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take that risk, step with me ( kiss my lips )

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“Kay, I am not participating in the film. I already told you, I will help with lights, make certain people are where they need to be, organize the list… I will do anything you ask of me, but not this.” Cassian is not budging - he refuses to kiss a complete and total stranger on camera, even if it was for Kay’s final project. If he had needed another person so badly, he should have had extras… or he could kiss someone instead.

“The film is called Twenty First Kisses not nineteen , or eighteen , or any other number. I did have an extra, but no one is answering their phones - we need to leave immediately, if we are to finish the setup before the first group arrives. Come now, Cassian, it is only one kiss.”

Yeah, yeah. Just one kiss with a stranger, all for his best friend’s final film project, a piece of reality, that would pair up a group of strangers and have them share a first kiss. The idea had sounded interesting at the beginning, primarily because Cassian had laughed at Kay’s discomfort, because only his friend would choose something so intimate from a literal giant hat of topics. Now he was loathing the assignment, because of course he was having to get involved.

“You had a signup sheet! How is there not enough men signed up?” The list was pretty well split - he needed thirty of each gender, so that there would be five kisses between two men, five between two women, and ten between a man and a woman. All of them were college students, all of them had volunteered for this, and somehow, Cassian couldn’t grasp the concept that they were somehow short a man.

“It appears as though a number of the extra men are well known on campus. I attempted to organize everyone using social media and their majors, and the female that is left cannot be connected with any of them.” Of course . Kay had run the data, and background checks, and likely stalked every person that had signed up. It made sense. Perfect sense. Totally wasn’t weird at all.

“I’m not kissing a random stranger, Kay. Not even for you.” And that was final. He wasn’t going to argue this further.

“The woman without a partner is a double STEM major, and apparently gets into loud arguments with anyone that tells her she is wrong, including professors… I looked into her, Cassian. She’s exactly the sort of woman that you would be attracted to after a few shots of tequila, and me telling you to not pursue her.”

And that... that had Cassian pausing. He knew that, for the sake of the experiment to be authentic, they were not allowed to know anything about the person, for it to be entirely fresh, but hearing those words, to hear that the person he might be kissing was exactly his type, well… He didn’t have a type, but he was interested to know who Kay thought his type might be.

“If I do this, you have to help me finish my thesis, and help me practice presenting it. And you have to do it without complaint. And clean the kitchen for the next two weeks, after I cook.”

Kay seems to be seriously considering it - because of course , Cassian was never going to just agree to this, but whatever Kay had thought to bargain, it wasn’t this. In the end though, his taller friend offers out a hand to shake on it, and Cassian takes it.

He’ll kiss the stranger, both because he needs what he bargained for, and because he wants to meet her… but mostly for the help. He really does need it.



She feels awkward heading into the theater, because when she had signed up for this, it had only just been because she had to - the theater class had required that they view one play and participate in one project, and given that this one had been a one day participation project, she had signed up. There had only been one spot left, and she had forgotten to see what she would be doing, but at least she was going to get this out of the way - the play she had seen the first weekend of the semester had been atrocious, so this couldn’t be any worse than that.

She was confused, though, because when she had gotten the text message confirming her participation, he hadn’t exactly told her what she would be doing - just told her what time to be there, and to use a side entrance, which was odd, because why not just enter through the theater doors? And the time to show up - four forty-five was an oddly specific time, and rather late in the day as well. Still, she did as told, dressed in casual clothes, jeans and a hoodie, and she had even brushed her hair, and because it was late enough in the day, she hadn’t had to force herself to wake up early on a Saturday.

Opening up the side door, she’s greeted by a woman with a checklist, looking utterly bored. Jyn raises an eyebrow, surprised to see no one else… which tells her that something is probably off.

“Uh, I was told to be here at 4:45?”

“Jyn Erso?”

She gives a nod, and the woman hops down off of the seat she was on, pointing out a door behind her. “You’re the last one. You’re going to head through that door, and answer a few questions, and then you’ll go meet the other person. The camera will be on the entire time, and the director is asking that you refrain from cursing. Any questions?”

Only around a thousand run through her mind at this moment, and Jyn tries to remember what Mothma had said about the project, something about filming strangers meeting? She had definitely signed up on the sheet that said Crew , but perhaps not? She had been looking for a pen, just signed her name on a spot that was marked 30, and maybe… maybe she signed up for the wrong thing.

“Oh. Oh, okay.” So she has to meet a stranger. Cool. Well then.

“Do you need a breath mint or anything?”

Her brow furrows for a moment, and then the door opens, revealing an extraordinarily tall man. Jyn licks her lips, and she’s suddenly very aware that she really has no idea what she signed up for, that she’s entirely out of her element, and that the time to turn around and run away had long passed.

“Miss Erso? It will only be a few more minutes until you’re called back. I recommend you take them now, if you want them gone before your interview.”

She nods, and looks to the other woman, holding out her hand. Two breath mints are dropped into it, and Jyn tosses them into her mouth, because if they were being offered, it was for a reason. A reason she wasn’t sure she wanted the answer to.



“Please state your first name and your major.”


“Cassian. I will have to restart the recording if you do not act professional.”

Cassian took in a deep breath, and then gave a nod. Alright then.

“Please state your first name and your major.”

Cassian lifted his chin a little, licking his lips before he answered. “Cassian Andor. Spanish Literature and Creative Writing.”

Kay gave a nod behind the camera, then continued on.

“When is the last time you kissed someone?”

Cassian already knew all of the questions, as he had helped Kay write them - that didn’t really help him in the moment, though, as he had to think about it. “Ahh… six, seven months ago?”

He had been drunk, in the back seat of Kay’s car… they had both passed out before they made it back to his place, and Kay had taken the girl home, and needlessly prodded Cassian the next day, demanding to know why he had spent the night getting intoxicated, only to fall asleep before he filled his appetite. Cassian had been too hungover to try to explain that, while sex was enjoyable, it wasn’t his end goal… but meeting someone at a bar wasn’t exactly a good idea to get what he wanted either.

“When is the last time you were in a relationship that lasted longer than a month?”

He remembered that question as well, wanting to place a stipulation on it, so that it was more serious than a few hookups. He shifted in place a little, then supplied an answer. “Never. I have never had a relationship that lasted longer than a month.”

Because he had never had a relationship at all. He had been too busy, worrying about school, about learning English, about his mama, about college, and then about paying for it all. There was no time for a relationship when he had spent so much of his time taking care of himself. He knows what else is to come, the last question, and he doesn’t have a serious answer for it in the slightest.

“What do you look for in a first kiss in order to consider it good?”

“The right amount of tongue.”



The two stared at one another, and Kay fiddled with the camera for a moment, then repeated the question, giving Cassian a moment to calm the grin off his face. He thought about it… really thought about it. Generally, he was just pleased if someone wanted to kiss him back, as he was often intoxicated, and normally asked first before approaching.

“The right connection,” he finally says, and he’s not looking at the camera, but instead off towards the door that he knows she will come through. Because, wasn’t that what he was always looking for, if he was looking at all? “A bit of give and take, where neither is the pursuer, but neither is the pursued. Where it’s more like a dance than a battle.”

There’s a moment of silence, and then Kay turns off the camera. Cassian relaxes, taking a few steps away from where he had been standing, heading towards the door he had originally come from. He would have to wait back there until after the girl’s interview, when they would then meet.

“I’m not sure if I’m more bothered by the fact that you possibly just told the truth, or the fact that you just made that up on the spot.”

Cassian gives him a shrug and a smirk, trying to cover up the answer - because he wasn’t really sure what it was. This wasn’t something he was willing to discuss with his best friend, though. Not when he didn’t want to face the truth himself.



“Miss Erso-”


“Jyn. Please, stand over the piece of tape on the floor.”

She does so, standing in the spot he had mentioned, and turned to look at the camera. This was definitely not what she had signed up for, but she was too embarrassed to say otherwise, now. There was no getting out of it, so better to just go along with it.

“There’s four questions, and then we’ll invite the other person to join us. He has already done is interview. After the kiss, he will-”

“I’m sorry, what? Kiss?” Now she does have questions, and her eyebrows raise, only leading to his doing the same.

“You are from Professor Mothma’s theater class, are you not?”

She blinks for a moment, then nods. “I mean, it’s a class on lighting, and scenery. I took it over having to sit through public speaking. I thought I was signing up to help, not to be… part of this.”

The noise that the man makes isn’t entirely human, something between a snort and a hum, and Jyn stands patiently as he fidgets with his glasses, pushing them up his nose, and looking at her with a glance that… isn’t necessarily readable.

“My name is Kay Tueso, and this is my Senior Project. It’s filming twenty first kisses, between two strangers. The questions all center around thoughts on romance. Not exactly a deep project, but it is the one I was assigned.”

That answers… everything, and yet nothing. Jyn isn’t the sort to snog just anyone, particularly a stranger, unless she has had more than enough alcohol and has someone she hates enough that she wants to channel it into a good fuck. She doesn’t kiss strangers just because, and certainly not on camera.

“No chance of getting out of here, is there?” she asks weakly, because really, she’s the one that put herself in this position, should have paid more attention, should have asked more questions. It was a little late if she wanted to change her mind.

“I would rather prefer if you did not. If it gives you any comfort, the man you are partnered with did not want to participate either… but I needed to fill the last spot. You can leave, of course, but after surveying your social media, I think that he would pique your curiosity. He was most interested, when he found out that you studied mathematics and physics, with a preference for engineering. And no, he is not one of your classmates.”

That didn’t give her any confidence, but the fact that someone was interested in her after hearing what she studied, well, that was strange. Maybe… maybe she might stay. She was already here. “Wait, you were looking at my social media? Everything is marked as priv-”

“I cannot tell you any more, as it might alter the experiment - and I ask that you not divulge what I have just told you on camera. Finding another couple would be exhausting, and I only have this space for the rest of today, so unless you have two friends that have never met that you would like to volunteer-”

“I’ll do it,” she says, straightening up in the spot that he had had her stand. She had a list of questions still, but… the most important one had already been answered. Maybe.



It took a few minutes for the camera to get set up, and for Jyn to relax enough that she stood in place, and then there was a beep, and Kay was giving her a nod before starting the line of questions.

“Please, state your first name, and your major.”

“Jyn Erso,” she begins, her accent very crisp. She’s standing a little taller than she had been before, appearing to be taller than her true height of five foot three. “Double major in Mathematics and Physics.”

“And, when is the last time you kissed someone.”

Given the subject matter, Jyn had expected these questions might be a bit personal, but they were apparently diving right in. She blinks for a moment, and calculates how long it has been. Arguably, she is a bit overdue. “It has been four months, two weeks, and three days.”

Yes, it had been since Thanksgiving break, because she didn’t celebrate the holiday, and had spent it in a bar.

“And, when is the last time that you were in a relationship that lasted for longer than a month?”

Really getting in deep there. She blinks again, then crispy answers. “Never.”

Kay, who is standing behind the camera, makes a bit of a noise, then seems to pause. He clearly shouldn’t have made the noise, and repeats the question so that she can answer it again, likely for later editing.

“Never. I have never been in any sort of a relationship.” And no, she would not explain further, because that would mean talking about things that she never told anyone, like the fact that her mother had died, and her father had lost himself in his work, and her adopted father had let her get away with far too much, and by the time she got her act together again so that she could pursue university, she had had no time for romantic affairs.

“What do you look for, when having a first kiss, to consider it good?”

She pauses at that one, genuinely pauses, because really, she has never considered a first kiss to be good . They were always messy, an awkward bumping of noses, and trying to figure out what to do with your hands. “I don’t think a first kiss can really be good. You’re still figuring out what you’re doing, what the other person wants. Generally, it’s the fourth or fifth kiss where you start to find a rhythm.”

There’s a pause, and then a beep, and she realizes the camera has been turned off. Jyn takes a step back, watching, waiting, knowing that the next part is meeting this stranger, the one that was interested in her based on what little he had been told, the one that would apparently pique her interest. Kay seems to have paused, as though he is deep in thought, and she refrains from asking, just watching as he seems to work through… whatever it is.

“Give me a moment, please,” he finally says, and he steps away, heading to a door on the opposite side of where she had entered. Jyn wanted to ask where he was going, what to expect, but he was gone before she could say anything, the door clicking shut behind him.


“Cassian, I am possibly ruining my own film project for this, so listen very carefully.”

Cassian jerks up from where he is leaning against the wall, half expecting to be called in now, to go and meet the stranger. He has still been pondering what he said, considering what he expects from this… and now, Kay is interrupting it, with with whatever clearly has him plagued.

“When you enter that room, you will most likely either attempt to be suave , which you are not, or you will attempt to remain mysterious, which you are not. You are to enter that room as yourself, and give her a smile. You do not try to say something funny, and you do not try to rush this. Let her make the first move, or encourage her a little, but let her have her own time. You can thank me at your wedding.”

He hasn’t even been allowed to speak, and when he goes to open his mouth, to ask what Kay is talking about, to defend his own honor, his friend holds up a hand, clearly not interested in hearing anything.

“For once in your life, listen to me. Don’t screw this up .”

If he wasn’t nervous before, well, he was now.



Jyn is still awkwardly standing in the same spot, waiting for Kay to return. She isn’t really sure if this is normal or not, because really, nothing about this entire situation is normal, but when Kay does reenter the room, he is nothing but professional, bowing his head slightly as he apologizes. She gives him a nod, and continues to look towards the door that he had disappeared into. She expects that the stranger is behind the door, but it’s closed again, leaving her with only the tall man and his camera.

“Are you ready to continue, Jyn?”

She gives another nod, and returns to the spot on the floor. He gestures for her to stand a step back from it, and she takes a step back so that the spot on the floor is in between her and where she expects the stranger will stand.

There’s a beep on the camera, and Jyn looks over to see that the light from earlier, that told her he was recording, had turned back on. She looks away from it quickly, down to the floor, and then it’s just awkward silence. At least thirty seconds, during which time she seriously considers the possibility of having a panic attack. It had been years, but this moment seems as good as any to have one. It’s pressing at all the points of her anxieties and fears, but then the door opens, and she’s looking up, a sudden distraction the exact thing she needs.

Only, the person that is entering the room is the last thing she expects. He looks as out of place and stiff as she feels, and she swallows a little before licking her lips. He’s looking at her for a moment, almost pausing at the touch of her tongue to her skin, and then looking to Kay before continuing. She knows the second that he’s in front of the camera with her, because he’s trying to force a smile, and then gives up.

“This is weird, right?” she blurts out without thinking, and he raises an eyebrow at her, and there - there is a smile, a genuine one, an easy one that tells her that, yes this is weird, and yes, he feels the same as she does. It relaxes her immediately, and then he’s offering his hand to her.

“Cassian.” There might have been an accent there that was not American, but she’s used to everyone sounding different, given that she’s the only person from the UK that she knows. He’s a little shorter than she expected, but that was likely because she expected him to be like his friend, who was nearly a giant compared to how tiny she is. He looks… well built, though, and the way his hair falls to the side, he doesn’t look intimidating, nor anything like anyone in her classes, who were all trying to emulate Tony Stark or were the quintessential nerd with glasses and a bow tie. He looks… relaxed.

“Jyn,” she says with a tight smile, reaching out to take his hand. She immediately notices how warm his hand is, and they shake once before he’s then pulling away, and she sees it, how his eyes flick down to their hands, quickly pulling away, and she looks as well - just in time to see him flex his hand, and she does the same.

It’s another awkward silence, and then he glances at the camera, and she looks to it as well - they’re here to kiss one another, but it seems so… so rude, without knowing anything about the other. Of course, she didn’t even need a name when out drinking, so what was the difference here?

Jyn takes a step closer, because if she’s here, she knows what she has to do, and so why not just do it, but he doesn’t move, just watches her, and somehow that intimidates her. Her weight shifts onto the leg further away from him, and he leans forward a little, taking a half step towards her.

And now, it’s a dance. She shifts her weight forward, and he shifts his weight to the other leg. One takes a slight movement forward, the other shifts away for a moment, then back towards. She’s edging closer, as is he - they’re close enough, now, that they could kiss, although it would take some effort - a hint of a smile appears on her lips, and he smiles in response, his eyes flicking to her lips and then back up to her eyes.

There it is. That’s the sign. She knows what it means, knows that he is thinking about kissing her, and she prepares herself for it, sucks in a breath - but he doesn’t move. The smile on his lips fades slightly, until he’s just looking down at her, studying her. Jyn’s own smile fades, and she sucks the middle of her bottom lip between her teeth before releasing it.

It’s only barely there, that little noise, but she thinks he sucked in a breath at the action. They’re not moving now, neither of them growing closer, neither of them drawing away. It’s pure silence, and in truth, she doesn’t think she has ever studied another person for so long before.

It takes a moment to realize, and then, Jyn notices that he’s no longer looking at her eyes… but neither is he looking at her lips. He’s studying her, painting her with his gaze, taking in every detail, and she does the same, looks to his trimmed beard, short and close to the skin, to the brightness of his eyes, looks at the laugh lines around his eyes, at how his eyes never stay still, constantly flicking about, as though he’s trying to read her entirely.

He makes the first move, but it’s not one she expects. His hand reaches out, and she thinks he might pull her close, might wrap her in his embrace, but instead, his fingers catch a small lock of hair that had fallen in front of her face. With it tucked behind her ear, both eyes can really look at him now, but his hand doesn’t move. Instead, his fingers are brushing at her ear, brushing more strands back out of the way, not that they were unruly.

She responds in kind, her own hand reaching up to his face. In much the same way, her fingers cradle his jaw, and she can feel the roughness of the short hair there, can feel the strength in his jaw, how he clenches his teeth for a brief moment before relaxing. Their bodies have moved closer, so that she can feel how close he is, the warmth, even her hip barely grazing against his leg. Neither of them are pulling away, and she knows that this is it, that this is…

She’s going to kiss him. It’s not that it’s a fact, it’s not that it’s something that they are here to do - she can tell that he wants to. She can see the way that he’s looking down into her eyes, like he’s reading her soul, how they flick to her lips, his own parting slightly in response. He wants to kiss her, he wants to pull her to him, his hand sliding from her hair down to the side of her neck, but he’s not pulling her closer.

No, he’s leading her to him, and she’s going, willingly. Jyn had heard of the idea of seducing someone with your eyes and body language, but she had never experienced it until now. She felt seduced by him, whether he means to or not, but she isn’t pulling away. She was being pulled in, and she wants to be pulled in. She wants to kiss him as well.

But she doesn’t want to make the first move. It’s not that she hasn’t before, or that she can’t now, but there’s something building between them, and the thought of kissing him, she doesn’t want to ruin this, whatever it is that’s building. They have to kiss… Well, they don’t have to, but they also still sort of have to kiss. She agreed to it, she won’t back away now, particularly because she wants to… but he’s a beautiful painting to her now, some beautiful foreign thing that she’s scared to ruin with her touch. It’s bad enough that her fingers are touching his throat, that her thumb is slowly running over his jawline, feeling the beard there…

She’ll ruin him, ruin this beautiful man. Ruin whatever image of her he has in his mind, because he can’t be seeing the real thing. She doesn’t want to disrupt him, to disrupt whatever’s going through his thoughts, and she’s afraid. Afraid that after the kiss, whatever this is, this flame, this fire between them… she’s afraid that it will have burned out.



Kay was wrong… and he was so very right. This was not the sort of woman that he would pursue in a bar, because if he saw her in a bar, he would know that he stood no chance with her, would simply be caught in her orbit, watching her all evening, wishing that he could be even a blip on her radar. She was above him, so high above him, a beautiful creature filled with passion and life that he could only cling to.

She was the sort of woman that he would write shitty poetry about, switching between languages in a search for exactly the right word. He might even be insane enough to pull out the guitar in the back of his closet that Kay had expressly forbidden him from attempting to play, but he would do it anyways, because she was some sort of goddess that should have songs written about her, a muse that he, the artist, would cling to.

It was the way she held herself, how he could tell she was nervous from her shaking hands, how she asserted herself anyways, raised her chin, straightened up her shoulders. She was the sort of person that slipped through, slipped by, much as he did, unassuming and utterly invisible, but in the moment, when the challenge arose, she went to it, prepared or not.

He knew how she carried herself, because he was much the same. He saw her, he recognized her, but she… she was out of her element, but here she stood, drawing him in with every breath. Anyone else would try to rush this, he thought, or would expect him to chase her, but instead, she was simply sliding into it, enjoying the moment. He was caught in her gaze, caught in her embrace, and as her hand went to his cheek, he had to resist the urge to turn his head, to kiss her wrist, to hold her there.

Cassian didn’t know what possessed him to reach up and touch her hair, to brush it back from her face, but he had, and now his hand was in her hair, fingers pulling the strands from the low bun it was in. He could spend hours just touching her hair, watching it fan out on his pillows, burying his face in it while he held her in bed-

Kay had likely been joking when he said that Cassian would thank him at their wedding, but that was exactly where his mind was going, a life of a woman just like this, that controlled her emotions, that kept herself reserved, but was overflowing with them, that needed to simply be allowed to open up, to be let free.

There’s not enough time. It smacks him hard in the face, and he’s horrified for a moment, not that he lets his face betray that. He sucks in a breath, because it’s hard to recognize, to realize that he doesn’t know her, that he wants to, but there isn’t enough time… and once he kisses her, once this is through, he will leave her life, and break free of him, leaving behind a man that would have followed her to the ends of the earth.

He needed to stop reading poetry at 4 in the morning.

His eyes close, because he’s breathing her in, trying to calm himself, to work up the courage to do this, and then he feels it, her forehead touching his. Had his head dropped low enough, that they were touching? One eye pulled open, the one away from the camera, and he saw just enough to see that her eyes were closed as well, that she was on tiptoes to reach him. Her breath was on his lips, their noses just barely bumping, and he was…

He was halfway to being in love with her already.

He should do it. Close the distance. It wouldn’t even take any effort, would take less than a half of a second, less than the time it takes to think, less time that it takes to even say the action - but he can’t, he can’t do it, he just can’t lean forward, he can’t - he can’t kiss her. And he wants to, more than anything else, but he just can’t do it.

His fingers tighten slightly in her hair, and she shifts a little, almost pulling away, and he knows she’s flat on her feet again. His eyes open, and she can see her gaze, can see that she’s watching him, can see the green with the flecks of gold, and he sucks in another breath, because they’re mesmerizing, a work of art. His tongue flicks out just enough to touch his lips, to separate them, to draw in a breath, because he feels like he can’t breathe, and her eyes flick down towards them.

She wants him to kiss her. He had guessed it before, given how she wasn’t pulling away, how she was moving in closer towards him, but now it was a fact, that she wanted this. She wanted him to pull her closer, she wanted him to close the gap, to press his lips to hers. She wanted this, maybe even as badly as he did.

And he’s frozen because of it. Because he can’t believe this is real, that she is real, that she wants this. Only a few minutes earlier, he had laughed at the prospect, had assumed he would simply laugh and kiss a girl, and then gladly collect his reward from Kay, but now, now he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t function, couldn’t think. He was going to learn her, if he had the time, explore her. It wasn’t a desire any longer - it was a necessity. He would spend the rest of his life needing her, if she would only give him a chance.

There’s a movement between them, and he can feel her hand on the inside of his arm, and then his chest, his neck - she now has both hands on his face, almost cradling  his jaw, his neck, and he takes a swallow. She’s reading him, now, much as he has been reading her, trying to understand her, and there’s this understanding in her eyes, like she gets it, that he’s scared of this, scared of whatever’s going on. Her eyebrows wrinkle, and he lets out a breath, wanting to reach up and soothe them.

The hand closes to the camera drops, and he wonders why she switched hands, but then he feels it, her fingers brushing against his, his free hand hovering near her waste, wanting to pull her closer, but not having closed the distance. He catches them, interlocking a few of their fingers, because he needs this. His fingers squeeze slightly, to let her know that he’s here, that he’s holding onto her, and she seems to gulp in response, because they can’t… they can’t keep this dance up.



They can’t keep this dance up. Jyn knows it, knows that whatever this seduction was, it’s coming to an end. They have to make a move, now, but she… she can’t bring herself to do it. Her eyes flick away from him for a moment, back to his lips, and she pushes herself onto her tiptoes, just enough that she can feel his hand shifting in her hair, sliding more onto the back of her neck, but she can’t… she’s still looking away from him, not looking up, because there has been this beautiful build up, and she’s scared.

She’s scared to kiss him, scared of him pulling away, scared that she has built this up in her mind, that it will all be for nothing, that whatever has happened, the kiss will fail to impress, to match whatever has been happening here - she’s scared she’ll never see him again, that she’ll never feel this way ever again. Jyn is scared that whatever power Cassian has over her, over this moment, it will one day just feel like a dream, a dream she chases after, but can never have.

His thumb is moving from beside her ear forward, rolling over her cheek, and under her jaw. He presses under her chin with the digit, lifting her eyes upwards, and his gaze is heavy, watching her, waiting for her… he’s waiting for her to pull away, to tell him no, to stop this, but she can’t, she won’t. Her eyes are back on his lips again, and she can’t even look away from them, now.

He’s going to kiss her, he’s going to kiss her, he’s going to -