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Happy Beginning Captain Swan

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        After Henry kissed Emma back to life, all of the happiness in Storybrooke returned. For Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, Gideon was turned back into a newborn baby and they were able to restart as a family over again. Snow White and Charming were able to buy a farm and a bigger house. Snow White taught in Storybrooke Elementary School and Charming was a part-time sheriff and a farmer. Regina and Robin are together, raising Roland as their own and sharing custody of Zelena’s daughter Rowan. Henry is back and forth between both of his mothers’ houses. As for Emma and Killian after the final battle, they finally went on a honeymoon on the Jolly Roger. They sailed around the world and enjoyed being with other only. Once they arrived back to Storybrooke, Maine, Killian joined the sheriff duty with Emma. They were partners, catching the crime in her yellow bug car together. There were no more villains trying to take over Storybrooke, Maine. Four months later, after a shift at the sheriff station, Killian comes home looking for Emma, “Emma...Emma where are you?” He looks all around the house. He finds her in their bedroom fast asleep at 7:00 pm, it was unusual for Killian seeing Emma asleep really early. He let her rest, knowing that work has been making her very busy. He just watched her sleep for a minute, admiring Emma’s long blonde hair and body.

When Killian goes back downstairs, Henry enters the house, “Hi Killian, where is Mom?”

“Hi lad, your mother is asleep.”

“She is asleep already?”

“Yes, she had a pretty busy week at the station. What do you want for dinner?”

“Can we order pizza and play video games?” “Sure lad, we can play video games after you finish your homework.” Henry just turned 15 years old last month in August, and he is over at Emma and Killian’s house for the weekend. “I am on it.”

An hour later Henry finished his homework and they ate pizza and played video games on Henry’s Xbox. Emma wakes up still feeling exhausted, hearing her boys, Killian and Henry having a fun time, she happily smiled to herself grateful that her son and her husband got along so well. She went downstairs, to greet them. “Hi, kid!”

Henry pauses his game and hugs his mother “Hi Mom.” Killian approaches Emma, “Hello love, I came home and you were sleeping. I did not want to wake you.”

Emma hugs him, “Thanks for not waking me up, for some reason I have been really tired recently.” “ You should take it easy then love.” “I will try my best. I will eat something real quick and get back to bed.” She rested her head on him for a moment and went to the kitchen grabbed a slice of pizza and headed up back to bed. She did not feel like herself at all.