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Fear The 100

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Clarke Griffin


Sirens blared. The lights went out. Silence fell, nobody talked. We all got up from our beds and put our hands firmly on the metal bars of our cells. We all looked down the prison corridor towards the double door, Where the guards came to take us to the showers or to feed us. But nobody came.


Red knights flashed and the sirens still blared. Panic silenced us teens. I swallowed, trying to control my breathing. I knew what half of these teens didn't. My father knew. He wanted them all to know but the chancellor had other plans. The world has ended. People don't die anymore. They. Come. Back.


Military come, said about the disease and we were all in quarantine. But supplies are dwindling and this must mean the end has come. The food is gone. The soldiers are gone. Humanity is gone. And here we are, a hundred 13-21 year olds, locked in cells for crimes we committed. I shifted my gaze to the cell opposite me. A girl looked back at me, she had green eyes and honey skin, her light brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Alicia. She was in here with her brother, his cell close to the door due to his withdrawal. 


The cell on the left of her belonged to a boy called Murphy. He had jet black hair and broken blue eyes. He never shuts up so it's a surprise to see him so quiet. Opposite him and in the cell on my left is another chatterbox that's silenced. He's done for smoking some herbs with his best friend, who is on the right of me, all they do is talk. It's entertaining sometimes, but annoying being directly in the middle of it. I'm not the only one they annoy either, Octavia, on the right of Alicia often rolls her eyes and yells at them playfully, "Do you guys ever shut up?" 


But nobody is talking. Nobody. It's been at least ten minutes and everyone is still silent, still gripping the bars and still looking towards the door. A gunshot sounds and every one of us breaths in sharp. The door flies open and light blinds us all. Feet race down the corridor. Dark hair coming towards me. Hands on top of mine.


"Mom?" I barely squeak out. I feel everyone's eyes on me and my mum.

She nods, her eyes full of tears and a hand reaches between the bars and caresses my cheek, "It's me Clarke-"

"What's going? What's happening? There was a gunshot and- and-" I looked at her sleeve and saw blood, "Who's blood is that?"

My mum smiled at me, "Honey, I need you to brave for me now, Okay?" She took off a back pack and held it out for me to grab, "Take it, Clarke. It's got food and water in there for a couple of days. There's also a knife and a gun-"


"Gun?" A voice said from behind her, "What the hell does she need a gun for?" Murphy snapped. 

My mum ignored him, "I love you, sweetie," My Mum said to me and I clutched the bag in my left hand. A tear rolled down her cheek, "Clarke, you're strong, Okay? So you can make it. There's a truck about a couple miles away North, you can find it. Take it and go. Go anywhere but the cities. Head for Mexico-"

"Why?" I asked her.

She rubbed the top of my hand, "It's what your father predicted."

She went to take a step back, I grabbed her arm with my right hand, "No, why are you leaving? Where are you going? Why are we still here?"

My mum put her hand on the one grabbing her and she smiled weakly, "I can't answer that. But we will meet again, Clarke. I promise." She removed my fingers gripping her shirt and turned to walk away.


"Mom!" I yelled, shaking the bars, "Mom! Come back! Mom!"

Murphy started to yell and shake the bars too, "Where you going? What's going on?!"

Tears started to fall profusely, "MOM!" The door closed shut and the darkness returned. I pulled the bag inside my cell and threw it against the wall, yelling in rage and fear. I kicked my cell door and slid down to the floor, my back against the bars and my knees to my chest as tears fell from my eyes.


"Hey! Princess!" Murphy yelled, "What did she mean it's what your dad predicted?"

I couldn't answer him, I felt everyone's gaze towards my cell and I couldn't tell these people we were left for dead. I couldn't. I wouldn't.

"Answer me!" He yelled, "Answer me!" He shook his own bars, "Answer Me! I swear to God-"

"Shut the hell up!" Alicia yelled at him, surprising everyone in this cell block. I slowly turned around, looking up at her from my knees, her eyes were on mine, "We all know what this means," Her tone was bitter, "We've been left to rot in here. It's the apocalypse and they're bailing. There's no cure. So now we die."


* * *


It's been hours since the alarm turned off. None of us spoke. It's pure silence and our darkness. We're all either sat on our bunks or sat at the bars. Waiting. But not for death. It feels like somethings going to happen but none of us know what. Maybe we're all just to stupid to realise that it's time we give up. I have gun, about a hundred bullets. One for each of us. But I haven't told them that. I don't want to. Not when it doesn't feel over.


And it's not.


Machine gun fire came from the hall and once again we all stood up and looked towards the main door. Voices shouted. "Get the lever. Quick. We only have five minutes before it's over. Quick!"

"I'm on it!" A voice yelled back and suddenly a loud, groaning siren sounded and our cell doors flew open. The machine gun fire grew closer and the doors barged open with three people charging in. 


One of them had olive skin and curly brown hair, he dressed in some sort of riot prison gear and held a machine gun, which he used to put between the double door handles. He had another on his back and he pulled it off. Another boy had shoulder length black hair and he grabbed Nick, Alicia's brother from his cell. The final person was a girl with tanned skin and brown hair in a ponytail, she had a brace on her leg and I remember hearing about the girl Murphy shot - my mum was so angry at him; she saw her as a surrogate daughter - Raven, I think she’s called. 


Raven and the boy with Nick raced down the centre of the cells, 25 on each side and on both the upper and lower floors. The boy with curly hair marched down to my cell, his brown eyes were warm and his freckles made him appear cute despite his tough exterior, "Clarke, right?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

He pointed to the backpack, "Get that on and get moving."

I turned around to pick up and put it on as Murphy asked, "What? Just her?"

I turned back around and went to leave my cell but Murphy blocked the way and held a piece of shard metal from his bunk at me, threateningly. The soldier turned around and saw him. He rolled his eyes, and boomed, "All of you. If you can keep up you can come. Be quick." He then glared at Murphy, "And I'd put that down if I were you."

"Why?" Murphy challenged, "What, Because you have a gun you think you're in charge?"

The soldier locked eyes with him, "We can either die here arguing about this or-"





We turned to the double door and groans roared, slamming against the double door, the gun slamming into the metal handles with each force.


"We gotta go, now!" Raven ordered.


Beep. Beep! BEEP!!




I jumped back into one of the herbalists behind me at the sound of the bomb exploding followed by smoke and then... Daylight.