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Solavellan Drabble: Pox Lavellan & Solas

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Looking out upon the mountains, Pox leaned against the sturdy wooden railing that separated her from an untimely fall.

Clad in only a tunic that hung loosely on her muscular figure, the Inquisitor ran a hand through her long brown hair. She sighed, the crisp morning air turning her breath into steam that disintegrated just as quickly as it appeared. Frost nipped at Pox's bare skin, stinging with each gust of wind. Her brown skin reddened slightly under the intensity of the mountain air, goosebumps forming at the base of the elf's thighs.

A feeling, raw and unabashed, sat atop her chest. For once, it wasn't the burden of being the Inquisitor or the weight of the world's infinite problems. Instead it was a feeling she couldn’t quite put her finger on. A stillness – a calmness she was yet to grow accustomed to.
Part of it had to do with him. That, she was sure of. The way he loved her, with all of himself, unconditionally. The way his eyes traced her features, an unfamiliar look of adoration upon his face.

Turning around to face her quarters, Pox leaned against the doorframe. A goofy grin was plastered across her face as she looked at Solas, naked underneath deep burgundy sheets. He laid on his stomach, his bare muscles contracting as he shivered at the cold wind that suddenly rushed through the open doors.

Pox stared for a moment longer, looking at him entangled in the sheets with a growing love in her heart.

After quietly shutting the ornate doors, Pox walked over to her love and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Mnn,” Solas groaned, his right cheek pressed into a pillow.

“You are so beautiful,” Pox whispered.

Solas turned his head to face her with a sleepy yet inquisitive look.

“I just- I’m so lucky to have you. Ar lath ma.”

Pox squeezed his hand as an overwhelming feeling of happiness swelled in her chest. To her surprise, her eyes brimmed with tears at the admission. This was her first confession of love for the mage. Before this moment she hadn’t the slightest clue of what love felt like - what it was supposed to feel like.

And now, she knew. Pox spoke the words easily, flowing off the tip of her tongue like she’d been professing her love for him her whole life. No doubt this was the surest she had ever been about anything.

Rising out of bed, Solas looked at her lovingly – not before Pox caught a glimpse of worry in his expression.
Perhaps she’d imagined it. She must have, as before long Solas had pulled her into an embrace, gently kissing the base of her neck as he mumbled ar lath ma into her skin.

Forever, she thought. Ar lath ma, until the end of time.