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Minami Tetsuya rolls the cigarette in his mouth to the side with a decisive snap of his tongue as he leans back on the shrine steps he was carelessly perched upon, boredly flicking a dingy lighter open and closed. Even with stone digging uncomfortably into his back he can feel his eyes begin to drift shut as he relaxes, lulled by the sound of wind gently blowing and the faint chatter coming from the shopping district. If it weren't for the little puffs he was routinely exhaling he'd have been dangerously close to falling asleep right then and there, and it wouldn't have been the first time he'd have managed to doze off in an odd setting-living in an uneventful and sedate place like Inaba seemed to bring out a cat-like laziness out of him. Stretching languidly he sprawls out even more, not minding the rather awkward position his form was in attempting to lie on the short staircase, letting out a satisfied sigh mingled with grey vapors as the calmness drapes over him like a blanket.

And then a shuffling noise and discontent huff coming from above shatters the lethargic quiet of the moment, wrangling an annoyed scrunch of the nose out of the teen. Desperate to conserve the remains of his alone time, Tetsuya stubbornly tries to ignore the newcomer in hopes of driving them off. 

"You know, I hate it when you smoke."

Evidently it didn't work.

The mildly toned accusation causes dulled, violet eyes to pry themselves open as Tetsuya watches Saki slide gracefully onto the step next to him, tawny gaze fixated on the item of (dis)interest, perfectly manicure hand waving away any lingering airborne residue from the cancer stick. "It'll kill you one of these days." She pointlessly adds, echoing the commonplace complaint she always launched when she caught him indulging in his guilty pleasure.

"If only." He grumbles, dodging when she swats at him. "At least then it would get you off my ass." Despite his fuss he stubs out the remains in an ash tray he had stashed nearby with only a slight pout signifying his annoyance. "Rob me of all my indulgences, why don't you? You're worse than my mother."

 "You hardly ever see your mother." Saki counters primly, shoving the tray back behind a bush with a disgusted grimace. "And now you reek."

"Which just means that if you're worse than her, a new low has been reached." Stretching the neckline of his uniform to reach his nose, he takes a whiff of the crisp fabric before releasing it with an unconcerned shrug, "Can't be any worse than how I smell after practice." Theres a begrudging murmur of agreement from the blonde with which he simpers smugly at her for before abruptly changing the subject, peering towards the entrance of the shrine. "Where's my sweet Nao-kun gone off to? At least he brings me something before complaining about my habits; you should take notes from him."

The pointed griping garners a mere roll of the eyes from Saki, "If you wanted to see him so badly after your terribly long separation during classes, you'd have walked with us instead of rushing here to 'indulge'. He's probably at home, looking for something to snack on to feed the black hole he calls a stomach." She pauses, quirking her lips contritely, "He won't find what he's looking for though."

Snickering, the brunette pushes himself up to his feet, hauling his taller companion along. His leisure time was cut short anyways, no point in staying any longer after all. "Saki, you're a menace: stealing a poor, growing boy's food."

"I was hungry." Saki defends half-heartedly as they leave behind the shrine, following her friend towards her home. "Besides, maybe he forgot about it and won't notice." She doesn't sound convinced as she says it, mirrored by the skeptical stare Tetsuya levies her.

Greeted by the morose form of her younger brother skulking about outside, their dubiousness is confirmed. Naoki allows himself to be manhandled by the elder boy-who tucks himself into the blonde's side and flicks a mischievous barbell-studded tongue out at Saki- as he frowns confusedly at his sister with an undercurrent of suspicion tinged at its edges. "Hey, do you know where my snack went? I had it in the fridge, but its gone..."

Bless her heart, Saki doesn't even bother trying to deny it as she idly twirls a curl around a finger, "Oh, I'm the one who ate it. I thought it was leftovers...Sorry about that." Her apology is not very apologetic which further amuses Tetsuya and causes Naoki's head to droop in defeat. "I gotta head for work, but Tetsu-chan here was whining about you not being around earlier. He can buy you lunch to make up for it. See ya tomorrow Tetsu-chan." With a distracted wave, the blonde wanders off, leaving Naoki to shout in dismay at her escape. 

"So quick to escape," Tetsuya tuts as they're left behind, "you'd think she liked her job better than us."

 "I was really looking forward to eating too..." The disappointed male sighs, surly glare fixed on the slowly departing back of his sister.

 "Mm, since she's already volunteered my funds I'll repay her debt Nao-kun." Tetsuya untangles himself from the younger male and pats his back reassuringly before linking their arms together to direct the other towards Aiya's.

Figuring any hesitation would be bulldozed over the blonde just follows the brunette's lead without bothering to argue, it would've been fruitless anyways in face of Tetsuya's stubbornness to mother hen him. "Thanks Tetsuya..."

 "You should just call me nii-chan like you did when you were younger," Tetsuya nags wistfully, "You were so cute then..!"

 "You're still on that? I keep telling you, I was little when I did that.." Naoki shakes his head in embarrassment, cheeks tinging pink as the brunette continues to pester him playfully all the while they walk through the diner's door.





"By the I smell smoke?"


Those two, he swore.... 

".....I'll get you extra toppings in your beef bowl if we don't mention this again for the time being."