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Fear The 100

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Clarke Griffin

Two quick thuds, that's all it takes to send jolts of adrenaline through twelve teenagers covered in darkness. Two quick thuds is all it takes to make Every hair on my body stand up.

We stand staring at the door of the van, surrounded by darkness and again, silence. All of us resting a hand on a pistol or knife. All of us ready and waiting.

Light burned my eyeballs and I blinked ferociously as the doors opened and bright light shot into the back of the van, aimed at our eyes. None of us could see what awaited us.

"Turn it off, Jared." A girl casually called and the lights dimmed. The girl with the warm brown eyes stood staring at us. "Firstly, I'm Skye. Secondly, don't kill me. Thirdly, follow me."


* * *


Cold water stabbed at my skin, making me jump back into the cold, cubicle door. I felt the water literally dragging the dirt out of my pores and piercing my skin. I chewed my lip to contain my shrieks. This was processing, apparently. As the water clawed at my skin, I caught sight of myself in what I was sure was a see-through mirror. I looked at my hair, oily and dirty. So was the rest of me. My leg still had a massive gash down it, clumsily stitched together and likely to scar. I had cuts on my cheeks and grazed knees, scratched arms and busted knuckles. My eyes had bags under them and my lips were chapped. I looked rough to say the least, I guess this is what the apocalypse did.

My clothes were gone. I put them in a shelf under the mirror, in exchange for water and a sponge. I grabbed the sponge and started to scrub at the dirt, getting used to the icy blades of water. I scrubbed and scrubbed until my skin was pink. Trying to get rid of it all. All of the dirt and hurt. Trying to process it all. So many lives lost. There's only twenty-seven left, and only twelve of those are certain to be alive. Us twelve, our fate in the hands of Skye and the soldiers. Skye told us it's safe, we'll get rooms with bathrooms tonight and then tents tomorrow.


Eventually the water stopped running brown and became clear. Eventually I felt all the dirt had left me. The water shut off, I placed my sponge and soap in the tray. They disappeared and a towel appeared. I grabbed it, wrapping the soft fabric around my body. It was warm. Something I hadn't felt in awhile: warmth. The flats were cold and I felt it dripping into my soul.

I squeezed my hair, trying to wring out as much water as possible, before turning to the cubicle door and unlocking it. I stepped onto the cold tile flooring. Octavia exited the cubicle on my right, Raven on my left. Teresa opposite Octavia, Alicia opposite Raven and Lexa opposite me. I felt her eyes scan over my body and I'm sure I saw her lip quiver a little. I looked at Skye, she stood at the end of the block on my left.

Skye smiled at me, she clapped her hands and said, "Well, you're all clean. Guess I'll show you to your rooms."


* * *


She took us upstairs, reunited with the boys. We were in the East Wing, apparently the East was open to civilisation. The ground floor being the canteen and storage, the first floor being a hospital wing with Quarantine Showers, the third and fourth being bedrooms, thirty on each floor. We were on the Third.

"So, rooms 1-6 can be yours. You'll need to share and just to let you know, they're double beds. So make sure you pair with someone who doesn't snore," Skye lightly said. She then added, "Girls on the right, boys on the left. You've each got Three outfits. One military, one casual and one for sleeping. Well, four, including your own clothes too, but they're being washed."
I smiled at her, "Thank you, we appreciate this."
Her eyes lit up at my thanks, "Just doing my job." She then awkwardly scratched her neck as we all stood silently looking at her, "Right, well, I guess I'll leave you to it. I have a room just at the end of the corridor. Don't hesitate to give me a knock if you need something." She then turned and headed down to the other end of the corridor.

Everybody turned their attention to me. I looked at the floor uneasily, "I guess we pair up."
Bellamy put an arm around Raven, "Me and Raven will take room 1."
Murphy rolled his eyes, "Well, I want one where Skye is. I can't deal with more late night activities."
Raven shrugged, "You're just jealous, Murphy, that you haven't got anybody to share with."
Murphy looked at Octavia and then quickly looked away before Bellamy noticed the glance between them.

"I'll share with Clarke." Lexa suddenly said, my eyes darted to hers, she didn't meet my gaze. Lexa continued commanding, "Alicia and Teresa can share, Jasper and Monty, Nick and Tom, Murphy and Octavia. Sorted."
Bellamy protested, "No, O is not sharing with Murphy, no fucking way. She should share with Alicia or-"
"No!" Octavia cut her off, "You don't choose who I share with. I'm sharing with Murphy. That's it. I'm fine with it and so is he-"
"Murphy?" Bellamy looked at him, well, glared at him.
Murphy sheepishly joked, "Guys, you don't need to fight over me, there's enough-"
"Shut it, Murphy!" Bellamy then shouted at him.
"You just asked me-"
"I said," Bellamy cut Murphy off, "Shut up."
Octavia tutted, folding her arms. She looked at Murphy, "C'mon, Murphy, we'll take 6."
Octavia walked past me, Murphy following. Bellamy grabbed Murphy's arm, "You sleep on the floor or in bath or in a chair, whatever, but you sleep in the same bed as her and I'll-"
"Do what exactly?" Octavia spun around, now stood outside her room, "You'll, What? Kill him? Like you killed Lincoln? You're good at that, killing people I love."
Bellamy's arm fell limp at his side and I saw the words stab him in his heart, he was speechless. Raven grabbed a limp hand and gently tugged on it, leading him away.
Octavia tutted, the anger steaming off of her, "C'mon, Murphy."

The Delinquents headed into their rooms, Bellamy and Raven in 1, Alicia and Teresa opposite in 2, Monty and Jasper in 3, in the middle of 1 and 5. Nick and Tom took room 5. That just left room 4 for me and Lexa. We both just stood in the now empty corridor. Our eyes locked on each other's.

"Why me?"