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Choose Your Hero

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HoundDog: Come on, guys. Why can't I play Reinhardt?

WantedDoA: First of all, Grant says that a well-balanced team could increase our chances of winning. Second of all, when you play Reinhardt, you keep making Thor jokes, and it's driving us crazy.

HoundDog: Come on, those are practically asking to be made!

LucyInTheSky: Shawn, aren't some of your friends in this tournament?

Bloody_Sunday: Yep. Mark, Bob, and Wade are playing too. Dunno if they're on the same team, though.

LucyInTheSky: Hope you don't feel bad that we're going to kick their asses.

UrAFir3w0rk: Doubt it. Otherwise, he'd be playing with them.

WantedDoA: The Play of the Game Reward rule is in effect, right?

LucyInTheSky: *Lol* Of course. Every time one of us gets Play of the Game, he or she gets a point. One point, one reward.

HoundDog: And I know exactly what I'm gonna use mine for.

Yellow_Brick_Road: All right, so everyone's picked their hero. Sound off! Reinhardt, bringing the wrath of a titan!

HoundDog: Genji, saying cowabunga!

LucyInTheSky: *Lol* Mercy, ready to heal!

Bloody_Sunday: Lucio, here to drop the beat!

UrAFir3w0rk: D.Va, locked and loaded.

WantedDoA: Hanzo, bow at the ready!

Yellow_Brick_Road: Okay, everyone. Let's do this!