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right in front of my salad

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“I’m going to get more bread,” Momo said getting up and heading to the balcony that separated the kitchen from the dining area of their dorm. She picked the bread and then gasped at a forgotten tray laying there. “We still have ham!”

All their colleagues cheered and Shoto got up too.

“Here, let me help you!” he said de pronto, hurrying to get the ham before she’d try to balance too many things at once like she liked to do.

“Thanks,” Momo said with a smile, and Shoto tenderly kissed her cheek.

Silence filled the room at that moment, and both of them looked at their friends not knowing why the surprised faces.

“What the fuck just happened?” Kaminari asked with his mouth full, still not daring to get back to chewing.

“Did you really just kiss Momo on the cheek?” Toru asked pointing her fork from one to the other. Momo chuckled and Shoto shrugged.


Silence again. Their friends just looked at each other trying to understand if they’d had let something pass and coming out empty. Sato was the one too impatient to continue on wondering.

“Okay, care to elaborate?”

Momo found her seat and cut herself a slice of bread, and Shoto went to his seat too, keeping them all waiting. It was only when he was accommodated that he spoke up again, a smirk on his face.

“Oh, haven’t you heard?”