slapping Harry’s back before he steps back and takes a deep breath to take a good look at Harry.

Harry was agreeing about the “too long” comment before he gets that this isn’t random urge to slip away from the crowd for a brief bromance. “, good showing, good crowd. Models everywhere,”

“Yeah, s’its good, real good. Got two pieces sold already and the opening isn’t even an hour into the night. Harry, I don’t ask you in here to tell you how I’m doing. Liam spoke to are you?”

“Me? Great, really great. What does Liam have to do with anything?”

There’s a knock on the door. A knock and then it opens a little with out wait. Niall sticks his head in. The always gregarious one says “You two need to be alone in here or is this possibly a three way?”

Zayn laughs at Niall and pulls him in, closing the door after quickly looking to see if anyone has noticed where the three have disappeared to. Once Niall is in the room the mood shifts.

It’s less rainbows and butterflies. More like parent teacher conference at primary school.

“Did you tell him?” Niall asks Zayn.

“No, just s’bout.”

“Tell me what?” Harry asks. Suddenly he’s at the wrong party he thinks, because this is odd. Even for Odd Niall. Who, incidentally, is not wearing a duster over his clothes for once. Harry thinks this is the first time he’s seen Niall without the coat other than when they got back to Niall’s that night and playing FIFA.

“Harry,” Niall says like he’s about to say something awful. “Louis is here,”

Both of them are prepared to stop Harry from bursting out of the room as he jumps to move saying “Where?”

Harry makes for the door. They are able to stop him.

“Wait, Harry, wait,” Niall says. “Listen, Liam told us about what happened the other night, at Payne’s. You need to know. It will happen again, Hath, him, like at the restaurant, if you go bursting out of here, decide to be fawning over him with googely-eyes and all that. Harry. You have to keep your distance.”

Zayn nods a rapid agreement when Harry looks to Zayn with disbelief like how the fuck can Niall be saying this. Zayn lights a cigarette which is Zayn’s go-to under stress. Who really gives a fuck because it’s clear, Liam is not alone; Niall and Zayn have the same picture of Louis’ abusive situation and the same acceptance.

“What!?!” Harry hits a wall with fist. “What? Are you saying? Keep my distance? Or what? Or he gets raped in the bathroom and nobody cares to speak out? Is that what you’re saying? Really?”

“It’s not like that Harry,” Niall calls to deaf ears as Harry bolts from the room. Zayn trails Harry with a desperate sounding “Wait, Harry, wait!” He is cut off before he can pursue Harry by a crowd that swarms him a upon reappearance.

With blood rage in his eyes Harry makes his way through the crowd, the gallery. There are a series of rooms, so the overall space is segmented like a museum. In his recklessness he knocks into a roaming waitress with a tray of champagne. Her initial anger is erased immediately when she sees how beautiful the careless offender is, but Harry doesn’t stay long enough after causing the spill to hear her offer to bring him something “special” when she goes to get refills for her dumped tray as if she was at fault.

Making it to the last room of the chambered gallery Harry stops abruptly. Arrested. There in the back of the room, a smaller, quieter room of art, is Louis. Louis is standing with three young women. Like so many girls here, the women, in their younger twenties, look like models. While the women are talking animatedly Louis looks to be listening to them with a bemused expression as he sips his nonalcoholic drink. Even beside their beauty Louis is, in his own right, the most stunning piece of art in the entire gallery.

His hair is styled into a messy look so his fringe has maximum playful effect. The bruise on his cheekbone has diminished, though Harry can’t tell from this far if it’s because of makeup. For certain his cheekbones look highlighted, so perhaps he has some touching up to hide the blemish. His attire is perfect for his shape, it too, like his hair playful; a mix of casual and posh.

He’s wearing tight, skinny, black jeans. The hem is rolled showing that his feet in his leather dress shoes are sockless so his ankles are exposed. It’s arousing to Harry to think about naked ankles, at least Louis’ ankles being bare. Of all things, Harry imagines he’d even like the chance to kiss Louis there.

Also mixing formal and casual is how Louis has paired a very non traditional, but tailored suit jacket with a tee shirt underneath. The cut of the jacket can only work for a person with Louis’ shape; his curviness, a tiny waist, a full booty make the jacket work on him unlike other men. The color of the fabric of the jacket is amazing for Louis’ skin tone. It also ties in the brown dress shoes and the black jeans because it’s black with a tiny shimmer, or cast of brown that only strikes you in the right lighting. But what makes the entire thing is the tee shirt Louis is wearing. Louis’ jacket isn’t buttoned, it reveals the deep red tee with a loose neck style. So it is that the shirt reveals one thing more alluring than Louis’ bare ankles.

Exposed collarbones.

Harry knows more than a few things about dressing to look like sex without looking cheap. Louis standing across the room in his androgynous mix of feminine and boyishness dress is the epidiamy of how to wear expensive sexy attire discreetly. His look compels other’s to come into personal space. Maybe touch even, just to use feel to assess if this pixie is real.

Verifying that effect, two of the women with Louis are constantly touching him in that way people do when they have sexual attraction to someone. It’s probably just like the type of thing that some man did in front of Hath thereby setting off a rage, but obviously Louis isn’t the slightest flustered or concerned by these girls patting him, or letting a hand linger on him a second or two longer than normal. He’s just amused at their banter. Sipping his drink.

Louis is taking yet another sip of his drink when he looks toward Harry seeing him for the first time. That’s it, their eyes set exclusively on each other’s and Louis smiles.

It’s the birthday smile. Cerulean eyes delighted.

Harry heart skips a beat. He is about to go forward when Louis nonverbally directs him.

Louis steps back with one small step as his eyes divert to the side of the room, a place somewhat distant from his spot and where Harry is currently standing. Harry follows the direction. It’s Hath that Louis directed Harry’s attention to. Hath is standing off a way from Louis and the young women talking with, as luck would or would not have it, Hath is talking to Harry’s client, art collector Giovanni Labruska.

Harry looks back at Louis and Louis nods. Like to say, “You got that?” Louis’ don't-come-to-me suggestion is soothed by another smile for Harry. Seeing Louis smile at someone other than the three blathering women cause the to pause their conversation to look at who has Louis’ interest. They see it’s Harry, their mouths drop, they turn back to Louis in what can only be a flurry of “Who’s that!?”

It appears Louis shrugs an “I don’t know.” The women go back to chatting after another quick glance at Harry.

Harry knows Louis won’t give him an opening to join the four even though his guarded glances stolen Harry’s way scream he wants to, to know Harry more, it’s a risk he can’t.

If Harry can’t go to him, he can’t come to Harry, Harry has a bold plan.

Harry strides up to his date making his reunion with Giovanni a blatant statement that they are “a date” as it shocks Hathaway for a split second. Giovanni doesn’t objector Harry’s couply reappearance. Harry knew he wouldn’t. If he wanted to hide his orientation he’d maybe not bring the most distinctively eye-catching beauty he could to escort in part to be sure people noticed them.

Giovaan has no sooner begun introductions than Hath interupts, “Introductions not necessary, we’ve met, haven’t we? How is that internship going?”

The word “internship” is said with maximum effort to make the effect that Anderson’s lie was a bad covered what Harry does for him. It’s so laiden with distain that Harry can’t resist shoving back, not be trumped by Hathaway’s game.

“Working under Anderson can be a pain in the arse, but I’ve had worse. Are you, by any chance asking because you’re looking intern. For under you, I mean?.”

It’s a direct hit. Hath’s face gets red. Harry’s delighted. He doubles down.

“I could work, under you any night if you like.” Harry made sure to anuciate “under you” the exact same way Hath said the word “internship”. He gives absolutely zero fucks how much he makes Hathaway angry at him. Maybe other people can tip-toe around Hathaway, but Harry can’t. Not when Hathaway is doing what he does to Louis.

Tension is high, Giovanni thinks Harry is just seeking more business when Louis comes to join them. Harry sees him first so Harry gets a smile, shy, but warm. When Giovanni and Hath turn aware Harry’s looked off Louis has lost the smile. In its place is some blank expression.

With Louis coming to join them Harry can see that for sure the bruise is ever present, made-over. It makes everything about Louis’ delicateness more pronounced. He slides close to his father and looks at him to read the disposition.

For a split second Hary regrets spinning up Hath because the elevated discontent he made is detected by Louis immediately because he has a strange body language, like when a dog submissively hangs their head to the side untilmthw alpha accepts them.

The regret is tossed aside because Giaovanni being a presumptive brute, arrogant, talking without thinking blurts out his assumptions.

“Oh, I see Harry your out of luck here, Mr Tomlinson has his own twink it appears.” Giovanni’s happiness for his failed cleverness isn’t about to ignore how simultaneously Louis gets rigid, Hath gets even more red-faced.

“Twink?” Hathaway spits, “sir, I don’t believe you’ve met my son, Louis, Louis Tomlinson, who’d I rather not have deviants like yourself labeling.”

Hath takes Louis by the arm, again far more aggressively than needed. “Come, my son. Better I get you home.”

Harry wants there to be something to stop them. If he could only study Louis from afar for the whole night. If he could know that what happens at home won’t be what Louis siffered the other night...if.

...if he could only understand, as Harry trails them making a slow passing through the crowd he has all these questions when Louis, dragged behind Hath by one hand, uses his lack of need to look where he’s going to look back and find Harry fighting his was through what is a very packed crowd at art the gallery opening of Zayn’s work to follow them.

And Louis does it. He again fives Harry that smile. His free hand makes a hand gesture. It’s “slow-down”. Or something like that. Harry shakes his head “no”. Another gesture. Oh, he gets it. Stay. Yes. Harry thinks it’s stay.

Harry is ready to run over anyone with that because no, he doesn’t want to stay. Watch Louis drug away. Taken home for who knows what. When he’s about to push through the last of the thickest grouping of gallery patrons he is grabbed by someone.

. It’s Niall. Niall and two pints, both brimming. How the leprechaun can mage to not spill a drop among all these bodies is amazing. But he does.

“Arry, hey, mate, where you going?”

Harry looks outside just as a blue Bentley pauses just off the pedestrian walk in front of the door and both Hath and Louis take the back seat. Like that Louis is gone. Harry turns back to Niall. “He’s gone. Niall, Louis is gone. I was trying to go after him. Why did you have to stop me?”

Niall looks maybe somewhat hurt at the harshness to Harry’s voice. Niall’s hurt is gone in a split second as his face brightens with a thought. Can Niall say anything to make this better? Harry wonders as he hang on a tread. what?

“So he is, but Harry what were you going to do? Can’t confront Hathaway and make it better for Louis. Or do you want to make it worse? But you know what you can do, mate? Meet me at the park tomorrow.” Niall says turning to walk away form Harry, back into the thick of the crowd doing an incomprehensibly good job of not spilling a drop of his two beers.

Harry shouts to Niall over the noise. “And do what Niall? Help with more kitten rescues?” It’s more primadona than Harry meant before it left his mouth, but it’s out. So.

Niall makes a face at Harry in his brief turn to reply. “No. I was thinking we could watch a game. Seems golf is on tomorrow and so so m e o n e will be at the park playing football. I’ll text you times, Princess, and don’t be such a twat next time.”

Chapter Text

Harry has only a few hours of sleep when he gets a text from Niall because the latter part of his evening with Giovanni was...rigorous.

“Awake Princess?”

Harry throws off his bed covers, replies with a sudden wakefulness. “When?”

“Tee time for them is eleven. Me, Zayn and the fair Louis will be at the park minutes after they go to the golf course, meet us there about 10?”


Harry isn’t sure what to wear to a park. He actually can’t remember being at a park, like during the day, as a chosen activity, but then there were sometimes early on working as a prostitute, when he was new, that he sucked off men in the park. That was always after dark.

Arriving before ten, he finds there Harry finds there are several football games on-going. Families with kids, pets, blanklets spread out everywhere littler avainlbe green space. Baskets of food being are shared. It’s so very Pleasantville, so to Harry it feels sort of odd.

And yet very comforting. He’d like to be one of those families. Sharing baskets of food, maybe something he baked himself, for his partner, their children. Maybe they would have a big, fluffy family dog, like the curly haired black one with the white markings that runs past him as it’s pursuing in play by a boy calling out “Buddy, come, let’s play frisbee!”.

Making it over to a pitch at the northwest pitch, which is where Niall said Louis team is playing, Harry regrets his clothing. He’s in casual jeans - stylishly ripped out at the knees - a short sleeve, button down shirt with a floral print so that he can have a little chest exposed by leaving at least one too many buttons strategically undone. Aa black fedora and dark sunglasses complete the look ting in his black paddock boots, designer made, of course. Is the fedora too much? He wonders.

Before he can rethink his clothing he hears Zayn call to him. “Aarreh!”

And Niall shouts, “Oi!”

Both are dressed very casual. Simple shorts and tee shirts. Suddenly Harry really regrets his fedora, but Zayn and Niall treat him like what he wears doesn’t matter, it is a park for fuck-sake, not a fashion show. They lead him to where they are wanting to sit. Other friends of Louis’ teammates are on this side of the pitch. Everyone is friendly upon meeting Harry. Nobody seems to care that he looks a little like a fashion-fan more than a sports-fan. They are genuinely nice. Suddenly Harry feels like this is what life is like among normal people. People who didn’t grow up on the streets but the kind of people who live in houses or not, do normal things, have normal jobs and friends.

After introductions Harry instantaneously picks out Louis. The game hasn’t started yet. Players are warming up.

Louis is clearly the smallest one on the team. Also the one who has the best flexibility. His pregame stretching makes Harry hard. It’s when the team takes the field Harry shuts down his erotica fantasies that absorbed him while watching Louis stretch. He scopes out how Louis is as a member of a team.

Simply stated, Louis is a magnet. Anyone making a good play wants Louis to be a part of that recognition, his teammates all want him to see or acknowledge their playing. Indeed Louis’ teammates can’t seem to resist touching Louis if they get his attention when in close proximity. Someone is always petting him, patting his bum, slapping it whenever an occasion arises. Louis always giggles and goes about like their touchiness with him is nothing extraordinary. Zayn and Niall with thei yes onnthe filed constanly while they talk never give an indication this is unusal.

There are a couple other things Harry notices as he intently watches the game. Given that Louis a defensive player, one would think he’d maybe be less significant to the team, but no. It seems Louis has a tenaciousness and a wicked sense of timing so he’s pivotal in plays. He even makes a goal. Everyone has clear respect for his skills. At times even the opposing team will give him a pat on his arse, because they have to admit, he’s good. Really good. He menuvers well like he knows how to use his body perfectly. It’s a struggle at times for Harry to not take that thought to the wnxtwnsion of what kind of lover that would make Louis, you know.

Hours of watching the games has Harry drawling anither conclusion. With Naill and Zayn busy in conversation about Uni stuff Harry has time to notice everything. Louis’ team is captained by a large, very affectionate with Louis, offensive player. The guy is built like a rugby player. Tall, muscular, blond, very attractive. Any chance he has the players change out he puts an arm around Louis. He and Louis give off a very couple-like vibe throughout the game. As he leads the team to a win, this captain looks to Louis over all others for celebration. Louis reacts by his turning to Louis when the get the winning score with open but taking a running jump into the captain, the two of them having a two-some moment where the guy has Louis in his arms as he spins Louis around before Louis drops to his feet and the entire team coalesces into a mass, team hug.

The team disbands after some team-to-team congrats. Nnotably the apposing team players have a fondness side to their exchange with Louis.

Louis looks good coming off the field. He looks relaxed, like he’s spent the day at the beach because his tan skin has extra color from the heat, the sweat he worked into. Like the other day perspiration has his clothes sticking to his skin in alluring ways making his curvy form very noticeable. He’s got his fringe pulled back with a wide hair band again so his features are highly visible. For certain the bruise Harry assumed was masked by makeup is indeed still present.

These are not the only things that are obvious. As Louis comes toward his three friends his movements are linked with the team captain. In fact the tall, handsome specimen of masculinity has an arm around Louis the entire way which he only slips into a hand hold just a second before he and Louis greet Zayn, Niall and Harry.

Harry is grateful he’s wearing dark sunglasses. He wouldn’t want anyone to see what is in his eyes. Having to be false most of the time for what he does for work, Harry has himself well-trained to restrain emotions. As team captain drops Louis’ hand extends it to shake Harry’s it’s essential the guy not see the daggers in Harry’s eyes.

“Aiden, I’d like you to meet my new friend Harry, Harry this is my boyfriend Aiden.” Louis says all smiles. The smiles Harry thought were just gifts to him? Well that’s his mistake, it appears never so were they meant to be.

A sucker punch would hurt less.

Harry takes the extended hand which is sweaty. It occurs to Harry instantly the sweat not just Aiden’s but some Louis. Another sucker punch sensation rips at Harry’s core. It’s more knife like than the first.

Louis’ two admirers assess each other after the handshake. Harry’s poker face holds, his deep voice stays smooth and deceptive of his pain at this meeting. Aiden’s face shows he has a curiosity about Harry; he’s trying to work out by Harry’s body language. It’s not the usual one. No. Aiden isn't wondering if Harry is, a whore for hire. He’s wondering if Harry is an interloper after a piece of Louis’ ass.

Harry gives no clue. “Helluva game. You killed them.” Harry goes to the easiest type deflective conversation. Sports talk.

Aiden eases up his scrutiny. “We get a hundred times better whenever Louis can come play. He’s our secret weapon.” Aiden gushes over Louis. Wwith his rave he casts a big, prideful smile at his best player and pulls Louis into him, arms all over Louis, enveloping Louis easily, raising Louis off his feet a little. It’s love and admiration so great Harry can almost see mutual heart emojis coming off of them floating up into a blue sky like bubbles drifting up into the atmosphere. How nice. They ar in love.

Zayn and Niall remain unchanged through all of this. It’s clear this is a thing. Louis has a boyfriend. A big, handsome, ripped, adoring boyfriend and everyone knows this.

Harry can’t grapple with how he feels betrayal, but he does. As soon as he gets that feeling he grasps that he has no right to feel this way. He really doesn’t know even Louis. He only knows Louis is sporty, yet sweet. Great with kids. Quick-witted and insanely flexible. He likes being physical. He makes friends easily. He also has a powerful father who sexually abuses him. Friends who know this. And a boyfriend.

That part puts Harry emotions into an entirely knew frame. Resentment. Harry resets how anyone can call themselves a boyfriend, much less any kind of friend like Zayn, Niall and Liam claim to be while standing to the side as the abuse goes on. A powerful feeling fills Harry. A feeling that he needs to take Louis away from all of this, all of them, friend even, and have Louis be treated as he should be.

Chapter Text

Harry can’t belief he accepted the invite to go with the four lads, Zayn, Niall, Louis and this Aiden, to Niall’s house for some gaming except, yes actually, he can because Louis invited him, giving him the smile. That Smile.

He’s regretting his decision as the four walk to cars, Louis being half-walking, half-carried by the way Aiden is continuing to keep Louis collected into him with arm around Louis’ waist though it’s placement is nothing like Hath when Louis was ripped from Anderson’s office the other day. Aiden’s way of taking Louis with is nothing but lovingly. The hand goes from Louis’ waist to hip, slipping sometimes a bit to his backside, but staying PG. At intersections, waiting for lights, the unbearable Harry witnesses escalates. Aiden kisses Louis on one flawless cheekbone, or Louis ‘ temple while his fingers carress near the bruise on the other cheekbone. He clucks out his doting questions, is Louis icing that area? Did he use the Arnica cream Aiden bought him for alleviating bruising?

It’s sweet. It’s sickening Harry.

They get to a parking garage, Zayn jumps into The Ferrari with Niall. Harry follows Louis and Aiden, still not sure he’s comfortable with the emotional abuse he’s subjecting himself to by witnessing the dream couple, but okay. He’s subjected himself to worst. As long as Louis gives him more of those smiles. ...Like a panting dog he will follow.

Aiden drives a Land Rover. The top of the line Land Rover. In the very back he throws his and Louis’ gear bags. He offers Harry the back seat. Harry notices behind that seat along with the soccer gear is a plethora of other sports gear. It seems Aiden does many sports. Nothing cheap. There’s a snowboard and boots. A saddle and riding boots, helmets. Aiden is in two words a Fucking Stud.

They get to Niall’s house where Niall waits for them keeping the gate open until Aiden pulls through.

Once they’re all inside Horan Manor it’s Niall who clucks tender concern for Louis instructing Louis to get a shower right away so if the three golfers are coming back sooner than expected Louis will appear to have been doing nothing unusal like being out at a park with friends playing football. Louis asks if his supply of clothes is holding out, Niall assures him he’s got enough. Or he can take some of Niall’s.

Louis pulls a face at Niall and says something about not wanting to get leprechaun cooties from wearing Niall’s. It’s all terribly cute and clearly a routine.

As Louis is about to sprint off for a shower Aiden stops him. A hand gently, not like Hath again, catches Louis by his delicate wrist to pause him. He puts Louis back against the wall, very gently, again nothing like Hath did at Anderson’s office. Keeping Louis pressed like so against the wall Aiden kisses Louis.

And oh what a kiss. It sucks all the air out of the room. When he’s done Louis looks weak-kneed.

Harry knows something about kisses like that.

When Louis runs off to clean up Aiden turns to Harry with his lips red from the kiss and, once again, this causes Harry the feeling of another sucker punch. Phantom or not Harry believes soon he’ll suffer internal damage the pain becoming to real.

With Louis gone, Zayn’s and Niall get a game started. It’s clear now. Harry is being interviewed for membership into this pack. Oblivious to Harry and Aiden the two friends get competitive and loud like to give Aiden and Harry privacy. Maybe just provide some supervision in case a fight breaks out.

“So boyfriend?” Harry asks with a AU little to his voice that suggests he’s gutted.

“Yep,” Aiden answers while making sure to measure Harry’s countenance.

“How um, how long?” Harry’s gets the question out without any facial changes, doing a better job of reining in his heart ach like he’s asking about nothing particular significance to him.

“Thirteen. I mean I was thirteen. Louis just was eleven. But don’t get me wrong. I didn’t touch him or anything. I mean like, like, you know, touch, touch him. I told him I wanted to wait until I was fifteen. I wanted him to be old enough, wanted him to have his first, first...wet dream. You know. And he was small. We fooled around some though because I anted to make him feel good. Special. But he was, he’s, he’s still small.”

“I was eleven.” Harry blurts out. He doesn’t know where it comes from,but it guarantees effect. Harry goes with it. He dials back the outburst and takes amore causal tone. “Eleven. The entire thing awful. It happened in an alley. Id been on the streets for months. Giving blow jobs. Getting blow jobs if that how they wanted it. I wasn’t really ready but you know. A boy’s got to eat.”

After that honesty there’s several minutes of silence between them. Aiden probably did t expect this much...honesty. He probably is wanting to be compassionate about Harry’s misfortune.

“So boyfriends?” Harry repeats breaking the silent, awkward standoff.

“Yep. Boyfriends. Since he was eleven. Six years now and counting.” Aiden seeems to sense Harry’s anger that started just about then and is rising. The big question is coming. Aiden is standing his ground. “Counting, and counting down.”

Harry snaps. “So for six years you’re allowing your boyfriend to be assaulted by his father, you and his other so-called friends!”

Niall and Zayn’s heads snap around to look at Harry’s outburst but Aiden doesn’t flinch. He puts a hand up like to say, “Chill, I got this.” The two turn back to their game. Aiden chooses words to deflect the accusation deliberatively.

“I heard you were at Payne’s, the last time Louis was there, when Hath...did that. I guess you’re in our club now because you didn’t break the code, after that you respected Louis at the opening at the gallery and didn’t make him suffer. He trusts you, Louis, does, he r e a l l y t r u s t s y o u.” The way Aiden slows down the words “really trusts” is notable; Aiden and Harry are in the thick of it now. No turning back.

“I don’t know that. I don’t know what he feels.” Harry gets his words to have a snarky edge like when someone is angry and not sure what responsibility they have for making the conflict. “I’m not sure he’s even real for fucksake.”

Harry throws his weight back into his chair when he realizes he was aggressive leaning into the conflict. His body giving a clue he could snap. Meanwhile Aiden stays purposefully relaxed. He’s not flinching. Moral high ground? How?

“Oh he’s real alright. He’s the most real person you’ll ever meet. And sweet, loving. Kind. Generous. Playful. He loves kids. He’s great at reading people, you know, intuitive. He want to be a teacher someday. And Harry, he’s also extremely determined. Determined to be free. He gave me his heart and I gave him my promise; we will be together. I believe his father can’t stop his decisions when he’s of age. We don’t have a stinking paper saying this but from when I turned fifteen, he was thirteen, we took an oath before I touched him that way. Liam and Zayn were there. In our eyes we are married.”

“So until then you let your lover be raped, beaten, sequester in a gilded cage?” Harry snaps, jumping to his feet. It’s the idea of Louis in a.committed relationship that drives the reaction though Harry might not know that yet and he’s staying to how can the assault be ongoing.

Harry’s animated stance brings the other three their feet.

Is it going to fists? Niall and Zayn fear it is.

Aiden makes one last attempt to shut Harry down as he step up too closing the gap between them. He reads Harry’ s anger, he stays resolute, firm calm. Later Harry will realize how this calmness helps when the problem is someone like Hath.

“Harry, don’t you know? The decision is not mine, it’s not his friends, it’s strickly Louis’...”

“I don’t believe you!” Harry shouts his anger has it him visibly trembling with the rage. Harry’s face is red, his fists clenched , “what kind of a person does that to themselves, chooses that for themselves? I was at Payne’s that night! I was in the men’s you tell me what kind of a person does that to himself? Let’s his father use him like that! Fucking hell! I chose the path to fuck for money, it’s not pretty but it’s a business. I make money, a lot of money, I can buy whatever I want, go where ever I want. If they buyer wants it rough i make the decision about my body, me, myself! If I decide to go that way I make them pay for it in spades! How is Louis capable of choosing to do this?”

Harry is about to got off more on Aiden when he’s arrested by a voice that interupts. The voice falters but it completely arrests the voraciousness of the impending fight.

“Don’t judge me”, Louis says. Louis is standing there. He’s in sweats and an oversized hoodie. The ill fit of the garmet makes him look smaller than it would if he wore his correct size. He looks soft too, like he should be cuddled. He smells clean. His adorable look is only diminished by how he’s looking stressed and tired, not the happy ball of energy he was earlier on the pitch.

He slips in between Harry and Aiden giving Aiden a push, like for putting distance between Aiden from Harry, Louis electing to move the one he’s most comfortable touching.

“Don’t judge me, Harry.” Louis repeats and his voice is nuanced with sorrow. His softness gives Harry the impression like Louis was just beaten, broken. He looks at Aiden who’s eyes look at him with a knowing sort of understanding, “Aiden, give us a minute.”

Louis pulls Harry by a hand to an outdoor balcony off the game room. Stepping outside, Louis closes the door behind them. He turns to Harry but is looking down like he’s shamed by what he heard Harry say. He repeats for a third time in a voice almost a whisper, “Don’t judge me, please Harry.”

Harry’s eyes close with disbelief. He begins to talk because he can’t beleive what Louis just said. Harry is also pressing his eyes closed by necessity to try to keep tears from flowing. It was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to Harry since his streetlife began.

“Louis, you’re probably the only person who’s ever said to me, those words, don’t judge me. I mean really. You know what I am, what I do, you have to. And you just said to me that me, a whore, has privilege to judge you? Judge you? That’s, truely unbelievable. Astounding? What do you think you are? Do you even know?”

Louis is looking down when Harry’s eyes open to hear and see the answer. “I’m a whore Harry. But unlike you, I do t get paid. I’m not valued. I. I am nothing. Not according to...”

Now it’s Louis who has tears. And unlike Harry he can’t bury his tears behind pressed eyelids. His whole body seems to cry. His hands go over his face and he shakes. Harry can’t have this. He’s to Louis in a flash. A dream fulfilled, this beautiful thing in his arms. His lips shouldn’t but they find Louis. Not too disrespectful. They simply kiss ove Louis hair, which smells amazing, Harry notes as he kisses over Louis’ head, trying to hush him while his deep voice rumles sweet assurances against Louis’ hair.

It takes several minutes before sobs subside. Become sniffles.

Fuck, Harry thinks. Even the sniffles are an elixir drawling yearning in Harry for Louis.

A few more shudders ripple off Louis before he seems ready to speak. Harry wants to keep the hold he has on Louis tight, their bodies pressed together as one but he has to release otherwise Louis’ face muzzled in Harry’s chest wont let him speak.

“It’s okay Harry. I’m okay. I know I’m nothing, now, just his pussyboy. It’s okay. Soon I’ll be whatever I want. I’ll be legal age, finally be able to go anywhere, anything, with anyone. I won’t have his money but I don't care. He can’t buy me. He owns me now. But not forever. If I don’t take his money he has no claim on me. That’s the plan. That’s why everyone is turning away when you think they should speak out. It’s not much longer Harry, I turn eighteen in December. I can leave here forever. Aiden and I can get really married. He’s loved me through this all. He’s never abandoned me. He’s never robbed me of my dignity. He even gives me complete, unwavering trust when he fears it could be the death of me to stay here a single day longer. It’s very hard for him, to be silent. For Liam, Zayn, Niall.”

Louis looks harry in the eyes and the crying has given him yet another different way of looking stunningly beautiful. It’s not his model look like when Harry first saw him, or at the gallery. It’s not his sporty sexy look like on the pitch. It’s a vulnerable kind of beauty.

The tip of Louis’ nose is red from crying. The shade of blue of Louis’ eyes changed color from the tears, the redness creating a different contrast to their blue. Cerulean is replaced by a more pale Sapphire shade of blue. He looks fragile. Like if Harry touches him he could break just as the slightest touch would dissolve a snowflake. Harry steps back. He doesn’t want this idea to be reality. Is Louis going to vanish? Dissolve?

Giving Louis space allows Louis to go on. “He, Aiden, has got to know you Harry, like I think I do. Aiden isn’t stupid. But he wants you to know the stakes being friends. The risk for me. You see the last time someone liked me as, um, as you seem to he made the mistake of touching me. It was here, in this house years ago. The family who owned this house before Niall’s had a son two years older than me. Aiden’s age. Robbie. They were friends actually. I always thought Robbie was nice. I don’t think he was gay. After it happened I came to believe maybe wha he did, maybe it was because he was just so curious. And he didn’t mean anything, and Robbie knew I liked boys. So one night he decided to feel me, up. It made him go too far. I didn’t want him to but I wasn’t going to fight him either, risk making any noises that alerted anyone, his family, Hath. They came to find us when we didn’t hear them calling in this huge house. Robbie had me pinned under him on the floor, his pants down, he was making me swallow his dick. They found us like that. His parents, his sister...and Hath.

“Hath nearly broke his neck before his parents could separate them. It made a big mess for their family from then on. After that Hath also decided I made Robbie, them ...them being other boys, come to me. He says my mikskake makes all the boys come. Like the song. He made our ‘father and son time’ much worse after that. Much worse. Aiden, Liam, Zayn, Niall too, when he moved in next door, they all tried, try to make sure no one gets too close to me. Even a look can set Hath off. It’s doesnt always work, their protectiveness. Hath still gets ideas unprovoked, that I’m some vixen, some....”

Harry can picture it. Louis pinned, a bigger, stronger boy pushing his dick between Louis’ lips, making Louis choke. Louis afraid to scream out for help. Making himself accept that. Harry knows that experience. He shakes of the relatablity of the experience and asks, “So then what? Whatever happen to Robbie, he was raping you, what happened to him?”

“Hath broke the family. He kept saying as he threw a rage that he knew I was the tease, everyone knows I’m gay, I seduced their son, I want it clearly, that kind of stuff. He was more enraged though that they thought their son was good enough to have his use of me. Taking out his anger on me wasn’t enough for Hath after that night. He went after them. He’s the most powerful barrister in all of London Harry. He can do anything. So he does. People fear him. It’s only Aiden who doesn’t. Aiden loves me enough to take the risk, so long as he doesn’t give a Hath clues we are together. He won’t cause me to suffer.”

Louis repeats that Aiden loves him a couple times. It’s like it’s unbelievable to Louis; he has to say it over and over again like to convince himself. For yet another time Harry’s body feels the sucker punch.

Chapter Text

Harry has many questions, so many more, yet he doesn’t want to extend what is clearly severely painful for Louis to speak about and share.

He pulls back from Louis, partly seeing how protectively, Aiden is looking out through the glass door, condisering coming to join them, as well as in part just to see all of Louis, read his stamina. He seems emotionally exhausted.

“Okay then. If I am to be part of the circle, how do we proceed? Am I allowed to speak to you ever if Hath’s around? If you’re at Payne’s do I run interfence? Like keep men from noticing you? Because can do that, I can get men, even diehard hets to look at me? What do I do to be part of the team? Do we have a name for us, like are we the Louies? What do we call ourselves, Team Louies?”

The ‘Team Louies’ suggestion makes a small smile break through.

Harry’s heart soars. He made that. That smile is all his.

“Um, just stay casual. We’ve crossed paths so he has an idea about you, it’s not good. If you want, it would be if nice you could save anything else for when Hath is out of range. He’s so volatile. It got better for a while, but...ever since...”

“Ever since what?”

Lips release the words and regret strikes Harry. The smile leaves, the emotionally drained look returns. Before Louis can say more Aiden sticks his head out. “Hey, Tomlinson, Niall beat Zayn and I just beat him. You want to try to beat me in the championship?”

Louis lightens immediately at the game mention, “Sure, but don’t you think Harry should try? Aiden verses Harry!”


Later when Harry gets home he’s in disbelief that he could ever like a game such as FIFA, or be good at it. Given the beating Niall put on him when they played the game at Niall’s the first time it’s still inconceivable he won a game.

Of course Harry beat Aiden only because Louis was coaching him, giving Harry constant tips, directions. And the part that made the entire thing awesome was during this coaching Louis had be very close to him, their bodies in contact much of the time. It was wildly amusing to everyone how Louis was loving getting Harry to beat Aiden. Naturally, that meant Harry was in the last game against Louis and Louis took Harry down in record time.

Nevertheless the game was amazing. So infused with a lightheartedness from the experience was Harry that he almost didn’t mind seeing the way Aiden got to kiss Louis when the word came that the three golfers were heading home and the fun needed to end.

Harry gets to bed after first putting out a text to Liam. “Hi Liam. I’d like to apologize. I understand better now. Not everything, but more. I’m now an official member of ‘Team Louies’. Do you think you can trust me to behave if they’re at the restaurant sometimes? I promise I will behave.”

He hits send then gets an idea to sway the plead. “Oh, and I met Aiden. He seems nice. Looks a little like another Hemsworth.”

Suddenly a text reply comes up. “Aiden is great. He loves Louis more than anything. Yes, to the heads up.”

The text had a smiley emoji at the end of it.


It’s five day before Harry gets a text from Liam. Not that he hasnt gone past Payne’s, even if out of his way, everyday because Liam’s schedule at the restaurant is irregular.

The text reads. “Hath is here. He’s dining alone. He doesn’t have a driver today. Louis is sitting in the car.

Harry runs out of his flat forgetting he’s got wet nail polish. Who cares.

Harry gets to the restaurant, he doesn’t see the Bentley in the patron parking lot so he starts to walk around to the employee lot behind Payne’s only to have Liam come out of the building, waving to suggest he come through the front entrance. Payne’s has many tables, it appears Hath is on the east side of the restaurant. Liam takes Harry around a big center partition which is a bar that dissects the floor space, on the west side and to the kitchen. They walk through the kitchen to the back door. At the back door they talk. Liam’ uncle is off so Liam is acting as manager on this night. Liam’s interaction with a known “escort” is not a concern among the kitchen staff.

“Hath came in alone. About 30 minutes ago. I was stepping out the back door to toss something into bin when saw that his Bently is there, noticed that Louis is sitting in the back. I don’t like that, not at all. I can’t get anyone else on the phone and I shouldn’t be letting my eyes, ears off the staff, we are too busy. So I called you. Go check on him. Please. Something doesn’t feel right.”

Harry leaps to the task. Approaching the car he sees Louis is in the back seat, sitting there alone, staring forward like a manikin. Harry knocks on the window which makes Louis levitate. Seeing Harry he signals, go around to the other side, that side being the far side of the Bentley from restaurant back door. Louis unlocks the door. Harry slips in.

Louis breaks into tears, hands covering his face, but not before Harry has a good view of a new bruise, much like the old one, only it’s on the other cheekbone. His jaw has one too. His neck is littered with dark spots. He was choked, obviously. He’s dressed in baggy sweatpants and a tee. He looks like he hasn’t slept or showered for a couple days. Harry gets the scent of something, Hath maybe. Harry know the smell of Louis from the other day, both sweaty Louis and clean Louis. This has the scent of a man’s endeavors.

Harry arms envelope Louis and he holds him. Louis just cries. Getting his breath doesn’t happen with ease. He goes on saying nothing just crying for what feels like eternity.

Calm happens slowly. Like Louis runs into such emotional exhaustion he has nothing left.

Harry’s got Louis held into his chest and it’s only after a long while that Louis speaks.

“He’s gone.” Louis offers up. “Aiden is gone.”

Louis is crying again. Harry shifts, gathers Louis’ face in his most gentle touch, hands framing Louis face. “Gone? You mean he, he left you?”

Louis gets more emotional. He’s got to hurt to cry this hard. He’s also thrashing a bit, like his pain is so intense his body can’t house it.

“No Harry! He didn’t go away, he’s gone! He’s dead!”

Harry grabs Louis back into him because he’s afraid Louis could quite literally expire from his hyperventilating-like heaves. Harry’s in shock over this. How can young, virile, fit Aiden be dead? It was just five days ago he was alive and healthy, in love, planning to elope with his beautiful lover. How? When?

Harry hasn’t gotten answers when he sees Liam at the back door of Payne’s. What’s he doing? Why is he waving a white dish towel? It occurs to Harry almost a second too late that the behavior is a sign, a signal. Hath’s coming.

Harry hates giving up Louis. “Louis, I gotta get out, Hath!”

Louis goes rigid and sits back in the seat looking frozen as he resumes a stare. Harry opens the door, slips out, softly shuts it. Because he hears footsteps coming fast so Harry can only leave exit the car and stay on the ground next to the car, on its far side and hope he will not be seen. Slink away as opportunity allows.

Hath opens the back door on the other side. He must not like seeing Louis looking like he’s been crying.

“Have I not told you if you continue to cry over T H A T I will take it out on your arse!”

Harry’s gripped with fear. He got Louis in further trouble by the simple act of sitting with him causing an upwellling of grief which clearly Louis is required to hide.

“I want to take you out, but you have to appear to be something other than a twink. Fine, you wanna cry over dick, you force me to have to pound that unnatural desire out of you.”

Harry hears sounds like clothing being fused with. Probably one noise is the sound of a metal belt buckle hitting the pavement. “Face down, Daddy has more of his dinner coming, has to make this fast.”

The wrestling starts. Clearly Louis didn’t move to present himself fast enough for Hath. Harry hears Louis’ wordless distress as he’s clearly trying to fight, Hath’s cursing Louis as he must be putting Louis down on the seat, probably then easily disrobing Louis’ bum given Louis’ attire.

Is he really going to fuck his son right now in parking lot between his courses of his fancy meal?

The next sounds must be made by slapping Louis’ bare arse. Louis makes muffled protests. He must already be bruised there by the evidence Harry noted elsewhere, his face, his neck. Could he even possibly be prepared for more of this?

No sooner does Harry ponder that than Hath delivers the answer.

“Pretty sorry that you failed to choose to put those fingers of yours to use while I was dining as I instructed you. Looks like nothing has been in your little hole since I pounded you last night. Can’t my little pussyboy do as I demand? I don’t know how you twinks prep yourselves so Daddy’s cock doesn’t hurt you, that’s your job. I tell you to do that, but no, you frequently choose to ignore me. Yesterday, I said you had to clench on Daddy’s cock or I’d have to fuck you again, later, harder. Did you obey me? Yesterday? No. Today? No. Loves taking dick so much princess but expects his Daddy to make it right for your whoring need?”

Harry is perplexed by Hath’s brutal, convoluted thinking. He can’t believe this. Nor can he sit here in hiding any longer and not stop this. Louis has one less person to help him now that Aiden gone, Harry can’t risk Louis loosing another, not when Harry’s still not sure how Hath manages to take things so far, powerful barrister or not.

Harry gets to his feet. He’s not seen because Hath has his focus on his son under him hands making Louis’ left cheek part. His right hand on his dick as he’s bringing the head to Louis’ body. Clearly, his intention is to push ahead, fuck Louis raw, no lube, not even spit, no prep whatsoever, a reality which Louis is being blamed for. Harry walks around the Bentley, beside the open door, where bare-arsed Hath is positioning to breach his son, Harry interrupts. He makes a throat clearing noise. This brings Hath snapping to pull away, stand, turning in a rage.

Harry gives a casual smile. His face hides his loathing and hatred. “You know I’m pretty sure if you’re wanting that twink of yours to do for you what? Was it ‘clench on Daddy’s cock’? You’re going to have to get him ready before you fuck him. Too painful and he’s not going to be able to come for you, that is what you meant by clench, isn’t it? God he’s such a gem too, bet he’s beautiful when he rides daddy. I’d take care of him if I had that as my bottom, really, really good care.”

Hath’s rage is challenged by the unorthodox approach. His erection is as red with its heat for Louis as his face is red with anger for Harry disrupting the rape.

“So it’s the Intern, Paul’s intern, here to give me advice, is he? It’s Harry right? Harry Styles, who I understand is an ‘Intern’ at a number of hig profile businessmen’s offices. That’s the term now in the Harry Styles private men’s club of sex for hire. So tell me Harry, how so popular, do you go both ways?”

The opening is perfect. Spurred on by catching a glimpse with his peripheral vision of Louis moving ever so slightly, pain clearly suppressing Louis, Harry pushes on to do the unthinkable.

“Pretty much I offer a full-service Internship. I’ll do Daddy’s part like Paul usually wants a little of. He’s interesting though, Paul likes his Daddy in lace panties, pink ones. He’s got some seriously unique kinks. Mostly though I get clients who want a bottom, you know that’s one reason why I would take care of this one. Can I tell you how many times I’m sat here over dinner at Payne’s with a client who is begging for what is going to happen later when he finally fucks me and suddenly my lips, my beauty doesn’t keep his attention. And who are they captivated, salivating looking at? Everytime is your twink. They get embarsssed if they realize I notice their distraction. I don’t mind, I guilt them later and make them pay me extra for the insult of their distraction. In a way, I’d say your twink has already made me a lot of money. Maybe I should repay his Daddy for the additional income?”

Harry knows he has Hath with all the imagery because Hath is standing there listening to every worded is saying, picturing Harry’s narrative in his mind. Vividly. Also Hath has not lost one bit of his arousal. His hand is actually on his dick as soon as Harry says ‘other men want Louis’. The problem, right now for Louis, as Harry knows from his personal experiences is that Hath’s dick is needy, rigid. Hard as hell. It’s all way too much for Louis. Harry will do anything to stop this rape from happening, even if it means inserting himself into the sex. Can he take Hath at this high stakes game?

Chapter Text

They leave the parking without Hath finishing his meal or paying. As they drive to to Tomlinson manor Hath calls the restaurant, speaks to the manager on this night, Liam, agrees to have a bill sent to Hath’s law office. Harry does his best to ignore the idea that Louis is lying on the back seat maybe hearing them, maybe not able to hear enough to understand Harry’s playing a game with Hath as they drive. Hopefully, Harry is saved by the fact Louis is far too weak from grief and abuse to be cognizant of their conversation.

They pull into the residence, the one sat between Zayn’s and Niall’s family homes where Hath stops at the front entry. The full-time driver for the Tomlinson’s, as it appears from his attire and manner, meets them, opening first Hath’s door than the back door to access Louis.

Harry steps out, goes around to where the driver is leaning in to collect Louis from the car.

To Harry it seems that this is not the servant’s first time seeing something like this between father and son. He acts accordingly. Harry also notes as the robust, older gentleman driver leans down to scoop Louis up that around the neck of the driver of the Bentley, hidden by his formal driving attire, including a tie, there is a whistle hanging from a string. Harry’s seen that kind of whistle before. He thinks he’s heard it too...likely the first day at the park when the blue Bentley came to pick up Louis. The purpose of the whistle? Likely to coordinate in order to get Louis home before Hath.

Walking up the steps of the entry, Harry turns to the driver, who has Louis in his arms. Louis is limp. Hath is unconcerned. Harry goes to take Louis from the driver. As he does he says loudly enough so Hath can hear him, “How about I take him from here, thank you.”

What Hath doesn’t hear is the words Harry says as he leans in when they exchange Louis, “You help him?”

The driver says “Yes, sir.” Is seems like an answer to Harry’s saying he’d take Louis. Harry knows it’s the answer to the question of who is on Team Louies at Tomlinson Manor.

Once Harry has Louis in his arms to carry his heart melts again. Louis is so light. Soft and firm depending on where a hand is. He’s also lifeless, probably because he’s suffered years of abuse, he’s grieing over the death of his love/ boyfriend/ unofficial husband. He knows what’s coming from the history with his father...does he know Harry enough to know, trust; trust Harry when Harry is going to be touching him?


The master bedroom is larger than most homes total floor square footage.

Harry gently puts Louis down on the bed. Hath seems doubtful now that he has a well known prostitute in his home. His son, the objective, compromised.

It is easy to remove the few pieces of poorly reapplied clothing from Louis. When Harry does this he sees the ravages of the past five days. They are hard to ignore. Louis has marks everywhere. More on his hips, pelvis, upper thighs Harry gently parts Louis’ legs, and it’s clear. Ravage.

Hath had been directing a few of his staff about incidental, nothing sort of things, as they entered the home and he ollowed Harry upstairs. The staff behaving to oddly, in that they acted like they where unaffected by Harry carrying in Louis, Louis nearly lifeless in Harry’s arms, they reactions, lack thereof, suggestive they’ve seen it all before. Somehow they haven’t been able to stop it. For years. Now in the bedroom Harry goes into to overdrive to defend Louis.

Charm. Harry goes with Charm.

Harry smiles while looking Hath straight in the eyes selectively removes a few bits of his own clothing. Shoes, his jacket. His shirt. He likes that Hath inspects him. It’s curious though how Hath can keep maintaining he’s not into men, but then Harry has countered that in men who don’t know themselves many, many times before.

Hath takes all his clothing off. He’s a big man. Almost off for being Louis father. Harry sees nothing of Louis in him. On the drive Hath’s erection has waned significantly but now it’s beginning to harden once more. Maybe anticipation for Louis. Maybe seeing some of Harry. Hath gives himself a lazy sort of hand-job and sits on his bed to the side of where Louis lies.

Louis stillgives no indication of wakefulness. Harry thinks that could be better, or not. He gently turns Louis over to lie face down. Taking a breath and hoping his perfomance is being maintained Harry instantly feels heartbreak seeing the bruising on Louis’ backside. Maintaining an illusion this is simply Harry’s line of work, Harry’s hands take hold of Louis’ round, bountiful butt cheeks. He parts them.

His breath catches. Hopefully not so notably and yet before he can get himself under control a revealing “oh my god” slips from his lips. He covers for it. He doesn’t want Hath to know it’s because of seeing the bruising there, around Louis’ tiny entrance. While the expression was in part for that appalling reason, it’s also for another reason; his reaction to seeing all of Louis, even the most intimate parts, as beautiful as everything else Louis.

“He is is simply the most beautiful, bottom in every way. He’s so unimaginably perfect. Pink, tiny hole, surround by these full cheeks, simply sensational. If I had this, I’d do him right so everytime he comes exactly when I say he can. I’d always have my dick in this tiny thing when he comes, or my finger in this treasure, or my tongue, something so I could feel his body working for me. Clenching. For me.”

Hath seems fully aroused now that Harry’s going on about how special Louis is. He asks, “How do I make him do that? Can you show me?”

Harry goes bold. He drops off his pants in flash before setting his hands on Louis’ bottom again to part cheeks. His mouth goes immediately for the pretty little puckering of pink. Harry starts devouring Louis’ body making the effort deliberately super wet and sloppy sounding. Gradually he incorporates some soft kisses, licks, nibbles around the pink treasure, on each cheek, over the entire bum. He uses a wettened fingertip to play with the puckered flesh. Whenever he puts his mouth back over the hole he again makes the loud sounds again, eating out this body like Louis’ hole is life sustaining. It’s very loud, very slurpy and in his enthusiasm Harry can’t stop his own moans. His own body responds.

Maybe Harry’s moaning makes this so, he doesn’t realize until Louis begins moving that Louis is making a change from unconsciousness to wakefulness. Harry’s sure he feels Louis quiver a split second before Louis whispers “Aiden” with the name muffled on the bed he’s face into.

That is all it takes to make Hath reach over grabbing Louis by his hair. Hath roughly pulls Louis’ head up from the bed and threatens him.

“Say that name ever again, even in a dream and I will break your pretty jaw! Aiden’s dead you whore, he was never going to marry you!”

Releasing Louis with a violent fling. Louis makes an dazed attempt to lift his head, one disoriented passing glance around. Just as he sees Harry, not Aiden, he drops his head, begins convulsing sounds, shaking mixed with tensing up. Harry makes a subtly reassuring caress by letting one hand run up extending along Louis’ back, giving a few pats before returning his hand to the bum cheek and beginning his efforts anew.

Louis goes still. Mostly, Harry knows, clearly Louis is trying to repress his shaking. This is not good. He’s been through this kind of thing too much. Not for just one time at least, maybe for six years. Slowly Louis gets calmer, his body yielding to Harry’s efforts renewed, his fear, shakes reducied he becomes more tuned to some degree of pleasure. By the time Harry has gotten his index finger working just a tiny bit into Louis, Louis seems let this be Pleasing. At least for Harry it’s become very much so. Harry can make his tongue push through the rim in the most minute measure. Louis’ body responds. He even makes his pelvis angle like he wants Harry more.

By the time Harry has one finger able to go as far as his hand allows Louis is making rapid little breaths like the feel is so good. He says nothing though. His body just keeps giving tiny clues. He rocks his pelvis making his entrance prone for more. His thighs begin to tiny shudders when Harry strikes a sensation in Louis that is just right. One finger hits the right spot.harry knows it. Louis is afraid to reveal it and still his body softens.

Harry keeps expecting some more outbursts from Hath, but he catches sight of Hath giving himself a good hand job while watching this in fascination.

Once Harry works two fingers deep into Louis he has Louis getting up on his knees, back arching, breath coming in shallow, rapid gasps. Louis is in a word gorgeous. He’s perspiring, he’s doing such a presentation with his bum up, his curves being emphasized by his fluid arching position. Harry be lying to himself if he said he didn’t want to fuck this body, but how could he?

Harry pulls his fingers out and begins eating out Louis more. His tongue makes it as deep as it can before penetration is restricted by lips at the gateway to the rim, a rim more pliant. The newest penetrating licks into Louis make Louis moan. It’s the first sound of overt pleasure Harry’s heard from him. Perhaps Louis shouldn’t have.

Hath rips Harry away, pushing Harry roughly. Harry begins to protest as he sees Hath turn to pull Louis back to him, swiftly penetrateing Louis in one hard driving, bottoming penetration.

Harry’s shouted words, “No wait! Should let me do him more on three fingers first!” The outcry goes unnoticed as Hath drives into Louis again and again cursing.

“Fucking pussy boy so loves feeding a whore who eats his ass,”

“Can’t resist having his body fucked by men, even another whore,”

“Give yourself to any man when I am your daddy, me!”

“I try, try to fuck you enough to fucking pound the gay out of you!”

Hath is giving it so hard to Louis that he has to grip Louis to keep him from being pounded into the bed under them making it a challenge for Hath. At last Hath snatches Louis up as he positions himself siting. He puts one arm around Louis to keep Louis positioned there as he trusts upward into Louis. Feeling his urgency, clearly, he grabs Louis’ member in hand and begins pumping roughly.

His commands begin to sound like pleads, probably because Hath is getting close.

“Come for Daddy, come for me, fuck slut, come for Daddy,”

”Daddy wants his pussyboy’s clench, makes Daddy so alive!”

Harry is mortified at how brutal this is despite his efforts to avert this kind of thing. He actually hopes Hath would see his body and want him. Seeing now how Hath is obligate-gay for his son, Louis alone his obsession, Harry wants to soften this.

He knows from experience that Louis needs one sensation of tenderness. He needs it before Hath turns to anger again.

Eyeing Hath to montior his reaction Harry takes Louis’ dick from Hath’s hand. “He’ll come for Daddy, right, won’t you Louis?”

Louis eyes that have been shut since Hath shifted him into his lap open. They’re not cerulean, they are the sapphire color; gorgeous but pleading. Harry gives back to Louis in one brief look of what assurance he can before he begins a wordless comfort as best as he can.

Harry sinks on Louis’ dick. He gets several inches down, that’s all it takes, before a spurting sensation and a salty flavor fills Harry’s mouth.

Hath must go off too, lead by Louis seated on him, the desired pulsing of Louis’ orgasm giving him the elusive clenching rim on Hath’s dick. Hath shouts out his orgasmic revelations, something with “god” in it, something with “Daddy” in it, something about his (Louis, but not that name), “gets him (Hath) off so much more perfectly” when Hath’s boy “can come on Daddy’s dick” like this.

Chapter Text

Hath deliberatively extends dumping his seed in Louis as long as he can. He makes unnecessary trusts. He makes the most overtly manliest-sounding guttural grunts like he owns this, as if he made this. He clearly wants Louis’ body to go on doing this thing to his “most powrful body” that he’s feeding off of. He even makes a slip about his need, an accidental whining sound, when Louis stops coming. That clenching feeling in Louis’ body Hath is obsessed with ends. Unceremoniously, Hath tosses Louis aside when Louis can’t give him more.

Meanwhile Harry is kneeling just off the bed. He had been sucking Louis’ dick to make Louis come hoping this would ebb Hath’s ravage of Louis. Harry’s erection once hard, induced many minutes ago when Louis was his to pleasure, has waned. Harry realizes this is because of his own compassion for things that had gone wrong. He made Louis feel good. Good enough that once Louis mistakenly allowed a moan to slip, because Harry’s effects upon him, the brutal assault by Hath began.

Harry is a seasoned whore, but this? This, this is too much even from Harry’s experience.

Hath and Harry give each other a stark look when Hath is done. Perhaps Hath is hopeful. Maybe he thinks Louis can come again for him if only Harry can make it happen. Suck him off again. Make it happen. Hath regains his disagreeable disposition quickly when this is apparently unrealistic as he and Harry stare at each other. Louis wrecked sitting between them.

”Get this twink off my bed before he dribbles on it. I’ve got court tomorrow, I can’t be bother with him. I need to sleep in a clean bed.”

“Dribbles? Your own cum, offends you? Sure I’ll take him from your bed, but where is his room?” Harry’s asks happy for any exit that involves bringing Louis.

“Down the hall,” Hath adds, waiving off Harry, disinterested in the condition of his son. Hath is only concerned for inconveniences, not concerned that they are caused by his acts of molestation.

Harry gets his clothes from the floor of the room in one arm, then uses both modestly loaded arms to pick up Louis. Harry tries to be as gentle as he can picking Louis up because Louis is clearly wrecked.

“Um, can I clean up, me, him before I leave?”

Hath sets his glare on Harry. “Have a shower if you want. Don’t think I’m saying that means that you can put your dick in my son. This slut, his body, it’s mine. Your whoring mouth did it’s thing alright, but not even your fingers are to go in him again. Clean yourselves up, leave.”


Harry finds the Louis’ room with ease. It’s got posters everywhere of football players, an Ironman movie poster, and a number of pictures of a young Louis with a beautiful woman. The woman must be his mum. They look so similar. Her expressive eyes, the same shape as Louis’ though hers are brown. All of the pictures of Louis’ mother and him are from earlier, childhood. There are none with Louis and his mum from sometime after his age ten or eleven. It’s clear in the pictures that Louis was a happy child. Loved.

Harry drops his clothes and goes to a bathroom off Louis’ bedroom. Everything is the house is spacious. Same with Louis’ bathroom. Harry decides looking at a big shower and a large walking tub to use the bath. In part this is because Louis is still nearly lifeless. It will be easier for Harry to hold him in the bath.

Harry gets them into the tub as the water starts. He finds bath salts on the side of the tub along with other oils and soaps. He hopes the salts have medicinal qualities. Louis needs that.

With the water covering most their bodies, Harry sits relaxed under Louis who Harry keeps placed on top of him. Louis head is on one of Harry’s shoulders. His lips, facing Harry’s head, look bitten. Most likely Louis cut them with teeth during the assault. His eyes still closed, his breathing is so quieted by his exhaustion that Harry has to keep watching for little signs he’s okay while letting him sleep in the warm, scented bath. How soon will Hath loose patience and want Harry out of the house? Harry could live like this with Louis in his arms for eternity.

Harry can’t be pressed to move this bath along quickly despite how he should while Louis sleeps like this. Peaceful. Harry hopes Louis’ sleep is an escape from reality. Did Hath become more brutal because Louis sometimes says the name “Aiden” in his dreams? As Harry considers what he’s learned, he doesn’t realize that the water begins to chill ever so slowly. Louis must become aware of that. With a sudden shiver Louis is wakeful. Tears erupt when he’s no longer sleeping. Harry keeps Louos tighter into him, giving comfort, prays the crying doesn’t bring Hath bursting in, starting a rage anew.

Getting Louis out of the water, Harry carries him wrapped in a bunch of towels to his bed. The comfort from Harry helps Louis begin to control his emotions. He must also fear what he knows; his tears incites the wrath of his father.

Harry has Louis under the blankets when Louis finally speaks. Soft, broken, challengingly. “Harry, I thought it was a dream. I thought you were him, Aiden, when I woke to such a feeling. He’s really gone though. He is.”

Louis puts a hand over his face. It’s futile. He’s making little progress in surpressing tears. “You have to go,” Louis manages to spitter out suggestions. “Go out the back, Howard can drive you somehwere. Go, please Harry, please, before he comes and throws you out. Or worse.”

Harry has gotten his clothes on while Louis talks. It’s hard to dress and leave. Louis’ voice sounds small, broken. Harry nodding his head in agreement about Louis suggestion even though he knows Louis can’t see through the hand. Eventually the hand comes away from Louis’ face. It’s such a mix a beautify and sadness. Grief.

Seeing Louis beauty, his abandonment by humanity, Harry has to ask. “Louis?”

Harry pauses. A great fear sets upon him. “How did you hear, I’m sorry, but Louis, about Aiden, what happened..” Harry has to stop, get his arms around Louis’ swaddled body becuase Louis breaks into tears. “I’m very sorry. Are you sure? It was five days ago, he was...”

“News, news. In the paper. Report said a local man, nineteen, was shot in what appeared to be a roadside robbery when his car broke down. His wallet and phone were gone. No other details. Except the incident is under investigation.”

Harry’s trying to understand how that could be Aiden. From that limited information how make the leap to the worst. “I’m sorry Louis. I don’t connect the dots. Ho do you communicate with Aiden, when did you last?”

Louis rolls to his back his hand over his face again. It’s trembling. Tears slip past his shield.

“Three days ago, I came into the house through the back, me shoes were dirty from kicking a ball around for a few minutes. I looked up about the laundry sink for a scrub brush and saw two black bags on the top shelf that aren’t there normally. I noticed that they looked familiar. One was my gear bag, the other Aiden’s. His even had his phone in it. How did that get in my house when we always leave my gear in his Land Rover? How does that happen?”

Harry sits on the bed. He feels heavy with the dreadful implication. Louis continues.

“I wanted to get ahold of Zayn, Niall. I don’t have a cell phone, just the house line. Hath reads the list of all calls made from or to our house number. When it was safe I went back to the laundry room to get the phone of Aiden’s to call them because I was afraid to go over next door, I was sure if Hath wasn’t home, it’d be safe to look at them again, get the phone. The two gets bags, which I put back exactly where they had been, were gone. Coincidentally Hath had left the house in the hour between when I saw them first and went back to get Aiden’s phone. When Hath came home that night he tried to make me have sex.”

“The next day he brought home a paper and left it open to the brief crime report. He’d circled it. That night he raped me, beating me, for crying, for not coming when he’s in me.”

Louis ended his description of events with an emotionless, numb-like expression. “He’s gone isn’t he, right Harry? He has to be. How else would Hath get our stuff, his phone, bring in a crime report. He’s killed Aiden or he’s had someone do it for him, make it look like a robbery. It’s, itz...” Louis doesn’t get out what was likely him saying “....because of me.” He just breaks again.

Being beside him Harry is lost. He reaches down hand hugging, half lying on Louis whose body ripples with agony, grief.

There’s a knock at the door. Clearly it’s not Hath but it startles them both. Harry jumps, rises to stand and Howard, the driver, says, “I was instructed to take you home at this time.”

Harry leaves Louis with only a very not sexy touch, a hand touses Louis’ clean, now dry, hair a bit. Harry walks away hearing in a faint voice six last words. “Harry, he will kill you too.”


Chapter Text

Howard leads Harry to the Bentley. As soon as they are in the car Harry let’s loose with a flurry of questions. Howard has many answers, no excuses.

In short order Harry learns that Howard is the only staff still continuing with the Tomlinson family since everything changed in Louis life, at eleven, when his mum died. Up until that time the home had been a happy one. Louis’ childhood seemed perfect in every way. However, there were some other things going on in the marriage around the time of Jay Tomlinson’s death. Howard tells Harry that he began to see consistent, frequent friction between Hath and Jay. The conflict? Louis.

Howard revealed he’d never forgotten one particularly symbolic conversation between them. Often they liked to talk privately when riding in the car, usually less ears around to overhear their disputes, was better for deterring staff gossip.

“The Misses, was not accepting of the Sir’s approach regarding the Louis. The Sir was angry that she was allowing her son to behave in a manner not befitting a son of his. She made the mistake of saying the wrong thing to counter that. She reminded him that he wasn’t refelcted on by having a son who trends to the feminine side because Louis is only his child by marriage and subsequent adoption.”

Harry sits up and shouts out a “What?” Hard to fathom or suddenly not; Louis is not Hath’s biological child.

Howard explains. Jay had been raising Louis as a single mum until Louis was two. She was working as a nurse in pediatrics at the hospital. Hath met her when some parents of a patient left her a sum of money because she had been such a great person through two years of their child’s medical struggles. Hath was the person settling up the large monetary gift from the benefactors. He fell in love with Jay at first sight. Her beauty, her reputation as being such a loving person, she was unlike other women he’d met. That she had a son was a bonus too; Howard tells Harry he suspects Hath is infertile. They got married after a brief period dating. Hath accepted Louis as his own, wanted to legally adopt Louis to be able to give Louis his family name. Once the new family was together in his massive home Hath immediately started grooming young Louis to be a proper heir.

Over the years the boy who was always very athletic, almost gifted at sports especially for his size, began to display some other characteristics. Jay, the one with a loving heart, a person who lived with tolerance, became more and more clear that she wouldn't have her son forced into ways of being that were not in his nature. Louis was just different than most boys. While many other boys Louis age would play soldier when there were play dates, Louis would choose to play more gentle games. Frequently Louis would be among a group of girls, playing like a girl, maybe play acting to be having formal tea, often having a babydoll or stuffed animal in his arms. He liked to wear hats, didn’t care if they were girly.

Sharing this about Louis makes Harry think back on the day in the park when the little girl with the skinned knee wanted Harry to know Louis likes to do puppet shows and makes up different voices for all the characters. Harry can picture a young Louis being among little girls his age, playing with their dolls, making up voices, causin the little girls all to giggle.

Howard continues telling Harry the Tomlinson history. Once Jay was gone everything changed. Howard took Louis out of the private school he was attending. Howard had the impression the school was too tolerant, they shared Jay’s point of view about Louis. As sole parental guardian Hath decided to removing Louis from the school eliminate Louis’ contact with the wrong type of boys. Howard explains. Jay was never bothered how Louis was always giggling whenever he was being hugged by other boys. One boy, a friend of Zayn’s, a schoolmate in Zayn’s year, two years older than Louis, was particularly close to Louis. Aiden’s friendship with Louis was not only accepted, but even promoted by Jay who liked Aiden’s mum. The friendship was not tolerated by Hath after Jay’s death. Aiden’s mother would try to plan for the boys to get together, suggesting it would help Louis with the tradgic loss, but Hath refused for the boys to have any contact.

The events that followed, Howard warns Harry before he discloses, is more twisted. Hath had hired a slew of tutors for Louis to give him a diverse, structured and very rigorous education. From the start the team of professionals he employed included Child Behavior Specialist. This seemed odd to hire a child psychologist because in every way Louis’ behavior was perfect. He was a polite child. Well-mannered. Playful, kind, happy except for the loss of his mum. The staff thought at first ththe los was the reasoning for the psychologist. What else could it be? They would soon learn.

Howard shares how the the psychologist, apparently had a set behavior he was secured to address; make Louis learn to behave like other boys. No one on staff were sure how he was going about doing this until one day when he was working with Louis in the study behind a closed door, like he always did, and something terrible happened.

The worst thing imaginable played out in front of all the staff as Hath happened to come home unexpectantly during the time the psychologist was working with Louis. The discovery of the approach to the “therapy” lead to fists with Hath getting the better of the man when their fight erupted from the study where the man was working behind the closed door with Louis.

Surprised by Hath being home mid-day, apparently the psychologist, was caught with his pants down. Literally.

Hath burst out of the study seconds after he entered it. He was dragging the half naked man, beating him, being unpersuaded by the man’s defensive pleas. The psychologist was heard to say it was all Louis’ fault, that Louis was only going to get over being so irresistible around men if the he was broken of his deviant habit of natural seductiveness.

Hath was totally unhinged by the suggestion that Louis creates the desire. “You expect me to believe he seduced you so you had to force him to suck your dick!”

The man was tossed out the front door, no pants. The staff were in shock. Even more so when Hath turned his rage to his son.

Howard said Louis was standing at the door to study as the man was thrown out looking like he didn’t know what he was to do. He was partially undressed. Frightened, clearly. Silent. Eyes down.

Hath took him by the back of the neck, Howard tells Harry, “I remember thinking how the child needed his mum so much, someone to provide him comfort, assurances, but his father took him by a hand gripping hard on his neck. He walked Louis up to his room. It was many hours later when they saw Hath again, Howard said. That was the start of something new. Darker. Louis was behind closed doors for two days after that. When the house staff saw him next he was barely able to walk without pain, his face, neck bruised. His hands had scrapes. His wrists marks like they were cut into by something like a rope. Later we discovered it was a ripped sheet Hath used to tie him”

Given the life Harry has come from, given his role participating in a sexual act with Louis but without Louis’ consent, perhaps even if the intention was to ward off a worse outcome for Louis, Harry’s not really able to put any of this in his already challenged mind without becoming sick. He has Howard stop the car. Harry leans out to purge.

How could the people working there not act in the defense of the child?

Howard lets Harry go on being sick. He goes on describing how person after person on staff was put in a comprising position by Hath forcing silence, most were gone by week’s end. All who were pushed away were so forced by fear.

Fear of Hath.

Harry has to ask. “How likely is it...I mean is, is it possible that Hath could be dangerous. Really dangerous, I capable of murder?”

Howard’s body stiffens. His voice drops. “Harry he’s been molesting his son since Louis was eleven. How is that not a murder done slowly? I knew what Louis was like before his mum died. I know what he was like as he was grieving her loss but had his friends, but getting imprisoned to be made into the man Hathaway Tomlinson wants his heir to be? Applying the psychologists “therapy” himself? After the day when the sexual anouse started, Louis been a very different person than he should be. He’s only been happy when he’s able to be among other people who accept him.”

Howard speaks with passionate about Louis apparently trying to be here for the boy.

“Howard, I, I’m sorry but you’re staying in Tomlinson's service. You’re seeing this ongoing routinely. How is it that Liam said, no wait Zayn said, at sometime awhile ago things got better for Louis with Hath. Like they were as awful as it could be but then got better for a bit. Not much evidence of that now. I mean, right now it seems like so much worse than anyone could ever endure. What happened? Why the car thing, I saw you pick him up one day at the park. He got a whistle sound and he took off. Got into this car. I know he’s been out playing football sometimes. Sometimes maybe at the neighbors. People, like you are seeing him through this. But still he’s here. Trapped, abused.”

Howard pulls the Bentley to the side of the road a second time.

He looks at Harry with the car stopped, his eyes watering.

“Where am I taking you?” Howard asks. It’s only then that Harry realizes the late hour and he trying to think who is where now of the group of friends that he thinks he can count as Louis’. Team Louies.

Liam likely not yet leaving work at the restaurant. Niall likely sleeping; probably surrounded in bed by a passel of mewing kittens. Zayn? Zayn, being an artist, Harry knows has a habit where his creative time peaks at night. Zayn might be awake at his studio on campus.

Howard drives Harry there. Going into the art building of campus it’s so active with one wouldn’t guess it’s late at night. Artists though. So frequently tly they live on another plane, temporal included. Finding Zayn painting with music blaring Harry has never seen Zayn less concerned to abandon his work than Zayn becomes when Harry tells him everything. Encountered Hath launching into molesting Louis, trying to intervene, news about Aiden.

Even though Zayn has been a friend of Louis’ for years it was all too much to hear how things had recently turned worse for Louis and then the incomprehensible death of Aiden. Zayn goes pale. He only says “Liam, we gotta go, now, go find Liam.”

Liam is still at the restaurant. His reaction is exactly like Zayn’s. He goes pale. He looks to be sick. Harry was sick whe all of this settled in on him as Howard revealed the long dark history so he understands. Liam clearly hoped Harry had made some effective disruption in Louis’ typical fate in his father’s hands.

Liam takes them to a isolated table away from any patrons. This is not a challenge as the hour is late and few diners remain, most guests are clustered at the bar having after dinner cocktails. At the table the three talk. Liam finds copies of the newspapers for the last five days online. Sure enough. There’s a report of a death of a young man being investigated that reads like what Hath shows Louis though the victim is not named. Then he finds in the issue of the paper a few days later there is an obituary and funeral plans given for Aiden Charles Visser.

Only nineteen Aiden was a star athlete and a scholar. He had a long list of accolades for someone so young giving the impression this was a young man with a great future ahead of him. He was the youngest of four brothers and part of a big family that would be putting him to rest in two days.

Heartbroken Harry, Liam and Zayn make a plan to contact Niall in the morning and together makes sure they all contact as many of Aiden’s friends as possible for attending the funeral. What about Louis? Being neighbors Zayn said he would try to see him and make a plan to bring Louis, the fear being if Aiden was killed in fowl play because Hath discovered Aiden and Louis have been seeing each other, how would they do this when it’s obviously put him at greater risk of harsher abuse.


Chapter Text

The Visser family must have deep roots in London’s elite. How else would they have a family plot where they do. Harry arrives to the cementary with Liam, Zayn, Niall to find all Aiden’s, and Louis’, football teammates are arriving in groups as well. The family is clustered with the clergy who appears to be making some private comments to them before this service starts. It’s a large extended family that is present but picking out Aiden’s brothers is easy. They stand with Aiden's parents as the clergy talks to them, each bother has an arm on a parent. Harry imagine the parents can’t possible manage without their son’s support; why should they be buring a son so young?

The brothers’ appearances confirm Harry’s initial impression of Aiden as a resembling a Hemsworth. The older brothers, maybe each about a year or two older in succession, look like the famed Australians too. All are tall, well-built, striking-looking. One brother even has long hair. He could pass as Thor’s stunt double.

For two days, since they met at Payne’s, Harry has been desperate to see Louis. Know how his is. Zayn has made it the singular focus, Niall too, as Tomlinson’s neighbors, to try to see him in the rime between that meeting and now to no avail. So far Harry remains the last to have seen him. Every effort the other two boys made to get into the Tomlinson’s home has been ineffective. Zayn pestered the sponatnoues visit to the neighbors to such extend that his father even became suspicious. Why all of a sudden so pressing is it to make a social call to the Tomlinson’s ?

The best that Zayn and Niall were able to do was get with Howard. Howard was already aware of the funeral. He knew his employer’s schedule and was formulating a plan to bring Louis if Hath stayed with his plans for the day of the funeral. He also had to admit, he hadn’t seen Louis either, not since the night Harry came back to the house with Hath. This wasn’t particulalry reassuring, but then the four lads talk among each other about it and hope it’s just that Louis was too grief stricken and wasn’t outside of his room, maybe to avoid scrutiny by Hath and consequent further abuse.

By the time the clerics benedictions and family bible readings had gone through most of the listings on the printed program for the funeral program, who knew religious people could be so eager to read so much of the Bible, Harry began to think Louis would not come. But then he saw it.

Blue Bentley.

Howard drops Louis as close to where the road through the cementary allowed him to the congregation. Louis gets out looking like everyone else, dressed for a somber occasion. Something about the way he wears the suit though, Harry’s stomach flips.

It’s the most traditional-looking suit Harry has seen Louis wear. Being that the day is sunny, and perhaps for another reason, Louis is also wearing Aviators so he still makes his attire look fresh, stylish, almost too cool for the somber occasion.

It’s only when Louis gets closer, walking slower than normal for his enegeritic nature, that Harry takes store of another reason for the sunglasses. He’s still bearing visible bruises though they have transitioned. He must have chosen not to camouflage with makeup probably because tears would wash makeup away.

He’s within ten feet from the large assembly of mourners before he looks up from his path through the grass across which he walked. Seeing the four of them he comes to them. As they welcome him in whispers he ends up in the middle, Harry and Zayn to one side, Liam and Niall flanking them. All four put arms behind anyone beside them accept Louis. He seems incapable of even lifting a finger, yet alone and arm. Nevertheless it’s such a relief that Louis is here, Harry thinks. The lack of new bruises is the only thing uplifting though; Louis’ composure doesn’t hide his pain.

As the service ends it’s expected that a procession will make a line to give words individually to family. Breaking with tradition Aiden’s mum literally bolts free of Aiden’s father and her three sons. She goes quickly to Louis. Louis was tear-free through the entire service once he got there. It was like he couldn’t have an emotion becuase there has been so much he’s vacant, devoid of reserves. His disconnect makes him so that he’s a little caught by surprise when he looks up as Aiden’s mum brings him into her in a loving embrace, hers tears becoming uncontrolled as she does this .

She pulls away leaving stains on Louis’ jacket. Her stature is half hers sons generic contribution so she’s tall for a woman her age, at least Louis’ height if not an inch or two more. Once she’s pulled back she brackets Louis’ face gently in her hands, “Louis, my son, my sweet sweet son. Please come stand with us.”

Louis looks shocked. He shakes his head “no”, looking down. “Can’t, can’t breathe.” He says not wanting to be rooted from his spot, maybe more so among so many people.

She understands. Clearly. She gives him another hug and speaking into the side of his head she gives him instructions so that the other boys can hear.

“We must have you among the family back at our home. Not taking a no, from you. The death of my sons doesn’t make you less my son-in-law. Ceremony or not, as Aiden’s fiancé, you belong with us.”

She looks at the four lads bunched tight with Louis, and says, “You boys will come too, bring Louis, Aiden wouldn’t have it any other way. Please.”

One of the brothers comes to collect his mum for the retuning her to the receiving line. It becomes apparent how family-wide acceptance of Louis is because the brother doesn’t sideeye Louis. In fact he puts a hand on Louis’ shoulder before leading his mum away and he’s beautifully soft with Louis.

“Louis be with us. Please. Aiden would, we, we want you to be always a part of out family.” Aiden’s brother ends his brief remark by putting a finger under Louis’ chin. He lifts Louis’ downward directed face. It occurs to Harry that Louis’ eyes were down again like Louis fears that he bears some reason for shame. The brother, Harry will later learn, is Beck, pulls his finger away and bops Louis’ nose like he is a small child. Harry feels tears breaking. Is it for his sorrow for this beautiful family, the future Louis had?

Or is it more than that?

Harry had no family for him. Even in Aiden’s death, Louis has the Visser family. What would Harrys life be like if he’d have even a distant aunt of uncle?

But then again, Louis also has Hath. A father only on paper. A man who likely murdered or made murder happen. In the balance of life Harry believes unfair is common. Right is rare. But if he can do one thing in his tradgic existence that might turn his own life around it might be that he saves someone else who’s reality is, matter of opinion, but maybe a shade worse than Harry’s.


Chapter Text

Harry takes the suggestion to take the Bentley with Louis to get to the Visser’s home. Howard opens the door for them and as soon as they are in the back of the car Louis comes into Harry’s lap more or less, weeping. Harry’s got nothing to say with this breakdown, at least nothing he believes will make Louis cease so he just puts his arms around Louis, holds him, lets him cry, offers little kisses on the top of Louis’ head.

When they get to the Visser’s home. Louis has had a good long cry. It’s made his eyes that sapphire blue shade again. He seems ready to wall himself back in that tearless, emotionally frozen Louis he was at the funeral. Eyes down. He even puts the sunglasses back on.

Inside the home it’s a smaller gathering of people from the funeral. Again Aiden’s mum, Patti, comes directly to Louis to gather him to her. She introduces herself to Harry before Louis can. Giving Harry a warm reception she then takes the two of them into the roomwhere most the food is. Telling them she needs to see why the tea cakes aren’t out yet she addresses Louis one more time before going off to see about the missing pastries.

“You lads should have some sweets, espically you Louis. You look awful, bet you haven't eaten in days, you look positively gaunt. Now have some food and then Louis, you’re welcome to go up to Aiden’s room. If there is anything in there you want, please take it. I still can’t being myself to step in his room yet so I’ll understand if you want to stay down here.”

Patti leaves to see about the missing treats that seem unnecessary as there are no open places for more among the existing trays of finger food.

Harry begins to notice it’s mostly just family here. No friends from football. He texts Zayn and asks where the others are. Zayn replies back that they are at a pub. Beer. Boysterousness over a fallen of their year.

Harry looks up from the text to see Louis. He’s standing by the food, Beck, the only brother Harrys met yet, is piling food onto a plate he pushed into Louis’ hands. Louis is staring at the growing mound of food like it’s repulsive. Beck is mothering him just like Patti did, telling him he looks thin. Eat.

Another Visser brother bounds over to Louis and Beck. It’s the Thor double. He playfully puts Louis head in an arm lock and touses Louis hair rough enough to make Louis loose half the food Beck put on the plate to the floor. This gregariously affectionate brother of Aiden’s loudly childes Beck. He says Beck needs to stop being motherly and let Louis be. Can’t Beck see he’s not able to eat? He then pulls up a stiff looking drink, scotch possibly, and a double, neat. He takes the glass to under Louis’ nose and says, “Drink this. Death is better facing with a full glass than a full stomach.”

Harry gets the idea this brother is wild one. He also hears Beck call him Grayson as he says, “fuck off, Louis needs to eat, he’s too young for that stuff.”

Louis looks between them for a split second of double takes then he sets the plate down taking the drink. In one go he downs the entire thing. The brothers go into hysterics. Grayson seems surprised. “Shit Louis, I wasn’t serious, that was three shots!”

It seems to immediately go to Louis head because he puts his hands over his face while saying. “Spinning. Room is spinning.”

A third Visser joins the three as does Harry aware the other two have mishandled things. This must be the moderator brother. “Give him some air you idiots.” Moderator brother gets a chair as if from nowhere under Louis as three Hemsworth look-alike lads guide Louis to sit. Louis instantly puts his head between his hands as he folds forward to his knees.

Harry standing there gets some attention. They mix interest in Harry’s presence with doting on Louis.

“I’m Harry.” Harry’s says not sure he can extract Louis from these three and feeling suddenly out of place at what is a family only thing.

“Harry?” Says Grayson. Something dawns on him. He looks at Beck and asks, “Harry as in t h e Harry?”

Beck affirms it with a head nod while asking Louis is he needs water, or maybe something to vomit into.

Grayson stands from he was along side Louis’ level once Louis sat.

Harry is immediately aware of how these boys are built. They are all so tall. Taller than him by a couple inches. Muscular. Made for battle. Feeling small, insignificant and since he was already feeling out of place Harry wonders ....why the “t h e Harry” emphasis?

He can only assume it’s either his reputation proceeded him. Harry the expensive escort. Or he was someone whom Aiden mentions as noteworthy to his brothers even though he and Harry only encountered each other that one time, just before Aiden’s murder.

It could also be both. They know who Harry is, his work, and Aiden mentioned him because his one time with Aiden, Louis, Zayn, Niall was unique in some way.

“Well I’m Grayson, this is Soren, and I think you met Beck at the funeral.”

Grayson’s acceptance with a handshake takes off the edge of discomfort but still Harry wonders. Is it one thing, the other thing, or both things?

Before three sets of acknowledgments are finished Patti is back. With an “oh dear” she pushes into this tight group.

“Louis, sweetie, why don’t you go have a lie-down babe. Go on.” She pulls Louis up. Her sons yield to their mother like they are still her little boy’s and not these strapping, grown men. Louis standing is unstable. It’s the grief, it’s the alcohol. It’s likely the lack of food. She gives him over to her sons, Beck and Grayson taking him in arm.

“Get him up to Aiden’s room, will you.” She looks at Harry. “Go on. You go too. Keep an eye on him.”

Harry gets the feeling Aiden has certainly said something to all of them. He tellls her thank you, he’s not even sure for what, then he follows. The two boys take Louis up stairs. They pass several bedrooms. Seems the boys have matured out of the home. Harry asks, it’s personal but he’s curious. Aiden was Harry’s age. He can live away from home. He goes to Uni. There are flats closer to campus than the family home. Sure it’s nice but why live with your parents. So he asks. Personal or not? He does try for subtle.

“So do you all still love at home?”

Grayson shoots him a look. “Of course not. Aiden was the baby so we’ve all been of on our own for years. He could have been too. But Aiden wanted to save money, live at home. He had his reasons.”

Grayson pauses looking back at Harry following them. Then like that they are stoped at a bedroom door, presumably Aiden’s because it’s closed. The others were open. Louis is grief-drunk where they brace him. Grayson has made an Assessment before he speaks again. An honest assessment.

“He had plans to pay for his own wedding, which he insisted he do even though our family would be honored to pay for it. He lived here to help save for that. Also he thought it was better to have a safe environment, less scrutiny about his lifestyle it at a private family residence. Someplace safe. Safe for Louis.”

With that they open the door. The door to Aiden’s sanctuary. A place he and Louis could be and not have any eyes judging them. A place of tolerance and love. Surely it was hard enough for Louis to get out all all without Hath discovery. Why else the things like a coded way of calling Louis off a hug, crowded park like the whistle.

The brothers lay Louis on the foot of the bed the brothers excuse themselves. Harry thanks them. Again he’s not sure for what.

Then he looks around before looking down a a fading Louis as he tries to decide how to make Louis comfortable. Shoes. Shoes off is safe. Once their off Louis seem to snap into wakefulness. He rolls over to hands and knees on the bed the begins to crawl on hands and knees up the bed to the pile of pillows. Knowing the one he wants, Aiden’s favorite probably, he tosses a few aside until he finds The One. Intent with it, he plops down on the bed with the pillow wrapped in his arms his face buried in it drinking in the scent it keeps.

How the sobbing spears into Harry’s own heart. He goes to Louis and gets on the bed with him, Harry spooning Louis, Louis wrapping himself around Aiden’s pillow.

Louis pushes the pillow away from him after a few minutes like wits either gotten him too much more unbearably deep in sorrow or like he wants to preserve it’s Aiden-ness rather that soil it with his tears. His face uncovered he begins bordering on hyperventilating.

Harry doesn’t know what to something.

He really shouldn’t.

He does anyway. He kisses Louis. Soft at first. Once Louis accepts the surprise Harry drives the kiss hard, hard enough to force the pain causing Louis his problem ventilation to become destracted, weakened. It’s minute more before Harry feels Louis release. Pain pushed aside Louis goes from accepting the kiss to giving back. It’s second after Harry feels Louis tongue get emboldened to go game with his that Harry realizes he has this broken, overwrought, grieving boy getting pleasure from their kiss.

Harry doesn’t give up. He continues kissing Louis, Louis kissing back until he feels he has to stop because Harry’s got precum making his pants decidedly wet. Harry takes Louis away from their kiss by putting his hands on Louis’ face gently making him still where he is on the bed as Harry leans back.

Instantly Louis turns his head into the bed under him and begins crying through his spoke thoughts.

“How is that possible? How is it? How is it that you kiss like him? So much like him. How is it that you eat me out like him? So much I thought I was waking to him? How was that even possible? What are you even? It’s like you’re an angel he brought to me because he knew he was lost.”

Harry knows for a fact no one has clever called him an angel. Complemented him for his kiss, his body, the sex? Yes. But as an angel incarnation made by their lover for them in need? No.

Harry can’t answer because just like that Louis is asleep. Exhaustion taking him.

He shifts so Harry thinks he’s more comfortable dispite his taileroed suit and tie, but he keeps sleeping, wrong clothing or not. It’s likely it’s exactly what he needs. Harry spends the next hour watching him sleep and memorizing every single tiny detail. Harry’s favorites? Hard to say.

The lashes, the insanely thick eyelashes? Yes. His lips. Maybe, at least now that Harry’s have met Louis’, the lips could be a favorite. His skin? Oh sure. It’s so flawless under the bruises. Just to make sure it’s not a canvass but actual skin which should have marks of some sort he has these few and far between freckles that make a constellation of sort. After over an hour of indecisiveness about what feature is his favorite Harry gives up on that. He begins to look around Aiden’s room.

Aiden’s room is full of trophies and awards. He’s a specimen to behold in every picture of victory. Every award for merit or achievement.

The most abundant thing that fills the room is favorite pictures. More than other subjects he’s collected memories where he’s in them with Louis, or just Louis; Louis on the pitch. Louis with their group of friends. Louis at a pool. Pool Louis is a a particular paradox to behold. Bronze skin, muscular legs. That, with a tiny chest and the smallest waist. The twink form srpreme which Harry had before him that night when Hath let Harry come along. It’s dizzing to look at because it freshens the image Harry has burned into his brain of Louis’ body.

There are also many pictures of Louis in closeup where anyone who knows lovers would know these are photos of special moments, the after time that comes when a lover is soft, dreamy contented. There’s nothing hinting pornographic about the pictures just the impression of taking a snapshot of Louis after being lovers. The emotions captured make Harry shudder. Aiden should have died. Not for loving Louis like he did. Not for promising Louis a better tomorrow.

Harry realizes he has been drawn into the pictures examining them close. He’s incidentally leaning on a chest of drawers so he can see the tiniest details. Behind him Louis is slumbering with soft breathing. Harry wants to let him be peaceful like that when he realizes that in leaning, to look at the photos his hand is resting on top of a book which is on the chest of drawers. It’s a leather-bound book with a cover that looks worn from years and years of use.

He opens it randomly to some page in the middle because its cover bore no markings but it’s worn condition made it compelling.

Handwritten on the page is an entry. It has a date at the start of the passage. Aiden would be fifteen. Louis thirteen. “Was our first time doing the whole, big thing today. Was so worried it would hurt Louis to take all of me, or bring up the pain of his sexual assault at home but it was incredible!!!”

Harry slams the book shut. It’s a diary. His diary, Aiden’s, and in it is the story of them.

Perhaps Harry slammed the diary shut. Maybe too loud because Louis sits up suddenly, stark awake. He’s sitting on the bed and shaking for a few seconds before he suddenly takes store of where he is. He looks around shaking, his eyes settle on Harry..

Harry’s worry? That Louis will see in his hand is the violation. He’s taken a glimpse of that which is not his to take.

No Louis doesn't register the diary under Harry’s hand. He simply looks at Harry like harry night have hope, just like Harry might hold some promise.

That’s right.

Harry wants to believe. He could be an angel.

Clarity building Louis assesses things getting his bearings. “I fell asleep?”

Harry shakes his head.

“It’s afternoon?”

Another nod from Harry. Harry tries not to think too much about how newly woken Louis looks like a child younger than seventeen. Entirely too pristine, pretty, perfect to be this abused, grieving tragedy.

“Yes”, Harry answers.

Louis jumps up. Off the bed, pacing around. Shaking, his behavior indicating he’s frightened by the hour.

Harry is about to stop his frantic pacing when Louis stops and says. “We have to go. Now. I need to be home before he is.”

Harry nods again. He holds in his hand the diary. Louis still hasn’t noticed. Then Louis begins to frantically look around. His movements are so lacking composure he doesn’t see how Harry drops the book onto a desk when he has his back turned. When he turn to that desk his eyes land on the diary immediately, his desperation once heightened, ceases. Seeing the diary Louis siezes it.

Saying to Harry, unaware Harry picked it up, read a singular sentence, “Thank god. There it is. Let’s go.”

The book in one hand, Louis takes Harry’s hand in the other. They open the door as Beck is about to knock on it.

“Louis,” Beck says softly realizing how Louis was likely just sleeping as he seems still sleepy, much like a child who should be cuddled and put back to bed.

Acknowledging Harry with a nod he moves to direct. “...Louis, Howard came to the door. He wants you to come now, go quickly before your father gets home.”

In the Bentley Louis doesn’t crawl into Harry lap like he did earlier. He sits in his seat, the book in his hands, staring at its cover, void of expression. He’s clealry walking off his emotions and putting his mind into a framework for going home to his horrible, unforgivable life with his step father.

“Howard? Are you going to go pick up Hath after dropping Louis off, how does this work?”

Howard shakes his head no. “I don’t drive the Sir everyday. He’s got several motor cars. I’m gong to get Louis home, best be quick though. So I was actually going to drop you in town before we turn to go to the manor, if that’s okay? Otherwise you could wait in the car. Once Louis is home, Hath gets back, he’ll usually send me out for something, catering. I could drop you anywhere you like then.”

“Thank you Howard. I’m not going to risk giving Hath any chance of encountering me, better drop me anywhere along the way to the house. I can manage.” Harry looks over at Louis who’s cocooning himself into an emotionless capsule. “Just take care of Louis.”

Louis snaps to look at Harry. His face vacant except for a hint of furrow in his eyebrows giving a hint he’s fearful. “Harry, can you take this for me, keep it with you. Please. I can’t risk him finding it.”

Louis pushes the diary to Harry. Harry can tell he’s regretting it’s distance from him the second he does that.

“Sure Louis. Of course. Do you want me to give it to Zayn, or ...”

“No! Just keep it. You know if the Malik’s or the Horan’s get anything they go to him. I trust Zayn and Niall. Their fathers are homophobic arses. That’s why Zayn’s parents split up. Me friends are doing like Aiden was, living at home until I turn eighteen just to be close to help me when they can. Both would rather live around Uni, Zayn would like to live full time with his boyfriend, but they’ve been staying in the houses next door, all so if I could try to see Aiden, they’d help me like Howard does. Just keep it for me. Please. It’’s Aiden. Or it’s least all I have left of him now.”

Harry shudders thinking of this. “Of course I will. Anything Louis, anything.”

Louis appears to be giving something much thought. Is he going to say something about reading it? Like don’t. He goes with a complelty unfathomable direction. “And for earlier. In Aiden’s room, thank you. Thank you for that. I don’t understand it but I liked it.”

Harry’s astounded. Louis is thanking him for being a liberty to kiss him?

Before Harry can put thoughts into words Howard pulls over. It’s the intersection where anyone going to the Tomlinson, Malik, Horan neighborhood would have to make a turn. Once the car is stopped Harry gets out. He thanks Howard. To Louis he says “Louis never old you have to thank me, particularly someone like me, for anything. Ever. Just be careful.”

Once the car pulls away Harry watches it for the entirety of the time it’s in view. Then looking down at the diary for a second he gives thought to the implication of holding it in trust. He’s walking for perhaps a minute before a car pulls over like to see if he needs a lift.

Harry gets this a lot. He’s had people set a patch of rubber screeching to a stop for him without even appearing to hitchhike. Something about his looks compels them. This car is going the opposite way he wants to walks so he’s read for the proposition. It’s an Austin Martin so the driver has credentials. The driver must have reached over to open the passenger door wanting to be not subtle at all. A voice calls to him.

“Intern, would you care to get in?”

Harry takes a few steps to the car. He leans over the open door letting the diary-holding hand rest on the roof of the car while he talks. Prostitue or not, he doesn’t get inna motorcar, even a nice one, without negotiations first. Besides this is no normal negotiation. When he heard the moniker of “Intern” he knew this is Hath’s car.

“What do you know, so now Hathaway Tomlinson is looking for and I n t e r n...funny that.”

Hath snorts, “Right, get in. I have a proposition.”

Harry gives this great consideration. As soon as he joins Hath in the care he regrets it becasue Hath actually gives the diary more that a passing glance. Maybe it’s just because it’s odd to see a person Harry’s age, so formally dressed, like for a attending a funeral, and carrying a book while just out for a casual walk. But Hath dismisses it as he starts to drive once he asks Harry where Harry would like to go. Harry’s says Payne’s because he’s not going to give this guy his address, not the guy who has been molesting a step son of his for years, a guy who most likely hired a hit on his step-son’s fiancé.

They drive. Hath describes the “internship” specifications.

Chapter Text

Hath takes the long route from they intercepted each other to Payne’s. Harry’s not bothered, he’s encountered this behavior many times before. This “internship” position description is a longer discussion Harry assumes than a simple ten, fifteen, minute discussion. Harry knows this puts him figuratively in the driver’s seat on negotiations.

“So I’ve been thinking about you since the other night” Hath leads off. He realizes how it sounds and hard-corrects to clarify. “Not like thinking-thinking about you! I’m not gay,”

Right. Harry is thinking. Your not gay. Just a monster, being gay is okay, but right. You’re not gay. Just a child molester so that is okay. A murderer, most likely that too, but gay? No.

“I mean, I’m not gay. Louis is. And after his mum died I tried to get him help. No Tomlinson has ever been, or ever will be, gay. Homosexuals are deviants. It must be stamped out. You need to understand I loved his mother very much. Too much. I saw the way Louis was becoming. Other boys wanted to play war games, swords. Not him. No. He was gentle, soft, too kind. He liked the sports but after sports he be sitting with the girls having tea, swinging, blowing bubbles, anything other than hitting and being hit. By the time his mum died he already had your type coming around him, boys older than him. They smelled it on him.”

Hath turns again taking a route adding time. His perspective on this is crazy to hear. Harry listens in silence. What does Hath want.

“So that’s it really. His smell, I mean his scent. The first time that I touched him, after I came home where I found him doing something for pleasing a man, Louis on his knees, at eleven years old for God’s sake, so his deviancy was strong, I didn’t realize how it would make me touch him. He smelled like Jay, certainly he looks like her, I threw him down to spank him and, god, he felt like Jay. I couldn’t resist squeezing him bum, the scent of him, the feel of him. I had to taste him...but no not like you did, not the gay thing. I kissed him. He tasted like her, like Jay, so much his mother’s son. I capitulated. I gave in to my needs, a man’s understand this wasn’t a gay thing, I’m no homosexual, I just need him. To be her.”

“Oh god how he fought me. I had to tie him, beat him, still he fought. Finally, al least I’d found a way to bring out his warrior side. You wouldn’t know this to look at him but Louis is fierce. He’s got a lion’s heart. He’s quick. He’s strong for his size. But he’s just unwilling to be a man. Men look at him and he blushes. He responds to men, Harry. He responded to you, your gay thing.”

Harry squirms in his seat. He notices Hath finally turns back like he’s about done and he’s going to drive directly to Payne’s. Harry can’t wait to get away from this. Diary intact. He does his best to put on his game face. Hath believes he’s immoral because he sleeps with men. Harry can use this.

“So here’s what I want from you. For your internship. I want you to come when I call and get Louis ready, like you did that other night. I don’t know how to explain this but I thought, at one point I was getting him over wanting dick. You see until he was about 13, he always just took it, his body didn’t respond well, he hurt for days and days. Then, puberty maybe, he got the changes and he also began to respond. He seem to cry less when I got him, head endure it and the thing happened, he’d get me off so much better, his body milking my pleasure when he came. This got me confused, but I knew if I just fucked the gay out of him, he’d come around. About fifteen he flipped again. Not back to crying, he’d take it, oh he’d take it good. I’d get exhausted, fucking him so long, but he wouldn’t give me that type of orgasm that as his father was for me to have from his gay ass. That’s until recently he’s been like this, on sometimes, off at others. It’s like he’s trying to manipulate me. I don’t know what he’s doing, I suspected it’s him getting with someone, I don’t know. He’s got me spinning. I’m afraid, he gets me so crazy, I might accidentally hurt him too much. I could have an accident.”

Hath pulls into Payne’s and stops the engine. Looking Harry in the eyes he is direct. “Do you understand me Harry? I don’t want to lose him. I need to have him. He is my Jay now. He’s got her beauty, he’s got her body, well a boy version but he feels, smells, taste like her, his skin it taste like hers. I need to have him. But if he denies me. I could go too hard on him. Are you willing to come when I call and make him do what I need. You’d be helping him.”

Chapter Text

Harry has been proactive since the interview for an “internship” with Hath. He’s put his clients on notice, alerting them that he might do an alternate date with them if an emergency arises. It’s been a week since Hath and he talked internship and Harry’s schedule has gone on uninterrupted. He’s also gotten to “pest status” with Zayn, Niall and Liam although they too are all concerned particularly because one has had even a single glimpse of Louis.

Harry’s gotten so anxious that he walks around his flat with the diary in hand and tries to resist discovering more about Louis. He always does respect the book, but his dreams don’t resist. They go hard in for Louis fantasies. Even if Harry has spent hours with a client, topping or bottoming, he’ll come home, his body spent yet he will find he’s getting hard in the shower because he’s thinking about Louis. He wakes during the middle of his sleep having wet himself from his Louis-dreams. If Hath has anything right in his sick, sick way of thinking it might that Louis is an addiction. Once infected by Louis, he’s impossible to give up.

So Harry waits.

When the call comes Harry is fortunately free. He’s also caught in a weak state because of the long wait. Harry had just opened the diary and read its beginnings.


“ that how I call you? I don’t know. It’s me, Aiden. Guess you know that because you are my diary. Maybe we can skip introductions from here on out because this seems weird.

Why are you here?

That’s a long story. You’re just empty pages so maybe you have time to listen to my thoughts.

My mum said I should keep a journal because I wasn’t sure I could talk to her about this. Maybe not my father yet either.. She said not to worry when I told her my fears are embarssing. She said my brothers won’t laugh. Or tease me. Or anything like that either. She wrote in her card to me on my thirteenth birthday when she gave me this diary. She said that it’s time for me to learn to think about what kind of man I want to be. Isn’t that funny? A man. Me. Sure I’m getting bigger, things happen with my body now that are new. Odd, the changes, but she’s telling me I have choices about my manhood. She’ll love me through it all. The family will. My job entering my teens is to learn to make smart choices.

What are choices, smart or not? I guess they began a long time ago. Other lads my age started acting like girls who they had always played with from when they were babies are now weird to be around. Because girls are different than us. Apparently that’s stage one of gender identity awareness, my mum tells me. Now I really see it. The girls used to be friends, just like us. We played the same games, we liked the same things. Now we and them are different. My friends get these ideas. Ideas like girls have bad things, cooties. We lads need laddy-time, away from girls. Always from their cooties. The thing that makes me different is that is I don’t see girls different. They are still just, friends. My best lads say it’s supposed to be weird with girls-or- we will be trapped by them. They want us to marry them so we can kiss them and that’s ick, kissing, yuk. The weird thing is the other lads my year may act like they think girls are freaks but it’s not that. Some of them talk about how girls make a feeling in them that is oddly scary, and at the same time oddly wonderful.

Not me. Me? My wonderful feeling:

Here it goes. I like LT. That's right, LT, the tiny boy whose two years younger than me. He’s like the size of a peanut. He has blue eyes that sparkle. He giggles with his hand over his mouth like a girl and that makes my stomach into butterflies. When he talks his voice is high, he’s young so, the little kids all have higher voices but his is distinct sounding. I hear him on the yard when we play at recess and he’s loud, high pitched. I can’t stop looking for him becuase we don’t share classes so I need to see him on the yard. Sometimes I sit and watch him. Sometimes I don’t even want to don’t play, not even a football, with my best friends.

But yesterday LT began playing football on the school team with me, my friends, my year. He got us all turned around. He was sassy and fast. The grown ups said we had to be gentle playing with Little Kids but LT got put into our group because he’s too good for his year’s team. We could be rougher, if he wanted to win a spot of our team he had to earn it. He didn’t mind it at all when we were rough with him, he liked it even. He talks like he’s this big person but he’s just tiny. Seems like we adopted him today. Then. It happened.

Last night I woke up with a strange feeling. I didn’t know what it was. I went to as Beck. He let me crawl into his bed thinking I had a bad dream. I told him the feeling I had and he was quiet for a long time. I almost was asleep whe he wanted to know what I was thinking of when I had the strange feeling. I told him, LT. This boy with sparkly eyes. A pixie voice. A Peter Pan. Beck knows LT because our mums are friends. The T’s have been here in our house many times. We go to theirs. Beck was quiet for a really, really long time after that and I was afraid he hated me for telling him how LT made me feel. When he spoke he said I should write to you. Like mum said. He said I’m too young to understand chooses. Choices, again choices. What does that mean. Then he said go to sleep and started snoring.

So help me diary. What is this thing happening to me?”


Before Harry can get to the next page his phone buzzes, the number gives id for Hath Tomlinson.


Harry gets a cab to Tomlinson’s. He’s alerted Zayn, Niall, Liam he’s going there. Since Aiden’s murder they are all coordinating next level on planning to protect against the worse. Besides, Harry reminds himself, none of them has seen Louis since he day of Aiden’s funeral. Not even Howard.

This is clearly not a situation to trifle with. Not with Harry having a confession from Hath shedding light into the root of the obsession Hath puts blame on Louis for. It’s Hath’s badge of righteousness to molest his step son because Louis is gay, a sub-class, an immoral in Hath’s mind. So the group of Louis’ friends try to prepare for every contingency.

The plan for Harry right now? See Louis. See if he’s okay. Get Louis through the night. Get evidence of what is going on, maybe. Leave Louis better than Harry finds him. Walk out with any information that undermines the hold Hath has over the powerful who surround Hath some of whom must be turning a blind eye to a long running abuse.

Harry’s prepared...

...until he arrives at the manor, walks into the master suite that Hath, dressed only in a silk robe, leads him to.

Standing in the bedroom beside the bedpost, a silk scarf tieing him there with an impossibly tight knot, is Louis. He’s dressed in silk too. Just a pair of pajama pants. They are too big. They hang low such that the transition from his tiny waist to his ample bum is seductively emphasized.

His bruises are faded, no new ones, which is the best thing Harry can process when he sees Louis tied, as Harry wonders how this situation can be anything other than crazy. Harry’s first impulse, call the police; go to a bathroom taking Louis with him, lock the door, call the police.

But Louis sees its Harry with Hath and his reaction destroys all of Harry’s logic.

Louis turns his head like a puppy trying to understand a challenge upon seeing it’s Harry. His hair is perfectly styled into this pixie pan ideal, his body half-exposed is sensual, bruises are muted so his bronzey-color is nearly pristine. He looks sexy as fuck tied, Standing there in silk, nearly naked. Harry fails to think of the run to the bathroom with Louis option before Hath strides to Louis and takes control in the room.

Hath cuts the silk freeing Louis. “See, I brought you this. My pussy boy’s linchpin.” Hath says to Louis. “He’s here to do that thing to you that you twinks like. Make your tiny hole just right, you’ll sit on Daddy’s cock, ride me until I can’t take it any longer the way your sinful body makes me need your whoring cunt to drag me into your sin. Harry will suck your pretty little prick. You’ll cum for Daddy making me cum. Daddy will fill your hole. Who knows, I might even let this whore eat my cum out of you, you’d like that wouldn’t you. His tongue in your sweet, sweet hole. Making your walls cream. Cream like a girl. Hum?”


Harry sees it a split second too late. Louis turns his glare sharp on Hath. He sasses. “I won’t, you can’t make him!”

It’s like lightning and thunder. Speed, the loud crack, the sound like a thunder clap.

Hath hits Louis. The strike sends Louis tumbling. Harry’s on Louis before Louis stops his roll but Louis is dazed to a point he’s not reacting to Harry. His head lolls, his eyes are open but they don’t blink.

“Fucking hell, shit bag! Don’t touch him, you promised you wouldn’t hurt him if I came, fucking shitbag!”

Harry tires to gently to get a reaction from Louis, a red bruise forming instantly where Hath struck him. Hath paces back and forth.

“Bitch youre only here to make Daddy’s twink cum. Not to renegotiate. If he sasses he gets a beating. He refuses, he gets a beating. You want it to stop, then you make him want to ride my dick. Maybe you do your internship really good and someday I’ll give you a bonus. You might get to fuck my cum from his sweet whole after I’ve filled it, maybe while he sucks my dick with his pretty mouth. We both get off happy.”

Harry gets a tiny bit of bile hit his throat with that. This won’t end. Not with Hath being this monsterous. Right now Harry can only do one thing.

He picks Louis up. Louis is vaguely conscious. Harry puts him on the bed. He rolls Louis belly down. Pulls off the silk pj bottoms and marvels struck breathless at how perfect Louis is. He starts his undressing himself wanting only to make this good for Louis. Better than the last time.

Much of what Harry does starts the same as before. His tender kisses, nibbles on bum, sloppy licking over a, as of now, pristine pink, tight hole. It hasn’t escaped Harry noticed that while the bruises have healed, Louis is also much more thin. At the funeral he seemed gaunt, Aiden’s family noted. As Harry works more into eating Louis’ arse, he realizes his hands run up above waist to feel more of Louis’ body that his fingers suggest Louis is more thin than Harry remembers. Louis has lost much weight. Fast. It sickens Harry.

Harry stops. Looks around at Hath who’s behind them, standing with his robe open his hardon in his hand, wanking himself.

“I need to kiss him. You agreed, anything I need to do, anything without fucking him, or his fucking his mouth, but anything else, to get him prepped, right? I need to kiss him, please.”

Hath grunts but nods yes. “Sure, Intern, you can kiss him. If kissing your beautiful mouth makes him cum for me. Be my guest.”

Harry rolls Louis to face up, lips meeting Louis’ so soft at first he’s not sure Louis would feel it. Slowly he works his way into more firm, tongue licking at Louis’ mouth without penetrating but like he’s asking. Louis opens his eyes. Hath can’t see this from his stance behind them..

Indescribable is Louis’ look at Harry. Cerulean eyes light upon Harry giving him a feeling of floating into some perfect world. Louis says nothing he just penetrates his gaze into Harry’e eyes. Harry fills the void of this unspoken place.

In a whisper he says, “Louis? He’s only making me if you don’t want me.”

Louis accepts Harry’s kiss that follows more engaged. He takes the first breath on the change to whisper, “You’ll die too.”

Harry silences him as Hath comes to the side of them like he’s interested. This makes Harry kiss Louis harder, as if to show Hath he’s only toying with Louis as foreplay as he adds a hand reaching to take ahold Louis’ penis roughly. Louis is flaccid. Not surprising. Harry breaks the kiss and slides down to suck on it. It’s little effort before it’s success. Harry pops off leaving Louis bearing a semi. Showing this to Hath with a contrived smirk Harry returns to kissing Louis’ mouth. Hath walks back to behind Harry. Harry feels Hath’s stare on his bum. He wishes Hath would use him instead of Louis so he brings his bum up making himself more tantalizingly prone.

Kissing Louis is something Harry supposes will get shut down soon. This occurs to Harry as he’s got Louis breathlessly being engaged with this. Before long Louis responds to Harry bringing his hands into Harry’s hair, his pelvis up to rut against Harry’s body above his.

Becoming impatient, Hath slaps Harry’s arse, “Get on with it.”

Just a split second after breaking the kiss, before Harry rolls Louis to face down, their eyes look into each other’s for a brief commincation. Louis’ eyes are a deep, deep blue, like the darkest of sapphires. They convey his arousal, his feelings about the kiss; maybe something about the way Harry kisses is similar to Aiden or so it seems because Louis wants to hold this connection.

Hath brings this to a stop, “Whore, I said get on with it. Get your filthy mouth to work.”

A slap on Harry’s arse follows the cursing directive. It’s a strike made harder on Harry’s arse than the first. Harry tries to act like he’s not into this tenderness of the kissing Louos by responding with jerking Louis to lay backside up, pushing legs apart, pulling Louis roughly back to him before gripping Louis’ bum roughly fondling, then parting cheeks, spitting on his hole. It’s all for show. Harry’s aware his moves were not so rough as they looked. His intentions are to deceive Hath.

With cheeks held parted by his hands he delves in. Wet, loud, sloppy licks trade with kisses, nibbles too as he makes suggestions about Louis’ taste, the fullness of his arse, the pretty pink color of his perfect little hole. After he gets Louis sensitive with his mouth his fingers join. There’s more talk of Louis ‘ tightness, his rim “is so tight”.

Like the before Harry has Louis yielding, tilting his pelvis to position himself prone, his hole wanting Harry narrates to Hath as it changes with time. How Louis taste is the next narration Harry shares with Hath in a filthy descriptive when Harry is finally able to lick his tongue into Louis after some fingering.

”He so loves getting his hole tongue fucked, just like he did before” Harry says. “See how Once again he responds to my tongue on his walls, it makes him come up on his knees, thighs sensitive and quivering, his hole gives minute changes, tiny puckers.”

Despite Harry’s intentions are playing Hath by the nasty way he speaks about Louis, Louis can’t stop the feeling Harry’s unmaking in him.

Louis moans.

Hath nearly jumps in to take Louis but Harry blocks him. “He’s not had my fingers enough. You agreed he’d be yours when I say he’s ready or you!”

Hath scolds, “Get him there. He’s moaning like a whore on one of your fingers. If comes on your finger I’ll take it out on both your asses!”

Harry focuses. He gets two fingers in Louis and he’s careful not to bring them close to Louis’ sweet spot. He’s challenged; Louis is pushing himself onto Harrys fingers, tilting himself to get there. Harry’s mind keeps saying the thing Louis confided the last time they were together. His brain says for Louis this feels like it’s Aiden, not Harry, doing this to Louis. Aiden’s kiss, Aiden’s mouth, Aiden’s fingers.

Harry pulls his fingers out wanting to eat Louis’ more tongue-welcoming hole. His tongue has bearely had more that a few penetrations when Louis gasps the worse of all words.

“Ohhh, ah-Aiddden.”

Harry’s not sure, did Hath hit him? Or did he throw him?

He’s not sure. When Harry’s head clears he’s hearing Hath slapping into Louis like he’s being whipped by the devil to make the boy bleed. Harry gets up off the floor, shouts at Hath, Hath stops. He breaks off and stands maybe only to push Harry and bring his complaint.

“Bring that mouth of yours to where it’s useful,whore!”

Hath picks Louis off the bed where he was face down when Hath first began pounding into him, taking Louis into his lap. He’s gets Louis impaled fully on his cock. One hand he holds Louis on his lap wrapping that arm around Louis’ torso, the other goes to Louis’ throat dangerously tight as he commands Harry.

“Bring this cunt to orgasm for me, bring him for me now. I’m aching for his pussy to clench on my dick, ride me, ride Daddy clenching good and long.”

Harry not sure Louis is capable; Harry goes down on him nevertheless. He got Hath’s upward thrusts working against him like Hath is sloppy in his trust because he got a building stirring in his core. Harry’s sure Hath’s going to come without Louis ever getting there because Louis is so empty from all the battering he was taking when Hath dazed Harry. Hath’s begins to exclaim, saying he’s coming as he curses Louis with all the worst of slurs about Louis when Harry feels Louis’ hands grip in his hair as Harry gets the first mouthful of Louis’ salty cum.

In the course of Louis’ orgasm Hath becomes delirious. He shouts his pleasure. “Oh fuck yes pussyboy! Daddy’s little cunt! Can’t get enough dick in his boyhole, yeah, fucking ride Daddy, ride.”

More or less that was the basics Harry got between guttural noises from Hath that indicated, late to start or not, Louis was pulling more pleasure from his twisted molester.

Finished, Hath has Louis off his lap before Harry is prepared to move. Louis lands laying in a twist makes it most obvious, Louis looks very much thinner, his body undernourished.

Harry’s just siting on the floor still dazed as Hath stands up, takes a step into Harry’s space, pointing to common his upper thigh.

“Lick this clean, Intern.”

Harry doesn’t want to. He looks at an unmoving Louis.

“I said lick this!”

Harry still doesn’t move. This infuriates Hath. He kicks Harry in the center of the chest and turns back to Louis.

Flopping Louis onto his back, Hath straddles Louis, starts to shove his dick, satiated but not flaccid into Louis’ mouth. Louis doesn’t react. He lays there as Hath made him.

This has Harry acting. “Wait! No! Got me dazed is all, you hit me. Of course, let me have some. Boys like me love licking Daddy clean.”

Hath laughs. “Do you now? Fucking street whore. You’re pretty, give you that. My dick doesn’t need your trash mouth. Maybe my son wants it, just like he wanted...”

Hath stops. He was about to say Aiden. He stopped. Maybe he thinks Harry didn’t know the name. Surely though, Hath is trained enough to avoid linking himself to people who’s deaths are under investigation. Instead Hath changes the subject, he doesn’t violate Louis’ mouth. He gives Harry directives.

“Get him out of here. Clean him up, get him to eat some food for fucksake. He’s wasting away. Make him eat. Do whatever it takes as long as your dick isn’t in his hole. His pretty entrance is for his Daddy’s cock only.”


Getting Louis from the room to his own, into the bath Harry does just the same as he had before. He lets Louis sleep on his chest until the water feels like it’s turning too cool. Taking Louis swaddled in towels he puts Louis under the covers without waking him. What did Hath mean by “get him to eat”? The last time Harry was here Hath said to clean up and get out. Does he expect Harry to wake Louis and eat in the middle of the night?

Harry decides sleeping Louis is too precious and it’s too late. Breakfast would be reasonable in, say, six hours. Taking a leap that is quite a risk, Harry slides into the bed beside Louis. He no sooner has settled next to Louis than Louis snugs himself into Harry’s body. He turns onto his side so his face nests against Harry’s neck, buried in hair. He slips one arm over Harry’s chest and a leg over Harry’s legs. It’s like Harry is Louis’ giant stuffed animal. Harry listens to Louis’ breathing while letting one of his hands run over Louis’ skin. He doesn’t realize he’s sleeping over until it’s a hint of daylight that wakes him.

It’s early. The boy wrapped around him hasn’t moved. It’s sweaty where their bodies meet. Harry makes a simple move to slip away from Louis just a tiny bit. He doesn’t want to wake Louis so he moves in tiny increments. Letting himself have a few minutes to wake slowly he enjoys studying Louis.

Honesty he doesn’t understand how anyone can have such thick, long lashes. They fan across Louis’ skin leading Harry’s eyes to study the fabulous cheekbones, so fabulous they should be featured in magazines and painted on billboards. Sadly one has a sore-looking red bruise. Harry fights an urge to kiss that. He should have perhaps iced the spot while they had a bath. Louis’ lips are parted and he’s breathing through his mouth. Harry could kiss him with his mouth like that, lips like one who is expectant of a kiss.

Leaving fantasies aside Harry slides across the bed slowly until he’s out of it. He was told to make Louis eat something. Feeling cavalier about the risk to himself of being in Tomilinson Manor Harry wanders out of the room. It appears the house is empty. Making his way down the hall he passes Hath’s room. The open door reveals the room is vacant probably Hath is already off to work.

Harry wanders through the massive home to the kitchen. It’s enormous. His flat could fit in the kitchen, twice! Making himself at home Harry begins to rummage for eggs, milk, flour, sugar. He also finds plenty of fruit, some sausages, cheese.

An hour later when a plump older woman enters the kitchen she finds Harry wearing an apron pulling muffins from the oven, a tray set up prepared for tea, poached egg, sliced cheese, a bowl of assorted mixed fruit with a hint of cinnamon.

“Well who do we have here? Has the Mister given me my leave?”

Does she really really think Harry is the new cook?

“Harry laughs. “Please excuse me, Ma’am. No. I’m Harry, and not the new cook. I’m just making breakfast for Louis. Mr Tomlinson said I should get him to eat.”

The woman looks relieved, though understandably confused. Harry couldn’t possible look like a cook, but he’s got a warm smile for her and the effects of it make the woman blush. Still curious about the stranger in the kitchen she asks without asking.

“Yes, yes, Louis hasn’t had much an appetite. Poor thing he moaps around like he’s lost his best friend. Hardly eats enough for a bird to live on...are you by chance here about that then, are you a friend or a psychologist?”

“A friend. Just a friend.”

The woman keeps studying Harry. He keeps smiling at her to break down her reserve. Harry’s smile always has that effect. Sooner or later everyone warms to him even those who would like to judge. Harry’s dimples and charisma in combination? A killer combination.

Setting aside her curiosity, the cook snaps out of questioning and accepts this. The water for tea begins to boil, setting off the whistle from steam. “Well if your taking that tray up to Louis might needs some linens. The Mister likes a neat house. Not sure he approves of breakfast in bed, but if you can get Louis to eat, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt I guess.

With linens over his arm, a full tray in hand, Harry makes his way through the house managing to avoid spilling even a teaspoon of milk he’s brought in case Louis takes tea with it. The thing that’s sunny to him is he’s excited to learn this type of little things about Louis. Does he like milk in his tea? Sugar or Honey? Maybe nothing? What is his favorite fruit? Is he a fan of poached eggs or does he like them some other way. Even more amusing to Harry is how he’s not sure why any of things should matter to him becuase he’s never felt this way about anyone else before.

Before eeting Louis Harry’s really only ever been concerned himself with the things about people that make him money. He knows ever kink, every trigger, for every client. He couldn’t say he knows a single thing mundane about any of them like how they take tea. With regard to Louis these things are important.

Harry finds Louis as he left him. Sleeping. He’s shifted to his tummy, thTs the only change.

Setting the tray on a table beside the bed Harry whispers “Louis.”

Louis shoots up. He’s awake in a fright, positioned siting with his legs folded under him with a frantic, wildness to his face before he realizes he’s just in his bed. A breakfast beside it.

And Harry.

“Harry?” Louis asks getting off the bed and taking ahold of Harry. Maybe he needs to get a grip on Harry because Harry could be a mirage. “What are you doing here? How can you be here? You can’t be here!”

Louis sounded frantic in his quesions. He looks around fearfully without his eyes settling anywhere. “You can’t be here!” Louis says again verifying his fear is for Harry..

Harry smiles at Louis and puts his hands on Louis’ cheeks. “It’s okay. I made breakfast. I was told by him last night to make you eat something. So I made you this.”

Louis isn’t wavering. “But you can’t be here! He’ll, he’ll...”

Harry has Louis in his arms interrupting Louis’ panick. He makes his hold firm and comforting. Louis is nude, Harry’s attempt to comfort must be warming for him because he presses back harder into Harry letting his face be buried in Harry’s chest, quiet for a minute. Harry hushes him. Kisses the top of his head.

When Louis speaks again he seems ready to cry. “You have to go. If he finds you’re still here, he’ll kill you.”

Harry pulls back to enable his fingers to cup Louis’ chin to make Louis’ look him in the eyes. There it is. Cerulean looking at him. Fright in his eyes, but beautiful to the core. “Okay, I’ll go before he knows I’m still here. First, you eat. Looks like you’ve not been doing that much. So you eat. I’ll watch. When I think you’ve had a proper meal I’ll go. And don’t worry, if he comes home before you finish breakfast I’ll leave through the window. In my occupation it’s a frequent exit strategy so I’ll be quite fine.”


How could eating be so pretty. The way Louis eats can only de described as pretty. He takes small bites, he keeps his mouth closed, he takes tiny sips of tea with his pinky finger pointing away from the porcelain cup. Simply stated he’s the most delicate kitten when it comes to his food. Several times Harry has to push him to take, just one bite more. It occurs to Harry it must be hard for Louis to eat because he’s done so little of it lately, since Aiden’s death.

Harry find a way to keep Louis from unhappy thought by talking football. Louis loves Harry’s stories of how abysmal his skills were as a kid. Louis suggest it translates to Harry’s FIFA talents.

When Louis has finished much of the food that Harry made it’s been two hours. Two hours with Louis laughing a fair amount and Harry living in a feeling of suspended reality, like this could be real for him someday. Harry wants to ask Louis questions. Questions whose answers are probably in Aiden’s diary. He’s afraid to pry. He knows it will make the crinkles around Louis smiling face disappear. It will make his appetite go away. It might make tears, cerulean becomes pale sapphire.

Harry just can’t. He knows he must.

“Louis, you’re sure about the gear bag?”

Did Harry just sucker punch Louis? Louis face goes pale. He drops the tea cup on the tray amazingly not breaking it. His eyes begin to get wet.

“Oh no, no no, Louis, no. I mean by asking just that I’ve seen Hath two times hit you so hard you go semi conscious. I only wonder if he’s maybe made your reality and the nightmares into one, that’s all.”

Louis is shaking when he says to Harry with clarity in his voice and a sharpen sass to his expression. “He’s dead Harry. Dead. He was shot, in some suspected random robbery roadside. Sure, maybe a drug addict on crack would take his wallet and his phone, sell the phone or trade it for drugs, but why would his and my gear be taken too? Why would the fear be here one minute and gone the next? Do you think Hath scares everyone into submission by being nice? Do you not know how dangerous he is? Aiden knew. He was smart. I don’t know what happened to tip him off, but someone did. How smart are you Harry? Is it smart to be here? It will get you killed.”

Louis anger rose as he chided Harry. Harry couldn’t t fault him. How could he?

Having not dressed before he ate Louis is sitting there naked which means Harry can see his body is adding hyper breathing to developing nervous shaking. The entire time he verbally slapped Harry down his shaking became more noticeable, he’s rapid breathing too. He’s so depleted by all of the abuse and his lover’s death he’s got no reasources to fall back on.

Harry can only offer what he knows. He seizes Louis which nearly sends the tray tumbling as he pushes Louis down to kiss him. Kisses not gentle, not doubting, but aggressive and purposeful. He puts himself on Louis mocking them centered on the bed as he tries to strip away with his passion every barrier Louis had put up against him.

At first Louis was surprised and not receptive but it’s seconds, a minute at most, before Louis is kissing him back. It’s the passionate kiss of a lover’s quarrel. Some anger, some need. Certainly some yearning. By the time Harry sort of releases Louis from under him Louis is sporting an erection. Seeing it, Harry simply can’t resistnecause when Harry sees Louis hard, Louis also sees Harry sees him hard; Louis tries to put his hands over himself and hide his excitement with anger still in his eyes. Harry gets them away from his prick, pins Louis’ hands. Kisses roughly Louis more. Louis bites Harry’s lower lip when Harry removes his tongue from where it was forcing Louis’ submission. In turn Harry bites Louis on the skin just under a collarbone. Louis yelps it makes him grind his pelvis up against Harry clothed body, on top of him and whine.

Taking clothes off fast is an essential skill Harry that exceeds at. Again, occupational expertise. He gets them off without ever breaking from taking the anger drive stare from Louis. It’s doubtful Louis can interpret the extent to which the return stare down fromHarry is pure passion. Maybe mixed with a little regret for hurting Louis by the question about the gear bags.

But once his clothes are off Louis’ eyes go to Harry’s erection. When he looks back to Harry’s eyes his anger has softened. There’s hunger in its place.

The struggle begins again. This time it’s for rights, right to have control. Harry has the idea from Aiden’s diary about how little Louis toyed with the older boys; that’s in his head as he finds Louis has him all turned around. He also recalls Hath’s remark how fierce, stronge for his size Louis is. With struggle, Harry gets Louis’ hands pinned. Given that Louis dick is porperly erect, posting straight up without assist Harry puts his mouth around the pretty staff and sinks.

Harry’s pretty good at doing this with no hands. He knows all the tricks. He sinks a few times making Louis writhe. Harry comes off Completely a few times and licks the prominent vein underneath. He rapidly licks at the base of Louis’ cock, letting his tongue lap Louis’ balls. He momentarily wonders if Louis is shaved at Hath’s demand or if this is Louis’ choice as many bottoms prefer. Letting the question go Harry gets his tongue to lick over Louis’ entrance despite Louis being backside down on the bed. Licking there makes Louis writhe more. Louis tries to twist free. Harry stops licking.

“He said nothing in your body, but didn’t say a thing about something of yours in mine.”

Like that Harry goes for dick again deep throating Louis, making him pant.

“Harry, Harry, don’t let him find you here...” Louis gets out between gasps and pants. His body is giving him away. He’s glistening, he’s quivering, he’s desperate in every measurable way.

“Gotta stop saying that.” Harry growls. He then kisses the divot where thigh interacts pelvis. Louis begins squirming again like to get away. Not that he’s giving up.

“Gotta make me, make me, try to make me shut...”

Harry gets himself spun around over Louis like only the pro he is could do so adeptly. He gives Louis one second of eye contact, no words just goes ahaed with his cock in hand putting it at Louis’ lips.

Oh god...when Louis flashes a new look from those cerulean eyes. Determination, then he opens his pretty mouth allowing Harry to slide himself in. Once Harry feels his know hits back of throat he goes down on Louis.

Harry doesn’t have to hold Louis hands down anymore. He can tell by how actively Louis is doing this sixty-nine with him Louisis wanting it. Louis is mewing through his handling of Harry’s length. His hips undulating with Harry’s bobbing on his dick.

Harry pulls back his cock from Louis’ reach several times hovering in a plank pose over Louis to pause their action. He does it because he simply wants this to extend forever and he’s so close. Several of theses pauses extend the pleasure only to the extent that it’s painful to be so close. So when Louis begins spurting in Harry’s mouth when Harry’s takes him again, Harry makes his best effort to satiate Louis by staying on him through every last drop before he springs back stealing his cock from Louis to shoot his cum over Louis’ body rather than force him to swallow when he’s under Harry. The strength of the ejaculation is so intense that his cum misses Louis’ upper body completely hitting Louis’ pelvis.

“So good Louis. God you’re so good.” Harry’s says bending down with a shuffle back so he can kiss Louis’ lips.

Louis ends the kiss, “So please Harry, please go now. Go before he finds you.”

Chapter Text

The first thing Harry does when he leaves Louis is call the other lads. They were all waiting with nerves on edge. Relieved Harry’s okay they are no less concerned for Louis. Lots of questions when Harry tells them what transpired including the one contentious question Harry had asked Louis, is he certain that Louis believes Aiden’s things were there at his house?

As Harry makes his last call to the three friends, to Niall, Niall invites Harry to come on a mission with him. Rescues. Harry decides to do that because he’s not sure he wants to go home. His heart tells him he should run back to Louis. Instead he helps Niall.

Several ‘kittens’ later Harry leaves Niall’s house where they’ve put the newest feline arrivals in a safe room, one that’s smaller and quiet, but Harry cannot simply go home.

Harry calls up a former client of his.

Ben Winston, a detective, former client now dating a woman. Apparently, to Ben, Harry was “just a phase”. Or at least Ben says that about his past encounters with Harry despite how much sex, (A LOT of sex) they had. Before Ben fell in love with his current woman partner, before he gave up hook-ups with Harry, Ben and Harry always had a lot of fun so they’ve remained something like friends. Hush hush though. Few people want to be openly friends with Harry.

Harry and Ben agree to meet for a late lunch at a local pub. At lunch Harry gets the polite conversation out of the way first. Ben does a lot of blathering on about his lady, plans to marry her, surprising her with a ring soon, that kind of stuff. Then when all those mundane things are shared he gets to the root of this meeting.

“Enough about me Harry. I’m sure you’re not looking to go ring shopping with me. So what’s up? This has to be more than a casual call. Are you in some trouble?” Ben is sincerely concerned because he has had to investigate at least one potentially unacceptable client for Harry based on a hunch Harry felt. As it turns out Jarry was right. The man seeking Harry’s “services” had a long history of violence. Ben may be in love now with a woman; he still cares for Harry.

“No. I’m not in any trouble.” Harry says. “A friend is. And the thing is, what is happening to him is well known among a circle of his other friends but everyone avoids making the abuse stop. It’s been years of my friend, a minor, being raped by his step father. As if that’s not enough the one person who was going to help him get away from the abuse when he turns eighteen was recently shot in a random roadside robbery. My friend thinks that the shooting was a deliberate act of murder, perpetrated by his stepfather. He said there was evidence in their house.”

Ben sits up, leaning into talk quietly. “Your friend needs to call the authorities for his safely and if there’s evidence of another crime report that too.”

“I know, I know. I’m not sure why no one whose known about his abuse at home has not done that already. I think it’s fear they haveof somthing but I’m not sure how anything could be more frightening than the hell my friend is in now.”

“So this guy, the abuse step father, he’s powerful? Who is he and who did he potentially murder?”

“Hathaway Tomlinson. Aiden Visser.”

Ben chokes on his swallow of beer. “Tomlinson? You said Tomlinson? Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Tomlinson, The Hathaway Tomlinson, likes boys?”

“I’d say he likes one specific boy. His step son. Something he said about how Louis, his stepson, suggests that Louis reminds him of Louis’ mum, his wife who died about six years ago. Add to that how he has a weird disconnect about sexuality. He claims to think gay sex is deviant, but he’s been trying to ‘fuck the gay out of Louis’ for years. I was just with them last night. Hat has asked me twice now to come be with them because he’s got this special kink where he’s not satisfied with just fucking his stepson. He wants Louis to come when he’s fucking him.”

Ben shake his head. “This is one twisted shit. And you said other people know about this, for years, but don’t stop it because Hathaway is, well Hathaway Tomlinson. Most powerful litigator in all of London. Sure he’s got clients that include powerful men in government, lawforce, judges. Hum. Okay so who is this Aiden Visser? The family name sounds familiar. How does this Aiden fit in?”

“Aiden was in love with Louis. They had been at the same school as kids, until Louis’ mum died, Hath withdrew Louis after her death. Sequestered Louis at home. Before that Louis and Aiden were friends. Apparently there were some times when some of the people who knew inthe early stages of the abuse who would help get Louis and Aiden see each other. Aiden planned to marry when Louis turns eighteen. Last time Aiden was with Louis, the day I met him, was the day before he was shot in a so-called roadside robbery.”

Ben eats some more of his food, gesturing for Harry to go on with this story.

“I met Aiden at a park. Aiden and Louis were playing football with their team which Louis likes to do if he can sneak out to join them. Afterwards we went to a friend’s, hung out. Aiden was clearly trying to figure me out. You know. People always wonder. What I saw that day was were two people, Aiden and Louis, totally, completely in love. The next time I saw Louis was five days later. He’d been beaten by Hath, trying to refuse Hath, he told me his boyfriend was shot, he believed it was his stepfather’s doing. It’s a long story but that was also the first time, the first day, Hath hired me, a linchpin he said, to intervene in the sex. To make Louis do it the way he wants it. It was after the deal was done, Hath asleep in another room, Louis told me Aiden’s belongings were in their house for a short time. Before Louis could do anything with the belongings it seems Hath took them somewhere. Louis warned me about my safety, about Hath, before I left. “

”Last night was the second time Hath brought me in to ‘make Louis do it rgiht’. Again, when me and Louis were alone, after the assault, Louis warned me before I left. He’s the one being raped, beaten and he’s warning me!”

Ben nods. He doesn’t say anything for a minute. He stares at his beer. Singnals the bartender for another round. “Harry, Hathaway is very well connected. If he wants you dead, anyone dead, he’s got the right people to do his bidding. I’m understanding people of a certain class, vulnerability, being afraid to come forward. I see that all the time in my business. But this Visser kid, how old was he? I think I saw the incident in the reports because I read all that stuff, but that kid went through the same school as Hathaway's, that family has to have money too. The boyfriend had to know how things were.”

Harry ignores the implication Ben made of how easily Hath could have Harry killed. Harry is just a whore, it happens commonly it’s his type. Harry sticks to the question Ben has about people bienv complacent. It is what bothers Harry too. How do all Louis’ friends say nothing, Aiden saying nothing, getting himself killed in the process.

“I don’t know why people are hushed. Aiden was nineteen, but the way. My age. He is from a very very nice family. They know Louis, they adore him. They clearly have money. I know they have no idea about the stuff of Aiden’s that Louis found at his house after Aiden was murdered. I was with Louis, he only saw them at the funeral and I was with him there the entire time. Louis wasn’t even hardly functional he was so, so....devastated with grief. He didn’t have a chance to tell them about Aiden’s things. All he did before we had to get him home ahead of Hath so Hath wouldn’t know he was at the funeral was to ask me to do something for him which was a complete surprise. Aiden’s mum said he could take anything from Aiden’s room. We left the Visser home with Aiden’s diary. As we drove away Louis said that he wanted me to hold onto it for him. Keep it safe.”

“You have the dead boyfriend’s diary? You’ve read it right?”

Harry scoffs. “No! Well, I mean only the opening page. I can’t violate Louis’ trust. All I read is how it started. It sounded like Aiden was coming of age, getting the idea he doesn’t like girls in that way other boys do. He describes how Louis, who he describes as a peanut and a pixie, makes him feel. He has his first wet dream because of Louis. It sounds like his mum gave him a journal because she was allowing him the freedom to go at his pace like only the most supportive mum on the planet could do. I stopped there with the first page because I think I need permission.”

Ben gets animated once the beers are set infront of them and the bartender has walked away. “Harry, read the damn diary! I give you permission! Fucksake Harry. How can you not go to the last page and see what he said? Maybe he wrote something to suggest he was in danger!”

Harry gets a bad feeling. “Oh god, what if your right?”

Harry jumps up. “I gotta go,” he takes a step before Ben stops him.

“Wait, Harry, wait. Sit back down. Finish your beer. When we leave, get the diary, read the last few pages. You won’t be betraying Louis’ trust. Hell I’d read the entire thing. In those pages Aiden might describe the rationale behind all the silence. Maybe the mum isn’t really dead. Maybe Hathaway has her locked in the basement or something.”

“You’re not making this any easier Ben. There isn’t a woman in the basement for six years, Hath’s a pervert, a rapist, a child molester, a murderer. He’s not stupid.”

Ben waves off the point. “You’re right. He’s legendary in court. Very smart. He wouldn’t keep her in the basement...he’d keep in in the boathouse.”

Harry laughs becuase Ben is being ludicrous to take down the tension, clearly joking. Somehow though when they finish lunch and part Harry makes a call immediately to Zayn. Has Zayn ever been in the Tomlinson basement? Yes. they have boathouse? No. Okay. Harry feels better but he’s anxious to get home now and do his homework. Meanwhile Ben is going to look into everything that he can on Hathaway, Aiden, anyone of interest. Harry hasn’t even turned the key to his flat before Ben has a text to him.

“Left you and went to check public records. Jay Tomlinson died six years ago. Cause of death cancer. Appears it was rapid onset. Surviving her is a son, Louis William Tomlinson and husband Hathaway Tomlinson. Don’t go to the basement. Or the boathouse. In fact don’t go there again if he calls you for service. Let me do some work.AND Read the Diary!!!”

“PS sorry to shout but I make a living snooping. I don’t understand how you haven’t. Well accept I’ve never seen you in love before.”

Harry looks up from his phone as he opens his front door, so Ben thinks this is love, that Harry, the sex for hire, is in love. Okay Harry shrugs, don’t have to be a p.i. to work that secret out. Why esle would Harry do anything to have Louis trust?

Harry goes to the diary as soon as he’s home. He opens the worn journal to the last entry.

“Today was another day closer to me and Louis being forever. And it was a Team day, which I know Louis loves. For me any minute I have with Louis, even among other people, is a dream.

Today was rather interesting.

Coming to watch with Zayn, Liam, Niall was this guy Harry Styles. He’s called “sex on legs”. I’ve heard about him from the lads before but not met him until today. Mmaybe I could have been more polite at first, but let’s face it, he was at the game for Louis. I mean he dripped with it.

I can’t imagine why a guy like him would choose to do what he does. He seems smart. Since he seems to have Louis as a friend I decided to trust Louis. I always do.

We ended up back at Niall’s playing FIFA. Harry was really horrible. Louis began to coach him to make sure he could win. That is such a Louis kind of thing, stirring people up for th fun of it. Once Louis insured Harry was the victor over me, of course, he then obliterated Harry in the final game. The infatuation Harry has with Louis was so obvious but oddly I kind of like him anyway.

Maybe it’s that Harry is ridiculously beautiful, not like Louis but in a different way. He has green eyes, long, dark hair with silky-looking curls, the most sensual mouth. His legs go on forever, thus the sex on legs name. The other thing about him is that he has the prettiest smile becasue of his insanley adarable dimples. He smiled a lot at Louis. A LOT. In his eyes you could see if Louis said a harsh word to him he’d die right then and there, but he likes Louis’ playful way of trash talking him.

I’d like to be able to hate this new friend of Louis’ but I really can’t. Beside Louis doesn’t need any more jealousy in his life.


Harry closes the diary. There it is. The last entry is about him. Aiden’s thoughts were how attractive he thought Harry is, he considers Harry smart. He didn’t miss a thing about how Harry’s into Louis and yet he said he likes Harry anyway. He completely trusts Louis.

Harry texts Ben. “There is nothing in the last entry about Hath.”

“What does it say?” Ben asks back.

“It’s about me actually. He describes me. He said he likes me even though he could tell I was lusting for his boyfriend.”

“What’s not to love about you, Harry?”

Then Ben sends another text before Harry can reply as if the question is rhetorical. “Go through the last several days, weeks, of entries. See if Aiden mentions any direct contact with Hath or anything odd, or threatening directed at him.”

“Okay,” Harry writes. “But I feel like I’m violating Louis’ trust.”

“I violate privacy everyday in my work.”

Harry considers the Ben’s direct statement. It’s just a job to Ben, sifting through people’s private lives. Given that sex is just a job to Harry, what’s the difference?

Opening the diary again, Harry reads.

Chapter Text

Harry goes to the second page which opens with Aiden talking about another wet dream incident. It’s an embarrassing thing that happens at school when he gets an erection that his altheletic shorts don’t conceal. Both things, the incident at school and the one in his bed, happened because of Louis. Aiden realizes he like boys. Louis...well Louis, he loves.

He writes next in his diary about this new coming of age problem and how he talks about it with his brothers. They give him advice. He thinks they understand the problems are not trigger by girls. At least he's sure Beck knows, but the whole thing about Aiden’s dynamics with the older brothers Harry finds amusing. He’s not sure if the brothers are pranking their little brother or if they are inexperienced. Given they are all minors, all still living at home, Harry’s not sure that they know the world, the street life, the seedy side. To Harry it’s a brief moment of amusement to see what life in a family with four boys might be like if you’re lucky to have a loving family.

Then Harry skips ahead to where Aiden writes something about Jay Tomlinson. It’s no longer amusing.


“When Jay and Louis came over today me mom and Jay were talking with heads together, very secretive whispers, more than normal. Why? It was obvious that Louis’ mum was upset. I asked Louis if he knew why.

He said his parents have been fighting a lot, about him, an AWFUL lot. He said his parents try to hide their fights by only talking about some things, about him, when they are away from the house. Usually they take the car.

I can tell Louis is bothered by being the problem but he didn’t want to talk about it. We went out in the back of the garden out of view from the house to lay in the sun together. It’s become my favorite thing to do, lay on the grass with Louis and look at the sky. I always get to hold him close, hug him. I like to kiss his head and smell the way his shampoo mixes with his scent. It makes me get those feelings. I like these feeling more and more.”


Harry reads several more entries about Aiden hugging Louis, kissing his head, cuddling together. They all seem so sweet. Harry gets so lost in the innocence of it that he can also smell Louis himself as he reads and become part of a fantasy. It’s all so very innocent even though it’s clear Aiden has a stirring feeling in his body. It’s rapidly approaching a time when he’ll need some way to release the feelings.

There are several entries about Patti suggesting her son talk with an adult about what boys needs to do as they mature, to be safe. She even suggests that Aiden could talk to Jay becuase Jay is a nurse. Aiden then writes an incidental comment, Harry almost over looked it, about Jay. Aiden writes that Louis says his mum has frequently been not feeling well. Harry knows this is the horrible beginning of a fateful end.

The most common entries are to follow are mostly about football-Louis. Aiden describes every great play that Louis is a part of. He shares stories about other teams that don’t take his team’s small player seriously, until it’s too late, becuase Louis is just that good. Harry gets a good mental picture of tiny Louis, eleven years old, running around with a bunch of players who are thirteen, fourteen, and causing them fits. There’s one entry about a team they play a second time in a semifinal who have a team-wide plan to take Louis out because of their size advantage over Louis. This was apparently a bad idea becuase Aiden and Louis’ teammates put a big hurt on the aggressors of the apposing team after the game.

More entires follow about Louis’ worries about his mum not feeling well. At last there is the big moment. The change.

…………………………… …………………

“Today Louis came over becuase we had no classes. School had conferences. Louis looked worried when he came to my house. We went to my room because he didn’t want to play and it was starting to rain too. Beck teased us when we headed up stairs together. He said to ‘leave the door open’ and thought he was really funny.

Louis came in my room behind me, closed the door, then just stood there against the door looking lost. I asked if his mum was better, was she more sick. He said yes. Just standing there, back pressed against the door, looking a little lost.

I felt helpless. After a minute of him just standing there leaning against the door he asked me if I would kiss him. I went to him, to kiss his forehead, and he lifted his face so I kissed his lips.

After we kissed we just looked at each other for a minute more, and then I kisssed him again. I tried to kiss him like people do who look like they know how to kiss. My kiss made him whimper in a wonderful way. I had to pull him into me, hands going all over his little body, his bum. He made another whimper noise. He kisses me back harder after I squeeze him bum.

That made me get the change in my body, like it’s never never been before. It hurt it was so hard. I walked back away from him just staring at him. He looked different, flushed. He kept biting his lower lip standing there like he didn’t know what to do after he did that to me. Louis watched as I went to sit on my bed and tug at my shorts that were bulging.

Before I could say anything he came onto the bed crawling up to me, bringing himself right over me, curiously looking down at my bulge. He asked me if he could see it. Maybe I should have ran to the bathroom. Instead I pulled down my shorts. I can’t beleive that was me, my body. Louis maybe didn’t completely know how he affects me, just him, Louis does this to me. He asked if he could touch me. Maybe I shouldn’t have said yes.

His hand took me and he squeezed it. My body spilled instantly with his little hand there. One squeeze, he made me shiver and ripple with pleasure. My toes curled. My body electrified.

I’ve never made a mess like that before. Never has anything made me feel like it did then, Louis did that to me. After I felt stupid doing that all over his hand but I wanted that feeling again. I want the feeling Louis makes in me. I know he’s too young but he wasn’t afraid, or bothered by it. Maybe he’s young but maybe it’s okay to want that with him, maybe? I dont know if I can tell ny of my brothers about this. Soren has girlfriends, three of them. Maybe they do stuff like this. I don’t know what to do.”

……………. ….………………………………

Harry’s able to understand Louis and he share a thing that is not true of every person when they are just eleven. Both knew they were not like other boys. Harry probably could not have survived in the early years on the street if he didn’t have some sense of who he is. He’s biology written clearly in his mind. So it must have been with Louis.

The next entries are a lot of Aiden’s fantasies. He’s discovered he can picture Louis sitting on his bed, taking his penis in one small hand and it makes Aiden come everytime. The next significant entry is Aiden’s description of an argument between his mum and Hath. Aiden writes some of the key points in exchange. It must be traumatic. He writes the events in very broken script. It’s hard for Harry to decipher, basically, he get the idea that their fight was about Louis and Aiden spurred by Jay’s downturn in health.

Jay was going to be admitted at the hospital for an indeterminate amount of time. To help Jay’s family in this difficult time Patti wanted to facilitate Louis spending more time with her family. She kindly pointed out that Hath, being obligated with work, wanting to take time to be with Jay, how he wouldn’t have time for the boy. For Louis. Patti wanted to support Louis in the difficult dats ahead by keeping him in his regular schedule of school events and activities. Also, Patti misjudging Hath’s disposition about Louis’ friends, mentioned how there were signups starting for the city league football teams. Patti wanted to offer getting their boys to the qualifiers, the practices and games that would surely follow. Patti advocated to Hath how it would be good for Louis, being with other lads on the pitch like a normal boys, destructing him from the concern of his mum being ill, to have time with the same friends he played ball with for years at their school.

Aiden writes how Hath was adamantly objecting, blaming the Visser family for being bad influences on ‘his son’. It’s the first time Aiden hears Louis’ step father say things like this, although he knows his mum and Jay have been talking about this dispute between Jay’s view of the Visser and Hath’s for a long time.

Harry can practically feel in his own heart the hurt that thirteen year old Aiden must feel when he writes the next bit about the fight Patti has with Hath.

Aiden writes how Hath tells Patti that he’s never going to allow Louis to play on a city team. He’s had it with other boys being touchy with his son. His son is ‘a Tomlinson’. He will act ‘accordingly’. No playing sports where boys get to pull his son into their bodies, pat his bum, make him giggle by hugging and petting him. Aiden is certain enough of Hath’s words “...make him giggle, being petted, like some cheap whore” to use quotations on those words.

Next Aiden writes in this entry that Hath tells Patti how he’s already informed the school that Louis is not going to be on the school football team anymore effective immediately. Louis can no longer go to practices after class or games on weekends. He will go see his mum at the hospital. Patti is distraught for Louis. She makes a plea that Louis could do both, that is the sort of thing Jay would want for her son, as good friends Patti sincerely offers that she is willing to help with all the logistics. Hath is not moved.

Confession over tears, Aiden writes next. Tears over what Hath says next written in his diary is redundant because the pages, the ink, has watermarks. Hath let’s Patti know effective immediately he is also forbidding Louis from seeing Aiden. Ever. If Jay does not recover her health, he will be making changes to Louis’ schooling. Best private school in London or not, he won’t have his son being touched by a perverted class of people.

The diary records this is when the boy’s Soren and Grayson come home. They find their mum in a heated aurguement with Hathaway, she’s very upset. Hathaway is shouting at her. The brothers literally toss the imposing man from their home. Aiden is both proud of his brothers for protecting their mum from any disrespect and he’s something like mortified though he uses different words to describe his emotions because he’s just learned he won’t be able to see his boyfriend unless it’s in passing at school. If Hath has his way, that will end too.

Heartbreaking is all the entries to follow. Jay never comes home. Louis is pulled from the school. Aiden wrote how in the weeks leading up to these events he hadn’t seen Louis smile ever. Louis looked beyond the ability of his thirteen year old boyfriend to describe. Louis is a child who is both broken-hearted with grief over his mother’s death and his isolation. Harry knows something about feeling that bad. It’s a dark place.

By the time Aiden is beginning to get occasional secret rendezvous with Louis through Tomlinson’s neighbors, Zayn, and new to the community, Niall, Louis is approaching twelve, Aiden has turned fourteen, the changes in them are striking. Aiden is gaining height in leaps and bounds. He describes Louis as frequently looking frail, like he’s a fraction of the spirited, playful boy he was. He also always has bruises. Aiden list every one he sees. Always these encounters are arranged on the sly. Zayn and Niall seem to know something that Aiden doesn’t at the point of these entries. Aiden writes how he wants to take Louis aside from Zayn and Niall and talk privately, but Louis pushes back on that and Aiden can’t figure out why.

Nearing Christmas, Louis birthday coming up, Aiden goes on for several paragraphs how the help of Zayn and Niall got them together. Aiden has a present for Louis. He knows Louis plays piano and has formal instruction regularly but he prefers playing guitar. Aiden also knows Louis has been trying to sort out the notes to a song by Green Day on piano so he can try it on guitar. Aiden gives him a sheet of the guitar chords for ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ . Next Aiden breaks into a confession. Louis gives him a present, “for Christmas”, too.

……………………………… ……………………… ………………………………………

“Louis said he had something for me too. He set the sheet music aside and said I had to kiss him first. Oh how good it felt when our lips met. We’ve gotten to where we know what to do when we kiss. Louis gets me hard in seconds. This time when I pulled away, I knew he knew I wanted his hand to touch me, just that one squeeze like we’ve done before and everytime I spillover his hand.

This time he looked at me like he’s got something in his mind, mischievousness. He didn’t get ahold of me straight away. He reminded me it’s almost Christmas. He’s got something for me. As I watched he looked me in the eyes and his face went to my body while he stared at me. I didn’t know he could look like that. I felt nervous. He stuck out the tip of his tongue while he stared and did a tiny lick on my thing. It made my pelvis jerk. Before I could say I dint know what made him do that he put his hand loosely on me and his mouth took me. His eyes closed, his cheeks hollowed and he sucked. I didn’t know it could be so intense. He had me in his mouth and he was so pretty with his cheeks hollowed, how I wish I could have warned him but I made him drink some of me before he coughed and pulled me out. My god he is so beautiful and sweet. His first words were “Merry Christmasas he wiped my stuff from his face. I couldn’t do anything but laugh because I was giddy with how good he made me feel in every way, some unimaginable Christmas present.”

……………………………… ……………………… ………………………………………

Harry reads many more entries about their secret rendezvous, the intimate encounters. Louis is twelve. He’s grieving over his mum. He’s lonely. He’s beaten and raped regularly. It’s really hard for Aiden to reconcile but he respects Louis doesn’t want anyone to intervene. Harry can’t fathom how Aiden hasn’t revealed this to his parents. He can’t fathom how Zayn or Niall haven’t either. Harry reads on.

……………………………… ……………………… ……………………………………… …………….

“Its been almost a year of the stuff his father does to him. Louis is beginning to remember more when it’s done. Remember what is said to him. He used to black out I think becuase he had no memory, just woke with the pain, remembering only what he did before his father began the assault. Today he told me the most word for word, detailed story about the last time.

Me and Louis were laying together in the park on a blanket just talking. The game he’d snuck out to join in was over for hours but we were still there because he had a long time to be away. My mum brought cupcakes. Everyone on our team had left but we were here waiting for Louis’ driver. Louis still wouldn’t agree to let my mum take him home. What if Hath came home and saw us in passing, Louis says. He’s afraid and only trusts Howard.

So today there we were laying there under a tree. Looking up at a pretty special sky. I could tell Louis had been used only a few days before. He had some of the usual bruises. If his shorts raised a little, I could see the inside of his thighs were purple. Also once the other lads left he was quieter than normal. That means he’s really hurting.

Out of the silence he said it was bad. Meaning the last time. Then he told me. He said his father had him filled, was doing to him the most rough he'd been. He was mad, more angry than normal. Louis wasn’t sure why. It got so Louis couldn’t help but cry because his father was sweaty, the sweat hurt him, Louis, down there. He wanted it to stop but his father kept slamming himself into him. Then his father said something over and over, something like this:

Louis said he heard it clearly when his father stopped the pounding while he spoke. Louis’ face was in his hand, fingers burning into his jaw with the tight grip for making Louis look at him - I can allmost see some bruises there where the fingers might have been - his father told him:

‘Too much for you? Yeah, becuase boys aren’t supposed to be fucked Louis. A woman, your mum could take me, all of me, she never cried. Tomlinson men don’t take dick, my son doesn’ learn to be a man, go and have your first girl, I’ll stop pounding your arse. Sweet as it is.’

After Louis repeated his father’s words to me as well as could remember he rolled over to look at me. Being his sweet self he said the strangest thing given that he’s being raped at home again and again. He said something like how would he ever do that to someone? He doesn’t even like girls that way, so he wonders how would he do some thing that is only supposed to be for people who love each other?”

……………………………… ……………………… ……………………………………… ………………………

Harry closes the diary. It’s enough misery for now. He goes and makes some tea. While he is putting the water on he’s frustrated. Why does Louis refuse help?

Chapter Text

The Visser house is a flurry as the eldest son is about to move to his first home away from home. The four boys are in their family room/ game room with other teens. Patti is having a party so many many friends are there. Aiden is in a funk because he’s not seen Louis for awhile. The other lads are happy because their are many pretty girls to socialize with. This adds it Aiden’s dark mood.

When the party is done the boys promise they’ll clean up the game room which has many dishes and debris on every available space because the youth at the party were a bunch of complete slobs. Besides the older three Visser boys have had it with their youngest brothers sulking.

Harry reading this in the diary, sipping the last of his tea his tea, is caught up with fascination becuase Aiden writes how they are all ready to get this hell Louis is in over. Something about Sore leaving makes it like he’s ready to make a man’s decision. “Against the wishes of children”, as he refers to Aiden and Louis, or not.

Aiden writes how he pleads with his brother. He and Louis have talked. They are married in their eyes. Louis is his. He is Louis’. When Louis is eighteen they will get him free.

But why is Louis refusing help? Why wait? What power does Hath have over him? This is the question Harry has and at this time in their relationship so do the older Visser brothers.

Aiden finally confides it’s something to do with Jay. The boys can’t understand this, it’s clear in what Aiden writes. They point out it’s not like Hath can bring her back. She’s gone.

According to the diary reasoning with Aiden about removing Louis from Hath’s control doesn’t work. So instead they gang up on another subject to try to help their brother in hopes it also offers Louis some relief. Does Aiden know how gay sex works the brothers ask him? Aiden describes how painful it is to have three older brothers prying into what he and Louis have done. More so when they find out Aiden only kisses and cuddles Louis, fondles his bum, but learns that Louis is giving their younger brother head routinely. Beck is particularly off put because he admits, he’s still a virgin. Soren admits he’s never had a girlfriend who would do that. They only give him hand jobs. Of course Grayson has had it all. Of course Grayson would.

This apparently lead to a decision. As Soren is the oldest. Now legal age, he is elected to go to buy some “educational materials for their baby brother. If Aiden plans to have any sex, maybe he should know a thing or two for Louis’ sake and for both their protection.

Several days later Aiden’s diary entry is about the box of condoms and stack of gay porn magazines his brother put on his bed in plain view while Aiden was out playing football. Aiden describes being made mortified that their mum could have easilty walked into his room while he was out and seen the stuff. Their mother’s acceptance of his sexuality or not, it’s entirley too embarrassing his writes. But then Aiden admits when he reads the magazines, studies the pictures, he finds the magazines entlightening. If Louis is ever going to feel good during sex, he’s going to need a few things to prepare him. Aiden is grateful his brothers are helping even if they kind of do it in a wanker-like approach.

The next series of entries are a lot about Football. Specially the rare times when Louis is able to get to to the pitch play. Louis remains ahead of his team in many skills. Plus he does this sass, trash talk, mental games on their opponents. He always gets under their skin. It’s more and more physical now in the teams games because boys are at the age of having sexuality become the thing they think about. Louis works it. He flirts with the most heterosexual boy on an apposing team just to annoy them. He wins over the undecided boys with a smile. Oh and there’s the other thing.

Louis has no stop in energy. So even well into a game if some players are getting tired, Louis is not. If it’s a lull In the game he’s frequently seem gigging around, dancing of sorts. He doesn’t tire. Another thing he does. He sings. If the play is stopped and it doesn’t involve him Louis is singing. It’s like a Siren call. Drives the lads insane. They love it, they hate it. Sometimes teams break into a fight. It’s Louis. He’s mind fucking them. Aiden loves it. After the game Louis is back to his sweet sweet boyfriend. It’s there is any way possible he’s also on his knees for Aiden.

Aiden is writing in his journal about Louis thirteenth birthday. There’s been some build up to it because previous entries indicate that Aiden and Louis have that age as when Louis might be ready. It’s clear that going back to when Jay was alive the mother both impressed upon Aiden that while they accepted the love between the boys, that they would ask that Aiden, being two years older respect the wish for intimacy to wait until Louis was proper age. This is what the entry Harry is reading is about.

Turns out age thirteen and prospect of anal fucking is not the only thing pivotal in this entry.


“I’ve been carrying the sheet music I got for Louis’ thirteenth birthday with me for a month hoping I’d see Louis. It’s been maddening how irregular the Tomlinson house staff and tutor’s schedules have been. We’ve had every plan to be together next ruined. I hope today getting together at Zayn’s can happen.

Louis has been wanting the music to ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. It has something to do with Jay. I promised him I’d have it for him by his birthday. Since he always wants to give me a nice present too I said I’d like him to give me a piece of what’s in his mind. I want a piece of his fear. It will be two years in March since this terrible life for him began and still I don’t know why he begs me not to say anything. My brothers are right that I have to keep asking. I feel bad being pushy because he gets panicky, he goes jittery and he breaks down in tears. Hath will take her away. It doesn’t make sense. She’s dead. Jay is dead. There’s not much more away than that. So today, I’m giving him the music. I think these songs he wants are prophetic. I read the lyrics, I think about how he won’t ask his music teacher to get him them. There are secrets in them. Louis knows all the words and he can play the tune he’s taught himself by ear on the piano, but he said he doesn’t like to do that because the entire house hears him at the piano. It is a grand piano in the great room, so yeah. He wants to play the song on guitar where he can be alone. But when he sings this song, the others he keeps secret, he cries. I know because he’s done them for me. He’s told me his secret is written in the lines. What does that mean? Today I’m going to find out.

I’m also wondering if he’s changing yet. The last time we were together he was still lagging behind. When I was thirteen I had hair growing places. He still is sleek as a little boy. I thought with him being molested, his body would change, but Beck has done some research for his classes on the subject of abuse. He says it doesn’t work like that. Louis hasn’t had an oragasm. He can’t. Beck thinks it because he’s too young developmentally and he’s being raped. I promised his mum when Jay was alive that me being older would not do anything with Louis until he was ready. Beck thinks the changes should start soon for Louis, I’m hoping today to see changes. It as much as I am hoping to learn about the secret.”


Harry breaks into nervous sweat reading. He goes to the next page. It’s written on Christmas Day.


“I gave Louis the music. He was so happy. He immediately wanted to be together, kissing, all that. I pushed him back, sat him down, he tried to play wrestle, I made him stop which actually made him mad at me. I realize I was pinning him, he hates that. It’s like at home, his father. He actually started to cry when he couldn’t get free from me. I had to switch to holding him and apologize, promise I’d never do that again. After that he wanted to just cuddle and kiss. To give me ‘a present’. As much as my body wanted his hands and his mouth on me making everything so electric I knew I had to know why, he won’t let someone help him get free.

Maybe because I scaredhim with the restraining, he finally told me why. Every picture of his mum in his room, in his house is a poor copy printed on cheap paper. Even the ones in frames. Hath made the switch. He took originals, all of them put the paper ones there in their place. The paper ones fade eventually. If Louis wants them replaced with new paper pictures, he has to “be good”, or they fade away.

Hath also has letters and notes that Jay wrote each day to Louis after she went into the hospital. She’d write them apparently, leave them for him to find beside her bed in case she was asleep when Louis came to see her after school. Louis didn’t know about them at the time because Hath took them before Louis came. Later Louis found out about them because Hath showed him one before he took it, to lock it up, with the other, all the actual photos of Jay.

Louis can recite the one note Hath showed him that she had written on her death bed. Hath said it’s a shorter note because as she got weaker she was too tired to write much.

“Baby everything is made to be broken, this includes me, but not the love a mother has for her child. You son, my love for you, it’s is eternal. This will not be broken.”

Hath showed this one to Louis, told him he keeps it locked, with all the pictures of her. He told Louis that he can’t have access to them without his guardian until he’s eighteen.

Louis said after he saw the note he wrote down her words, word for word to remind himself of them so he’d feel better, but one time Hath walked into his room, found it. He beat Louis. Louis wrote down her words again, hid it. When it was found, Hath beat him again. This explains why when I told Louis I keep a diary, he said if he did that he’d be killed. Diaries aren’t safe, only songs. Secrets written in between the lines.”


Harry closes the diary. Louis trusted him to take it. It’s all he has of Aiden. He’s not allowed any of his comfort of his memories of his mum. Harry’s seen the pictures of Louis and his mum in Louis’ room. They are a little faded, he now recalls, it’s just a detail he’d never given thought to. But how sadistic is this psychological abuse?

Harry calls Ben.

Chapter Text

While Harry is talking with Ben his phone gets a call from Liam. He lets it go to voicemail. Once he’s done speaking with Ben he listens to the message.

“Hiya Harry. Got a glimpse of the reservations at the restaurant. Not sure but I think I might have seen that Hath has a reservation down. When I’m there next I’ll let you know what day, I think it’s several days out, maybe even sometime next week. I was busing tables today so I didn’t really have a reason to be at the maitre’d station.”

Harry calls Liam immediately hearing the message. Liam answers, the background is noisy. “Harry, hey, how are you?” It’s clear from Liam’s that ask Liam is distracted.

“You’re at work?”

“Um, hum,” Liam says with a strange slur in his reply.

“Okay. Call me when you know, no wait, Liam, when you go to the restaurant put me down for the same day, time if there’s an opening. Table for two and then text me the details. Make it a table as close as possible.”

Liam agrees, his affirmation comes out somewhat slurred too. Harry’s on their connection for a split second when someone else is heard in Liam’s company speaking to Liamin the background. “S’up with Loverboy...”

The voice was Zayn’s. Liam was with Zayn. He wasn’t at work. Was Liam stoned? He couldn’t be. Liam is never inclined to be inclined to be inebriated, stoned, any of that. Liam is always about being all about healthy first. He sure sounded in the brief call like someone who was ....stoned. Or similarly placated. Harry doesn’t think about it more. He’s got other concerns.


Harry specified similar reservation time which he gets notice in a text. Liam also says that Harry and “his guest” will be seated thirty minutes after the Tomlinson’s reservation. That’s all Payne’s had available for a table on the same side of the restaurant as the reservation Hath made.

Ben has also been busy, Harry learns. Ben reports he’s got a list of possibilities on the securing of documents that require a guardian be present unless a person is eighteen that he says he will share with Harry. Ben also has gathered a list of names of persons he believes Hath has used in the past nefarious purposes like leaning on people to influence court cases. Hath has a lot of these resources.

Ben warns Harry. Stay out of contact at all cost with the Tomlinson’s unless Hath initiates it. Louis is obviously in danger, but his allies are more so. Harry doesn’t mention the reservation he’s made to stalk Hath and Louis at their dinner at Payne’s. Oh, and Ben inquires how’s the diary reading going? Any other big enlightenments? Ben emphasizes how the diary is now evidence in a murder so maybe Harry should lock it up when he’s not reading it. Ben also makes a few suggestions for Harry to bury the ability of a snoop like himself to get Harry’s address. Ben is worried Hath doesn’t leave any thing to chance if he’s gone on doing to his son like he has and taken it to the next level. He might already be looking into more about who Harry Styles is, his vulnerabilities, Ben supposes.

Not fifteen minutes later Ben calls Harry once again. Ben’s worry got the better of him. “Harry, I got a better idea about your safety. Look I got you a new flat for temporarily. It’s under my name. It’s big enough that your roommate can live there too. I decided it’s best you both be off the grid in case this gets dicey. You don’t have to pay for the flat either. I’ve used it before for situations that were risky. It’s a safe house. You’ll like it.”

Harry feels better that Ben is looking after him and weirdly worse because all he can think of is Louis. “Ben, that’s um, really great of you, you, you do know I can pay for things myself, right? You don’t need to do that. I got money saved.”

“Right, says the guy who sells himself for sex. You know what Harry, you quit doing that type of work you’re doing, when you do, we will talk about things like what you can, can not afford. For right now I want you safe. I can float this expense. It’s the least I can do for being a scumbag enough to use you as prostitute. You what? Sixteen? It’s all shades of grey on morals and ethics but Harry it’s not much different for me being an adult having sex with a minor, whether or not they are getting paid....or not. Or even just that it’s an adult, with a M I N O R! it’s wrong. What Hath does, it’s the worst type of thing, but any adult with any minor, it’s all bad. Inexcusable. So I’ve got this. You can move in to the safe house later today, if you’d like, and please do. Don’t leave your flat mate at the old place. It’s not safe for her if someone comes looking for you. I’ll text the the address to you and the name of the property manager. She’ll expect to hear from you. Be safe. Stay away from Louis unless Hath books you. When he does we’re putting a tracker on you.”

***hours later....

Harry likes the new flat. His roommate loves it. It’s furnished nicely, has a kitchen full of amenities so all they needed to bring was their personal items, some food. She is out getting groceries to make a celebratory dinner. Harry’s reading on in the diary. He's gotten to where he knows why Louis decides to stay with Hath. Hath has Louis’ mum’s last words, her pictures, all hostage. Louis can access them at eighteen, Hath told him.

Harry’s discovers in reading that story unfolds as such:

Louis had been seeing his friends, Aiden, as occasions arise. He loves music, prefers guitar, plays piano too because he has a music tutor. He uses songs as comfort, Aiden discovers. Aiden, the patient boyfriend agonizes with the situation Louis is trapped in, he gets Louis guitar music as the simplest way of giving Louis relief that he will accept.

Aiden also repsects wisdom he remembers from when Jay was alive, wisdom echoed by his own mum too; both women emphasized that the two boys need to be older for it to be consensual between them to be sexually active with each other. Because if that maternal wisdom Aiden still isn’t comfortable pressuring Louis despite its clear how Louis puts Aiden’s dick in overdrive. Fortunately, for Aiden Louis likes to give head. This is how they’ve been adjusting to Aiden’s maturity and Louis being not there yet.

Beck, Aiden writes, is becoming interested in a career where he’d be helping victims of abuse has learned a lot of stuff about how Louis’ brain can be so muddled. Beck’s knowledge is practically university level because he’s so driven with his passion for helping others. It’s clear that it’s his way of processing his brother’s dilemma, his brothers boyfriend’s hell.

It’s midway into Louis’ thirteenth year at this point in the journal. The Visser boy’s openly refer to Louis among each other as their little brother’s boyfriend. They tease Aiden about buying Louis a ring. Aiden says he has. Well it’s a secret ring. How has Harry not noticed? When Harry reads on he learns how Aiden tells his brothers that he’s made Louis a thin cord-rope ankle bracelet to wear symbolic of a ring and not something triggering Hath’s rage, it floods Harry’s brain with the realization that he has seen it. Louis wore a thin rope, not more than a fat string around his ankle when Harry was with them. In the diary Aiden says it’s blue, like the color blue of the Mediterranean Sea, or Louis’ eyes. The thin rope on Louis’ ankle now is color-faded. It’s worn, almost looks a nondescript tan shade. Harry remembers in the bath both times he glanced at it and wondered since it was so worn if he should cut the ragged thing off. Harry’s glad now he didn’t.

The next gripping diary entry comes in what Harry almost skipped because it was about a game of football. Aiden writes a lot about football. Fortunately Harry didn’t skip the entry.


“I was suspended from the team today. Most of us were so not sure how that is going to work for up coming games if most of us are suspended and we can’t field a team .

It began with Louis showing up. He had bruises again when so I was worried. I wanted him to not play. I could see some on his neck. His arms. I knew there’d be more places we couldn’t see them. He looked tired so we all told him to sit out. But the team we were playing is such a bunch of wankers. We needed Louis’ quickness. He came into the game when we were down, losing.

Sure enough he spinned the other team up. They made mistakes. We tied their score. They could feel the tide shifting with this little player, number 17, mixing them up. They got angry and angrier and angrier. These lads were big too. We joked that they had to have submitted fake birth certificates to the league. They couldn’t be our age some looked like they belonged on teams of 17-19 year olds. And then we have Louis, younger than our players by two years. Players can come up from younger year, like Louis, not the other way. Our opponents seemed like much, much older. It was scary having Louis on the pitch with them.

All hell broke loose when Louis made a score on them as a defensive player. Drawling a penalty or not, the one biggest player decided to run over to Louis before we could react. He pummeled Louis into the ground. Louis was dazed, laid out on the grass just trying to breathe I think. The hit left Louis laid out so his shirt was raised up. His torso exposed. Everywhere there were purple bruises. The twat who put him on the ground began laughing when he saw them, straddling over Louis, putting his hands on Louis, putting his fucking hand on Louis’ face to make Louis look at him and his other hand tugging on the top of Louis’ shorts all the while he laughs, saying Louis is such a pretty little twink and should he want to play with the big boys, then he should expect to get some heat. Or meat. I’m not sure which he was saying. I think one is as bad as the other, his fucking hands all over my boyfriend!

Our teams collided right there where Louis was being.... whatever that was. We all tried to get Arse Number One off of his fondling Louis while punching anyone in the other team’s colors. I accidentally hit a coach, it was a mess.

When I finally got to pull Louis up from the ground he immediately started puking. Howard appeared through the crowd of us players and coaches in this mayhem. Our coach insisted Howard take Louis to hospital immediately. I was allowed to help Howard take Louis, because our team knows. They know what me and Louis are.

Once we get to the car Howard says he can’t take Louis to the hospital. The hospital will call Hath. We take Louis home instead. The entire way he’s just sick. We just get Louis is in his bed before Howard hurries me out of the house. He opens the trunk of the car and tells me to get in. He’s standing there having just shut me in when I hear another car pull up next to the Bentley. I hear Hath. He speaks with Howard, Howard says he’s not picked up the items yet that Sir wanted so he’s leaving to do that. Once we’ve gone through the front gates Howard pulls over and gets me out of the trunk.

I have never been so scared in all my life. Not for being in the trunk on a hot summer day, but for Louis. Me and Howard agreed when he drove me home, never again will he bring Louis for a game when Louis has been beaten that badly. Basically Howard didn’t know how bad it was. Louis is always pretending to be so tough.”


Basically Harry could have walked away from the diary at that point being made ill reading the passage about the bad day on the pitch. The entry that follows keeps him engaged.


“Zayn and Niall are the best friends ever. Or maybe Liam. No really all of them. Which friendship act do I journal first?

I have had such ill feeling since the day of the game. Howard actually stopped by my house while I was at school the next day. My mum was home. He only said to tell me that he, Louis, was okay.

And then I had this call from Zayn and Niall. Could I come to Niall’s house? It’s imortant.

Since it was Niall’s house, not Zayn’s I was wondering encaustic Niall has been weird lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kid from Ireland. He’s been strange though. He’s really gotten into cats. It was dogs and cats but now he’s mostly into cats. What fifteen year old lad is like that?

I go over, we go to the basement. We play some games. Zayn is wondering if his new friend Liam is going to show up. I haven’t met Liam yet but they say he’s cool. Zayn looks funny when I ask him what Liam is like. I’m pretty sure Zayn has a girlfriend, at least at school he’s got a girl hanging on him. It makes me wonder though. Zayn acts like hies hiding something when I ask more about Liam. Meanwhile Niall snorts at a lot of what Zayn says. Liam is really fit, I get from the comments. He runs track at his school and he boxes. He wants to be a doctor. His uncle owns that famous restaurant, Payne’s.

It’s after Niall’s dad announces he’s going out that we go outside. We walk around the garden until we come to the back. Or it was the side, I donto know. The homes in their neighborhood are on wedged shaped grounds. I do know the tall, stone fence is the line between the Horan’s property and the Tomlinson’s. There we talk. Niall points at the stone hedge. He asks what I think?

Of what? I mean it’s a stone wall. Seems like some new planting’s are there. A bird bath too. It looks nice but what the fuck?

Look closer they say to me.

At what? I think.

Then I see it.

There’s a grate. At the base of the stone work, like a repair is made to the old stone fence, there’s a grate.

What is it?

Niall tells me.

He was up in the tree that grows on his garden here to pull a kitten back that had climbed it when he saw a team of gardeners working for the Tomlinson’s. The stones at the base of the hedge were eroded, a little opening had formed. They were to patch it. Niall, Niall the kitten collector, asked them if they could possibly help him. He held up a kitten and told the workers how he is always loosing kittens to the Tomlinson yard. He knows Hath will drown them if they stray over there, he doesn’t even dare knock at the front put door and ask to have entry to find them. Would the workers mind putting in a secret passage, just a small one. Just big enough that a boy his size could slip in, collect his cats?

This was a month ago. Apparently the workers did as Niall asked. They put in a metal grate, that looks quite decorative, but it’s blended into the work so it looks old, original. In front of it on the Tomlinson’s side they put new plantings so the entire thing is hard to notice. The work was finished yesterday.

I guess big-hearted landscapers care more about kittens than one would think. Niall said that he and Zayn offered to pay them themselves for keeping this secret, for the kittens sake. Either the men thought two teenage boys couldn’t have more than a small pittance or they were just kind. Niall said the men made some remark like ‘Tomlinson won’t know the difference, frankly they preferred kitties to his arrogant type.’

Niall hands me a key. He says th grate is locked. If discovered Hath will never know about keys because it will seem to be there for so long.

He tells me next....Louis has a key too!”

………………………………. ………………………………


“Liam. What can I say? He’s this friend of Zayn’s and Niall’s. We finally met when I went with them to a party at a friend of Liam’s. Liam is not at out school I only knew a few people there. This was a different crowd than my usual group. The party was crowded, lots of ...stuff, drinking. And stuff. I was enjoying getting to know Liam. His sports are track and boxing so he talked about that. I talked about football. He’s very fit, nice, soft brown eyes. He seems so serious though, serious for someone who’s fifteen; I made me think how he’s the opposite of Louis in many ways. I think they’d hate each other at first if they met, then they’d become best friends because Louos would mess with his serious side until he wore Liam down.

After a while Liam drifted off in this crowded party. Next thing I knew Zayn wandered away too. After awhile, I asked Niall if we could go, it was late, but he was kind of into this girl he was talking to so he said later. We had to wait for Zayn. After a while longer I went to look for Zayn. He wasn’t on the main floor of the house so I went upstairs.

Upstairs there were lots of couples doing things. I went down the hall there was this friendly lad who asked me if I was lost. I must have looked like I was. I said I was looking for Zayn. He said Zayn was in his room at the end of the hall. This I thought meant there was a group of people, maybe I should have knocked but...

...there was Zayn. And Liam.

I was about to back out when Zayn said to stay. They were totally naked. Zayn was giving Liam head, having his hand on his own, giving head and wanking himself. It was a shock.

Pretty much they both began to laugh at me about being embarrassed. At first it was uncomfortable but then it turned when they said they were just talking about me and my boyfriend, I didn’t know Liam knew Louis. He says he doesn’t know him well, just that his father handles legal affairs for his uncle’s business. And that he knows what Zayn or Niall tells him about us. Like , is it true that are we both still technically virgins?

It was weird to have this talk with lads my age, them both into each other, both sporting erections AND ALSO SINCE WHEN did Zayn become gay. I kept wondering. (On the way home he said he’s not gay, he’s bi. )

I got, defensive. Very defensive. I don’t like being made fun of, I have three older brothers. But Liam and Zayn were cool when they saw I was mad. They told me to relax. Liam said to ‘not be so serious’. Liam, the seriously serious one! They said they were actually talking about us becuase of worry for Louis. It would be better, they told me if Louis were ‘taken care of properly’.

Not sure how it happened. Maybe because I said I did some reading but I still am very afraid of hurting him. Louis, he’s so small. And so...

This is how I get a full demonstration with Liam taking the role of the top, Zayn being bottom. They even, well, it’s better to only confess that I considered Liam a very, very good friend now. I’m excited to see Louis next time. When we can be alone I’m going to try to finger him. Maybe I can even find that place in him, his sweet spot.”

………………………………. ………………………………

Harry closes the diary. Seems Zayn is more complicated than Harry knew, though he frequently wonders if his intuition is true that Zayn is bi. Now he knows. And Liam? The sneaky, sneaky lad. It was Zayn who was with Liam the last time Harry called. Here all this time Harry worried Liam was all work and no play.

Chapter Text

Harry is glad to get back to reading when he reads it’s soon after the grate installation that Aiden is starting to try to be more active sexually with Louis. They see each other at Niall’s as often as they can. Aiden has Louis’ schedule with tutors memorized. They work around that, around Aiden’s school hours, practices, games. For awhile Louis is playing football less. Both Howard and Aiden must be holding him back from what Aiden writes. Aiden describes for two solid pages evey aspect of how hard it is to be firm with Louis when Louis wants something Aiden isn’t sure he can handle. It gives Aiden an appreciation for how annoying he must be as the youngest brother who want to be able to do what they can before he’s old enough.

It’s come out in the diary that the day Louis played with all the bruises was a game following the event of it being the anniversary of when Hath and Jay were married. Their anniversary is when Hath has the greatest wrath. Louis, like always, tried to refuse him; more than any other time Hath is violent then, at the anniversary. Aiden writes that he knows Louis hears the most ugly, twisted things from Hath when Hath bundles his desire for his wife, Louis being a poor substitute.

Because of the particularly bad beating, the access to each other at Niall’s garden, Aiden gets more prompts from their friends, take care of Louis. For Louis’ protection he needs to learn how to be properly prepped.

It’s also noteworthy, as Harry read that they all began to call Louis “kitten” when they speak about him, in code, if it other ears might hear them as illustrated one day when Aiden was over at Niall’s to see Louis but Mr Horan invited some people to come over impromptu. Being a nice day this group of people meandered out into the garden. As Niall went to look for “kitten”, so he told Aiden, it meant he was going to go alert Louis to stay in his own garden. Mr Horan has, by this point in the diary, gotten used to his son being weird about cats. He hates it but Mr Horan believes that can make his son into his image. Harry reads this and understand while it’s not as bad as Louis life, it’s shades of grey, same expectation by these men, Horan and Tomlinson. Make their sons into their image. This binds Louis and Niall together..

Then there is successful progression. Aiden describes:


“Louis crawled through the grate today and my god he’s was beautiful. He’s eyes had that spark like he was waiting for this day as eagerly as me. His hair was styled all messy and not. He wore a simple tee, sleeveless and shorts. I could see much of his body because the shirt was too big, had cutouts at the arms. It barely covered anything. AND THERE WERE NO BRUISES!

The way he crawled through, like a cat, mischief in his eyes, he stayed on hands and knees as he made his way to me waiting for him on the blanket. I knew I was in trouble. Crawling into my lap, pushing me back to lay on the blanket he kissed me. I can’t even remember how we got so in time when we kiss, but we are. He was writhing on me as he kissed me. My tongue going into his mouth made him moan, I rolled him off me, me on top him. There I ran my hands over him. Each touch seemed to make him more wiggly and excited.

I asked him. ‘How long since he touched you?’

‘It’s been ten days. He’s busy. Barely seen him.’

We went back to kissing. By body responded so fast to being with him and Louis giggled feeling my erection pressing into him. He broke our kiss and told me....

‘Make me hard like that.’

I was suddenly dizzy. I pushed his shirt up so I could see him better. I pulled his shorts off, he had nothing under them. There he was. Almost naked for me, so pretty. Pristine. No marks. No bruises. He has a big freckle, or mole on the inside of one thigh. I sucked there, pretending I made that a mark. I would never though, what if I was discovered. He gasped and his hands went to my hair. He said ‘more please,’

He may have looked the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I made sure to kiss him all over. He wiggles a lot. With his shirt pushed up I can see his belly move with every breath. He holds it sometimes. He breathes fast sometimes. He asked me for more.

I might only know what makes sucking off someone good because Louis has been my only experience, him taking me into his mouth, but I have been reading too. I tried to do like the magazines said. It did make him moan like crazy and wiggle so much I nearly had to pin him. No, I said to myself. Don’t ever pin Louis. Remember the last time. Remember on the pitch when the player was ontop of him.

My best made him sort of a little bigger. He was not really hard though. I think he actually was frustrated by me being clumsy compared to him. Maybe I’m thinking too much but he’s so small. And still so ....not like Liam and Zayn. Or me. We all have hair places we didn’t before. Our voices have changed. He’s still....

After awhile he gave me a shove. Hard. He had some tiny stiffening but not much like an erection should be. So he shoved me. Pouncing on top of me he began rubbing me through my shorts. My dick was of course hard already. His hand with fabric between us made me feel the need in a infuriating way. My hands found his bare bum and began playing with his arse. I wanted to see it, what’s between the cheeks. Where his father has been. But he had me/He always does/ Louis has me hard so fast and it hurts.

Sliding away from my hands Louis freed me from my shorts and begins to sink his mouth onto me. Like always he makes me squirt the first time we do this so quickly. By body electric with the feel of his mouth. How does someone do that so well?

He’s made no mess, except a little that gets in the side of his mouth that he wipes away, but mostly he’s swallowed every drop. He even looks at my spent dick and he looks hungry for it. He likes to lick the slit after his done this just to tease. Prick tease. I read that. And I’ve heard my brothers say that about random girls. I guess it’s true too that Louis is a prick tease for me which makes me hard again. He actually makes me feel so good doing what he does that I want to make a baby with him. I asked Beck about this once he says it’s not a real thing, mpreg. But since he’s into all that stuff about development and such I asked him, maybe someday? I want to make a baby with Louis.

It’s what I was thinking when I did it. I lost it. I flipped him off of me, careful not to pin him I put him face down, spread his legs and pushed his cheeks apart with my hands.

Oh my fucking god!

How does his father get himself in there? It’s got to be the smallest, tiniest, pinkest little thing. I mean it is so small.

He laid there while I sat between his spread legs his bum in my hands keeping him exposed for several minutes. He didn’t speak. He laid there. Waiting.

I let him go, rolled down beside him and pulled him to me hugging him, kissing his head. My hand rubbing him to soothe him.

We were quiet. Then he asked. His voice wavering like he was afraid to ask. He asked me something like. “He says I’m made like a whore. Did I disappoint you?”

I could stop it, I cried. I cried and he got worried. What an awful reaction from me, I know now. He was pulling away, pulling on shorts and panicking. I had to bring him into me a try to hush him before he got away, back through the grate.

I told him he was not like a whore, he’s like perfection. Nothing is prettier than him. All of him. Down there, his entire body, his face, his heart, his spirit. I made him stay with me and let me cuddle him. We cuddled, we kissed. We fell asleep there on the blanket, the sun making us warm. And when we heard the whistle, Howard calling, we sprung apart and Louis quickly disappeared. Through the grate disappeared my precious kitten.”


It’s a little painful for Harry reading the next series of passages. Aiden failing at being a lover that Louis wants, though Aiden’s heart is in the right place. It does occur to Harry that in his own case he was on the street servicing men because he had to. He didn’t have anyone, no tender to a fault Aiden to look after him. Harry had to learn fast. It was about survival. With Aiden, it’s that he’s so protective of Louis and Louis is so advanced on being useful to ‘his master’ that Louis has developed skills beyond his years. Still, Harry aches for them. He sees who Louis is. Who Aiden is. They love each other.

He catches himself in tears over their mix-match. And then it occurs to him. Louis is really all too psychologically abused.

There’s more entires in the diary about on-going secret rendezvous between Zayn and Liam. Over time Aiden writes how Niall gets more into doing his cat rescues. Aiden sprinkles in bits about being a tender lover but mostly how he is on the receiving end of things. It seems most of Louis’ pleasures come from time on the pitch. Aiden also describes many a puppet show which Louis does at the park. Small children delight. He’s very creative improvising with whatever he has from among his crowd of kids. Parents are frequently as captivated as their children.

There another special guitar music request for Louis’ birthday. And he’s coming into his fourteenth year. His Keepers of the Grate are in their sixteenth year. Niall could be going to Uni early, instead he’s doing more prep courses. It’s a conflict betwen he and Mr Horan motivating this choice and some decision on Niall’s part to guard Louis. Liam is doing some courses part time at Uni. He’s also working two jobs, saying he needs a third to make it. Zayn is breaking ground with his art career. They are clearly all sheparding Louis, staying with him despite their feeling about his decision to seek no outside relief.

Harry reflects on where he was at sixteen, when Louis was fourteen. In Harry’s sixteenth year Harry was already making an insane amount of money. He had established an investment portfolio to grow his wealth handled by one of his clients who has a particular kink that Harry masters perfectly. Meanwhile, the same year, Louis, the son of this respected wealthy barrister, might go a week, ten days, a month, if he is lucky, without being raped. Raped or not, Louis doesn’t get paid.

Back to the diary, year fourteen, Aiden writes how Louis has several, close calls on being out, away from home. He’s had one tutor get very suspicious when he goes outside. Louis was using the grate. The tutor is so much so suspicious as to look for Louos, not find him on the grounds, alert Hath to Louis’ behavior. Louis gets off from trouble by saying he was only outside playing around with balls. He suggests that the tutor was too fat to walk the entire garden, must have missed seeing him. Aiden writes how the ruse is both clever and a dangerous double entendre about ‘playing around with balls’; this excuse was conjured at a point where Louis is doing some new things to Aiden which involves the way he takes Aiden’s balls in his mouth...

Harry finds he’s hard reading about new skills Louis is gaining. Then he realizes how it must be happening, and Aiden writes this assumption too, that Louis is learning by forcebly doing these new things with Hath too. Like that, one thought of what Louis was living with and Harry’s dick goes soft.

Another anniversary comes. It’s brutal for Louis. Aiden angonizes because he doesn’t see Louis for weeks after the date. It becomes too much for Aiden. He, Niall, Zayn make an eleborate plan. They get Howard involved. It’s a one time deal. Howard helps by getting all the staff into an emergency meeting in one wing of the mansion. The boys sneak up to Louis room.

They find Louis sleeping there. Sleeping, or unconscious. He’s got wide gauze wraps around his torso like he’s healing from something bad. Waking him, even the slightest, is hard. On the beside stand are many, many bottles of pills.

Even when Louis wakes, only slightly, he doesn't even speak when he sees his friends. He just cries.

As time ticks down until the staff will be once again moving around the house, two of the lads sneak back out of the house leaving Aiden behind. Aiden can’t leave. This is the worse he’s seen Louis. Aiden stays. He crawls into Louis’ bed. Sleeps with Louis through the night. When people come to the room at various times, a nurse, a maid, Hath, Aiden is quick to be on the floor hiding under the bed.

It’s dicey for Aiden sneaking out the next morning. He has to get Howard’s attention without being discovered so Howard can take the security cameras off line for him to get out. Aiden makes it back to the grate only to find Zayn and Niall spent the entire night waiting at the grate unsure whether to wait for Aiden there, go to get him, or call authorities....

Two days later a note from Louis comes to Aiden via Howard.

“Aiden my love, was that really you? Were you here? Or am I just so dumb with love for you and full of drugs that I can’t see what’s real from what’s not? If that was you please don’t do that again. He will kill you. Please don’t come. Meet me on Tuesday after you done with school. Bring the blanket. Please, Aiden, please. Don’t come here again. But thank you if you were really here.”


By fall it’s becoming hard for Aiden and Louis to meet outside in the garden even with extra blankets. Aiden will be turning seventeen soon, Louis fifteen in December. It’s troubling Aiden that Louis isn’t yet requesting any sheet music for his birthday. Aiden knows the songs that Louis likes to sing when they do their thing and have their time lying there in the back of the Horan’s property, cuddling, Aiden having been pleasured, sometimes multiple times depending on how long they have.

Aiden talks around with rambling about whatever until he gets to the point. Louis begun doing this thing where he runs Aiden’s erection between his bum cheeks that he's slicked with whatever Aiden brought. It’s insanely intense for Aiden, he says even without being inside Louis. According to Aiden that even if he’s already been sucked off twice so he’s sure his body can’t do it again yet when Louis does THAT. Well, sure, Aiden finds he can come a third time because Louis’ body is that special. Just watching him rutting himself on Aiden’s member is sexy as hell.

Aiden knows Louis is tempting him by this non-penetrating dick riding, but Louis still looks preadolescent. His voice still much the same. Although one time Aiden thought he heard a crack. Louis’ body is still sleek.

On this day which Aiden writes about, it’s the day before Niall birthday, 25 September, they are together on the blanket just talking about Niall’s party the next day.

Louis tells Aiden that thinks he’s allowed to come to the party because the Horan’s invited families to the party, not just Niall’s friends. This means that Louis will be there if he’s “good”, Hath offered. His father will no doubt watch him like a hawk, Afterall it’s the Horan home, once another neighbor’s house, where Hath found a boy shoving his dick down Louis throat. It’s a memory so burned into Hath’s memory that he persuaded Mr Horan to install the same in house cameras and security he has. They will be watched even if Hath is not in the same room. Aiden reveals his parents and Beck are coming with him. Aiden’s parents haven’t seen Louis accept on rare occasions, fleeting since Jay’s death. The fight Patti had with Hath still burns her to the core.

Aiden writes how suddenly Louis changes the subject from the party to be as direct as he can be with Aiden. Aiden writes “direct” underlined thee times. All caps. Then he seems to quote Louis word for word.

‘Aiden, he’s gonna fuck me when he gets home today. He’s going to make me feel him. He’ll say something like so I don’t forget who I belong to, whose whore I am. He’ll not hit my unless I fight him because he won’t want to be embarrassed in front of important people like the Horan’s, the Malik’s men with proper sons. But trust me he’ll fuck the hell out of me. Make me straight! I can hear him say it. Fuck me straight.’

Harry realizes Louis words sunk in so deep. Aiden can write them in quotes, this is a big development.

Sure enough Louis says more as paraphrased in Aiden’s diary: he needs Aiden to prep him. Louis says he knows Aiden can make him feel less pain if Aiden would just....

Louis asks for fingering. One. Two. Three. Just loosen him some, because soon, Hath will be home. The fucking will begin.

Harry’s is having a hard time understanding how a gay kid, seventeen, whose seen what, in Harry’s professional opinion is the most fabulous gay arse ever, can be stopped doing just fingering when this is his boyfriend pleading for it. Then again Aiden is a protector; he loves Louis so much he gets lost in it. Harry gets that.

Aiden probably has performance anxiety. He describes how he tells Louis he wants to. He gets mad at himself for letting Louis down. He said he told Louis that he was just confused.

That’s when Aiden says Louis does the thing. He sits legs folded under. Thighs spread. His bum about a foot above the blanket under him. He takes some lube to his fingers and stares at Aiden as he puts slicked fingers between his cheeks. He’s rubbing over his entrance. Staring at Aiden like a challenge. Aiden finds his thoughts all pop from his brain as he watches stunned, Louis with his body so perfect, his thighs firm, tight, holding himself there as he....

Aiden next writes that he swoops onto Louis. Knocks him back. He tries to kiss Louis but Louis slaps him lightly to make Aiden refocus. Demands. Louis demands. It’s in quotes again, so Harry knows it’s pretty close to word for word.

‘Aiden, I need you to do more than fucking kiss me. You’re the only one I want. I want that cock of yours in me. Don’t know how to eat me out, fine, get those fingers inside me, mine aren’t doing it. Finger me, scissor me, fucking dick me until you can’t anymore! If you don’t he will make sure he’s made me sore! Please. You won’t hurt me, he will.’

Chapter Text

It’s a little painful for Harry reading the next series of passages. Aiden failing at being a lover that Louis wants, needs, though Aiden’s heart is in the right place. It does occur to Harry that in his own case he was on the street servicing men at the age Louis is in Aiden’s narration. Harry was not doing this by choice, same as Louis, because he had to, same as Louis. Harry didn’t have anyone, nobody, nothing like the tender-to-a-fault Aiden to look after him. What would his life be like if he had that? Instead Harry had to learn fast. It was about survival. With Louis and Aiden, it’s that Aiden is so protective of Louis and Louis is so advanced by being useful to ‘his master’ that Louis has developed skills beyond his years though he’s younger than Aiden. Still, Harry aches for them. He sees who Louis is. Who Aiden is. They love each other.

Harry catches himself in tears over the mix-match of alouis and Aiden. And then it occurs to him. Louis is really all too psychologically abused. He doesn’t make rational decisions.

There’s more entires in the diary about on-going secret rendezvous between Zayn and Liam. Aiden finds their secret amusing. He’s not sure how Liam likes it when he sees Zayn with girls. More and more girls are becoming a thing with Zayn as his artist reputation grows.

Aiden writes how over time Niall is getting more and more into doing his cat rescues.

As Aiden writes about private encounters with Louis he sprinkles in bits about being a tender lover but mostly how he is always finding he’s on the receiving end of things. It seems most of Louis’ pleasures other than sucking off his boyfriend come from time on the pitch. He dominates on the pitch, as with Aiden in private, although Louis clearly has submissive in his role when with Aiden. Harry’s experience tells him Louis is meant to be a power-bottom.

Aiden also describes in painstaking details like only a teenager in love could of many a puppet show which Louis does at the park. Small children delight. Louis is very creative improvising with whatever he has to use as props from among his crowd of kids. Parents are frequently as captivated by his little plays as are their children. Harry finds that despite intricate descriptions, and a shamefully in-love way of lauding Louis’ talents by Aiden that he too as a reader is engaged. Why isn’t Louis able to do things like this? Clearly he is gifted working with children. Why won’t Gath give him any freedom?

There another special guitar music request for Louis’ birthday. And he’s coming into his fourteenth year. His “Keepers of the Grate” are in or entering their sixteenth year. Niall could be going to Uni early, instead he’s doing more prep courses. It’s a conflict betwen he and Mr Horan motivating this choice and some decision on Niall’s part to be a secret guard to Louis. Liam is doing some courses part time at Uni. He’s also working two jobs, saying he needs a third, according to the journal to make it. Zayn is breaking ground with his art career. They are clearly all sheparding Louis, staying with him despite their feelings about his decision to seek no outside relief.

Harry reflects on where he was at sixteen, when Louis is still only fourteen according to Aiden’s diary. In Harry’s sixteenth year Harry was already making an insane amount of money. He had established an investment portfolio to grow his wealth handled by one of his clients who has a particular kink that Harry masters perfectly. Meanwhile, the same year, Louis, the son of this respected wealthy barrister, might go a week, ten days, a month, if he is lucky, without being raped. Raped or not, Louis doesn’t get paid. Or respect.

Back to the diary, year fourteen, Aiden writes how Louis has several, close calls on being out, away from home. He’s had one tutor get very suspicious when he goes outside. Louis was using the grate. The tutor is so much so suspicious as to look for Louis, not finding him on the grounds, she alerted Hath to Louis’ behavior. Louis gets off from trouble by saying he was only outside playing around with balls. He suggests that the tutor was too fat to walk the entire garden, must have missed seeing him. Aiden writes how the ruse is both clever and a dangerous double entendre about ‘playing around with balls’; this excuse was conjured at a point where Louis is doing some new things to Aiden which involves the way he takes Aiden’s balls in his mouth...

Harry’s dick gets slightly hard reading about new skills Louis is using on Aiden. Then he realizes how these skills must be developing, and Aiden writes this assumption too, that Louis is learning by forcebly doing these newest things with Hath too. Like that, one thought of what Louis was confeonted with and Harry’s dick goes soft.

Another anniversary of Hath and Jay’s union comes sometimes midway into Louis’ fourteenth year. It’s brutal for Louis. Aiden angonizes because he doesn’t see Louis for weeks after the date. It becomes too much for Aiden. He, Niall, Zayn make an eleborate plan. They get Howard involved. It’s a one time deal. Howard helps by getting all the staff into an emergency meeting in one wing of the Tomlinson mansion. The boys sneak up to Louis’ room.

They find Louis sleeping. Sleeping, or unconscious. He’s got wide gauze wraps around his torso like he’s healing from something bad. Waking him, even the slightest, is hard. On the beside stand are many, many bottles of pills.

Even when Louis wakes, only slightly, he doesn't even speak when he sees his friends. He just cries.

As time ticks down until the staff will be once again moving around the house, two of the lads sneak back out of the house leaving Aiden behind. Aiden can’t leave. This is the worse he’s seen Louis. Aiden stays. He crawls into Louis’ bed. Sleeps with Louis through the night. When people come to the room at various times, a nurse, a maid, Hath, Aiden is quick to be on the floor hiding under the bed.

It’s dicey for Aiden sneaking out the next morning. He has to get Howard’s attention without being discovered so Howard can take the security cameras off line for him to sneak out. Aiden makes it back to the grate only to find Zayn and Niall spent the entire night waiting at the grate unsure whether to wait for Aiden there, go to get him, or call authorities....

Two days later a note from Louis comes to Aiden via Howard.

“Aiden my love, was that really you? Were you here? Or am I just so dumb with love for you and full of drugs that I can’t see what’s real from what’s not? If that was you please don’t do that again. He will kill you. Please don’t come. Meet me on Tuesday after you done with school. Bring the blanket. Please, Aiden, please. Don’t come here again. But thank you if you were really here.” He signed it love and a smiley face./p>


By fall it’s becoming hard for Aiden and Louis to meet outside in the garden even with extra blankets. Aiden will be turning seventeen soon, Louis fifteen in December. It’s troubling Aiden that Louis isn’t yet requesting any new sheet music for his birthday. Aiden knows the songs that Louis likes to sing when they do their thing and have their time lying there in the back of the Horan’s property, cuddling, Aiden having been pleasured, sometimes multiple times depending on how long they have together.

Aiden talks around what he really wants to say, “runaway with me”, with rambling about whatever until he gets to the point. Louis, meanwhile, got naked, begun doing this thing; Aiden’ erection was being made by Louis’ hand on it to slide along between Louis’ bum cheeks that he's slicked with the lube Aiden brought. It’s insanely intense for Aiden, it’s also a new thing. Aiden claims he says something about that to Louis; how it is a new thing, and even without being inside Louis, it’s crazy intense. According to Aiden that even though he’s already been sucked off twice by Louis, so he’s sure his body can’t do it climax again, yet when Louis does THAT. Well, sure, Aiden surprisingly discovers that he can come a third time because Louis’ body is that amazing in what it does to him. Just watching Louis, a delicate hand holding Aiden’s dick there, rutting himself on Aiden’s member is sexy as hell.

Aiden knows Louis is tempting him by this non-penetrating style of dick riding, but Louis still looks preadolescent. His voice still much the same. Although one time Aiden thought he heard a voice-crack, Louis’ body is still sleek.

The next entry that Aiden writes about is later in September, the day before Niall’s birthday. Aiden and Louis are together on a blanket just talking about Niall’s party the next day.

Louis tells Aiden that thinks he might be allowed to come to the party because the Horan’s invited families to the party, not just Niall’s friends. This means that Louis will be there if he’s “good”, Hath offered. His father will no doubt watch him like a hawk. After all it’s the Horan home, once another neighbor’s house, is the site of where Hath found a neighbor boy shoving his dick down Louis’ throat when Louis was eleven. It’s a memory so burned into Hath’s memory that he persuaded Mr Horan after the Horan’s bought the home to install the same in-house cameras and security Hathaway uses.

Aiden writes how then quite suddenly Louis changes the subject from the party to be as direct as he can be with Aiden. Aiden writes “direct” underlined thee times. All caps. Then he seems to quote Louis word for word.

‘Aiden, he’s gonna fuck me when he gets home today. He’s going fuck me hard, make me feel him for days. He’ll say something like make my arse burn so I don’t forget who I belong to, whose whore I am. He’ll not hit me, unless I fight him, because he won’t want to be embarrassed in front of important people, neighbors, like the Horan’s, the Malik’s, men he’ll say have proper sons, not a faggot like me. But trust me he will absolutely fuck the hell out of me. To make me straight! I can hear him say it, how he will fuck me straight.”

Harry realizes Louis’ words sunk in so impressionable that. Aiden can write them in quotes, this is a big development. Louis is standing up for what he needs, even though it’s maybe not what he should do which would be to go to the authorities.

Sure enough Louis says more as paraphrased in Aiden’s diary: Louis says he needs Aiden to prep him before Hath gets home. Louis says he knows Aiden can make him feel less pain if Aiden would just....

Louis asks for fingering. One. Two. Three. Just loosen him some, because soon, the raping will begin.

Harry’s is having a hard time understanding how a gay kid, like the tender Aiden, whose seen what, in Harry’s professional opinion is the most fabulous gay arse ever, (Louis’) can be stopped doing just fingering when this is tender-Aiden’s consensual boyfriend pleading for more. Then again Aiden is a protector; he loves Louis so much he gets lost in it. Harry gets that.

Harry’s experience tells him that Aiden probably also has performance anxiety. He describes how he tells Louis he wants to. He gets mad at himself for letting Louis down. He said he told Louis that he was just confused. It’s clear Aiden is afraid.

That’s when Aiden says Louis does the thing. He's miffed at Aiden. Hes not giving up. He sits legs folded under his bum about a foot above the blanket they are on. Firm thighs spread wide. He takes some lube to his fingers and stares at Aiden as he puts slicked fingers around back to between his cheeks. He’s clearly rubbing his slicked fingers over his entrance. Staring at Aiden like a challenge. Aiden finds his thoughts all pop from his brain as he watches stunned, Louis with his body so perfect, his thighs firm, tight, holding himself there as he....

Aiden next writes that he swoops onto Louis. Knocks him back. He tries to kiss Louis but Louis slaps him lightly to make Aiden refocus. Demands. Louis demands. He’s doesn't want kisses. It’s in quotes again, so Harry knows it’s pretty close to word for word.

“Aiden, I need you to do more than fucking kiss me. You’re the only one I want. I want that dick of yours in me. Don’t know how? Fine, afraid to eat me out? Fine, at least get those long fingers of yours inside me, mine aren’t doing it. Finger me, scissor me, fucking dick me until you can’t anymore! If you don’t he will make sure he’s made me sore! Please. You won’t hurt me, he will.”


Aiden writes how he’s overcome with the unspoken call from Louis; Louis’ actions saying, ‘fine, be a coward, I’ll do it myself’. So he takes Louis to place Louis on tummy down, legs spread again.

Before Aiden can part Louis’ cheeks Louis puts own hands on to his bum, he pulls cheeks apart. Once again Aiden describes being struck my the perception of this tiny, little thing.

He puts lube there, on his fingers too and rubs one over the puckering of pink. He begins to feel like he should do it more, more faster, pressure. Moving to do this rubbing more quickly when Louis says something that Aiden’s quoted which makes Harry burst out in laughter because of its blatant, demanding directness.

If Harry hadn’t had the experience of being in Niall’s house gaming with the lads he wouldn’t know how funny a smart arse Louis can be. He’s very witty. Very quick. He has a dry humor and abundance of sass. It’s clear it’s with sassy frustration that Louis spoke to Aiden.

So Aiden chronicals. ‘Aiden, are you trying to finger me bottom or are you thinking if you do that hard and fast enough my arse will light your finger on fire? Do you honestly think you finger is a match stick, cause you won’t get a flame out of my arse no matter how hard you rub it!”

Apparently then Louis slipped his one hand to touch himself showing Aiden how little circles around the pink was a nice thing to do. Delicateness was preferred. By working up to only putting a pretty small bit of a finger on the opening and press in slightly was nicer do Louis say it, light a fire with furiously rubbing his arse. Harry’s not sure he’ll ever forget that one.

With incredible detail from the journalling Harry reads how Louis practically coaches Aiden evey step of the way as Aiden gets one finger going in, eventually two, by the time he makes three push through Aiden is describing a whole new world to his senses and he’s fighting conflict because his own body is more aroused than he ever thought it could be.

He writes, ‘ this time wasn’t sure who was sweating more, me or Louis, but when my third finger was in there, after the scissoring him with two, I was beginning to bubble precum from my slit. Jeez, the way Louis looks sweating, wiggling with my fingers making him like that. He’s moaning, saying more, keep my fingers in him. I twisted my fingers with three pushed in as far as I could making attempt to do like he said when I hand one, then two. And I must have done something just right. He jerked his bum up and arched, moaning like more than ever. He put his hand under him, seeking his dick with it. I decided to pull my fingers out and put him facing me. He whined but when I rolled him over his hand was on his first ever AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL ERECTION!

I was officially impressed. I mean he’s a small person, but when we finally got his dick to be happy, he was just beautiful. I see he too has been getting beads of precum on his slit. I kiss him. I tell him he’s beautiful. He is absolutely perfect. Then i couldn’t resist, I lick the head of his pretty dick making the slit clean, he moans and raises his hips, shaking a little. He’s got this desperate look on his face, he nods like he’s hearing me ask, do I put my fingers back in?

Sliding them in I do that thing where I try to curl one when I feel something I might have not felt before. Barely distinct but firmer. Brushing over it makes Louis jerk. His thighs guiver, I brush the spot again and Louis becomes unraveled. His hole spasms on me, his thighs shake, barely able to breath he begins shooting cum. Because he’s still got his hand on his dick it goes straight up in the air like popcorn. Staying with my fingers in him makes me follow his lead, my orgasm slamming through me like it’s never before.

Maybe I should have removed my fingers before Louis began laughing. His laughing made me come down slow though, because it’s one of my favorite sounds so it’s sustained me. Sure enough Louis was surfacing back in reality ahead of me and as soon as that happens he’s back to sassing me.

He said ‘so I guess now that you finally got in there I’ll never get you to leave’.

What a sassy, sassy little twat. He’s laying there, his skin shimmering in sweat, splattered in cum, his cum, mine, looking like an ad for cake fights and he’s sassing me? How could he be any sexier? I kiss him. Pressing him under me our sweat making our mess plastering us together and I just keep kissing him. I try to make it like it must last forever because it occurs to me what he said. What he knows is coming later. He’s going to be raped. His dad is going to make him take it hard, harder enough to be sore so Louis won’t think of being this gay siren whore that his father claims he is, calling men too him. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard many, many of my mates say they think Louis is sexy. They admit if they had to fuck a lad, he’d be their choice. Never has this made me mad. Not at them. Certainly not at him. He can’t help that he’s made like he is. Many times I’ve heard Zayn talk about people like Louis are rare. Someone who’s looks make anyone with a dick want to fuck them. He’s said he’s got this new friend, some professional escort he met who came to his art show with an art teacher everyone knows is gay. The escort Zayn says is crazy kind of beautiful too, not like Louis’ but in his own kind of irresistibly sexy. Especially this escort’s mouth. Zayn said that before he went on to say he had his hands full with Liam. Of course Hands-full was a reference to Liam’s big dick. And yet as I write I reall how it looked when I saw Louis’ hard, fully erect. He’s his own kind of perfect. Okay I probably should stop writing now because this entry has me needing to go wank off. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Seeing Louis among people. It’s always great when he’s with friends. I just worry if one thing happens, what if some friend of Niall’s makes a mistake, innocent or not. Louis will be punished. Sending him back through the grate today was insufferable. I’m still not showered because I want the smell of him on me. I want to sleep tonight with the dried residue on me. Dream it. Relieve every sensation. I love him so much.”



………. ……………………………….

“It’s September 26th. Niall’s birthday. I had to wait hours.....

We are home now, what a party! My god when I saw Louis arrive I was breathless because he was insanely beautiful. I couldn’t believe it when he walked through the door. Louis looked not only completely unharmed but actually like he was sparking with happiness. I knew by the way his eyes met mine and slipped away like I was a stranger, that he was staying safe, not doing anything to call out wrath. Niall went to greet him, moving in to hug Louis like he was doing with all his guests instead of being hugged Louis handed Nialll a wrapped gift, deftly avoiding a hug by doing so then looking at his father like for approval.

Hath did approve. That’s when I noticed Hath was standing with a hand on Louis’ lower back, looking at his son not only approvingly but almost doting. I was shocked. It wasn’t my imagination either because Beck and my mum both looked at me and back at them, then at me like again, as Beck said, ‘what the fuck’.

Mr Horan made it a point to greet Hath, Niall suggested Louis join he and his friends in the game room, while Mr Horan told Hath most the parents were gathering off the terrace outside in the garden.

Father and son separated. Hath prefaced their parting by saying to Louis, ‘Be careful.’

That got my mum seething and saying quietly to me and Beck, ‘okay so that’s the Hathaway I know.’ She strode off in search of our father and probably for a drink.

I have to describe how absolutely beautiful Louis looked. He was not only free of any bruises, walking like he isn’t sore, but he also wore attire that is very against Hath’s prescribed style of clothing. He was in tight black jeans, hems rolled, his ankles naked and exposed. His button down shirt was this pretty blue shade with tiny flowers on it. He had it buttoned all the way up and the sleeves turned up too like with his pants hems. The thing that really made him so stunningly gorgeous in the shirt was how tight, form-fitting it was. Before the part was over I heard several different descriptions when passing some one who isn’t a close friend when they were referring to Louis. I heard, ‘pretty boy in the blue shirt’, ‘the pixie in the blue shirt’...I even heard ‘the pretty twink in the blue shirt’.

Oh how the blue in the shirt made his eyes seem unreal, so intensely blue. And happy. I saw happiness in his eyes. He alway gets these crinkles around them when he smiles. He smiled a lot at the party when he got to go downstairs with the other friends of Niall’s.

I couldn’t understand how Louis was looking completely unharmed so I would move around the other people at the party, only graze by Louis for a minute or two, trying to avoid being seen as us being close, but talk to hims in short snippets. Niall made sure we new where cameras are. Beck a few times blocked the angle of one for as much of the time he could. Basically it was frustrating but with Zayn, Liam, Niall and Beck all trying to relocate us together where we wouldn't be obvious it was okay. It took breaking story from Louis into pieces to gather what happened yesterday with Hath and I did get an explanation for the weird behavior from Hath today.

Sadly the explanation did not include that Louis wasn’t touched. Not in the slightest. It was hard to hear this. It’s harder now to write it.

He said Hath came home and immediately came for him ‘to prepare Louis to remember to be a good son’. Louis described him as edgy, much like he is when he sees something he imagines is too gay about Louis or if he deems Louis is being inappropriately admired. Louis tried not to incite him. He did what Hath asked.

Hath made Louis suck him until erect. He did his usual disparaging talk, saying how Louis likes dick so much or he would never do that. All the while Louis said Hath enjoyed the deep throating, he forced himself too much a few times nearly making Louis black out, Hath admitted he had to remind himself not to slap Louis becuase ‘it would be a disgrace to have to explain it at the Horan’s’. Of course he said it was Louis who made him want this gay stuff, and for that Louis deserved a beating.

He eventually pushed Louis in a way to his liking, put Louis face down and began working his knob between Louis’ bum cheeks. Louis asked for some lotion. Reluctantly Hath allowed it reluctantly but he soon liked the feel the heated lotion. Lotion heated by his son’s bum. Louis confided he feared Hath would realize his cock got entry easier, the prepping from what we did assisting his body. No. Hath just said it’s clear Louis’ sinful body wants this, and something like ‘the desire his faggot step son makes in him is because Louis is deviant.’

Once he pushed partly in Hath began his style of fucking. Pounding hard, pushing himself as deep as he can, grunting, spewing curses, blaming where blame not lie. Before long he felt his father get a slight shift in his positioning and then it happens.

Louis confessed, tears with this that he kept thinking over and over how good it was when we were together. He pushed all the words, curses, accusation, blame, grunts from Hath away and repeated in his mind, “Aiden is fucking me. Aiden is in me. This is not happening, it’s Aiden, not him.”

Like that, the mantra he repeated in his mind combined with the shift Hath made inside him pressed a perfect place, just like my finger and Louis began to come to orgasm. His second one in his life, a lingering effect of orgasming because of me.

He said he realized it was coming, now that he’s had his first he will never forget the first flicker with it. He said he was mortified, because his father was in him, not me, he began crying while his body just gave to it, before he could think he felt the wetness of the cock in him spasming with his body. He began to hear how greatly his monster of a father was pleased by this new thing with him while buried in him.

After Hath pulled his dick out, having stayed in him the longest of time he did the unthinkable. Louis felt himself being lifted gently, put in his father’s lap. Hath kissed his shoulder and petted him. All the while he said, “Daddy’s never had his body swept away like that, never.”

Louis told me he waited for the hitting, punching, blaming. It didn’t come. Instead he laid Louis down back down and looked at him. After a minute he said, ‘you’re as beautiful as she was. Every bit. Different color eyes, but so so beautiful like Jay. If you were her daughter this would be okay. But daddy still has to fight this, your effect on me, on men. It’s wrong. It tonight I’ll let you be just this time.’

We had to separate after this part of the rape story, for a little. To look not to get close again. Our friends saw how Louis was upset. Next time we grouped up we talked about how creepy it is, that if he had married Jay and Jay’s child was a daughter, Hath would still do this. We were curious if he recognizes his confession. He’s a predator, plain and simple.

After another brief separation for appearances he told me what happened after. Hath did nothing but be kind and gentle. He sent Louis to bed with no harsh words. In the morning he was pleasant. Louis said that when he dressed for the party he was thinking only of dressing for me and worried he’d get trouble for what he chose when Hath saw him. When he walked out, for a split second he saw Hath’s eyes darken like a growing rage was impending. Instead of brutality that Louis knew would come Hath like his rage fade, said Louis looked nice. As they walked over from next door Hath kept his hand gently on Louis’ back, at the small of his back, like lovers do.

But this time at the party people were turning the music up. Dancing. Not me. I just tried to stay out of view of cameras. Louis got bumped into really hard a couple times. One time Beck jumped in to pull Louis off the floor. I saw them whispering and Louis looked up at this tall, wide armoire. The Horans have a house that has vaulted ceilings on every floor. Sure enough Louis had asked Beck to help him get up there. There goes my brother lifting Louis up to what became his own, private dance floor.

(Side note: not sure if Louis should be dancing on a “stage” dressed like that. I’ve seen him do many little dances for a few seconds on the pitch, celebrating when we’ve scored, or just to mess with other teams, but fuck-me he moves like....)

The dancing went on for a while. I was enjoying standing by myself upmagainst a will just watching Louis having fun. Being himself. Carefree. Then I saw Beck do a head nod to the stairs that lead down to where we are partying. Hath was coming downstairs to look for Louis. He looked like he was worried and it occurs to me Louis wasn’t on camera being up there on this tall armoire. Hath must have checked monitors that are on the middle floor, off of the kitchen of the Horans. He didn’t see Louis. Or me. He came to see what we were doing. I know this is the case because my mum said Hath went into look at the mintors many times during the party and one time he came enraged. Went to see with the kids, we, were doing.

Entering this dance party scene, I see Hath first make out where I am. I’m back to the wall, actually right beside, and out of view from a camera. I’m alone. He then scans for Louis. He looks upset, maybe becoming angry. Then maybe because someone looks up at Louis, Hath spots him. I see this mix of emotions cross his face. Relief, confusion, almost a bit of anger forming at which point I’m ready to intervene. Beck too. But then his face goes strange. He pushes through the crowd of Niall’s friends going to the armoire. Me and Beck close the gap. Anticipating we need to stop something violent.

Louis became frozen still as he sees Hath. Crossing his face is fear. I just wanted to protect him. What was happiness is not terror, I know he’s feeling it.

The music is stopped. Niall is aware in this instant that we might have let Louis step over the line. With everyone stopped from partying there is all of us waiting for what is going to happen. Friends of Niall’s who don’t know Louis or his father are drug into a climate that has changed.

Hath goes to the armoire. He reaches a hand up offering it to Louis. Louis looks like he’s gone pale with fright. His father though seems very, very calm. He speaks softly. “Son, come down from there now, please.” The fucking Bastard said “please”! I felt chills run through me and bile hit my throat.

Louis sits, feet dangling over the front of the armoire, he slips from the it, his father making his landing soft with a gentle assist. Hath says to him with everyone still watching them, many, like me, mortified at what might happened because we made a mistake. Then Hath says something to Louis softly again like ‘maybe you should come with me.’

That was it. Hath made Louis leave the room where all the people close to Niall’s age are hanging out. He lead Louis from the room by doing that thing with his hand on Louis’ lovers do.... I could do nothing. I wanted to go beat the life from this man, this rapist, this monster.

I was sure he’d immediately take Louis home, beat him, rape him. Instead I found they went upstairs and Hath made Louis stay by him. He mostly kept his hand on Louis’ back. Sometimes it was lower than it should be. His fingers had to be resting on the upper part of Louis’ bum. Louis looked nervous, timid. He barely made any attempts to smile even when other older people were politely talking to father and son. Louis stayed walled into his place. He must have been thinking how bad it would be when they got home.

Meanwhile my mum couldn’t stop glaring at Hath. My dad told her to let it be. She glared at him. That made her very mad. Being our mom, fiery, kinda no man’s weaker half she went to Hath and launched into her suggestion. It’s nice to see Louis, she said. He’s missed at school...I noticed she didn’t say football. Oversight or purposeful? She said something like we should get the boys together, Jay would have wanted that.

Hath snapped at her. He got that same thing about him as the one time time he and mum fought after Louis’ mum went into the hospital. He stiffened up and told her that what Jay wanted doesn’t matter now. Louis is his son, not hers, not anyone else’s. He’d do with Louis as he saw right. My father came over telling Hath to calm down, Patti was only suggesting it’d be nice for the lads to get together.

It was tense for some time when Hath decided enough of that and he took Louis by a tight grip on his bicep and said they were leaving.

I was too frightened for writing anything in my diary, anything about tonight, until just a bit ago when Niall called. He said Louis called him, Hath allowed it, for him to say thank you to the Horan’s for the invite to the party. Louis then whispered before he got off the phone quick. ‘Please tell Aiden that he’s not raging. He’s being nice. I’m fine. Please, please Niall, tell Aiden that I love him.’”

Chapter Text

Harry feels the frustration for Aiden and Louis when he reads how the approaching winter months make their rendezvous on the Horan’s grounds more challenging. Niall invest some time in making a gardener’s outbuilding useful for them to alleviate the challenges. Niall’s improvements in the structure go unquestioned by his father as Niall says he’s making it into a shelter for stray cats. “Better to have fewer cats in the house”, Mr Horan agrees.

Whenever they can, Louis and Aiden try to hookup ahead of times Louis suspects he’s very likely to be wanted; he’s learned the signs. It’s always bittersweet, Aiden writes about being with Louis and doing what they do, “in part because it will help reduce Louis’ suffering when Hath takes him, but the sweetness of prepping him leaves me when he goes home and all I have is the bitterness sending him off to suffering.”

Aiden routinely journals how he pushes aside the horrific situation, focusing instead on how much he is loving discovering what he can do to Louis’ body, learning new ways of making Louis feel good, hoping it sustains Louis through the abuse.

Aiden particularly likes a technique where he keeps Louis in a state of near orgasm for longer and longer amounts of time before letting Louis come. It was in some of the materials Beck brought him to read, come play. Aiden is finally feeling like he’s got some expertise growing. He’s definately feeling keyed in to what Louis needs. He never does come-play with Louis when Louis is really anxious or just needs to be quickly prepped, gotten off. As always, never does Aiden do anything involving restraining Louis.

By this time Aiden is also wanting to do more adventurous things than using only his fingers. He writes he’s not sure why with Louis asking for him to put his dick to use that he’s still hesitating, cautious, but Aiden fears it’s not right to put his rather large dick in such a small person, maturing sexually or not. He makes the excuse to Louis that it was a promise to their mothers years ago to abstain until both of them were mature enough for sex and he says Louis is still, “very childlike” for fifteen. He describes instead of “that” to give Louis another form of pleasure that he thinks can’t possibly be harmful.



“And oh my god”, Aiden writes, “the way Louis became when I did my first try at licking him open. He became positively a mess, a beautiful, sexy, sexy, sweet creature. He made the most sinful sounds. His moves, whether it’s deliberatively or involuntary body reactions, it’s now clear to me it’s like he’s made for being unraveled every minute of every day just for the pleasure of seeing him made into such a mess. Maybe this is because he’s getting curvier, developing more into a mature body, but fucking-a he’s beautiful when he’s teased to the point of breaking. I put my fingers back in when he wanted to release, making him shudder just with the anticipation while I held him suspended there until he couldn’t take it any longer. This made him come so hard, so long. I so pray that the good feel we make in him, he takes that in his mind to use later, makes it so Louis is able to fantazise through the horror that maybe the dick inside him could be mine not really that of the predator.”


Several diary entries describing their sex in great detail has Harry horny. As he has no plans within client he goes to a club looking for a hookup. Inside the pulsing venue sex is in the air, Harry gets a drink and begins to scan the crown for a candidate. He wants to find someone with a booty like Louis’, mostly this means look at the women, but he’d rather not go that way because Louis is not a girl.

As he scans the that....Zayn? With Liam? Yes, yes it is. Liam is behind Zayn, Zayn grinding his bum into Liam’s pelvis.

Harry watches them for a while. This is not helping his urges. When Harry gets to a point he needs to do something for himself quick he decides to order drinks to be sent to Zayn and Liam. He pays for drinks, tips the waitress very well to see the drinks over to the cozy couple as soon as they come off the dance floor and give them a message.

Harry almost wishes he could wait to see their reaction to his teasing but he really has to go. Go home, read more of Louis with Aiden and just wank off by himself. It’s still days away from the reservation Liam made for him when he can hopefully see Louis. Maybe get the invite from Hath to join them. Maybe. But Ben has said to stay away. It’s not safe. Harry has to. He’s addicted to something about Louis. Oddly as he wonders what it is that is so appealing he has an image of the curvature of Louis’ ear. Having Louis laying on his chest in the bath following the two threesomes, Harry’s made a study of the cute way Louis’ ear is shaped. He’s brushed his lips against Louis’ ear as he drinks in how Louis smells. As he walks he thinks about that. Louis ear. How can something as ordinary as an ear be so sensual?



“I’m back from being with Louis on the precipice of the Jay-Hath anniversary. It’s always been the darkest day of the year. However since Louis has been able to orgasm while the monster is inside him it’s been much less a nightmare of a routine during the rape and in general, day to day stuff. Hath takes Louis out more, let’s him dress as he wants, doesn’t snap at the smallest of things he deems ‘too gay or seductive’. It’s like how he was at Niall’s party. It’s disturbing but he’s less brutal. How will the changes impact this anniversary? I can only hope Louis makes it to Niall’s tomorrow and I can find out.”


“June 8. No Louis today. I’m devastated. I should never let him go back. But if I try to stop him, restrain him, he’ll breakdown. How do I stop this?”


“June 9. I ditched today so I could wait at Niall’s. Louis came. He was fine, very tired. He told me he wasn’t beaten like normal for the anniversary because the first time the monster went in him he was able to come. And the second. After that he couldn’t. The bastard made it a point to do it in him again and again. Hath would come each time he fucked Louis, each time taking him longer. He was disappointed Louis couldn’t orgasm for him after the first two times being fucked, but he seemed to accept it. In total he did his thing in Louis five times over the course of the night. Louis slept after that for an entire day. Exhausted. Sore.

Louis said he just couldn’t keep the fantasy of being with me going in his mind. He tried, unable to anymore when he got so seeped in the scent, sounds, touch of Hath on him, in him. It was exhausting. He prayed it would turn to beating so the dicking would finally stop.

How are we going to do this for another two and a half years? All we did today was lay on the blanket in the back of Horan’s garden cuddling and kissing, Louis sleeping much of the time. Sleeping but restless. God I love him so much. I want to take him far away. Marry him and make my life, being the source of his happiness. I want to make a baby in him. A baby for him to love and to love him like only a child can love their parent. Why can’t we run away? That’s right. He still says he needs something of Jay’s. The child loves the parent.”



Harry is reading on. He’s about to a turning point, he thinks. It sounds like Aiden on the verge finally allow himself to fuck his lover who is desperately pleasing for it.

Harry stops reading just for second because he has a text from Ben. It’s captivating what he sees of it on his phone screen “I got something. Hospital record. Louis Tomlinson...” states the message from Ben.

Harry opens it to read on. “... brought to hospital, age sixteen, for accidental fall at residence. Substained numerous injuries. Concussion, sprains, bruises. When I saw lab results ordered before treatment one thing that is clear, the hospitals actions don’t align with a brief official report entered when the ambulance came to the scene.

Harry calls Ben. “What’s up?”

“Okay so last year there was an emergency call. Authorities take incidents in that part of town seriously because it’s weathy families so when the ambulance was dispatched so was an officer. There’s a report of his statement but no charges because it’s ‘accidental’. In the statement Hathaway claimed the fall, down a set of stairs was precipitated by his son, a minor, retuning home with friends, drunk. They had been out drinking. His father states in the report at the scene that he suspected his sone was doing ‘other things’ too. What he means by ‘other things’ becomes clear when you look at his injuries. It’s a nice way of saying Louis was being physical with his drinking buddies. Of course no friends were there for anyone to speak to, Hath claims he doesn’t know the boys, they all ran off when Louis fell. And convenient way to imply they are bad people.”

Ben goes on. “So when you go to the records of injuries, you and I both know full well how he got them. I mean the fall is different, it’s what lead to a concussion and might have made Louis badly injured enough Hath feared he’d killed him, but here is what makes the demonstrable challenge to Hathaway’s statement. He said Louis was out with other lads, minors, dinking. That Louis was drunk, appeared to be doing all sorts of immoral things along with drinking. Okay so when the hospital reports on his blood work have no mention alcohol or other substances in their analysis, there’s a conflict in the evidence with Hath’s statement. Furthermore, there’s no chance the hospital would treat a head injury the way they did if Louis was drunk. Alcohol would compound the danger of a head injury.”

Harry restates the significance of meaning back to Ben. “So Louis wasn’t out, he never goes out with friends, he wasn’t drinking therefore if he was pushed down the stairs, Hath is caught in a documented lie.”

“Well we don’t know if he was pushed. He might have been fighting his father off and fell. Anyway it’s a start.”

“This is sill huge. Really hug, isn’t it Ben? How, I’m curious, how’d you get those records?” Harry’s asks.

“The domestic report by the officer is in public records, lots of research of who, where, when for activities that were not deemed criminal but took officer time. That’s where I found the first lead. The medical records I got from a friend of Jay Tomlinson. Jay might have died years ago but her coworkers who were working with her back then all remember her fondly. Lou Teasdale, senior nurse now, considers Jay a mentor becuase Jay was experienced when Lou just started, Jay took Lou under her wing. Lou remembers young Louis vividly. She was working that night last year when Louis was brought in. Having not seen him for years she was more interested in his case than she would normally be. She said nothing seemed right about the situation. Hath acted strange. She tried to be friendly while he waited for doctors to treat Louis, she suggested getting together with them, later sometime after Louis was on his feet, because Jay would like that, and he cut her off, was quite strangely rude. She said it wasn’t that he was worried for his son either, she knows how people are when they are sick with worry. It was different. When I came asking about the case Lou gladly went and found, copied the files for me. She actually pointed out that she always thought his injuries were disturbing. She interpreted the records for me; the significance of the statement I had from the accident report and how that doesn’t align with the medical treatment is irrefutable. She also thinks there should have been consideration for alarm over sexual activity of a patient below the age of consent. The doctors who treated Louis were declining to speak to her at that time when she brought up those concerns to them, you know privacy issues, but a fellow nurse also working that night with the team that treated Louis said she heard the doctor in charge inquire with the father, suspicious of the injuries. Hathaway said something to placate the doctor like ‘let’s keep this hush, but my son is into that gay stuff, he likes it rough, he does this all the time, I’m trying to break him of it’. It sounds to me Harry like Hath successfully used his reputation to spin suspicion away from himself.”

“This Lou Teasdale. She’s a former friend. Do you think I could talk to her? I mean she’s been carrying this suspicion for a year.”

Ben can't hide his concern. “No Harry. You stay out of this. She’s given me all the information. At the right time we will call on the actual nurse who Lou said knew there was an issue and the doctor who spoke to Hath. Lou wasn’t on the treatment team. Her giving me the documents puts her at risk for breaking laws but the information of the actually relevant witnesses to question about this is in my portfolio. We are building something here, something to take Louis out of the hell he’s in, forever. Got to do, you do yours. How’s the diary reading coming? Go to when he is sixteen and see if there’s anything about this event. It happened about this time of year, June. June 7th. He was admitted after midnight onnJune 8th. I want to know what Aiden said about the days leading up to then and just after. Read. Report any details relevant to my investigation. We will get Louis out of Hath’s domination Harry.”

Chapter Text

Harry’s looks at his calendar once the call with Ben ends. Fucking fuck! Sure enough the date of the reservation at Payne’s is June 7. June 7! The anniversary. It just now occurs to Harry that this is the day, still several days away, that Hath becomes the most monstrous...

The diary chronicles over the years it was the anniversary that was always the worst day for Louis. Hath would rage in his grief and need for his wife. It was always the most brutal day of the year until, at 15, when Louis had begun to give his father heightened pleasure, by orgasming when being raped because the assault was being made muted by Aiden’s love, his prepping Louis’ body. Harry understands now more than ever; this is why Hath brought him in to their house on both occasions only because Harry made Louis come when Harry sucked him off. Louis had lost his connection to Aiden. Harry was a surrogate.

All of this is aligns with is what Louis’ friends said before Harry got into this with Louis so deeply to know what is the reality of Louis existence is like.

Historically things were always very bad for Louis. He was way too when he was first forced into having sex. Things got better eventually, Harry knows now this would be about when Aiden began prepping him, helping Louis to suffer less. Better sex for Hath meant he began letting Louis get out more. Hath became less easily provoked. All of which is because Louis was able to orgasm during rape by virtue of shear determination to put his mind someplace in a fantasy. Close out the monster, imaging he’s with his lover.

However last year June 7, Hath came for Louis at sixteen in a rage. There was a renewed struggle, for some reason. Louis fell, or was pushed down the stairs.

Considering what Ben just told him Harry is at a loss what to do. Read? Really? Just read? It’s now June 3rd, Louis is seventeen, the assaults have been uneven over the last year. Harry gathers this without reading all of the diary basing this on what he’s learned in knowing Louis in this short time. Being invited into the twisted assaults on two recent occasions it seems like everything sexually with Louis is not so consistent, not enough to Hath’s likening. So how can Harry stay out of this and just read? How can Harry possibly wait to see Louis next only if Hath calls on him? Should he call Ben and tell Ben that he has a reservation along side of Tomlinson’s for June 7? Ben won’t like it. Not since Ben is trying to rewrite his relationship with Harry and being all protective.

With frustration and concern unresolved about the upcoming date, Harry skips from the precipice of reading Aiden and Louis going rapidly, at long last, into Aiden fulfilling Louis’ request for Aiden “to give a proper dicking” to read about June of last year. It’s not what he wants to read, he wants to read about nice sex between two loving people, maybe get a glimpse of Louis being properly cherished, but no. Homework read about June last year. Thanks Ben.



“We has a wonderful day together. With us both pretending for each other that we are brave enough for Louis to go face the monster. It’s a silly game, all this pretending.

We both know it’s not working. It’s like the better the sex we share becomes the harder and harder it’s getting for Louis to do that one thing his father, the child molesrter, rapist, wants out of him above all else.

He wants Louis to come when he’s got ‘Daddy’s’ dick in him. Hath is no longer content with when Louis sucks his dick to make him hard, even if he comes down Louis’ throat, like he usually always does. He’s not content if he comes in Louis by his first penetration becuase Louis feels so good, which he also usually does, Louis says. No, now he’s always chasing The Big One. He always wants the feeling of Louis coming on his cock, Louis’ walls pulsing on his cock making it more intense, longer pleasuring the monster. Like an addict, Daddy as he calls himself when he’s doing this, has to have it from his.....fill in the blank for all the slurs he uses for calling Louis.

Louis just can’t make it happen so much anymore. He tries to hold me in his mind to endure the rape, painting beautiful pictures of us to survive the misery, but Hath isn’t the same as me, so Louis slips sometimes. And if Louis doesn’t give what Hath needs Hath is getting more violent, again.

What will happen tonight? My heart is breaking.”


“It’s 2AM. Niall and Zayn called. An ambulance was at Tomlinson’s. It’s Louis. Liam is on his way to the hospital now since he works there part time, he’s going to dress like he’s showing up for work, key in, and see what is going on. I’m sitting here with Beck, he’s telling me to hold on. Louis is tough, Beck says he knows Louis will be okay.

It’s 6AM. Naill and Zayn are going to the hospital. So are their parents. The neighbors are all gossiping about the emergency at the Tomlinson’s. Zayn says he’s seen Liam stealthy skulking around the wing of the hospital unit where Louis is trying to get into Louis’ room. Liam hasn’t approached them to relay anything because their fathers are all there too, consoling with Hath, whose acting like he’s all concerned and wondering how Louis slipped out with some ‘troublesome looking young men’.

We all know it’s a lie, but it’s a lie for appearances to the neighbors, the doctors, nurses. Then making it worse for Louis, Zayn said his father is buying the lie. Malik claimed to have seen Louis around the city park a few times. This we know could be true, Malik has never said anything about spotting Louis out before. Tomight promted him, because of Hath’s false accusations so Malik wants to believe Louis has been sneaking around. It’s sounded like Zayn, from what he said when he called to update me made sure he disputed his father so everyone would hear them. Zayn tried to at least deflate his father’s damning admission by talking about how bad his father always is at thinking all white people look alike. He points out that his father always gets Louis and Liam confused as illustration when the only actual feature they share is young, white males with brown hair but even that is different. Louis has Chestnut highlights, Liam is darker brown, Zayn said. Never mind they look absolutely nothing alike. Sounds like Zayn was beautifully publically dismissive of his father’s mental acuity. Meanwhile I wait. How is Louis?

9AM. June 8. Louis is sleeping. Liam called he said Zayn and Niall were on their way to mine, Beck has fallen asleep in my room after I got a call from Liam and calmed a tiny bit.

Liam said it wasn’t easy to get in Louis’ room. Not until things settled. There was a nurses-aid who was with Louis, watchful because of Louis injuries. Liam used the fact that the aid was at the end of a thirty hour shift to bring him coffee and offer to sit for a few minutes in Louis’ room while the guy walked off some fatigue. The chap was very happy to get a few minutes to stretch, drink some coffee. Liam made a quick look at the charts. He says Louis has a concussion, bruises and sprains. His hands have bruises like he was really fighting off the assault. He’s going to remain under close watch because of his head injury.

I asked Liam more about how he looks and Liam said ‘don’t ask me that.’

All I want to do is kill Hath. At this point I don’t care if I go to jail forever. I want to kill him. It sounds like the lads are here...”



Harry reads next about the days to follow. Aiden just writes the date of each day and that Louis is not home yet. Then the date each day after Louis is home. Aiden hasn’t seen him though. Hath is letting Zayn and Niall visit during this time when he is home. They do then bring news to Aiden. Following each day they visit Louis, Aiden has a note for Louis, Louis sends Aiden a note too. Louis’ notes are never replying to Aiden’s questions; they are something like song lyrics, they say nothing of his abuse. Never do the visiting friends respond to Aiden’s query, how does Louis look? They avoid the question. Louis must have made them swear to be hush. Aiden is mad at that but also eternally grateful for their friendship. It’s fairly obvious that even when Louis can resume rendezvous, he won’t do it until he’s free of signs of his horrible experience. The day when they meet up again in Horan’s garden comes three weeks after the terrible beating.



“Louis tells me today he’s gotten all turned around in his head. He knows he has to put me into his mind for enduring the abuse, but when he does that he is experiencing a narrow window of fantasizing that before the horrible reality pushes me out. He’s left with the monster raping him. Worse yet if he tires to hold me in his mind too much he makes a very dangerous mistake, like he did that night; he might have said my name when he’s being fucked. That’s when Hath lost it. He became massively enraged, violent. Raging about my name said. I asked how Louis fell down the stairs, he said he can’t remember anything about that either.

After this revelation, I made sure we did mostly cuddled and kissed. I swear he looks more delicate every time I see him even though I think he’s hit his maturity in stature and build. It’s like he’s settled into the most wonderful mix of feminine and boyish beauty. Shapely boy arms, strong boyish legs, but a waist and a booty like a girl. His torso says twink, he’s got like no chest muscles so it emphasizes his prominent collarbones. He has this tiny poof of a softness to his belly just below his belly button, it is simply a place of nirvana to nuzzle and kiss. I like to do this until he can’t stand it, it always makes him hard. Overall he’s just insanely pretty. His eyes, his lashes, his bone structure and then there’s what maybe me alone has seen because The monster doesn’t do gay stuff - by that I mean prep Louis - and between those full cheeks is his tiny pink flower of an entrance. I did make sure to eat him out today and make him come with just that, nothing ever inside him other than my tongue. When he’s ready, maybe not for days or weeks, but when he is, I’ll make sure to fuck him nice and slow like he likes. But not today, not even if he could have asked. I’m just glad he’s alive and I want to kill Hath. I’m not sure, but I think my brothers might help with that. Grayson, being the tallest of us, passing Soren, older or not, has mentioned he’s available for painful murder should I want help.”



Chapter Text

Harry’s finished the diary by the time he leaves his flat for a job with a client over lunch. This client always schedules two hours about mid day with room service delivered at the luxurious hotel of th client’s choosing. He selects one of London’s finest. The client, a regular with Harry, now living in Geneva, always hopes to get in his time with Harry when he can. Even if he has to schedule his meetings around Harry’s availability. Harry was “busy” on this night. It’s June 7th. So they met at this exclusive hotel.

After their two hours together Harry is leaving the hotel walking past the lobby as he heads from the elevators to the street entrance. On one side is the reservations desks off to the other is a great room, once a ballroom where lunch is still being served. Live music is played. Something soothing, classical, it sounds like a violinist accompanied by piano on this day. Harry’s glad it’s soothing music because he’s a nervous wreck counting down the hours until dinner reservarions at Payne’s. Harry still has to confirm who he’s going to be bringing with him. He’s still not decided whether to inform Ben. So. he steps out of the hotel with the door opened by a finely dressed doorman. There, parked off to the most privileged spot, is blue Bentley. Howard is there standing with a valet they are chatting and smoking.

Harry approaches. Howard sees Harry and steps away from the valet to greet Harry. Awkward politeness then the question, what are you doing here they both ask the other.

Harry says he was meeting with client. Howard says brought Louis and Eleanor to perform. Louis and Eleanor? Who’s Eleanor?

“Go look. You see. She’s playing the violin. She’s Louis’ music tutor. They play here occasionally as part of his training, go take a look Harry. Sir isn’t here, he’s out of town.”

“Wait. He’s out of town?” Harry asks. The reservation at the restaurant, Harry can’t fathom, how can he be out of town?

“Yes, yes, out of town, he gets back in a couple hours. So go on. Take a look. It’s not going to harm anything. Well as long as you don’t make Eleanor jealous. She sorta has a crush on Louis. Poor thing.”

Harry almost trips over himself in his haste. Which one is poor thing Harry isn’t sure.

Entering the large room, busy with people having luncheon, there off to the side on a raised floor is a grand piano. At it sits Louis Tomlinson. Beside the grand is a young, attractive woman, the tutor Eleanor. She’s maybe twenty, if that, with long brown hair that she’s styled for suitable to blend with her formal, black dress. She’s playing violin and has a crease in her forehead conveying her passion for her music. Louis is wearing a black tuxedo, white shirt, white tie. His hair, by Harry’s take, is far more stylish in an art-novo quiff-manner than Harry thinks Louis likes, but it’s still beautiful.

As they are playing Harry finds his way around the room, passing off the maitre’d by saying he’s looking for someone, he doesn’t want to interrupt the diners or the music. At least half of it is true.

After a few more songs, the crowd gracious in their applause, the performance wraps up, Harry observes how a few patrons seem to go immediately to this Eleanor. Clearly she has a following. Louis it seems wants to dart out of the room as fast as he can. He’s said something to Eleanor as he leaves, who nods dismissing him. Louis heads to through the lobby to the restrooms.

Harry follows.

When Harry enters the men’s room. Louis is at a urinal. A man is in a stall. The man comes out goes to wash hands. Harry holds back. When the man leaves, Louis turning to use the sink he gets a startle as he’s destracted trying to zip his fly and he suddenly senses a presence.

With a jump back Louis shreeks, ends it with “H-H-Harry?”

Harry hasn’t ever felt this.


He startled Louis. And oh my god how Louis looks.

He’s frightened at first but his face lights when seeing it’s Harry. Oh how it lights. Like Aiden wrote about in his diary, crinkles around Louis’ eyes...

Suddenly as Harry steps in to Louis, compelled by Louis’ delight, Harry is almost subconsciously, aware of how he’s taller, broader, and frankly just ...okay lost for wanting properly descriptive words, the Louis in front him is this adorable pixie. Something of an enigma. He’s pretty, yet tough. Witty, clever, sassy, and oh fuck, just pretty. Harry looks at him, suddenly the distance so closes between them.

Harry is befuddled. Closes. Why? Why are they close?

“Hi.” Louis says. Only it’s not like just a simple “Hi”. It is the kid of “hi” that hangs in the air, makes one want to hold it in their ears. Maybe too much because they want to hear it again.

And Louis is smiling. Harry knows the kind the of smile. He just can’t believe it placed on him when Louis must still be greieving Aiden.

Harry is about to step back. Realizing his imposing overshadowing stance, when he finds his waist has these hand slipping across them. His space invaded. And it’s Louis who pulls them together. A kiss made.

It’s not any kind of kiss. Louis body went into his; a thigh between Harry’s legs, their contact running from torso to knee, Louis keeping them locked body to body as he imploys a kiss made firm and deliberative.

Harry simple melts. His hands foe to cup Louis’ face he walks Louis back until a wall stops them as he makes Louis back to it.

Once the need for oxygen overpowers them they break apart. How did this happen?

It seems both are startled now by the compelling force that overlook them, but the way Louis is looking at Harry’s mouth assure Harry that the breathtaking kiss is what Louis wants to fall back into. Standing there where Harry has walked him back into a wall he has no sign of wanting to be anywhere else, not bothered by his confinement. To certify this Louis rises on his tippy toes, goes in for another kiss and this time it’s with tongue.

The second kiss Harry manages to find himself breathing through, a good thing because it’s one that seems to go on, which as for Harry, seems to block out any need for anything else but this kiss. Eventually they do pull apart.

Harry is thinking of a funny quip to make when Louis makes all thought disappear by saying to him the weirdest post-kiss comment anyone has ever made. “Is it safe?”

Harry at first is thinking his meaning refers to their kissing in the restroom and then he realizes Louis wants to know the diary is safe.

He doesn’t step back because he’s likening this being close and apparently so is Louis. Louis’ hold, hands on Harry, remains.

“The diary? You mean is the diary safe? Yes, yes it is.” Harry replies. He’s enjoying having Louis keep arms around him.

Louis asks, “Have you read it? I mean it’s okay if you have, I would, I mean if I were you.”

Harry’s not certain he wants to admit, but then Louis says he would, so there is that. “Yes, but only the parts about football.”

The witty reply is success. Louis laughs. He laughs and begins to kiss Harry again while he’s still amused. This melts Harry who finds he’s positively overtaken in a feeling of bliss caused by the sound of Louis’ laugh in earnest.

When the kiss makes Louis whine, wiggle a bit where he is confined, Harry pulls away. Louis looks most decidedly like he was well and properly kissed. His lips are brighter red, his face flushed slightly and his eyes say that he wants more. They are also looking Harry up and down like he’s drinking in all of Harry’s beauty. Harry knows a lot about this look yet somehow it’s different when it’s Louis.

“Shouldn’t you be going? You’ll be missed?” Harry says. He state this because he can feel how much Louis wants more.

“Missed? Oh, by Eleanor.” The way Louis says that sounds dismissive. Like Eleanor is a complete afterthought. Surely though, if Louis excused himself after their performance to use the men’s room, it would be odd if he wasn’t back soon.

Louis continues without explanation. “Give me your phone please.”


“Your phone.”

Harry hands Louis his phone. As Louis enters a number he steps away from the wall and manages to slip off his tux jacket while trading the phone from one hand to another. Laying the jacket over the wall of one of the stalls he steps up to the sink looking at the reflection of Harry behind him by using the mirror as he speaks to the person he’s called.

“Howard, hey. Um could you maybe tell Eleanor you came in the restroom and I was in here getting sick?” There’s a pause when Howard is obviously saying something. “Yeah, just tell her I was nauseated and I don’t want to risk being sick in the car. I need time to finish, you know something like that.”

Louis ends the call. With Harry standing behind him, Louis facing away but looking at him in the reflection it occurs to Harry how clever Louis is. He’s just bought them time. Motive is implied when Louis slips the braces that were under his tux jacket off his shoulders to let them dangle. The effect is both suggestive and seductive. With them dangling down they remind Harry of woman’s garter, belt and silk hose. Noting also how the straps also drawl attention to Louis’ bum and thighs completes the image because with Louis standing with his back to Harry as he faces the mirror. It’s impossible to not see how beautifully fitted the pants showoff Louis’ shape. Clearly Louis is aware of this. He most rightly observes the way Harry can’t stop looking at his bum. Maybe that’s why he’s so forthright.

“I mean if I were you,” Louis says like they are still having their oringal conversation only, nothing about Eleanor waiting for him or about how Howard took care of that, “I would have been reading it. Surely you must be curious about things. Things other than football.”

Louis stopped talking but he hadn’t stopped fiddling with his clothes. He stands there, letting implications linger as he undoes his tie, unbuttons on his shirt that he’s pulled free from the waist of his pants.

“What I’m saying is that I know it’s really not right of me to come on to you, I mean, you were here for work right? And I know you expect to get paid for things, but maybe, maybe if that way that you seem to like me makes it perhaps okay that I proposition you. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I asked you to let me make you hard and asked you to fuck me, even though I can’t pay you, right?”

Finishing the awkward ask, Louis turns so he looking straight at Harry. In his face is hopefulness an perhaps a small bit of anxiousness.

It’s the most insanely bizarre situation Harry’s ever faced. Countless times Harry has had people ask him for it for free. Many, many times he’s has people want sex with him who he’s been attracted to such that it’s almost too bad that they have to pay. Never before has he ever even conceived of this combination: a person too pretty to ever need to barter for sex, and wanting it for free and knowing, probably, Harry’s read the diary, and maybe even if not has some clue why Louis wants to engage Harry in sex. Taudry sex in a men’s room.

And it’s June 7th.

Chapter Text

June 7th.

Harry has read the diary. Page to page.

He knows what is the significance of today. He knows what happened last year on this date.

Louis is in front of him beginning to loose the flirtatious confidence he had. It’s clear. Harry realizes the waning of Louis’ brief, overt forwardness is because Harry, the prostitue, is still hanging back from the proposition. Has Louis ever had to ask for attention before? Harry doubts it.

Harry runs through his mind the nature of their kiss. By his measure of accounting Louis had some seriously intense fire for it. Even as Harry walked Louis back into a wall it was Louis being assertive, passionate. Their kiss didn’t feel like Louis hadn’t been wanting to do it. It felt instead like maybe Louis had his own fantasy of it, a fantasy he held for some time.

This assesment must take longer than the split second Harry thinks it’s taking because suddenly Louis is frantic, moving hastily, closing up his shirt, turned away to redress. Painfully, Harry realizes, Louis is looking quiet distraught because of the hesitation.

Trying to recover Harry slides up behind Louis standing now facing the sink. Louis gets his shirt buttoned enough to look like one might imagine a shirt would be if one undid it just enough because as the false excuse that he was sick in the bathroom deemed appropriate.

The braces are still dangling, Louis’ tie is still laying on the counter of the sink. The tuxedo jacket still laying over the toilet stall wall. Louis is looking more flushed.

Is it an embarrassed flushed? Is it anger? It certainly is improbable that Louis has the feeling that his proposition to Harry is accepted.

No. Louis is clearly hurt, maybe confused. Louis acts like he’s been rejected.

Harry steps tight behind Louis putting arms around him making Louis stop all the hurry to dress. Pelvis pressing against Louis’ arse, Harry hopes Louis can feel the stiff member where Harry’s body meets Louis’. Harry’s arms make Louis’ captive. Lips go to ear, that curvature Harry was dreaming of not too long ago. Lightly tongue licks there just ever so slight before Harry puts teeth on the curvature just enough to warrant an unspoken “listen to me”.

Harry murmurs in a low growling tone. “Propositioned? Propositioned me, like you don’t realized being alone with you is my fantasy, don’t mistake what I’m saying. Let me make you feel like you deserve, sweet creature. You have to know it’s true, with me pressing against your sweet arse, m’already hard for you.”

Harry begins kissing Louis’ head on the side where his lips are, heighten by the fragrance in Louis’ hair. Harry still has Louis caged in his arms. His lips run downward taking a path to leave their offerings along the place where jaw meets neck, then lips delicately travel neck heading for shoulders, for collarbones. Somewhere in all this Louis shirt came unbuttoned again...did Harry do that?

Louis is pushing his bum back more into Harry’s pelvis. Harry loves the way Louis begins bending ever so slightly in response to how Harry has him trapped. How does Harry’s hands, free from unbuttoning, activity make it so one hand has a nipple between pinching fingers, Harry honestly doesn’t know, but he has it. He pinches. He twists it. Louis moans for him, pushes his bum to press harder into Harry.

Like that Harry has one hand holding the nip to do the teasing more while the other hand seems to find itself pushing gently on Louis’ back guiding Louis as they both shift so Louis is bent more forward, over the sink. Harry’s groin is still pushing against Louis’ bum though their shift allows for Louis bend..

Harry is suddenly bothered by the unbuttoned shirt. He needs it away. Keeping Louis prone he strips it off.

That’s good because Louis is now half-naked. His skin gorgeous it’s so amber and pristine. There’s not a bruise or mark of any kind on him.

But there is this other clothing. It’s suddnely offnseive to Harry. Abandoning nip-play for a bit Harry unfastens and brings down Louis’ pants. By this time, seconds maybe that are suspended in some slow action animation by Harry’s perspective, Louis begins to speak.

“Maybe you haven’t read the diary. Maybe you think my role with him is my twisted little kink. It’s not. I assure you. Maybe you don’t know how massively attractive I find you and without my, my...well maybe you could just fuck me anyway.”

Harry snaps. He pulls Louis up and around to face him so he can kiss Louis. It is the kind of kiss that has maybe a slight hint of anger but mostly passion.

It’s okay if Louis thinks Harry hasn’t violated the privacy of the diary but how can Louis possibly think Harry would think so low of him as to believe what happens with Louis and “his Daddy” is a Daddy kink of Louis’ choosing?

Once Harry has kissed Louis so hard to convey his drive for leaving Louis breathless again, Harry spins Louis back around, chest down, bum out and puts himself on his knees.

Harry says, “I’ve been here before,”

He parts Louis’ cheeks, “confronted with this beauty,”

He licks, kisses and nips, “wanting to make you pleased, wanting for cock,”

He laps over Louis’ entrance making it as wet as he can, “and don’t need from you any explaining.”

As Harry begins to really get into this roughly licking into, bringing Louis’ acceptance fast.

Louis moans. He pushes himself back onto Harry. Harry slicks Louis with some lube he has in a packet, because of course he was at this hotel with his essentials for the business, then nips a cheek ever so slightly making sure to not leave a mark. Who knows what night happen later tonight.

With Louis’ making his pleasure audibly apparent Harry makes his first finger insertion invasive.

It has Louis coming to lift up a bit before returning to prone. All the while Louis makes comments under his breath that are becoming naughtier by the minute.

“My god”, Harry thinks, “this might be too hot.” Harry’s challenged when one had makes a drop to his own pants to make a release for his own engorged penis.

Louis blunders when Harry makes a second finger push into him. “Might want to act like we don’t have all day.” Louis mumbles, speaking about the need for haste in disjoined words strung between heavy breaths.

Harry makes sure that Louis knows this is not the right thing to say because his slaps one bum cheek with one hand while making his subsequent driving of two fingers perhaps a little forcibly into something still so small, so tight, but Louis acts like he likes it. He moans, presses on the fingers.

Harry wonders, with Louis’ urgency for this if maybe Louis is a accustom to like things that, for most bottoms, might seem still too tight.

Harry might have had three fingers in for perhaps thirty seconds when Louis becomes very demanding.

“Make that tool of yours useful, again, we might not have all day.”

Louis might be right, the music tutor, Eleanor might send into the men’s room someone to check on Louis. Harry stands up, lines up, pushes himself in being none to gentle. As he quickly slides in a few inches Harry, the professional, becomes unhinged. He intended to stop there, ignore Louis’ attempts to rush, make this gentle and give Louis body time to adjust but instead Harry sort of loses it. Harry rams his cock deep in one swift penetration after he’s made an insertion past the tight rim. The compulsion surprises Harry about himself; it’s just that somehow Louis does this to him. Louis sort of coos like he’s glad for having this kind of fast and furious dicking so with that Harry begins setting his rhythm. Whenever he pulls mostly out, stopping to look at how perfect his length looks just the last few inches being encolosed by Louis tight walls, the way his bum, so round is sinfully pretty with perspiration rising being filled, Louis reacts in protest with little desperate noises. He wants Harry back to stuffing him deep. Harry tries to take it nice and tender in the force of his penetrations, enjoy seeing how nicely Louis body takes his, but Louis continues to encourage him for making this hard and quick. If Harry fucks punishingly hard Louis says “yes, yes, like that”. If Harry stops, like when he’s mostly exposed his considerable length, Louis makes an exasperated sound suggesting frustration.

My god, Harry thinks, resisting falling into Louis’ bidding might be the most challenging sexual act in Harry’s professional experience. He wants this to take all day and maybe all night, because with his cock buried in Louis he feels like never before, it would be nice to do this slow. Harry, the sex on legs for hire, feels out of his element. It’s so intoxicating that he’s really not able to set the pace and stay focused. No, what he really feels, really, really wants is to simply take Louis away. Run away together. Never to be found, never to be seen, to be someplace alone together in secret. Somewhere completely safe. That way they can be slow with this. Afterwards they could sleep together for an entire night. Maybe stay in bed for a week. Only straying out of bed if the need for food to sustain the body demands.

“Such a fabulous arse, so full, sensational, hole so tight, hot, sweet creature.” Harry says.

Louis hums a bit with the pace Harry has achieved. He also continues to want something more from Harry. Lifting himself on his toes now and then such that he’s making the angle shift the effect makes it harder and harder for Harry to not get swept away.

Harry could come at any second when sudenly there’s a sound at the door to enter the men’s room. Someone is coming in. Harry pulls out. Louis seemed unaware of why, makes a protest, but Harry collects Louis in his arms, takes them to a stall. They are inside the closed space when some voices suggests it’s not one but two men that have entered. The men make use of urinals and keep engaged in their conversation clueless despite Louis’ tie and jacket in view.

In the stall Harry is facing the toilet like one would do to urinate. Seeing his feet positioned as such it would surely appear. He’s set Louis facing him with Louis’ feet on the seat of the toilet which is sort of a challenge as Louis still has his pants around his ankles. They stay quiet. Louis is hanging on Harry’s torso because he’s keeping his legs bent for to be hidden.

Harry’s arms are around Louis’ body with Harry’s forearms crossing over each other behind Louis in an “x” so Harry’s arms support Louis’ back allowing Harry’s hands to cup under Louis’ bum to support his weight. There stabilized, Louis entrance is proximal to Harry’s fingers so as they stay silent Harry slides a couple fingers into Louis, just to give Louis more torment.

Seems their short time fucking has Louis more stretched but he still feels incredible, so tight, so hot. For sure he likes Harry’s fingers teasingly filling him in the wait, because Louis begins nibbling on Harry’s neck, sucking skin some making Harry want to whine. Was that intentional counter-torment? Harry wouldn’t be surprised. He’s aware how Louis like to mess men up; like Louis did to Aiden during intimacy, other players on the pitch. Seemingly Louis is taking Harry’s fingering as a challenge and he wants to play hard in turn.

A minute later the two men are gone. Harry makes Louis reach for the top of the stall walls to hold on to while he proceeds to pull the silk blend dress pants of the tux over Louis dress shoes, he’s wearing without socks, leaving Louis with not a thread of clothing remaining other than ironically shoes. For a fleeting second or two Harry wishes the shoes were stilettos; his image, Louis’ legs and bum would be beautifully accentuated by the look of them.

Letting that idea drift aside Harry moves to shift Louis’ body making it so he can slide his cock to the wet entrance, his knob making pentration more smoothly, allowing himself to resume fucking into Louis.

My god how it also seems that Louis likes having his hands holding on top of the stall wall on either side giving him freedom to move. It’s immediately making Harry have to fight to decide how to dick Louis. Worse yet for Harry mastering Louis is how Louis makes use of his legs taking them to wrap around Harry’s hips to completely engage in riding Harry’s cock to his own liking.

This has got to be the best fucking Harry has ever had. Louis toying with Harry, sometimes preventing him from driving deep by squeezing to stabilize keeping Harry at bay, other times pulling to bring Harry in,perhaps making Harry be caught buried deep. Louis is also making full use of his arm strength doing work so his pelvis can roll any degree as to tilt as he likes with Harry being not much more than a tool like Louis said earlier. Louis controls all this while he sometimes kisses Harry like, damn, the boy whose first everything are most likely with solely Aiden, has made a great kiss an art. And he bites. He licks, usually after he bites, but most importantly he seems to know his way around the art of dick riding.

Harry. Harry the seasoned prostitute, 19, doing this since he was eleven, thousands of partners, is being properly out fucked by this... a mere seventeen year old, one-chosen partner man-child. Twink. A sheltered abuse victim.

Building pleasure bubbles up so fast, so strong Harry barely has a chance to murmur his warning, wanting to spare Louis’ body a mess. Why didn’t he use a condom? Maybe it’s because he likes bareback but knows better sensation or not in his business he never does this, but what the fuck. He thinks he says that he’s going to come, maybe, but he does just allow himself to breed Louis with his determinedly forceful last series of fucks driving each as far as his impressive length allows. The orgasm begins to ebb just a little, Harry considering sliding out to finish Louis off with his mouth when Louis starts to shudder.

“Har, Har, Har-rey, hold me.” Comes out shakily from Louis’ mouth as his whole body trembles. His hands leave the stall walls, holding instead tightly onto Harry. Quivering ripples though him as he ejaculates with his dick bewtten them. Harry gets a glimpse of why Hath persues Louis so. Louis’ body orgasming on Harry’s cock maybe the most distinctly magical sort of sensation Harry’s had in his eight years of constant sex. It drags from Harry a little, mini, second orgasm.

It must be exhausting for Louis having been hanging there during sex. Louis stays latched onto Harry. When Harry must begin to extract them from the stall Louis whines. “Maybe we could stay there all day. I might not be ready for what comes later just yet.”

Harry’s mind has cleared. Louis’ maybe not just yet, but it’s Harry who makes a blunder now. “Your dinner reservation is for only six hours later...”

The statement makes Louis come out of post-organic bliss, into instananeous clarity.

Harry hardly sets him down before Louis is suddenly devoid of all cuddliness. “What? How do you know that? Why do you know that? You can’t, you mean to tell me he’s already invited you to be with us tonight?”

There fear in Louis voice. Harry shakes his head wanting to explain, Liam tipped him. Harry doesn’t know about the reservation because of Hath, but Louis continues with his voice strained, his panic obvious. “You can’t be part of it, invited or not, you can’t. I won’t let you, even if he wants that, it’s not safe...”

Louis is standing there in nothing but shoes. His hands go to Harry’s face, fingers tracing dimples, sweeping across lips, they give away his fright because they tremble ever so slight. “’s not safe Harry. He will kill you.”

How can Harry explain this? No, fuck that, how can he aboandon Louis to this? He can’t.

“Louis I wasn’t invited by Hath. After the last time I saw you made sure Liam would tell me the next time Hath makes any reservations. I’ve needed to see you, to make sure your okay. And I’m sorry I’m just not that strong. I did read the diary. All of it. Every last word. I know everything. I know about when the neighbor boy forced himself on you, the psychologist doing that too, the difference between your mum and Hathaway’s philosophies about having a son whose gay. I know how he thinks he’s can fuck gay out of you. How when he started doing that he finds he likes it, a lot. How he blames you for making that desire in him. He has hurt you for years starting when you weren’t even mature enough to be touched. I know how Aiden looked after you. Made efforts to get things better. You got older, Aiden stayed true to your needs even when you pushed him before he thought you were ready. I know how when you became mature enough to orgasm there was a sweeter time, sweeter for lack of a better words, because Hath got really drawn into sex with you more intensely. He was kinder to you because he likes doing it with you so much, but there’s always a risk of this new problem; he wants the way you make him feel when you come if he’s in you. You can’t control the risk you’ll not come, or try too hard to think of Aiden and you let it slip. Like when I was with you. He gets violent when you don’t come on Daddy’s dick. He get nicer when you do. He’s most violent if you maybe slip and say ‘Aiden’. In the last two years that’s big the problem. You really love Aiden so much, you can’t continue do it for Hath. Louis I know how bad it is if he beats you now. He’s nearly killed you at least once. I know what today is. I’m not letting you be alone. He taking you out tonight to celebrate his anniversary with your mum, how much more than completely sick is that? It’s beyond the pale. I won’t be letting you be alone. It won’t happen again. Do you think...let me ask it this way. Louis, do you think that Aiden would have let a prostitute who obviously has a thing for you, come into your circle, like he did if Aiden didn’t have a premonition that something could go wrong? Why would he do that? You haven’t seen it, that he was maybe worried what happens to you if something happens to him? Louis, Aiden knew I was into you. And still he lets me be part of your circle of friends? Why? Don’t you think he was dreading June 7, today?”

Before Harry can get his arms around Louis, Louis begins to tear. Harry can’t tell because Louis’ eyes begin to change color, the investable sign of the effects of crying. It breaks Harry’s heart. This feisty little thing he was just batttling for control with during sex becomes a distraught mess without a spilt second passing.

Harry tries to take Louis in his arms but Louis begins pulling on his pants, his shirt, while pushing Harry’s hands away.

He rants about Harry’s attempts to comfort. “Stop it Harry, don’t touch me, don’t! I don’t want you, you can’t see me there tonight, you can’t, get way from me,”

It would be hurtful except Harry knows Louis doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Harry. He means he doesn’t want Harry at risk. Before Harry can call Louis on that and assure him, Louis continues, “he will kill you Harry. You can’t see me, not tonight not ever! This was a mistake. Get away from me!”

This is when a man comes into the men’s room. Hearing Louis say “get away from me” the man steps in.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” The man intervenes. He gets between Louis and Harry. He turns to Louis and speaks softly to him. “Are you okay son?”

Louis looks at Harry with a searing glare like Harry is some low-life whore. “Yes.” Louis says. “I will be if he leaves me alone.”

Like that Louis grabs his jacket and tie leaving Harry, impeded by this man, probably leaving the men’s room looking as awful to Eleanor as he should if he was in the men’s room because he was sick.

Harry tries to pursue, the man grabs his arm. “Boy, you leave him be. He’s a pretty thing, I know. Mighty tempting by the way he looks, so sweet the way his playing is, everything about him so delicate, but he’s not for you. Leave him be like he asked.”

Harry can only put his hands up in a gesture like he’s yielding. The man doesn’t trust him clearly because when Harry leaves the men’s room the man accompanies him without using the facilities. Out in the main lobby Harry sees Eleanor take Louis’ hand, the other carrying her violin case. She looks concerned. She believes he was ill. They go out the front doors together as Eleanor looks to be doting on him.

As Louis steps out the door he glances back. He looks directly at Harry’s eyes. His expression says it all. Stay away.


Harry gets home feeling like a whore on a new level of worthlessness. The way Louis reacted made him feel unlike he has for years. He knows Louis is afraid for him. Hath is unpredictable. Harry could be in serious danger. It still hurts. But he can’t stay away.

He also can’t call Ben. He should. He doesn’t. But Harry is not stupid. He calls Caesar instead.

Caesar, whose real, name is Stanley, likes being Caesar. He’s got the look, very handsome in that Roman sort of way. Tall, built, all masculine. He’s actually the hired muscle Ben uses sometimes. He also cleans up nice. He’s old enough to be a person of means who would hire an escort. He’s also very handy in these kind of situations.

Harry explains to Caesar only what he needs to about things. No big long story. Nothing too compromising. He asks Cesar to strictly avoid letting Ben know about the date. Harry hopes that should Ben need to be involved Caesar can make this happen but not until Harry thinks it’s at the point they need to include Ben. All Harry wants is to see Louis. Keep him safe. He’ll risk anything. Damn Louis’ request.

Chapter Text

Harry and Caesar arrive to Payne’s for a reservation that is 30 minutes after the Tomlinson’s. As they are lead to their table, right next to Hathaway and Louis’. Harry follows the maitre’d close enough to come suddenly into view, which he knows Louis catches sight of, despite the way Louis pretends to notice nothing. Louis simply sits across from his monster step father listening to Hath talking about himself as he’s drinking wine. They have appetizers on their table. Louis appears to be barely touching anything.

Louis might be ever so subtly acknowledging Harry as he and Caesar as they are seated, but Harry can feel his turmoil pretending to not care.

Once Harry and Caesar sit Harry takes stock.

Obviously Louis showered once he got home. He would have needed to. His hair is now styled in a messy, fringy, casual look. His suit is cut like it was custom designed for Louis’ body type. The jacket is shorter than most men’s wear. It has a flare off the waist that can only work if you have Louis’ curves. The look is complemented with a shirt that has an unusual cut for wearing with a suit. Basically Louis’ look implies a lot.

Harry’s glad of his own choice to wear a sheer floral shirt under his jacket. He knows the need for having it mostly undone is senseless, but given how he and Louis parted today Harry likes the idea of reaching into his shirt to play with his three necklaces in hopes it reminds Louis of the nip-play that made Louis moan. He knows Louis will be watching him with peripheral vision. Harry plays this.

After several minutes, appetizers ordered, drinks delivered to Harry and Caesar, Hathaway notices that Harry is sat at the table closest to them. Hath was lively with talking to Louis when he first sawHarry. Hath does a double take, then boldly stares at Harry until Caesar stops mid-sentence to ask Hath, is there a problem?

Hath looks at Caesar with consternation, answers “No, no problem.”

After that through Hath keeps checking on Harry’s table in abbreviated glances. Cesar cast a glance now and then at Hath as if to say ‘step back arse’, meanwhile Louis never looks at the table where Harry sits. Instead Louis remains almost like a marionette. Each move artificial in its guard of emotion. The better Louis is at ignoring things like the way Harry overtly flirts with Caesar the more it digs into Harry’s core.

Harry’s psyche is ripped completely when Louis reaches over to pat the top of Hathaway’s hand as if to say IGNORE them as he says to Hath loud enough to make sure Harry can hear, “They really do let any filth in here, don’t they father?”

Hathaway nods his approval. Gives his son a proud smile.

If Harry hadn’t read the diary he would throw out all signs that Louis is in a sick, twisted place. Harry would absolutely hate Louis.

That Louis is clearly forcing a narrative to suggest to Hath that Louis thinks the least of Harry, is well, brilliant, yet it’s engaging Harry’s determination to rescue Louis all the more. Afterall it’s fucking June 7th! It's literally going to take the tiniest of a slip on Louis’ part and Hath will be on him. Why is Louis doing this alone?


Hath and Louis have finished desert. The check is on its way to their table. Harry is uncomfortable about what to do when the bill is left to Hath but then Hath signs for the bill, excuses himself to go to the men’s room. Harry almost turns to tell Louis to run away with him right then until Harry sees how Louis is unrelentingly closed off. It hurts Harry. Harry rises, he sort of leans over Louis as he cuts close by the Tomlinson table because he’s a little angry at Louis for being so fucking independent, perfecting falsities better than him, but he does something he regrets as soon as it leaves his mouth.

Harry growls, “Going to see if I can get a gig with Daddy for later”.

Louis snaps, finally looking at Harry. Cerulean set on Harry’s green with such fear in his eyes it should be enough for Harry to indeed grab this boy, pull Louis into him and literally run away. Instead Louis begs, “No! No, Harry, no! Please!”

The please was more like a “pleeeazzze”. It was desperate, sincere, full of fear. In that one word it said he cares. Like a lot. Like Harry is everything he cares about not what might happen to himself.

But Harry smirks, he brushes Louis off. Harry’s actually a little too hurt himself by the way Louis is resolved to do this night alone. Stubbornly, Harry gives no ground. He goes to the men’s room. Leaving Louis to wonder, obviously completely distraught alone at the table.



Hath is washing his hands when Harry enters the men’s room. Harry nods at the attendant, Harry goes straight to the sink. He only stands there and adjusts his look, using the mirror, preening in a slightly obvious way to bait Hath.

“I see you’re working tonight.” Hath says. He’s intending look like he doesn’t care but failing a little with it. Harry knows he’d rather not be looking at Harry’s eyes which meet his using the reflection of the mirror. He’d rather let his eyes look at Harry’s body, the shirt making it tempting.

“Oh him, yes but I could easy put him on hold.” Harry says.

Hath snorts. “Jumping to conclusions aren’t we?”

“Well, it’s just that you seem to be a man that likes guarantees. We know what my mouth guarantees from Louis, don’t we.”

Hath turns and sizes Harry up. Then he scoffs. “This is a special occasion. I think we’ll keep it among family. Besides you seem to be getting too eager. Like eating that boy’s ass more than most, I’m betting.”

Hath walks out leaving Harry. Harry is in disbelief. Harry follows. As soon as he’s in view of their table, following not far behind Hath he sees what Hath must see too which has them both speeding their pace through the restaurant.

Maybe Harry should have been more specific about Louis with preparing Caesar for this rouse.

There at Louis’ side, his chair moved so he’s sat close next to Louis’, showing Louis something on his phone, is Caesar. Louis looks amused at what is on the phone. For the first time since Harry arrived to Payne’s Louis is animated, the bright-eyed, lively person he should be, not some marionette on strings. The thing is that Caesar is also sitting so his arm is on the back of Louis’ chair. While he’s not touching Louis, indeed Louis seems unaware of the arm, it looks very cozy. Caesar is too close. Innocent or not, Harry knows Hath won’t see it in a good way.

Hath reaches the table and practically pushes Caesar chair and all over to extract Louis who he grabs by the arm like Hath did that time at Paul Anderson’s reception. instantaneous, Louis is frightened. He didn’t see Hath coming. The grip is clearly harsh, exaggeratedly rough. Caesar barely has his feet under him as his chair is in a bad place. He doesn’t see reason for the rudeness.

“Excuse me would be nice, perhaps, I was just showing a meme, dogs playing with soccer balls, he said he likes football, dogs...”

Hath has jerked Louis to his feet, away from the table. His face is red and he spits as he cuts off Caesar. “Should think your date would be slut enough for one man in one night!”

Hath turns, bumps hard into Harry as he drags Louis along by the arm, Louis winching like he’d done in the Anderson reception when Hath took him away forcefully like this.

Harry has a moment hesitation before he addresses a confused Caesar.

“I said not to engage them unless I told you to! Fuck!” Harry’s words have everyone on this side of Payne’s staring. They we’re already watching the bizarre exit of two patrons, but now it’s got all eyes on Harry and Caesar. A couple waiters are coming their way probably to ask Harry to refrain from his obscene use of language.

Harry raises a hand to signal to the waiters he’s got it, no need to tell him, to keep it chill. He pushes Caesar’s chair toward their table, lowers his voice. “Caesar, seriously? Memes? We were gone for a minute, a minute. Okay, so, give me your keys.”

Caesar is confused. “What?”

“Your car keys, give them to me quick, call a cab, get the tab paid and call me once your in the cab, you can catch up.”

Caesar is handing over his keys, nodding, possibly realizing he’s made a mistake that maybe he’ll understand later as it seems Harry is going to follow the subject of interest..

Harry is just out of the restaurant when he catches sight of the Bentley’s tail lights taking a turn off the road that Payne’s is on. He rushes to get Caesar’s car. Once he’s driving he turns where the Bentley did, speeds up to try to get a look ahead through traffic.

The slope of a hill the road takes allows him to see ahead at one point and he spots the Bentley. It turns, Harry thinks it taken a right some ten street crossings ahead. He’s not sure, he tries to weave through traffic taking several risks to speed up and close the gap. When Harry gets to the road he thinks the Bentley took, he’s confused. The direction is going to s seedier part of town. This is section of the city is familiar to Harry. When he was first on the streets this is where he ended up. It’s where there are more street people and those down on their luck that other parts of the city. It’s not a place to cruise around in your Bentley. Most murders an violent crimes happen here. It’s almost a no man’s land in London.Harry’s got a sick feeling. He hasn’t been here since he was a struggling street orphan, he’s swore he’d never be back here or any place like it.

He goes past several cross streets before he tries to begin a patterned search. There’s no missing that car. Even in the distance, the dark like it is now, many street lights out, the Bentley is distinctive. He gets a call from Caesar. Harry pulls over and answers. He tells Caesar the neighborhood he’s in. That he’s looking for their car, a Bentley. Caesar directs his cab to head that way. Harry can’t give his a specific location because he’s still searching.

When they conclude their call Harry sees the Bentley off ahead as it makes a crossing of a street in view. Harry drives off in pursuit.

Harry’s making progress to catch up when the car in front of him makes a turn crossing in front of an oncoming car. They don’t collide, unfortunately the car not in Harry’s lane makes it into a street light post instead, takes the post out knocking into lanes of traffic such that all cars, all lanes, both crossroads have to stop.

Harry’s quick to jump from his car, verify no one is hurt. It’s clear the car hitting the post was barely working so one more dent in it is not an issue. Basically, as Harry knows from when he was living in this part of London when he was eleven, very little is working, unless it’s a prostitute, or a drug dealer. This applies to vehicles too. Harry is quick to suggest with many drivers out of their cars, traffic stalled by the post obstruction, that they work together to try to move it allowing at least one lane to clear. As they do this Harry is encouraged to see that the Bentley has pulled over up ahead. It’s two blocks away. While Harry is combining effort with several other men, ignoring the two women prostitutes who’ve come over to him, specifically because he’s not dressed like one of there’s, they thinks he’s a legit, proper success, ironically, unaware he’d started selling himself not more than a block from here. Harry ignores all of that, everything around them other than trying to clear his route while he watches the car.

The Bentley is pulled over along side the side walk. Harry can see it well despite being busy with lifting a long thin narrow light post, doing this task with people who work together as well as if they were assigned to herding cats. There is a man leaning against the Hath’s car, like the man is conversing with Hath. Is Hath lost? Did he actually take a wrong turn and has been driving around sort of lost finally stopping, maybe asking for directions? Why not use his car’s gps, or his phone’s?

Harry hopes Hath isn’t looking for something else. Once the light post is moved. He’s glad like everything here in this part of town, that was so badly made as to be light, just awkwardto manage. Still the Bentley remains stationary on the side of the street Hath is seemingly having a long chat with a local. Harry can see nothing detailed about the man beside the car other than he’s not small. He’s wearing a hoodie with the hood up.

Harry doesn’t hestate once they’ve gotten a lane clear. He runs to his car, gets around the bottleneck, accelerates toward the Bentley.

At this time the man on the sidewalk gets into the Bentley. It pulls away. Harry in pursuit following the Bentley the rout Hath takes makes a few more turns. Harry’s is approaching them enough to slow down to actually stay less obvious when the Bentley turns once again, coming to a stop. Engine off. It’s parked in some dark alley.

Harry’s not sure with th last few turns they made what precise street they are on, but he gives Caesar a call to say he’s a couple blocks off of the last intersection he was sure of. Tossing his phone carelessly onto the seat bedside the driver’s Harry gets out of the car giving Caesar no time for finishing issuing caution or any questions.

Louis has just been pulled from the back seat of the car.

Harry’s heart is racing. Hath has drug Louis from the back seat. The man in the hoodie has gotten out of the car too. Hath is having some trouble with Louis who is fighting him. That is until Hath hits Louis so hard that when Louis is struck the force makes him spin a semicircle with the momnentum as he takes a second hit falling against the car, face first, before falling to the ground next to car.

The hoodie man comes around the back of the car looking down at the fallen Louis, Hath is growling something at crumbled Louis when Harry appears there to the surprise of Hathaway.

“What the fuck!” Harry exclaims not sure what else he should say.

To his surprise his voice has Louis moving. Kind of shakily, but pushing himself off the ground Louis looks up.

Harry’s heart falls.

Louis has a nasty bruise from where he was struck by Hath. His flawless, perfect cheekbone there is red. On the other side of his face, likely where it hit the edge of the trim at the window of the car, is a bruise and a cut, it’s bleeding.

“No, you can’t be here, I don’t want you...” Louis’s words kind of crumble. Was he going to say “I don’t want you here”? Or was he going to say “I don’t want you killed”? Harry can’t tell because Harry is gabbed by Hath and the hoodie man whose has got a grip like an iron vice.

Harry gets shoved in the trunk. It happens so fast he barely hears the pleas from Louis over the struggle to resist the two men but Louis is pleading for Hath to let Harry go.

Harry’s barely gotten over the sticky wicket he’s in, being put in a trunk, before the men have got Louis up by the sounds of his struggle, he is pleading on and on for Hath to let Harry go, repeating that Harry doesn’t mean anything, the man (Caesar) in the restaurant doesn’t mean anything.

What follows is the sound of fabric ripping, is the sound of Louis being pinned on top of the hatch of the trunk. But the conversation about getting his pants down it’s clear the fabric ripping was his clothing on his upper body. Now his pinned so close to Harry and impossibly out of reach. Harry can’t beleive this. He can’t be more distraught and helpless. He would hit the interior of the trunk, struggle to make noises of alarm but it’s only going to impact Louis. Furthermore, in this part of town a grown man could be spotted shoving his dick down the throat of a child of just eleven in plain view, broad daylight, and no one would care. Harry knows. He was that child.

Harry can only hope Caesar gets here quick. Cabbies don’t like coming to this part of the city. No one of respect does.

Harry gets the idea of each action outside the trunk as if unfolds.

“Get this on, don’t want any diseases.” Hath says. Harry assumes there’s a condom. It’s confirmed.

“I didn’t say I’d wear a stinking glove.”

“You’ll wear it. You’re going to like this a lot. See this, see how round and full his bum is, see this, this, it’s a pretty tight little thing. Going to make you feel like one hell of a man being in there. Going to make you see God. Get this on, wet him with some of that. Unless your like that gay whore in the trunk and would rather bury your face between these beautiful cheeks.”

Louis pleads change. “Please father, please. I was being good. Please. He only was showing me pictures of dogs. He wasn’t touching me or flirting with me, please.”

Harry hears what might be someone slapping Louis with a pretty slick hand because it has that type of sound.

“Son, because he was with a whore, he clearly didn’t have altruistic intentions about you. Stop being so naive. He had his arm around you. After his first course with the whore he’d probably be glad to have desert on you, eating out your arse, fucking you with that slut doing his thing to your pretty little prick. You want a hulking man like that in your pussyboy hole, I’ve brought you one. See how you like it when this should be our night tonight of all nights!”

Louis pleads. “No, please. I promise I’ll come for you, for Daddy. Please don’t do this, send him away, let the whore go, please.”

The hoodie man interjects. “So what about me? Seems I was promised. I am going to get mine.”

Louis seems to be struggling on the exterior hatch of the trunk as he negotiates. “Please, Daddy let me suck him off, then make him go. Open the trunk, let him go. At home, once we are home, alone, I promise, I’ll do it just right. Please.”

Harry hears a strike. It’s sounds horribly hard. Louis goes quiet after a noise like the hit was debilitating.

“See there you go again. Such a cock slut you’ll suck any dick. Should you offer to suck cock? No. Save the whore? You should worry more about how to save yourself.”

Hath directs the hoodie man. “Get that dick of yours in him. I was sure you have something bigger than that based on your size but get to it. Don’t wait or be nice about it. Just fuck him right hard. I’ll keep him still, should you want to use your hands to separate his perfect arse, so to enjoy seeing his hole take you. Wish you had more than a paltry six inches though. Might not be enough dick to fuck him good, hard and right before his Daddy.”

The man might have been offended by the disrespect of his size but he clearly was rendered quickly unaffected.

“Oh, my fucking god, my god what a tight, tight ass. So...” the man’s stops because his sounds are no longer like words. Seems the penetration has begun. More and more he sounds to be giving it, as Hath directed “good, hard and right”.

Harry know from the heavy breathing, guttural sounds the man is feeling lost as he’s raping Louis all the while Hath seems to be helping pin Louis on the back of the car, adding to the pain. He tells Louis, like he’s always done, that Louis makes this happen. He brands Louis every name for being obsessed with gay sex. He probably has Louis in pain from some other manipulation in addiction to the rape because Louis barely makes a whimper.

The man says something about “making Louis’ legs wider”, he’s pausing because he’s getting close. Needs a new angle.

“Move your hands. Let me hook my arms under his legs make his spread wider. Want to be buried with nothing in my way before I come, damn this fucking glove, be so good to breed his perfect hole. Breed him deep, buried deep.”

Hath being the slime he is has to take pride in Louis’ body. “Buddy your cock isn’t big enough to bury deep in his hole. He’s been taking Daddy’s cock for years. Big, fat, long, daddy cock. He’s rightly perfect at it. Go ahead though, you try to get yourself in so you like. Finish in him and if you got anything left we might take this in a way you’ll really like.”

Harry hears the shift. The man likely has Louis lifted arms hooked by elbows letting him spread Louis like he’s in the splits. Even a smaller length of dick would get a crazy pleasing feeling like he’s got Louis impaled deep. Harry had it like that over the years more times than he can count. What Harry would like now is if fuckeing Caesar had gotten here way before this point, before anyone touched Louis.

When the man comes he screams and moans. He makes it known he’d like to be continuing to fuck Louis, all night he quips.

Harry has numbness from being confined that ache now but it’s nothing compared to the aching pain feels experiencing Louis’ suffering like this. Louis has to hold on. Harry so filled with fright for Louis he’s not really thinking how this will end for himself tonight.


Harry not sure where Louis is laying after hoodie man leaves him. Hath continues to chid Louis like Louis has some awareness. This verbal abuse suggests that Louis is at least partly conscious despite the rape and the beating, but Louis isn’t giving any indications. Without seeing Louis, Harry can only guess that Louis is too practiced at this. He’s staying submissive. It’s past the time of a fight. Begging is nothing to Hath, to this other man.

Hath, it sounds like, eventually decides to newly position Louis back on the hatch. He says to his cohort rapist, “Get standing here. Right beside his face. Stick that pencil-dick of yours in his mouth. He’ll suck you back to life. Guarantee it. Then get another condom on.”

So Louis must be laid out now on the hatch so a man standing beside him can be sucked off.

Where is Caesar? Harry wants to start pounding in protest but his limbs are numb.

It seems like Hoodie-man is receiving some good head because he says the type of things Harry’s hears so often. About how good it feels. How Louis looks so pretty doing that. The usual smarmy stuff when a sub is being forced. Meanwhile Hath signals his intentions.

“Sweet hole of yours should be still so tight, hun, since our friend here isn’t so big as your Daddy. What do you say we get him in there again soften you up more since you like being a whore to so many. Somehow Daddy’s not enough, want the man from diner tonight, that whore Styles, want two at once tonight?”

“What?” Hoodie-man seems slow to catch on. “Two at once? You mean us? Both of us? He seems sort of small don’t you think?”

“Didn’t invite you for doing thinking did I? Believe I know what my slut of a gay-arse son likes, what he can take. Stop dicking his mouth. It seems easy your stick is hard enough to slide a new condom on it.”

It sounds like as the man puts on anouther condom, Hath moves Louis again. Hath orders. “Sit back again the boot of the car. I’m going to set him on your lap facing you, lube him. You get your dick in his hole first, see to it you have him tight up against you to control him so I can get my dick in. Need my hands to double stuff him even with your dick no bigger than a pencil. He’s going struggle at first to take both of us. Should give you a great buzz though, isn’t that right sweet pussyboy. Daddy’s boy loves getting his hole filled with the big ones.”

Hoodie-man gets very animated in saying what he feels is so good when he must have again penetrated Louis, still solo. He seems happy to say this, soon after saying he’s ready. Is Hath sure about this? Louis seems still to be so tight he says. Harry’s trying to conceive how Louis would ever manage this if they hadn’t been together hours before. Would that be enough though?

“Let’s take away this top layer of clothing too, boys look so good being on dick when we can see all of them, such a perfect Twink.”

Hath’s statement proceeds Hoodie-man gaining perspective. “Perfect Twink alright, damn he’s a pretty little thing, best fuck of my entire life. Should you need a third again I’m so right with this. Gay stuff or not. He’s gorgeous...”

The man shuts up, a reaction to Hath who must be putting his cock into Louis too since the timing of Hath saying to him “shut up” comes slightly behind Hoodie-man sounding lost in pleasure cause he sort of moans and gasps. Louis is silent. Hath is saying something to Louis after he begins pentration because it’s hard to hear, seemingly like he might be talking while nuzzling on Louis’ skin like the words are just for Louis. Whatever he’s saying it can’t be nice so Harry’s anguish grows even more.

Hoodie-man sort of brokenly gives out descriptors of the intensity, of how awesome way this feels for him, he says something about how the big dick driving the penetrations is insanely arousing being tightened by Louis’ hole, how it’s sort of crazy good sharing the twink, something about how he would want to share the twink again.

“Anytime” Hoodie-man says, “he is all in”.

This gets another stern “shut up” remark from Hath as both men try to spill their thoughts between their moans, grunts, calls to god, swearing at or name-calling directed at Louis with the occasional comment thrown in about how beautiful or gorgeous Louis is, how Louis is so good at taking their dicks.

Harry’s certain when finally one of them says he’s coming that it’s Hath though it’s that announcement strained by the overriding orgasm. It sounds like Hath chooses to fill Louis while he and the other man are still deeply buried in Louis. This does something that Hoodie-man likes. Does Hath step away when he’s done? It sounds like that as Harry hears Hoodie-man shift, shift although he must be holding onto Louis, moving.

“He’s so light this twink sure can take dick, so light, gonna cum again, cause this fucking cock sucking princess is so good,” he says with his own destructed, drawn out speech challenged by orgasm building, “wanna shoot my load on his twinky chest,” the man stops talking, a noise suggests that he’s making use of the hatch of the car to to put Louis on as the man must be stripping off his condom to make good on his desire to ejaculate on Louis. “My come never looked so good, so good as it does on such a pretty twink, gotta do this on a regular basis...”

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Hath says again sounding annoyed with the third partner. “And if you’re done get that nasty spunk of yours off him.”

“With what? Didn’t leave the flat with a baggies of wipes, besides he’s got your spunk dripping from his hole.”

“Do I care if you have to use your precious clothes, just get your mess cleaned up.”

Harry hears sounds like Louis is getting placed in the back seat after the back door of the Bentley opens. It’s a second before he hears confirmation, Hoodie-man like he said, laid Louis in the seat and hasn’t left him. Sounds like he’s, to Harry’s dismay, licking Louis clean, some “mum” noises make a picture Harry would rather suppress. Hoodie-man is making a meal of his liking with the business of making Louis less coated in come.

“Might be I never knew I tasted so good, maybe, or maybe this twink has skin as sweet, sweet as his hole, so good.” Hoodie-man punctuates the sentence with some more noises, some like sucking which seems to have no effect on Louis for sure it goes over some line with Hath. He slaps the top of the car over the back seat.

“I said, get your spunk off him, not to suck his nips, I don’t want a trace of you lingering on him anywhere.”

“Sure, I get it. But you’re going to come calling again I gather, next time your pretty piece of arse gets too troublesome, or what was it you said when you approached me for help, he needs punishing, be nice if we come to a long term arrangement Tomlinson.”

Harry’s surprised that Hath introduced himself to some random he picked up on the street, obviously from an undesirable part of town as a throw away one time deal.

“I never said my name is Tomlinson. Never said my name, his. Not once.”

“Should know I might have cased the car when you told me to get in. Might have seen the paper on the center council with the name. Hathaway Tomlinson. Kinda sounds like the name of a person who wears designer suits and drives a Bentley. Bet this thing you do is some dirty little secret. Your son? He doesn’t look like you, but that doesn’t matter. Bet he’s got stories about how his Daddy uses him. Bet you’re going to be looking for another partner another night to make his, you say his punishment, just right. I’m in. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying a word to anyone as long as I get to do this again.”

Harry’s thinking this guy, pencil dick, while obviously not endowed, he has balls, figuratively. Before anything else is said there’s a loud crack.

Harry is certain as the local city sounds of traffic, sirens, dogs barking in the distance continue but conversation stops between them because it was the sound of a gun firing, a body falling. Harry’s got no reason to feel anything but hatered for the man, but still. A bad situation for Harry’s prospects has gotten worse. What of Louis? Is he even marginally conscious? When Harry’s mind goes to ask what’s taking Caesar so long it tales a split second for Harry to realize he’s thinking about Caesar as Caesar’s voice he hears.

“Hey! You there!” It sounds like Caesar saying this as he is running. More dread occurs to Harry. Not until it is too late.

The gun fires again.

Chapter Text

Harry hears Hathaway enter the car, he starts the engine, drives off. Maybe he’s on his phone, but Harry can’t hear well now that the sounds are muted by the engine. He’s got a feeling of being ill; he’s responsible for Caesar’s death. Like a dumb arse he left his phone on the seat of Caesar’s car. Would Caesar’s car still be there? Harry didn’t take the keys as he just ran to Louis’ defense. Would the bodies be discovered soon? Would Ben be notified? Why would he though because Caesar has many people he does his work for. Caesar followed Harry’s request to avoid alerting Ben so far as Harry knows. So assuming Hath is driving to a part of the Thames where he can murder and dump Harry, how long before Ben sees a death report on Caesar, or a missing person report on Harry? When they stop will he [Harry] even be able to move to try to fight should Hath elect to get him out before he dies in the trunk? Or does he intend to leave Harry in there for days you?

So many questions. Also so much pain from the tragic events, from being so confined.

Harry decides that it’s Hathaway's estate they enter when he hears an electronic gate. He hears the engine of the auto take on a different sound as he assumes indicates that Hath has pulled the Bentley into a garage space. Wise. Less likely for someone on staff to see him removing anyone from the car. He must be planning some way of delaying Howard coming upon Harry in the trunk. At least he’s not murdering Harry immediately and dumping him in the Thames.

What can Harry possibly do?

He hears Hath get out, the back door open, Hath takes Louis.

Being abandoned Harry is certain his death is being well planned.


It’s got to be the brightest light he’s ever experienced, or so is the illusion when the hatch of the Bentley pops open waking Harry from pain-induced slumber. Harry’s eyes adjust as he’s about to scream for his life when he sees a figure come into view. It’s Howard.

Howard reaches in to help Harry exit the trunk. Actually, Howard has to do it all the work of extracting Harry because nothing of Harry’s, not his arms, legs, anything work yet. In a second or two the pain and tingling begin to mix. It’s a terrible sensation. It’s a relief, though. He’s alive. Harry breaks down. He’s made a terrible mistake, many of them.

“He’s killed people, he’s killed two men. Last night, or yesterday, what day is it? When he took Louis out the night of the seventh he stopped in a bad part of town after they had dinner at Payne’s. I was at the restaurant. I thought I could get into things with Hath and make it safe for Louis. It went horribly wrong. Hath picked up a man after leaving Payne’s, he was very mad, they drove to an alley where he, and this street trash, raped Louis. He shot the man afterwards, then he shot another man, my accomplice, Caesar Brinkley, who was coming to my aid to help stop the assault on Louis. Hath shot them both Howard, and in Caesar’s case, it is all completely my fault! I stupidly followed, I didn’t call anyone else for help, I thought I could protect Louis, but all I did was get a good man killed!”

Howard still has a hold on Harry. He’s trying to give Harry some assist in circulation restoring and offer support with soothing rubs. He takes in the earful of information with a pale look, distressed, but comforting Harry. When Harry can take a seat on a mechanics stool beside the wall of auto tools and auto cleaning sundries Howard responds.

“I wasn’t supposed to be here today but when he dismissed me late yesterday, giving me today off, it’s June 8, by the way, the events you talk of happened only last night, but when he gave me some time off today it didn’t seem right. I know what June 7 is, how he becomes. He said he wanted to have the car himself to take in for service, he would do it he said, which was the thing that isn’t right. I always take the cars for service if I can’t service them myself here. I know for a fact this car had service two months ago. It’s the car I drive most often, almost exclusively. It hasn’t got a service problem.”

Where Harry is sort of sitting, leaning off to the side correcting a bit gives indication his limbs are cooperating. Howard moves off to get some water for Harry.

Harry thanks him for the water, drinks an entire bottle, accepts another which he drinks half of before continuing.

“Somewhere in an alley are two dead men. In the house Louis is not much better, perhaps. I heard all of what they did to him with him used right on the hatch of the car with Louis directly over me. Where is Hath now? We have to get Louis help.”

“The schedule I have for him says he’s flying out of London later today. He’s not here now because not all the cars are here. The roadster was parked beside the servant’s entrance of the house and it’s gone.”

“He must have gone to get something for making me disappear, maybe. Or maybe he’s making sure his trail of bodies is cleaned up.”

“Hardly think that he needs to cleanup his own messes. He’s got people who do that sort of thing. How about we get you out of here to safety, then we get the proper people involved. If there is still evidence to be discovered, we need that acted upon immediately. Tell me the location where this happened and I’ll call in an anyomous report.”

“My phone, my phone and Caesar’s car are there, near there. If not stolen yet. I left the car, keys in it, because I just ran into the alley when I saw them pull Louis out from the back seat. Hath hit Louis so hard the first time that it made Louis slam up against the car too. He only became slightly able to shake off the effects of the two blows because he was trying to plead for me, my safety, promising to make good for his monster father back here.”

After sharing this account Harry gives Howard the approximate address. He quickly says he’s got to call Ben too. He explains to Howard how he got Caesar involved. They are in conversation about this when the arrival of an unfamiliar car at the Tomlinson home puts them on alert.

Howard takes Harry exiting the garage through a side door, go around the outside of the garage staying out of sight as this person whose driven up, parks, comes to garage, not bothering to go to the house.

Harry whispers as they watch the man enter the garage like he knows what he’s doing, “Who is that?”

Howard whispers back though certainly neither of them can be heard from where they observe the stranger. “No clue. But he’s acting like he has purpose.”

Sure enough the man goes to the Bentley after getting Howard’s key for the car off the key rack. He’s taking the car so it becomes clearly Harry and Howard. He’s got a directive from Hath. Go to the Bentley. Take the car, Harry. Getting rid of Harry is a hired job apparently.

“Son, this is too dangerous. We have to get you to safety. Now.” Howard says once the stranger drives away with the Bentley.

“Okay, yes, but I’m not leaving here without Louis. He has to need medical attention. He’s coming with me.”

Howard nods. Harry knows this means Howard has to risk getting the security cameras off, going in among house staff on a day he’s supposed to be given the day off. Any little variation from Hath’s plan and they could be discovered. Harh alerted. Harry isn’t going to budge on this though. He’s not going to leave Louis linger in what could be terrible suffering.


Howard has the staff sequestered with him before Harry goes in search of Louis. He’s making up some thing to tell the staff about a great surprise plan for “the master” so as to make it seem legit to be secretive about their meeting. Howard can’t have anyone tip Hath off he’s here on a bonus day off. The plan seems to be working despite the fact no one on staff would classify Hathaway Tomlinson as a boss you would choose to plan a nice surprise for. Whatever. Howard is his longest standing employee, they go along like sheep blind to the oddity.

Security cameras are also off thanks to Howard. This is unnoticed by the staff. Staff gathered with Howard still means Harry has only minutes to gather up Louis, go through the grate to the Horan’s property. There Howard will have them intercepted, get on with advancing the word out about the two dead men, send out sometone to intercept the Bentley, secure arrest of an accomplice in crime.

Harry knows it’s going to be hard for him even after hearing what he did, to actually discover Louis’ condition.

When he gets to Louis the word “hard” probably doesn’t even describe the meaning of the impact of seeing Louis.

Louis is laying in his bed looking the worse of Harry’s fears. Louis likely had been washed off. There are ice packs placed like they once were affective in soothing bruises but now they are just room temperature, gel-bags of debris lying, in his bed not in place like they were much comfort. As his injuries have basically gone untreated. He’s left unconscious from them.

The first two strikes Harry saw, one from Hath’s fists and the resulting impact against the car, are purple. They are joined by bruises from the other blows Harry only heard but didn’t see. Louis has massive bruises on his back, his hands look bruised, probably from fighting, his arms, wrist particularly, his neck, his pelvis and hips. His thighs too. He’s breathing oddly, like it’s taking effort. He’s totally unconscious as Harry whispers to him.

There’s no response.

Harry makes sure to swaddle naked Louis gently in a sheet trying not touch anything that looks tender. Slipping through the side door with limp Louis in arms Harry is relieved to be out of the house unseen. He makes it through the garden to the grate. The grate is unlocked, he slips through, reaches back hoping it’s not too much stress on Louis bruised form to pull him through he grate using the sheet as a gurney.

Getting Louis back in his arms he stands, starts walking. Harry’s stays along the outermost edge of the garden, sees the drive path to the home in sight when he is stopped.

“So what the hell are you doing?”

Harry turns. It’s Mr Horan.

“I’m, I’m, I’m Harry. Um,”

Horan doesn’t look happy. In fact he’s got a hostile posture and an angry flush to his face.

“I know who you are. I remember you. The whore, Styles. How could I be so stupid though? See I had my doubts since sometime about a year ago when something bad happened to Louis. That pile in your arms is Louis, right? You see when Hathaway told us neighbors the scene that played out with the ambulance coming to get Louis it was the result of something he’d been trying to deal with for sometime. His son, has this thing for sex with men, he likes the rough stuff, anything where he gets dick up his ass. Seemed slightly hard to fathom, for sure Louis always had me convinced he was a nice lad, though probably gay. But then awhile back I discovered that grate between me and Hathaway’s got me thinking. Hathaway said Louis has sneaked out. He never knew how. And now I see you, you got this battered Louis in arms. Bringing him back are we? So would that mean you’ve been his pimp? Pretty hard to come up with any other explanation.”

Harry’s is unsure which point to dispute first when he hears Niall.

“Helluva bad mistake,” Niall gets out before Harry can argue.

Horan has his phone in hand to call Hathaway, Niall is contradicting what of the exchange between his father to Harry he’s heard. Harry’s standing there holding Louis having no real clue how this will sort out. Niall comes up with a point that is clearly irrefutable as father and son shout over each other, “Harry’s got no way to get through there without a key! He was going to Louis’ he’s coming from it! Back at the house Howard had gotten the grate unlocked, Harry’s getting Louis away because for once and all, the man whose been getting to Louis is his own god-damn father!”

Horan shakes his head “no”; he looks a little less confident but he stays on his phone. He gets a connection, it’s clear by his message voice that Hath didn’t answer. Horan tells him what the call is for. “Hathaway I got that Styles slut here. On my grounds, got your son in his arms, seems like something is going on that you should know about.”

He ends the call and Niall is more furious with him, “You want to know something? You want to know why I stay here? Why I don’t go on off to Uni full time, be the man I want to be, my career path, my life, my choices? It’s because of Louis. Louis’ father. Louis being trapped here at his home by a man who rapes him repeatedly, beats him! Leaving here means leaving Louis to this fate!”

Like that the sound of a car gives Harry dread until he turns to see it’s a Land Rover, not a roadster. Liam and Zayn do a hard stop when they see this group. Leaping from the car they come to gather Harry and Louis. Niall lets his father have one last piece of his mind as he turns to join them.

Loading in the Rover, Liam is driving, Zayn in the front seat. Harry and Niall take the back seat with Louis laying on their two laps. Leaving him unbelted is the only option Harry let’s Niall know, “ me you really don’t want to see what’s under this sheet.”

Discussion clarifies the timing of this rescue.


Howard got ahold of them. He gave them little information just the urgency of the brief call, it being essential that Harry get their help, he and Louis get beyond Hath’s reach.

This gives Harry hope that this means Howard got ahold of the authorities too but doing all this while he was keeping staff distracted. Zayn phone rings. It’s Howard. He’s finished with the staff meeting, he has given an anonymous report of the murders, but he’s concerned because he’s gotten confusing information on the whereabouts of Hathaway. The schedule was for him taking a commercial flight later in the day, just a one night stay planned to accomodate business early the next morning in Paris. Howard is confused though; it seems that Hathaway got a private charter flight scheduled. It’s time, destination is unknown he recounts to Zayn. All that he can verify is the charter company said the plane is ready and on standby, so was the message left at the number of the Tomlinson residential phone.

Zayn has to leave everyone hanging while he gets the implications from the meaning of all of this. When he is finished speaking with Howard the four of them come to the meaning. Where Hath is will be crucial to where they take Louis. Getting him medical help is essential. If Hath is floating around somewhere unknown, what is the threat possibilities to his intervening? Is he going to stop his string of crimes before he gets to Harry? Cause further harm to Louis?

As they get to where Liam would turn to go to the hospital Zayn gets another call from Howard. The mystery man has just gotten back with the Bentley. He put it back in the garage and left.

This can only mean Hath has gotten notice that Harry is not where he’s supposed to be. Go someplace that no one will expect, is Howard’s advice. Just let him try to discover where Hath is.

Harry’s head is spinning. Louis’ head, shoulders are in his lap. Niall has the leggy part of Louis, between them on the seat is Louis’ bum. Through every facet of his transfer from his bed Louis fully unconscious. He needs medical attention.

Harry about to suggest his safe-house flat Ben provided when Liam says something that has Harry’s head spinning more. Maybe what Liam says shouldn’t be a surprise. Afterall Harry knows Liam and Zayn have a secret Ziam thing going on. Maybe that’s why Liam is driving Zayn’s Land Rover like he does it commonly, a vehicle way beyond Liam’s “I work three jobs t make ends meet” lifestyle.

“Zayn. Think we should take Harry and Louis to ours. I’ll get my friend Dr Peter to come by, we’ll get started looking after Louis, let the whereabout of Hath become clear. What’d you think?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Zayn says to Liam. Then he looks in the back seat and says, “Let’s go to me and Liam’s?”

What? Me and Liam’s? “Ours”, Liam said? Like Ziam is not only a thing, it’s a share the car and have a secret living arrangement kind of thing?

Niall looks as surprised as Harry when they make eye contact with each other before looking back at Zayn. Niall jumps on it.

“So you two have a thing? Like roommates? Like secret roommates?” Niall asks with trepidation in his voice.

Zayn sounds very casual as Liam resumes driving, taking a different direction than toward the hospital. “Yeah, like roommates. We were going to tell you sometime, but like for now, with us all living formally at home, to be around for looking after Louis, it was something we didn’t want to seem like we are selfish about, occasionally we just need to be together. Basically we only use it, to be together.”

Niall seems trying to process. Harry, because of hearing and seeing the signs, is bomb proof about this. Besides his moral standing is such, nothing bothers him when it comes to what people like, unless it’s non consensual or for Louis.

So Harry jumps in.

“By ‘be together’ you mean fuck. You two like to fuck.” Harry smiles. A thing he hasn’t done for hours and hours, having a funny almost sort of curiosity he doesn’t stop, throws the questionout there. “Just curious, lads. Who tops?”

Harry has to remember this reply forever it’s so chill.

“We kinda share that.” Liam says. It’s like he’s telling someone about something as trivial as a game of Mario Cart.

So chill.

So unexpected from Mr Straight Liam. Apparently not so straight Liam.

This makes Liam hot in a way Harry has never considered Liam. Of course Zayn has always been appealing to Harry. It just never occurred to Harry the girls Zayn entertains are part of a false image, part of his artist creativity. A way to say he’s not into dick, but all this time here are Harry’s good friends Zayn and Liam in a relationship. Something where they share a car Zayn pays for. Share a flat. Go to clubs where they think no one will know them.

As Niall still tries to get his mind wrapped around this, Harry’s ready you move on because he’s still got Ben to connect with, the guilt of Caesar’s murder and above all Louis. Louis looks so pale and battered and just needing some care.

“Hey, Liam, Zayn, can we just get the doctor, Dr Peters, right away? I’m kinda worried ...”

“It’s Peter Morgan, Dr Morgan, and yeah I get him as soon as we get to the flat. He’s actualy soon to be official doctor in residence at the hospital, he’s a newly minted physician. Only a year ago he was a scrub like me. We’ve worked together. I like him a lot. He’s also gay, so there’s that. I mean, he’s going to understand about Louis’ needs and not be an arse to anyone, none of that, I mean.”

Once they have Louis slipped into a nice comfortable bed, Louis so pathetic looking with his bruises, his breathing still so unsettling, Liam has Peter on the phone, Harry borrows Zayn's phone and goes to another room to call Ben.

Ben answers like a person would if they know something is terrible wrong. He’s just waiting to hear from Harry.

Harry tells him everything in an immediate information dump, his emotion overwhelms him and he’s hard to understand with his breakdown of tears, remorse, regret.

Ben gets to him, “Harry, Harry, okay stop, listen, listen to me. Caesar is not dead, he’s at the hospital, Hath didn’t kill him. The prognosis is good. I got to the alley where this happened within maybe minutes of when Hath left. Caesar will be okay. He’s not talking with anyone yet, but as soon as he can the entire thing will come out. In the meantime where are you, did you say you got Louis to the safe house? Is that where you are?”

“No, some secret flat my friends, and secret lovers, Zayn and Liam are sharing. Niall is here too. He got into a fight, argument with his father when I took Louis out through the Horan’s. Horan called Hath. No answer, but Hath knows Louis is gone. The cleanup guy who took the Bentley for dispatch of me knows I was gone. Gonna have some young doctor friend of Liam’s do what he can for Louis. He needs hospital I fear.”

Ben gets the address of the from Harry. He tells Harry it’s probably best to stay there. As soon as the authorities talk with Caesar, or ballistics can confirm the possibility of the man in the alley and Caesar were shot with the same type of weapon as Aiden, there will be an order issued for Hath’s arrest. Harry can bring Louis to the hospital, by Harry’s account of the events it will seal the information that is needed to finally bring down this villain, powerful man or not. Harry got Ben worried withnthe second flight prospects. Sounds like Hath is a runner.

Harry gets into bed next to Louis after the call because he wants nothing more that to wake Louis, see Louis smile, or even as that is unrealistic, just see what color his eyes are. Cerulean? That is a good sign. Pale sapphire blue, somewhat concerning.

Peter arrives, Liam brings him to the room where Harry’s in bed bedside Louis, nails at the foot of the bed, Zayn’s across the room on a chair looking like he’s agitated because he’d like to be smoking. As Louis continues to breath rapidly, they all are relieved. Peter sets down a pair of suitcases he has that are marke first aid. He introduces himself as “just Peter”. “No really,” he says, just call me Pater. Still getting used to this whole doctor thing.”

He seems calm about Louis. Liam alone can pick up that Peter is not really calm, being friends, working together for sometime Liam senses that Peter has his game-day face on for the benefit of the audieance. Harry, inparticualr seems incapable of being sat more than inches away from Louis. His face drought with worry. The more Peter sees the injuries the more he says less about his examination. Everyone sits very quiet so Peter can assess heart rate, blood pressure, all the vital signs. When he comes to some conclusion he says he needs help to softly roll Louis to his belly. He want to examin another thing.

Confronted with Louis bum side up sends Peter off his stoic professionalism some. He sort of holds back from starting his exam.

“His father does this to him? Liam says this happens somewhat often. Is that true?”

“It wasn’t just his father last night. There was second man. The man started with Louis. After the man got off once, Louis’ so called father, stepfather, did it with the other man in Louis too. It seemed like it was the first time Louis has been raped like that. Usually it’s his stepfather alone. He doesn’t ever do it nice though. Even when he’s chasing having Louis come when he’s in him, he hardly contains his rage that Louis is gay. Probably the only nice thing he did was he made the other man wear a condom. He’s a complete monster. He flipped into this rage solely because Louis was looking at my date’s phone when we came back from the bathroom.”

Peter is taking it in. He’s eyeing Louis with a weird mix of emotion that he is clearly not wanting to give alarm by sharing.

“From what Liam said I’m gathering this is the offense for which your date got shot and you shoved into a trunk?”

Harry nods. It still haunts him how foolish he’s been. He’d rather not give out information that he’d been with Louis hours before. How Louis warned him to stay away. Harry’s got enough guilt.

Peter nods back to Harry before he gets back to his exam. He goes to part Louis’ bum but the plush bottom is so bruised he takes a measure of care he seems unsure how to approach. Niall has turned away. Zayn is just looking out the window. Only Liam stays collected, his deameanor in his training, essential to his ultimate goal.

Liam is about to offer assist. Harry interjects.

“I can part that for you if it helps. I’ve been with him before.” Harry’s says ignoring mentioning it’s all business anyway in his world. Accept no. With Louis it was never business. Even the money that Hath left laying there when Harry helped father rape son there was no pay that Harry left with. Harry wonders now if that was in part his downfall. Was that a sign Hath took meaning in? He hired Harry to prep Louis. Eat him out, suck him off, whatever, just make him come. Harry refusing the pay did it say something to obvious? It sure would explain the reaction in the men’s room at dinner. Harry the gay whore has a heart. In it he has a special place for Louis.

How could Harry be so brash and stupid?

Harry puts his hands on Louis’ body pulling cheeks ever so softly. Peter looks a tiny bit more concerned. He takes a deep breath, reins the emotion in and begins a very, very delicate exam. He gets his conclusion suddenly, or so it seems. Once he sits up and back he says to Harry to help gently roll Louis back over. As soon as Louis is placed Peter starts an IV. He says only, “I’m getting him on fluids. Going to infuse with this pain medication, fever reducer, because he’s got a slight fever. Maybe you’ve noticed. I’m also adding some antiobiotic.”

Peters confidence of an approach is reassuring but he’s got this other side of things that is alarming. Harry’s asks “Should we cold compress the worst of the bruises or something?”

“You could do that, yes, I know the surface bruises look horrible, they are. He’s got the worst of the damage, I fear, internal. He’s got to have a surgeon soon. I’m just taking the edge off with this, he spent a night left without care. Why not let me take him to the hospital?”

Liam steps in. “We got to do that. Looking at what Peter has found, this is a mistake. Harry, you can stay here. Zayn and Niall will keep you out of harms way while we get Louis taken care of. It’s likely Hath can’t risk being around like nothing has happened. He’s got people though who do his dirty work. We don’t know who they are. You are at risk. He probably doesn’t know Caesar survived, but we know he knows you’re alive. You got Louis out of the house. If Louis goes into the hospital and you’re there you’re a sitting duck. There are too many people at the hospital. Too easy to slip in unnoticed among all the activity. You’re better here.”

Chapter Text

Harry is escorting Louis to the doctor again for what they hope is his final follow up visit. Harry looks over at Louis sitting in the seat beside his noting that Louis is particularly, disturbingly, quiet. When Louis feels Harry’s focus on him he looks to Harry. Louis gives Harry a warm smile. Harry can see through the smile that Louis is hiding; he’s worried.

Ever since the terrible events leading up to Louis stay in the hospital Harry looks for the most minute changes in Louis’ that are indicators of his wellness, his mood. His outward bruises are gone but Louis still has the dark circles under his eyes even now weeks after he was released from the hospital.

Harry returns Louis’ smile. He remains positive.

Louis turns to look back out the window of the car, seemingly needing to be alone as he frequently is, deeply lost in his private thoughts. Harry let’s him be. Louis has been more fragile since the horrible experience that hospitalized him. Under his eyes he constantly has these tell-tell signs of his status. Harry doesn’t need to be a doctor to measure his fitness. Harry would like to see the dark circles go away permanently; their color are a constant indicator of how Louis doesn’t ever really sleep well since the assault.

It might be because of the strain of knowing his step father successfully left the country getting to Greece on a private charter ahead of the authorities apprehending him. Extradition is pending but not probable to happen anytime fast. This has left Louis in a state of limbo, a level of constant fear and uncertainty, since it has become clear that leaving Louis beside was never Hath’s intent on that fateful night.

When two men associated with Hath in his crimes, the cleanup crew, entered a plea bargain to hope to lower their future trial sentences, they shared information of the plan. One of the men was sent to the alley soon after Hath left the alley with Louis and Harry. The other man was the one who Harry and Howard saw take the Bentley. He had been assigned that night to take Harry from the Tomlinson estate, do away with him. Once it became apparent to Hathaway the next day that he had a trail of crimes whose discovery was looming his plan to leave for Greece taking Louis with him by private charter was altered to simply fleeing.

Since then court actions to freeze Hathaway’s assets in London didn’t afford Louis protection from the possibility that Hathaway would still make an effort to follow though bringing his son to Greece. Hathaway’s wealth was clearly seeded in multiple banking institutions throughout the world.

This is why Louis isn’t sleeping well. The toll, constant fear, leaving him drained. Harry has taken to protectively watching Louis by being with him almaost constantly. If, for some reason Harry can’t be with Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall like to be with him even though he is now living at Aiden’s house. Patti petitioned to get guardianship for the months remaining with Louis classified as a monitor because with no known surviving family for Louis to live with, her argument for this arrangement was persuasive. It probably didn’t hurt that her husband, a British Ambassador and a man of considerable influence, worked to see this happened for Louis. To Aiden’s family he is still the person their son, brother, meant to marry.

Harry struggles with how much he would like to know if Louis is comfortable living at Aiden’s but it’s impossible to get questions about this out when Louis seems to push Harry back from this subject like many other subjects always leaving Harry with questions unanswered. Harry doesn’t want to risk making Louis suffer more emotionally with prying. Demonstrative of Louis’ emotional state is how he had yet to open Aiden s diary even though Harry has returned it to him when Louis came to live with Aiden’s family. Harry knows this to be true because the diary still sits in Louis’ room, once Soren’s, with the string around it tied exactly as Harry left it when he brought it back to Louis after Louis’ release from the hospital.

With the smile Louis just gave to Harry, Harry has all he needs to be strong, to do like all the medical and psychological professionals suggest when Louis’ long history abuse was revealed. Let Louis share his thoughts as he feels ready. Is it difficult to be living in Aiden’s home environment where to loss is so evident? Harry would like to know. He doesn’t ask. Instead he tells Louis how he feels; he’d love to have Louis living with him someday soon. So much so that by 5PM June 9th, Harry had radically transformed his life.

He’d let his roommate know he wasn't coming back to theirs. Instead he is moving into a new flat near Uni where Harry is hoping to enroll in classes in the next term, to start a new life. He let his clients know, effective immediately that he was no longer in the business of “escorting”.

Finally he once again hires Ben. This time it is for a special project given that the business of exposing Hath for his crimes was not their problem anymore.

The secret assignment that Harry has asked of Ben is to find Louis’ biological father. Find the man and learn what kind of person he is. Harry won’t let Louis be bound to another monster like Hath. He needs to know how a man who conceived a child with Jay could leave her and child. Harry was left. It’s a scar that never heals, but maybe with Louis it’s not the same tragedy. If only Ben can verify that he is a good man. Harry will take things from there.

Harry’s hopes are that with luck this man will be someone who can offer Louis some connection to his identity, maybe offer him love, acceptance and even emotional support. A small bit of his identity might be nice too given that in Hath there is none of what is Louis. This is all Harry wants for Louis from his biological father because Harry has every intention of supporting Louis in other ways. Financially Harry wants to set Louis free from Hath’s wealth. It can stay tied up in litigation with Hath’s fugitive status for years, decades. Harry will be able to take of Louis just fine.

Harry’s long career as an escort has secured him a considerable wealth. He’s had clients, like Paul Anderson, who are investment gurus, who’ve made his hard earned money make him more money. His plan was always to retire from his work by thirty. While he’s quite a bit shy of that age by more than a decade Harry’s wealth has been well accumulated in the eight years he’s been banking it thanks to the incentives that come with a motivation these mostly male clients had because of their yearning to please Harry.

This is why Harry talks to Louis about the future. Always about the future. If all Louis can give him is a smile, never his thoughts, the smile is enough to says he trusts Harry, than Harry will be fine with that. Louis’ fear of Hath abducting him might wane in time but for now all Louis’ friends, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Aiden’s parents and brothers, his football teammates, all of them have Louis’ back on keeping him safe.

And Harry, Harry has plans. One piece of them he is wanting to show Louis when they leave the doctor


Harry getting anxious. It seems this last exam is taking a long time. Usually Patti comes with them and now Harry’s wishing she was. He thought it was convenient that she was obligated to another appointment which allows Harry to plan a nice surprise after they’ve finished however, thatnwas before this exam started to take too long.

When a nurse pops out to ask Harry to come back, it’s really concerning.

Is everythignal right? Harry asks. It’s taking so long.

“Join the doctor and Louis.” The nurse says showing him to the exam room door.

Harry enters the room. The doctor is seated on a stool. He nods to Harry and keeps talking soothingly to Louis. Louis looks gutted. His face shows he’s been crying. His hands are shaking with tissues clutched in them.

Sitting their on an exam table, wearing only a hospital type gown that opens in the back he looks small and exposed. Vulnerable. Shaken. Harry’s fearing the worse. Has the doctor found reason for ongoing concern? Can all these weeks of Louis’ tarnished appearance been something medical not the psychological?

Harry swoops to Louis, enveloping him in arms. Louis saturates the spot on Harry’s shirt where his face presses. The doctor stands finishing his softly spoken words.

“I’m so sorry Louis. Sorry. There are some things a surgeon can’t fix. Sometimes we make mistakes too.”

With that the man nods at Harry again. He slips from the room.

With the doctor gone Louis starts sobbing anew.

Chapter Text

Harry confines Louis wrapping Louis in his arms, placing kisses on the side of Louis’ head, he can say nothing. He’s sick with fear. How horrible could it be? Did they miss something? Were the signs of something worse evading the doctor for all this time?

When Louis stops crying so hard, after he blows his nose, his eyes settle on Harry’s. “I just can’t believe it,” he says with his voice raspier than normal.

What? Permanent damage? The exam found something new lurking? He’s dying? What?

Then Louis lets his hand open. Sorting among the wad of tissues stuffed there in his hand Louis separates from the tissues the beaten up, thread-bare in spots faded to bland canvas color anklet he always wears.

“He was finishing and right as he said I could get up so we would talk some more he just snipped this off like that it was as if Aiden was gone all over again.”

Harry is sure he pulled a twisted face like only can come when there is a convergence of something intensely sad to hear but so much not the worse that ones brain makes weird things happen. Harry almost laughs but he chokes instead catching the fact that to Louis this is still a connection to Aiden that he carries everywhere. He’s lived with it for so long he doesn’t seem to recognize it as not integral to him.

Pushing his relief aside Harry rests his hug, pulls Louis tighter into his chest, kisses his forehead. He wanted to go for lips but this is about Aiden. It would be shallow to press things.

Reassuring Harry’s comfort is accepted. Louis nuzzles his lips on Harry’s skin in the little space where neck and lower jaw meet. He kisses Harry there. It’s nice. Harry immediately gets a little stiff.

Louis is naked under the hospital exam gown. Harry's hands can’t find any reason to not use the open back covering to his benefit of feeling skin. Louis’ skin is one of Harry’s most cherished things to just sit and admire. It’s such a bronzy color that looks even more spectacular when his body is sweaty or a flushed with hint of rosey-glow like when he orgasms. Harry would like nothing more than to start at the newly bare ankle, kiss the violated area making it delight with the tickling nature of the touch of his lips, then slowly work his way up. Once he got to the thighs, Harry would linger there on the inside where it’s so tender and sensitive and make Louis writhe offering promises of what he would do if Louis would just stave off coming for a little while.

Or so this is what Harry would like to do. 

What he does though is what he’s been learning to do anytime Louis is dealing with trauma. “What can I do for you? Would you like me to find someway to make it go back on? I wonder if we could get someone to properly attach some of those little metals clasps on the ends, you know?”

Louis pushes Harry back a bit so he can see Harry’s face. Louis looks astonished. All the pain he was shrouded in vanishes. He holds up the tattered thing that’s not much more than a string looking at it like it’s that metal ring it was meant to be once Louis turned eighteen.

“You think there is someone who could do that?” Louis asks looking so hopeful Harry knows he doesn’t care what it takes he will find someone who will do that. It may seem trivial, but to Louis this matters. Louis still can’t bring himself to read his lover’s diary, but he needs the thing that represents their history. Their commitment.

As for right now all Harry cares about is his role in keeping Louis safe and emotionally stable. “Yes, Boo. We can do that. I can find someone. All you need to descide is what clasp you want. Do you want white gold or yellow gold?”

Once Harry asks the question he wonders where the pet name came from. It just slipped out of him like he’d been using if for years. Louis doesn’t acknowledge it. He just looks at the tattered rope with a much more serene calmness blossoming on his face.

On the question he turns to Harry. “I don’t know. What do you think would look best?”

Harry has fantasized about Louis, his skin, that way it would look in certain settings or articles of clothing. He’s had many a dream where Louis is this slave in Ancient Rome, himself the lord. In his dreams he pictures Louis wearing a short frock so his ample thighs are exposed. Always it has a neckline that is loose, revealing. He imagines the sides of the garment are cut out so that much of Louis’ body is revealed. Maybe occasionally the fairly revealing attire shows the occasional glimpse of Louis tiny nips in the course of the movements Louis makes when serving his master. All of this fantasy attire Harry dreams of Louis wearing has gold trim. This because it’s what would emphasize Louis’ honey skin tone.

“I think maybe yellow gold.” Harry says.

Louis looks at Harry. Harry’s hands bearing multiple rings. His half unbuttoned shirt revealing his three necklaces. All are silver-tone. 

Louis looks at the rope. Staring at it like it’s new, fascinating he decides. “You like white gold. It looks great on your skin. I think I’d like the clasp to be white gold, like you would wear.”

Harry gets a shock. How can Louis be this adorably sweet? It’s in someway important to Louis to connect this extremely meanful thing from Aiden with Harry now. Harry’s heart feels like it could burst. He gives Louis a big hug, and with it this time, he allows a kiss to happen.

Louis melts into Harry’s kiss. Minute later Harry feels like the slight stiffening is reaching a point that if this kiss doesn’t stop he will have to bring up the simple gown and get into Louis. This makes him break off the kiss.

“So property violation put aside for a minute what is the word on you’re recovery? What does the doctor say?”

Louis lays back on the raised exam table. The pinkness of his nose from crying so hard is matched by the pinkness in his cheeks from the kiss. His lips are now red from being kissed. Seems when he reclines his position shows his body has the same response from their kiss as Harry’s.

Harry’s been in many sinful settings doing various sorts of sexual things and so he wonders why this should be any different?

Seeing the look on Louis’ face when his hand slides down to touch himself through the fabric of his gown it seems like Louis is on the same page. Like a complete slut Louis begins to play with himself while he relays to Harry the report. “He says I’m very healthy looking in there. He’s concerned about my sleeplessness, so he set me up with more sleeping pills, but my report is good. I can go back to all my normal activities.”

The implication about “activities” is written on Louis’ face as he slowly wanks his shielded cock, staring Harry down. When he licks his lips that’s it for a Harry.

Harry launches back to his side. He bends down over Louis with a kiss that is none of the soft, tenderness of the one they just shared. No. This one is direct, forceful, full of drive to take Louis’ breath and make him pay for being such a tease.

While they kiss Harry takes the robe up and over Louis’ head because his back is on the ties.

There he is. Laid out for Harry his erection prideful in his hand that returned to it immediately when Harry disrobed him.

Harry likes the kinkiness of the setting. He wishes the table had the stirrups like the OBGYN tables do. Oh well. With no subtly Harry moves to the foot of the table, puts Louis’ legs over his shoulder so he can bury this face between the legs and lick into Louis.

Initially there’s a hint of something medicinal. Not long after Harry invests in this the taste goes away. Harry likes how Louis responds to getting eaten out. It’s got his back arching, a hand busy with his erection while another keeps him stable because Harry’s got him so worked up. Staying quiet is a challenge. Louis seems to want to say something when is rapid breathing is interrupted.

“Gonna put something in there soon?” Louis gets that out with some difficulty. His cock has precum beading in the slit. It’s clear to Harry if he so much as worked even one finger into Louis he could most likely have Louis coming.

“Dr Styles need to make his own prognosis. He thinks his lovely patient can come is any second, untouched by dick. Hum, should we find out?”

Louis gasps a “but no” which Harry knows means not “no” as in “no”. Rather it means “no” to doing something other that putting more than the tip of a tongue in him. The problem is Harry’s been savoring the time when he can finally maybe have sex in a proper way with this boy. The setting, while an interesting kink, isn’t the sweet lovemaking environment Harry saw in his dreams.

That’s why protest brushed aside Harry sinks on Louis, adorably needy prick and sucks him into orgasm. Louis is practically coming off the table by the writhing action Harry elicits from him, his hands offering him no stability because they are gripping Harry’s head of curls as he moans “oh yeses” ever so softly as not to give their behavior away.

Harry loves the taste of Louis, just Louis, no medicinal hint as he swallows every last bit, lips secure on Louis until Louis is clearly too sensitive. As soon as he pulls off Louis pulls him into a kiss. The kiss not a soft as their first here, no as passionate with need as their second. It’s somewhere in between.

“Thank you, so good, thank you.” Louis says. He looks incredibly grateful. Placated. Also like a person who was emotional like he was when the doctor left so with any luck they won’t leave the exam room looking like boys just having had sex in the exam room. At least Harry hopes for that as he gets around to getting Louis’ clothes from where they are in a cubby of his personal affects.

Louis seems content to dress slow. He makes it a point to kiss Harry’s hand evertime Harry serves his butler role of assisting him with handing him each piece. Completely dressed Louis stops Harry before they exit for one last kiss as they stand at the door for several long minutes leaving the words expressed between them in the form of their kiss.

Louis kiss says “I trust you. I’m grateful. I need you.”

Harry’s says “I will always protect you. I’m grateful for you too. I need you too.”

Afterall Harry thinks a lot about how he and Louis are both sort of damaged people. Some huge differences by the individual nature of hardships they’ve faced, but somehow this makes them an affective couple. With Louis, Harry has no judgement.


Louis and Harry leave the exam room to find waiting for them is Louis Teasdale. Lou, who Louis has never met, has been following his recovery. In the first few days following Louis’ admission she met Harry, and the other members of team Louis, Aiden’s family. She became well acquainted Harry in the many hours Harry spent over many days because they shared interest in a great many things. Besides, Harry wanted to learn about Jay from this woman that Ben found was mentored as a new nurse by Louis’ mother.

“Harry!” Lou says in an exicted, warm greeting. She says that while moving to greet him but the entire time she is looking at Louis.

Harry hugs Lou. They both have their bodies turned a bit toward Louis. After Harry kisses her on the cheek as they part Lou turns quickly to address Louis.

“Louis, it is so nice to finally meet you. Again. I mean I knew you when you were a child and I’ve been around the medical campus thorough your ordeal. How are you love? I heard this might be your final visit to us?”

Louis has some understandable shyness with what he has been through but he smiles at Lou. Tells her he’s good. His hand slips into Harry’s. Louis tells her that Harry taking very good care of him. There’s an entendre to his words but he remains very much politely discrete.

Lou checks her watch like she’s only on break from work. She’s wearing her hospital ID card so this seems true. Pulling out an envelope from her clipboard she speaks with a rush to her cadence. “Louis I would love for this to be not so brief. But since I have to get back to work maybe we can meet again another time. I do have something for you that I want to give you today. When I was first made aware of your being here, for treatment, I’ve been looking for something I think you might like to have.”

With that Lou opens the envelope. It’s a 5x7 inch photo that Lou pulls out. Or photos. The top one is a group of people, hospital staff. She hands the photos to Louis.

“This is a photo of my first year as a nurse here. It was to be our unit’s staff photo. You know, just our team for patients and families to show who was working in that unit. Your mum was in charge of the neonatal crisis unit nursing team. She was my mentor. Taught me all the important things that school can’t prepare us for. Your mum was not only lovely on the outside everyone who knew her thought she was an angel. On the day of the staffphopt you had been brought to work at the end of your mum’s shift. Your sitter was sick. We had this photo taken of our team. But if you look closely....”

Louis and Harry both do and immediately see the funny thing.

“you’ll see this little boy peeking out between his mum and me.”

Louis looks astounded. Harry watches him and isn’t sure if he’s going to cry again or what. Lou continues. She directs Louis to look at the next picture by pulling away the first one.

“And that’s not all. I had the original image blown up. See? There is just you and your mum. But Louis there is more,” she says again pulling away the top photo.

There featured in the next picture is just Jay and Louis. It’s clear it’s taken at the same place in the hospital. Jay is in her scrubs, wearing her id. Her hair is pulled back like it was proper for a working day. Crouched down to be the same height for the photo as her small son, little Louis appears to be no more than four. He’s adarble. He’s wearing a white shirt, blue shorts, suspenders, knee socks with his shoes and a cap. Mother and son are all smiles. He looks to be the happiest child on earth.

“You see i went to the original photographer for permission to alter the staff photo. It’s a thing here we can’t reproduce these. Part of our contracts. We can use, distribute, alter without permission. When I explained to him the situation. Why I wanted this, he told me he and a couple more ne did of just you and your mum. To quote him, he said ‘he was captivated by this beautiful angle of mercy, your mum, and her sprite of a child’. He took these of the two of you after he did our unit’s photo, I’m sure you don’t recall. We thought you would like to have them.”

Louis looks at the last remaining unseen photograph. It’s of mother and son again. Jay is still crouched but she and Little Louis are looking at each other. In their faces it’s pure love and laughter like they’ve just had a little joke between them.

Lou has to leave Louis, to get back to work. She likely feels bad because she’s leaving Louis a sobbing mess, due to overwhelming gratitude for the amazing gift. Louis was instantly choked up within a split second of seeing the last two photos, so much meaning in them he couldn’t prevent himself. Harry has to take the pictures and put them aside for sake of not having tears ruin them. Harry has to let Lou know that they will be in touch with her again soon so Lou can share her Jay-stories with Louis when she’s not on the work clock.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a day for Louis and the time is not yet noon.

Chapter Text

Once Harry and Louis leave from the appointment Louis calls Patti. Then he calls Liam (and Zayn), Niall, some of the friends from football. The latter are very excited that his might mean Louis will be back playing with them, maybe even joining in practices because he’s not forced to sneak around since he’s living with Aiden’s parents. When Louis gets off the phone as Harry is driving he gives Harry feedback on the various people’s responses to the news. The footballers have confided something poinent.

“...they said they really want me back as soon as possible because it’s been so hard loosing us both. Aiden and me. They have something planned for me, they hope I like it.” Louis says. Then he is curious when he realizes where Harry has driven to.

No longer on the phone Louis recognizes that Harry has taken them to the part of London with the most exclusive retail. In fact they just passed by the elite hotel where Louis and Eleanor had been playing on the fateful day of the anniversary.

“Where are we going?”

“Well it sounded like Patti wasn’t home yet, so we’ve got some time. Let’s do a couple errands.” Harry says parking.

He gets out, goes to get Louis’ door. Louis let’s Harry's hand assist his exit. It’s not like Louis is still troubled with recovery but there’s something about this romancy-stuff that Harry likes doing. Louis let’s Harry like he likes it too.

They have short walk to the entrance of one of London’s finest jewelers.

“Let’s see about the repair, shall we?” Harry says as he opens the door for Louis just before the doorman does. Louis lights up like a child at Christmas.

They are in the store for less than a second before a woman salesperson swoops to greet Harry. Harry introduces Louis to her. “Bethany, I’d like you to meet ...” Harry pauses and pushes the words out with a prayer it will be okay, “Louis, my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend!” Louis shouts inscanely loud as he throws his arms around Harry as if this is news to him. News he’s thrilled about. How loudly he screamed that has everyone in the post store, employees and customers alike, looking at them.

Bethany seems unfettered. Like she knows Harry. His work. His orientation. Confirming that is her reply. “Like I’ve been saying all these years sweetie how you deserve someone special. Looks like you’ve found that. And such a pretty thing too, sly devil. Now your holdout makes sense. Nothing but the finest for Harry’s Styles. So, Louis, what are we shopping for? Something for you, something for Harry? He’s still got one or two fingers that aren’t adorned. Rings by chance?”

Her innuendo isn’t subtle. She walks them back along the rows of glittering gold and diamond inventory in well-lit glass cases. Going behind one that is her usual station she smiles with a smirk at her own assumption.

Harry gives the answer. “We have have a project with something special that was given to Louis. It needs a very delicate touch to repair.” Harry looks at Louis. “Go ahead. Show it to her. Bethany won’t bite.”

Louis takes the pathetic looking worn rope from his pocket and puts it on the glass. In this setting it looks utterly ridiculous. He seems embarrassed. It telling by the way he doesn’t look up at Bethany once he’s revealed his treasure.

Harry boldly goes on. “Bethany this was from someone special that Louis lost. It’s been a anklet he’s been wearing for years. Recently he was, um, in the hospital. This doctor cut the anklet off not realizing its meaningful value. We were wondering if someone here could attach gold clasps to the ends so he can wear it on his again.”

Bethany looks at Louis. He’s still embarrassed, it’s evident.

“Oh, I see.” She says like some idea is blossoming in her head with the hint about hospital. She’s got a clue who Louis is. It’s been in the paper. London’s finest barrister evading the law wanted for multiple crimes including two murders, attempted murder. Dark secrets not reported about sensitive issues revealing nothing only because another victim of abuse that is a minor, the narrister’s own son.

After a few seconds of reconciling the oddity of all of this Bethany snaps into her very professional mode. “Of course we can do this! For sweet Harry, especially, we can do anything. Okay so let’s make a few decisions,” Bethany says. She transfers the worn piece to a velvet pad like it’s a precious family heirloom not some tattered rope.

Once she’s done this Louis looses some of his bashfulness.

He stops looking down.

He looks to her.

Bethany returns his eye contact. It strikes her as Louis’ loss written in his eyes impacts her. “Sweetie”, she says speaking to Harry while still staring at Louis, “I’d like to see you wearing one of my custom made pieces with a gemstone the color of your Louis’ eyes. I’m going to have to search for just the right stone though. Maybe a Beryl in the color of aquamarine, or is that, no, that’s not quite right. There’s something elusive about the color of Louis’ eyes. It’s not exactly aquamarine. Maybe a little like the sea, the Mediterranean Sea.

Louis blushes at the compliment. Harry pulls Louis into him with one arm around Louis’ waist Harry teases her.

“Bethany is always like this Louis. Next thing you know she’ll be making you a matching ring to the one with a stone your eye-color that she will tell us is inspired by my green eyes, isn’t that right Bethany?”

“Yes, Sweetie. I’ve got the perfect Chrysolite gem for Louis to wear when he needs to stare at your eyes of green if you're not right there in front of him when he has need. It’s from Peridot Hill on the Egyptian island of Zabargad. It’s a very, very nice stone. Very rare. I can price that for you along with this if you like but to find the right Louis-blue? I’m going to have to think about that for a bit. His eyes are not a shade of sapphire, though I can see undertones of those colors in them.”

Setting to work Bethaby brings out some trays of clasps, white gold clasps as Harry asks for. She’s got all the options of the pieces she needs to seal the ends in a gold crimp for them to choose among. They select a style they like, Louis gravitating to a look more sporty to Harry’s preference of something with more flourish. Louis shyly brushes off Harry’s suggestions.

Bethany observes this all as she analyses Louis. Eventually she asks Louis to sit on a chair so she can see the fit she trims the ends, before they go to select the clasp to use since the metal clasp additions will require sizing the rope down as they add length.

As she is sat at Louis feet with him on a tall, director’s style chair, she looks at the fit when suddenly another idea occurs to her having watched Louis and Harry interact.

Bethany goes around the display to get out another tray of closures, explaining herself.

“You know we have these unusual, charm-like closures. I’m getting a very eternity knot vibe from this rope you’ve brought. I want to show you these other hook and eye style closures. There’s one, it’s nautical, Louis how do you feel about something nautical? I know that Harry would prefer butterflies, but what do you think of this?”

Removing one select piece from the new tray of distinctive closures Bethany sets down on the velvet pad a hook and eye closure that has an eternity knot for one end, an anchor at the other. She shares her perspective. “I think this will really set off the natural beauty of the rope.”

Without batting an eye she actually said that. Not to be a smart-ass. Or sarcastic, but like she is really into this project so much she identifies the battered rope as having “natural beauty”.

Louis sits staring at the eternity know and anchor closure his eyes begin to fill with water.

He looks at Harry, tears of happinesss. Then to her he says, “It’s perfect. I mean, maybe too perfect.”

When Louis looks back at Bethany she says, “Ah. Now I’m getting a sapphire color from your eyes, not any sapphire, but something like Indian Sapphire because it’s a tinge on greener side than other sources. Those eyes of yours sure are pretty. So you like the nautical? It’s not really sporty like you first said, although sailing for sure can be considered sport, but I thought you might like it with the rope.”

“It’s perfect because it ties together two people in this one thing. The rope was from my first boyfriend, my former fiancé, he’s dead, and when he gave it to me I wasn’t supposed to be with anyone. And since he’s been gone Harry has become my anchor.”

Bethany is now tearing up. For certain this is the victim the papers didn’t detail. He’s about the sweetest thing Bethany has ever seeen and he’s beside, he’s also boyfriend to one of the most beautiful people Bethany has ever met. Bethany knows about Harry well since years before she moved into her high commission job she too was a person who worked the streets. She has been Harry’s friend since he was about twelve, Bethany being sixteen when they met by virtue of shared life style. Always from the beginning Bethany has pulled for to get off the streets, find love.

“Okay so then we all agree? Then I’ll just do a proper measurement before I trim the ends of the rope for accepting the clasp. We need to make sure the fit is right for how tight you want this anklet to be when the eternity knot and anchor are included.”

While Bethany measured the fit Louis blathers on happily to her. He actually reveals thing Harrys never heard like how since he met Harry he dreams of merpeople and the sea. He imagines a ship in a storm and Harry rescuing him from the waves that try to drag him down. The metaphor of Hath as a storm is remarkably obvious. Harry’s heart beats hard for the love he feels of being so regarded.

Louis is delighted when Bethany tells them she can make the item up this very day; they can pick it up later before closing. Harry inquires the price and she brushes him off. “Let’s just have this one be on me. Besides Harry, I believe I’ve already made my fortune on you based alone on the rings and necklases your wearing on your person right now. This will be my pleasure to do something so significant for your pretty boyfriend. Just you keep me in mind when you want those wedding bands. Blue and green stones. Both in white gold, or platinum maybe?”

By the time they leave the store Louis is so happily chattering about the anklet he’s almost floating. Harry has to admit the sound of Louis’ voice when he’s light and free like this is like music to him. That’s precisely why he stops dead in his tracks when they walk by a music store with guitars in the window.

Harry pauses. Louis realizes this afterwalking on for a second and turns. Harry asks. “Louis, don’t you play guitar?”

Louis joins Harry looking at the guitars. “Yes, but I stopped.”

Harry knows this. It’s in the diary. No more guitar music for Louis’ birthday. Aiden never knew why. He used to buy Louis sheet music for guitar every year.

“Why? You play piano beautifully. I would love to hear you play the guitar too.”

“He, my father, he busted my guitar. Obliterated it. Told me if I ever played the guitar again he’d break my fingers next. Told me no son of his was going to turn into some meaningless purveyor of bad music like some twinky boybander. He really freaked out the day he did that. Said boyband looks and guitar playing was a bad combination. Bad more for me because it makes boys want me. No more guitar after that.”


An hour later Harry and Louis leave the music store with a new guitar in hand. Harry had to make Louis try about every guitar in the top quality of the store’s inventory, in part because he’d never want to stop hearing Louis play if he knew how good Louis was before. How could Hath be so cruel over something so innocent?

“Where to next?” Louis says as the set the guitar on the backseat of car, Harry seeing Louis to his door to the front seat.

“Would you let me show you my new flat? I’ve asked you before and you’ve always said later. So would today be okay? We have time.”

Louis doesn’t say “no”. What he does say indicates he’s not sure. He says only that he’s hungry.

Of course, Harry reasons in his head. The left the appointment at nearly noon. The went to the jewelers. The music store. It’s nearly 2:30.

Harry doesn’t explain. He just drives.

As they approach campus housing Louis gets fussy in his seat. “He’s on to me.” Harry thinks.

Sure enough Hary pulls into his new residence parking, Louis knows this is not what most students have. Harry’s is slightly off campus. Mostly students who live there are people...well like Louis would be if his father set him up...are privileged.

Harry cuts the ignition. Gets out. Goes around to offer Louis a hand out.

Louis accepts. Louis is still braced. Harry is not sure why Louis hasn’t once wanted to come with him to see where hArry lives now that Harry has been with Louis nearly every moment of every day since the .... when it’s been Harry’s catalysts to make massive life changes.



Harry opens the door to his flat.

It’s impressive for a student residence. Harry goes in ahead of Louis and immediately begins moving things out of the way. Things from the remodeling. Paint cans, drop cloths,’s clear while Hary has been living here he has also been remodeling. Or, as Louis learns, while Harry scrambles to move things obstructing Louis’ first viewing, someone hired is doing remodeling. Here and there are articles of furniture covered in protective cloths, some wrapped like they are new. It’s clear when the housing is finished it will be very nicely furnished.

Harry makes his way to the kitchen which is off the main room, open to the living space. It’s appliances are so new, they still have stickers on them of warnings, operations manuals and such. Harry opens the refrigerator and begins pulling out cheese, fruit, things for a simple midday meal.

Louis looks around from where he is still at near the front door like he’s afraid to enter.

“So you’re really doing this? Starting over. Uni. A new life in...what are you going to study? Louis asks standing at the door, back to it like he’s afraid.

Harry starts his answer, “Not sure. Business maybe. Maybe study business, because I’ve been doing that basically,” and when he sees Louis is stuck at the door like he’s afraid to enter Harry waves him in, “come on Louis. I make us some lunch then give you the tour. This is the last room to get finished. I’ll show you the parts that look like it’s a home.”

“A home” is diberative. Harry wants to say “our home” but today is the first day he’s taken a risk of claim, by calling Louis “h i s. boyfriend”. Would it be too far to say “our home”, like they are more than roommates, they are lovers or even something more.

Harry suddenly decides to tour Louis around the apartment, the two bedrooms, a bathroom. He notices how Louis looks at everything, even the smallest, with fascination. It occurs to Harry Louis is taking away from the details of how Harry has decorated the rooms,down to the color towels he selected, the fibers of the bed linens, the little things about a person that you don’t know until you see their home. When they are about to go into the hall from the second bedroom Louis stops Harry by catching Harry’s hand. He turns Harry to him and to Harry’s surprise Louis lean into a kiss.

It’s a kiss like Harry’s dreamt of for many months. It has the intention of saying want, it not like when Louis was pressed to want Harry back in June when making use of Harry might be a helpful thing to prep him for what was likely to come later.

No. This is a kiss that says “I want you because I choose you”. Harry moans for the feeling of being seen for who he is, not paid to be and yet wanted.

Louis has Harry hard from the kiss alone. Harry’s hands go to Louis’ perfect bum, pulling Louis into him and up a bit further fueling Louis becoming more passionate in kissing Harry, needing conveyed. Harry doesn’t know how it happens but his back hits the wall near the door with Louis taking to nearly climbing onto him in their rising passion, then Louis weight shifts, Harry turns and the lack of support behind him makes Harry take a tumble back so he ends up falling on the bed with Louis who comes with him, onto the bed such that Louis is over Harry.

Once Harry is under Louis, Louis parts from their kiss. His eyes look dark, he licks his lips while looking at Harry’s and has some ideas in his mind based on his mischievous raise of an eyebrow.

“Has this bed been properly christened?” Louis asks with a Darrick g look to the bed they are on. He lets his hands roam down Harry’s torso, his fingers quickly undoing button after button.

“It’s new. Not christened.”

Louis says “not yet” just before leaning down and sucking on one of Harry’s newly exposed nipples. Like that Harry is arching into the pixie prone over him. Louis leaves one nipple to go to the other. He first licks this once, suckles it, leaves it with letting his teeth graze on it so the tease sort of hurts. Harry loves it. As he is unlikely able to be saying that since Louis has him mute by leaving nipples to kiss and suck on skin alone collarbones, neck and jawline.

Harry relaxes into lettin Louis have his way. It’s such a turn on how bold Louis is being.

By the time Louis has Harry’s moaning into another kiss, Louis is making undone the closures on Harry’s jeans. Harry begins to feel the destraction from the kiss as Louis’ hand slips under his boxers to begin playing over Harry’s very firm, yet pinned, erection.

Having Louis’ hand laying a pattern to its strokes over Harry’s cock has Harry arching for more. Moaning let’s Louis know he’s melting into this. Louis leaves the kiss to let Harry share his intentions.

“Like to lick this, suck you off, let you get like Dr Styles made me today. Would you like that, Dr...Styles?”

Louis smirks before nuzzling Harry’s neck, leaving tiny kisses between sucking marks, like he loves how each one leaves goosebumps in their wake.

Harry’s gasps out that “Dr Styles would love that.”

With lightening speed Louis withdrawals so he can pull Harry’s pants and boxers down. He leaves them around Harry’s legs somewhere between knees and ankles, likely because Harry still has shoes and once the jeans and boxers were pulled lower than crotch Harry’s erection was sprung enough For Louis to take hold of it. It is strikingly hard when it springs free, fully standing straight up all it’s easily more than eight inches.

Harry would like Louis to get out of his clothes but instead he gets Harry in hands and gets to licking Harrys length. It’s a long run to lick Harry Styles. Harry likes watching the way Louis’ tongue looks on his dick. How Louis delicate features accentuate his mass. He knows he’s going to like even more to have those pink lips around his girth.

Pretty soon Louis parts them just enough to put a small part of Harry’s knob between them but not properly in his mouth enough to be hidden.

“My god, Louis, pretty doesn’t begin...” Harry gets out before Louis makes this smacking sound as he makes his mouth leaves the knob briefly before allowing Harry to have more that where just a part of the head is making contact in his lips. He makes this pattern of putting Harry’s knob in his parted lips like one would do with an ice cream cone a couple more times making Harry crazy for more. Must he be suck a tease?

“Please Louis, more please, don’t be a prick tease,”

Louis makes a “humph” noise while reaching up to twist a nipple with his fingers to silence Harry as he does what Harry asks simultaneous to the nip twist. Harry has his senses exploding with the mix of pain and pleasure as Louis finally puts all of Harry’s cockhead in his mouthed he did the punishing twist.

It’s “aaahs” and “ooohgods” as Louis gets into a roll going on giving head. Louis, delicate alouis gets Harry’s cock as deep as about anyone Harry has even known. Given that Harry has been with way too many people it’s inconceivable that Louis maybe the best at this ever is nothing shy of it’s maybe remarkable. Whenever Harry gets a little worried Louis will choke, Louis eases his concerns eased by coming back up after each deep throat to alternate into doing this thing of giving Harry this pulsing sucking action with basically just Harry’s knob in his mouth has he sucks on it in these pulses.

Harry’s view of this cock-sucking perfection forces his to make a comment despite his need to pace his breathing between his “Aahs” and “Oohs”.

“Fuck sake Louis, have you any clue what your cheekbones hollowed out for sucking my cock makes you look like?”

Louis uses Harry’s comment as a reason to break off what he was doing, only to give Harry a smile and a wink before turning his head to make a new kind of pleasing sensation. This new thing Louis does by orienting his mouth so he puts only a part of the cock, it’s underside along the vein, between his parted lips sideways like it’s an ear of corn. Flesh only partly pushed between pursed lips Louis mixes sucking skin along the vein with doing some playful pressures with his tongue making swirls against the skin. Doing this from the base of vein all the way up has Harry almost ready to come we’ll nefore. Louis goes up half his length nearing his knob. As soon as Louis gets to the knob his licks into the slit with the swirling like motionleaving Harry with his toes curling inside his shoes because it’s sending a light Eli g bold sensation down Harry’s spine.

Louis is about to resume fully parting lips go back to sinking Harry deep into his throat when Harry has to talk again because just the pleasure alone of watching how pretty Louis looks giving head is orgasmic.

“God you’re so gorgeous, gorgeous...” Harry gets out before Louis goes down on him again.

There it is. Orgasm. It’s hits so hard Harry couldn’t even try to give Louis the option to avoid drinking his cum. Louis gives no sign of displeasure. He’s got his eyes closed so his full thick lashes fan over the unfortunate dark circles under his eyes though even these reminants of his abuse can’t diminish his beauty. Does Louis stop sucking as Harry comes, or give into assisting this orgasming with his hand alone? No. He takes every last drop. Doesn’t stop until he knows Harry will suffer if he stays, then he pops off, using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth. Following this Louis makes the slowest path of kissing skin pelvis toward torso, torso to neck in a traveling series of kisses purring about how beautiful Harry is. How much Louis loves pleasing him.

Louis calling Harry beautiful is probably the first person from whom the comment matters.

Chapter Text

Harry can’t believe how effectively, once they sit down to eat this very late lunch how it is that Louis being like this. Yet he can. Louis is clearly choosing to make him suffer; this will teach Harry not to say “no” to Louis again...ever.

This is because following the blowjob, which led to Louis wanting “to christen” the bed in the other bedroom too, Harry made a mistake, he said “no”, they should eat something. It seemed at the time to be a quite harmless mistake, afterall Louis had looked so tired, emotionally frazzled, all day. Harry thought Louis needed to have just a little lunch given that it is about three in the afternoon and Louis had nothing since breakfast.

For Harry there was also something else, a little concern for Louis behind the “no”. This is an odd to development in Harry which Harry himself can’t understand this thing came over him after his mind cleared post-orgasm.

Harry wonders, is this new feeling perhaps because of seeing Louis’ hands, small, gripping his girth, Louis’ face looking delicate against his rather endowed cock while doing his sinful blowjob that lead to a sudden, new reality? Is this why as soon as Louis suggested they have sex in the other room too, that Harry got a weirdly uncomfortable feeling. It’s lost on Harry the irony of this when it happens to him; it’s almost like the way Aiden wrote about when younger Aiden chronicled in his diary about Louis wanting sex with him when he, Aiden, thought Louis wasn’t physically ready yet. Maybe Aiden wasn’t so wrong Afterall back then?

At the time Harry was reading in the diary about the evolution of their sex life, Harry was harden by his time on the street, and he thought Aiden was overly cautious, kind of crazy to pass on giving what Louis wanted whenever Louis wanted it from him. Why is it that same type of feeling are occurring to Harry about he and Louis now? Maybe it makes no sense given that the doctor approved Louis “resuming activities”. But what are normal activities? Did the doctor mean sex too?

So here they are. Eating their salads that Harry made for them in Harry’s flat. Louis is punishing Harry by doing deliberately strange things with the food. Suggestive things. It began while Harry was preparing the salads.

Louis wanted Harry to avoid cutting the cucumber, yes, leave it whole, put it in his arse. Bananas, the same, an unpeeled banana, of course. In general if there was some perversion that could be made to happen with an ingredient, Louis was asking Harry to do it...or Harry could simply fuck Louis, so Louis says.

By the time they leave the flat Harry is dizzy trying to think of where they can go to dial back Louis’ adult humor which is relentless. The anklet was scheduled for pickup between five and six, they’ve got time.

“How about we go to the park?” Harry suggest. Yes, the park. That’s a very child-forward place. Children would make Louis stop his tantrum based torment of Harry for being conservatively protective about sex with Louis.

They arrive to the park. As soon as they do they see a group of lads finishing up from football. The group is the players on the team that was Aiden and Louis’. They spot Louis. Immediately the team swarms him.

Once much joking to cover emotions has passed the new team captain, once Aiden’s role, gets his gear bag saying something that has all the other guys hushing like it’s momentous. Everyone listening to him he removes from a side pocket what is a jersey, team colors, as he makes a somewhat formal sounding announcement.

“Louis. We all have had a hard time with what it means for us to loose our teammate, our captain, our best player, well after you Aiden was our best. And mostly it’s been hard because more than that he was also our good mate. With what you’ve been through we’ve tried to think of what we can do, something symbolic to be like a memorial. We came up with this.”

The captain, a lad name of Nathan, tosses the jersey to Louis.

Louis holds it up to look at it.

On the back the jersey is like Louis other ones except for one change. Tomlinson is still across the back. It’s not like Louis can do anything about that now even though everyone might know he’d like to shed the name.

Under the name the number is no longer Louis’ traditional number 17.

In its place it reads “28”.

Aiden’s number.

Louis just stares at it. He doesn’t react at first. Harry isn’t sure if Louis is happy or freaked for a few seconds as Louis is stuck frozen-like looking at it with zero reaction. The lad next to Harry thinks he needs clue Harry into the significance, “Twenty-eight was Aiden’s number. We thought if Louis couldn’t have the family name we could at least give him Aiden’s team number number.”

At last Louis reacts. He suddenly hides his face in the shirt with it balled up his hands. His entire body begins to tremble. Harry leads the move by the group to come around Louis in a mass group hug. Everyone isn’t sure if this is putting Louis through some pain. Thar surely was never the intent.

When Louis finally lets his hands down it’s clear he’d been made to come to tears. Harry ends up being the only one hugging him, having Louis wrapped in his arms still not sure what the thoughts are that Louis has about this. The team is still around them and talking in whispers like they realize they may have fucked up badly.

Harry presses Louis for insight. “Boo, at you okay? I think they meant it as a loving gesture.”

Harry sees their heads nodding “yes”, still they look mortified at causing Louis pain, when Louis pulls back from where his face was buried in the shirt, by his hands, against Harry’s chest.

“It’s just so incredibly nice...” Louis gets out as he continues crying. This brings everyone back into a second mass-group hug. Every person on the team needs to get a hand into the center of the circle to touch Louis, give him a pat, ruffle his hair, anything to say how much he means to them.

This has Harry much relieved. It’s such a rollercoaster of emotions. More than he was certain about this earlier when he denied Louis sex Harry is now convinced Louis is very emotionally delicate. Harry’s glad he used restraint when Louis wanted Harry to fuck him. Maybe for awhile, doctor’s approval or not, Louis needs to heal from the scars and be liberated from the fear of Hath. Only then can they have sex when Harry knows Louis isn’t masking tender emotions.


By the time the team leaves them Louis is all happy and giggles. This transformation because eventually the team got around to asking Harry if Harry wanted to come play a little football with them, just during their practices, just for fun. One of the lads kicked a ball up to Harry as they were offering this. The ball hit Harry in the face because Harry has zero ball handling instincts, “at least with footballs”.

The tag on the comment was made by Louis, referring of course, to Harry’s “other ball handling skills”.

Now that the team is gone, time still to spend before going to the jewelers Harry is wondering what to do next when a few little girls scream “Louis” running up to see him. The next thing Harry knows he’s among a small group of others, little children and their parents who are watching and laughing at the inpromtu sock puppet performance Louis is putting on at the children’s request. “It’s been so long” the children say as the plead for Louis to do this until he agrees, some parents concede, giving up socks to the cause.

Everyone watching Louis do a make-shift show are quickly enthralled. The only one more delighted than the children by the silly story Louis makes up about his sock critters is a Harry. Critters describes the puppets because one sock given to the cause by a dad had two holes in the heal. After much poking fun at the man for being too busy with important things to buy himself new socks, Louis made use of that particular sock to make the critter have two fingers for ears so to suggest the puppet was bunny-like.

In fact Louis used this puppet creation to segway into incorporating a song. A kid’s song. Harry didn’t know it before but the obviously children do.

Louis begins by having the maroon color, sock with toe holes that his fingers are popping through say to the other sock puppet “You know what? I think I’m a bunny,”

The other sock puppet says in a squeaky, child-like voice, “What?”

“I think I’m a bunny.” Says the character of Sock Bunny. “I think I’m a bunny.” States Sock Bunny again followed by Louis beginning to sing “I thinks I’m a bunny” three more times in character of Sock Bunny. This has the children screaming with excitement because it’s some song they are clearly very familiar with.

Then Louis other sock-hand does a contrasting child-pitched speaking voice to aurgue to differ, “But you’re not a bunny, you’re a monster,”

“I think I’m a bunny!” Sock Bunny sings his insistence.

Child Sock aurgues logic. “You’re not a bunny. Bunnies aren’t purple,” insists the Sock Bunny which leads to a series of back and forth on that subject between the two puppets.

“I think I’m a bunny,”

“You’re not a bunny.”

“I think I’m a bunny,”

“You're not.”

“I think I’m a bunny, I think I’m a bunny, I think I’m a bunny, I think I’m a bunny,“

“No, you’re not.”

“I think I’m a bunny,”

“I don’t think you’re right,”

“I think I’m a bunny, I think I’m a bunny,”

“You’re not a bunny!”

Louis hands do a flourish to signal that he has opened up the song to the audience who know the next words, a chorus. All the kids and a few adults join in to sing the next part. “You’re a monster, you’re a monster, you’re a monster, monster, monsterrrr,”

Back to Louis he says, “but I might be a bunny, you know I could be a bunny, yeah, I think I’m probably a bunny, ‘cause you know I got these long ears you know, sometimes I like to have a carrot or something,”

As Harry is delighted watching this the ‘carrot or something’ has him blush because yes, yes, Louis did suggest back at the flat that Harry should use a rather long, fat carrot right. Back to lyrics of the song Harry, tells himself.

Once again Louis throws the song back to the audience for a chorus. It’s a different chorus. The crowd sings “Fury and, fury covered with purple fur, fury and fury covered with the color purple,”

Louis takes up with their line singing “fury and I think I’m purple,” at the end of that chorus befor taking back the lead.

Next Sock Bunny says “Okay so if I’m not a bunny than what am I?”

Harry’s mind has an immediate answer. He’s fucking adorable, Louis that is, not the puppet. But Louis doing this little musical play with socks for all these people is totally, unbelievably adorable! Why has Hath not ever realized that? It’s so innocent and Louis is thriving on it. The kids, the adults thriving on this too.

Child Sock squeaks in frustration, “But you’re not a bunny, you’re a monster!”

Sock Bunny says, “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know you keep saying that, but if I’m not a bunny than what am?”

“You’re maybe not a bunny but you got to not care about that.”

“But I do care about that” Sock Bunny says then Louis begins to have Sock Bunny sing “I think I’m a bunny”

“Please don’t say that!” Shouts the Sock Child, “You’re not a bunny!

Everyone is laughing at how good Louis is doing this battle of wills between the pretend bunny-monster puppet and the all to reasoned-child character puppet.

Sock Bunny repeats again and again and again in song that It thinks it’s a bunny. Following that Sock Child states, “You are definately NOT a bunny!”

“I think I’m a bunny, yeah!“

“No, you’re not a bunny.”

The audience picks up their part without need of a cue, singing, “You’re a monster, you’re a monster, you’re a monster, monster, monsterrrr,”

After the crowd sings that part Louis makes his Sock Bunny suggest without song “You know maybe I’m a really special kind of bunny, one with purple fur, long purpley ears, and you know just an overall good disposition and everything, you know,” To finish this he once again sings, “I think I’m a bunny!”

“YOU ARE A MONSTER!” Shouts Sock Child before the knowing audience repeats in song the part about “fury and purple”. Louis joins them in song the final repeat then takes it away singing, “fury and I think I’m purple,”

It ends then with the disputing Sock Child giving up apparently, hugging the Sock Bunny. Needless to say the audience is crazy with applause. It was like to these families who have seen Louis do this sort of thing before think he’s some kind of a rock star. Harry needs to break up the request for Louis to do another song as it’s after five. Louis has about ten kids piling onto him laughing singing bits of the Bunny Monster song to him, pleasing for more. Some parents are trying to put their very affectionate kids in check who are all over Louis as they wrestle with him on the grass where he had someone’s buggy as a stage, but Louis being swarmed by kids is the most happy Harry’s seen him since maybe before Aiden was murdered.

Harry let’s parents break up the mayhem, thank Louis, after the crowd thins Harry gets Louis’ attention about the time. The last few children are parted from Louis by parents who say they should go. Louis looks at Harry with a sparkle in his eyes that says today the world is hopeful. There’s nothing of what Hath did to him. It’s such freedom from the suffering it almost has Harry wanting to take Louis back to the flat and have that go around at christening the other bed.

A text from Patti to Harry’s phone suggest that will have to wait. “Louis isn’t answering his phone. Presuming you’d might like to stay on for dinner when you lads get back, so please do. Will you be long?”

Harry texts her back. “At the park. Saw the old team. Louis wasn’t answering because he just was doing a puppet show here. Did you know how beautifully he sings? We’ll be back around 6:30 or 7. Thanks for the invite...again. Need me to pick up anything?”

Patti replies no, “but we have a surprise planned to celebrate his wellness checkup. Be here at precisely 7 please!”


Maybe Louis didn’t notice extra cars parked around when they got back at precisely 7 because he couldn’t stop looking down at his ankle. Harry isn’t bothered by the quietness Louis displayed when they drove back because he knows Louis is amazed at how perfect the restored anklet is better than Louis imagined. He’s happy. He’s almost completely free for the first time in years.

They get out the guitar, go in the front door and dim lights go on full and a room of people yell “Surpise!”

Patti has arranged a surprise party to celebrate the good news. The house is decorated with balloons, streamers, confetti is shot, a big spread of food is strung throughout the house. Present at the home is all the team that Louis and Harry saw earlier, obviously they were going to give the jersey to Louis at this, and the various other friends, Liam, Zayn, Niall and the three brothers as well as Aiden’s parents.

Grayson, as per usual has to give Louis a welcoming when it’s his turn that is physical, hair ruffling, almost too rough though Louis likes it, also as usual with the two of them.

Before Harry can ascertain it’s source a glass of champagne is put in his hand. It may have been by Soren who also comes around to Louis when everyone has finished their hugs and short greetings and five Louis a small pour glass of champagne.

Champagne in hand, Aiden’s father gets everyone’s attention for a toast.

“Friends and family, as we raise our glasses in celebration of the good news about Louis’ health, I want to also share some other very good news,”

Harry closes his eyes and prays as the toast is being made; please say Hath has been brought to justice. Please.

Chapter Text

The toast begins with Harry so hopeful, he stares at Louis as the cause for celebration is shared.

“ today I got a letter from the Univeristy regarding a meeting last week where me and several of the tutors who’ve worked with Louis over the years in which we were advocating for his prospective acceptance to enroll. The letter says that the admissions believe that they can welcome Louis to begin courses in next the term. In fact based on Louis’ compositions that the one tutor submistted they are considering Louis for a merit scholarship...”

This is great news. It’s not the news Harry was hoping for. Looking at how Louis is accepting to pats of the back from friends with a smile but not exuberance it’s clear Louis is disappointed too. Hath is still at large, maybe able to drag on successfully avoiding extradition for years given his wealth and skill in legalese.

Harry circuitously works his way around to Louis where some of the conversation with him and friends after the toast is to inquire what he might want to study. Harry hears Louis say he was expected to study law but he was intersted in education, maybe literature, he knows he’d like to work with kids.

After what Harry witnessed today in the park it is clear that Louis belongs with children. He’s gifted with children.

Several hours later, Harry’s heard the same questions repeated. Same answers. Soren, Grayson and Beck seem as much like proud parents of Louis on this occasion as do their parents, at any given time one member of Aiden’s family is next to Louis, an arm around him with loving admiration and doting encouragement dripping from them. Under the surface of happy about the news Harry senses Louis is terribly worried. Several times Louis looses his train of thought like he’s thinking of something else.

By the time some people are leaving Soren and Grayson suggest Beck either have them drive him to his flat of he stay the night in his old room because he’s been drinking sort of heavily compared to most other guests. Louis is sitting on a couch between Zayn and Liam. This is the first time he hasn’t been flanked by one of the family. It’s looks like the two secret lovers are having a serious conversation with Louis. Maybe they too see his slightly diminished happiness for the academic news.

Hearing Beck has decided to stay at his parents because he doesn’t live near his brothers, doesn’t want to inconvenience them, Harry offers to drive Beck home. The question asked, how much has Harry been drinking?

Harry admits, he’s had quite a few too. With this Soren says that perhaps they both should be driven home or there are several rooms in the large house, just don’t drive.


In the middle of the night Harry wakes. He takes a few seconds to recall he’s not at his. He stayed at the Visser’s. He’s got a headche from the alcohol so he gets up, pulls on some boxers and goes to see if there’s anything in bathroom he can take for his pain. Since Louis came to the Visser’s to live he been sleeping in Soren’s former room, unable to go into Aiden’s. Beck was sleeping in his old room leaving Harry with the use of Grayson’s former room.

As Harry walks down the dark hall he passes Beck’s room. It has a door partially open, some dim light is on, like Beck was suffering the same drink induced dehydration or headache too, maybe restless as well.

However as Harry passes the open door he sees that there are two people in the bed. It’s Louis and Beck.

Harry stops. He’s hard to see because it’s dark in the hall, but sure enough Louis is there; Beck appears to be holding him. Harry’s sure his back is being stabbed because he feels such pain at this sight. This is when Beck gets up, he was sleeping nude too so there’s all of his glory to see. He seems to have a semi, this gives Harry more phantom pain. Are Louis and Beck?

Surprisingly Beck reaches back to the bed to gather Louis in his arms finally giving Harry some clue of the nature of things, “Sorry Sweetie, maybe let me take you back to your bed now okay. I know you think I smell like him, but this is not a healthy thing. Maybe I can tuck you in with Harry.”

Harry is standing there in shock when Beck comes out of the room carrying a sleepy Louis in his arms.



Beck has no sign of this as odd. He gives clear indication its not awkward for him by simply pushing Louis into Harry’s arms. As they exchange Louis who stays very sleepy or asleep, Beck downgrades the situation from what Harry thought it was.

“You take him, will you? Can’t have my baby brother’s fiancé getting in my bed and cuddling with me like that. It’s weird. I’m not even into guys but he makes straight seem stupid when he presses his little body into a guy. You’re into him, aren’t you giving him some?”

Now that Harry has Louis in his arms he hasn’t got is a clue how to say this. He isn’t “giving Louis some”. Earlier today he developed his first case ever of not being able to perform THAT with Louis and refused him.

“Give him some... you mean dick?” Harry isn’t meaning to be so obtuse but he’s got an annoying feeling that Beck would be happy to bend that straight lifestyle for Louis because that semi says it’s not weird the cuddle, it’s arousing. But Harry got to admit. He has guilt and his own issues.

“Yeah, bro, what wrong with you? Haven’t you been into him like forever? You do know Aiden was totally aware of that, how Harry Styles the gorgeous, well hung escort had huge heart of puppy love for Louis, bigger than his huge dick. Why else would he bring you into this horrible life Louis has been stuck with. You do know we all know, me, my brothers, my parents, my, Aiden’s teammates.... question is why is Louis sneaking into my room when your right here near by?”

Harry hasn’t got an explanation for that. Or does he but he’s embarassed to admit it. He put Louis off. Louis didn’t like it. Just like Louis didn’t like it when a very young Louis thought he was ready more from Aiden, but Aiden was afraid Louis was too young.

“Just not sure it’s really safe.” Harry says.

Beck gets an exasperated tone. “It’s called a condom. Don’t you buy those by the ton?”

“I’m not in that business anymore, and yes, I did buy them by the’s just for me, us, right now I’m afraid he’s too delicate right now too. Louis wanted it when we were alone earlier but I wouldn’t do it. I think, I...think he’s still too fragile. You know Aiden went through that with Louis too. He wanted to take it slow. In that way me an him are the same we both have fears about hurting Louis.”

Harry’s worries he over-stepped things by comparing himself to the deceased brother. Aiden lead a stellar life. He was a person of many accolades and far too promising a young man to be murdered. Harry. Well Harry is just a retired whore.

“I’ve heard this before. Aiden always wrestled with the conflict, the difference between what he thought was best for Louis, and what Louis himself wanted. But I know since Louis came here to live I got to know some about you. Louis told me the most explicit details of things. How his father got you involved. How careful you have been with him. How when you kiss him, or do whatever he kinda feels like it’s Aiden acting through you. He told me he was afraid having you around would get you killed too. I think he’s getting confused by feelings about you when he still loves my brother. And he’s constantly afraid Hathaway has a way to get to him. Or you. Tonight my mum made sure he took a sleeping pill. He hates doing that. Don’t know why. So he came into my room to talk until he fell asleep. All he did was talk about you. How wonderful you are, how gorgeous. How lovely you were today doing these nice things for him. Spending money you shouldn’t because you wanted to make him feel better. So Harry. It seems he needs you. Just take care of him, will you.”

With that Beck goes back into his room. Before he closes the door Harry gets a great look at all of him. These Hemsworth clones, very, very nicely built.

When Harry gets Louis into his bed he’s tempted to do it with Louis even though the sleeping pill has taken full afffect and Louis is beyond waking. He doesn’t. He trusts his instincts.


When Harry wakes with sunlight brightening to room he extracts himself from the bed cautiously as this involves slipping free from Louis’ arm and leg that are laying across him. At some point he became a body pillow to Louis. He’d love to stay there to watch Louis sleep but he has to pee and he’s not sure how Louis will feel being in the bed other than the one he chose.

Closing the door to Grayson’s room quietly to not wake Louis, his clothes in one hand, Harry goes to the bathroom. Clearly Beck is up and he’s just left the bathroom because it’s still warm and steamy.

Wanting to put on fresh clothes Harry decides he’ll, shower back at his. He dresses, goes to the main floor where Patti has got food cooking, the smell of coffee and bacon waft through the air and he’s unable toleave without saying thanks. He joins Beck and Patti in breakfast after the good-morning greetings are exchanged.

Did he sleep well Patti asks. Teasingly Beck echos, “Yes Harry, how was your s l ee e p?”

Patti gives her son a cross look and kicks him slightly under the table.

“Good, I slept good. What’s going on with Louis though? He’s always tired, last night Beck said you made him take something? He left his room, Soren’s room. Slept in mine.”

Patti seems undaunted by this. “So the doctor sent the report over to us from yesterday. It said he was still concerned that Louis isn’t sleeping. Last night I made him take a half dose of a sleeping pill. Louis finally gave me an explanation why the push back on taking them. Apparently when he’d gone to the hospital the time before, back when he was sixteen, they sent him home with some sleeping pillsto help get through the first few roughest weeks. From that he has a bad history. That monster would go after him in his sleep. He’s afraid if he’s soundly sleeping he’ll wake to that. It’s quite frightening to think of, but then Louis said he is even afraid of sleep that’s not induced. Poor thing. I think he likes to have someone sleeping with him to keep him safe.”


Harry gets a call from Louis when he’s back at his flat having left after breakfast with Patti and Beck.

Louis sounds is so very worried when he calls.

“You left this morning without saying goodbye...” it’s an open-ended statement.

“I did. You were still sleeping. Surely Patti told you I’d call later. See what you’re up to.”

“So you’re not mad? How’d I get in Grayson’s room?”

“No, I’m not mad. Why would I be mad? Beck brought you to me when you fell asleep.”

“Oh. Okay. I’m so can you come by later? I mean soon, or I can come to yours.”

“Sure, of course. I just got home so I’m going to shower. Then I’ll come get you or hang there. Whatever.”

Louis says okay but he still sounds sadder than Harry likes. Harry assures him. “Louis you know I can’t blame you for being afraid of being alone. Or needing a warm person next to you, right? I don’t own you.”

“Harry you’re amazing. And I don’t want just any person next to me. I may have been a brat yesterday when after the thing I wanted another thing. I know everyone probably thinks I’m mental as fuck with everything that’s happened. But with you I feel like we have this connection. Like we both had crappy experiences starting at about the same age and so we can understand each other. I went to Beck’s room last because he smells like Aiden. I miss Aiden’s scent. He feels like Aiden. So if my eyes are closed, it feels like him. Their voices are very similar. But Harry when you kiss me, it feels like Aiden, you touch me the same way. You, well, when you do things to me like he wrote you a manual of how to make me feel good. I’m not saying this because I want you to be like him in all ways. I like how your are different. I loved his body, but I have to say I hint yours is incrediable. Perfect. If you make love to me it won’t be the same, it will just be Harry. How Harry feels. Not some mix of Harry and Aiden. I want that. I want you Harry. I’m sorry I got in the wrong bed last night. I was being a twat. Pissy, immature twat. If you come see me today I promise going forward I’ll try to keep my sass on the pitch and out of our relationship. Promise me you won’t keep me on a pedestal where you eat me out or suck me off.”

“Okay. Promise. No eating you out or sucking you off on pedestals.”

Louis laughs. The sound of it frees Harry of all concerns. He promises he’ll come to the Visser’s once he’s freshen up.


On his way back to Visser’s Harry goes by Ben’s office. His first question, how is Caesar? Ben reports that Caesar is good. Like everyone he’d love for Hathaway to be brought back to the UK, other hand that he’s okay. Lucky to be alive, embarrassed he was so stupid as to run in to a situation that he should have used caution.

“Harry I’m sure you’re visit is for checking in on the special project. I haven’t got anything. Conclusive but I did find one thing promising. Given when Louis was born, the 24th of December I looked back on where Jay was ten months before that, where Jay was living, working, associates. What is interesting is that she was doing some humanitarian work in Africa. She was with a charity group who had me doctors and nurses, various people helping in a region that had no services establish a medical center. She worked their as a volunteer for four months. During that time she would have conceived. She was working with many groups, charity alliances. The group she was with has no one on their roster who fits the bill for a father. Now I’m trying to get the other organizations to give me names of their staff and volunteers who overlapped while Jay was there. Sooner or later we will find him.”

“How long will this take?” Harry asks.

“Don’t know. Organizations don’t give this information out without a reason. I try to get someone who has the data to give to me for a price. We don’t have a legal reason to ask the court to demand it. So with the group Jay was with I found an older woman who I told a tragic story to about Jay and the child born out of wedlock. She went for that and after wouldn’t take the bribe. Sometimes people want to help. They just need a reason why.”

Ben offers more assurance. “We’ll find him Harry. Once we do we will learn why the lack of support. Did he know? Maybe not? Was he a good man? What if he wasn’t, what if it was rape? There are a lot of what-ifs. For certain we don’t want to cause Louis anymore harm by negative associations. Be patient Harry. There were many groups overlapping on this project while Jay as there. I will find him. For now you try to look after Louis. It’s not likely Hathaway is going to come back and turn himself in. I suspect he had connections in Greece. I wouldn’t give him any leeway that he made that exit with some assurances.”

Chapter Text

Harry arrives back at the Visser home. Patti answers the door.

“Back so soon! Louis will be thrilled. He looks better today. No so much puffiness under his eyes. He spent the morning telling me about your little surprises yesterday, the jewelry store, the music store. In fact he’s out back in the garden with the guitar, go, go join him,”

That is no sooner said than Patti realizes something that she adds, “Oh wait, Harry. I almost forgot.”

She gets her handbag and begins to search. Finding what she searches for she turns to hand Harry a set of keys. “Since you’re here so much I thought it would be easier to give you a set of your own keys to the house. This way you can come and go as you like. I know Louis says you have a new flat and it’s every nice but might as well have freedom when it comes to seeing Louis here. I’ve given you keys to all the exterior doors. The blue one is for the front door. There’s a security code for the alarm system. It’s the same code at every door. Usually we don’t use alarm system much, but with Louis here, that monster on the loose, you understand. The code is simple, 0201. Got it?”

Harry laughs. “Yes, yes, 0201. Who put that number in?”

“Louis. We had Louis enter a number he could easily remember.”

After that Patti shoos Harry off. Before Harry gets out the back door he hears the sound of the guitar.

Giving his heart a flutter Harry makes he’s way to where Louis is sitting, guitar in hand. He’s concentrating so he doesn’t see Harry until Harry is nearly upon him. When he does he stops, looks up, and yes, “fuck” Harry thinks. Louis looks beautiful. Refreshed.

Patti is right his eyes look the least shadowed underneath that Harry has seen since before the hospitalization. His smile that he’s greeting Harry with is t h a t smile. The one for Harry.

“Hiya.” Louis says. “This guitar is awesome, really really nice. Better than my broken one actually. Thank you again.”

Harry sits near Louis as close as the guitar allows. He enjoys looking at all the little details about a rested Louis. Louis follows Harry’s “you’re welcome” with his thoughts.

“By the way, I can pay you back for it. Patti told me today they’ve set up an allowance for me so I have my own money to spend. So I can pay you back,” Louis stops the tuning related fusing he was song while he said that to look Harry in the eyes directly, another smile, a ‘Harry-smile’, he continues, “or, or I can take my boyfriend out for dinner...”

Louis blushes when he suggests this to Harry. Once again Harry’s heart seems to flutter. Louis has to be the cutest thing ever in his suggestion of paying for a date.

“You want to take me out? On a date? And pay for it?” Harry’s almost laughing. It’s so sweet. And romantic.

“Where would we go? Payne’s?”

“Where ever you want Harry. I’d go anywhere with you.” Louis says that and is playing a song on the guitar now.

Louis doesn’t say it but Harry knows Louis’ playing so he can use the song as an excuse to look at the neck of the guitar instead of Harry’s eyes. Louis doesn’t need to look at the guitar to play it. His fingers know where the frets are, what the chords are. He’s more than proficient at guitar. He’s just not proficient at being freely independent to make plans like normal seventeen-year-olds do in the free world. He’s never had an expense account.

“Louis I think the allowance is meant for other things, don’t you? I don’t need you to pay for us to go out. Listen to me on this Louis. I haven’t been a fool with my money. Sure I wear designer original suits, shoes, expensive things. Do you think I pay for these? My clients did. My jewelry, Bethany was sweet to say I’m her best client but do I pay for these? No. Furthermore, Louis I never spent a dollar that I didn’t put exponentially more into my investments. I’m not poor. I’m retired from the other work. When I resume my career after my studiesi will still have money to live off of. I going to be fine. We, we Louis, you and me, will be fine.”

Louis is playing the guitar and not looking but his body reveals him. His face flushes.

He doesn’t stop the playing or risk to look at Harry. Harry senses that Louis can’t. “Okay but I still want to take you out, like a proper boyfriend. Beck said he can get me a fake id so I can order Champagne. Or something. But we can’t tell his parents because they only want ‘their boys’ to drink at home in their house, company until of age. It’s an ‘Ambassador-thing’.”

Harry laughs at this. “Is he really an Ambassador?”

Louis looks at Harry’s face, his lips, then away quick like it is too intense to do this for long. Tellingly, Louis licks his lips like he might like to have kissed Harry. “Yeah, I know. They joke, Soren, Grayson, Beck, that they think their father might use ‘Ambassador’ as a cover and he’s a super elite spy, like MI6. It’s the only explanation for how he is always so chill, about everything.”

With that Harry and Louis both laugh. Then Louis plays the guitar with full attention like to take the conversation opportunity down.

Harry leans back and listens. He knows this song. It’s by The Script. Louis plays it beautifully.


Harry stayed on through dinner having spent most of the day getting to listen to Louis play guitar, alternating with the two of them sharing their thoughts with each other about Uni. Louis has an apppoinment to meet with some professor of literature the next day. The professor is interested in Louis’ aptitude in writing which he described in his review of materials from the tutors as “keenly creative”. Also the professor is the individual in charge of the English Studies Department Merit Awards to incoming students. Harry offers to take Louis for the meeting which Patti accepts because Louis also wants to go by the park after, maybe play some footie, and she has a busy afternoon.


The next day when Harry arrives to take Louis, using his key for the first time to enter, chuckling at the fact they Louis chose his birthday as the alarm code. Once in the front door Harry finds that Louis has already sat beside the front door both his guitar case and a new gear bag with his football gear.

Patti passes through the main room on her way from kitchen to her home office. Seeing Harry is there she says good morning, “and last time I was upstairs Louis was still getting dressed. I think he can’t decide what to wear.” Her tone suggests she’s got some humor about this having raised four boys. Her next statement confirms it. “People always think girls are trouble when it comes to attention to their appearance, but I think boys can be just as bad sometimes. Be a dear Harry and see if you can’t help him out. My husband suggested he dress like he’s going for a job interview and that has Louis totally freaked out.”

Sure enough based on the number of clothes laying on the bed, half of them inside out from being tried on and then hastily removed, it’s clear that Louis is having a fit. He’s got jumpers (too hot for late summer), jackets (some too trendy), shirts of all sorts everywhere. The only thing he seems settled on his his choice of pants. He’s wearing a dressy looking pair of black jeans that fit his body very tightly. For the most part Louis is topless, because he’s either putting on or stripping off a nice looking pullover, which is how Harry finds him stopped with it just on his forearms as if he’s still considering whether it’s right or not.

“Can I give you a hand?” Harry says. God, he thinks. Why does Louis’ bare chest always stike him as so ideally twinkish. It’s architectural perfection when Louis’ collarbones are exposed. His little torso has some ribs that show making him a delicate looking thing and with such small nipples his form just screams suck on these please. His these shoulders say kiss us. Bite these breasts between kisses when lips are roaming along the transact of this body.

Seems like Harry can’t control himself because before Louis has finished saying “Hi Harry”, Harry has used Louis’ arm-trap created by the shirt to simply push Louis back onto the bed, coming over him such that his pelvis makes the arm-trapping shirt a very effective one. Thus pinned, Louis can do nothing but take it as Harry begins his fantasy. Kissing collarbones, little nibbles on breast before sucking on a nipple, making Louis wiggle under him, giggle and sort of fuss about it too because finding the right clothes has him frustrated.

Louis tries to express this but Harry’s mouth travels up his neck nibbling over skin, along his jawline with nuzzles and then in for a deeply tongue-invested kiss until the small form under Harry surrenders and kisses back.

Once Louis is passified by all the kissing Harry slips back and off him stripping away the once arm-trapping shirt and says, “So what’s the problem? If you want to impress go as you are. Sort of wish we had time to stop and get you a nipple piercing that would perfect the look, but this is good, really good.”

Louis throws a shirt from beside him playfully hitting Harry in the face.

“Some help you are. It was suggested I dress like for a job interview but I’ve never had a job. Or an interview. The jumpers are too hot. Same with a suit. Sort of don’t want to walk across campus looking like some nerd from Department of Mathematics. So do want to help or continue to suck marks into my skin so I’m sure to make a bad impression?”

Harry extends his hands to lead Louis off the bed. “I’m sorry Boo. Let’s have a look shall we?”

Harry begins to search through the closet. He wonders. “Where are your other clothes? I saw you in this shirt one time, it’s was very pretty on you. A blue one...”

“These are new.” Louis says. “I haven’t been back to the house since you rescued me. Patti and me went shopping so everything is new.”

Harry searches on. He finally sees something he likes because the cut of the button up short sleeve shirt is very Louis. It’s more fitted than most menswear. He pulls it out. “Try this one.”

Louis puts the shirt on, begins buttoning it. Then rolls the sleeves a couple turns so it makes a cut on his biceps which emphasize the sculpted nature of his arms. “Is that too casual? If I do that?”

“No, no,” Harry says as he proceeds to finish buttoning the top most button, “but the look needs something. What shoes are you wearing? And a belt? Do you have shoes and belt that match?”

Louis reaches in the closet to get a pair of brown dress shoes. They are nice, but Harry doesn’t see a belt so he picks along some things that are in the closet from when Soren was still at home. It’s a mix of things, likely from when Soren was young that never got passed on. Harry sees some braces, black. Perfect.

“Okay try these.” Harry starts to dress Louis with them, he finds himself attaching them at the back where he is confronted with the well fitted shape of Louis’ bum in the jeans. “Oh god Louis is the professor in for some wet dreams.”

“Harry! Stop it! You’re not making this better. It’s like an interview. About merits of my academics! I’m not trying to date him, just impress him I can be a good student. Are you fucking crazy? Not everyone is gay you know.”

Harry sits on the bed a smirk on his face. He so likes the look of Louis especially now that his face is flushed even though it’s because of rage. Harry can imagine Louis being bent over a desk, where Dr Styles becomes Professor Styles and he “assesses Louis’ merits”.

“Louis, calm down. I’m fucking with you because you’re going to be fine. Just fine. And don’t worry if they don’t give you a scholarship. I can help you with paying for school.”

Louis turns away to look in the mirror. “First, you don’t have to keep trying to pay for things for me. And secondly, you think this looks okay? Really?”

Harry stands again and slips Louis into his arms. “Simply perfect.” He sort of can’t resist. He has to add. “But are you going to wear your hair like that?”

This sends Louis into a fun-loving fight where he grabs as many clothes as he can from the discard pile on the bed and begins throwing them all at Harry.


Louis chose to wear the shoes with no socks and the hems rolled so his ankles show. It does sort of send a message about his sexuality. Harry sees the way other students they pass look at them. It’s summer session so most of the students at the campus are serious students. The type who stay for summer internships, research, extra classes so they can get through school faster than their peers.

For these serious, delicated student-types to take note of them says something about their appearance. Just to remove any doubts, Harry’s hand seeks Louis’. Slipping the small one in his Harry discovers Louis has sweaty palms. He’s nervous.

They find the office with no problem because Harry has been learning campus since he’s enrolled for the fall session. He doesn’t want to seem lost on his first day. When they sit outside the professor’s office in awaiting area while he is in a meeting with some other student Louis starts to nibble on his fingernails. Harry’s has just told Louis to stop it, that it’s a bad habit that Louis probably picked up from Niall, when the door opens. A young woman student is saying thanks to the professor for his help as she exits the office while the man steps to the door to invite the prospective student, Louis, he expects to meet with next.

The professor and Harry both get a surprise. It’s evidenced by how he sort of drops off the name as he’s saying “Louis Tomlinson...” and studders out the name “...Harry?”

Harry stands as does Louis. Louis sees how the two know each other. He sort of looks questioningly between them because while Harry seems like normal Harry the man sort of blushes and looks somewhat nervous, surprised. He introduces himself to Louis.

“Mr Tomlinson, I’m Professor Doran. Please to meet you and discuss your application to the school.”

Harry makes a funny smile. He’s chewing gum and unlike Louis he’s made no effort to dress exactly proper. He still carries himself as the escort with his sex-on-legs suggestive style, his shirt unbuttoned more than buttoned. His skinny jeans ripped with the emphasis for showing his nice legs, his small but perky bum.

“Doran, is it Professor? Funny because back when you were a regular the name was always Stone, wasn’t it. Tomas Stone. So is it Tomas Doran or is the first name an alias too, P r o f e s s o r?”

Harry notes this makes Louis distinctly uncomfortable, the professor too, but Harry kind of finds it humorous. People are always so embarrassed to be who they are. Like many other former clients of Harry’s, Tomas always paid in cash, even for their expenses out like at dinner or a hotel he used the untraceable form of paying in cash. So the lie about his name is no surpise.

“Um, yes, it’s Tomas. Tomas Doran. I’m sorry to have deceived you but I really didn't think it mattered. What did matter was that the word didn’t get out. Me. With, um, you.”

Harry does the biggest fake smile and takes a seat again. “Don’t sweat it. I figured you were married or something. Your behaviors fit that. Besides, most men don’t want to be seeing me at the office, it’s a career breaker. I get it.”

Louis looks a little ghostly pale from Harry’s bold disrespect but the professor gives him an invitation to join him in the office. As soon as the door is closed Harry gets out his phone and flips through the roster of professors and other teaching staff. He looks up Doran’s accolades. A man as successful as him should be careful. He could have a lot on the line.

About 45 minutes later Louis opens the door. He’s got papers in hand a small book. He looks happy like it went well. Doran comes through the door too and has got a more composed presence.

“When you get that read, give me a call and we’ll meet again. I’m really impressed Louis with your writing style. It’s prose that reads like poetry, or song lyrics. I think you could have a real future in literature. But let’s have a meeting after this book is read. We will talk through your interpretation of it. This will help me know if your foundation is a good as I think it is.”

Doran turns to Harry who’s stood and moved to the direction of the waiting room door. “Harry, it was a pleasure to see you. Surprising, but a pleasure. So are you still...”

“Givng head and getting fucked by men for a living?” Harry says boldly again. “No. No. I’m with one person now.” Harry puts his hand on the small of Louis’ back. Louis looks at Harry like he’s not bothered by Harry’s brutal verbal abuse because things went well despite the awkwardness of this encounter. “In fact I’m enrolled for classes here starting this fall. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

The professor sort of blushes and cast his eyes down for the escape of the effect of Harry’s comment on him. Louis gives the odd exchange an end by thanking the professor again, a handshake, then a goodbye. They get out of earshot when Louis gives Harry his thoughts.

“Cocky much Harry? Couldn’t let that last one go by?”

“No. No more than I can let it go by that I was right about you are going to be giving some professor wet dreams by just the looks of you. I bet you if he could have, he would rather give you a good dicking on his desk rather than homework to read. In fact I’m so sure that’s why I messed with him. I know he’s going to give you a wide berth now because he knows I will out him if he doesn’t.”


Louis is in hysterics reading short, randomly selected, passages of the book as Harry drives them toward the park. It’s hilarious because the main character in the book authored by Doran is a guy by the name of Stone. Only in the book Stone is the man’s first name. It’s still very amusing. Louis leaves Harry feeling like this another reason for them to make such a great match because in the limited read, here and there thought the book Louis gives Harry opinions he’s gleaming from being in the author’s head based on his writing. Louis has intuitively dialed in on Doran’s nature. This is remarkable because while Doran was successful at hiding his identity, he never was able to hide what kind of person he was. Louis can glean all that with reading a few passages here and there from in Doran’s work of fiction.

When the two near the park Harry suggests they have lunch first. He likes a bakery near there that has nice breads so they eat there, more details of the meeting with Doran are shared before they are on to the park.

It’s a fairly hot day. People are enjoy being out in the sun. Many of the kids at the park are wanting to play in sprinklers for the grass more than the structural gym apparatus park designers created for their play.

Harry and Louis find a place with some shade. Louis sits on the grass, gets out his guitar, which he’s brought along with his gear bag.

Louis is playing softly while Harry is talking about a variety of things because Harry knows Louis is doing this sort of warm up thing he does when he’s trying to decide what he’s going to play first. It’s partly tuning the guitar, partly dabbing through some play list. He doesn’t have any sheet music with him today so Harry knows he’s going to play from memory.

This playlist Louis pulls together Harry is memorizing too. At least the list of song titles. Later he wants to research the lyrics of each if he doesn’t know the song and analyze each song for significance. If Harry doesn’t know a song he asks Louis what it’s titled when Louis is done. In the course of playing a few things happen.

First Harry learns Aiden was a huge fan of nineties music. Much of Louis’ influence in what he plays is based on the songs Aiden liked. Secondly there is a swarm of kids forming again; this will clearly be an ongoing problem with being at the park where Louis is known and a kid-magnet. Louis is prodded by the children into playing songs they like, kids songs, and soon these groups of kids who change as time passes and some have to go have taken over Louis’ music direction. Louis likes it. Harry loves it, because Louis is singing. He also is treated in witnessing Louis’ silliest side as Louis often changes the lyrics deliberately to put the children into laughter.

The last thing Harry witnesses is a creepy thick guy.

Loitering around in the park is this man, dressed like he’s not ever been to a park and for some reason he seems to be hanging around the perimeter of where Harry and Louis are. At first Harry noted he was strange because of his attire and his behavior was not typical of someone there to enjoy themselves. Then he disappeared, but a little later Harry realized he moved. He seemed to disappear again but only to be relocated again always not that far away, always not fully in view but where he can see this group of children with Louis at its center.

Maybe it’s about the children. Harry thinks he could be one of the children’s fathers. Perhaps stalking his family to stay out of sight because his actions were peculiar by nature like he was not to be seen. By the time Louis decided to halt playing to the disappointment of the crowd, Creepy Thick Guy was again not In view. Harry’s relieved. He’s still not sure why he even noticed the man.

Louis gives Harry the guitar case as he grabs his gear bag so he can go change. Some lads have begun to show up across the green and it looks like a little informal game, or practice, is in the making. Louis heads off with his gear to a men’s locker room to change. Harry goes to put the guitar in the car, afterwards he goes to the locker room.

When he enters the locker room Louis has stripped down to just his underwear. The fitted type boxers look so nice on his full bum. Harry’s thinking about going for a squeeze before Louis gets more clothes on when something gives Harry a start.

Off in a corner sitting on a bench, clearly sitting there for no reason other than a partion blocks Louis from seeing this person, is Creepy Thick Guy.

It’s obvious Louis isn’t aware of him. There are two doors for the locker room, he might have come in one without traveling past Louis but what is alarming is how Creepy Thick Guy he has a view through a set of mirrors to watch Louis withou Louis knowing. Harry feels the hair on his neck rise.

Harry tells Louis to get dressed while blocking Creepy Thick Guy. With his back to the man Harry hears the door on the far side of the locker room open and close. Harry decides not to say anything to Louis, making an excuse about hurrying Louis to get dressed for sake of keeping Louis unaware of the treat.

“If you don’t hurry and cover yourself I’m going to have to make you very late.” Harry says finding a place to kiss on Louis shoulder.

“Feel free to make me late as you want Harry.” Louis says. “And sore too.”

Harry peels back. “Soon sweet cheeks, soon.”


During the play, a very informal game as there are fewer people than is required to field two full teams, Louis is happily bouncing around. Any chance he has to mess with someone he does. His mates mostly pat his bum, putting aside any real frustration even when it seems like he’s monkeying with them just to make the entire idea of practice useless. By the time they wrap it up everyone is making a plan for going to have post-practice pints.

Might as well have a beer, Harry decides when Louis asks Harry about whether he wants to. Besides. Harry was watching two things during the practice. He watched the team. And he watched the Creepy Thick Guy. He was back. Like with the guitar playing Louis, the football Louis has the man’s disturbing interest.

Harry’s quite concerned. He’s texted Ben five times about it. Nothing back from Ben yet so going for a beer to see if this bloke gives up stalking is a good idea. Better than leading him to the Visser’s or his flat.


The pub they go to is Niall’s favorite. Harry almost expects to see Niall there when he hears an Irish accent as they enter. It’s not Niall. The group claims a table in the back where there’s room for everyone. It’s by some pool tables.

When the waiter brings some beers and waters everyone wants to order some food. Harry and Louis are going to dinner not so long off so they are just having a drink. A beer for Harry. Water for Louis. The writer realizes he forgot menus. Harry gives him the chance to circulate the remaining drinks by saying he’ll grab them from the bar at the front of the pub.

Going to the front Harry gets a handful of menus and a look at none other than Creepy Thick Guy. He’s sitting at the bar.

Harry gets back to the table to find Louis has moved. He is sat between Nathan and a guy named Cole. Cole is new to the team. He seems to like Louis a lot. He laughs at everything Louis says which is telling. Everyone asks if they should shift so Harry can get to sit beside Louis but Harry says no. What Harry doesn’t say is that he wants to sit where from the back room of the pub he can watch Creepy Thick Guy.

Harry does exactly that. He studies the man when he can.

The guy has the look of a shadow. He’s nondescript. He could be anyone or no one. He’s thick. By that Harry notes the guy is not as tall as Harry, but he’s got a massive neck, weight in his core like the kind of weight that is for hand to hand strength. Everything about him says he could put another man down with his fists. Also it’s very clear now. He’s following Louis.

Louis who is sitting among the lads having fun. Feeling happy and free like he deserves. There no Blue Bentley waiting for him to rush him home. There’s no abuse imminent, impending pain on his body. Just a perfect day. A promising tomorrow.

Harry sees Louis steal a sip of beer first from Nathan’s pint, then Cole’s. They each slap his hand. Cole is learning Louis is part secret weapon and part mascot. Everyobody loves Louis. The way Louis’ team looks after him, even like not letting him drink alcohol, it’s adorable. Is it held over habits from when Aiden was The Protector? Or just that they know Louis is small, younger, tough on the surface but really a kitten.

The food comes to the table. As the waiter sets it down Nathan uses distraction to snag Louis’ headband off his head that was keeping his hair up, away from his face during the game. In retaliation Louis dumps some sauce they brought for Nathan’s chips into Nathan’s lap. Another player defends Nathan by throwing a small piece of his bread across the table to hit Louis in the face. Louis gives him “the look” and a finger and everyone on the team exclaims “Ah, ah, ah! Don’t cross the Tommo! Lest he is small but he is Mighty!”

Everyone laughs.

Life should be like this, Harry thinks. He also thinks that he and Louis really are a lovely match. Though it’s for different reasons, neither has had enough of like like this. Louis turns eighteen in December. Harry twenty in February. How different would they be if their teen years had been like this. Like a dream.

He knows he loves Louis like he’s never known anything else in this world. Did Aiden feel that too? How then was Harry appointed to this relationship by Aiden’s acceptance? Did Aiden know he was in peril? Was there a Creepy Thick Guy stalking him before he was murdered?

Harry gets out his phone. Still no text from Ben. He has got a message from Patti. “Harry, Louis hasn't gotten back to me. I think he’s still getting adjusted to having a phone. He forgets to check it. I’m so anxious to know how it went earlier and what time you two will be back. Also Grayson is coming over. And he’s got a new girl, wants us to meet her.”

Harry gives her a reply. He’s sure to be subtle but he says quite specifically, because he means it, “...if the scholarship doesn’t meet my standards, if I think Louis isn't going to be treated properly, I will cover his education expenses.”

Harry doesn't say in the text to Patti that he knows the professor, that he knows the professor is gay, that he likes pretty boys. Specifically that the professor likes bottoms. Harry stated only that he is going to look after Louis through it all.

Harry hits send. The text thought-bubble goes on for a long time like Patti is reading his message and trying to know how to reply. Harry feels bad; texting is a shit format for context. This was a bad call for sending a message of significance.

The reply comes. “Aiden would have wanted that. Harry you have a lovely heart and worldly intuition. See you later, P”

Chapter Text

When Harry realizes the time, it’s approaching dinner hour, they leave the pub. He’s sure Louis has been sneaking sips from Nathan’s or Cole’s beers but Harry didn’t pay much attention to that. Instead he watched as the Creepy Thick Guy who left the pub right before Harry decided they need to go in order to get back to the Visser’s before they miss dinner.

Louis is so gleeful as they leave about another really good day that Harry’s worry caused by Creepy Thick Guy is unnoticed by Louis. So goes unoticed by Louis how radically illogical Harry’s drive route to the Visser’s. Harry does this to be certain that they are not followed.

Arriving to the house they enter; it sounds like, given how late they are, that the others are sat already for dinner. The surprise is on Harry and Louis when they walk into the dining room.

There with the Ambassador, Patti, and Soren is Louis’ former music tutor, Eleanor. This is Soren’s new girlfriend.

Eleanor is lovely in her greeting of Louis who she hasn’t seen since early June. It is obvious that during the delay in Louis and Harry getting back to the house for dinner near there was this discovery of this connection between Louis and Eleanor.

Soren addresses this recent discovery in his greeting of Louis and Harry.

When Soren leans in to hug Louis he whispers so quietly that only Louis and Harry can can hear him, “I had no idea before tonight that Eleanor had been working as one of your tutors. I hope this is not a problem for you Louis.”

Louis looks a little taken back but he recovers and polite as they join dinner table. Harry notes immediately that Louis remains somewhat quiet.

By the time the dinner is nearly done it’s clear that both Louis and Harry may have eaten too many snacks at the pub. Their appetites are off. Louis merely plays with the food on his plate, pushing it around like his mind is somewhere else as he barely eats anything. Harry at least has presence of mind enough to be courteous and thankful for the dinner Patti made.

With the main course of dinner ending, a strange uncomfortable note in the air, Eleanor must come to a decision. She obviously decides to set the situation straight.

“Louis,” Eleanor says, looking at Louis before she looks around at her boyfriend first, then his parents, Harry last before looking back at Louis, “I want you to know how sorry I am for being such a complete idiot and not seeing what was happening when I was employed at your home. I’m really, really sorry. It was inexcusable...”

Her comment seems fair. He apology sincere. Eleanor looks at Soren like to ask for his support. He nods, yet Soren stays sat back, he lets her go on if she so chooses.

Eleanor looks distraught. She chooses to go on. “...But the point is, um, I want you to know that I would do anything to help you now.”

Louis’ disposition seems a little closed off to Eleanor's apology. Harry thinks that it’s because it might be painful for Louis to see her. Her or anything attached to his life since Jay died and he was alone with the monster.

The painfully sensitive subject gets artfully switched by Patti who uses the convenience that everyone is waiting to know about the details at the meeting Louis had at campus. As Louis shares the details it is notable that he doesn’t ever look at Eleanor.

At one point Eleanor must decide to try again to make amends. She takes a new approach. One based int the potential for Louis to have merit schloarship she goes on and on about how Louis’ skills in music are such that he should really consider a major in music. “In fact” she offers, “if the recommendations from tutors have been acceptable for the admissions requirements maybe I could speak to someone at the music department at university on your behalf too.”

Everyone receives her offer as the genuinely positive thing except for Louis. Harry notes how Louis does a little nervous rocking in his chair while looking down at his plate, not at Eleanor, while he dismisses her suggestion.

“I’m not very good in music. I don’t think it would be my first choice of studies.”

While everyone scoffs at the deprecating statement, throw out their examples about Louis’ talent to prove his statement to be far from accurate as they all know is the case, Louis just repeats. He’s not that good.

Patti offers a compromise suggestion. “Louis keep all your options open. You don’t have to declare a major at the start. Many people desde once they get a term or two into school and have better idea about their options. If Eleanor wants to advocate for you, you should consider it.”

Harry notifies how Louis says “okay” to Patti. He still doesn’t give Eleanor even a glance.

Harry’s thinking about any excuse he can create to get Louis away from what is an uncomfortable place when the Ambassdor decides he’s going to give his wife a hand with the dinner when he sees Patti starting to rise was like to start clearing the dinner plates in preparation for desert.

“You let me take this, my love. You’ve done enough making such a fabulous meal. Why don’t you visit with our guest more. I’ll clear the plates and get the desert. You do want your usual coffee with that delicious looking cake you made, right?”

This sweetness between a couple married so many years is not an act between them, not a show put on for impressing the new girlfriend. Troy Cisser is genuinely in love with his wife of many years. Troy begins by taking the plates from the ladies first as he requests, “Harry, give me a hand will you please.”

Once they’ve cleared all the dirty dishes Harry puts some plates in the dish washer while the Ambassador gets out some desert plates then goes to start coffee. “Harry, I get that you’re as surprised as we all are to learn this girl is someone who is less than well received by Louis. I wanted to talk to you about something else regarding Louis, privately. It’s come to my attention that someone is skulking around where they should not be. Are you aware of this?”

In the short time Harry has known Aiden’s father Troy Visser is a person who is always lost in his work-bubble-of-oblivion. Always working. Always relying on his very capable wife deal with all the life, family stuff, while he seems hardly ever aware of things outside of his work. Work which he never discusses. This though, this is telling that some of his bliss-like lack of awareness is an act.

Harry’s glad to have him ask because Harry would love to know who this Creepy Thick Guy was, why he was following Louis, yet with the surprising insightfulness and uncharacteristic question, Harry’s first response is not about the creepy man.

“What kind of ambassador are you?”

Troy does a odd laugh. Then he asks another question. “Harry the man who survived after he was shot that night, he works for this man Ben Winston. Someone who is an associate of yours I believe. Is he doing something for you? Regarding Louis?”

Visser knows all this. How does he know all this? Where the hell is Troy the ambassador to? Mystery Land? All the questions spin around in Harry’s head.

“Wait. What? I thought you were, weren’t, I thought you asking about someone who was following us today. What are you asking about Winston for?”

“So Winston is a private investigator. He’s going deep into some history on Jay’s background. He’s got nothing to do with the man you saw today. That’s my doing. I’m sorry if he was indiscreet. Does Louis know?”

“Does Louis know what? About the man today or about Ben’s project for me? And what is the story with the man today?”

“Does Louis know you’ve got an investigation in process?”

“He knows no more of that than he does about being followed. How does an ambassador get so flush on all these activities surrounding Louis? Where exactly are you the ambassador to? And what’s with the Creepy Thick Guy? I hired Ben to look for Louis’ biological father. I guess I’d like to know what the story is on that man.”

Troy dodges the ambassador question. “I got a few connections. One of them said there was a communication between Hathaway, who is still in Greece, and someone here. It guaranteed that someone was going to make contact with Louis today. I went ahead a sent out a, an associate, to give Louis some protection. I gather you realize he gave up shadowing you and Louis about the time you had to get Louis home. Since the protection was there maybe he kept someone else away, if as you suggest, he stood out to you maybe he was too obvious to the threat.”

“Oh he wasn’t obvious to anyone other than me even though he sort of stood out at the park. Very creepy standing behind trees, dressed wrong. Got me really a fucking worried when he showed up in the locker room when Louis was changing. Then he was at the pub. Alone. Not drinking a pint or anything one goes to a pub to drink. When was he first following Louis?”

“Door to door, more or less. He followed you to the university. Bakery, park, pub where he got a text from me saying to leave since I presumed you would be coming here. He was to do a sweep of the area to see if anything seemed suspicious before you left.”

Harry laughs with a scoff. “Suspicious, like a fucking creepy man coming everywhere we go.”

The coffeemaker beeps signaling the brew is ready. Harry gets the plates for the cake. As Troy suggest they talk about this more later because Patti calls innto them asking if everything is okay.

Returning to the dining room with desert, Harry gathers Louis’ frosty reception of Soren’s new love interest is still holding.

Louis’ demeanor still strange Harry takes a piece of cake for passing to Louis, swiping off some frosting to dab it on the end of Louis’ nose.

Louis laughs for the first time since he saw Eleanor. Whispers to Harry sat beside him, “For that Harry, sure hope you know you will be needing to lick some frosting off something other than my nose later.”

Harry smiles. A fantasy couldn’t be any sweeter.

Chapter Text

As the hour grows later Harry would like nothing more than for Soren to take Eleanor and leave. It’s not that Eleanor is totally unlikeable but it’s because the presence of this young woman is nails on a chalk board to Louis even though he keeps it to himself.

Soren and Eleanor finally leave after some lingering at the front door where they make plans. They'd like Soren’s parents to come over to Soren’s flat so Eleanor can cook for them. She claims to love cooking and Soren says she is quite the chef.

Harry and Louis are in earshot but not in sight of them. Louis pulls a series of funny faces through the conversation they overhear which shows his distain for Eleanor. Harry can hardly contain his laughter as Louis’ is none too kind when he has the freedom to react naturally.

Once the new couple is out of the house Patti offers Harry the option to stay over. He and Louis are in the living room, sitting on the couch. With the offer Louis encloses Harry arm closest to him in his arms hugging Harry’s limb, dropping his head to Harry’s shoulder, “He will stay, won’t you Harry.”

Harry agrees. He notes it looks like Troy wants to talk with him more. He too wants closure to their conversation.

“Harry”, Troy says going toward the kitchen, “why don’t you and I finish the kitchen cleanup. We should have a little talk.”

Louis laughs. “What talk? Are you having the talk about sex, a lecture on what to do so I don’t get pregnant or what?”

Troy laughs at Louis’ humorous suggestion. “But of course. But no.”

With that Harry goes with Troy. They no sooner get into the kitchen beginning to take care of desert plates, saucers and cups and get back to their interrupted conversation.

When it’s finsihed between them Troy has a full disclosure of what Ben is looking for. He agrees the sensitivity to the findings is essential. He tells Harry he might be able to help. “You know. Being an Amabssador and all”. Harry is pretty sure he saw Troy wink. “I do have connections so if the problem is getting lists of personnel from various organizations, it’s easier for me to seek that information.”

Also concluded between them Creepy Thick Guy, or Walter, will stay on call. For now. Harry feels okay with this, particularly when Troy gives him a number to contact Walter at.

When Louis walks in to the kitchen they stop secret conference. Louis was on his way to shower before bed since he was still in his clothes from playing in the heat earlier and feeling post-play scuzzy.

Louis goes to shower, Patti comes in, the conversation goes to Harry’s sleep over.


Harry accepts the offer to stay. In fact Harry gets a little talk from the Visser’s about he and Louis and sex. Obviously is not the safe sex talk. It’s more of an acceptance that the two of them have both had so much in their lives that’s wrong. The Visser’s want Harry to know their home is a safe place for them and place of no judgements. Just be careful with Louis, they gently warn. He’s still very fragile and it’s clear he still mourns for Aiden. The entire family does.

As Harry heads upstairs to the floor of bedrooms he is impressed at how remarkably loving Aiden’s parents, brothers, are. How understanding and compassionate. It’s makes him get a feeling that comforts him; Harry imagines his family would have been like the Vissers. Or so he wants to believe.

Harry doesn’t go to the room he was using the last time he stayed over. He goes to Louis’.

When Louis comes to the room he’s got just a towel around himself, his dirty clothes in his arm. He sees Harry laying on his bed and Louis has an instantaneous broad smile.

He drops his clothes.

Then his towel.

Harry lays there saying nothing while a hungry look grows on Louis’ face. His eyes stay on Harry’s hand.

Harry is lying there naked. His hand is pumping his dick. His dick is strong and stiff with his arousal and anticipation of Louis.

Louis comes to the foot of the bed. Doesn’t hide his interests as he licks his lips as he begins to crawl up from the foot of the bed to Harry, over Harry with his legs straddling on either of Harry’s.

Harry has nothing to say. He just smiles. He loves the way Louis’ eyes show his hunger. His lips get one last wetting lick before he makes Harry let his hand take over and then Louis starts to lick Harry’s knob leaving conversing out of the equation.

Like always, Louis has Harry body tingling wanting more. By the time Louis is focusing on sensitizing Harry’s entire length Harry is enjoying the rather sloppy sounds Louis is making such that he wants someplace for his mouth to be too.

“Louis, Louuuiissss,” Harry gets out with some strain since he’s really only capable of moaning. “Swing around baby, swing ah, ahh, ahhround,” Harry gets stopped by a few extra distracting seconds of nirvana but pushes his idea on. “Swing around so I can have you in my mouth.”

Louis pops off, switches his straddle position to sixty-nine over Harry. Harry’s face meets Louis’ very happy erection indicating his enjoyment was true.

Harry loves this being about to have Louis’ cock in his mouth or balls, his hand working the fullness of Louis’ arse, fingers finding his tight hole and teasing over its puckering Harry knows without seeing is always so pink, so perfect.

Harry gets his fingers wet with a quick visit to his mouth to coat them in spit and the he returns to arse engaging in some aggressive attempt to insert one into Louis who has gotten sloppy in his handling of Harry like Harry is getting his attention split from pleasing Harry to being himself overcome. And sure enough, a tight, strained insertion or not, as Harry gets his lone finger in food a deep and presses where only a person as experienced as Harry might so deftly manage, Louis goes off coming with his cock in Harry’s mouth. He has to give up on Harry’s suffocatingly, large member to moan through his orgasm. Harry doesn’t mind. He imagines if Patti and Troy are upstairs they might hear them, again Harry doesn’t mind. He just swallows Louis down and imagines how great this would feel Louis clenching on his dick like he is now on one finger. It’s what drove Hathaway mad for having Louis. Not to say his madness was justified, but Harry can understand how Louis body makes one so full of the ideal of want.

Louis comes down from his orgasm with Harry giving him assist to lay on the bed, Louis going to one side of Harry, his chest side down his orientation still his head toward the end of the bed where Harry’s feet are. But Harry gets off his back and turns so his direction is facing the foot of the bed as is Louis’ with Harry now coming to straddle over Louis between his legs.

Louis responds to this by lifting his pelvis, making splendid arch in his back, positioning his bum so it’s up from the bed under him prone, presented for Harry to breach. Harry begins to slide his cock between cheeks slick with sweat, simply enjoying how the fullness of Louis’ bum, the heat the fullness makes is sort of perfection in itself since it too is likely enough for someone to come.

Sure enough without ever penetrating Louis Harry starts to come. Louis sort of moans his frustration, surely he was hoping for the ever elusive dicking he so desires from Harry.

Harry enjoys his rutting against Louis, fucking against this plush bum being offered for him, splattering his jizz up Louis’ back, his hair too, and staying with this orgasm because despite Louis’ protests that are become more lucid, Harry maybe thinks now is not the time. Tonight is not the night.

Seizing Louis in a hold as he comes down to collapse and lay upon Louis, snuffing out Louis’ protests. Harry simply explains his words sort of muzzled by his face pressing to Louis’ hair.

“Sweet creature. Something so special should be more ceremonial, sorry. Saving that for sometime. Special.”

Louis so pinned is not beyond his protests being made know. Now it’s not whining or moaning with deference. It’s direct, unapologetic Tommo. “You’re a fucking twat Harry Styles. I don’t even like you anymore.”

Harry let’s a little laugh out.

“And you’re always so cute when you don’t get your way. You’re like this tiny little lion prince, demanding so sure you’re so strong when you really are this delicate pretty thing. So precious you should be pampered properly before anyone plays with you. Maybe after enough pampering you can have it on you terms Little Prince.”

Louis huffs, sort of fakes trying to push Harry away. Yet easily gives up when their shift after some mild wrestling brings them into a pleasant shared hold. Harry’s toes of his left foot finds the ankle on Louis’ leg that has the anklet. Harry let’s Louis know his foot play is deliberative. He kisses Louis’ hair leaving it to Louis when to resign to offer him lips for a proper kiss.


Chapter Text

Over the next couple of weeks Harry takes Louis to a two more meetings with Professor Doran. The first was for Doran and Louis to talk about the book, Doran’s book, which apparently Louis does exceedingly well at impressing the professor because the follow up visit is to unofficially let Louis know he will have a merit scholarship award. Each time they go to campus Harry dresses in expectation of seeing Doran to be a reminder of Harry of the past. Harry makes it a point to look like sex on legs just to be a thorn to Doran.

Harry also makes it a point to be quite overtly affectionate with Louis when they are at Doren’s office and to see to it Louis has some visible mark on his neck that can’t be ignored as if to say “Louis is claimed”.

Another thing Harry continues is to, more or less, live at the Visser’s. The Visser’s host a birthday party for Liam that Louis and Harry plan with Harry surprising everyone more than the party surprises Liam when Harry makes from scratch an absolutely phenomenally complicated, extremely delicious five layer cake.

Most of Harry’s daily routine surrounds being available to escort Louis anywhere Louis needs to go, whether it’s to meet up with their friends or play football. On occasions of the latter Harry notes how the new guy, Cole, has a growing crush on Louis though he seems also to be straight, at least Cole has girlfriend, Sara, who frequents the team’s games. While Cole is not as great a player as Aiden was nevertheless with Cole joining the team and Louis back to playing they are doing far better than they were after Aiden’s death and while Louis’ was out because of injuries.

More and more frequently Eleanor is mentioned around the Visser home. She and Soren are becoming a very serious item. The occasional mention of Eleanor wanting to help Louis with getting some opening at Uni by being in the music program gets a polite but consistently disinterested response from Louis. Harry agrees with Patti that Louis is a gifted musician but Harry knows it’s an annoyance for Louis to have the young woman tutor brought up. Louis doesn’t offer explanation so Harry respects his privacy.

Every so often Harry and Louis go to Harry’s flat where Harry plans what things to buy for decorative touches. This usually entails them spending hours looking a magazines and ordering things online. Usually also there is play since they are alone. Always it’s the kind of play that leaves them both satiated and at peace; never the kind Louis wants though because Harry continues to hold off from anything with Louis involving more than Harry’s mouth on Louis or Harry’s fingers in him.

More and more Harry feels like Aiden’s sense of caution was inherited by him like some spiritual transformation occurred.

One evening when Louis is out with his teammates Harry opts to meet up with Liam, Zayn and Niall. Harry shares this odd Aiden-transformation, it’s roots, with Zayn and Liam as the three of them hang out at a pub near where Louis and the football team are. Harry is comfortable with Louis out in public without him only because Harry enlisted the services of Creepy Thick Guy, Walter.

“So you’re saying all this time since the green light on Louis being healthy, all these nights you’ve been sleeping together, not once you’ve” Zayn asks in disbelief. “Mate I saw how much you wanted that arse when he was with Aiden. What is wrong with you? He’s yours now!”

Harry swallows a huge sip of beer. Shakes his head in his disbelief of himself.

“I don’t know. I’m wish I could explain it. At first I thought it was just because I needed to give Louis have more time, just to be on the safe side. After a while I realized my concerns were a lot like when Louis and Aiden began doing more things when Aiden thought Louis was still too young, meanwhile Louis was wanting more from Aiden. Aiden worried he’d hurt Louis. He wrote about it a lot in his journal. Recently though I realize my caution with Louis is more than a physical precaution because, you see, since I returned Aiden’s diary to Louis he hasn’t read it. The diary remains tied with the ribbon I put around it, sits there untouched on a chest in his room at Visser’s.”

Harry let’s the implication sink in. Zayn and Liam look at each other. Liam inquires.

“So your fear is even though Louis clearly wants you, and he made the anklet into a Aiden-Harry hybrid symbol, is that he has unresolved feelings?”

“Yes. Going back to when I was brought into the thing Hath was doing to him, to be this trigger to make Louis participate like Hath wanted, it was clear that Louis would basically do something where he’d go to this other place as he was being raped. In his other world I would become Aiden. He said something about Aiden the first time then. In his imagination when I was making him feel good it was as if Aiden was there, not me. It makes me wonder. If his eyes are closed he can imagine I’m Aiden. I know he feels the differences when his hands are on me, we’re built so differently. Aiden was far more Thor-like. But I don’t feel like he’s reconciled his emotions about Aiden’s death. If Aiden were alive tomorrow, would Louis choose me?”

Liam jumps in. “Harry he knows the difference. Eyes closed of not. Also I think the way Louis made you a part of his and Aiden’s keepsake is so beautiful. He can’t look at the diary, okay, so what. I don’t think that’s a reason to avoid giving him more during intimacy. He’s a person whose been denied much of what is compassion and love since Jay died. Aiden was the only true love or source of tenderness that he had. Now he has you. You need to be responsive to his needs. If I were you and he asked me to fuck him, I’d do it thoroughly so that for days after he couldn’t walk, that little waddle he gets after a good dicking would be so pronounced the entire world would know.”

Zayn agrees. Harry tries to feel better about prospects of more with Louis, but he doesn’t really think he can. Harry decides to simply change the subject. The conversation turns to more focus on what’s ahead for Zayn and Liam. Both are looking forward to classes starting in the fall, Zayn got a new opening around the holidays, Liam is still juggling three jobs. When Niall arrives to join them he’s got his duster on. No one else in the bar can hear it but from his pockets are the mews of tiny kittens, the reason he’s so late.

Niall explains the obvious, adding “I thought it was the pub down the street, must have gotten your text mixed up with Louis’. Made the mistake of going there first. Louis said you were here.”

Niall orders a pint, continues on. “Mate, that new guy, Cole isn’t it, he’s got his arm around Louis making a pretty big fool of himself too.”

“What? Cole is doing what?” Harry gets up like to leave but Niall grabs Harry’s arm so he has to stay.

“Be chill, Harry. Louis knows how to handle himself. Besides his mates see what’s going on. They are all giving Cole a lot of grief. One of them, Brian, he’s right defensive I think, said to Cole that ‘Cole’s getting Aiden’s “position” on the team only refers to the play on the pitch, not off it. And that he, Cole, might want to get his hands off Louis before some one sees it’. And then everyone realizes I’ve walked up to their table, hearing this, and Nathan says, ‘Just like that Cole. You see? Heya Niall, Niall as in best mate to Louis and his b o y f r i e n d H a r r y’.”

Niall directs Harry gently to sit again offering more assurance, “So, Harry, I think the team has got it. Okay? Sit back down, sorry I said anything, let me buy round for all of us since you’re protectiveness is gonna make me finish this one awful quick.”


Harry leaves Zayn, Liam and Niall as soon as he gets a text from Louis saying “We’re done, you?” He sprints to the pub down the street. He enters passing Walter who doesn’t make eye contact but says to Harry “You okay to drive?”

Anyone watching wouldn’t see that Walter spoke to Harry. Harry’s says “Yes” to which Walter says, “Okay still will be following you to Visser’s”.

Harry strides to the back of the pub. Louis is there with about half the team who haven’t left yet. Cole appears to have left. Harry wished he could have confronted Cole so he could set Cole straight on boundaries.

Upon seeing him, Louis gives Harry the brightest smile and gets up. When they meet Louis kisses Harry quite passionately. Harry can taste his kiss indicates Louis, underage or not, drink. In fact he’s had more than beer. There is a hint of something else. Smokey. Like a lowland scotch on his breath.

Harry separates Louis from him to look for signs in his eyes of his condition. Louis teeters a bit. Harry makes his stance stable, asking “Louis, are you knackered off your face?”

Louis laughs, doing the adorable little gesture he usually does when he laughs. His hand goes over his mouth with the back of his hand to his lips. It’s pretty darn cute and sort of gay, but all Louis. He leans into Harry. His hands on Harry’s chest. “Mumhum, maybe some tiny bit tipsy. Mostly just...”

Louis lifts his face to Harry. He kisses Harry again. Louis leaves the kiss with a whisper, “...mostly just need this.” His hand rubs over where Harry’s dick, firm from the first kiss, “Need this in me. Good, long and hard.”

Harry is crushed. On one hand he wants to sweep Louis up. Go to their flat. Do as asked. It his head the voice screams. “He’s mourning. He needs time. And he’s drunk.”

Harry takes Louis with an arm around the waist saying bye to the few teammates before they meander through the pub which is at capacity so it’s nearly standing room only. As he heads to the door he passes Walter who follows a bit behind them while on his phone as to look disinterested. As they are leaving Harry notices near the front of the pub sat at a high top table for two is Cole and his girlfriend. Harry hadn’t noticed them when he came in to get Louis. Sara sees Harry coming through the crowd with Louis in tow she waves. Harry and Louis are about to pass out the door when Sara calls out to them, waving them to come over.

“Louis! Harry!”

Harry turns to the couple though he’s aware Louis pulls away. Resisting is ineffective. Tipsy Louis has no choice but to be led by Harry because of the arm hold.

“Hi Sara,” Harry says politely. Coldly, Harry says, “Cole.”

Sara is smiling broadly. To Harry’s surprise she is eyeing Louis with a funny look, not an expression like a normal person in a normal relationship with their boyfriend does. Sara’s mouth, the lip-licking, the way her hand moves as she touches herself, these are tells. Harry, a prostitute, can read tells-of-desire better than anyone.

She boldly goes on with an explanation. “You’re such a pretty pair.” Sara looks at Cole like for a cue, then gets directly to a proposition. “So me and Cole want to know if Louis would maybe join us. Or both of you. If you like. I mean we originally though just something with sweetcheeks Louis but seeing how Louis told Cole a firm “no” earlier maybe we could go a different way.”

Louis begins pulling away from Harry like to leave. Harry is riveted because he’s got a problem with Cole since Niall shared the events of earlier. Harry wants to know exactly what Louis said no to.

Harry giving faintest interest gives Sara confidence. She sits up so that the effect of her very voluptous torso is more pronounced like that, and her beauty, might influence Harry.

“I frequently like to spice things up with me and Cole. For the longest time it’s been my dream kink to see my Cole burying himself in the arse of another, a, actually, a pretty little twishish thing while this twink is, is you know, got face between my thighs, doing, you know, taking me there with his mouth while I lay back, watch my Cole fuck him. You see when Cole fucks me I can’t see him properly. I want to see him driving in from a fresh perspective and it’s not the same if it’s another girl. Additionally Cole has never been that good at cunnilingus. Your Louis has got such a pretty, pretty mouth, bet he knows how to use it, being gay and all. And having been getting to know you when we’ve sat at the games together, I decided when Louis said no to Cole that maybe he would reconsider if you too, Harry, joined us. Why stop at three when four could be more fun. I hear that you are huge. How about you bring your pretty little twink and I’ll make it worth your while. We’ll make it a foursome. Louis eats me out, Cole fucks him, I’ll suck you’re massive cock, we can film the whole thing. Sort of make two fantasies one if I add you into the mix. What do you say. Louis tells Cole you’re some kink of exclusive now, the two of you. Is that true?”

Harry looks at this very pretty woman. He’s seen prettier. The orgy? He’s done weirder orgies. It’s just this is so offensive. Louis has his hand in Harry’s gripping it. He’s pulling Harry.

Harry stays cool. He’s had every proposition in his years of subjecting himself to the abuse of his profession. It’s just this one is personal.

“Sara. I’d like to just leave it at saying ‘no’, accept you’re boldness is particularly offensive for some reason. I’m not sure what Cole sees in you. Don’t either of you ever speak to Louis again. Don’t look at him. Don’t even speak of him to others. Don’t think about him. He’s not a toy Sara. He’s a person, he deserves respect. Attractive comes from a beautiful heart. You should work on yours, yours seems dark and rather ugly.”

Turning on his heal, Harry leads a very exit-ready Louis which is delayed only by Harry saying one last thing to Cole, “Teamamte or not that applies to you too. Not going to tell Louis who he can and can’t talk to on the pitch but you’re on notice. If you so much as pat his bum for a nice play I’m taking you down.”

Getting home to th Visser’s Harry gets Louis right to bed. Louis is clearly more enibriated than what Harry first thought because, while Louis falls asleep fast, the sleep is restless like Louis might wake to be sick.

Hours later, about 4am, Harry wakes which is odd because Louis is finally restful or so Harry thinks until he reaches for Louis.

Harry finds the side of the bed where Louis was is empty. Harry gets up, goes to the bathroom because he hears water running in the shower.

Opening the curtain of the shower ever so slightly as he calls Louis, Harry is met with the unexpected.

Louis isn’t standing showering as is normal. Rather Louis is sitting in the tub. The warm shower spray is missing him more than hitting him. This might be why Louis looks cold; he’s trembling slightly.

Bleary-eyed, like maybe he’s been crying or perhaps being ill from drink, he looks up at Harry and begins to cry fully upon seeing Harry. Like he is still perhaps drunk. Or worse.

Harrry turns off the water before bringing Louis out from the shower wrapped in a collection of towels. As Harry gets Louis back to the bed he’s reminded of doing something like this long ago after Hath had gone at Louis. It’s heartbreaking to have Louis acting this way.

Harry has to ask.

“Louis, what’s going on? Were you sick? Are you ill, are you okay? Is it...”

Louis hasn’t words. He gets more upset, his body shakes, he gives into more tears, almost heaving a bit from his guttural turmoil. Harry gathers Louis in his arms and just holds him, asking nothing more. Harry gives Louis a series of kisses on the side of his head. Harry’s got a haunting suspicion that th stupid girlfriend Sara hit on a nerve that triggered something. This is alcohol mixed with trauma reopening what was scarred wounds.

Harry wakes to a Louis with a hangover. Louis has a headache, he’s terse. Even after Harry gives him pills he’s complaining about being uncomfortable and grumpy. Harry gives him space. He goes to his apartment, showers there and changes. When he gets back to the Visser’s it’s noon. Louis is still sleeping. Harry and Patti talk in the kitchen. They are joined by Soren and Eleanor who stop by. Eleanor says she will be playing some more dates at the nice hotel and wonders in Louis can accompany her on piano. Harry uses this as an excuse to go check on Louis.

Louis is still sleeping. Harry doesn’t attempt to wake him. He decides Louis won’t want to do that anyway so he returns to the kitchen where he tells Eleanor it’s unlikely and anyway Louis is still sleeping.

After Soren and Eleanor leave Harry asks Patti if she likes Eleanor. Her answer surprises Harry. He thought Patti likedher a lot.

“I like that she makes Soren happy. She just isn’t what I’d call his type.”

Harry stops his gossiping there. He knows of the brothers Soren is the oldest but the least gregarious. He lacks the edge that Grayson and Beck have that gives them such charm. Aiden was by far the most competitive and the only one who had a long term relationship even though he was the youngest.

Harry’s about to go see if Louis is awake when Louis comes in the kitchen. He looks aghast with his fatigue still evident and the effects of alcohol leaving him drained. In his hand is his phone that he’s once again tersely sounding as he’s speaking to someone. “I don’t give a fuck, actually. No. I’m not going to be there. No. Too bad. Bye.”

Harry and Patti look shocked. Who was that?

Louis tosses his phone on the table. “Nathan. I’m late for practice. He’s put out.”

“You don’t look up to playing,” Patti says. “You want me to make you something?”

“He’s a little, um, got too much drink last night, hun Louis.”

Louis goes to the pantry and pulls out some digestives. The box of wafers is empty though. The frequency of visit from the Visser son’s means the pantry is raided regularly. Though they are grown lads they still do teen boy things, like leave the pantry stripped bare and not tell their mum.

Patti leaps to her feet and says, “Oh, so my remedy for that is blending a raw egg with a large glass of orange juice and a single scoop of ice cream.”

Good intentions aside, Louis hears her remedy ingredients and it sends him running from the kitchen to the nearest bathroom to be sick.

“Oops.” Patti says. “Guess it’s too early for that.”


Harry has to get accustom to Louis since the bad night of drinking. Louis won’t talk about it but he stays terse and has constant friction with anyone from the team who calls or anyone who asks why he isn’t playing football anymore. It comes to a point where Harry has to intervene. He calls Nathan. He gives Nathan full disclosure of what happened at the pub, with Sara.

Nathan makes a decision. “It’s about time we got an explanation what’s going on. I thank you for that Harry. It’s easy enough to tell Cole to leave his girlfriend at home if that will get Louis back. But will that be enough? Will Louis come and play along side Cole? We got playoffs coming up. We need him. If I got to decide, Cole or Louis, I’m going to go for Louis. Do I need to let Cole go? If I do he’s going to get picked up by another team. Louis is going to still see him. In that case they’ll be on the pitch at the same time. Aiden will be offense for a team we play against. Louis is defense, so.”

Harry ends the call with Nathan agreeing to tell Louis the options. Ask him to come back.


After a few weeks of play the team is in the playoffs. Louis it seems puts his frustration with the sight of Cole into his aggression on the pitch and his sharpness of tongue. He gets his team into a couple squirmishes with other teams along the way. He kind of sets it up so Cole gets in the center of the conflict. Harry gets the idea of how bad it is to make an enemy of Louis.

By the time Niall’s birthday comes around Louis is hanging more with strictly Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam and never with his teammates off the pitch.

The team makes it to the championship. Louis makes an amazing defensive score that should have lead to the team winning the game when Cole blows it when he and the other offensive players takes the field. In the end Harry feels that Louis may like that Cole cost them the game more than if they had won.

With classes starting at Uni, Harry let’s concerns for football be put aside until the next season. Louis relationship with his teammates will surely heal as it’s clear after the last game the team loves their little Louis. He’s like life itself. Cherished.


Leaving Louis for much of the day for classes is a new thing Harry is having an adjustment to. He knows that Troy has Walter shadowing Louis so if Louis is to go out when Harry can’t be with him there’s protection. Hathaway remains at large. Harry let’s assurances from the Visser’s that they will look after Louis comfort him as he begins to try to focus on his new life.

Harry as a student gets a hard slap in his first week.

Core curriculum requires Harry take certain assigned first year courses regardless of major study. Harry gets a pro-test back from English class and his marks are deplorable. The professor writes extensive comments with an indifference to any attempt at kindness. He evens comments how little faith he has for Harry’s future as a student, “given these marks of this simple pre-test assessment of abilities I doubt the student can ever achieve a level of work in keeping with the expections for this course. I strongly recommend the career path of housekeeping or food service.”

Harry goes home to his flat after reading that. He doesn’t call Louis. He’s about to go to bed in his rarely occupied flat when Louis texts him.

“Where are you? Want to celebrate your first week as a student.”

Harry texts back ignore that Louis has sent him a picture with the text of his erection that he has made a smiley face on the head of with a permanent marker or something.

“Nothing to celebrate Louis. Tired. Decided to sleep at mine tonight.”

Louis texts back a picture. He’s remade the mouth of the face from a smile into a messy frown.

Louis follows that with a text. “I’m proud of you. Love you. Sleep well my collegiate love. Miss you.”