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your love is my confessional

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♪ B-B-B-Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark♪ // ♪ Can't be sure when they've hit their mark ♪

Good things did not just happen to Wade Winston Wilson. There was no such thing as unconditional happiness for him. Every single goddamn thing he had ever wanted, he had fought blade and bullet for. From the time he was still in diapers until now, there was nothing that could stand in> his way. Whatever Wade Fucking Wilson wanted, Wade Fucking Wilson got… Until it got taken from him. Because no matter how hard he fought for what he wanted, there was always some bigger asshole than him out there, deciding that Wade couldn't keep what he'd earned. And honestly, that was the most terrifying part of being with his baby boy - now that he had Petey, how long until he didn't?

Besides that constant, lingering paranoia, dating Peter Parker was probably literally the best thing that had ever happened to Wade Wilson. Better than strangling the fat sack of shit he'd called father, better than placing first in every single class and test the Canadian military could think to throw at him, better than meeting Vanessa at St. Margaret's, better than becoming Deadpool, better than literally every fucking thing in his goddamned life. The last six months properly dating his baby boy - actual dates and sleepovers and soft kisses and hard fucks instead of the drive-by fucks of the last few years - had been like a dream. He still wasn't entirely convinced that he wasn't just having some weird, long-ass hallucination, but the fact that Petey was still the same Petey he'd been for the last few years was grounding. His baby boy was still reticent in offering affection, even as Wade could see the effort he was putting into being more free with it; he still had trouble asking for what he wanted from Wade, preferring a steady dialogue of body language; and he still shied away from PDA, though the Christmas spirit had Scrooged Wade's sweetie the last few weeks, making him more open to the PG goodies like holding hands in the crowded New York streets.

It was days like today, though, that made Wade think that they might actually make it, that Petey-and-Wade would go the distance until the end of time. Not only were they on a date, or what Wade was calling a date even if Petey was just calling it a shopping trip, but they were out picking out a Christmas tree. Together. Petey had invited him over with the express purpose of picking something, for a family-based holiday, together, and Petey had even let Wade hold his hand all the way from the door of his baby boy's apartment, through the subway, and to the store. It could have been because it was cold as fuck outside and he didn't have gloves, but Petey didn't make a move to let go even when they got into the store. They hadn't separated until Wade had spotted the candy aisle, whispered a quick "B-R-B", kissed the back of Petey's hand, and skipped off. Which he probably shouldn't have done because now he was not only getting less time with his sweetheart, but he was getting more time with his thoughts. Neither of which were desirable.

"Wade?" Petey's disembodied voice called, floating up from somewhere to Wade's left. "I want to know what you think about this tree!"

Wade grinned as he flung a pack of boring white Christmas lights back onto the shelf and took off at a jog, his heart doing the same thing at hearing Petey call out his name. It had taken most of the last six months for him to get comfortable with saying it, though he reverted back to 'Deadpool' half the time in private, and he still hadn't managed to say "I love you", but the point was was that his baby boy was getting more comfortable with saying Wade's name, like a barometer of how comfortable he was getting with Wade. Unfortunately, that had the undesired effect of lessening its effectiveness as an orgasm-trigger, but Wade had come to the conclusion that he would much rather hear Petey say his name whenever he was trying to get Wade's attention than when he was trying to get Wade's permission. Besides, there was still his ever-effective 'good boy' trigger, and his Dom voice.

A brightly-coloured endcap nearly bit it when Wade skid too excitedly around the end of the aisle in his rush to get to the source of Petey's voice. He found his sweetie only three rows away, and Wade was momentarily arrested for a moment at the sight of him, standing there so innocuously, frowning at a tree box. His heart pulled a Grinch, swelling three times its size, at the knowledge that they were there together and that Petey was happy with him, with them. He sprinted down the aisle, and he was only a few feet away when Petey turned his frown towards Wade, which immediately disappeared into wide eyes and a slack mouth when he saw Wade charging at him.

"Wha-" was all Petey got out before Wade crashed into him, wrapping him in his arms and lifting him in a twirl like they were doing an airport reunion scene in a romcom. "Wade!" his baby boy choked out from where his face was buried in Wade's chest, sounding startled and alarmed and offended. Wade couldn't help but laugh out loud and nuzzle the soft hair that was always a wild mess before letting Petey down.

"What was that for?" Petey tried to snap as he simultaneously fixed his clothes and glanced around for witnesses, his face bright red.

"What? A guy can't miss his baby boy and be super excited to be reunited again?" Wade asked, propping his hands on his hips and staring down at Petey, who only flushed darker at his words.

"We were only apart for half an hour tops, how can you miss me already?" Petey grumbled, stuffing his hands in his hoodie's pocket and staring resolutely at the ground. Wade lowered the medical mask he wore when he was out and about in his civies and bent down to bring their faces close together. Petey's eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed in a suspicious frown, but he didn't move away.

"Even a second away from your side lasts an eon when I love you this much," Wade whispered, and the surprise returned to those soft brown eyes.

Wade grinned and ducked down the little further it took to press a quick kiss to Petey's mouth. When he moved to stand, Petey's small, strong hands were fisted in the front of Wade's hoodie, and Petey's face was flushed a deep, deep red, his baby boy at the height of embarrassment. But the fingers curled against Wade's ribs tugged as Petey's chin lifted and Wade obligingly dipped back down for a little longer of a kiss. This time when he pulled away, he got to see a rare, quietly blissful Petey for a brief moment - eyes closed and face slack - before those eyes opened again, meeting Wade's for a thrilling second before, predictably, dropping below Wade's neck. Sometimes, Wade caught Petey staring at him when he was unmasked at home, but the second Wade met his gaze, his shy baby boy always blushed and looked away, just like he did now.

"I missed you too," came an unexpected, whispered confession, and Wade's heart Grinched again. Rather than kissing his sweetheart again, because nothing got him going like Petey admitting to his feelings and he'd probably end up fucking Petey right against the shelves, Wade wrapped his arms around slim shoulders and hugged his baby boy hard. The hands pressed to his chest wormed their way out, and he figured it was a 50/50 chance if they were going to push him away or reciprocate. He ended up with a little of both.

For a delicious moment, Petey returned Wade's hug, arms wicked tight around Wade's waist and body warm against Wade's. But then, well before Wade was ready to let go, Petey began to pull away and Wade, reluctantly, let him.

"So, what tree?" he asked, giving Petey an out to their PDA, a lead into a conversation that he could hide behind. His shy baby boy sagged with relief and turned back towards the shelf, and Wade played with letting him for a second before he gave into his own wants and draped himself over Petey's shoulders. They tensed under him as he wrapped Petey up tight, and a hand raised to his arm, hovering like it was about to push it away. Eventually, it touched down, and fingers curled over his forearm, the body in his embrace relaxing against him.

"I was thinking about this one," Petey said, voice subdued, the fingers of his free hand trailing the edges of a box containing a two-foot pre-lit tree.

"Mmm, it's definitely adorable, just like my favourite baby boy," Wade assessed, nuzzling the still-bare lower half of his face into Petey's unprotected neck, smiling at how Petey let him. "But if we're getting a tree-" he slid the noose of his arms down from Petey's shoulders to his elbows, trapping them at his side, and then suddenly picked his baby boy up and whirled in place, grinning at Petey's alarmed shriek "-we gotta get one'a these!"

The other side of the aisle, which Petey had been, apparently, woefully ignoring, housed the massive boxes containing the properly monstrous Christmas trees. The beauties of six feet and taller, in classic green or in that gross newer white sparkly shit, branches plain or adorned with lights of either the white or the (clearly elite) rainbow variety. "How 'bout that one?" Wade asked excitedly, pointing out a modest seven-footer as he let Petey back down to his feet again. 'That one' in question was a traditional green with rainbow lights, encompassing the style that they both preferred, but there was an added bonus in the form of decent clearance between the floor and the first branches that suited Wade's plans, both gift-based and otherwise.

"First of all," Petey said, sounding breathless, but the getting-over-a-surprise kind, not the fun pushing-past-arousal kind, "never do that again. Second of all, no. Third, definitely not. And fourth, I don't have the money or the room for that."

"Don't be silly, Petey," Wade replied, ignoring three-fourths of Petey's dismissal. "You totally have room in the corner of the living room and I'll totally pay for it. Problem solved!"

"Wade," Petey sighed; it was his 'I think I have a valid concern keeping me from saying "yes", even though you've already negated all my argument points with clear logic and now I'm only stalling in saying "yes"' sigh. "Even if I move the TV, it's still going to block my window."

"C'mon, baby boy," Wade wheedled, keeping one of his arms right around Petey's middle while he slid his other hand down the flat length of Petey's belly. "You've got plenty other windows to crawl in and out of," he continued, keeping the glide of his hand slow in anticipation of rejection, but he didn't receive one even when the tips of his gloved fingers dipped into Petey's jeans, brushing the fringe of his pubic hair in little sweeps.

The small body caged in his arms breathed in a deep, ragged inhale, and Petey raised the hand not already clinging to Wade's forearm and placed it over the one Wade had pressed to his ribcage, mimicking Wade's embrace, returning it. Wade's mouth was still uncovered and Petey's ear was right next to it, looking soft and unguarded and so tempting, so Wade gently closed his teeth over the lobe. The hubbub of the Christmas shoppers faded to be replaced with baby boy's shaky inhale as he nibbled the flesh gently.

True to the American Christmas spirit, the store around them was hustling and bustling with all the shoppers taking advantage of the advertised sales, trying to get their last minute shopping done. It was loud and it was crowded, but not in their aisle. All the tree and decoration aisles were like ghost towns compared to the rest of the store since most people got all that done the day after Thanksgiving. Still, for all that Wade just wanted to focus all of his attention on every shaky inhale and exhale from his baby boy with each butterfly kiss of his gloved fingertips across that little hidden strip of skin, he had to leave at least half of it on their surroundings, prepared for an intruder to intrude upon them at any time.

He wanted to tell the world - show the world - that Spider-Man, that Peter Parker, had picked him, that his favourite person in the world hearted him back, but as always, their relationship was on Petey's terms. He had never minded being baby boy's dirty little secret before they'd actually started dating, and he minded even less now, now that he knew to his bones that one day, he would be standing in front of the people Petey loved most and being introduced as his boyfriend. Wade wasn't known for his patience, but he had endless reserves for Petey. ...That didn't mean he wasn't an exhibitionist and, even if Petey wouldn't admit it, he was too. Well, Petey might have a bit of a subconscious exhibitionist streak, but only the threat-of-being-caught kind, not the actual I-want-to-get-caught-and-see-someone-see-this-happening-to-me kind, and Wade would respect that even as he teased more and more of it from his sweet baby boy.

"Deadpool…" Petey said softly, almost warningly, but the warning was ruined by the tremble in his voice.

"Yeah, baby boy?" Wade asked back, kissing down his baby boy's tempting neck, bereft of any marks from Wade's mouth or hands. He'd have to change that soon.

"What are you doing?" There was a growing tension to Petey's body, like he was getting ready to bolt any second, but the fingers on both hands, the one curled around Wade's forearm and the one pressed over Wade's hand, were flexing in time to their breathing. And it was 'their breathing', because Petey was matching the steady metronome of the in-and-out of Wade's chest against his back, though Petey's breaths were unstable, every one shaking out of his baby boy's throat. As usual, his sweetie's brain and mouth were protesting, but his heart and his body were returning Wade's embrace, the affection wanted but tentatively so, especially out where anyone could see.

Wade dared to dip the whole of his hand into Petey's jeans, pushing on his pelvis and cradling the base of his dick in the curve between thumb and forefinger. His baby boy's breath stuttered at the touch and the spine pressed to Wade's chest pressed harder into him even as the hips under his hand pushed forward. "What I'm doing," Wade drawled, pulling a little of his Dom voice into play as he kissed his way back up Petey's neck to his ear, "is imagining how pretty all those little lights will look on your skin when I hold you down and fuck you next to our tree." There was a soft, barely audible moan from Petey, but any sound, especially when they weren't enclosed in the safety of the apartment, was a victory. "Can't hardly do that with that little tree you like, now can I?"

"N-no," Petey stuttered out. His fingers were still flexing in time with their breathing and Wade matched the rhythm with the hand pressed against his baby boy's pelvis, pushing a little with every inhale to pull his Petey's ass backwards into his groin and the growing hardness trapped in his jeans. Baby boy was already hard in the curve of Wade's hand, and he contemplated trying to jerk him off here and now, in this strangle little bubble of abandoned aisle.

"Good boy," Wade murmured lowly, letting his approval colour his voice as he shifted his hand and wrapped his fingers fully around Petey's peter.

Petey's breath hitched and he curled forward over their overlapped arms, the hand over Wade's curling, nails digging into the back of Wade's glove. As Wade started to tighten and loosen his grip in a steady beat, Petey managed to straighten, just for a moment, before he sagged backwards, letting Wade take his weight and tipping his head back to rest against Wade's shoulder, exposing the tempting line of his neck. His pale cheeks were flushed, his pretty brown eyes darkened by arousal, and his pretty pink mouth reddened from the way he'd been biting his lips; fucking Temptation made flesh. Wade felt like he was stuck in that Greek myth about the dude who had to stand in a pond under a fruit-laden tree, both water and branches receding when he reached for either. Except in this case, Petey was both the tree and the pond and Wade's tragic punishment was only in effect in public. Sometimes, it made him wanna kill everyone in sight just so Petey couldn't complain that someone would catch them.

"Wa- Wade," his Tantalus gasped, eyes wide and dazed before Wade ducked his head to suck at his baby boy's pulse point.

"Mmm?" he hummed without pulling back from Petey's neck.

"You should- uh… You should get your ornament," Petey managed, voice wrecked. "So we ca-ah!-n get ho-me."

Wade froze and then slowly lifted his head, directing narrowed eyes towards Petey's temple. "Did you already pick yours?" he asked suspiciously.

"While you were in the candy aisle," Petey said slowly, sounding confused as the daze in his eyes started to fade. Wade stood up straight, pulling his hand from Petey's jeans in the same move, and his baby boy let out a little cry, wobbling unsteadily in place.

"We were supposed to pick them out together!" Wade exclaimed, outraged, and Petey turned slowly towards him with his own narrowed eyes.

"Maybe if you hadn't spent over half an hour having a seizure in the candy aisle, then we could have," Petey said with no small amount of acid. Which Wade supposed was fair. He did have a bad habit of taking too long to get back to his baby boy and he was pretty sure his sweetie was still holding a grudge from that time he was accidentally off-world for a year. His stubborn baby boy would never admit it, but Wade was pretty sure that Petey was also scared of it happening again. Petey might say he trusted Wade, but it would take a long time before Wade got that particular strain of trust again, and he'd have to work to earn it.

He stepped forward and Petey's eyes widened from their glare as Wade slowly backed him into the shelves, careful not to lean his full weight into his baby boy with such unstable platform holding him up. Petey jumped when Wade's hand landed on his belly, and his eyes flicked from side to side, checking for anyone who might catch them in their Not-Okay-to-PDA position, though Wade knew no one was coming; he hadn't released half of his attention from their surroundings since he'd started getting frisky. "I'm going to go get my ornament," he murmured as he slid his hand up to Petey's throat, "and then we're going to go home and setup our tree so we can follow through with my little imagining."

Wade curved his fingers around to the side of Petey's neck so he could push up on his chin with his thumb, tilting his baby boy's head up so he could lean in for a long, slow kiss that left Petey clinging to his hoodie with a wonderfully dazed expression. "I pinky promise I'll be right back," he said quietly against Petey's mouth between soft presses of his lips. "Stay right here."

This time, when he pulled away, Petey's eyes were closed and he was completely relaxed, happily having given himself over to Wade's hands. Even better, when Wade slowly pulled away and Petey's eyes opened to half-mast, he didn't immediately snap to attention or colour with embarrassment. Wade was so proud of him and all the progress he'd made.

"Yes, Wade," Petey whispered, fingers falling slowly from Wade's hoodie. It was such a beautiful submissive response that Wade contemplated the pros and cons for a moment of getting Petey to address him by the more conventionally-accepted fetlife title of 'sir'. And then discarded the thought almost immediately when he reminded himself that a sub's address was a sign of respect that differed from sub to sub. For Petey, his respect was in the use of Wade's given name, and Wade wouldn't change that for anything.

"Good boy," Wade whispered back, and pressed one last soft kiss to Petey's addicting mouth before he forced himself to pull his mask back up and walk away. The sooner he picked his ornament, the sooner he could get his baby boy naked and under him and stuffed full.

Just like the rest of the decorations, the ornament selection was nearly picked clean, but Wade gave every shelf a glance just in case. As much as he wanted to just grab one and go, this was a special Christmas - their first Petey-and-Wade Christmas, and not just Petey-tolerating-Wade Christmas. This was their first Them Christmas, and the ornament that Wade picked had to reflect that. But at the same time, Wade had no desire to spend his normal amount of Ornament Picking time when he had a baby boy waiting for Wade to fill him up.

Three steps into the aisle, shoved at the very back of the bottom shelf, half hidden by a misplaced length of tinseled boa, Wade found It. "Oh man, Petey's gonna get a kick out of you," he told the box art as he stood from his crouch. Which wasn't strictly true. Petey was more likely to roll his eyes and give a little shove to Wade's shoulders, but Wade was fairly certain that, deep down, his baby boy would appreciate the symbolism.

Wade didn't skip back towards his baby boy and their Christmas tree, but it was a near thing. Even if he had all of his memories, he didn't think he'd be able to pinpoint any time in his life where he'd ever felt near this happy. He'd been in love with Spidey for years, and had further fallen for Petey, but for all that he'd done everything he could to endear himself to his baby boy, he'd never dared to hope that Petey would one day love him back. Now, every day that went by where Petey called him 'Wade' more than he did 'Deadpool' (happening now with increasing frequency), every day that Petey let Wade crawl into his bed in the middle of the night (just about every night now), every day that Petey replied to a text (no matter how inane), every day that Petey allowed Wade to bestow upon his glorious form a little PDA (less common since dates were still rare)…

Every day that Petey grew more comfortable with Wade's love and his own feelings in return was a day that Wade wanted to crack open Petey's rib cage and crawl into his chest, filling every inch of him with Wade. He would be just as happy cracking open his own rib cage and stuffing Petey inside where he would be safe and protected and Wade's at all time. Whatever it took to keep Petey his until the end of time, because Wade was a possessive fuck when it came to his baby boy and he would guard their relationship from time and Death herself. He'd already been protecting it from Petey before it actually was a relationship, and if he could keep it and cultivate it while Petey was trying to burn it down, then he could keep it safe from anyone, especially with Petey guarding it by his side.

"Baaaby~ boooy~" he sang lowly as he turned into the aisle where he'd left his sweetie. The tree box had migrated off the shelf and Petey was leaning against it, expression distant, but at Wade's call, he blinked and started to turn towards Wade, a soft smile lighting up his face and inflaming Wade's desire to just fuck him here and now.


Petey jerked at the other voice and whipped around, and Wade's eyes snapped up to the man walking tentatively towards his baby boy from the other end of the aisle. For a second, Wade couldn't place the broad form or the bald head, and then-

"Mark?" Petey said, sounding surprised and confused.

Mark. Petey's ex. The jamoke. The fucking jamoke that hit his baby boy.

"You," Wade growled and picked up his pace, his gait intent. On murder.

The jamoke's attention flew to Wade and Wade could see how it took a moment for the recognition to kick in before his eyes widened, his face bleaching with fear as he stumbled into the shelves. "You!" he gasped, his body moving like he was either flinging himself backwards or he'd suddenly lost all ability to coordinate his limbs. Possibly both.

"Me," Wade agreed and pulled free the dagger he'd strapped to his lower back (just in case - regla número uno: never leave home without at least one weapon). "Oh, I am glad to see you again 'cuz ever since you left that bruise on Petey's cheek, I've just been dreaming of tearing you apart."

The jamoke definitely flung himself backwards at that and Petey stepped in front of Wade, eyes wide and hands out, like he was prepared to shove Wade away. Wade was, regretfully, forced to stop short just before he'd get the chance to find out whether or not those small strong hands would push him away. Normally, he wouldn't have minded - after all, Spider-Man and Deadpool had fought all the time before they became a portmanteau, but he was fairly certain he'd be sent flying to, at the very least, the end of the aisle, which would take him too far from his baby boy. His baby boy who hadn't defended himself the last time his ex had raised a hand to him and Wade couldn't be sure that he wouldn't allow it again.

"Wade! Don't!" Petey hissed, eyes darting around for a moment - checking for witnesses - before fixing on Wade.

"I told you I was going to kill him, and I follow through on my promises, don't I, baby boy?" Wade said, his voice low and angry, practically a growl. "You said I couldn't hunt him and I didn't. He's here on his own, and now I'm going to kill him for hitting you."

"Wade!" Petey hissed again, eyes still wide, but the firmness was fading from his hands, fingers stretching out and just barely brushing Wade's hoodie. "Please, stop," he said quieter, less a hiss and more cajoling. It was cheating, plain and simple, using 'please' when Petey knew how weak Wade was for it. "It's okay, Wade," he continued, curling his fingers into the fabric over Wade's heart, taking a tentative step into Wade's body.

"No it's not 'okay'," Wade snapped. His target was a meager ten feet away, and subtly trying to widen the distance by sidling along the shelves. "You stay right fucking there," he barked with a jab of his knife in the jamoke's direction. "Or this blade will end up in your skull before you reach the end of the aisle." The jamoke immediately stopped, but Wade's attention was drawn downwards at the gentle tugs on his hoodie, down to Petey's wide pleading eyes, his body now leaning solidly into Wade's.

"Okay, okay, it's not okay," Petey conceded, giving small little tugs on Wade's clothes every time his eyes flicked up to make sure the jamoke was still in place. Fuck if Wade didn't wish he had the twins on him so he could get to slicing and dicing. "But it is forgiven."

Behind his med-mask, Wade's lips curled away from his teeth in a snarl, more frustration than anger. He hated that Petey put his ex on the endangered species list, hated that he'd been forbidden from hunting that shitstick down, otherwise Deadpool would have camped out on a rooftop across from the jamoke's apartment after he'd left that night. He'd considered doing it anyway, but even with all of Wade's skills, he couldn't be sure that Petey wouldn't know what he'd done anyway. If anything happened to his ex, he'd suspect Wade, and Wade had worked too hard for Petey's trust to break it like that, no matter how tempting it had been. No matter how tempting it still was.

"Fine," he snapped, and jammed the knife back into its sheath with such vigour that he might've stabbed himself if he hadn't been Deadpool. Hell, if he were still a rookie, he probably would have been shaking from the tension, the need to kill, but his muscles and tendons were steel wrapped around bone, an organic Terminator just waiting for the opportunity, the command, to cut loose and wreak havoc and destruction.

"Thank you," Petey whispered, his expression fading from that wide-eyed look of alarm and pleading to one of soft, warm thanks. His fingers lingered against Wade's chest before they fell away as he turned to face the jamoke, giving Wade his back. It made Wade equally furious and proud - furious that Petey would give his ex his full attention, and proud that Petey trusted Wade to guard his back.

"What do you want from Petey," he asked without asking as he folded his arms over his chest, locking his hands over his biceps and locking his joints into place to keep from going into destructo-mode. Maybe a little part of it was to keep from getting handsy with a Petey who was sure to safeword if Wade tried to lay claim to him in front of the jamoke for a second time. The first time, Wade had cucked him proper and then offered to shoot him. This time, Wade was just going to have to be a watchful guard dog, a murder-happy gargoyle keeping watch, a deterrent against further harm. Or contact of any kind.

The jamoke was slowly returning to an upright position from how it looked like he'd been trying to climb backwards into the shelves, clearly trying to decide if dealing with Wade would be worth it to talk to Petey again. His face still pale and there was a slight tremble to his fingers, but he took a step closer anyway, decision apparently made that dealing with Wade's laser eyes was indeed worth a few lines of dialogue with Wade's sweetheart. "I was just surprised to see Peter in this neighborhood," he said slowly, inching forward with slow, measured steps.

His eyes kept darting back and forth between Wade and Petey, and Wade felt the his possessiveness rear its ugly head. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to bend his baby boy over their tree box and give it to him good, but Petey would "pancakes" before Wade even got a finger into his jeans. More chill, more socially acceptable, and taking second place on today's episode of Current Temptations, he would have settled for wrapping his his baby boy in his arms again, but he wasn't sure Petey wouldn't reject even that PG-13 touch. With his already non-existent restraint at its limits, if Petey rejected him in any way, Wade was going to lose his fucking shit. Then the shit-stick's words, and their fantastic implication that Petey didn't belong in a place this nice, registered, and Wade thought he might lose his shit anyway; he wished he had the girls on him so he could slice-n-dice and get this fucker out of Petey's life permanently.

"Meaning what?" he asked darkly. Judging by the little Wade knew of the leaking sack of garbage - mainly that he worked out of the country and he had a decent apartment that was actually somewhere near where they were, it was safe to say he made at least okay money. More than what Petey made, in any case, and if that fucker had planned on marrying Wade's baby boy, then he'd know that too. "That Petey doesn't deserve good things if he can't afford them?"

Petey shifted, turning himself just a little closer to Wade, tempting Wade's need to touch, just a little, just to put his hands on that small waist and pull that small body against his own. He wanted, and it was hard to keep from doing when he wasn't used to waiting to get what he wanted, especially when it came to Petey.

"N-no! I didn't mean- That's not-" the jamoke stopped and started eyes wide and hands held out just a little in front of him. "I just- I was just surprised to see him," he said again, running a hand over his bare head. "I was just surprised to see you," he said a third time, but this time, he'd dared to direct it at Petey. "It's been a while," he said in a soft, sad way that Wade decidedly did not appreciate. He also didn't appreciate being ignored by someone who should be on their toes around him at all times.

"It's been a while," Petey echoed in agreement, his voice distant and sad in a way Wade super did not appreciate and put him further on edge.

It reminded him uncomfortably of the time he'd played dildo for Petey's phone sex with his cuck and he hadn't realized his baby boy was falling into 'drop until it was too late to do anything but damage control. Only, there was no way his baby boy was slipping into 'drop when Wade hadn't even put him in 'space today. And there still was no guarantee that even a G-rated touch wouldn't be rejected right now - if Petey could flip himself from 'space to 'drop within a couple of minutes, he could sure as hell let himself fall even when Wade was ready to catch him - so Wade didn't dare to even put a comforting hand on the back of his neck. He'd been doing so much better since they officially got together, but a blast from the past, back when he'd still been a stubborn little spider, could mean a resurgence of bad habits.

"So… How are you?" the jamoke asked, stuffing his hands awkwardly in his pockets and rocking back onto his heels. "You two are… still together?"

"Yes," Petey said simply. There was an awkward beat of silence, a pause where the jamoke clearly expected Petey to expand on his answer, but when there was nothing further forthcoming, he cleared his throat uncomfortably and pushed on. Despite his better judgement likely advising him otherwise. That, or he didn't have any.

"Is there…" twins-bait started and then paused, looking unsure if he was going to complete his question. Which was a safe bet that he probably shouldn't. "Is there someone else? Is that how you two... " he pulled his hand out to gesture between Petey and Wade and then wiped his palm on his leg before hastily shoving back in his pocket.

Wade went tense, and as much as he couldn't help but understand the origin of the question (and boy did he not want to), it wasn't good for Petey's potential headspace. Silence reigned for a few moments before Petey spoke, but what he said wasn't what Wade was expecting, nor what he wanted to hear.

"Wade, could you take our things to check out?" He didn't even look at Wade when he asked, and man Wade wanted nothing more than to turn him around and get a look at his face. He was usually amazing at reading his baby boy but right now, Petey was a brick wall and it was… worrying.

"Don't make me leave you alone with him again, baby boy," Wade said lowly. If he left Petey alone with twins-bait a second time and his baby boy came back to him with another bruise on his cheek, then Wade was going to kill the jamoke, endangered species list be fucked.


Fuckin' cheatin'-ass kryptonite-using sexy ass.

"Fine," Wade huffed and dropped his arms, moving to step around Petey when a new character entered stage left.

"Babe! There you are!" Wade's attention snapped to the end of the aisle behind the jamoke and fuck Wade if there wasn't a baby boy-wannabe striding towards the three of them like he was on a catwalk, dressed to the nines in a fur coat, tight jeans, and black heels striding towards them. "I've been texting you for five minutes!"

As he got closer, he was even more of a fake-Petey than he had been at a distance. His hair was brown but a shade too light and the cut too short. His eyes were dark but more hazel than brown, and lined with eyeliner, demanding attention. The shape of his face was similar but all the angles were a few degrees off. The only thing that was probably the same was their heights, but it was thrown off by the heels. He looked like a bad counterfeit.

"Got yourself a replacement baby boy, jamoke?" Wade sneered.

Jamoke, for his part, looked down like he was abashed, but Wade's supremely petty and possessive side was inflamed to volcano levels thinking about how this fuck was still trying to get a piece of Wade's sweetheart a year after losing him.

Petey though, just turned back to the jamoke. "I still have your ring if you want it back," he said, voice that same, worrisome monotone.

Ring? What ring? ...The fucking wedding ring. Wade fucking forgot about that piece of shit after Petey tossed it away during their argument, but now that he remembered it, he was fucking livid about it all over again, the volcano of his anger bubbling closer to explosion. Fucking jamoke trying to take away his fucking baby boy. He couldn't even be sure that Petey wouldn't have said 'no', even if they hadn't gotten caught during their little game. He couldn't be sure that Petey wouldn't have permanently safeworded and kicked Wade out of his life to keep up the charade with his side-piece-turned-main-piece

"Ring?" baby boy-wannabe echoed as he pulled up, throwing an arm around the jamoke's waist like he was laying a claim to him. As if either he or Petey wanted that piece of shit. Petey better not want that piece of shit. Wade dealt with it once and he wasn't going to do it again, not when his baby boy was finally his and his alone. The imposter though turned towards Petey and Wade with a look that was so rudely dismissive that Wade almost pulled his knife back out. "And who are your friends?"

His voice, his whole demeanor, was like a stereotype of the most flamboyant gay caricature, which might have been funny at any other time, but his mere existence was an affront to Petey's, and Wade wanted to dice every last inch of him into bloody cubes until he no longer resembled Wade's baby boy in any way.

"Uh…" the jamoke started, then looked unsurely at Petey whose fluffy head nodded minutely.

If Wade could have trusted himself not to pull a weapon after Petey's explicit instructions not too, and if Wade could trust that Petey wouldn't reject his touch, then he would have reached out to wrap himself back around his baby boy, pull him back against the firm safety of Wade's chest, a gesture of possessiveness and protection. And as much as he didn't trust himself, what was really holding him back was the thought of his sweetie rejecting his touch. He already sorta lost his shit once, he couldn't let himself do it again.

"Peter, this is Patrick. Patty, this is Peter." Unoriginal asshole got a baby boy-lookalike with a baby boy-namealike.

Wade snorted and the jamoke had the grace to look abashed and uncomfortable, standing there with his boy's arm around his waist, closing him in, which he more than deserved. But a part of Wade was fixated on their casual contact, wishing that Petey would be as free with his affection. One day, he would, but that didn't mean that getting there wasn't still a little painful sometimes. Still, other times, Petey's awkward attempts at affection, offered despite his reticence, were just too fucking cute that Wade could barely handle it.

"And who are you supposed to be?" the counterfeit Petey said in the most looking-down-my-nose-at-you way possible. Then, immediately after asking, the brat snapped up a hand like it was the 90s and said "Nevermind, I don't care." Followed a beat later with, "Wait, Peter? The Peter?"

Petey's shoulders hunched sharply and he half-turned to Wade, whose attention was now, mostly, sharply focused on the way 'Patrick' was turning a disbelieving look on the jamoke.

"Wade, will you please take the tree-" Petey started quietly, again, and this time Wade immediately shut him down, no chance of parole.

"No," he said shortly, with just a trace of Dom to make sure Petey didn't keep trying to push him into leaving. He wanted it to be clear how much he was not okay with leaving his baby boy alone with his ex and his ex's catty twink. He'd been reluctantly willing when it was just the jamoke, but not now that there was two of them. Still, Petey opened his mouth again, the only part of his face Wade could really see well from this angle, but before baby boy could speak, before he could try to ask Wade again, that fucking twink was already going at it again.

"This is that whore that cheated on you, Peter?"

Petey flinched and Wade might have drawn on the both of them right then and there if the jamoke didn't look so suddenly alarmed and horrified. "Pat, no! Peter, I never-"

Petey's shoulders had drawn up to his ears, his head bowed down, curling in on himself. Nah, maybe Wade was gonna draw anyway. Ugh no wait, he didn't have the teleporter on him. Man, they're lucky he didn't otherwise he would have grabbed them and poofed out so he could decimate the both of them slowly and out of Petey's POV. To his surprise, wanna-be Petey turned to him, sneer twisting his face as he vomited out some garbage.

"I hope you know that Mark and…" he trailed off to wrinkle his nose and wave imperious fingers towards Petey, and Wade had to dig his fingers into his biceps to keep from cutting off the little shit's hand "-Peter broke up because your boyfriend is a cheating whore. He was letting some gross psychopath fuck him when he had someone like Mark. I bet he's still doing the dirty with that-" he sneered again and made a vague gesture through the air "-other guy, or even someone else. You should probably get out before you walk in on him getting fucked by his dog too."

The jamoke was looking like he wanted to run as far away as fast as possible, but apparently he liked his current boytoy enough to stick close and keep him guarded. If the way he threw his arm around the new twins-bait's shoulder and tried to pull his skinnier boyfriend behind him was any indication. Who, of course, refused to go. But what was most important was the way Petey was hunched over as much as he could without actually curling up into a ball on the floor and hell fucking no, Wade wasn't gonna let this slide. No one got away with insulting Wade's baby boy.

"Technically," Wade said lowly, softly, as he unfurled and prowled around his statue-still baby boy, "Petey cheated on me when he got with your boy," he educated the ignorant fuck as he closed the distance between them. This time, his baby boy didn't so much as reach out a finger to stop him. "Really, I was just getting him back."

The fake Petey stared at him with a raised eyebrow, daring him, like he thought either his boyfriend or their public setting would keep him safe, Deadpool's identity apparently still not clicking, but the jamoke was smarter. He knew Deadpool's reputation, and that the twink's imagined safeguards didn't really exist, and his eyes got wider and his face paler the closer Wade got. Wade didn't stop until he was standing just in front of them, and he ducked down close to get into the twink's face, pulling his med-mask down as he did. It was only when the twink's eyes took note of the condition of Wade's face that the brow began to lower in exchange for confusion and slow-to-dawn recognition.

"Hi," he breathed, grinning widely, sharply, murderously. "I'm Petey's gross, psychopathic dog. And if you ever talk shit again about my baby boy again, your mama's gonna find your corpse on her porch."

"Oh my god!" the twink gasped, recoiling as understanding, and horror, washed over his face, the realization of exactly who he'd provoked finally registering. Wade didn't doubt that the jamoke had told him exactly who Petey had left him for, but his new boy had just been too dumb to put one and one together. He got it now though. Wade's hand was straying towards his knife, just aching to make the math lesson stick, but small fingers brushed his, staying his hand.

"Wade…" Peter said softly, a call to heel. As much as his mouth was foaming for a chance to sink his teeth into his target, Wade was ever the obedient pet to his master. Still, he stayed bent low and kept his gaze fixed with those ugly hazel eyes for a long moment, long enough for the twink to start trembling, before he imparted one last warning:

"You better watch your fucking mouth or else I'm gonna sniff you out and track you down." It was a promise and the twink knew it, if the way he gasped again and stepped back so quickly that he almost tripped over Petey's discarded boytoy was any indication. Surprisingly, the jamoke got between his boy and Wade, jaw set, even though Wade would bet the girls that the jamoke's heart was trying to beat out of his chest.

There was a tug on the back of his sweater, a reminder, and Wade straightened slowly, pulling his med-mask back into place even slower. It was only when it was covering his mouth that he finally walked backwards, stepping around Petey's outstretched arm which fell away as he moved. At last, he resumed his gargoyle position at Petey's back, arms crossing back over his chest to make sure his hands didn't stray. He didn't like not being point in this little confrontation, but he was reluctantly willing to follow his sweetie's lead. At the very least, he could be satisfied with the way his promise had put both the jamoke and his fake baby boy on edge, judging by the way they were watching Wade with wide, fearful, wary eyes, every inhale just a little too deep. Petey was the only one who didn't seem on alert: chin down, shoulders up, and concerningly silent.

Like a cinematic tumbleweed, a shopper with a cart started to turn down their aisle, saw their little Mexican standoff, and wisely backed out and kept going, leaving them in their tense little bubble and making it feel like the world around them had disappeared.

"I'm sorry," Petey said suddenly, softly, head still bowed, drawing both the jamoke's and the twink's eyes. "I wasn't in a good headspace when you asked me out and I shouldn't have said 'yes'. I should have broken up with you when Wade came back to me." Holy fuck if it didn't make Wade burn with a possessive arousal to hear Petey claim him like that, so casually, to his ex. "I shouldn't have done a lot of things, and there were a lot of things I should have done. Including apologize sooner. So, Mark, I'm sorry."

Wade didn't necessarily agree with Petey's urge to apologize, and neither, apparently, did the twink who opened his mouth. But before he could try to offer his unwanted opinion on the topic at hand, he caught sight of Wade's jet-fuel-can-melt-steel-beams glare and snapped his jaw closed again with an audible click. The jamoke, though, just sighed and dropped his face into his hand to rub at his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. Petey shifted his weight to his other foot, fidget setting into his limbs, and Wade was about ready to cut off his own arms to rid himself of the steadily increasing need to touch, to comfort, to maim.

"Thank you," jamoke finally said, voice quiet. "I don't… I don't know if I can ever forgive you for what you did, but I can accept your apology, and I can appreciate you offering one."

Petey nodded. "I understand," he said, and then he went quiet again, still staring at his feet. His copycat was still staring fearfully at Wade, though Wade could see him recollecting his courage, probably to tell Deadpool off, judging by the little tics in his facial muscles. But Petey's ex... he was watching Wade's sweetie with an expression that kept flipping between sadness, consternation, and fondness, and it was time to get the fuck up on outta here before the jamoke offered any kind of "let's be friends" or before Wade offered to dismember either one or both of them.

"Would you look at the time!" Wade chirped with a resounding clap of his hands that echoed like thunder in the tense silence. Petey, the shitstick, and the stereotype all jumped and turned to stare at him, his tone such a drastic shift to the atmosphere that it burst the bubble around them, bringing back the faded sounds of the other shoppers. "So much time, so little to do," he said, walking around his baby boy to pick up the tree box and delighting in the way Petey's ex and his boy scuttled backwards to keep away from him. He paused with a hand on the box, squinting theatrically. "Strike that, reverse it," he finished, circling his index fingers around one another for a moment.

Neither the jamoke nor his counterfeit seemed to understand the quote, but Petey, well used to his references and general antics, just sighed softly at his side. The two numbnuts though were still trying to edge closer to the shelves, away from Wade… but it also brought them closer to Petey, where Wade didn't want either of them. Wade hoisted the tree up onto his shoulder and turned as he stepped away, keeping his body angled towards his baby boy who could protect himself but often wouldn't as long as he was in his civies; it was, unfortunately, unlikely that his ex would try to hit him again, but Wade wouldn't put it past the twink to be stupid enough to try to slap Petey at least once.

When Petey didn't move to follow for too long a moment, Wade let a little Dom into his voice when he gave a low, prompting "Petey…". Petey startled, head jerking up towards Wade and cheeks colouring as he shifted his weight and jammed his hands in his hoodie's pocket. He still responded beautifully to Wade's Dom voice, still got hot and bothered in all the best ways, even after six months of proper dating, even after three (two? Did Wade's year off planet subtract one from their overall relationship score?) years of being together, his innocent little sweetie was still so susceptible. One of these days, he was going to introduce Petey to the wonderful world of BDSM and he'd get to find out if knowing what Wade was doing got him even hotter.

"Um, yeah, okay," Petey said quietly, taking a step towards Wade, in a way that almost felt like he was angling for Wade to throw his free arm around his shoulders, to pull him in, but that gorgeous, expressive face was still closed off and that mouth-watering body was still closed down, stiff and halting. It was even worse than it was in the beginning, but that might have been because their relationship wasn't one-sided any longer. Not without a great deal of deliberation, Wade kept his hands to himself, though his resolution to do so was being tempted with each passing second and wasn't likely to survive passed the door of Petey's apartment. "Mark, if you want your ring back, just let me know," Petey offered, even though Wade knew he could, and should, hock it and get a little cash out of it to treat himself for once.

"That's uh- that's okay. You can keep it," the jamoke said, he and his twink slowly straightening from their defensive postures now that Wade was positioned to move away from them.

"You sure?" his too-giving love asked, shoulders still up by his ears. "I'm probably just gonna pawn it?"

Jamoke's eyes flicked to Wade, and Wade understood - it wasn't that Petey's ex didn't care about the ring, he just didn't want to do anything to attract Wade's ire. Smart move.

"Yeah, it's fine," jamoke said, beginning to straighten, shoulders going back, chin rising - not because he was looking to provoke Wade, but because he was falling back into the comfort of his own skin. Wade could admit, grudgingly, only to himself, that if Wade had never gotten involved with Petey, then his ex would have been good for him. Except for that time he took a swing at Wade's sweetheart, he seemed to have taken care of Petey during their time together.

Wade would gut him without a second thought.

"It's not an heirloom," jamoke was saying. "And I bought it for you so it wouldn't be right to propose to someone else with it." He'd apparently found enough courage to even finish his words with a bit of a laugh to his voice.

"Alright," Petey said slowly, ever resistant to what he perceived as charity and clearly trying to decide if that's what the jamoke was doing. "I guess I'll see you around," he said with a small wave before he finally started walking towards Wade and the checkout. Wade gave both the jamoke and his baby boy-wannabe a look that he meant to convey that no, they wouldn't be seeing Petey again if Wade had anything to say about it. They both swallowed and averted their eyes, and Wade nodded before turning to follow Petey out.

Petey didn't stop or look back once as he made his way to the cashiers, and Wade trailed silently after him, hating the tense line of Petey's shoulders, the way it read like Petey was uncomfortable having Wade at his back. His baby boy didn't even say anything when they reached the register, just pulled the ornament he'd chosen out of his hoodie pocket, placed it on the conveyor belt, and kept walking, right out the door. Leaving behind a still-angry Wade. An anxious Wade.

It was a good thing that the cashier worker was untalkative and efficient because Wade's temper was volatile at the best of times, but at the moment, the volcano of his fury was ready to blow at the slightest provocation. He wasn't angry at Petey. He kinda wanted to be, but he couldn't, and he kinda hated that he couldn't hate Petey. He'd tried before, every single time he'd been turned away, but he couldn't help but to love that baby boy of his with all his black little heart. He'd kill for him - not like that was a trial or anything; and he'd die for him - if he could. Instead, all Wade could do was live for him - as terrifying as that was; be there for him - when Petey allowed it.

He paid for the tree and Petey's ornament, his own ornament and the candy he'd raided stuffed in his hoodie pocket, pilfered and unpaid for without guilt, and snatched the bag from the cashier's hand. She gave him a venomous glare for his discourtesy and, any other time, Wade might have waited for her after her shift to punish her for her slight. But he had a baby boy to chase so appeased himself with the pull of a trigger from a finger gun and left without a word, tree box over his shoulder and parting the crowd towards the door in ways his appearance couldn't always accomplish in a place like NYC.

To his surprise, Petey was waiting for him right outside the store's door, but he didn't give Wade a chance to speak, just took the bag from Wade's hand without a word and set off down the street. That Petey did so without even looking Wade in the face or letting the bare skin of his fingers brush Wade's gloves was like being stabbed in the heart. Both physically and emotionally and unfortunately, Wade had plenty experience with both. And just like every other time Wade had been stabbed in the chest, he had no other choice than to just let it happen. And, since he didn't want to leave his baby boy alone in this state, he had no other choice but to follow him, feeling both disappointed that Petey was pulling away from him again, but pleased that he wasn't pulling away entirely. Otherwise, he wouldn't have waited for Wade at all.

Petey surprised him yet again when he bypassed the entrance for the subway - his baby boy tended to retreat to the depths of his apartment when faced with uncomfortable situations, and Wade had figured he'd be trying to get home ASAP. Instead, it was the start of a slow, meandering walk through the blocks and blocks of darkening, crowded, wet sidewalks. It might have been easier to handle if Wade had at least been able to walk side-by-side with his sweetie, keep him company hand-in-hand like their trip to the store, but Petey taking the shopping bag and walking away had set the tone for the entire return trip. As much as it grated Wade to do so, as much as he wanted to make sure that Petey was doing alright, that he was warm and comfortable and, most importantly, that he was still Wade's, he kept a good fifteen feet between him and Petey. His eyes remained glued to the way his baby boy weaved seamlessly through the crowd and ignoring the way the Christmas tree box over his shoulder was forging a path for him. Well, mostly ignored. A few punks tried to get lippy as they walked by, and if they were tall enough, Wade just had to turn to knock them in the head with the tail end of the box, but for the shorter punks, he had to wildly swing the box from one arm to the other, which usually nearly knocked them over.

All in all, that little bit of vindictive amusement was the only thing keeping Wade from sliding headfirst into the black pit of his burning depression and insecurity. The situation bore too many similarities to the time Wade came home after a year and found Petey with someone else, and yet, it was so wildly different that it left him feeling unmoored. At least back then, even though Petey had still 'hated' him, he'd still known that his baby boy was still his, that he would still let Wade make him feel good before kicking him out. It should be the same, minus the kicking out; Wade should still be able to push Petey down and have his way with him, take him out of his mind and make him feel good for a short while, but with a comforting cuddle afterwards. Instead, he couldn't get a read on his sweetie's mood, couldn't figure out if Petey was regretting ever saying yes to Wade in the first place, if he was regretting telling Wade that he was his. It got to the point that Wade couldn't be sure if he was more anxious about consoling his own worries or making sure that his baby boy was alright. Well, not quite true: Petey always took precedence over everyone, even- especially himself.

Wade tried not to dwell on the possibility that he might not be feeling so insecure and anxious had Petey managed to use his words to confess his feelings at any point in the past. It needed to come naturally, and Wade would weather the fucking apocalypse if he needed to in order to wait for its honest evocation.

Over half a day after they'd left Petey's apartment for the store, they finally arrived back home. Wade was still slowly ascending the several floors of stairs when the sound of Petey unlocking and opening his door floated down to him. By the time he reached his baby boy's floor, he found the front door open which was hopefully a good sign that Petey wasn't trying to shut him out. Unfortunately, it was just as likely to have been left open as a result of Petey's forgetfulness. His little danger magnet barely locked his door half the time, which Wade couldn't exactly begrudge him because he never locked his own door, but at least everyone in any of his apartment complexes weren't dumb enough to rob someone like him, someone who was frequently coming and going and always with more than one visible weapon on his person. Petey, on the other hand, looked like a teddy bear could beat him in a fight, and just because he could kick anyone's ass, including Wade's, that didn't mean he had to leave himself in a position where that was necessary.

When Wade finally walked in and closed (and locked) the door behind him, Petey's TV stand had been moved further along the wall, closer to his bedroom door, leaving the far corner empty. Empty for everything except Petey himself who was just staring blankly at the plain white wall, shoulders barely moving with each breath.

He kinda wished that he could be angry at his baby boy, but the few times he had been in the past, it was more 'annoyed' than actual 'anger'. And unfortunately, his anger at the jamoke and his garbage-spewing baby-boy-wannabe had faded to a low simmer during their hours-long walk from store to home. Instead, he just felt… tired, in a way he hadn't felt in the last six months of such pure, unadulterated happiness. He'd hoped he'd never have to feel it again, that exhausting depression that always ended with him in his la-z-boy with his D-Eagle in his mouth, but in the back of his mind, he'd been waiting for its inevitable return. Because no matter how hard he fought for what he wanted, there was always some bigger asshole than him out there, deciding that Wade couldn't keep what he'd earned, and he'd been waiting for the day that asshole to come take his baby boy away from him. And it looked like that day would be today and it looked like that asshole was gonna be his sweetie's ex, even if Petey couldn't, or just didn't, go back to him.

Wade watched him for a long moment, waiting for a sign that his presence was even still welcome, trying to figure out if his old approach to Petey-in-a-bad-mood would even work. If he could just get all handsy until Petey folded beneath him, but he had the feeling that his baby boy wouldn't fight him like he used to, if he allowed it. He'd probably either safeword for the first time in months, or he'd just lay there, quiet and pliable and just… unresisting, taking what Wade gave him without a noise, that dead look on his face that made Wade want to destroy the world. Wade wouldn't be able to take that. Not after having to deal with the jamoke again, and especially not after having to watch his baby boy interact with his ex-side ho.

It was a long time before Wade managed to move his feet, before he managed to step up next to Petey and put the tree box silently down in front of them. Petey just stared at the wall, eyes unseeing, and Wade just stared at Petey, looking for a sign that he should stay. Or one that he should go. Really, any sign about anything at all, but Petey just stood there, expression vacant, and Wade sighed. He should just go. Head to the dark, cold, empty apartment he hadn't thought of as 'home' since 'home' became a small apartment filled with the life of his sweetheart. He'd wait and hope for a text from his sweetie, but in the meantime, he had an appointment with his D-Eagle to help him forget about how his happiness was slipping through his fingers and burning down around him.

"Catch ya 'round, baby boy," Wade murmured, daring to reach over and ruffle Petey's hair and tempting fate by leaning down to press a med-masked kiss to his temple; he hadn't bothered to take it off or pull down his hood when he got in, unsure if he was going to be able to stay.

Petey jerked as Wade pulled away, turning towards him with wide eyes and the first signs of life since the jamoke showed up. "What?" he asked, sounding startled, no trace of the earlier hollowness present. "Did a job come up?" he asked, brow pinching.

"No…" Wade said slowly, turning to face him more fully, frowning at the way Petey's frown deepened at his answer.

"You're… not staying?" Petey asked, sounding confused, and confusedly hurt.

Wade raised an eyebrow. "Did you want me to?"

That adorable little frown deepened. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Idunno," Wade shrugged, hesitantly reaching up to push his hood back and his mask down, since Petey for some reason preferred to see his face. "Maybe 'cuz you've been the walking dead and kinda ignoring me since we saw your ex-side piece?" There was a bit of venom in Wade's voice that he didn't bother trying to hide. It had never been a secret how much he hated Petey being with someone else, he'd just dealt with it by leaning even harder into his baby boy's denial. "Just tryna' figure out if I'm gonna have to drag you back from him again or not."

This time, Petey straight up recoiled, horror sweeping across his face. "What?! Wade, no! No!" He surged suddenly forward and Wade nearly flinched but Petey was already curling his fingers into Wade's hoodie, chin tilted up to stare directly into Wade's eyes. His expression was… Wade was hesitant to call it 'desperate' or 'panicked', not when Petey was always slow to show his emotions towards Wade, if he showed them at all. Had Wade already gone back to his apartment and done a little metallic barrel frenching? Was he just hallucinating the wetness in his baby boy's eyes, a bit of pre-resurrection heaven?

"Please, please don't leave," Petey begged, tugging on the front of Wade's hoodie. Deja vu warped Wade's vision for a moment, overlapping the image of a frantic Petey with a quietly blissful one, lips red from Wade's kisses. "I'm sorry," Petey said, fracturing the overlap. "I'm- please, don't leave. I'm sorry," he said again, voice soft as he tugged on the front of Wade's hoodie, body pressed up close to Wade's like he was trying to crawl right up into Wade.

Just like that, the clamouring of Wade's insecurities faded, leaving only a whisper of confusion: why did you pull away from me?

"Hey hey, sh, it's okay," Wade murmured, lifting his arms and wrapping them around Petey's shoulders. There was a moment when his baby boy didn't move, wide brown eyes fixed on his face, and then Petey let out a long breath. He practically deflated against Wade, his eyes falling closed before his face disappeared against Wade's chest, his breaths just a little too slow and steady and hot through the thick fabric of Wade's hoodie. Wade pulled him in tighter and raised one hand to thread his regretfully-still-gloved fingers through the soft strands of his baby boy's hair as he bent down and pressed his lips to the top of Petey's fluffy head and left them there. "It's okay, sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere."

Suddenly, there was a strange rumbling sound between them, and after a startled pause, Petey went rigid in his arms.



"...Yeah?" Petey's response was muffled, his arms tightening around Wade's waist, as if he was preemptively preventing Wade from looking at his face. Which Wade would bet was bright red in embarrassment right now.

"When was the last time you ate?" Normally, Wade was really good at making sure his baby boy got fed up, whether it was with takeout or his own cooking, but when he'd showed up this morning, Petey had dragged him right back out the door. And there hadn't been so much as a snack since they'd left hours ago.

"Um… It might have been last night?" Petey said, voice tentative, as if he was already anticipating Wade's disappointment - by now, he knew well how invested Wade was in his health, especially when it came to getting enough to eat.

Wade sighed and lifted an arm from Petey's shoulders. Petey's arms tightened further, almost painfully, but Wade fisted his fingers in his baby boy's hair and pulled his face out of hiding against Wade's chest. Sure enough, Petey's face was red, and his eyes were too clearly avoiding Wade's.

"Baby boy…" Wade said with enough Dom-disappointment to make Petey's shoulders lift up to his ears. "You know how I feel about that."

"I'm sorry," Petey whispered, shame thick in his voice. Wade sighed again and released Petey's hair but Petey, like a good boy, didn't try to hide again. The arms around Wade's waist even loosened, hands retreating as far as the pocket on Wade's hoodie, but they stayed there, as if Petey was afraid to let him go. Though Wade derived no joy from expressing his disappointment, he couldn't help but feel proud that Petey was paying attention to his cues, but more than that, that he wasn't pulling away from him again.

"How about this," Wade started as he shifted the hand that had been in Petey's hair to under his chin, tilting his face up. Petey's eyes stayed averted for a few beats before they finally met Wade's, and this time, Wade believed the wetness he saw on his baby boy's lashes. "I'm gonna make a food run, and when I get back, we're going to assemble that tree and we're going to talk, okay? Because I really need you to talk to me about why you pulled away and I want to make sure it doesn't happen again because it really worries me, okay?"

Petey stared at him a moment longer before he nodded hesitantly. "You... " he started and then trailed off. Wade waited patiently for him to find his courage. "You're not mad at me?"

"Fuck, baby boy, I could never be mad at you," Wade said with a soft laugh. "I'm just worried, yeah? Whatever headspace you were in, I don't think it was good for you."

"Okay," Petey said softly, gaze falling away, but his fingers stayed tight in the hem of Wade's hoodie pocket. "Promise you're coming back?"

Wade held up his pinky right in front of Petey's face, and after a moment, Petey curled his own pinkie around it. "Super serious pinky promise," Wade promised solemnly.

His baby boy's responding laugh was a little wet, but it was a laugh all the same. Wade smiled as he kissed Petey's forehead and then he reluctantly pulled away, resisting the urge to kiss Petey's mouth instead. Petey's arms were slow to fall away too, and Wade ended up walking backwards to the door with those strong little fingers holding tight to his clothes. When he got to the door, he had to open it without looking because wide, worried brown eyes were fixed on his and weren't falling away either. "Super serious pinky promise: I'll be right back with as much food as I can carry."

"Okay," Petey whispered, but his hands still hadn't fallen away. Then, he surged forward again, rising up on the tips of his toes to press a fast, chaste kiss to Wade's slack-with-surprise mouth. "Right back." he echoed, and he finally let go.

"Right back," Wade confirmed, and then stepped out of the apartment, pulling the door closed on Petey's sad face.

Wade stood there for just a beat too long, repressing the need to get back in there right now, and then he turned and raced down the stairs. He'd made a few food runs for Petey in the past, but he'd never tried making one so fast. The look on Petey's face as he closed the door followed him like a ghost to the nearest food place - pizza - and he had to suppress the desire to pull out his knife and threaten the employees to go faster because he knew logically that a pie could only cook so fast.

Standing there in that pizza joint, waiting for their food to cook was the longest twenty minutes of Wade's life. The second he had the stack of boxes in his hands, he was out the door again, but the crowds were no more willing to move out of the way of a large man carrying ten pizza boxes than they were a costumed man wearing no less than six visible weapons, and it took even longer to get back to the apartment than it had to get get to the pizza place.

The door of Petey's apartment bounced off the wall when Wade barged in, and then he had to pause on the threshold, confused at the dark apartment, lit only by the rainbow lights on the tree in the corner. Wade didn't know how to interpret the fact that it was already set up.

"Baby boy?" he called out as he slowly closed and locked the door behind him, eyes searching for the familiar form of his sweety in the gloom.

"Here," came the reply, for some reason low to the floor near the tree.

Wade stepped cautiously forward, and when he got close enough to see over the back of the couch, he nearly dropped the stack of pizza boxes. Because Petey was naked almost-under the tree, reclining on his duvet and all the pillows from his bed laid out on the floor. The rainbow lights across his bare skin were even better than Wade had been imagining.

"What's this, sweetie?" Wade breathed as he stepped around the couch and deposited the pizzas safely on the coffee table.

As he got closer, the bright blush on Petey's face was gloriously apparent, but it was the ribbon tied in a bow around the base of his baby boy's hard cock that nearly made Wade trip.

"I didn't mean to make you worry," Petey said quietly, very much not meeting Wade's eyes, which was good because they were probably a little wide in surprise that Petey was actually managing to initiate this conversation instead of Wade having to drag it from him. "I didn't mean to make you think that… that I was going to leave you, or that I was regretting choosing you, or anything like that. I was thinking about Mark-" the mere sound of the jamoke's name on his baby boy's lips made Wade's temper flare again, but Wade carefully held it at bay to hear what Petey had to say, "-but I was thinking about how… how horrible I was to him, but how horrible I was to you too. Mostly I was thinking about how I never apologized to you for how I treated you, for how I stayed with-" Petey's eyes darted up at the same time Wade's mouth tightened, which Petey apparently saw because he suddenly coughed and waved his hand vaguely through the air "-with you-know-who, even when you came back. You were always more patient with me than I deserved and you were always more loyal to me than I was to you and I just… I never said I was sorry."

"Oh baby boy," Wade murmured as he finally got his feet to move closer so he could drop to his knees at Petey's hip. "I know you are." He didn't bother to restrain his need to touch, but he did pull his gloves off before he laid his palm on Petey's bare belly. The muscles under his hand trembled deliciously at his touch, but Wade didn't let it distract him. Yet. "I always forgave you for it. I wouldn't have kept coming back if I hadn't. Like I keep telling you, I just want to make you feel good, I just want you to be happy."

Petey's smile was wobbly but not watery. "I am happy," he whispered, so shyly that Wade wanted to wrap his arms around him and stuff him with his cock and never let go or pull out. "I'm happy with you." He stopped, but Wade could tell by his too-steady breathing and the way he averted his eyes that he wasn't done yet. Was he about to say what Wade so desperately wanted to hear? "I- I-" His eyes darted up to Wade's and the hand on Petey's belly told him that they both inhaled and held their breaths in sync. "I'm still yours."

Holy fucking shit it wasn't the three super magical words but they were magical all-the-same and Wade would sure as hell take them.

"Yeah?" he breathed out.

His baby boy nodded and then suddenly twisted in place, dislodging Wade's hand. Before he had time to even be confused, Petey resettled onto his belly, arms crossed under his head and red cheeks still facing Wade. Something on his skin drew Wade's attention and his gaze fell on four damning letters tramp-stamped on the base of Petey's spine in permanent marker.


A sharp inhale forced air into his lungs and his brain might have blue-screened for a moment.

"I'm still yours," Petey whispered again. "I'm still yours."

"You know what I'm thinking right now, baby boy?" Wade managed to ask as he stood and began to pull off his clothes. Before his very hungry eyes, Petey's eyes went dark in the dim glow of the tree's rainbow lights, and his body trembled with each article of clothing Wade dropped to the ground with a soft thwump.

"Tell me, Wade," Petey whispered, but it wasn't a demand. Wade hummed as he knelt naked astride Petey's thighs, closing the hard muscles of his own thighs around the soft, slim limbs. His own cock was hard and he palmed the two perfect globes of Petey's ass, squeezing the muscle and then spreading, giving room for his cock to slide teasingly between them.

"I'm thinking about what I told you I wanted to do to you when we got home," Wade said, slowly sliding the wide span of both his palms, and the spread of his fingers, up Petey's back on either side of his spine with firm pressure. Petey whimpered and haltingly pulled his arms out from under his head to fist the duvet on either side of his shoulders just as Wade reached the ridge of his shoulder blades, and they only curled tighter when Wade dragged his hands back down. "Do you remember?" he asked as he began to tug on the base of his baby boy's plug.

Petey's soft mouth parted on a ragged inhale and a tremble setup in the body pinned under Wade's as Wade teased a little more of the plug from Petey's hole with each gentle pull. "Yes, Wade."

"Good boy," Wade murmured, and finally pulled the silicone free. Petey let out weak moan, though Wade couldn't have said if the cause was his praise or from suddenly being so empty. Either way, Wade consoled him by hooking his thumb in the slow-to-close hole, pulling gently at the rim as he fished the bottle of lube he always carried around with him out of his jeans pocket.

"You ready?" Wade asked a bit redundantly as he slicked up his cock. He already knew what the answer would be but it made his chest tight and warm even now to hear how much Petey wanted him when he let himself.

"Please, Wade," Petey moaned, not quite an answer. Any other day, or even if their day hadn't been interrupted by by his sweetie's ex, Wade might have really made him really beg for it, tease him for at least half an hour now that he could without fear of being kicked out before either of them could get off. But today, today Petey deserved an award for opening up to him, for not closing down on him, for initiating the conversation they both needed to have.

"Anything for you, baby boy," Wade whispered as he pushed in.

He kept it slow, making his sweetie feel every inch of his cock as it sank inside, and Petey moaned so very responsively, only wobbling into silence when Wade paused with his hips flush to his baby boy's ass. He didn't exactly mean to stay there, but as soon as he was inside Petey, he didn't have the strength to leave for a moment, delighting in the fact that being here, being able to be inside the tight, warm heat of his sweetie meant that Petey was still his, was still willingly his and wanted to be his. Like a magnet, his fingers found the letters marking his claim on his baby boy's skin.

"I wonder how well your skin would hold a tattoo," he mused softly. "A permanent mark for everyone to see that you belong to me." Petey trembled under him, the fingers fisting the duvet next to his shoulders turning white from the strength of his grip. "Or I could carve it into your skin, so that no one else would touch what was mine. I'd have to be careful," he said slowly, imaging taking one one of his knives to Petey's skin to carve out his name. Maybe a new blade, so that none of the taint of past kills would reach his sweetie. He didn't like hurting Petey, but the thought of leaving his mark, of Petey letting him leave his mark, only made his cock throb with arousal. "Deep enough to scar but not too deep, not deep enough to damage."

Petey groaned but the music of the sound was lost when he turned his face into his pillow to muffle it.

"None of that now, sweetie," Wade said, not unkindly as he fisted Petey's hair and put his head back. To make sure he stayed there, Wade palmed the side of his head and pushed down, pinning his head in place. "You know how much I love to hear how much you love what I do to you."

"S-sorry," Petey gasped, and Wade hummed as he finally pushed his other palm against his name on the base of Petey's spine. He leaned forward, carefully balancing his weight between the hand forcing the side of Petey's head into the pillow and the hand forcing Petey's belly to the floor. All of the strength in his body at its full power wouldn't be enough to keep his sweetie in place… unless his sweetie allowed it. The frequency with which he did never ceased to make Wade glow.

"How about I just hold you here so you're not tempted to move?" Wade said as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in, and Petey whimpered as he clenched tight around Wade on the in-stroke.

"Ye-es," his sweetie stuttered, his hips shifting like he was trying to fuck himself on Wade's cock but couldn't with Wade holding him down like he was. "Please, please," he begged softly.

"It's alright, sweetheart, I've got you," Wade soothed. And then he slightly completely ruined it a moment later when he began to fuck in hard, slamming into Petey as fast as he could and making their skin slap together.

"AH!" Petey cried out, the sound of his pleasure echoing through the otherwise-silence of the apartment. His body bucked, his greater strength nearly dislodging Wade and Wade shoved down hard, pushing him back into place.

"None of that either, baby boy," Wade chided, leaning more of his weight onto both Petey's head and spine. "You'll take what I give you and you'll stay still for it."

"Oh my god," Petey moaned, the thighs pressed tight between Wade's knees starting to shake.

"Am I your god, Petey?" Wade asked, bearing down hard and fucking into him even harder.

"Always, Wade, always mine," Petey managed between jolting thrusts, but Wade fell still at his words.

"Am I yours, Petey?" he asked, leaning close, putting even more of his weight onto Petey to get his mouth right by his baby boy's ear, knowing Petey could handle it. "Do I belong to you like you belong to me?"

"Always," Petey gasped again. "Please!"

"As my master commands," Wade said. "As my Petey commands."

This time when he started, he didn't bother starting slow, just immediately gave in to his need to fuck hard and to fuck fast. Every thrust brought a tight clench of the walls around him and a ragged gasp dragged from Petey's mouth, and a grunt from Wade's. It had been a long time since he'd been able to raw his baby boy good and hard, and as much as he loved to take his time with such things, to make love to his love who deserved all the best things in the word, Wade couldn't deny that he also loved to wreck this sweet ass, pound it until Petey couldn't stand, until he was weak from Wade's love.

"You know what I just realized?" Wade panted out suddenly, the words falling from his tongue the second they crossed his mind. Petey was looking too fucked out to reply properly, red mouth parted and eyes wide glazed, but he shifted his back under Wade's hand all the same and let out a semblance of a whimper. "I realized that I've never tried making you come without my hand around your pretty cock before. And since you can't help yourself and I have to help you stay still, I can't reach that lovely dick of yours. I think now's the perfect time to see how well you can come on my cock, don't you?"

The sound that Petey let out was completely broken, a wreck of an agreement, but it was an agreement all the same. It made the wet sound of Wade's cock fucking into him that much louder, somehow; it was a sound Wade had frequently contemplated recording, so he could hear it even when Petey wouldn't let him stay around, but now, he could make that sound whenever he wanted. It made the orgasm coiled in his belly all the tighter, and he knew he could could come at any time, but coming never felt so good than when Petey was coming around him, his walls convulsing and grabbing at Wade's cock, keeping him tight inside.

"You close, baby boy?" he asked, still bent low towards Petey's ear. The only downfall of this position, of holding his baby boy down, was that he couldn't reach his sweet mouth, couldn't kiss the air from his lungs. He knew that even if he could, even if it meant Petey would be gasping for breath, he'd still chase after Wade's mouth, after his kisses.

"Wade," Petey moaned, as good a sign as any, especially when his body was so pliant under Wade's pinning hands, when his eyes were still so unfocused.

"Are you my good boy?" Wade whispered in the dark tone of his Dom voice. Like every other time he'd asked that, Petey clenched tight around him, his body voicing how much he enjoyed Wade's praise when his vocal cords couldn't.

"Always," Petey gasped like a broken record, but the kind of broken record Wade would happily listen to for days on end.

"Then I want you to come for me," Wade said, still in his Dom voice. "I want you to come on my cock and show me how much of a good boy you could be for me."

The only response he received was a long, low moan, and a slow rippling of the walls wrapped around his cock that abruptly changed to a tight clenching convulsion. It was only then that Wade let his own orgasm wash over him, only then that he let the coil in his belly loosen, but he didn't stop the pistoning of his hips until his body started to tremble from overstimulation and Petey's blank eyes were leaking tears, his body shaking wildly under Wade.

Slowly, Wade fell still, his hips pressed as tightly to Petey's ass as was physically possible, feeling that clawing need to crawl right into his sweetie and take up residence in his chest rising in his own chest. Instead, Wade slid the hand on Petey's spine around his waist and wormed it underneath his lax form, not stopping until he was cupping his baby boy's soft wet cock in his hand. Petey jerked but didn't try to dislodge him, and Wade shifted his weight until he was laying flat on his sweetie's back.

"You're so good for me, baby boy," he whispered as he pressed kisses to Petey's slack mouth until Petey began to return them. He left his hand tangled in the soft brown strands of his baby boy's messy hair and used it to guide Petey to his whim. "Always so perfect, sweetie."

Petey whimpered into his mouth but didn't try to stop his kisses, didn't so much as shift in discomfort even as Wade started to grow hard inside his come-slick heat again. Those gorgeous brown eyes stayed half-lidded through each press of lips, even when Wade swept his tongue across the limp one in Petey's mouth, even when Petey's tongue clumsily chased his in return.

For some reason, being so close to see those pretty eyes he loved so much reminded him of the hazel eyes of the counterfeit-Petey he'd been faced with hours ago, and he was struck with the terrifying thought: Where would he be right now if he'd never offered Spidey that blowjob years ago? The answer was just as quick to come to him, and nearly crushed him with its lonely potential: he'd be alone in his apartment or trying to bribe a prostitute to let him fuck them. Out there, there was some version of him that never made that offer to that Spidey, who was probably sticking his D-Eagle in his mouth at this very moment as that Petey was getting busy with that jamoke.

"I'm so fucking in love with you, Petey," Wade murmured, overcome with a frightening excess of both love and gratitude, so much so that he had to break from Petey's mouth to press his forehead to his baby boy's and close his eyes. "You don't know how lucky I am that you're mine."

"I- I do," Petey croaked, surprising Wade into blinking open his eyes and pulling back. The same brown eyes that had been glazed over a minute ago were clearer now, though the lashes were wet from the tears Petey had shed when Wade had pushed him past what he could handle. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm lucky that I'm yours. I don't know where I'd be without you, Wade."

Wade snorted. "You'd probably be under your jamoke inst-EAD!" he yelped in surprise when the tight heat wrapped around his cock suddenly clenched tight, interrupting him and forcing him into an unexpected silence as his hips ground against Petey's ass for a brief second before the muscles in his back untensed and Wade settled down again.

"No, Wade," Petey said softly, shaking his head gently enough to not dislodge the fingers in his hair. "I don't think I would be. I'd be alone here in my cold, dark apartment, either doing my homework or putting on my suit. I was lonely before we got together, but I was lonelier after you disappeared for a year. Everything was too quiet without you and even if I didn't want to admit it, even to myself, I missed you more than anything. I didn't want to accept it, originally, but you are the best thing to happen to me. That's why I stayed with you. Because I was yours the very first time you touched me."

Wade stared at him for a long moment in sheer disbelief, then joy ballooned in his chest until he could barely breath. Without warning, he pulled his hips back and fucked his hard cock right back into his baby boy, hard enough to make Petey yelp. And then he did it again and didn't stop.

"You know what saying things like that does to me, sweetheart," Wade growled, fisting Petey's hair tight enough to make him gasp. And then Petey's mouth curled into a mischievous smile that Wade had never been graced with before.

"I know," Petey said slyly. "Do you know what it does to me when you call me 'sweetheart'?"

The grin that split Wade's face might have been terrifying to anyone else. He suddenly levered himself onto his knees and shifted backwards until just the head of his cock was inside that sweet, pink little hole. Petey looked over his shoulder at him and Wade grabbed his hips bruisingly with both hands and hauled him up onto his knees and backwards on Wade's cock. Petey groaned at being filled again so suddenly, his head falling down between his shoulders. Wade let go of one of Petey's hips to thread his fingers back through his hair and pull his head back.

"Why don't you show me what it does to you?" Wade said in the dark, demanding tone of his Dom voice. "Sweetheart."

It was only later that night, after Petey had fallen asleep against his chest in of their little nest under the Christmas tree, that Wade carefully extracted the (thankfully) stain-free curl of long, red ribbon that had been wrapped around his baby boy's pretty cock and stashed it in his jeans' pocket as a keepsake. The ornament he picked out, the Beauty and the Beast ornament, extracted from his hoodie pocket, went on the coffee table next to the cold stack of forgotten pizzas and the ornament Petey had picked out: Beauty and the Beast.