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This is not how Taehyung envisioned spending his afternoon.

He’d had everything planned to the last detail. Making dinner reservations for seven. Skipping his night class to actually make said dinner reservations. Picking up the biggest bouquet of flowers his minimum wage job can buy. Convincing Yoongi to stay over with Namjoon so the apartment would be empty.

When his afternoon class had been cancelled, he’d seen it as the perfect excuse to start their date night early.

It had all shaped up to be a perfect anniversary.


“Babe?” Jiae startles in bed, pushing the boy hovering over her away. She sits up, clutching the sheets to her chest, and stares at Taehyung with wide eyes. “You. You’re supposed to be in class.”

“It was cancelled.”

Taehyung unfortunately catches sight of the dude’s dick as he scrambles to cover his body with the same blanket Taehyung had been sleeping under just a few hours ago. He looks almost frantic, eyes wide with terror like he thinks Taehyung is going to snap. Taehyung grimaces. His damn balls had been where this boy is now. The plastic wrapping of the flowers crinkles between Taehyung’s fingers.

The boy keeps his head ducked, looking to Jiae. “You said you were single.”

“Well.” Jiae says, lying back in bed. “I am now, if you want to stay.”

Taehyung tips his head. “She’s your problem now, man.”

He pulls out his lighter on his way out of the apartment, setting a few petals on fire and dropping the bouquet in the sink before stalking out.

“Fuck her, man. Seriously! She was nothing but trouble, and she hated your ties. Who the fuck hates ties? They look great with a suit and while choking you out during sex.”

Jimin is drunk but somehow not as drunk as Taehyung. He’d responded to Taehyung’s SOS needa be drunk now text with vigor, beating Taehyung to the bar and lining up five shots before Taehyung even stepped in the building.

“Yeah, well.” Taehyung tips back the last of his rum and coke, sliding the empty glass over to Seokjin and wordlessly asking for another.

“I bet she was shit in bed,” Jimin continues around his own drink. “Bet that boy was even worse. Probably cried when she pegged him.”

Taehyung accepts the shots Seokjin sets down in front of them and ignores the look he levels at the two of them. It’s far too early and they’re way too drunk for a Thursday night but Taehyung doesn’t even give a damn. He just had to give Namjoon and Yoongi his dinner reservations. The dinner reservations that he booked three months in advance. Taehyung takes both shots.

“He looked like a twink.” Taehyung agrees, grimacing at the burn of tequila, barely sated by the lime. “Not as tiny as you. Probably called his mom the first time he got sucked off.”

“It’s a fucking downgrade, is what it is, man.” Jimin’s hand misses the counter when he slams it down, slapping Taehyung’s knee instead. “You’re going, you’re going to be the next Van Gogh and she’s going to marry a beaver.”

Taehyung would laugh if it didn’t feel like someone was stabbing him in the chest. How Jimin maintains so much energy whenever they’re this drunk will always be beyond Taehyung. “Why the fuck is she going to marry a beaver?”

“That American TV show!” Jimin insists, slurring his words. “Leave it to Beaver.”

“That’s the family’s last name, dumbass.”

“Well the reboot will star Son Jiae as a beaver’s wife.”

“You’re fucking- ridiculous. Hyung, another round of shots.”

Seokjin looks spectacularly unimpressed as he pours Patron into a couple of shot glasses. Taehyung leans over the bar to poke his nose. “I’m cutting you off after this.”

Taehyung licks salt off Jimin’s fist and knocks back the shot. “Do that and I’ll walk to your place to drink your most expensive wine.”

Seokjin sighs. “Fuck you, Taehyung.”

Jimin misses his straw three times. “We should. We should egg her house.”

“She lives in the dorms.”

“We’ll egg her dorm.”


“Or we’ll set fire to her bed.”


“Put Jell-O in her shampoo-”

Taehyung slams his drink down with a little more force than necessary, the ice clinking obnoxiously. “Jimin, stop.”

Jimin appraises him quietly, eyes showing a little more sobriety than he has for the last few hours. “Okay. Sorry, man.”

“Don’t apologize. I just want to forget about her.”

“Good idea.”

“Which is why you’re going to be the one to get my stuff from her room.”

“The things I do for you,” Jimin sighs, finishing off his drink. Seokjin doesn’t turn around when they order another round so Jimin grabs a wine bottle from behind the counter. “When?”

“As soon as possible. I left Tata on her bed.” Taehyung scowls into his drink. Cheating Twink had shared a bed with Tata and that fact only makes him angrier.

“You are way too old to be naming your stuffed animals.”

“You can’t be mean to me, I got cheated on.” Taehyung mutters, snatching the wine from Jimin’s fingers. Seokjin has noticed they stole a bottle, passing two wine glasses over with a sigh. They don’t use them. “Oh, God, I’m going to be so sick in class tomorrow.”

“Drink more,” Jimin says, snatching two Jameson shots that Seokjin was in the middle of pouring for someone else. “Drink until you can’t think anymore.”

The bar fills up and then clears out slowly, Jimin and Taehyung still in their same chairs the entire time. Seokjin tries four times to cut them off, but falls through with every pout Taehyung levels at him. The watery eyes and quivering lip that Taehyung produces don’t hurt, either.

“Last call,” Seokjin says, even though Taehyung and Jimin are the last people here. “And before you ask, no I will not serve you anything else.”

Someone walks over to stand between two chairs on the adjacent side of the bar. “Hey, hyung. Did I leave my stats book here last weekend?”

“Yep. I’ve got it behind the counter.”

“Thanks.” The boy looks up, locks eyes with Taehyung, and freezes.

“Fuck,” Taehyung hisses. He’s out of wine and there’s nowhere to hide, but after a split second Taehyung realizes he’s not the one in the wrong here. He doesn’t need to hide from this guy, so he raises the empty bottle and announces, “If it isn’t Cheating Twink.”

The guy furrows his brow, glaring. “Hey man, I didn’t know-”

“Wait,” Jimin says. “This is the guy? Come here, I’m going to kick your ass-”

Seokjin grabs the back of Jimin’s shirt, making him sit still. “Please don’t stand up. I don’t need you collapsing on the floor again. Guk, grab your book and go.”

Seokjin lets them doze in a booth while he finishes closing up the bar before piling them into his car. Taehyung’s reached the stage in his drunk meter where all he wants is to sleep, while Jimin is listing off all of the nearby clubs that don’t have cutoffs at one am.

Taehyung is asleep before they even reach the apartment.

Taehyung is nursing his third cup of coffee before ten am on his fourth day of being drunk when the universe plays another practical joke on him. He’s sitting in the back of the lecture hall, hood over his head and a pounding headache hammering at his temples while waiting for his lecturer to show up. Maybe he should have listened to Yoongi and quit drinking after the second night.

But Taehyung isn’t very good at following advice that he doesn’t like. And while he’d been drunk and lying on a few pieces of pizza, Yoongi’s advice that he can’t drink his sorrows away had been the worst he’d received all week.

“Excuse me,” someone says, trying to get to the last open seat to Taehyung’s left. The soft words make Taehyung’s headache worsen, especially when the guy knocks into Taehyung’s legs and drops into his chair with a loud sigh. “Rough night?”

“Rough week.” Taehyung mutters, hoping this guy will leave him to die in peace.

No such luck. “I feel you on that, man. My roommate dared me to go shot for shot with him last night. Luckily, he’s a lightweight, but still. You know?” Taehyung grunts, eyes falling shut. From the shuffling around the classroom, he surmises that their lecturer has finally arrived. “Hey, dude. Do you have your notes from last week? I was out.”

“Jesus, man. Can’t you be quiet while I die-?”

Looking over, Taehyung tries to level this guy with a harsh glare but the action makes his head spin. Staring back at him is none other than-

“Cheating Twink?”

The guy looks absolutely terrified as he stands up, holding his books to his chest, but there’s no where else to sit and the class grades attendance. He sits back down and mutters, “Why do you keep calling me that?”

Taehyung shrugs, resolutely staring at the front of the classroom. “Don’t know your name.”

“It’s Jeo-”

“That was not an invitation to tell me your name.”

“What the fuck is your problem?” Cheating Twink hisses, keeping his voice down low as their professor greets everyone and introduces that day’s topic. “I haven’t done anything to you.”

“You were balls deep in my girlfriend, genius.”

The guy stammers out a few syllables. Taehyung chances a look over and hates that the first thing he notices is how soft the guy’s hair looks, how his eyes are wide and full of expression. His cheeks flare red under the tiniest bit of scrutiny and Taehyung suddenly wants to know if he and Jimin had been correct a few days ago when they mocked this dude as a crier during sex. He probably looked so gorgeous getting wrecked, choking on cock until tears spilled-

“As far as I knew, she was single.” The guy finally manages. “Don’t be such a prick.”

“Don’t be such a prick, he says,” Taehyung mocks, taking a long drink of his coffee. He contemplates pouring it on this guy’s lap, but there’s no space to make a clean exit. “Like he didn’t end a three year relationship.”

“Wait- three years? Holy shit, we’d been fucking for two months.”

“Wonderful.” Taehyung snarls. “Congratulations. Hope every minute of it was worth ruining me.”

Taehyung shoots to his feet, interrupting whatever PowerPoint slide the class was on. He’ll just suck the professor off for notes later, or something.

“Wait-” The guy grabs Taehyung’s sleeve but lets go at the fiery glare Taehyung shoots him. “I didn’t mean-”

But Taehyung ignores him; forcing his way out of the lecture hall and stalking in the direction of town, phone in hand as he texts Jimin to meet him at the bar.

“Do we have a paper in psych due?”

“Uh.” Taehyung looks up from his sandwich. It’s not particularly appetizing, but with his monster hangover absolutely nothing looks appetizing. In his defense, it’s only been five days since everything went to shit. So on the grand scheme of things, Taehyung’s doing great. “Shit. Are we in psych this semester?”

Hoseok steals one of his chips. “It’s the class the cheating twink sat next to you in.”

Taehyung scowls. “Fuck him.”

“You do that. Do we have a paper?”

“How would I know?”

The courtyard is packed with students making the most of one of the first warm days of the year. Hoseok had to scare a few freshmen away from their usual table before they could sit, but whereas Hoseok was eating his food like a starved man, Taehyung was picking at his more than eating any of it. He blames it on the hangover.

“Plans for the weekend,” Hoseok says around a mouthful of chips. “Go.”

“Getting blackout wasted and never waking up.”

Hoseok nods, pretending to write that down. “Cool, cool. So, essentially, what you’ve been doing for the last five days.”

“Don’t be mean to me.”

“Sorry. Jimin said he and the others should be here soon.”

“Cool, I need some cuddles.”

Jimin makes his presence known by chucking something right at Taehyung’s head. Snapping his head up, Taehyung finds Tata- his stuffed heart thing he’d won in a festival game years ago- in his lap.

“Oh my God, you got him back!”

“It wasn’t easy,” Jimin says, sitting on the bench opposite Taehyung and raising a brow at the way Taehyung hugs Tata fiercely. Namjoon and a sluggish Yoongi take the bench to Taehyung’s left. They must have been up late with music again. “She tried to insist on keeping him, can you believe that?”

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah,” Jimin snorts, polishing off the last of Taehyung’s chips. “Told me some bullshit story about how you gave it to her for her birthday. If I didn’t know you so well, Tae, I might’ve believed her. She’s very good at lying.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, shoving his un-eaten sandwich in Jimin’s direction before he can even ask for it. He wonders if he can get away with grabbing the water bottle of rum he’d left in his car without scrutiny from his friends. “Tell me about it. You know she was fucking that dude for two months?”

“Seriously?” Yoongi scoffs, head resting on Namjoon’s shoulder. “Who the fuck would cheat on you? And for two months! I’ve never seen you put as much effort into something as you did with that relationship.”

“Yeah. Well. Nothing gold can stay.”

Namjoon cups his hand on the back of Taehyung’s neck. “How are you?”

“I’m not drunk and I really want to call Jiae,” Taehyung says, eyes fluttering as Namjoon strokes nimble fingers through his hair. “So, I’m great.”

“Where’s Seokjin?” Hoseok asks. “He said he was going to bring you some hangover soup.”

“I’m here!” Seokjin’s voice comes from behind them. Taehyung whines a little when Namjoon’s attention shifts and he’s no longer playing so well with Taehyung’s hair. Seokjin places a Tupperware of something disgusting looking in front of Taehyung. “Sorry. Class ran late and I bumped into a friend. He’s actually going to eat with us, if that’s cool.”

“Sure,” Namjoon answers for the group, dropping his hand from Taehyung’s hair to hold it out to the new person.

The new guy takes Namjoon’s hand. “I’m Jeongguk-”

“No.” Jimin spits, gaze hardening. Amid their friends chastising his behavior, he taps Taehyung’s hand. “Look up.”

Taehyung does, and immediately he curses. “What the fuck. Fuck you- why are you everywhere?”

Seokjin looks between the two of them, confused. “You two know each other?”

“This is the guy Jiae cheated with.” Taehyung laughs bitterly, turning away from Jeongguk’s fallen expression. He looks younger like this, with embarrassment softening his features. Taehyung clutches Tata to his chest defensively; wonders if Jeongguk recognizes it. “I’m not fucking dealing with this shit. I’m going home to get very drunk and pass out in Jimin’s bed.”

“You have class,” Namjoon reminds him quietly.

“Jimin will take notes for me and I won’t even have to blow him for them.”

“You got that right. Kick his ass, Tae, I’ll hold Tata.”

“Nah.” Taehyung stands up slowly, sizing Jeongguk up as he goes. Jeongguk might have an inch or two on Taehyung, might rival the width of his shoulders, but he shrinks back as Taehyung rises to his full height, unable to meet his gaze. Interesting. “He’s not worth it.”

“Can you stop being such a dick?” Jeongguk snaps, looking at Taehyung only to avert his gaze a second later.

Taehyung raises a brow, feels his lips quirk at Jeongguk’s display of aggression. “Can you give me a reason to?”

When he turns away, Jeongguk’s finally finds it in himself to speak, shouting after him, “I didn’t know!”

“How many handles do we have left?”

Taehyung bounces a tennis ball at the opposite wall of where he’s sitting on the kitchen floor. When it comes back, he tosses it again. Jimin moves around him, heating up some leftover takeout for their healthy dinner of champions. “None. You cleared them out and I haven’t had any time to hit the liquor store.”

Fuck. “Not even that shit Yoongi hyung gave us as a gag gift?”

“You drank that.”


“I won’t let you drink that.”

Taehyung thunks his head against the cabinet. “I hate being sober.”

Jimin snorts. “Join the club, my dude.”

“I feel restless. Like I need to punch someone in the face.” Tossing the ball to himself really isn’t doing anything to quell the unease currently eating away at his stomach. “Do you have any weed?”

“No.” Jimin grabs their plates and a couple pairs of chopsticks before joining Taehyung on the floor. “I told you I’ve been trying to quit that habit.”

“Ugh. Who’s a reliable drug dealer that takes payments in the form of blowjobs?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no one.”

Taehyung shovels three mouthfuls of noodles into his mouth at once. “Do you think Jiae misses me?”

“Eat your food, Taehyung.”

“I’m serious,” Taehyung says, as they’re working through their meals. “It’s been what, eight days? I wasn’t even the one to collect my shit. Maybe she broke it off with the twink and has been thinking about me-”

Jimin pokes his thigh with a chopstick. “Do you think Jiae was thinking of you when she was beneath that guy? Do you think she gave a damn if you missed her while getting railed by who knows how many people? Do you think she even bothered with the bed half of the time?”

Taehyung jerks back as if stung. “You don’t have to be so cruel about it, Chim.”

“I’m sorry, Tae,” Jimin says through a sigh. “I just don’t want you running back to someone who hurt you. Even if you did love her-”

“Woah, woah. Who the fuck said anything about love?”

Blinking slowly, Jimin stares at Taehyung for a long minute. “You were with her for three years, man. I just kinda assumed love had developed.”

“Love had most certainly not developed.” Taehyung’s chopsticks scrape the bottom of his bowl as he finishes. “I’d kinda been wanting to end things for a while, if I’m being honest.”

“Then… then why are you so pissed at Jeongguk?”

“Huh. I’m not sure,” Taehyung admits. “The principle of the thing?”

Silence falls between them, neither eating at their food anymore. Taehyung wonders if he can convince one of their hyungs to bring them a few handles, maybe a large bottle of Jameson, under the guise of a movie night. It is a Friday, after all. People who aren’t mourning a relationship or thinking about unfairly cute guys who don’t realize they’re with a liar are out having fun.

With a sigh, Taehyung puts his bowl on the ground next to him and goes back to tossing the ball across the room. He hates himself for it, but he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Jeongguk over the last few days. Not that there was anything particularly special about him, but Taehyung couldn’t stop thinking about his pretty pink lips and big eyes.

“Okay! That’s enough of that.” Jimin announces, standing up. He grabs Taehyung’s wrist and hauls Taehyung to his feet. “No more wallowing and no more pity parties. You need to get laid to get your mind off Jiae.”

Taehyung scowls. “I don’t think there are any parties tonight.”

“I’m not talking about some stupid college party. We’re going to an actual club and you’re going to fuck someone in the bathroom like a dumbass. In the morning, we’ll watch cartoons if you can’t walk.”

“You have too much hope,” Taehyung mutters, accepting his fate of being dragged to his room. “Can’t I just eat my weight in ice cream?”

“We’ll do that after competition season is over. Now sit pretty on the bed and let me pick your outfit.”

This is how Taehyung finds himself an hour later standing at the bar of the club Jimin had brought him to, dressed in his tightest jeans and a translucent silk shirt. The ‘actual club’ was the bar Seokjin worked at, because according to Jimin, on the weekends it might as well be a club. Taehyung had to admit that it was almost unrecognizable, tables shoved out of the way to make room for a makeshift dance floor by the DJ, cramped in the corner. The lights were switched colorful strobe, flashing in time with the music.

Jimin had brought along Hoseok, the two of them flirting up a storm a few chairs away from where Taehyung stood. Seokjin was too preoccupied with customers to pay proper attention to Taehyung, so one of the other bartenders had made his drink and it was weak.

“Dance with someone!” Jimin yells, as he passes by Taehyung. He’s already a little drunk, flushed high in his cheeks as he stumbles off somewhere.

Taehyung’s been trying, honestly. He’s been scanning the crowd since they first arrived, but he’s found that it’s a lot that he doesn’t want. It’s either businessmen old enough to be his dad sitting and complaining at the bar, or overeager college students grinding on the dance floor. The bar is not big enough for how many people are packed in, people knocking into each other just to move around. He’s about to leave, to call it a night and curl up in his bed with Tata instead of dealing with any of this when Seokjin taps him on the shoulder and passes him a shot.

“I didn’t order this,” Taehyung says, eyeing the tequila with trepidation.

“Someone else bought it for you. Don’t worry, I know the guy.”

He hasn’t been drinking tonight, making the decision to be Hoseok and Jimin’s designated driver once he saw how hard Jimin hit the vodka when they arrived, (and when he’d taken one sip of his watered down garbage cocktail.) Still, maybe he needs something to take the edge off, so Taehyung knocks back the shot with a grimace.

Seokjin ruffles his hair. “Try to have fun tonight, okay? You deserve a break.”

Taehyung nods, even though he really has no intention of following through. If the service weren’t so bad at the bar, he’d be playing some game on his phone while Jimin and Hoseok played the game of whether or not one of their dicks would end up in the other’s mouth.

He’s scanning the crowd for the fourth time that night when Taehyung spots Jeongguk on the dance floor, sandwiched between two guys smaller than him. The visual would almost be funny if not for Jeongguk’s lethal moves, the sinful way he’s rolling his hips to the beat of the music. From his spot at the bar, Taehyung can see the sheen of sweat on Jeongguk’s neck when he throws his head back onto one of the guy’s shoulders. He grins and Taehyung curses. God, the things he could do to Jeongguk.

He’s not going to act on it. He’s not going to pay any mind to the heat currently working its way up his body. Honestly he’s not. Except Taehyung’s growing more and more restless at his spot by the bar, dodging drunk girls and ignore the advances of older men and women alike. No, he’s not looking for a sugar daddy but he sure as hell will be written into a rich dude’s will. Taehyung wasn’t going to act on it, but then Jeongguk skims the front of his body with his hand as he moves his hips slowly, and Taehyung’s done for.

Taehyung crosses the floor before he really knows he’s moved in the first place. The guy behind Jeongguk scrams as Taehyung approaches, pretty damn clear in his intent.

“Leave.” Taehyung tells the other guy, once he’s close enough.

Drunk and swaying, the guy laughs. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing-?”

“I won’t ask again.”

Jeongguk watches the exchange with wide eyes, gasping when Taehyung grips his hips and pulls their bodies flush. He stands still, throat bobbing as he swallows nervously. “Uh-”

“What happened, huh?” Taehyung whispers, voice husky and quiet. He knows Jeongguk will have to strain to hear him. “You were dancing so well before. Or is that over, now?”


“Can you say anything else?”

Jeongguk’s expression of mild terror drops into a scowl. “Yes.”

“Ah, the baby can speak. Dance with me.”

Jeongguk can say no. Jeongguk can tell Taehyung to fuck off and Taehyung will go, no questions asked. But Jeongguk doesn’t. Instead, he curls his fingers into Taehyung’s waistband, until there’s no space left between them, and whispers, “Be careful what you wish for.”

He’s devastatingly good with his hips, Taehyung learns. Jeongguk whirls around on his heel, hooks an arm around Taehyung’s neck and grinds to the sultry beat of the song. Taehyung’s doesn’t recognize the melody, but he does recognize a good club song when he hears one, so he folds his hands on Jeongguk’s hips and matches his movements. They don’t touch more than their hands on the other’s body; that tantalizing slip of distance between them feels vast as the song speeds up and Jeongguk follows.

The dance floor is crowded, bodies pressed too close to one another, but Taehyung doesn’t notice at all. He’s completely captivated by sweaty brown hair and swaying hips. From this close, Taehyung can see the droplets of sweat that skim down Jeongguk’s neck, the way his black t-shirt clings from perspiration. But perhaps most notably, Taehyung can see the way Jeongguk bites his lip, focusing hard on his movements, like he’s trying to impress Taehyung, like he’s trying to be good. Taehyung had said to dance, after all, and Jeongguk was showing him that he knew how to move. Taehyung’s hands tighten on Jeongguk’s hips before he yanks him closer, so he’s grinding lightly on Taehyung’s crotch instead of to the air.

Jeongguk gasps, head falling onto Taehyung’s shoulder. His eyes are wide and clear, hands gripping the back of Taehyung’s hair. “I-I thought you hated me.”

Snorting, Taehyung dips his fingers below Jeongguk’s shirt. “What makes you think I’ve changed my mind?”

“Never mind,” Jeongguk mutters, gaze hardening.

It’s adorable, Taehyung thinks, how Jeongguk tries so hard to maintain this aura of authority. It’s written in the way he carries himself, the way he dances, the way he’d tried to stand up to Taehyung in the past. But there are cracks, obvious fissures that Taehyung can see with ease. That Taehyung wants to shatter completely.

Taehyung slips his hand into Jeongguk’s back pocket and squeezes his ass, watching the way his eyes flutter shut. “You like that, Jeongguk?”

“F-fuck off.”

“Did you let Jiae play with your ass?”

Jeongguk’s pace falters, slightly. Unnoticeable to someone watching from outside their little bubble. “You don’t want to talk about her.”

“Perceptive,” Taehyung says. He moves his other hand to Jeongguk’s hair, jerking his head to the side to nose along his slick neck. “Tell me then, Guk-ah. What do I want to talk about?”

Swallowing, Jeongguk shivers beneath Taehyung’s ministrations. He’s not dancing anymore- neither of them have been for the last few minutes- but Taehyung uses the hold on his ass to urge him to continue moving his hips, dragging his ass against Taehyung’s crotch. The song changes again. Jeongguk’s hold on Taehyung’s neck weakens.

“Me.” Jeongguk says, when Taehyung growls in warning. “You want to talk about me.”

“Wrong.” Taehyung bites at a spot on Jeongguk’s neck, hard enough to elicit a whimper. “I don’t want to talk.”

Jeongguk rips his head away from Taehyung’s hold, glaring at Taehyung for a long minute before he turns around in Taehyung’s arms. “Then why are you here?”

“You know exactly why I’m here,” Taehyung murmurs, gripping Jeongguk’s jaw between his fingers. Jeongguk glances to the side and then to the floor, shoulders tensing with a shuddering breath. “Just say the word, Jeongguk.”

A long, long moment passes before Jeongguk gives in. “Please.”

Taehyung clicks his tongue. “You’ll have to do better that that.”

“Please,” Jeongguk’s voice breaks and shit, Taehyung could get drunk on the sight of Jeongguk’s big, wide eyes alone. “Please touch me.”

Taehyung can recognize a kiss from a mile away, and as he drops his hand to the hardness tenting the front of Jeongguk’s jeans, Jeongguk leans forward to connect their lips. Instead of letting it happen, Taehyung dodges the kiss to trail his teeth along Jeongguk’s neck, reveling in the shudder that wracks through Jeongguk’s body when he does.

Pressing his palm hard against Jeongguk’s cock, Taehyung grins at the little sounds he lets out. His hands tighten in Taehyung’s shirt.

“You sound pretty,” Taehyung says against his neck. He quickly yanks down the zipper of Jeongguk’s pants to get a better hold on his cock, jerking his wrist slightly.

“Mnh- hng, I-” Jeongguk gasps as Taehyung squeezes his cock, his head dropping onto Taehyung’s shoulder. “I don’t- shit- hn, I don’t even know your name.”

“Taehyung,” he says, whispers into Jeongguk’s ear before nipping the lobe. “My name is Taehyung.”

He curls his wrist meanly and Jeongguk shudders, hips simultaneously trying to move away from the pressure and chase it. “Oh, God. Not- not here. Taehyung, not here.”

“No?” Taehyung teases, licking a wet stripe along Jeongguk’s ear. He tries to ignore how much he likes the sound of his name on Jeongguk’s tongue. “Don’t want me to fuck you here? Lay you out on the floor and wreck you where everyone can see?” Jeongguk whines, panting hotly against Taehyung’s neck. “Your body tells me otherwise.”

“Shut- hng- shut up.”

“That’s no way to speak to the guy holding your dick.”

“Fuck off.”

Taehyung stops moving his hand, pinching Jeongguk’s waist in warning when he tries to grind against his palm. “I’ll stop. I’ll stop right now and leave you to deal with this shit here, in front of everyone.”

“No,” Jeongguk gasps, circling his fingers around Taehyung’s wrist to try to get him to move again. “No, please, I- I’ll be good, Tae.”

“Will you?” Jeongguk nods, a little desperately, against Taehyung’s neck. “I’ll hold you to that. Come on.”

Jeongguk stumbles as Taehyung pulls away entirely, no longer supporting most of his weight, as he grabs Jeongguk’s hand to lead him to the bathrooms. Jeongguk does a poor job of concealing his hardness, his pants still unzipped and his shirt too short to cover anything. He doesn’t seem to mind much, or maybe that’s just because Taehyung isn’t giving him a chance to care, hurrying through the crowd of people without glancing back.

The bathroom is empty when Taehyung pushes the door open, and he’s fine with going at it right against the sink, but Jeongguk seems to have his reservations. He hesitantly tugs Taehyung to one of the stalls, locking the door behind them and squirming a little when he faces Taehyung again.

“Well?” Taehyung prods, leaning against the wall.

“Well, what?”

“Gotta get me hard if anything’s going to happen.”

Jeongguk blanches, cheeks coloring. “None of that got you hard?”

“Not hard enough to fuck you ‘till your crying.” Taehyung shrugs, arms crossed against his chest. “Now be a good boy and get on your knees.”

Taehyung takes note of the way Jeongguk shivers at that, dropping to his knees before Taehyung can blink. His fingers shake against Taehyung’s zipper, fumbling with the button before he finally gets them open and tugs Taehyung’s half-hard cock out of his pants. With slow, practiced movements, Jeongguk hesitantly strokes his cock, almost reverent in the way he stares.

Scoffing, Taehyung nudges his knee against Jeongguk’s shoulder. “I don’t have all night, Jeongguk.”

“Sorry,” Jeongguk breathes, dipping his thumb into the slit of Taehyung’s cock and making Taehyung suck his lips together to keep back a moan. “Sorry, shit, I’ll-”

Without another word, Jeongguk swallows down all of Taehyung’s cock. The sudden wet, tight heat of his mouth makes Taehyung gasp, his back arching off the wall. He wasn’t expecting this. He wasn’t expecting Jeongguk, who looked like a terrified, tiny animal most of the time, to be capable of sucking cock so well. Jeongguk bobs his head, keeps one hand on Taehyung’s thigh and the other at the base of his cock, stroking what he can’t quite fit in his mouth.

He’s messy about it, too, drool and spit gathering at the corners of his mouth as he hollows his cheeks, brow furrowed in concentration as he tries to take Taehyung deeper. Taehyung pushes his fingers into Jeongguk’s hair, pulling harshly. Jeongguk moans around the cock shoved deep in his mouth, eyes closing where they’d previously been staring up at Taehyung.

“Jeongguk.” He makes a noise of question. “No hands, baby.” Another shiver, another wrecked moan, Taehyung notices as Jeongguk brings his hands behind his back. “Ah, you really like that? Like being my baby boy?”

Jeongguk pulls off his cock, catching his breath. For a moment, he seems to be thinking something over, glaring up at Taehyung with wide, wet eyes before he just. Stops. Hangs his head with a nod. Mouths over Taehyung’s cock as if to distract him. “I- I really like it, Tae-

“Better get back to it, then, baby. Gotta earn hyung’s cock.”

The honorific slips out; Taehyung hadn’t meant to give Jeongguk permission to refer to him as something so… cordial. Friendly. He blames it on the intoxicating sight of Jeongguk giving in to him, his entire body relaxing with submission as he hurriedly takes Taehyung’s cock back between his lips, as if he’s afraid that Taehyung will take it away if he waits too long.

Jeongguk gags on his cock and Taehyung curses, and curses again at the tears that collect in the corner of Jeongguk’s eyes. Before giving himself a chance to think about it, Taehyung curls his hand in the hair at the back of Jeongguk’s neck and brings his other hand up to pinch Jeongguk’s nose.

His reaction is instantaneous, a loud, wrecked, moan spilling from his lips as his throat spasms around Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung eases up on his nose. “I’m going to fuck your mouth,” Taehyung says, to which Jeongguk eagerly nods. “Tap my thigh if you need an out.”

But Jeongguk’s eyes are hard with the challenge, not quite surrendering himself to Taehyung entirely. Taehyung will be sure to change that by the end of this.

Squeezing Jeongguk’s nose again, restricting his breathing to his mouth, Taehyung is not gentle about the way he fucks into Jeongguk’s wet, waiting mouth. Spit slicks his entire cock, messy as fuck as Taehyung fucks deeper into Jeongguk’s throat. Jeongguk keeps his hands behind his back, relying on Taehyung to hold him steady because Taehyung hadn’t said he could use them. Tears spill over Jeongguk’s cheeks, shining in the shitty lighting of the bathroom as Taehyung uses him, takes what he wants with every brutal thrust and doesn’t give Jeongguk a chance to catch up.

“Look at you,” Taehyung hisses, snapping his hips forward with more force. Jeongguk does his best not to look away. “Dirty baby. Fuckin’ made for taking cock, weren’t you? Made to be used.” Jeongguk’s eyes fall shut, and Taehyung grips his hair harder in warning. “Look at me, baby. Didn’t you say you’d be good for me?”

It’s almost too much, Jeongguk’s warm brown eyes shining with tears as he chokes on Taehyung’s cock. God, Taehyung would bet his entire scholarship that Jeongguk looked absolutely stunning sobbing into a pillow, overwrought with pleasure until he couldn’t speak anymore-

Jeongguk sobs when Taehyung pulls his cock from between his lips, chasing his cock to try and get his mouth on him again. Taehyung quiets his subsequent babbling with a thumb between his lips.

“I can’t fuck you if I come, Jeongguk.”

“Do- do I get your cock now?” Jeongguk asks, voice absolutely ruined, cracking on several words. He nuzzles his face against Taehyung’s cock, lip quivering when he pulls back to look up at Taehyung. “Was I- was I good? I was good, hyung, please. Can I have your cock?”

Fuck, Taehyung hadn’t even needed to ask him to beg. Jeongguk was filthy. “You do,” Taehyung says. Jeongguk’s grin is blinding. “On your feet, baby. Hands on the wall.” Jeongguk scrambles to comply, sighing happily as Taehyung grips his hips and forces him into a better position. “I don’t have any lube-”

“I do,” Jeongguk interrupts. “In my pocket.”

Taehyung fishes out a condom and a couple packets of lube from Jeongguk’s front pocket, chuckling against his ear. “Oh, Jeongguk. You came here expecting to get fucked, didn’t you? Thought you’d find a pretty boy to kiss, to make you cry in a dirty bathroom? Nasty boy. Did it work?”

Jeongguk squirms as Taehyung maps out a path along his clothed ass. “Can- don’t call me that. Please.”

“Hm? Call you what? Jeongguk?”

“Yeah,” he breathes.

Taehyung grins against his neck, using his palm to push Jeongguk’s body flat against the door, crowding in close until his cock was pressed against Jeongguk’s lower back. He follows so easily. “What should I call you instead?”

“Y-You know.”

“Do I?” With painstakingly slow movements, Taehyung pushes down Jeongguk’s jeans and boxers, hard cock bouncing against his stomach, flushed red and leaking. “You’ll have to refresh my memory.”

Jeongguk whimpers. “Baby.”

“What? Speak up, Jeongguk.”

“Baby!” He snaps, the fight immediately draining from his limbs as Taehyung takes his cock in hand. Jeongguk is going to be the death of him, and the only thing Taehyung wants playing on his tombstone is the memory of Jeongguk giving in so beautifully. “Hng- I’m- I’ll… fuck.”

“Want to be my baby?” Taehyung mocks, breathing hot in Jeongguk’s ear. “My dirty baby, let me fuck you here? Fuck the same guy I found in my bed. Scandalous, baby.”


“What do you want, baby boy?”

Jeongguk is panting, his entire body relaxing in Taehyung’s hold. He rests his cheek on his folded arms, glancing back at Taehyung. “Y-your cock. Your fingers. Anything. I’ll take anything.”

Taehyung snickers, pulling back slightly to tug Jeongguk’s jeans and boxers down his ass. Jeongguk pushes into the touch. “Good answer.”

He rips open the lube and coats his fingers, not waiting for them to warm up before he’s prodding Jeongguk’s hole with one finger. Jeongguk throws his head back, moaning loud and long as Taehyung presses in to the knuckle.

Taehyung doesn’t take his time fingering Jeongguk, pulling out his one finger only to immediately shove two into his hole. Jeongguk quivers, feet slipping when he tries to push his legs further apart, but with his pants still so high on his thighs he doesn’t make much more space.

“Please,” Jeongguk gasps, panting into Taehyung’s neck. “Please, I need more-”

“You’ll take what I give you,” Taehyung snarls, scissoring his fingers.

He purposefully ignores Jeongguk’s prostate, spreading three and then four fingers wide and stretching Jeongguk more. Jeongguk makes the loveliest noise- a broken little whine- when Taehyung squeezes the fourth finger in, fucking down onto Taehyung’s hand and babbling, begging for more, begging for Taehyung’s cock, words spilling almost as fast as his tears had earlier.

“I’m ready, I’m ready- please- want your cock, hyung, please.” He makes a strangled noise when Taehyung removes his fingers, hole clenching pathetically against nothing. Jeongguk swallows, leveling Taehyung with what he assumes is his deadliest pout. “Please, I’m- Gukie’s ready, please-

“Shut up,” Taehyung mutters. “You’re so annoying.”

Jeongguk pouts harder. “I just- I want-”

“I know what you want, baby.” Taehyung rolls the condom over his length, hissing at his own touch as he slicks himself up with the last of the lube. “Keep your hands on the door.”

Jeongguk moans loudly as Taehyung pushes in, hands on Jeongguk’s ass to keep him spread as he thrusts in with purpose, barely giving Jeongguk any time to adjust to his cock before he’s pulling out and slamming back in. Jeongguk’s fingers scramble against the wall as he tries to match Taehyung’s brutal, fast pace.

“Mnh-ah,” Jeongguk gasps, face pressed against the door where Taehyung crowds his body in place. “Good, hyung- hn- so good.”

“Yeah?” Taehyung chuckles, leaning close to bite harshly at Jeongguk's neck. He changes the angle of his hips, nudging Jeongguk’s prostate with every thrust and Jeongguk sobs, clenching around Taehyung’s cock. “You like it, baby? Like how well hyung fucks you? Such a dirty baby, I bet this isn’t enough for you, I bet you could take more.

Jeongguk whimpers, thrashing when Taehyung shoves his hands beneath his t-shirt and drags his nails down his chest. Taehyung tweaks a nipple and Jeongguk keens, hair matted to his forehead.

“Am I right, hm? You’re such a slut, baby. This is nothing for you.”

“I-I.” Jeongguk lets out a sob when Taehyung pinches his nipples, legs nearly giving out beneath him. Taehyung pulls him back against the wall and fucks into him harder, his pants rubbing against the soft flesh of Jeongguk’s ass. “Mn- Tae-

“Keep your voice down, unless you want the whole bar to know how good you’re getting fucked.”

“I can’t,” Jeongguk cries out, head thrashing. “I can’t- you- I need- kiss me. Something. I can’t- mhn- can’t- kiss me, hyung. Please, please-”

“No,” Taehyung mutters, hips snapping painfully against Jeongguk’s. He slips two fingers into Jeongguk’s open mouth, pressing down on his tongue. Jeongguk immediately sucks them deeper, eyes closing as he loses himself in the sensations. “Look at you, my little bitch, taking everything hyung gives him.”

Jeongguk’s hips stutter, his cock kicking against his chest as Taehyung pushes his fingers in more, presses on the back of his tongue. “I’m close,” he garbles around Taehyung’s fingers, pulling back to lick at the pads of his fingers and to say, “I’m so close, hyung, please, please touch my cock.”

“Can you come untouched?”

Jeongguk falters. “I don’t- I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Taehyung taunts. “Or you just can’t?”

“I- shit- I don’t-”

“Don’t play dumb with me, baby.”

“I can’t! I can’t, please touch Gukie’s cock, please-!”

The door slams open, startling both of them. Taehyung, without thinking, moves his hand from Jeongguk’s mouth to the base of his throat, and Jeongguk’s body shivers with anticipation as the guy stumbles around the bathroom. He must be talking on his phone, traces of a boring conversation reaching their ears.

Taehyung bites the shell of Jeongguk’s ear, squeezing lightly at his neck. “Keep quiet.”

With that, Taehyung resumes the punishing rhythm of his hips, Jeongguk biting at his fist to try and keep his noises at bay. Taehyung is close, his pace becoming erratic as he chases his high. Jeongguk paws at the hand on his neck, but when Taehyung goes to remove it, he shakes his head and moves it higher and tries to close Taehyung’s fingers around his neck on his own.

“Nasty slut,” Taehyung whispers into his ear. Jeongguk’s hips kick. “You want him to hear, don’t you? Want everyone to see how good you look getting fucked, hm?”

As soon as the door closes again, Jeongguk cries out desperately. “Please! Let me come, Tae, please.”

“You don’t come until I tell you to.”

Taehyung grabs the base of his cock with his other hand, tightening the hand around Jeongguk’s neck. He rocks his hips back onto Taehyung, clenching his walls, as Taehyung uses him, pounding harshly into him until he’s coming with a strangled groan, biting Jeongguk’s neck to try and muffle the noise.

Jeongguk’s voice, when Taehyung’s hips slow down substantially, is thick with unshed tears. “Gukie now? Can- can I come?”

Taehyung pushes through the uncomfortable overstimulation to keep fucking into Jeongguk, finally closing his hand around Jeongguk’s throat like he’s been urging. Jeongguk’s gasp is silent, mouth falling open as Taehyung strokes his cock at the same fast pace he moves his hips.

“Come for me, baby.”

“D-da- Tae- hng- oh-”

Jeongguk comes hard, his entire body tensing as he spills over Taehyung’s palm and onto the door of the stall. He moans Taehyung’s name loudly as Taehyung relaxes the hold on his neck, letting Jeongguk shiver through his orgasm, his walls constricting painfully around Taehyung’s cock. He keeps stroking Jeongguk off until the tears fall and he flinches away from the touch, all but collapsing against the door.

“Open up, baby boy,” Taehyung murmurs, bringing his come soaked hand to Jeongguk’s mouth. He licks the come from Taehyung’s fingers and palms contently, eyes closing with a sigh as both of them catch their breath. “Filthy. Absolutely filthy.”

“Says the guy who just fucked me in a bar bathroom.”

“Watch your mouth.”

Taehyung pulls out slowly, tying off the condom and dropping it behind the toilet. He shoots a quick prayer to anything that Seokjin won’t be the one cleaning these bathrooms tonight. Quickly re-doing his pants, Taehyung tries to fix his hair into something presentable before turning to Jeongguk, who’d only turned around to lean against the door.

“Pull your pants up.”

“I can’t,” Jeongguk whines. “I think you broke me.”

Taehyung snorts. “Good.” Still, he’s not as much an asshole as he’d like to be, so he pulls up Jeongguk’s boxers and jeans and wipes the come from the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth with his thumb, feeds it to him.

“Please move.”

“Wait-” Jeongguk grasps his wrist, chewing on his lip uncertainly. “Can- can we do this again?”

Taehyung nearly blurts yes, eagerly wants to put his theories to the test when it comes to Jeongguk. Wants to play a bit more with what he’d learned tonight. So he says, “Ask me when I’m no longer pissed at you.”

Jeongguk pouts, eyes wide. “How will I know when you’re not mad?”

“You’ll have to ask me.”

“But, how will I-?”

“You’re a smart boy, aren’t you, baby?” Taehyung curls his hands into Jeongguk’s collar, dragging him close. Jeongguk swallows at the proximity. Taehyung draws Jeongguk’s bottom lip between his teeth, brief with the pressure. “Figure it out.”

“Can I at least get your number?” Jeongguk calls after him, once Taehyung’s washed his hands and reached the door.


Taehyung is grinning as he approaches Jimin and Hoseok, both a little too drunk, at the bar and tries to corral them out so they can go the fuck home. Taehyung wants a shower. Jimin narrows his eyes. “Who?”

“You’ll never believe me.”


“Well,” Taehyung grins, unlocking the car. “It all started eight terrible days ago.”

Chapter Text


“Well, what?”

“Well. Jimin rolls his eyes, catching the basketball as Taehyung’s shot misses. “It’s been two months since the shit with Jiae. I’m just checking up on you.”

“Aw, how gay.”

“I’ll shove this ball up your ass.”

Taehyung catches the basketball with a little grunt. “And I’ll thank you.”

He lines up another shot and misses again, ignoring the little snicker from Jimin. Jimin lands an easy layup before tossing the ball back to Taehyung.

“For real, my dude. How are you doing?”

Taehyung shrugs, turning the ball around several times in his hands. “I fucked her roommate and her sister. Kinda hard to be hung up on her when her sister’s a gymnast.”

“Oh my God.”


“And Jeongguk,” Jimin says, catching another of Taehyung’s poor shots.


“Cheating Twink.”

“Oh, yeah. Fucked him, too.”

Taehyung makes his next shot, high-fiving himself when Jimin refuses to do so. So what if they’ve been out here almost an hour and Taehyung’s only made four shots in total? Jimin is his best friend, he’s contractually obligated to support him throughout all of his bad decisions- even those that involve basketball on the other side of campus as their apartment at two in the morning.

Jimin takes his time, dribbling without passing the ball back. “Also told me he’s the best you’ve had since starting to date Jiae.”

“I was drunk.”

“You were not.”

“Don’t expose me like this.”

“You expose yourself.”

The breeze picks up, ruffling Taehyung’s bangs beneath his beanie. Although the days were getting warmer, the nights were still cold enough to warrant sneaking into Jimin’s bed for cuddles, even if Hoseok complained the entire morning that Taehyung didn’t fit whenever the older stayed over. Taehyung’s solution was for Hoseok to sleep on the couch. Jimin didn’t like that solution very much.

Jimin dribbles circles around Taehyung before sinking what Taehyung thinks would be a 3-pointer over his head. He chases down the ball before Taehyung can even think to do so, not that he’s really been trying this evening.


“Yes, my love?”

Jimin scowls, shoving past Taehyung to shoot another layup. “You gonna hook up with Jeongguk again?”

Taehyung groans, waiting for Jimin to pass the ball back again before answering. “No. He was good, sure, but I feel he’d kinda be a constant reminder of Jiae and I don’t need that shit.”

“Understandable. What are you going to do about him?”

“What do you mean?”

“You share a class with him.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “A class that I spend nearly the whole time sleeping on Hoseok hyung. It’s not like he’s reached out to me, we’re not going to see each other again.”

“I see.” Jimin curses when Taehyung misses another easy shot. It’s late and Taehyung thinks Jimin’s been up for an entire week studying for an exam, and for a second Taehyung feels guilty about dragging his best friend out here for shitty basketball and the high probability of catching a cold. But then Jimin speaks again, and suddenly Taehyung has no regrets. “Dude, that’s horse. You literally just lost. And you’ve only been playing against yourself.”

“Don’t be mean to me.” Taehyung busts out his best pout and Jimin sighs. “Not all of us grew up being the best at sports.”

“Fine, I’m sorry. Want me to come over there and show you how to do it? Put my arms around you and teach you how to properly handle some balls?”

“I know how to handle balls.”

“You can always improve.”

“Only if you don’t tell Hoseok hyung.” Taehyung makes two shots in a row and demands a kiss for celebration, but all he gets is Jimin trying to shove his fingers up Taehyung’s nose when Taehyung tries to claim said kiss. His beanie gets knocked off in the scuffle and Jimin has to chase down the basketball. The courts are empty, illuminated only by the light of the moon. Taehyung shoves his beanie in the pocket of his jacket. “Speaking of, how are you and Hoseok-ah?”

“Ugh.” Jimin bounces the ball off Taehyung’s kneecap, nearly making him lose his balance. “Don’t even remind me. I don’t know what else I could do to hint at him to ask me out, for fuck’s sake.”

“You could confess.”

“And miss out on these primo k-drama moments? No, thank you.”


“You’re one to talk.”

Taehyung scowls, stealing the ball where Jimin’s dribbling around him again and missing another easy shot. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Jimin sighs, suddenly a little more serious than Taehyung has seen in a while. “All I’m saying, dude, is I think you might’ve found something good in Jeongguk-”

“Something good.”


“In the guy who fucked my girlfriend.”

“How long are you going to hold that over his head?” Jimin asks, exasperated.

“What the fuck?” Taehyung holds the ball to his chest. “There’s not exactly a guidebook titled What To Do When You Fuck Someone You’ve Shared A Vagina With. Not exactly a calendar for when you’re allowed to forgive a cheater.”

“You didn’t love Jiae.”

“That doesn’t change what they did.”

“Fine, Jesus, whatever,” Jimin concedes, snatching the ball back. “Why the fuck are we out here, anyway? You suck at basketball, it’s cold, and all I’ve eaten for two days is week old takeout.”

Taehyung squirms a little under the intensity of Jimin’s gaze. “I can’t sleep lately.”

Jimin’s expression immediately softens as he puts the ball down on top of his backpack. He takes Taehyungs hands in his own, playing lightly with Taehyung’s fingers. “Anything I can help with?”

“I think I’m just stressed about exams,” Taehyung says. “It’s also weird adjusting to being single again.”

“Oh.” Jimin’s hands are cold from how long they’ve been out here, but they feel nice holding both of Taehyung’s. “Yeah. Let’s just get married. I’m tired of flaky relationships, anyway.”

“I don’t think Hobi would like that very much.”

“Might finally give him motivation to date me.”

Taehyung laughs, the knot in his chest dissipating slightly. “We’ll keep that idea for later.”

“Maybe you just need to get laid again.”

“Or I need to adopt a dog.”

“Idiot.” Jimin hooks his backpack over his shoulders and hands the ball back to Taehyung, linking their arms together as they leave the court. “Tell me about cheating twink again.”

With a sigh, Taehyung pulls Jimin even closer and whines, “I already told you about him.”

“Yes, but I was drunk off my ass.”

“Well…” There is one thing that Taehyung had kept to himself, knowing that even if Jimin was super drunk when Taehyung shared; it would be impossible for Jimin to forget it. Still, Taehyung has to tell someone, or he might explode. “He did try to call me daddy.”

Jimin stops dead in his tracks, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes. “He did not.”

“He did. Came before he could get it out, though.”

“That’s fucking hot, man.”

“I know, right?” Taehyung shakes his head, hurriedly trying to dispel the memories of fucking Jeongguk in a dirty bathroom like they hadn’t been plaguing him for weeks. “Didn’t even know I was into that shit.”


“That’s rich coming from the guy who wore a skirt to impress his not-boyfriend.”

“You asshole, I sent you those Snapchats in confidence.”

“And that, dear Jimothy, was your first mistake.”

Jimin tries to pull his arm away without any true intent. “You can’t sleep in my bed tonight.”

“Jimin, no.”

Taehyung’s whining breaks Jimin’s weak defenses, just like always. “Fine, but you can’t be the big spoon.”

“That’s even worse!”

Turns out, Taehyung’s plans to never even think about the cheating twink again are far easier said than done. Seokjin’s “old friend” turned out to be his cousin, who’d just transferred to the same University as the rest of them at the beginning of the semester. And, as it turns out, Seokjin is cunningly genius when it comes to integrating Jeongguk into their group of friends.

Seokjin waits until Taehyung doesn’t have an escape, trapped in the seat against the wall before revealing that Jeongguk is joining the group for lunch. Or inviting Taehyung over for dinner only for Jeongguk to be there, too, squished between two of Taehyung’s hyungs like he’d been there the entire time. Taehyung especially hates it when he’s a few drinks in at their local bar before Seokjin says Jeongguk’s finished up an assignment and is heading over, and then refuses to call Taehyung an Uber when he tries to run away.

More often than not, it’s Jimin’s pointed glares that have Taehyung sitting back down with an exaggerated groan.

The worst, Taehyung thinks, is when he’s walking across campus between classes. Between his photography class and his mandatory calculus class, Seokjin would always walk with him. Now he brings along cheating twink, and links an arm over both Taehyung and Jeongguk’s shoulders so neither of them can run.

And it’s not that Taehyung hates Jeongguk. He just doesn’t like looking at Jeongguk and seeing their bathroom tryst. Doesn’t like looking at Jeongguk and hearing what he sounds like when he comes. So, really, Taehyung is avoiding him for his own health.

Yoongi- the traitor- accepts Jeongguk first, falling for Jeongguk’s love for music and budding interest in production. From there, Namjoon and Hoseok follow suit, offering help with Jeongguk’s production projects and bringing him along to the small studio space they rent out a few nights a month. Jimin runs into Jeongguk at the campus gym enough times to break and ask for a spot at one of the machines, the role of which Jeongguk was too eager to fill, Jimin explained when Taehyung was throwing pillows at him from across the apartment for betraying him.

Taehyung, perhaps naively, thought he could count on Jimin to irrationally dislike Jeongguk forever with him. A few days in the gym together proved him wrong.

He tries to make sure he’s not mean to Jeongguk, (just one glance from Jeongguk’s big, sparkly eyes was more than enough to have guilt stir uncomfortably in Taehyung’s gut) but that usually turns into flat out ignoring Jeongguk. It’s fine, though. Taehyung didn’t want to be friends with the guy who ended his relationship. Truly, he doesn’t want anything from Jeongguk.

All he wants is to pass his psychology class- the one class he’s genuinely worried about.

“Maybe if you stopped sleeping through the entire lecture you wouldn’t be failing,” Hoseok says, as they’re walking to the building one afternoon. He’s busy texting someone, not paying attention to Taehyung’s inquiries as to whether he can get a good grade by hooking up with his professor and relying on Taehyung’s hold on his elbow to avoid walking into people and lamp posts.

“I’m not failing.”

“You submitted your last test with one giant smiley face.”

“And filled in enough scantron bubbles to pass!”

“Whatever. Save me a seat inside, there’s something I have to do first.”

“What the fuck? What do you have to do?”

Hoseok waves his phone before Taehyung’s eyes. “Jimin got out of his lab early which means I have a dick to suck.”

“Use protection.”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung.”

Hoseok aims a light punch at Taehyung’s shoulder before he turns down a different hallway, likely to his favorite supply closet to hook up in. Taehyung grimaces, putting in his headphones as he walks up the stairs. He really hates that he knows Hoseok’s go-to hook up spots. Maybe he can use that to his advantage someday.

Waiting outside the lecture hall, Taehyung feels a tug on his sleeve. He ignores it at first, bobbing his head to the music until the tugging gets more insistent. Taehyung yanks a headphone out, turning to glare at the offending person.



Jeongguk startles, dropping his hand from Taehyung’s sleeve. It’s the first time they’ve stood face to face without someone else since that night at the bar, and Jeongguk looks a little terrified. Taehyung can’t blame him. He’s not exactly the kindest looking person during this class- it’s early and the room is stuffy and now Hoseok has left him alone. He doesn’t look approachable.




“Can I help you?”

“I-uh.” Jeongguk holds out a paper cup. “I got you coffee. Starbucks. Not that watered down shit from the café-”

“I don’t drink coffee.”

Frowning, Jeongguk looks like he wants to drop his arm where he’s holding out the drink. “But, you were drinking coffee that day, when, uh-”

“Let me rephrase that,” Taehyung says, eyes on his phone as he skips through to find a Red Velvet song. He puts the headphone back in. “I only drink coffee when I’ve been drunk for an entire week.”

Biting at his lip, Jeongguk says, “A whole week?”

Taehyung sighs, finally finding the bop of the past summer. He doesn’t bother taking out a headphone again, just speaks over the music. “It’s kinda hard to stay sober when all you see is your unfaithful girlfriend every time you close your eyes.”

The professor arrives, unlocking the door and allowing the students to stream into the lecture hall. Jeongguk stays close behind Taehyung, still holding the cup of coffee even as Taehyung searches for his and Hoseok’s usual seats, moving his head to the sound of Yeri’s voice. Honestly, the only girl he’d ever truly love.

When Taehyung sits, Jeongguk is still standing at his side. “Jesus. What now?”

“Are you still mad?”


“Are you-? Hyung-”


Jeongguk huffs, pulling out one of Taehyung’s headphones. He leaves the coffee on the small table attached to the chair. Taehyung snatches the headphone back. “Are you still mad?”

“Does it look like I’m being forgiving?”

Jeongguk’s expression darkens for a moment before he sags, shoulders caving slightly as he avoids Taehyung’s eyes. “Are you ever going to let it go?”

“I’m getting over a fucking breakup, Jeongguk.” Taehyung mutters, pulling up a game to play while students are filing into empty seats. “Not everything is about you or how you ruined my long-term relationship.”

“I said I was sorry-”

“No, you didn’t.” Taehyung hisses, slapping his phone on his thigh. He hears Hoseok’s laugh from the door. “You said, and I quote: ‘as far as I knew, man, she was single.’”


“Take your seats everyone, we have a guest lecturer today.” The professor says, drawing out the attendance sheets.

Jeongguk points to the empty seat next to Taehyung. “Can I sit here?”


Hoseok comes up to Taehyung’s side. “Hey, Jeongguk-ah. Keeping my seat warm?”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk says, frowning. He doesn’t look away from Taehyung. “I’ll see you around?”

“Definitely,” Hoseok says. “Movie night at Seokjin hyung’s this weekend.”

Jeongguk turns and Taehyung notices that the only seat left available is directly in front of the lecturer. Hoseok ruffles his hair as he sits, taking the headphone that Taehyung offers so they can share the music while the lecturer is speaking. Taehyung gets comfy, already feeling ready for a nap.

Hoseok grabs the coffee cup, sniffing at it. “You drunk again?”

“Nah, grabbed that for you.” Taehyung says, “One of us needs to stay awake for this shit. It’ll be on the exam.”

“I’m not sucking your dick in thanks.”

“Thank God for that. I don’t know where your mouth has been.”

“We’ve shared an ass, Taehyung.”

Taehyung scowls. Stupid Jimin and his big mouth. “Don’t remind me about that. Can we go drinking tonight?”

Hoseok eyes him with worry. After nearly two weeks of drinking away memories of Jiae, Taehyung had sworn while vomiting up everything he’d kept down for a week that he would never drink again. It had been a lie, but his friends had promised to keep him at a survivable level of being drunk.

“You sure?”

Taehyung glares at the back of Jeongguk’s head, and then goes back to Candy Crush. “Yes.”

“Fine. I’ll text Seokjin hyung to save us a seat at the bar.”

“Want me to suck your dick in thanks?”

Hoseok smacks the back of his head.

Taehyung is wrapped comfortably in a thick blanket burrito when Jimin comes storming into his room, muttering something under his breath that Taehyung can’t decipher. Taehyung’s re-watching Goblin, tissues at the ready if he’s going to cry again.

Jimin heads straight to Taehyung’s closet, digging through the shirts. “You owe me a candy bar for any shirt you take.”

Jimin ignores him. “Where are your hoe clothes?”

“Excuse you, I am not a hoe.”

“I’ve dressed you like one,” Jimin says, holding up a shirt before tossing it onto the bed. Taehyung makes an indignant noise. He just cleaned yesterday after almost three months. “Why the fuck are you still in bed?”

“I’ve become one with my blankets.”

“Get up, we’re late.”

Taehyung frowns, finally pausing the drama. “Late for what?”

“Party at Hoseok’s frat.”

With a groan, Taehyung pulls the blankets over his head. “You know I hate frat parties.”

“I know, babe, but this is prime time to make another move. I can give Hoseok more hints, you can get laid or drunk enough to adopt a puppy.” The mattress sinks with Jimin’s added weight as he sits and pulls the blanket back enough to reveal Taehyung’s face. He pets nimble fingers through Taehyung’s bangs “You’re stressed and can’t sleep. We don’t have many options in university. Come with me or I’m taking you to the campus nurse.”

“Fine,” Taehyung sighs, whining at the loss of Jimin’s touch. “But you’re buying me dinner.”

“Deal. Now get dressed.”

Jimin picks a see-through white tank top and a soft jacket for Taehyung, paired with a pair of tight jeans before he gives up on fitting into Taehyung’s clothes and retreats to his own closet. He returns dressed like absolute sin, denim jacket held together by one button. If he didn’t already know he wasn’t into Jimin romantically, Taehyung would be on his knees in a heartbeat.

Damn, Chim.”

“I know,” Jimin grins. Taehyung follows him into the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub as Jimin works at his eyes with subtle pink hues and eyeliner. “If Hobi doesn’t put a ring on it I’ll jump into the pool.”

“Makeup and all?”

“You know it.”

They make a stop at the mini fridge in the corner of the dorm, where Jimin hides their tequila and rum in an empty box of cereal. Together, they toast three shots, knocking back the Patron with grimaces.

The house Hoseok pledged almost three years ago is already loud when Taehyung and Jimin show up, the music audible from almost two blocks away. It’s packed with people, and a freshman tries to turn them away at the front door until Hoseok walks up behind him and tugs Jimin into the house with a hand around his wrist. Without a word, Hoseok leads them through the mess of people mingling at the front of the house, dancing in the living room, streaking through the hallways, and shouting in the backyard and to the kitchen, where the music is slightly muted. Taehyung can already feel a headache coming.

“Jesus,” Hoseok says, pouring out three shots of Jameson. “Didn’t think you guys were coming.”

Jimin clinks their glasses together and they knock back the shots. “Biggest party of the year, hyung. We wouldn’t miss it.”

Hoseok winks. “Biggest party of the year so far.”

“Hyung.” A scrawny boy comes wandering into the kitchen. “There’s someone at the door. Claims they know you.”

“Probably don’t,” Hoseok says, rolling his eyes. He grabs a beer from the cooler on the floor, twisting off the cap. “Namjoon and Yoongi hyung should be here somewhere, get Yoongi trashed. I have a bet to whether he’ll fuck Namjoon in a frat house.”

Jimin eyes the spread of liquor on the counter, empty bottles overturned and marble sticky. He turns to Taehyung. “What are you in the mood for, babe? I’m buying.”

“You’re annoying,” Taehyung says with a fond smile. “Surprise me.”

The drink Jimin whips up is fruity and goes down easily, something that Taehyung always appreciates in a drink. They stay in the kitchen for a while, watching freshmen try to go shot for shot with upperclassmen, watching a few exasperated girls tug their sobbing friend to the backyard. At one point, Jimin links his fingers with Taehyung’s and leads him to the living room, where people dance to music that’s so loud that Taehyung can barely understand it.

“Quit being a wet blanket,” Jimin complains, kicking lightly at Taehyung’s knee.

Taehyung sinks further into the soft couch. “You’re one to talk. What happened to getting Hobi to fall in love with you?”

Jimin scowls. “I don’t know where he went.”

“Sucks. I’m sleepy.”

“Fall asleep and I’ll leave you here.”

Taehyung spots Namjoon and Yoongi across the room, and they make their way over to join him on the couch. A few beers and hard ciders are passed around. In the corner, someone tries to drag Jimin and Yoongi into a game of beer pong. Jimin accepts, if only because he needs a few more drinks before he hunts down Hoseok and drags him to a bed for the night.

Snuggling up against Yoongi’s side, Taehyung nurses the same cup that Jimin had poured him when they first arrived. He’s not in the mood for this, for dancing and partying. He was perfectly content rotting his brain with unrealistic dramas. If he can’t do that, Yoongi stroking his hair is a close second.

At one point, Hoseok makes his way back into the room, carrying two beers. He looks at their pile on the couch and to the beer pong table, the competition heating up into something so annoyingly loud that Taehyung can’t doze comfortably, and ambles over to throw an arm over Jimin’s shoulder. He watches as they clink beers and then Hoseok is dipping his hand beneath Jimin’s denim jacket, palm wide against the bare skin and Taehyung has to look away as Jimin bites back his smirk.

“Hyung, you’re putting Taehyung to sleep.”

Yoongi laughs quietly, scratching lightly behind Taehyung’s ear. “He’s had a long week.”

“I think he’s the only university student who doesn’t want to get smashed at the end of a week.” Namjoon says. He’s slurring a little, probably drunker than Yoongi is at this point.

“Let’s find someone to dance with him.”

Taehyung whines a little. “No.”

A giggle echoes through the room, the sound of which has Taehyung sitting bolt upright. He knows that sound. He’d listened to that sound for more than three years, huddled together on the backseat of a bus and watching old Vines. He knows it from late, lazy mornings waking up together and laughing, rolling in the sheets. Taehyung knows it.

Yoongi tugs on his ear. “Taehyung. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, God.”

Namjoon nearly punches Yoongi in the face when he leans over to grip Taehyung’s shoulder. “What?”

Taehyung knew that Jiae liked parties. It was how they met originally, both a little drunk and individually dared to jump into the pool in their underwear. Taehyung, always the social butterfly, had struck up a conversation with her when he’d seen how uncomfortable she’d looked. He fucked her later than night and three weeks later asked her on a proper date. Taehyung knew that Jiae especially liked the parties at this particular frat house. He should have remembered. He shouldn’t have let Jimin convince him to come.

Taehyung shrinks into the couch, feels that same urge to be drunk that he thought he’d kicked a few weeks ago. “She’s here,” Taehyung whispers, Yoongi drawing him into his arms again. “I think Jiae is here.”


Yoongi shouts over Taehyung’s head and Hoseok startles, looking up from where he’s kissing lightly at Jimin’s neck. When he spots them huddled together on the couch, he meanders through the dancing bodies to reach them.

“What’s up?” Hoseok asks, running a hand through his hair.

“There’s someone you need to kick out,” Yoongi says seriously.

“No,” Taehyung says hurriedly. “No, please. Don’t cause a scene.”

Frowning, Hoseok puts his beer bottle on the coffee table. “What’s going on? Who’s here?”

“Jiae,” Yoongi mutters.

“Alright, come here.” Hoseok takes Taehyung’s hand, helping him onto his feet. “We’re taking your mind off this shit.”

Taehyung hides his face in Hoseok’s neck as he’s led to the kitchen. “I really don’t feel like blacking out tonight, hyung.”

“Relax, Tae. I got you. We’ll take a shot and dance a little, and then we’ll go watch movies in my room. You won’t catch a glimpse of She Who Will Not Be Named.”

So they knock back another shot, Taehyung’s head a little fuzzy. He’s not so far gone that he can’t walk on his own or his words are tumbling over themselves, but he’s buzzed enough that Jiae is the last thing on his mind as Hoseok drags him to the makeshift dance floor in the living room. It’s too cold to party outside without the aid of a fire pit, so anyone who wants to dance is squished together. He doesn’t see her, and for that he’s glad. Taehyung hasn’t seen her since she was fucking Jeongguk.


He startles at the female voice, interrupting the way Hoseok was trying to dip him. Someone hugs him tightly, and he finally gets a look at the girl when she pulls back, grinning widely.

“Oh my God, Mina!” Taehyung pulls her into another hug, her head tucked beneath his chin. “Holy shit, how have you been?”

“Good, good. We heard you’re on the market again.”

Taehyung smiles, ignores the way his stomach twists at the reminder. With his arm over Mina’s shoulders, he gestures between her and Hoseok. “Hobi hyung, this is Mina. We…”

“We used to hook up until someone tied you down,” Mina says with a laugh. He can’t remember the last time he saw Mina, let alone at a party. Although that could have been due to Jiae telling him not to go to any. “Tae oppa, come here. Sooyoung’s missed you.”

He’s led to the couch, Mina sitting with her knees tucked at his side and Sooyoung- who Taehyung only has vague memories of- on his other side. He’s lost sight of Hoseok and Jimin, but Yoongi and Namjoon are swaying on the dance floor, not bothering to match the hype of the music or the other dancers. There’s someone trying way too hard behind Yoongi and Namjoon, dancing chest to chest with some guy. When he turns around, Taehyung sees that it’s Jeongguk.

Jeongguk’s eyes are shut, head thrown back against the guy’s shoulder as he swings his hips. Taehyung really isn’t paying attention to the story that Mina is telling, distracted by the gentle arch of Jeongguk’s back, the slight part of his lips.

The music shifts to something slower, a little more sensual, and Jeongguk’s eyes catch Taehyung’s when he blinks them open. Jeongguk startles a little, eyes going wide when he catches Taehyung staring. Without missing a beat, Jeongguk squares his shoulders and grabs the guy’s hand, dipping his fingers beneath the waistband of Jeongguk’s pants.

Taehyung knows what he’s doing. It’s obvious, immediate, and a little pathetic, Taehyung thinks, watching as Jeongguk grinds back against the guy. He drags his palm down his chest without breaking eye contact, Taehyung following the movement. He knows what Jeongguk’s doing, and knows exactly why. He’s trying to bait Taehyung, to get him to cross the room, to speak more than four words to Jeongguk and to touch him better than the other guy.

Jeongguk bares his neck-

“Hey.” Mina curls a finger beneath Taehyung’s chin, turning his face toward her. “Want to get out of here?”

Taehyung doesn’t give himself a second to think it over. “Let’s go.”

Mina links their fingers together, Sooyoung taking Taehyung’s other arm to drape it over her shoulders as they weave through the room, gathering coats and shoes and Mina’s lost bra. He doesn’t turn around, and misses the way Jeongguk stops dancing to watch Taehyung leave with a frown.

“You’re driving away business.”

Jeongguk looks up from the Haikyuu!! episode he’s watching on his phone and glances between Seokjin, standing in front of him on the other side of the bar, and the rest of the room. “Hyung. It’s empty.”

“Because of you,” Seokjin says, wiping down the same glass he’s been cleaning for the better part of an hour. “You look so depressed, no one wants to come drink next to a depressed man-baby.”

Scowling, Jeongguk tries to tune Seokjin out and go back to his anime, but he can’t focus properly, sighing through the overdramatic matches and passionate speeches about volleyball. The bar has been mostly empty all afternoon, attributed to the fact that it’s a goddam Monday and Seokjin knew they had movie plans but still chose to work for no money anyway. A few stragglers had wandered in for drinks after work, but for the most part the afternoon has passed with Jeongguk ignoring his papers and Seokjin washing glasses.

“I can still hear you sighing,” Seokjin says from across the bar, where he’s rearranging bottles of whiskey after another bartender fucked up their placement. “Either tell me what’s wrong or go away.”

Jeongguk pouts, pausing the show. “You’re mean.”

“I literally fed you this entire week.”

Mean, hyung.”

Seokjin whips him lightly with a dishrag. “What’s wrong? You’ve been distant for more than a week.”

“It’s just.” Jeongguk squirms a little in his seat. He doesn’t know how to discuss what he’s been feeling lately, least of all with the object of his frustration’s best friend. How is he supposed to tell his cousin that he can’t stop thinking of how Taehyung fucked him in a dirty, grimy bathroom stall? So he settles for an issue that Seokjin knows about, and that is, “Do you think Taehyung hyung is ever going to accept me?”

Seokjin’s expression softens, and Jeongguk immediately sits up straighter, not liking the way Seokjin is looking at him like a wounded child. “Listen, Jeongguk-ah. I’m sure he’s going to come around eventually, but I wouldn’t push it.”

“What do you mean?”

“He- okay, he’s still mad that you slept with Jiae. Even if he won’t say it, it’s still bothering him.”

“But Jimin hyung said-”

“Regardless of whatever he said, Jimin’s not the one experiencing Taehyung’s feelings.” Seokjing says gently. He wipes at a sticky spot on the counter, worn and discolored from years of use.


Seokjin raises an eyebrow. “But?”

Jeongguk splays his upper body across the countertop, resting his head on his bicep and he whines, “But he fucked me so good, hyung.”

“Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. How dare you bring this into my good, Christian household.”

“When I was thirteen you barged into my room and said, ‘Jeongguk, you can be straight, you can be a weab, but you’ll never be gayer than I am.’”

“I don’t recall.”

“You literally want to be sandwiched between Yoongi and Namjoon hyung.”

Seokjin’s eyes open comically wide, and he smacks Jeongguk’s arm with the dishtowel again. Jeongguk laughs, sitting up to combat Seokjin’s attack. “How the fuck did you-?”

“It’s obvious,” Jeongguk says through a laugh. “You’re too touchy with Namjoon hyung. It’s like you gave up on the concept of subtlety.”

“Shut up, I hate you so much.”

“You do not,” Jeongguk says, reaching behind the bar for a lemon wedge to pick at. “Now tell me how to get Taehyung to fuck me again.”

Seokjin makes a face. “I really don’t want to think about your sex life, Jeongguk.”

“Well, too bad! This is what you signed up for when you agreed to be my roommate-”

“You were too broke to pay rent on your own-”

“When you agreed-

“I don’t know if Taehyung’s a good match for you,” Seokjin says, his tone suddenly much more serious than before. “It might not be a good idea for you to go back to him.”

Jeongguk frowns, brows furrowing. “Is he… is he, like, a bad guy?”

“No, no, not at all,” Seokjin says hurriedly. “He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, the kind of guy you bring home for Christmas because you know your mom will approve. He organized the Pet A Puppy event during finals last semester. He’s so pure.”

“Then what’s the problem in sleeping with him again?”

“He’s not a fan of relationships,” Seokjin explains. “Jiae was a kind of exception because they had slept together enough times that Taehyung felt obligated to ask her to dinner. He was too nice to say no when she asked to be exclusive, but he’s pretty bad with feelings. Combine that with being cheated on for so long and I don’t know if he’s going to want to try again. Least of all with you.” He pauses, picking up the little pieces of lemon that Jeongguk had ripped onto the counter. “No offense, Gukie.”

“None taken. I think.” Jeongguk doesn’t say anything for a moment, watching as Seokjin cleans and then greets a customer as he walks in and settles on the adjacent side of the bar. The guy orders an Old Fashioned- pretentious fuck- and Seokjin mixes the drink before returning to Jeongguk. “Hyung, you know I don’t. You know I don’t want a relationship.”

“I know. But I also know that you get attached easily.”

Jeongguk feels his cheeks burn. “Shut up.”

“It’s not a bad thing.”

“Yes, it is,” Jeongguk mutters, dropping his chin onto the bar.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Seokjin folds his arms on the countertop to meet Jeongguk’s eyes. “Hey. It’s not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong with being into Taehyung. I’m just telling you to be careful.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Taehyung likes red,” Seokjin says quietly, straightening up as a wave of college students come meandering into the bar. “Do with that what you will.”

Red. Jeongguk can do red.

Taehyung gets roped into a movie night when he’s got about four booty texts rotting on his phone and a paper due in two days. This is better, Taehyung thinks, sitting comfortably squished between Jimin and Seokjin while Jimin plays lightly with his hair. He could fall asleep like this, except Jeongguk keeps looking at him from where he sits on an armchair.

“Who the fuck chose this movie?” Jimin complains, leaning his head against Taehyung’s.

“It’s in black and white,” Hoseok says, munching on popcorn. According to Jimin, he and Hoseok were in a fight and that’s why he wasn’t cuddling up to the older. When Taehyung had asked for more context, Jimin had downed the last of their Jameson bottle. “So my guess is Namjoon.”

“Hey.” Namjoon throws a pillow across the room. “Seokjin hyung suggested it.”

“Not surprising,” Jeongguk says, grinning widely.

Seokjin glares at him. “I will kill you.”

“Do it. You won’t.”

“Hyung, how much whiskey do you have?” Jimin asks suddenly, letting Taehyung fall sideways onto the couch when he stands up. He steps over Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok sprawled out on the floor to get to the kitchen.

“Don’t clean me out,” Seokjin complains. “Please. I’m still recovering from Taehyung’s binge.”

An uncomfortable silence falls over the room, everyone glancing between Jeongguk and Taehyung, who stares resolutely at the movie. Despite Jeongguk’s acceptance into their group of friends, none of them have really… discussed what happened in the past. Taehyung doesn’t care. He’s got nothing to say to Jeongguk.

“Jimin, don’t drink too much.” Hoseok says, glancing over his shoulder at where Jimin is rifling through Seokjin’s liquor cabinet. “You were so sick the other day-”

“Hey, Hobi hyung?” Jimin says sweetly, peering over the lip of a bottle of Grey Goose.


“Mind your own damn business.”

Taehyung snorts, sitting up and snuggling against Seokjin now. “Movie night is so fun, hyung.”

“Shut it, Taehyung.”

Jeongguk stands up, and without a word he sits in Jimin’s abandoned seat, ignoring the way that Taehyung glares at him from the corner of his eye. Jimin knocks back a few shots and opens a couple of beers. Knowing him, he’s not coming back for the rest of the movie.

Taehyung feels something on his thigh, and he ignores it at first, thinking the touch will go away. But then Jeongguk squeezes, his hand too far up Taehyung’s thigh to be innocent.

Taehyung pinches Jeongguk’s wrist, moves his hand away with a grimace. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Tilting his head, Jeongguk asks, “What do you mean, hyung?”


At that, Jeongguk pouts and turns away to focus again on the movie. Thinking that’s the end of it, Taehyung tunes back into the movie, snuggling aggressively against Seokjin’s side. He thinks of moving, maybe to the now empty armchair or to the kitchen to drink with Jimin, or even to just fucking leave if Jeongguk’s going to sit so close to him, but he knows that Seokjin will be disappointed. And if Jimin doesn’t black out tonight, he’ll remember Taehyung dipping out early and treating Jeongguk poorly for no reason.

Jeongguk is all but drowning in his big red hoodie, the hood pulled over his head. His eyes are barely visible, wide as he watches the movie, but Taehyung isn’t looking. He’s not looking as Jeongguk leans his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, only to pout harder when Taehyung pushes him away.

Behind them, Jimin is cracking open another beer. Jeongguk puts his hand back on Taehyung’s thigh.

“Jeongguk.” Taehyung hisses. This time, when he tries to move Jeongguk’s hand, he doesn’t concede. “Stop.”

“What am I doing?” Jeongguk doesn’t look at him, but he does squeeze Taehyung’s thigh again, stroking his thumb lightly.

Taehyung tries to shake him off again, but Jeongguk only slides his hand further up Taehyung’s thigh, his fingers brushing dangerously close to Taehyung’s crotch. He sits tensed against Seokjin’s side, wanting nothing more than to shove Jeongguk off the damn couch if he’s going to keep this up, tracing his fingers over Taehyung’s inner thigh.

Jimin knocks something over in the kitchen and Hoseok sighs, glancing up at Taehyung. “You want to take him home or should I?”

“Go ahead.”

“I can’t stand this movie,” Namjoon says with a groan, rolling his head against Yoongi’s shoulder. “Let’s go get ice cream.”

“I’m down,” Yoongi agrees.

Seokjin sits up hurriedly, abandoning Taehyung to fall again against the couch. “Me, too. Jeongguk? Tae?”

Jeongguk shakes his head, dipping his hand beneath the hem of Taehyung’s shirt. “I have a paper to finish.”

Despite how quickly he got sloshed, Jimin is resolute in not letting go of the two bottles of beer he’s holding even as Hoseok tries to take them. He gives up after Jimin calls him “a pansy ass bitch” and a “scaredy cat,” slinging Jimin’s arm over his shoulder and leading him from the apartment without another word.

“I should make sure Jimin doesn’t die,” Taehyung says with a sigh.

Someone pauses the movie as everyone files out of the apartment, hoods up and masks covering the majority of their faces as they prepare to brave the outside world after spending most of the weekend holed up watching Netflix and avoiding academic responsibilities. Jeongguk follows behind, asking Yoongi to bring him something back.

Instead of walking out, Taehyung slams the door behind Seokjin and immediately turns around, Jeongguk nearly walking right into him.

“Hyung?” Jeongguk shrinks back, faltering.

Taehyung shoves at Jeongguk’s shoulder, forcing him to take a few steps back. “What the fuck was that?” He demands, pushing again. Jeongguk nearly trips on a pair of discarded shoes, but manages to retain his balance, walking backwards and deeper into the apartment. “Hm? What the fuck, Jeongguk?”

“I- I don’t-”

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Taehyung sneers, pushing Jeongguk’s chest a little too hard.

Jeongguk stumbles through what Taehyung assumes to be the doorway to his bedroom. “Hyung- I don’t-

“What did I just say, Jeongguk?” Taehyung curls his fingers into the collar of Jeongguk’s shirt, bringing their bodies flush together. Jeongguk’s chest heaves with heavy breaths, eyes darting rapidly across Taehyung’s face. For a split second, Taehyung worries he crossed a line, but then Jeongguk’s shoulders sag, and he whimpers lightly, almost inaudibly. “I know what you’re doing. Dancing with that guy, touching hyung without permission. You’re so easy.”

Jeongguk’s eyes flicker to Taehyung’s lips. “Tae-

“If you’re going to act like a bitch,” Taehyung mutters, shoving hard to send Jeongguk sprawling onto his bed. He looks a little disoriented when he props himself on his elbows, cheeks burning as he stares at Taehyung. “You’re going to get fucked like a bitch. Take your clothes off.”

Jeongguk yanks off his hoodie and t-shirt in one fluid motion, sitting up to wrestle with the button on his jeans. When he realizes Taehyung hasn’t moved, standing at the foot of the bed with his arms crossed, he freezes and hesitantly looks up through his too-long bangs.

“You… you too, hyung?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Taehyung snickers. “Just do what I say, yeah?”

“I- okay.”

He struggles a little to get his pants off, pausing to kick off the shoes he’d forgotten about and squirms when he’s done, cock already hardening in his bright red boxers. Taehyung rolls his eyes.

“Can’t you sit still? I haven’t even touched you and you’re already annoying me.”

“Sorry.” Jeongguk ducks his head. “Just.. I just-”

“Just what, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk doesn’t look up, picking at a thread on his duvet. “Can you… hyung- please- call me… can you call me.” His voice gets progressively quieter, until Taehyung almost can’t hear the whispered, “Baby?”

“I don’t think you deserve it,” Taehyung says, watching as Jeongguk flinches as if stung. He continues, cutting Jeongguk off before he can speak to ask again. “But, maybe if you’re a good boy, you can earn it.”

“I can,” Jeongguk says hurriedly, nodding his head. “I can, hyung, I can. I’ll do- please- I’ll-”

“Shut up.” Taehyung pops the button of his jeans. “There are better things your mouth can be doing.”


Easily taking the cue, Jeongguk crawls quickly to the edge of the bed to kneel in front of Taehyung and reach for the zipper. Taehyung slaps his hands away, gripping Jeongguk’s chin to make Jeongguk look at him. “No hands. Dirty sluts like you don’t get that.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks burn as he lowers himself onto his stomach, struggling to grasp the zipper between his teeth and yank it down far enough for access to Taehyung’s cock. He slips up once, gripping Taehyung’s thigh for balance, but Taehyung quickly gathers both of Jeongguk’s hands into one of his own, holding them tightly behind Jeongguk’s back. Jeongguk mouths hotly at Taehyung’s cock through his boxers, trying to move the fabric to get Taehyung’s cock out, but he’s clearly struggling, his shoulders tense and his breath coming out in frustrated little huffs.

Taehyung sighs loudly, threading the fingers of his free hand through Jeongguk’s hair and tugging, forcing his head up. “Useless. Can’t even use your mouth properly.

“No! No- I can, hyung, please- please, let me-”

“I don’t have all day.” Taehyung drops Jeongguk’s hair and he face plants back onto the bed. Taehyung takes his cock, barely half-hard, out of his pants, and as Jeongguk raises his head on his own, he slaps the tip against Jeongguk’s cheek. “Open up.”

With a needy moan, Jeongguk immediately opens wide and his eyes flutter shut, tongue sticking out as he waits for Taehyung to move closer, his movements restricted by the hold Taehyung still has on his wrists. But Taehyung doesn’t move, watching the confusion furrow between Jeongguk’s brows, the way he squirms and tries to chase Taehyung’s cock on his own.

“Hey.” Taehyung says quietly. He gently taps his fingers on the underside of Jeongguk’s jaw and he opens his eyes, staring up at Taehyung. “You want this?”

Jeongguk nods, swallowing hard. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?

“Yes, I- I want your big cock,” Jeongguk whines. His fingers flex, lips trying to touch the head of Taehyung’s cock. “Please- want, want it in my mouth, want… want it all.”

Taehyung snickers, tracing the tip against Jeongguk’s fat bottom lip, smearing precum until Jeongguk’s mouth glistened. “How bad?”

“So bad!” Jeongguk begs, legs kicking out. “Please, please- hyung!”

“Take it, then.”

Without another word, Taehyung shoves his cock between Jeongguk’s lips, interrupting his babbling to thrust weakly into the wet, warm heat. Jeongguk gags slightly, closing his eyes to collect himself as he struggles to take all of Taehyung’s cock. He pulls back, hollowing his cheeks as he takes Taehyung deeper, pushing himself until his nose was buried in the fine hair at Taehyung’s navel.

Jeongguk sucks dick like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do, and- truthfully- Taehyung’s missed this. Missed the sight of Jeongguk so desperate to have his lips wrapped around Taehyung’s length, sucking and swallowing like he’s trying to be good for Taehyung. Taehyung hadn’t appreciated this enough at the bar, focused more on getting hard enough to get inside of Jeongguk, but now- now he watches the muscles in Jeongguk’s back flex, watches his fists clench and relax as he works to take Taehyung deeper into his mouth. And he’s so messy about it, slurping around Taehyung’s length, drooling when he pulls back to suckle at the tip.

With a whine, Jeongguk pulls back just enough that Taehyung’s cock brushes his lips when he speaks. “H-hyung?”

“What?” Taehyung asks, a little annoyed that he’d lost the visual of Jeongguk’s mouth working his dick.

“Can- can you fuck my face?” Jeongguk asks very quietly, lips slick with spit and hair unruly. His shoulders strain with the effort to keep himself upright. “Please?”

“No. Don’t be fucking greedy.”

“But, hyung-

“No.” Taehyung guides his cock back to Jeongguk , who eagerly chases the heavy weight on his tongue. “You’re not being a very good boy, Jeongguk-ah.”

Jeongguk straight up whines around Taehyung’s length, and Taehyung knows, knows, that he could unravel Jeongguk that much faster, wreck him that much more, if he just caved and started calling Jeongguk what he wanted- but where was the fun in that? This- Jeongguk steeling himself to suck Taehyung’s cock like a champ to earn the reward of being called baby- was so much better.

Just as Jeongguk dips his tongue wickedly into the tip of Taehyung’s cock, his hips make tiny circles against the mattress. Not enough stimulation to be effective, but enough for Taehyung to notice.

“Ah, ah.” Taehyung leans over Jeongguk’s back, slapping his ass with a loud smack. “Did I say you could move?”

A wretched moan crosses his lips and Jeongguk shakes his head, apologies already tumbling and he gets louder as Taehyung moves out of reach.


“Relax,” Taehyung snickers, kneeling before Jeongguk, who’s barely managing to keep his head from the mattress. “I won’t punish you. Get on your back, Jeongguk-ah.”


Jeongguk mutters, clearly unhappy with Taehyung withholding the name. His complaints die when Taehyung raises an eyebrow, as if daring him to push his luck. Taehyung might not be punishing him in this moment, but he’d seen the way Jeongguk arched into the spank, the way tears had begun collecting at the corner of his eyes, and he’s not afraid to take advantage of that given the opportunity. Instead, Jeongguk all but flops onto his back and scoots further up the bed.

“Look at you,” Taehyung whispers, as Jeongguk wriggles beneath his gaze. He slides his palms up Jeongguk’s thighs, reveling in the whimper that Jeongguk lets out as Taehyung grips his dick through his boxers. “So hard, Jeonggukie. Is that all it takes? Get so hard from sucking hyung off? From getting slapped?”

Hyung,” Jeongguk whines, tensing as Taehyung squeezes.

“Look so pretty in red, baby.”

Oh.” Jeongguk’s entire body relaxes with a breathless sigh as he tries to buck into Taehyung’s grip. He murmurs, “Wore it for you, Tae.”

Taehyung slips his fingers below Jeongguk’s waistband, stroking his fingers over the hot length. “Cute. I like it, but I’d like them better on the floor.”

Jeongguk chokes out a laugh. “That’s not even a good line.”

Cracking a smile, Taehyung says, “Shut up. Where’s your lube?”

“Uh.” Jeongguk blushes, hissing as Taehyung squeezes his dick again. “Pillow! Fuck- under my, ah, pillow.”

Sure enough, Taehyung finds the lube beneath his pillow and his condoms- predictably- in the drawer next to his bed. “Almost empty, hm?” Before Jeongguk can say anything, Taehyung nudges his side. “C’mon, on your knees. Why aren’t you naked yet?”

Clearly flustered, Jeongguk struggles to chuck off his boxers before he rolls over onto his stomach, propping his weight onto his hands and knees. The position accentuates the curve of his waist, smaller than Taehyung had anticipated, and he feels almost lightheaded knowing he could likely almost wrap his hands entirely around Jeongguk’s body. Taehyung pours a generous amount of lube on his fingers, warming it slowly as Jeongguk shifts in anticipation. His back arches as Taehyung kneels behind him, petting his dry hand over the swell of his ass.

“Last time you did this?” Taehyung asks, smearing lube at Jeongguk’s crack.


“Oh?” Taehyung’s grin is wicked, but he keeps his tone light. “Then you can take two, right?”

“Wait- wha- fuck!” Jeongguk yelps as Taehyung pushes two fingers into his hole, meeting little resistance as Jeongguk flinches away from the sensation. “Fuck you, hyung!”

“Want me to take them out?” Taehyung asks, ducking his head to catch a glimpse of Jeongguk’s face, his cheeks flushed and hair hanging, wet with sweat. Jeongguk mumbles something, dropping his head to rest on his folded arms. Taehyung shoves his fingers against Jeongguk’s prostate, earning a satisfying moan. “Speak up, baby.”

“D-don’t take them out,” Jeongguk whispers, spreading his legs slightly. “I can take it. G-Gukie likes it.”

“Pain slut,” Taehyung mocks, nearly pulling his fingers out before thrusting them in again, ignoring Jeongguk’s prostate to focus instead on stretching his rim.

He’d forgotten just how vocal Jeongguk was, how responsive he is while Taehyung scissors his fingers, pulling back only to pour more lube directly against Jeongguk’s hole. Jeongguk moans into his arms, whines Taehyung’s name, arches his back to try and get Taehyung deeper, to get him to touch his prostate. Taehyung squeezes his balls at the same time he pushes a third finger into Jeongguk’s ass and Jeongguk cries out beautifully, shoulders tensing before he relaxes into it.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says, voice thick with the haze of pleasure. Taehyung looks away from his ass to see Jeongguk struggling to maintain eye contact. “Hyung- please-

Taehyung hums. “You look so pretty like this, baby, ass just swallowing my fingers. Bet you could take my whole fist, hm? Greedy little slut like you, a few fingers just isn’t enough, is it?”

“Mn, hah,” Jeongguk pants, drooling lightly against his duvet. Taehyung brushes lightly over his prostate just to be mean, and Jeongguk chokes on a whine. “I want- I- shit- I want-”

“Use your words.” Taehyung twists his fingers, shoving a fourth in, and the accompanying stretch renders Jeongguk speechless for a moment, letting out a loud cry. “What does baby want?”

“Y-you,” Jeongguk gasps, sweaty hair flopping into his eyes. “You- Tae, please- I’ve- Gukie’s been a good boy, please.”

Taehyung’s never even had to ask Jeongguk to beg, but the pleas fall easily from his lips, his pout deadly as he works his hips back against Taehyung’s hand, desperate for something bigger, something more. It’s addictive, the way Jeongguk falls apart so smoothly, becoming so pliant for Taehyung.

He pretends to think about it for a few minutes longer, hand stationary, just to hear Jeongguk grow more distressed. “I suppose I’m feeling generous. Put your hands on the headboard.” Jeongguk does, head hanging between his shoulders and cock hanging, heavy and leaking, between his legs. “Don’t move them.”

Jeongguk’s hole clenches around nothing as Taehyung pulls his fingers out and rolls on a condom, slicking himself up. He spreads more lube on Jeongguk’s hole, Jeongguk’s gasp as he pushes in nearly drowning out the obscene squelching sound.

Hng.” Jeongguk pants, body taut as Taehyung bottoms out.

Taehyung laughs quietly, running his hands over the smooth skin of Jeongguk’s back. “What is it, baby?”

“So- so wet, hyungie.”

Without warning, Taehyung grips Jeongguk’s hips and pulls back, only to thrust in harshly, setting a brutal pace that has Jeongguk gasping loudly against his sheets. He adjusts himself as best he can behind Jeongguk while still fully clothed, his jeans rubbing against Jeongguk’s ass in a way that can’t quite be comfortable, but Taehyung has more than an inkling of a feeling that he likes it. Jeongguk bites his arm and Taehyung tsks, curling over Jeongguk’s body to urge his mouth away from his bicep.

Nipping at his ear, Taehyung trails his lips down Jeongguk’s sharp jaw, sucking a mark onto the side of his neck. “Don’t hide your noises, baby. Let hyung hear how good you feel.”

So good,” Jeongguk whines, fingers curling and uncurling against the headboard. His body is shaking, knees slipping as he tries to keep himself up as Taehyung continues with his harsh pace. “Mn, fuck- Taehyung- so big, hah.”

Taehyung grabs a fistful of Jeongguk’s hair, jerking his head to the side to continue marking the same spot on his neck. “Take hyung so well, baby boy.”

Jeongguk keens as Taehyung angles his hips to hit his prostate on each thrust, and Taehyung knows that if he didn’t have his hands on Jeongguk’s tiny waist, he would have collapsed entirely.

“Fuck, Tae- Jeongguk moans, high-pitched and breathy each time Taehyung grinds into him. “So- shit- so deep, hyung. Feel you so deep, oh-

Grinning against Jeongguk’s neck, Taehyung suddenly pulls himself upright, a hand around Jeongguk’s neck forcing him onto his knees, as well. Jeongguk all but slumps against Taehyung’s chest, moaning loudly as Taehyung continues to fuck up into him. His cock bobs, furiously red and leaking precum, against his stomach as Taehyung jostles him into a better position.

“M’close,” Jeongguk gasps, breath hitching when Taehyung gives his neck a light squeeze, but Taehyung’s not feeling quite that generous today. “Hyung, please- so close-”

“Hm,” Taehyung noses along Jeongguk’s neck, using one hand to pull him down each time he thrusts up. Jeongguk clings weakly to his arm, skin slick with sweat. “Do you deserve it?”

“Yes!” Jeongguk throws his head back on Taehyung’s shoulder, breath weak and unsteady as Taehyung fucks him hard. “G-Gukie’s been good, let me come, please!

“Nothing’s stopping you, baby.”

With a few more thrusts, another (longer) squeeze of Taehyung’s long fingers around his neck, and Taehyung’s hand working quickly over his cock, Jeongguk’s body tenses before he comes hard, spilling high onto his chest and ass clenching so tightly around Taehyung’s cock that he’s pulled into his own orgasm, coming into the condom with a strangled groan. Jeongguk whines loudly through his high, choking out little gasps and a hyung, please as Taehyung continues to stroke his cock.

Jeongguk sags heavily, catching his breath as Taehyung guides him to lie lengthwise on the bed, arms crossed over his eyes. Taehyung tosses the condom with a grimace, zipping his pants as he moves off the bed.




Rolling his eyes, Taehyung lifts the pillow he’d found the lube under, ready to put everything back in its place and see if Yoongi would still buy him some ice cream, when he spots something under the second pillow. He almost missed it, but when Taehyung pulls it out, it’s unmistakable.

“Baby.” Jeongguk visibly shudders, peeking through a gap between his arms and squeaking when he sees Taehyung, standing between his spread legs and holding his bullet vibrator. “Is this what you used yesterday? Teased your tight little hole like a desperate bitch?”

Jeongguk’s cock twitches. “I…”

“Don’t get shy on me now, little one.”

“I- Yes.”

“What did you think of?” Taehyung asks, playing with the settings as if Jeongguk wasn’t shaking beneath him, legs hanging off the bed and cock slowly hardening again. “Tell me, and maybe hyung will make you feel good again.”

Jeongguk struggles for a moment, searching for something to say before he covers his face with his hands and whispers, “You.”


“I thought of you!”

“Aw, baby.” Taehyung shuts off the vibrator again, running his hand up Jeongguk’s thigh and smearing the come cooling on his belly. Jeongguk groans. “Should we use it now? I don’t know if you can take it, your little cock’s so spent already.”

“You- you can’t!” Jeongguk says hurriedly, kicking at Taehyung’s shin. He reaches for Taehyung’s wrist with both hands, clutching a little desperately. “M’hard, hyung- don’t leave me like this, please. I’ll- I’ll be so good for hyung, I’ll-”

“Calm down,” Taehyung says, as if Jeongguk’s desperation wasn’t making Taehyung’s own cock kick in his jeans. He leans over Jeongguk’s body, gathering his hands and pinning them above his head. Jeongguk looks breathtaking like this, strung out along his bed, cock hard and flushed, cheeks red; but he won’t hear that from Taehyung. “Such a little slut. Already came once but it’s not enough, is it? Baby needs more.”

Before Jeongguk can respond, Taehyung hikes the vibrator to the highest setting and holds it against the base of Jeongguk’s cock, held upright in Taehyung’s free hand.

Jeongguk’s reaction is instantaneous: his back arches violently, moans ripped from his lungs as he chokes in pleasure, limbs tense as Taehyung keeps up the assuage on his cock. He squirms, hands clenching the mattress above his head as his legs lock up around Taehyung’s thighs. The vibrator is loud, but nothing beats the sound of Jeongguk crying out, torn between twisting away from the pleasure and thrusting into it.

Taehyung doesn’t let him move away, propping his knee on Jeongguk’s thigh to try and keep him still as he strokes the vibrator up to the tip of Jeongguk’s cock and back down.

It doesn’t take long before Jeongguk’s choking on a moan, thighs tensing before he comes all over his stomach. He relaxes briefly, but when Taehyung doesn’t let up, still stroking the vibrator against his twitching cock, he whimpers, trying to move away.

“H-hyung,” Jeongguk gasps, cursing as Taehyung pushes the vibrator directly against the tip of his cock. He grips Taehyung’s hand with both of his, cock hard and painfully red. “Too- too much, hn, hurts, da- Tae, shit-

“Tell me to stop and I stop,” Taehyung says very seriously.



“Don’t stop.” There are tears streaming down Jeongguk’s cheeks and he sniffles, swallowing back another debauched moan as Taehyung angles the vibrator just right. “P-Please, Gukie can take it.”

Taehyung’s own dick hurts just watching the way Jeongguk sobs, delirious with pleasure as he just takes everything that Taehyung gives him. He’s too far-gone to try and match Taehyung’s pace, hips stuttering where they lie flat on the bed, fingers clinging onto Taehyung’s wrist. The buildup takes longer, Jeongguk held just at the edge of release as he struggles to come and Taehyung briefly wonders if this is the first time he’s been pushed so hard.

“You’re doing so well,” Taehyung praises, earning another sob from Jeongguk. He curls his wrist and Jeongguk’s body folds inwards, little squeaks escaping his lips with every breath. Taehyung gently pushes him back down, thumbs lightly at his nipple because he remembers Jeongguk liking that. “So good, baby. Your little cock’s so hard, can’t you be good? Come one more time for me?”

“Tae- Tae- I can’t-”

“You can, baby. Come on, you’ve been so good.”

“Hng, fuck- oh, oh, God,” Jeongguk all but screams when he finally comes, sobbing and shaking as his cock spurts weakly against his belly. He’s trembling as Taehyung shuts off the vibrator, tossing it to the side and cupping Jeongguk’s face, whispering quiet praise and pressing a soft kiss to his nose, to both of his eyelids.

“Can you open your eyes for me?” Taehyung murmurs, sitting cross-legged at Jeongguk’s side. Jeongguk shakes his head. “That’s okay. I’m going to get something to clean you up, try not to move too much.”

He returns quickly with a wet washcloth after washing his hands and wipes down Jeongguk’s stomach and flaccid cock, apologizing quietly when Jeongguk flinches. He gently cleans Jeongguk’s ass and thighs, pressing his fingers into the tense muscle there to try and get Jeongguk to relax.


“You back with me?” Taehyung asks, picking up a blanket from the floor that he hopes isn’t dirty.

“Oh my God.” Jeongguk tries to prop himself on his elbows and immediately hisses, dropping to lie down again. “H-hyung?”


“Did… did I do good?”

“Yeah, baby.” Taehyung strokes the matted hair away from Jeongguk’s face, traces his fingers over the dopey smile on Jeongguk’s lips. “You did so good for daddy.”

Jeongguk lets out a happy sigh, snuggling into the blanket that Taehyung drapes over his body. “Does this mean we can keep doing this?”

Just like that, Taehyung feels something uncomfortable settle in his belly. He tries to play it off, knowing that Jeongguk’s likely still in a sensitive space. Instead of directly answering, he jokes, “You still never asked if I’m still mad at you.”

Pouting, Jeongguk blinks open his eyes. “I thought that was implied with the fucking.”

“Implications are a dangerous thing, Jeongguk.”

“Ugh. Fine. I’ll ask you again in the morning.”

Taehyung smiles, but Jeongguk’s already shut his eyes with a yawn. “You should shower.” Jeongguk doesn’t move, mumbling out a weak, no. “Hey, do you, uh. Do you need anything? Y’know, like-”

“I should be fine,” Jeongguk says. “Maybe just get me some water.”


Taehyung grabs a couple bottles of water from the fridge and after a second of deliberation, he gathers a few of the banana milks in there, too. When he gets back to Jeongguk’s bedroom, he’s dozing, face shoved into a pillow. Taehyung leaves the drinks on the side table where Jeongguk can easily grab them, startling when his phone vibrates in his pocket.

From: chem(?) partner [11:29pm]
where the fuck are you
I told you I was prepping two hours ago
my ass won’t be here all night

With a sigh, Taehyung moves quietly to leave, his hand on the doorframe when he hears a murmured, “Goodnight, Taetae,” as he shuts the door behind himself, stomach twisting painfully.

To: Jinnie hyung [11:34pm]
check on jeongguk when u get back

From: Jinnie hyung [11:35pm]
disgusting. think of my good christian household

Taehyung leaves the apartment without bothering to put his shoes back on because he’s only in the elevator for a minute. He reaches the next floor down and only knocks on a specific door twice before it’s opening, a hand curling into the front of Taehyung’s shirt and a mouth landing sloppily against his as he’s dragged inside.

Chapter Text


Taehyung is startled awake, wrapped in Jimin’s blankets from where he’d fallen asleep in Jimin’s bed for a nap earlier. Jimin throws his jacket furiously against the wall before flopping face down on his bed, horizontal to Taehyung.

“What?” Taehyung says, disoriented. “What happened? Who am I killing?”

Jimin pushes himself up with a sigh, his eyes rimmed red. “Hoseok and I are done.”

“Holy shit.” Taehyung kicks off his blankets, all but throws himself into Jimin’s arms to drag him into an embrace. “Wait- were you two ever together?”

“No.” Jimin snuggles against Taehyung’s neck. “I’m just tired of him being a dense motherfucker. He was fucking one of the pledges when I came over and didn’t understand why I was annoyed.”

“I hate to say it, Chim, but you didn’t set any boundaries,” Taehyung says quietly.

“Fuck off,” Jimin groans. “Whose side are you on?”

“The side that gets your ass eaten whenever you want.”

“That would be your side.”

“I’ve done my time eating your ass.”

“Point taken.” With great effort, Jimin sits up and rolls off the bed, siting in a heap on the floor. “Am I an idiot for wanting him?”

Taehyung doesn’t say anything for a moment, draping blankets around Jimin’s form on the floor. He still remembers their first year of university, when Hoseok and Jimin had met and Jimin had been absolutely enamored. Taehyung had been the one to urge Jimin to pursue, but he hadn’t exactly meant for them to fall into a pseudo FWB relationship. If he’d known it would lead to this- Jimin sad and confused and doubting himself on the floor- he would have been more serious in urging Jimin to confess.

“Do you remember what you said when I wanted to call Jiae?”


“This is the exact opposite of that.”

Jimin frowns, glancing up at him. “I don’t get it.”

“She wasn’t good for me and going back to her wouldn’t do me any good. That’s not true for you and Hoseok.” Taehyung struggles to find proper words, slides off the bed to sit at Jimin’s side. “You like him a lot, anyone can see that. You’re not an idiot, but if he ever hurts you again I won’t hesitate to kick his ass.”

Jimin laughs, weakly, but he isn’t crying and Taehyung considers that a victory. “Yeah, well. I’m not speaking to him right now.”


“But!” Jimin stands, rifling through his jacket where it had fallen to the floor in a heap. He drags out a small baggie, waving it with a grin. “I grabbed the last of his good weed when I left.”

“I thought you quit that shit.”

“Special circumstance.”

“How much you got?”

Jimin opens the bag, holding it to his face to breathe in deeply. “Enough for the weekend. And Monday. Maybe Tuesday if I skip class.”

“Ugh.” Taehyung hasn’t been high in a pretty long while, the last time he’d woken up naked with Jimin in the student center.

“Dude, you gonna get high with me or not?”

“I’m always high on your love, bro.”


“My shit’s still in my desk.”

“Nice!” Jimin whirls around, grabbing the paper and lighters from a drawer. Then he settles next to Taehyung on the floor, clearing out a space and grabbing a folder from under his bed to roll a couple joints on. “Hey, what you said about having done your time eating my ass…”

Taehyung offers Jimin the first hit, rolling another while he starts it off. “What about it?”

“How serious?”

Taehyung sighs. Jimin’s pulling out his best puppy eyes, the kind Taehyung hasn’t been able to refuse since they were five and Jimin always managed to convince Taehyung to give him the good chalk to draw with. “Completely serious.”

“What if I pull the heartbreak card?”

Sneaking a hit from the joint perched in Jimin’s fingers, Taehyung lets out an exasperated stream of smoke. “Fine.”

“Wait- really?”

“Take your fucking pants off, Jimin.”

“Marry me.”

“Later. Get naked.”

Jimin’s got his pants off in the next breath.

It starts like this:

Whereas Taehyung had been doing his best to ignore Jeongguk for both of their well-beings, it becomes clear very quickly that it isn’t going to work. He’s close to Yoongi and Jimin, the others becoming so fond of him so rapidly that the change gives Taehyung whiplash. What started as his friends promising a very drunk Taehyung that they’d help hunt down the cheating twink if it was what Taehyung wanted had become Namjoon or Yoongi telling Taehyung to sit down when Jeongguk comes over and he’s trying to climb out the window.

Doesn’t matter that Seokjin’s apartment is on the fifth floor. Taehyung would deal with that broken leg on his own.

When he’s drunk, he still considers calling Jiae and asking to try again. When he’s a little more sober, he considers calling her sister because he’s never fucked someone so flexible twice. When he’s sober, he wants to be drunk. Jimin’s the one who finally deletes Jiae’s number after Taehyung drinks himself to sleep. Doesn’t make a difference. Taehyung’s drunken brain remembers it.

He stays sober for class and endures Seokjin walking him across campus with Jeongguk. Taehyung may tune out their conversations entirely and plot the best way to escape, but two days a week he deals with it.

“Are you guys going to Hoseok’s party this weekend?” Seokjin asks.

Taehyung has Seokjin’s hand, hanging over his shoulder, gripped between both of his tightly. He might be a little hungover, but he didn’t drink this morning. Progress.

“No,” Taehyung says, at the same time Jeongguk nods excitedly and says, “Yes!”

Seokjin squeezes Taehyung’s hand. “Quit acting like an old man, Tae.”

“I don’t like frat parties.”

It’s been his go-to excuse for so long that no one questions it anymore. Taehyung is glad. If they believe it’s simply because he’d prefer to get sick in his own bathroom instead of breaking up a hookup just to vomit, then he doesn’t have to explain why he’s been avoiding Hoseok along with Jimin.

“Oh, I have to go to registrar,” Seokjin says, coming to a stop. “I expect you both over for dinner tonight.”

“But- hyung-”

“No excuses, Taehyung. You’ve bailed for two weeks.”


When he leaves, Taehyung turns to enter the building for his photography class, but Jeongguk grips his sleeve and refuses to let go even when Taehyung tries to shake him off. He doesn’t move at first, wondering if Jeongguk will give up if he doesn’t turn around.

No such luck. Taehyung sighs, feels something he doesn’t want to name pinch his throat when he turns to look at Jeongguk. Students stream past them, hurrying to class before they’re late.

He’s resigned when he asks, “What, Jeongguk?”

“Are you still mad?”

Taehyung walks away without another word.

That’s another thing driving Taehyung up the wall. He knows he told Jeongguk after they fucked at the bar to ask Taehyung later if he was still mad, but he hadn’t anticipated seeing Jeongguk again, or fucking him a second time, and hadn’t anticipated Jeongguk asking him that question every other day.

He’s not still mad. Seokjin or Jimin might call him a goddam liar for that, but it doesn’t matter what they think. Taehyung wasn’t in love with Jiae, missing her when he’s drunk isn’t the reason why he can’t forgive Jeongguk. He can’t. He just can’t forgive Jeongguk because every single time Taehyung sees him, eyes crinkling with the force of his smile, smirk ever-present when he’s teasing Jimin, or head-butting Yoongi in an attempt to act cute enough to have Yoongi pay for his food, Taehyung sees what he wanted all along.

Dating Jiae, Taehyung had felt nothing but restricted. She stopped him from going to parties. She criticized him for laughing too loudly. She insulted the way he dressed, even went so far one afternoon as to throw away the clothes of his that she didn’t like. Jimin had found them in a pile below the window.

But Taehyung thought it was love.

Because isn’t that love? Helping to change someone into something better than when you met them? If Taehyung’s attitude was too crass, if his clothes were unflattering, wasn’t she doing him a favor?

Jimin told him once when Jiae locked herself in Taehyung’s room after a fight that something like that wasn’t healthy. Taehyung had ignored it. He’d ignored everything. The good outweighed the bad. Their Instagram posts were proof of that.

Now, when he looks at Jeongguk, he sees someone he might’ve fallen hard for in high school. He sees boyish charm mixed seamlessly with the desire to be seen as someone older, stronger. Jeongguk’s fierce personality and sharp wit clash painfully with Taehyung, but in a way that wakes something in Taehyung he feared he’d lost forever.

He felt something when he fucked Jeongguk. Instead of hiding himself in his actions, instead of ignoring his partner and getting off too quickly to really fill any kind of void, Taehyung had wanted to take his time. He wanted to work Jeongguk up and watch him fall apart beneath Taehyung’s ministrations, urge every possible noise of pleasure from Jeongguk’s lips.

And that scared the shit out of Taehyung.

Despite how he’d felt when fucking Jeongguk, Taehyung knows he can’t have that.

Looking at Jeongguk, Taehyung only sees where he went wrong with Jiae. He’s perfect, Jeongguk is; with his strong arms and a beautiful smile, with his flushed cheeks when he’s a little tipsy and the way he’ll threaten to bite Jimin’s hand whenever Jimin ruffles his hair, only to whine when he doesn’t get cuddled during a movie. The way he tries to stand up to Taehyung only to falter. Claiming he’s terrified of Yoongi only to seek the older out first before any of them.

Jeongguk is a contradiction wrapped neatly in a fantasy paradise.

Taehyung can understand entirely why Jiae would want Jeongguk instead of him.

Who would want Taehyung when Jeongguk was even a consideration?

Who would want him-?

“Woah, Taehyung?”

Hands on his chest bring Taehyung to a stop. He blinks away tears he hadn’t realized were clouding his vision, looking around to see that he’s walked up three floors and nearly gotten to class without even thinking about it. He must be late already, a few students throwing him dirty looks where he blocks the hallway as they’re running to class.

Mina moves her hands from Taehyung’s chest to cup his face. “Are you okay? Holy shit, what happened to you?”

“Are you busy?” Taehyung asks, the question garbled and crushed beneath the weight of his uselessness. His hands are shaking where he grips the straps of his backpack. Mina is kind enough not to ask for the origin of his tears, wiping them away with the pads of her thumbs.

“I just got done with class.”

“I don’t remember where your dorm is.”

“It’s okay.” Mina brushes her fingers over Taehyung’s cheeks. “It’s close. Come with me.”

A few hours later he’s calling Jimin to come get him, drunk and choking on tears and he can’t find his underwear.

Seokjin tries to promote a group dinner at least once a week, whether they cook together, Seokjin warms up leftovers from the week, or they split the cost of ordering takeout, he insists they need to spend time together. He’s already graduated, sticking around for grad school with Yoongi. Hoseok and Namjoon only have a year left. Whenever he’s feeling particularly emotional, Seokjin complains that the end of college will be the end of their friendship.

Taehyung thinks he’s being ridiculous, knows that he wants to keep this friendships forever, but that doesn’t stop him from teasing Seokjin relentlessly whenever he’s drunk and crying, clinging to Yoongi. So they meet every week to eat too much food, complain about problems, and watch shitty movies.

He spends most afternoons at Seokjin’s with Jimin’s arms wrapped around him from behind. Since cutting Hoseok off, Jimin has gotten even clingier. It’s nothing Taehyung isn’t used to, it just restricts his arm movement for some things, but it keeps him warm and makes a soft pillow when he’s close to falling asleep. Taehyung can tell that everyone is curious to the change in dynamic, throwing glances at the duo all during dinner and the resulting movie. Hoseok doesn’t show up, hasn’t been around much whenever Jimin is there; Jimin swears he doesn’t give a shit.

“Who the fuck chose anime?” Yoongi is complaining, snuggling into Namjoon’s chest where Namjoon has his arms around him. “What the fuck. It’s the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen, who the shit is still watching anime?”

“You just insulted all of Japan, hyung,” Jimin snickers, stroking Taehyung’s hair.

Seokjin fast-forwards through the intro. “It’s Jeongguk’s turn to pick.”

Jeongguk, who’d been quiet as he washed the dishes in the small kitchen, shuts off the water as the show begins in earnest. He’d whined to start where he left off, which was halfway through the damn season. He comes into the room holding a bag of banana chips, and pauses in front of where Jimin and Taehyung are wrapped around each other on the edge of the couch.

“Jeongguk-ah,” Jimin says, craning his neck to see around Jeongguk’s frame. “There’s room somewhere else.”

“Taehyung-ssi, are you still mad?”

Taehyung stands up and brushes past, ignoring the resounding complaints that follow his disruption. “Hyung, I’m taking a nap in your bed.”

Seokjing groans quietly. “Taehyung-”

He doesn’t listen, doesn’t hear Seokjin call him back to the living room when he holds Seokjin’s pillow tight over his ears. He spots Seokjin’s laptop on the ground and pulls up a drama he cried over some months ago. Halfway through he realizes he’s heard Jeongguk singing one of the OSTs while working on his assignments.

On his better days, Taehyung doesn’t mind Jeongguk’s presence. He can endure movie night and go back to his apartment and fuck Jimin and if he’s lucky he’ll fall asleep without the aid of whiskey or gin. There are dark bags under his eyes and he wakes up in Mina’s bed more often than his own, sometimes in apartments he only vaguely recognizes, but Jimin’s run out of weed and both of them are tense.

It’s one of his better days that he skips the elevator and walks up the stairs, distracted by the pictures of ass and lingerie blowing up his phone. Taehyung has a project due at the end of the week, but he’s given this professor a handjob and he figures that he can get an extension if he needs to.


He freezes at the top of the stairs. Jeongguk is standing in front of the elevator, head tilted where he’s staring at Taehyung.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung asks, shutting off his phone where he’s just started getting dick pictures. Jesus. Does no one know patience anymore? “This isn’t Seokjin hyung’s floor.”

Jeongguk scowls. “I live there, too. Anyway, my friend from high school lives on this floor. We were playing Overwatch.”

“You play Overwatch?” Taehyung can’t help but ask. Both Jiae and Jimin had complained whenever Taehyung wanted to play, so he hadn’t gotten to do so very much recently.

Nodding, Jeongguk offers a shy grin. “Yeah. I played a lot more before moving in with Seokjin hyung, though.”

“Oh. Uh. Cool.”

“What are you doing here?”

Taehyung’s phone buzzes. “I. Uh- I was going to raid hyung’s kitchen.”

“And you’re taking the stairs?” Jeongguk snickers.

“It’s my exercise.”

“Won’t help your noodle arms.”

“Hey,” Taehyung whines. He clicks his phone off when Jeongguk calls the elevator, knowing he probably can’t come up with a decent excuse for why he’s got to stop by a room on this floor. “I didn’t hear you complaining when these noodle arms held you down and fucked you ‘til you cried.”

There’s a fierce blush on Jeongguk’s cheeks when Taehyung reaches the elevator, and he furiously presses the call button again. “I didn’t cry.”

“Sounds fake, but okay.”

“Ugh. Whatever. Shut up.”


The elevator ride is quick, but far more comfortable than Taehyung had expected. Truthfully, he’s been on edge the past few days. It’s been almost a week since the last time Jeongguk asked if he was mad, two weeks since they last fucked, and Taehyung’s been anticipating the question anytime Jeongguk entered the room. Instead, Jeongguk talks about the Overwatch he just played, and how he’s wondering if it’s time to change his character.

Taehyung is used to picking Seokjin’s lock (he gave Taehyung a key years ago, but Taehyung didn’t spend an evening watching lock picking tutorials on YouTube for no chances to try it out) but he steps back. No one else is over, as expected because Taehyung is pretty sure Seokjin works late at the bar tonight. Taehyung’s tempted to fake a call and leave, but he’s hungry and tired and last night Jimin sucked him off so well he passed out before he could drink. Maybe he could get away with sneaking a bottle of Seokjin’s stuff.

Jeongguk disappears into his bedroom and Taehyung takes to raiding the fridge with a sigh. There isn’t much, but Taehyung still retreats to the couch with a few snacks and an apple between his teeth.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Jeongguk asks, startling Taehyung. He’s changed into sweats and a big hoodie, drowning in fabric. He reaches for the bag of chocolate covered banana chips in Taehyung’s hand and he gives them without a word.

“Sure. You choose.”

Jeongguk chooses some Marvel movie, would probably kill Taehyung if he admitted that he has no idea what’s going on, if Jeongguk’s heightened level of interest is anything to go off of. He plows through that bag of snacks and holds his hand out. Taehyung hands him another.

Sometime through the movie, Taehyung has dumped all the snacks on Jeongguk’s lap and lied back, feeling exhausted and a little on edge, still. He blames Jimin for filling his designated vodka water bottle with actual water.

“Taehyung-ssi? Are you-?

“Don’t.” Taehyung says, cheek pressed uncomfortably against his fist. Something explodes on screen. All of the lights and screaming are giving Taehyung a headache. “Please don’t ask if I’m still mad.”

“I wasn’t going to,” Jeongguk says meekly. “I was gonna ask if you’re okay. You look really tired.”

“I’m behind on half of my shit,” Taehyung says. He doesn’t know why he’s bothering to even open up to Jeongguk. Maybe there was something in those banana chips. They lulled Taehyung into a false sense of security. “I failed an exam yesterday and nearly had to beg my professor to let me retake it.”

“Oh, so you’re only stressed about school?”

“’Only’?” Taehyung repeats, cracking an eye open to glare at Jeongguk. “I need to pass this shit to graduate next year.”

“What do you usually do to ease stress?”

“I don’t know,” Taehyung mutters. It’s a lie; he does know. He’d been on his way to ease his stress when he ran into Jeongguk. And if Mina got finished with work early enough, he’d be heading over there afterwards. But he doesn’t think it’s a very good idea to tell Jeongguk that. “I think I’ll just head out, maybe take a nap-”

“Maybe I could help?”

Jeongguk’s hood is pulled far over his head, his bangs too long and brushing his eyes and the way he tilts his head is just so endearing. He’s deadly. All he has to do is blink his eyes and Taehyung is entirely certain that he could get away with murder. He can see why Jiae would fall for him.

“Help me how?” Taehyung asks, unable to keep the bite of bitterness from his tone.

“I could blow you? Release endorphins, ease stress, y’know.”

“You don’t have to do that, Jeongguk.”

“Please?” Jeongguk pouts, folding his arms on Taehyung’s thigh and resting his chin there. “I want to. I haven’t had your cock in so long, hyung.”


“Gonna let me use my hands this time?” Jeongguk jokes, as he’s turning Taehyung’s body slightly to lie more comfortably on the couch.

“Not if you keep the attitude.”

Jeongguk sticks out his tongue, settling between Taehyung’s spread legs. He pokes his tongue out as he runs his palms along the inside of Taehyung’s thighs, his touch warm through the jeans Taehyung wears. Taehyung isn’t hard when Jeongguk unzips his pants, but undeterred he palms over Taehyung’s cock, making Taehyung sigh lightly.

When they’d done this previously, Taehyung had only let Jeongguk suck him off long enough to get Jeongguk desperate, but now Taehyung hangs his arms over the back of the couch and lets Jeongguk move slowly, lets Jeongguk cup his cock and stroke the length over his boxers, gaze almost reverent. Taehyung hadn’t seen this coming. He thought, once giving Jeongguk permission, he’d be quick to get Taehyung hard, quick to get him in his mouth, quick to end it. But, as Taehyung is unwillingly learning, Jeongguk is full of surprises.

Jeongguk mouths at Taehyung’s cock, the hood falling to obscure everything, so Taehyung moves his hand, pushes it back and settles his fingers between the smooth strands of Jeongguk’s hair. When Jeongguk suckles at the tip, wet and filthy, Taehyung tightens his grip with a sharp inhale.

“Oh,” Jeongguk breathes, shuddering a little beneath Taehyung’s touch.

“You good?” Taehyung asks.

“I- uh. I really like that.”

“Hm.” Taehyung grips the hair at the back of Jeongguk’s neck and pulls, drawing a strangled moan from Jeongguk. “Don’t tease hyung, Jeongguk-ah.”

Jeongguk mutters, “Don’t yank on my damn hair, then.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, shut up.”

Before Taehyung can say anything in response, Jeongguk tugs Taehyung’s hard cock from his boxers and licks from the base to the tip, making Taehyung moan and ease the grip he’d had on Jeongguk’s hair. Gripping Taehyung’s hips, Jeongguk swiftly works his lips and tongue along Taehyung’s length, dipping his tongue into the slit only to move again before Taehyung can buck his hips into the touch.

When Jeongguk takes Taehyung’s cock into his mouth, Taehyung feels tension leave his shoulders, and he sinks into the couch with a deep sigh as Jeongguk slowly bobs his head until he’s got his nose buried in the fine hair at Taehyung’s navel.

Jeongguk swallows around Taehyung’s cock, making his hips jump, but Jeongguk holds him down. Taehyung almost wishes he’d asked Jeongguk to take his hoodie off, he’d kill for a view of Jeongguk’s arms like this, straining to keep Taehyung in place. It’s too late now, he supposes, as Jeongguk bobs his head faster, sucking Taehyung’s cock like he’s desperate for it.

“Hyung,” Jeongguk whines, when he pulls off to catch his breath.


“Tell me I’m doing good.”

“It could be better,” Taehyung lies, teasing Jeongguk because he’s learning it garners the best reactions. Call Jeongguk’s dick sucking game subpar and he’ll jump at the opportunity to prove it wrong. But Taehyung’s not looking for a fight right now, so before Jeongguk gets the chance to raise his hackles and get defensive, Taehyung strokes the hair away from his eyes. “I’m kidding. It’s perfect, you’re doing so well, Jeonggukie. Making hyung feel so good.”

Jeongguk says something under his breath that sounds a lot like, asshole, and Taehyung can’t object to that, so he simply guides Jeongguk’s mouth back to his cock, lying hard and flushed against his abdomen.

Taking his time, Jeongguk builds Taehyung’s pleasure until his legs are shaking beneath Jeongguk’s palms, only to pull away from where he’d had Taehyung deep in his throat to lap at the tip instead. Taehyung groans, tries to thrust into the warm, wetness of Jeongguk’s mouth, only to be held at bay.

“What did I say about teasing, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk tilts his head, eyes wide and teary from how deeply he’d been taking Taehyung into his throat. “I just want you to feel good, hyung.”

“You’re a menace.”

The movie is still playing in the background, an impassioned speech setting an odd mood to the slick sounds of Jeongguk sucking dick. It takes another tug to his hair and a few curses from Taehyung before Jeongguk puts more purpose into it, sucking Taehyung off with fervor and taking him deep into his throat. When Taehyung’s thighs shake and his stomach clenches, he comes with his head thrown back an a moan on his lips.

“Fuck,” Taehyung hisses, chest heaving.

Jeongguk is beaming a little as he tucks Taehyung’s soft cock back into his jeans. He lays his head on Taehyung’s hip, very deliberately jerking his lower half against Taehyung’s thigh. “T-Tae.”

“Aw, Jeonggukie,” Taehyung coos. “Are you all worked up? Got hard just from sucking hyung off so well?”

“Hyung, please.” Jeongguk moves to straddle Taehyung’s waist, cock tenting the front of his sweatpants and his cheeks are flushed, already bordering on desperate and Taehyung hasn’t even touched him. “Will you fuck me?”

“Hm, maybe. I don’t know if you really- oh, shit.”

Taehyung sits up so suddenly he nearly slams his head against Jeongguk’s, knocking the other boy over in his haste to get off the couch. Jeongguk gets tangled in one of the blankets there, staring up at Taehyung in confusion as Taehyung gathers his phone and keys, zipping his pants and pinching his finger in the process.

“Tae- what’s wrong?”

“I have a paper due, like, right now.” Taehyung finds a Starbucks cup and hopes the coffee isn’t rancid, downing it without hesitation. It tastes like Seokjin’s usual order- a fuck ton of sugar in black coffee. “Well, a few hours. But still.”

“Can’t you ask for an extension?”

Taehyung shakes his head. “I already did. If I miss this deadline, I’m dead.”

Jeongguk whines, flopping onto the couch. “You can’t leave me here, I’m hard!”

“You have your vibrator,” Taehyung says, swinging his coat on as he opens the door. He says without thinking, “Sorry, Gukie.”

He leaves before Jeongguk can even lift his head to reply.

Jeongguk sits against one of the ice machines behind the bar, his homework spread out on the floor in front of him. Seokjin has tripped over him three times when he comes to this side of the bar to make drinks, but all Jeongguk had to do was pout a little and Seokjin let him stay. He’s out of sight from the camera over here, and it provides a nice little hiding spot when he doesn’t want to be a part of society.

“Hyung!” Jeongguk snatches his notebook off the floor, saving it from Seokjin’s dirty shoe. “Watch it.”

“You’re literally underfoot like a tiny dog,” Seokjin complains, pouring vermouth into a shaker. The bar must be getting busy, according to the pile of dirty glasses by one of the sinks.

Jeongguk had offered a few times to help out whenever Seokjin was understaffed, but he really only knew how to pour shots and the occasional Jack and coke, so. “I’m not a dog.”

“Whatever. Hand me the sour mix.”

Jeongguk does, and Seokjin goes back to tending to customers who are drinking way too much for a Thursday evening. From where he sits, Jeongguk can see that most of the people at the bar are still in their suits from work, ties loose and hair purposefully mussed to give the impression of nonchalance, though the way they knock back shots and drinks doesn’t quite match that attitude.

Seokjin’s coworker shows up late, the bar still pretty full by then. Jeongguk gets lost in his work, using the scattered pieces of conversation that he picks up as background music to astronomy and literature. Junhee is less forgiving about Jeongguk sitting behind the bar, but he tries to ignore the dirty looks.

He’s not done with his essay by the time things calm down enough for Seokjin to actually end his shift, still tapping angrily at his keyboard when Seokjin sits across from him, takes his laptop, and does a preliminary read through.

“This isn’t as terrible as usual.”

“Gee, thanks,” Jeongguk says dryly. He figures this means Seokjin can leave now, and starts packing up his things with hope Seokjin will buy him food. “Can we get McDonald’s?”

“No, we have food at home.”

“I hate this fucking family,” Jeongguk grumbles, shoving his notebook in his backpack with more force than necessary.

Seokjin takes Jeongguk’s wrist before he can stand up fully, urging him back down. “We need to talk first.”

“Can’t we do it at home?” Jeongguk asks, raising an eyebrow. The bar still has a good number of people left, Junhee is glaring at them from the other side of the bar, and mixing some drink that Jeongguk is almost entirely sure is not supposed to look brown.

“This is easier. I already have you cornered.”

“That sounds ominous.”

“It’s not, Jesus. You’re so annoying.”

Jeongguk pouts. “Rude.”

“Whatever.” Seokjin waits until Jeongguk settles properly again, legs crossed.

“What did you want to talk about?”

“Mostly about how you’re a fucking moron.”

“Wow.” Jeongguk says, humorlessly. He grabs a few pieces of ice from the bin behind him and very pointedly shoves them down Seokjin’s shirt. (“Joke’s on you, I needed to cool down. It’s hard always being so smoking hot.”) “I mean, we been knew but why now?”

Seokjin sighs, still fishing down the front of his shirt to get the ice before it melts. “I told you not to get attached to Taehyung.”

“And? I didn’t.”

“Sure, Jan.”

“I didn’t!”

“Okay, fine. But I think you should really consider talking to him before you fool around anymore.”

Jeongguk pulls the front of his shirt up to hide his face. “This is not a conversation I want to have with you.”

“Would you relax?” Jeongguk can imagine that Seokjin is rolling his eyes. “I love Taehyung, but you’re my priority. He fucking left you in subspace-”

“Wait, what?” Jeongguk drops his shirt, gaping. “No. What? No. I don’t even- what? Hyung, I-”

“Maybe you weren’t fully in it,” Seokjin murmurs, resting his chin on his fist. “Do you have any idea what subspace is?”

Jeongguk tries to convey with his expression how much this conversation wounds him. “N-No? Should I?”

“I mean, it’s not exactly necessary, but if you’re going to be having really rough sex you should at least have an idea of it.”

“Do you experience it?”

“I haven’t, but some of my partners-”

“Okay, stop.” Jeongguk claps his hands over his ears. He doesn’t know why he didn’t put up more of a fight when Seokjin started with this topic. He shuts his eyes, saying, “I can’t discuss this with my cousin. I wanted to pretend you’ve never seen a dick before.”

“Jeongguk, I have one.”

“Childhood ruined.”

“You’re so fucking annoying.” Seokjin takes Jeongguk’s hands, lowering them from his ears, but when Jeongguk opens his eyes, Seokjin is smiling fondly, though he still looks a little concerned. “Taehyung texted me before he left, asking me to check on you. I don’t know if he knew what he was doing was shitty, but he hurt you-”

“He didn’t hurt me.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “Well, not anymore than I wanted him to.”

“Gross. But the fact remains that he left you afterwards, right?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t care.”

Seokjin groans, running his hands through his hair. “Okay. Let me ask you something. How did you feel afterwards, when Taehyung was leaving?”


“And how did you feel when Yoongi stayed the night with you after we got back?”

Jeongguk pauses, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth before he admits, “Better.”

“You were in a sensitive space, anyone with half a brain could see that-”

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says harshly. Junhee has moved closer, making more drinks for the late crowd of sad fathers and desperate young women. He doesn’t want to have this conversation where anyone could overhear, least of all with his cousin. So he and Taehyung had fucked, it wasn’t like they were exclusive, there were no expectations or requirements toward what they had. Jeongguk wasn’t going to ask Taehyung to stay and cuddle when he’d barely started holding full conversations with Jeongguk in the first place. “I’m not doing this with you. I got fucked and fell asleep after, that’s where the story begins and ends.”

Seokjin stares at him for a long moment, observing the way his cheeks color, his shoulders square and how he reaches for his bag to leave, and sighs. “Fine. I’m sorry I tried to push it. But you two need to talk. Starting a relationship- whether romantic or just to have sex- over Taehyung’s anger with you is not a good idea.”

“Whatever,” Jeongguk grumbles, no longer in the mood to talk. Not to mention he’s still a little on edge after Taehyung left before getting him off a few days ago. Knowing what Taehyung is capable of, using his toys on his own just isn’t as good to Jeongguk anymore. “I wanna go home.”

“Okay,” Seokjin says softly. “Let me clock out and we’ll go.”

“You owe me McDonald’s.”


“Three McFlurries.”

“One.” Seokjin holds out a hand, helping Jeongguk to his feet. He calls out a farewell to Junhee, leading Jeongguk to the back exit.

“Three or I’ll jerk it in your bed.”

“Oh my God, you’re terrible. Why the fuck did I let you live with me?”

Jeongguk hooks his chin on Seokjin’s shoulder. “Because I’m so cute?”

Seokjin trips him.

“Oh my God.” Jimin groans into his arms, face pressed there. He’d slumped over immediately upon their arrival to the lunch table, nearly slamming his face against the metal before Taehyung had moved him to lie on his forearm instead. “Fuck, I’m so hungover.”

“It’s noon,” Taehyung says, chewing on a pretzel.

“Time is an illusion.”

“Okay, Namjoon.”

“Ugh. Why did you let me drink last night?” Jimin whines, muffled by his arm.

Taehyung pats his head lightly. “I literally told you not to drink the rest of the Jameson and you said, ‘Don’t tell me what to do, bitchass,’ and drank it.”


“We’ve called each other worse. You hungry?”


Namjoon and Yoongi are the first to show up, likely having gotten out of class late. They bring more food for everyone to share, and then Seokjin arrives with his infamous hangover remedy- infamous because, though it tastes like the worst smoothie one could ever drink, it works wonders and they refuse to share it with any underclassmen. He comes with Jeongguk, who looks like he’d just rolled out of bed and put on the first clean-ish shirt he could find. When Hoseok comes a few minutes later, cheeks flushed as if he’d sprinted there, he settles on the opposite side of the table from Jimin and Taehyung.

Silence stretches among the group for an uncomfortably long time before Seokjin tells a joke, Yoongi tells him to go to hell, and everyone erupts into giggles, sharing the food. Yoongi piles Jeongguk’s plate and Seokjin piles Taehyung’s, trying to urge Jimin to raise his head and eat something.

To: mini soulmate [12:41pm]
are you going to look up at all

From: mini soulmate [12:42pm]
not as long as hoseok is here

Taehyung tries to be subtle about the way he glances at Jimin, phones held in their laps. He hasn’t looked up once despite Hoseok trying to bring him into the conversation several times. When Taehyung looks again, he’s playing Candy Crush and ignoring every notification from Hoseok.

“What are we doing this weekend?” Hoseok asks, looking away from Jimin’s head. “If someone says party, I’ll throw my shoe at them.”

“I gave Junhee the weekend off so I’m working the bar.” Seokjin says, placing another small pile of meat on top of Jimin’s untouched plate.

“So, bar hopping?” Hoseok asks.

Shaking his head, Yoongi says, “You all get too fucked up at the first bar and just want to sleep. Well, except for Jimin. But last time we let him hop between bars we lost him for thirty-six hours and he was in a morph suit when he came back.”

Jimin raises his finger. “That was a good weekend.”

“We could play Overwatch,” Jeongguk suggests, munching happily on his food.

Seokjin tugs on his ear. “No one wants to watch your boner for WidowMaker for an entire night.”

“Mean,” Jeongguk mutters, rubbing his ear.

Hoseok sighs. “Well, someone better come up with something.”

“We could actually do our assignments,” Namjoon whispers, earning himself several fries to the face as each of them throw a few.

“Yoongi, how’s the studio lately?”

Conversation flows easily, food being passed around freely as Yoongi rants about the cost to rent a studio room rising. Namjoon complains about some assignments, Seokjin tells them stories about the customer he had the night before who stood on the bar and tried to take her shirt off, Taehyung keeps his hand on the back of Jimin’s head, and contributes where he sees fit.

When they’ve mostly finished all of the food, Jeongguk is still stuffing his cheeks and poking around at everyone else’s untouched fries or chips. Seokjin is telling another story, Hoseok laughing so loudly he’s almost silent, that Jeongguk is almost unheard when he says, “Daddy, can you pass the salt?”

The entire table goes silent, everyone’s head snapping up to stare at Jeongguk with various expressions of horror.

Jeongguk’s cheeks are bright red, his gaze focused on the salt packets on the edge of Taehyung’s plate. He refuses to look up, jaw squared, and before anyone else can move, he reaches across the table to snatch the salt himself.

“Well.” Hoseok says, very slowly. “I’ll admit. I thought it’d be Taehyung.”

Taehyung looks away from the table to glare at Hoseok. “Excuse me?”

“I thought you’d be the one, y’know, calling Jeongguk-”

“Why would you think that?” Taehyung presses.

Hoseok shrugs. “You’re smaller than him-”

“Taehyung’s taller, actually,” Seokjin cuts in. Jeongguk is hiding his face in Seokjin’s shoulder. Taehyung can relate. “Only by a little.”

“Fine,” Hoseok says. “But he doesn’t have as much muscle definition-”

“He has broader shoulders,” Seokjin counters.

“Having big shoulders doesn’t automatically mean topping.”

“Neither does having abs.”

“Okay, enough,” Taehyung says brusquely. “Why are you so interested in our preferences?”

Hoseok shrugs again, but at least he has the decency to look sheepish. “Yoongi hyung and Namjoon are predictable and boring. We need new material.”

“Literally fuck you.” Yoongi tosses a balled-up wrapper at Hoseok’s face.

“Get it somewhere else,” Taehyung says sternly. “Leave Jeongguk alone.”

There’s still an awkward silence hanging over the table, but there’s no more talk about kinks or inquiries as to who takes what up the ass. Taehyung chances a glance at Jeongguk, whose blush hasn’t lessened and is still doing his best to hide behind Seokjin, and frowns.

His phone buzzes against his thigh a few minutes later, as everyone is slowly packing up their things to get to their next classes. Jeongguk, as soon as Seokjin stands, grabs Seokjin’s hand and runs.

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isn’t that the first time he’s ???????

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lmao fuck dude

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eat my ass

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Taehyung lets his head fall on the table, pressed against the top of Jimin’s head, and they stay there long after their friends have left, until the sun is beginning to set and Taehyung is whining for a pizza.

Taehyung loses himself in the loud, base heavy music, the rap giving him a headache where he lies on the couch. This party is a little more lowkey than the ones he’s been to recently, but what it lacks in attendance it makes up for with annoyingly loud music and enough liquor to drown everyone.

According to Jimin, he’s not allowed to drink tonight, having busted through the door and saying, “I’m getting smashed tonight and one of us needs to survive and that’s you.” But Jimin didn’t say anything about smoking.

“Here, oppa.” Mina hands him the bowl, holding the glass to his lips.

Taehyung breathes out the smoke, smiling lazily. “Thanks.”

She squeezes his ankle where Taehyung’s legs are thrown over her lap. He’d claimed this couch when they first arrived, and Jimin had been rubbing it in all night. Standing at the other side of the living room, bottle of Grey Goose ever present in his hand, someone keeps bringing him Jell-O shots and Taehyung is pretty sure he’s going home with the girl currently feeling up his bicep.

“This music is awful,” Taehyung complains. He’s been doing a lot of that lately.

“No, you’re just an idiot.” Yoongi sits on the armrest, drink in hand. Namjoon is trying to drag Jimin into a dance contest in the midst of the room and Taehyung wishes, not for the first time since arriving, that he could drink. “Tae.”

“Shh, I’m sleeping.”

“No, you’re not, shut up.” Yoongi smacks Taehyung’s shoulder lightly. “Is Jimin okay? I haven’t seen him go this hard in a while.”

Taehyung sighs, propping himself up on his elbows. Jimin hasn’t taken Namjoon’s offer to dance but there is a guy Taehyung doesn’t recognize trailing his fingers along Jimin’s arm. “He’s. He heard Hoseok hyung might be here tonight so he’s trying to blackout before they see each other.”

“Idiot,” Yoongi says. “Hoseok’s been trying to talk to him for days-”

“Oh, that’s my fault. He gave me his phone so he wouldn’t call Hoseok during his binge last weekend.”

“You’re both idiots,” Yoongi says with a groan. “Chaotic idiots. This is not how you deal with your feelings, Taehyung.”

“You literally curl up in a ball when Namjoon hyung calls you cute, what the fuck.”

Yoongi’s cheeks flush, and he leans over to shove Taehyung’s face into a pillow and hold him there. “Being a chaotic gay in love is different than using alcohol and shitty FWBs to bury the fact that you’re fucking miserable.”

Taehyung manages to rip his head away from Yoongi’s hold, glaring up at him. “This isn’t funny anymore.”

“It’s not supposed to be funny.”

“Whatever.” Taehyung mutters, carefully moving so as not to disrupt Mina where she’s making out with someone over the back of the couch. He stands up and is immediately hit by how fucking high he is, grabbing the armrest that Yoongi sits on to regain his balance. He really should have paid attention to what Mina was sharing with him. Feeling mean, Taehyung spits, “Seokjin hyung wants your dick, by the way.”

“What?” Yoongi’s head snaps up. “Hey, you shit head- don’t leave. Get back here and explain-!”

Taehyung ignores him, ignores everyone because the room is suddenly suffocating. Maybe it’s the smoke, maybe it’s that he promised Jimin he wouldn’t get drunk, or maybe it’s because there’s a constant weight on his chest, just waiting for him to give in and crush his lungs. He heads to the kitchen, phone out to text someone to keep an eye on Jimin since he’s about to break his promise when someone steals his phone right out from his hand.

“What the fuck?” Taehyung blinks slowly, comes face to face with Jeongguk grinning in front of him. He’s reading Taehyung’s messages. “Give me my phone, Jeon.”

“Why do you text Jiminie hyung like you’re in a movie?” Jeongguk asks, snickering as he scrolls. “So domestic, Taehyung-ssi.”

“You can call me hyung.”

Jeongguk freezes, thumb hovering over the camera icon on the screen. He glances up, disbelief evident on his expression. “I can?”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m clearly stuck with you, you’re a part of the group whether I like it or not, might as well- give me my phone.”

Taehyung struggles to pocket his phone, still too fucking high to really process that Jeongguk is standing in front of him, looking infuriatingly sober as Taehyung babbles about who the fuck even knows. Jimin used to joke that Taehyung never knew when to shut up. He only wished this wasn’t happening in front of Jeongguk.

They haven’t talked about the daddy incident from earlier in the week, their group collectively choosing to pretend that it hadn’t happened. Taehyung hasn’t brought it up, and he really hopes Jeongguk isn’t planning to mention it anytime soon.

“Okay. Okay, Taehyung hyung.”


“Are you here alone?” Taehyung asks, leaning against the wall. He can’t really focus and Jeongguk currently has four eyes, but at least Yoongi’s not scrutinizing him any longer.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk says with a nod. “Seokjin hyung said I can’t spend another weekend playing Overwatch alone. He dropped me off and watched me walk in here like a damn soccer mom. I didn’t know you guys would be here.”

“Jimin made me come,” Taehyung says absentmindedly. If he cranes his neck, he can see the guy Jimin was dancing with earlier had his hand under Jimin’s shirt, lips against his ear. “I want to go home.”

“I can call an Uber?”

“I’m Jimin’s designated driver.”

“Tae, you’re high as fuck.”

“How the fuck did you know.”

Jeongguk only laughs, and Taehyung hates the way his skin feels warm at the sound. “You smell terrible.”


Taehyung finds himself smiling as Jeongguk laughs harder, propping his foot on the wall as he scans the party. They both focus at the same time on Namjoon, who’s trying to challenge everyone to an arm wrestling competition despite tripping over himself with every step, Yoongi watching from the couch.

Jeongguk grimaces as someone spills a beer on Namjoon’s shoe. “Why is hyung… like that?”

“You’ll have to be a bit more specific.”

“He seems so cool when he’s not, y’know, drunk as fuck.”

“Law of opposites,” Taehyung says, staring at Jeongguk’s profile. “Cool sober people are lame as fuck when drunk, it’s like- the cardinal rule of college. Did you know Jiminie set the record at Hoseok hyung’s frat for fastest keg drinking? I held his legs- he waxed that morning and I almost dropped him like, four times, but he wouldn’t give up. Some girl asked him to sign her boobs and he did, I think she went home with him and Hobi that night-”

“Woah, Taehyung.” Jeongguk steadies him with a hand on his shoulder. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Anything. Anything to punch this hopeless, desperate feeling out of his chest. He needs to leave, he needs to get away from Jeongguk. Needs to take Jimin home and maybe beg Jimin to eat him out in the morning, if he’s not too hungover.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Taehyung retorts.

“You’re weird, hyung.”

“Shut up. You fucked my girlfriend.”

Jeongguk’s expression falls and he retracts his hand, shoulders bowing a little where he stands. He’s still standing close, hasn’t moved enough for it to be noticeable but it feels like a damn chasm to Taehyung. Taehyung’s eyes go wide as Jeongguk looks away, and says quietly, “Right.”

“Shit- sorry.” Taehyung rubs furiously at his eyes. He’s feeling that familiar itch to be drunk, to take himself out of the world and forget that he’s a moron. “Ignore me. I’m so fucking high.”

“I know.”


“I know. Whatever.”

They fall silent, both leaning against the wall and staring anywhere but at each other. Taehyung wants to say something about how Jeongguk isn’t allowed to pout like that when reminded of what happened a couple months ago. Taehyung’s not angry. He’s not. He just can’t do this.

“Jeongguk, listen-”

“Hyung, have you seen this meme?”

“Have I- what-?”

Taehyung’s head snaps up. Jeongguk still isn’t looking at him, but at least he doesn’t have that disappointed pull to his lips anymore, scrolling through the photos on his phone to find one picture in particular. Taehyung doesn’t understand it when he reads it.

“I don’t get it.”

Jeongguk pouts. “You don’t fuck with the vision?”


Jeongguk laughs quietly, patting Taehyung’s hip with his free hand. “You’re like an old man.”

“Literally fuck off.”

“Nah. Do you recognize this one?”

Taehyung barely focuses on the image on Jeongguk’s phone before he’s looking away, glances back to the party to see that Yoongi had managed to corral Namjoon back to the couch. Jiae stands across from the couch, giggling next to some guy from Taehyung’s photography class, trailing her finger down his chest in a way Taehyung used to be painfully familiar with-




He cuts off whatever meme Jeongguk was explaining, sees Jeongguk tilt his head from the corner of his eye as he looks up from his phone. The guy across the room leans down to kiss Jiae’s neck, her head falling to the side.



“Yes? What-?”

Taehyung curls his hand into the front of Jeongguk’s shirt, pulling him close to crowd Taehyung’s body against the wall and he kisses Jeongguk hard.

Standing shock still, it takes Jeongguk a long few seconds before the rigidity of his body eases, and he reaches to hold Taehyung’s wrists as he kisses with fervor. His eyes fall shut, head tilting slightly to deepen the kiss. Taehyung doesn’t shut his eyes- knows that he can’t risk it with her so fucking close for the first time in months. He watches, Jeongguk whimpering lightly into his mouth, as Jiae laughs and turns her head away, catching sight of Taehyung and Jeongguk against the wall.

Her smile doesn’t fall as she looks Taehyung up and down, and he doesn’t know if she recognizes that it’s Jeongguk pressing Taehyung’s body into the wall but it doesn’t matter. Jiae snickers, as if it’s all some kind of cruel joke that Taehyung has to settle for his unfaithful ex’s sloppy seconds.

She stands on her tiptoes to whisper something into the guy’s ear as Jeongguk finally breaks the kiss, breathing heavily with his lips pressed to Taehyung’s jaw. The guy looks where Jiae must have pointed and he laughs, too.

Taehyung feels sick.


Jeongguk is already standing at the precipice of being wrecked, cheeks flushed and eyes wide. Taehyung has half a mind to tell Jeongguk he’s a good kisser just to ease the awkward tension settling like a thick cloud over their heads, but truth be told he can’t remember what it felt like.

“Want to grab us drinks, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk smiles shyly. “Thought you weren’t drinking tonight.”

“Plans change.”

“I’ll be right back.” Jeongguk lets go of Taehyung’s wrists and disappears into the mass of student bodies to head to the kitchen, looking over his shoulder until he turns a corner.

Jiae laughs loudly from across the room- cruel and high-pitched- and Taehyung knows that she’s laughing at him.

If Jeongguk’s learned anything so far in university, it’s how to mix decent drinks with the shitty spread available at frat parties. He can trust the stuff at Hoseok’s frat, but here it’s anyone’s game. He doesn’t know what Taehyung likes to drink, but figures he can get away with mixing something he likes when Taehyung’s as high as he is.

Jeongguk can’t help his grin as he’s pouring some low shelf vodka into a solo cup, (curse Seokjin and his rants about the bar, Jeongguk doesn’t care about alcohol quality, he just wants to get wasted, thank you very much) lips still tingling from the kiss.

He’s wanted to kiss Taehyung for so long, since the club and the first time they fucked, but Taehyung had never shown the same desire. It has to be a good sign that Taehyung is starting to accept him, and maybe Jeongguk can sneak lots of kisses now that their first is out of the way. Maybe he can get Taehyung to kiss him during sex now, if they’re going to fuck again.

“This for me?”

Jimin tries to grab one of the cups out of Jeongguk’s hand as he’s making his way back to the main room. Jeongguk scowls, holding the cups high out of Jimin’s reach; knows the only reason Jimin isn’t kicking him in the shin for using his height is because he’d probably fall over if he tried. “I think you’ve had enough, hyung.”

“I’m perfectly fine, asshole.” He’s clearly not, swaying where he stands, and the bottle in his hand is mostly empty. “You don’t need two, anyway.”

“One’s not for me.”

Jimin narrows his eyes, all but slams the bottle onto the nearby countertop to free up his hands and place them on his own hips. He scrutinizes Jeongguk like his mother does whenever Jeongguk tries to lie about doing his laundry, except this is worse because Jeongguk once had a dream that Jimin fingered him.

“Why do you look so…” Jimin purses his lips. “Smiley?”

Jeongguk can’t help the grin that splits his features. “Mayhaps Taehyung hyung and I kissed.”

“’Mayhaps’?” Jimin repeats, slurring something fierce. “What the fuck. Why are you a walking meme, who raised you.”

“Go home, Jiminie, you’re drunk.”

“I can’t. I lost Taehyungie.”

“He’s over here,” Jeongguk says, rolling his eyes. “Come with me.”

In the doorway to the kitchen, Jeongguk sees Taehyung where he left him not five minutes earlier, leaning heavily against a guy that Jeongguk doesn’t recognize. For a second he’s confused, until he sees the guy kissing at Taehyung’s jaw, and Taehyung slipping his hand into the back pocket of the stranger’s jeans.

He’s still standing in the same spot, hands cold with condensation, as Taehyung leads the guy toward the front door, both giggling quietly to themselves and pressing unsubtle kisses to each other’s neck or ear.

“Oh, I didn’t know Tae was hooking up with Bogum again,” Jimin says, using Jeongguk’s distracted state as an opportunity to steal one of the drinks. He sips it quickly. “That probably explains why he’s been at Seokjin hyung’s apartment complex so much lately. Bogum lives on the same block.”

Jeongguk thinks back, remembers when he left Yugyeom’s place and ran into Taehyung on the wrong floor. He hadn’t thought anything of Taehyung’s excuse of taking the stairs. God, he was a fucking fool.

“Oh,” Jeongguk says. His voice sounds detached, hollow, to his own ears.

“This is a good drink,” Jimin says, finishing it off and taking the one in Jeongguk’s other hand. “Damn. Seokjin hyung should get you behind the bar.”

“Hyung, why does-?”

Jimin stumbles without taking a step, sloshing some of his drink onto his shirt. “If you’ll excuse me, Jeongguk, I’m going to be violently sick.”

He leaves for the nearest bathroom and Jeongguk crosses the room. He doesn’t want to call Seokjin, likely busy at the bar, anyway, so he stops in front of the couch, where Namjoon is asleep on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Hey, Guk,” Yoongi says when he notices Jeongguk’s presence. His easy smile falls almost immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“Can you take me home, hyung? I can’t- I don’t want to bother Seokjin but I drank a little and-”

Yoongi stands up, letting Namjoon slump against the back of the couch, and draws Jeongguk’s shaking hands into his own. He doesn’t say anything for a long minute, trying to get Jeongguk to raise his gaze from the floor, but Jeongguk doesn’t concede. “It’s okay. You don’t have to explain anything to me. Help me get Joon into the car?”


When they make it to the car, Jeongguk swears from where he sits in the passenger seat that the figures kissing heatedly behind the bushes are awfully familiar.


Taehyung sticks his head through a crack in the front door, even though he knows no one is home. Everyone’s either in class or working, but Taehyung made the executive decision to skip class and take a nap and could think of no better place than Seokjin’s apartment.

He eats the last of the takeout in the fridge, looks longingly at the top shelf whiskey Seokjin thinks he keeps hidden, and dives onto the couch for his well-deserved nap. With the TV on lightly in the background, Taehyung thinks he could stay here forever. And he’s planning on it, trying to come up with an excuse for why he broke in to tell Seokjin when the older finishes work. Maybe Seokjin won’t mind if Taehyung looks cute when he’s sleeping- who is he kidding? He’s always cute.

So when he hears a crash from further in the apartment, Taehyung startles back to awareness. For a split second, Taehyung thinks there has to be an intruder- after all, everyone else is out for the evening, and he can’t help the spike in his heart rate until Jeongguk comes stumbling out of his bedroom, cursing quietly.

“The fuck did you drop?”

Jeongguk jumps; head whipping up to find the source, hand on his heart until he spots Taehyung. “Holy shit- a little warning would have been nice.”

“I didn’t think anyone was here.”

“Me neither.”

“Funny how the world works.”

“I live here, asshole.”

“Good for you, got any snacks hidden?”

Jeongguk doesn’t answer, rolling his eyes as he steps fully out of the hallway to rummage around in the kitchen. Figuring Jeongguk will just head back into his room once he’s gotten whatever it is he’s looking for, Taehyung settles back on the couch to try and watch the movie. With a sigh, he slumps against the couch, knowing it’ll take a while for him to settle enough to sleep again.

But Jeongguk leaves the kitchen empty handed to stand at the other side of the couch. He takes one look at the movie, a look at Taehyung, and sets his jaw before he closes the distance in three big steps to settle himself on Taehyung’s lap.

Taehyung stiffens, body going rigid as he suddenly finds himself with a lap full of Jeongguk. He waits, hoping that this is all some lucid dream, but the weight doesn’t go away. Gritting his teeth, Taehyung fists the blanket on the couch and says, “What are you doing?”

“Hyung,” Jeongguk says, whines, and Taehyung hates the shiver that runs down his spine. He ducks his head, pressing the lightest of kisses to Taehyung’s throat, his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders. “Hyung, please.”

“Jeongguk-” Taehyung hisses as Jeongguk bites at a sensitive spot on his neck, hands coming up automatically to grip Jeongguk’s hips. “What are you doing?

Pulling back, Jeongguk pouts, his lower lip jutting out and it’s so adorable that Taehyung feels the inexplicable urge to run. “I want you, hyung.”


“Please?” His hair falls into his eyes, hands moving from Taehyung’s shoulders to stroke idly across his chest. “I haven’t gotten off in a while.”

Taehyung bites his lip, sitting immobile beneath Jeongguk’s wandering hands. He wants to say yes- wants to push Jeongguk’s limits and see just how far they can go before Jeongguk breaks, before this gorgeous, lithe, lethal boy shatters in Taehyung’s palms. He’s shown before what he can handle when they’ve fucked in the past, but Taehyung wants more. And if Jeongguk wants more, too, well.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Taehyung questions, “You’re sure?”

“Yes,” Jeongguk gasps, already grinding his crotch against Taehyung’s lap. He grips Taehyung’s jaw, turning his face up to press a hasty kiss to Taehyung’s lips, then another, and another. “Yes, please. Hyung- wanna- wanna be good.”

“I already know you can be good, baby.”

Jeongguk shakes his head, pout deepening as Taehyung gently weaves his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair and pulls him back, away from kisses. “I wanna- hyung, need- need to- prove, hyung-”

“Prove what, Jeongguk?”

Instead of answering, Jeongguk ducks his head to press sloppy, wet kisses to Taehyung’s neck and jaw, still grinding his hips down against Taehyung’s lap for any sort of friction. Taehyung snakes his hand beneath Jeongguk’s hoodie, stroking the soft skin of his back slowly and earning a shudder from Jeongguk. He tucks that information away for later.

“Hyung, please- can- can we, please-?”

“Hm.” Taehyung moves his other hand to the front of Jeongguk’s sweatpants, where his cock is already tenting the fabric, and grips his length harshly. Jeongguk’s entire body jolts, then sags lightly against Taehyung. “How about this, baby? I’ll get you off, but you don’t come until hyung tells you to.”

“Mnh.” Jeongguk pants against Taehyung’s neck, trying to grind into the tight hold Taehyung has on his cock. “M-Mean, hyung.”

“Oh, little one,” Taehyung whispers, grinning against the shell of Jeongguk’s ear. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”


“Let’s go, get up,” Taehyung interrupts, pushing Jeongguk away at the same time that he stands up, making Jeongguk scramble not to fall on his ass as he walks deeper into the apartment. “I’m not fucking you here, come on. I don’t have all day.”

Taehyung hears Jeongguk follow him, footsteps rapid with enthusiasm. Once inside Jeongguk’s bedroom, Taehyung leans against the wall and gestures for Jeongguk to lie down. He does, squirming a little beneath Taehyung’s stare.

“Well?” Taehyung snaps, “What are you waiting for? Take your clothes off.”

With a small noise, Jeongguk quickly shucks off his hoodie and undershirt, but pauses as he’s hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his sweats. Taehyung quirks an eyebrow, arms crossed in front of his chest as Jeongguk hesitates, mouth opening and closing hurriedly.



Jeongguk chews on his bottom lip, looking up at Taehyung through his messy fringe. “C-can you-? You, hyung, you do it? I- I’ve-”

Taehyung sighs, feels a mean thrill shoot down his spine at the way Jeongguk’s eyes widen in something akin to panic. “Pathetic,” Taehyung mutters, watching the flush that spreads quickly across Jeongguk’s cheeks. “Baby can’t even take off his own damn pants? Needs hyung to do all the work, huh?”

“No,” Jeongguk insists, attention rapt as Taehyung crosses the room. “No, I just-”

“Just what?”

“Ugh. You’ll see, Tae.”

“You’re awfully mouthy,” Taehyung says, gripping Jeongguk’s ankles to pull his body to the edge of the bed, close enough to reach his pants without moving much. Jeongguk immediately hooks his legs behind Taehyung’s waist. “Can’t you be good for once?”

Jeongguk hums, stretching his arms high above his head, accentuating his tiny waist, the flatness of his toned abs. “I seem to recall you telling me I was good.”

Taehyung aims a light slap at Jeongguk’s inner thigh and Jeongguk whimpers, cocky smirk falling instantly. “Guess you’ll have to prove it to me.”

“Y-Yeah. Yeah, I can do that.”

Pulling down Jeongguk’s sweats, Taehyung’s breath catches in his throat at the first sight of lace sitting prettily on his hips. Jeongguk props himself on his elbows, watching as Taehyung hurriedly tosses his sweatpants somewhere to be forgotten, staring solely at the red, lacy underwear that Jeongguk’s wearing, the color stunning against his tanned skin, his flat stomach.

Taehyung runs his palms up Jeongguk’s thighs, stopping just short of where Jeongguk’s hard cock strains the fabric, a wet spot darkening the front. The underwear is criminally short, the tip of Jeongguk’s cock peeking out, the little bow on the front so inviting.

“Baby- oh, oh-

“Do you like it, hyung?” Jeongguk asks breathlessly.

As if entranced, Taehyung trails his nails ever so lightly over Jeongguk’s cock in the lace, knocking a moan from Jeongguk’s lips, his head falling back. His thighs strain where they’re wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, sensitive and squirming, and so fucking beautiful. Taehyung wants to take a picture, to keep this memory forever.

“You,” Taehyung swallows to clear his throat. “Were you that sure you’d get fucked?”

Jeongguk shakes his head, sighing lightly as Taehyung continues to stroke him off with gentle movements. “I- I like it. How it feels.”

“Cute.” Squirming happily, Jeongguk lets his body fall completely on the bed again, as Taehyung traces his fingers and palms over the smooth, hairless skin of Jeongguk’s thighs and covered cock. “Do you want any toys, baby?”

“I- I dunno.”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Jeongguk whimpers quietly, unhooking his legs and turning over. He pushes himself up, presenting his smooth back and the supple curve of his ass to Taehyung, who kneels behind him on the bed and spreads his fingers over Jeongguk’s ass. Taehyung nips at the skin just below the panties, biting lightly at Jeongguk’s thigh and ass as Jeongguk squirms, panting and letting out quiet noises.

“H-hyung, please touch me,” Jeongguk whispers. “Please.”

“Here’s what I’m going to do,” Taehyung says, scratching his nails up Jeongguk’s back. “I’m going to eat you out, and then I’m going to fuck your thighs. And you’re not allowed to come, does that sound good?”

Whining loudly, Jeongguk arches his back. “I- I wanna come, too.”

“Thought you were going to be good for me, baby?”

“I am! I’m a good boy,” Jeongguk cries out, Taehyung winding an arm around his waist to flick idly at the swollen head of Jeongguk’s cock.

“Then prove it.” Taehyung moves away from Jeongguk to rifle through the side drawer, drawing out lube and a condom, and upon a moment’s contemplation he grabs something else and slips it into his pocket. “Spread your cheeks, baby.”

Jeongguk’s cheeks burn as he reaches behind himself, his upper body pressed flush to the mattress as he spreads his ass cheeks apart. Upon returning to the bed, Taehyung slips a finger beneath the fabric, moving the panties away from Jeongguk’s asshole, where a plug sits nestled between his cheeks.

“Holy shit,” Taehyung groans, arousal punching low in his gut. He wasn’t fully hard before, but now he’s straining in his slacks. Just knowing that Jeongguk- whom Taehyung had seen earlier during their Seokjin mandated walk between classes- had likely been wearing the lingerie and the plug was making his head spin. “A plug, baby? Someone’s eager.”

“Hn.” Jeongguk tries his best to look at Taehyung from the position he’s in, cheek smushed on the bed and drool dripping down his chin. “I like- like being full.”

“Such a slutty baby,” Taehyung hums, twisting the plug and watching with satisfaction as Jeongguk’s back tenses, as a moan spills from his lips. “Always need something in your tight little hole, huh?” Jeongguk moans again, trying to match the way Taehyung pulls the plug out slightly only to thrust it in deeply. “Answer me, Jeongguk.”


“Yes, what?”

“M’a-” Jeongguk’s body arches as Taehyung presses the plug into his prostate, nudging relentlessly.

“Use your words, Jeongguk-ah. Or is that too difficult for you?” Taehyung shakes his head, tsk’ing lightly. “Can’t even speak?”

“Mnh, I’m- I’m a slutty baby,” Jeongguk whimpers, closing his eyes.

“I know you are.” Taehyung roughly shoves the plug against Jeongguk’s prostate again, reveling in the little squeak that escapes Jeongguk’s lips before he pulls it out completely, tossing it further up the bed. “Keep yourself spread for hyung, little one.”

Taehyung dips his thumb into Jeongguk’s hole, slick with lube and clenching with the loss of the plug. He leans down, licking over Jeongguk’s asshole and Jeongguk squeaks again, jumping a little as if he hadn’t expected the action. But Taehyung holds him still, running his tongue over Jeongguk’s ass, licking from his balls before dipping into Jeongguk’s hole.

And Jeongguk can’t stay quiet, breathy gasps and moans of Taehyung’s name tumbling as Taehyung licks into his hole. Jeongguk’s hands don’t slip, keeping himself open for Taehyung to fuck his tongue into, and Taehyung takes his time working Jeongguk up. He pushes his tongue in, only to pull it out and lick at Jeongguk’s rim as soon as Jeongguk tries to thrust against his face. Jeongguk only whines at that, squirming relentlessly as Taehyung eats him out like a man starved. Taehyung almost wishes he had Jeongguk on his back for this- he knows Jeongguk must look gorgeous like this.

“Ah- hyung,” Jeongguk sobs, trying to get Taehyung to fuck into him deeper with his tongue. “M’close, hn, I’m so close, hyung-

Taehyung pulls back, Jeongguk immediately complaining, whining and begging Taehyung to continue. “Ah, ah. What did I tell you, baby?”

“You-” Jeongguk huffs, eyes screwed shut and skin slick with sweat beneath Taehyung’s palms. The panties, bunched to the side of Jeongguk’s ass, are wet with spit and lube, precum soaking the front. “You said, you said Gukie doesn’t come,” Jeongguk sniffles, lower lip trembling. “Until hyungie says so.”

“Good boy,” Taehyung praises, pressing one last kiss to Jeongguk’s asshole. “Hyung’s going to fuck your thighs now, okay?”


Taehyung grabs the lube again, slicking the inside of Jeongguk’s thighs as he kneels behind him. Jeongguk whines at the cold, at just how wet Taehyung is getting his entire body. On shaking arms, Jeongguk pushes himself up onto his forearms, cock straining in his panties.

Unzipping his slacks, Taehyung lets out a sigh as he tugs his cock out, jerking himself off slowly just for a little relief. Jeongguk presses his forehead onto his arm, body taut and smooth before Taehyung.

“Clench your thighs for me, baby. There you go, look so pretty like this.”

With a hand around his length, Taehyung guides himself between Jeongguk’s thighs, just below where the pretty red fabric rests. Jeongguk huffs, squeezing his thighs tightly, trying hard to be good for Taehyung. Taehyung starts off hesitantly, but at Jeongguk’s eager moans he lets his thrusts pick up speed, grinding against Jeongguk’s ass and between his cheeks, hips slapping against the swell of Jeongguk’s wet ass.

“Hng, ah- Tae, oh, Taehyung-

“Feel good, baby?” Jeongguk nods, nibbling on the tip of his thumb as Taehyung fucks his thighs, the lewd squelch of the lube sounding loud amidst Jeongguk’s desperate moans. “Love it when hyung fucks you like this, huh? Uses you? Like a toy, a dirty toy?”

“Mnh- Taehyung-”

“A used toy, only good for being fucked, hm? Doesn’t matter how, baby just wants cock.”

Jeongguk cries out, cheeks burning red and hair sticking to his forehead with sweat. He tries to hide his face but Taehyung leans over his body, moving his hands further up the bed and forcing Jeongguk to stretch his body out more, arch his back more. Satisfied, Taehyung tightens his grip on Jeongguk’s waist, fingers nearly touching where they’re wrapped around Jeongguk, and fucks between his thighs that much harder.

Leaning down, Taehyung trails kisses and alternating bites to Jeongguk’s shoulder blades and lower back, keeping up his brutal rhythm as Jeongguk whines and moans, high-pitched and desperate.

Jeongguk sneaks a hand beneath his underwear, jerks himself off a few times before Taehyung slaps his hand away, curling his fingers around the base of Jeongguk’s cock, instead. “No touching,” Taehyung growls into his neck, feeling himself getting close. “Be a good boy, and maybe I’ll still let you come.”

Taehyung is still squeezing Jeongguk’s cock when his orgasm hits, his hips stilling where they’re flush against Jeongguk’s ass when he comes, spilling white onto the sheets and biting hard on Jeongguk’s neck.

Jeongguk’s body jolts and he whimpers when Taehyung pulls back with a noise of dissent. “What a mess, hm? Don’t you think you should come here and clean it?”

With shaky movements, Jeongguk turns himself around so he’s facing Taehyung, still resting most of his weight on his elbows. He looks positively wrecked, hair matted where he’d had his face shoved into the mattress, eyes blown wide and cheek wet with drool. His body still trembles, cock painfully red in his panties. Still, he wastes no time, licking the come from Taehyung’s soft cock , eyes closed in pleasure.

When he’s cleaned Taehyung’s cock enough, Taehyung tucks himself back into his slacks and helps Jeongguk to lie on his back again, idly stroking his fingers along Jeongguk’s thigh but ignoring where he’s most sensitive, where he’s aching to be touched.

“Gukie now?” Jeongguk asks, eyes wide and wet. “Gukie gets to come?”

“Not so fast, Guk.” Jeongguk whimpers, shoulders hunching slightly. Taehyung snaps the band of the panties against his hip. “You touched yourself without permission, good boys don’t do that.”

“M’sorry, hyung,” Jeongguk rambles desperately, fat tears rolling slowly down his cheeks. Taehyung coos, wiping them away with the pad of his thumb. “Gukie didn’t mean to. M-my cock, hyungie, it hurts.”

“Oh, this little thing?” Taehyung cups Jeongguk’s cock through the fabric of his underwear, his legs kicking out as Taehyung squeezes. “Poor baby, it hurts?”

Yes, hyung.”

Taehyung hums, dipping his hand beneath the lace to jerk Jeongguk off slowly, digging his thumb into the slit. “And you’re close to coming?”

Sniffling, Jeongguk nods, his hips twitching slightly off the bed. “S’close.”

“Will this help?”

Reaching into his pocket, Taehyung retrieves the cock ring he’d stashed there earlier and quickly moves his hand beneath Jeongguk’s panties to fasten it at the base of Jeongguk’s cock. Jeongguk, when he realizes what’s happened, lets out a wail so desperate that he tears up again, furiously shaking his head.

“H-hyung, no, no, please- not- not the ring, please, Gukie- Gukie’s being so good-

“I know, baby,” Taehyung tries to soothe him, petting lightly down Jeongguk’s thighs as he kicks and writhes, sniffles and whines. He reaches for his cock but Taehyung catches his hands, leans over Jeongguk’s body to pin them to the mattress on either side of his head. “But you need to be punished.”

“Hng.” Jeongguk pouts fiercely, but when it becomes clear that Taehyung isn’t going to remove the cock ring anytime soon he tries to force himself to relax, tension easing from his shoulders ever so slightly. “Can- can you, hyung? Please-”

“Can I what?” Taehyung rubs his thumb along the back of Jeongguk’s hand. “Ask properly.” Jeongguk turns his head and whispers something against Taehyung’s cheek, voice quiet and meek, tentative as he voices a request. Taehyung’s eyes go wide and he pulls back, staring at Jeongguk in awe. Cheeks bright red, Jeongguk squirms in embarrassment as Taehyung hovers above him. “You want that? Really?”

Jeongguk whimpers lightly, and nods. “I-If you want it, hyung.”

“Yeah. Yeah, fuck- I can do that.”

“Really?” Jeongguk asks, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth. “You can?”

“Of course,” Taehyung murmurs, dipping his head to nip at the sweaty skin at the base of Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk lets out a happy sigh, wriggling beneath Taehyung, his hard cock dragging against Taehyung’s abdomen. He almost snickers as he bites along Jeongguk’s neck; Taehyung can’t wait to ruin him. “Get on the floor, baby.”

Jeongguk groans, folding his hands over Taehyung’s hips to keep him close. “Why the floor?”

“Can’t do what you want like this, can we? Come on, I won’t ask again.”

Jeongguk is quick to comply, letting Taehyung stand before he’s hurrying off the bed, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his panties before looking curiously at Taehyung, who only shakes his head. He brings out a sleep mat from under his bed, kicking clothes out of the way as Taehyung watches, leaning against the wall, until he’s satisfied, glancing at Taehyung once more before he lies down, cheeks flushed.

For a long few moments, Taehyung doesn’t move. Instead, he lets the silence settle over the room, takes the time to observe Jeongguk’s body, stretched out on the floor and shaking in anticipation of the touch to follow. His cock stays hard, tenting the front of his panties, his legs opening and closing as he waits, chest heaving with slow, unsteady breaths. Jeongguk keeps looking up at Taehyung and then looking away, chewing on his bottom lip, his hair mussed and chest red where Taehyung has already marked it up.

He looks breathtaking.

Taehyung wants to ruin him.

“Look at you,” Taehyung chuckles, voice deep and resonating in the quiet room. Jeongguk whines softly. “Baby, you’re shaking. Are you that excited? Can’t wait for hyung to use you?”

“Hn, Tae- please-”

Toeing off one of his shoes, Taehyung slowly, slowly, closes the distance between them, until he stands a hair’s breadth away from Jeongguk. He kneels down, pinching one of Jeongguk’s nipples between his fingers. At the sudden stimulation, Jeongguk jerks, whimpering as Taehyung works the bud relentlessly, eyes fluttering.

“Don’t close your eyes,” Taehyung says. He complies immediately, eyes watering already as Taehyung moves his hand to stroke the base of Jeongguk’s neck, tilting his chin to force Jeongguk to look at him. “You may touch your chest, but nothing lower. If you close your legs, I stop. Understand, baby boy?”

“Hng, y-yes. Yes.”

“Good boy.”

Taehyung stands, hands in his pockets as Jeongguk watches his every move, breath caught in his throat. He stutters out an exhale as Taehyung nudges his foot onto Jeongguk’s abdomen, stroking along the toned divots of his abs, to the sharp curve of his hipbone, and back. He doesn’t do much else to start, simply running his foot over Jeongguk’s belly, but it seems to do the trick already. Jeongguk bites hard on his lip, gaze focused solely on Taehyung’s foot, waiting, anticipating what he knows is coming.

“H-hyung, please-” Jeongguk sighs, squirming relentlessly beneath Taehyung’s foot, but Taehyung doesn’t do more than nudge the waistband of Jeongguk’s panties with his toe before retreating to his belly again. “Please-”

“Is this not good enough for you?” Taehyung grins, digging his toe against Jeongguk’s nipple and reveling in the choked, wet gasp that falls from Jeongguk’s lips. “What a little slut. Just wants to be used, wants to be stepped on and fucked like a bitch, right?”

Jeongguk only nods, moans getting louder as Taehyung steps on him harder, digs his foot into his ribs, his hip bones, stroking down to his thigh and ignoring where his cock strains his underwear. The remote to the cock ring sits heavy in Taehyung’s pocket, but he waits. From the way Jeongguk struggles to stay still, the way his shoulders rise from the floor and his hips kick up into nothing, Taehyung might not even need it.

“T-Tae, oh my god, hn-” Jeongguk pants, struggling to keep his legs spread as Taehyung gets closer and closer to his cock. “Tae-”

Taehyung trails his foot to Jeongguk’s cock and presses, applying enough pressure to get Jeongguk to sob, thighs tensing as his hips try to rock into the touch. He pulls away soon enough, going back to running his foot over Jeongguk’s heaving abs.

Jeongguk pinches his nipples between his fingers, eyes watery and glassy where he stares reverently at Taehyung’s foot. So gone already.

“Doing so well, baby,” Taehyung murmurs. “So pretty. You like it when hyung steps on your little cock, hm?”

Before Jeongguk can answer, Taehyung shoves his foot beneath the tight waistband of his panties and ruthlessly moves his foot over Jeongguk’s cock, wanton moans and sharp cries spilling as Jeongguk writhes, torn between thrusting into the touch and getting away. His body tenses, locking up, thighs quivering as he gasps and babbles, begging for more that Taehyung almost feels bad when he takes his foot away again.


More,” Jeongguk gasps, tears leaking down his cheeks now. His cock is so hard beneath Taehyung’s foot where Taehyung lightly trails over his length, jerking and spilling precum with every touch. “Please, oh god-

Taehyung clicks his tongue, can’t get enough of this picture: standing above Jeongguk; strong, confident Jeongguk- reduced to tears, and begging Taehyung to step on his cock until he comes. And Taehyung, still fully dressed, continues to feign disinterest, expression distant and hands in his pockets, as if Jeongguk isn’t even worth his foot.

So he tells Jeongguk as much.

“Begging already, hm?” Taehyung steps harshly against the divot of Jeongguk’s pelvis, earning a strangled moan. “Pathetic. You should be thanking me. Hyung’s being so nice, doing what you asked, and it still isn’t enough?”

“Mnh, hah, please- ah-”

Jeongguk grips his own hair, losing himself completely and surrendering control entirely to Taehyung, letting Taehyung do as he pleases, step where he wants, use him however Taehyung wants. He whines, hips thrusting up into nothing, Taehyung shoving him back down harshly against the mat each time he steps on Jeongguk’s hip, his abs, his leaking cock.

“Tell hyung how it feels, little one.”

“S’so- mnh, hn- hyung, oh- Tae-

“Now, now.” Taehyung thumbs at the remote as he applies more pressure to Jeongguk’s cock with the heel of his foot. “Come on, baby, can’t you tell me? Or are you too dumb, can’t even answer a simple question? Only good for lying on your back, begging like a whore?”

“I-I can’t,” Jeongguk sobs out, his entire body jerking as Taehyung nudges his toe against the tip of his cock, almost lazily. He brings two fingers to his mouth, sucking on them desperately, drooling around them as he attempts to speak. His entire lower chest is flushed red from where Taehyung’s applied the most pressure. “G-Gukie can’t, too- too much- too good, oh-

“Dumb slut,” Taehyung growls, stepping the hardest yet on Jeongguk’s cock. “Can’t do more than moan, all because hyung’s stepping on your little cock.”

Jeongguk cries out, body tense as more tears slip down his cheeks while Taehyung keeps stepping, presses harder, longer, until his back is arching and he’s coming dry, the ring on the base of his cock preventing him from releasing properly. He sniffles, dropping one hand to grip Taehyung’s ankle tightly, to try and get what he wants. Taehyung moves his foot away entirely.

“No,” Jeongguk gasps, scraping his nails lightly against Taehyung’s ankle, trying to get that pressure back. He’s still hard, precum soaking the bottom divots of his abs, and though his cheeks are stained with tears and his hair is knotted, he begs Taehyung for more, cries for it. “H-hyung, please, please- Gukie- Gukie will be so good, so good- please-”

“What do you want?” Taehyung asks, kneeling down again. He gently coaxes Jeongguk’s fingers from his mouth, doesn’t want him to bite them too harshly.

“Hn, you- you know, hyungie- please, Gukie wants-”

“Say it,” Taehyung urges, stroking his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair. “Hyung wants to hear you, baby.”

Jeongguk whines, pitifully, sniffles again as Taehyung does a poor job of wiping away his tears. His eyes are unfocused, shiny and wide. “P-please step on me.”


“Hah,” Jeongguk jolts, taken aback by the sudden way Taehyung pinches one of his nipples. “Hy-hyungie’s being mean.”

Taehyung only grins, twisting the nipple cruelly. “You still haven’t told me what you want, hm? Are you done already? So weak- can’t even last long enough to get something in your ass?”

“No!” Jeongguk grabs Taehyung’s wrist, as if terrified he’ll move and stop touching Jeongguk completely. “No- Gukie- Gukie can do it.”

“Then tell me-” Taehyung squeezes both his nipples at once, using the hold to keep Jeongguk from arching off the mat. “What the dumb slut wants.”

“Mn- step… step on my- on Gukie- Gukie’s-”

“Step on Gukie’s what?”

“M’cock! Please step on Gukie’s little cock!”

“This useless thing?” Taehyung taunts, sliding his palm down the ridges of Jeongguk’s chest to cup his length through the panties. Jeongguk’s hips kick, and he chokes out another wrecked moan. “Such a pathetic little cock, how could you even pleasure anyone with this? How could anyone choose this?”


Taehyung clicks his tongue, idly rubbing the tip of Jeongguk’s cock. “A pathetic cock for a pathetic slut, hm? Want hyung to step right here?”


Slipping his hand back in his pocket, Taehyung removes the pressure from Jeongguk’s cock at the same time he hits a button on the remote, the cock ring vibrating at one of its lowest levels. It takes Jeongguk a few good seconds to realize, his eyes going wide, hips jerking as he tries to move away from the onslaught of pleasure, but it’s no use.

“Be a good boy.”

“Hn- ah- h-hyung, too much- mnh- wanna, wanna come, please!” Jeongguk chokes on a moan as Taehyung ups the vibrations, slipping his foot back onto Jeongguk’s lower belly and immediately going back to stepping on his cock. Jeongguk wails, throwing his head back, and though he makes good on his promise not to close his eyes, his legs clamp up while he squirms. “Please, Tae- hyung- hurts, need-”

Taehyung stops moving his foot, watching the confusion cloud Jeongguk’s expression. “What did I say, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk whimpers, tilting his head as he struggles to recall what it is Taehyung is asking of him. “Hn- hyung said- be… be good?”

“Close,” Taehyung snickers, cranking the vibrations up higher. Jeongguk cries out desperately, but the pressure Taehyung applies to his dick leaves no room for Jeongguk to move, forced to lie there and take it. “Earlier, baby. What did hyung say?”

“I- I don’t-”

“You don’t remember?” Jeongguk shakes his head, sucking the tip of his thumb into his mouth and chewing nervously. “Dumb slut can’t remember a simple request?”

“M’sorry,” Jeongguk gasps, reaching blindly for Taehyung’s ankle with his free hand. His cock jerks beneath Taehyung’s foot. “S-sorry, hyung- don’t- Gukie can’t-

“Pathetic. I said,” Taehyung yanks Jeongguk’s legs apart, moving them until his thighs strain, his lip quivers. “Don’t close your fucking legs.”

“M’sorry, sorry- I- hng- Gukie won’t- won’t do it again-”

“This is supposed to be a punishment.” Taehyung steps harder, moves his foot swiftly over Jeongguk’s dick, the boy whining and twisting relentlessly beneath him. “But you- you’re enjoying it too much, aren’t you? Such a slut, only deserve to be stepped on. Your little cock can’t do anything else, hm? Only good for this-”

Jeongguk’s back arches off the mat, abs clenching as he moans desperately, squeezing Taehyung’s ankle so tightly that Taehyung hisses, the sting of Jeongguk’s nails breaking his skin. He comes again, dry and longer this time, a pitiful wail falling from his lips as he cries, babbling and begging Taehyung to let him come properly, little pleasepleaseplease’s spilling while he chews on his thumb. His eyes, rimmed red, stare unblinkingly at Taehyung as he begs and sobs.

Clicking off the vibrations, Taehyung kneels at Jeongguk’s side again, resting his chin on his palm as if bored. “Came without permission again, I see.”

Jeongguk only shakes his head, his entire body trembling beneath the lazy hand Taehyung uses to stroke over his chest. “M- mnh, Gu-Gukie’s sorry- hyung-”

“You want to come?”

Jeongguk whimpers, sniffling. “Y-yes, p-please. Gukie’s been so good.”

“We’ll see about that,” Taehyung says. He takes Jeongguk’s hands, carefully helping him off of the floor and onto shaky feet. His cock is positively hurting now, and he holds his hands awkwardly in front of him as Taehyung strips himself out of his slacks and sweater, tossing his boxers away before he sits on the edge of the bed, looking up at Jeongguk expectantly. “Ride me, baby.”


Jeongguk’s legs quiver as he straddles Taehyung’s lap, Taehyung’s hands immediately finding his hips, running over the smooth skin of Jeongguk’s back and thighs. Hesitantly, Jeongguk wraps his fingers around Taehyung’s hard cock and Taehyung sighs, tipping his head back. After not touching himself for so long, holding off to focus on stepping on Jeongguk’s dick, the contact rips a moan from Taehyung’s lungs.

Reaching behind himself, Taehyung feels around the bed for the lube and condom he’d grabbed earlier. He slicks up his fingers, pressing two to Jeongguk’s hole, still slick with lube and spit from earlier that the slight stretch is easy, Jeongguk sighing into Taehyung’s neck, sitting up so Taehyung can reach properly.

“Feel good, little one?” Taehyung murmurs, pushing a third finger in and scissoring. He drags his fingers over Jeongguk’s prostate, but Jeongguk has little energy to do much more than shiver on Taehyung’s lap, moaning quietly.

“S’so good, hyungie- mn- hah-”

“Such a good boy, took your punishment so well. You wanna get fucked? Want hyung to fuck your tight little ass?”

Jeongguk’s nails dig into Taehyung’s back when he squeezes harder, breath catching. “P-please, Gukie- wants so bad.

Taehyung struggles with the condom with the way Jeongguk clings to him but he finally manages to roll it over his length, slicking himself up with the excess lube. He taps Jeongguk’s hip. “Up.”

On unsteady legs, Jeongguk lets Taehyung’s hold on his hip and ass be the guide as he sinks down on Taehyung’s cock, the panties simply pushed out of the way; moaning filthily in Taehyung’s ear as he does. He goes slow until Taehyung forces him to bottom out, feeling a little mean at the way Jeongguk’s voice catches on a piteous whine. It takes Jeongguk a few seconds to adjust, his eyes hazy as he pulls his face away from Taehyung’s neck to focus properly on riding Taehyung, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth.

His movements are shaky, pulling off Taehyung’s cock to drop down heavily and he moans, mouth falling open. Taehyung keeps his hands on Jeongguk’s waist, urging him to move faster, take Taehyung deeper.

“You feel so good, baby,” Taehyung murmurs, nipping at the shell of Jeongguk’s ear. “Take hyung so well.”

“Mnh- hn-” Jeongguk’s pace falters, but he digs his nails into Taehyung’s shoulders and steels himself, pushing himself to fuck down on Taehyung’s cock harder. “S’close,” Jeongguk pants, whining loudly as Taehyung hits his prostate, angles his hips to hit it every time. “Hyung- m’so close, please, please let Gukie come, please-”

Taehyung hums, twisting his fingers into Jeongguk’s hair and tugging the boy away from his neck. His cheeks shine with tears, drool collecting at the corner of his mouth, and he struggles to meet Taehyung’s gaze, so fucking gone all he can focus on is moving his hips, chasing his release.

“Baby wants to come?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow, Jeongguk only nodding desperately. He moves his hand from Jeongguk’s hair, settling it around Jeongguk’s throat instead. His hips kick at the way Jeongguk tries to chase his fingers, tries to suck them into his mouth. “Then come.”

“Hn- I can’t,” Jeongguk sobs, tries to drop his head but Taehyung’s hold keeps him up.

“You can’t? Why not?”

“T-the ring, hyungie-” Jeongguk cries out as Taehyung thrusts up into him harshly, keeps going when Jeongguk’s hips still and he can’t do much more than slump and take everything that Taehyung gives him.

It’s mean, but Taehyung simply squeezes Jeongguk’s throat, his voice cutting off as his air is restricted. When Taehyung lets go, Jeongguk moans loudly, voice high-pitched and wrecked, and he scrambles to grab Taehyung’s wrist, wordlessly asking for more, to be choked again.

So Taehyung complies.

He squeezes Jeongguk’s neck until he can barely get a sound out, until fresh tears are streaming down his face and he’s forgotten entirely about riding Taehyung. In concern, Taehyung quickly removes his hand, but Jeongguk immediately shakes his head, pulls Taehyung’s hand back with a broken whine.

“What ring?” Taehyung asks, letting up the pressure so Jeongguk can breathe properly, but keeps his hand at the base of Jeongguk’s throat as a reminder.

“Hurts- Tae- please- the ring-”

Taehyung wipes the drool from Jeongguk’s chin, pushing his finger into Jeongguk’s mouth for him to suck on. “What about it?”

“Let Gukie come, please- Tae- hn- God- please!

“Should I?”

Jeongguk wails, trying desperately to fuck down on Taehyung, clenching around Taehyung’s cock.

Please, daddy!”

Fuck-” Taehyung snarls, yanking the ring off Jeongguk’s cock and jerking him off quickly, until Jeongguk collapses against Taehyung, moaning against his neck. Taehyung growls into Jeongguk’s ear, “Come. Come for daddy, you little slut-

Jeongguk’s entire body locks up as he comes, crying out Taehyung’s name and scrambling for a hold on his back. He’s sobbing, sniffling and crying as he keeps coming, spilling white between their chests, staining his panties as Taehyung grabs his hips and fucks him through it, thrusting up into his limp body harshly.

“Y-you, too,” Jeongguk whimpers, voice shot. “Gukie- want, want Taetae to come, too-”

“Shit, baby- you’re- so good, oh-”

Taehyung comes hard, buried to the hilt in Jeongguk’s clenched ass as he spills into the condom, biting hard on Jeongguk’s neck as he thrusts weakly through the aftershocks. Jeongguk snivels, body lying heavily on Taehyung’s as he comes down from his high, chest heaving.

Catching his own breath, Taehyung runs his fingers through Jeongguk’s sweaty hair, squeezing his hip gently. “Can you move, baby?” Jeongguk shakes his head. “That’s okay.”

He loses track of how long they stay like that, Jeongguk with his face hidden in Taehyung’s neck, breathing slowly evening out. Taehyung’s gone soft, and it’s getting uncomfortable, cock still nestled in Jeongguk’s ass, but he doesn’t move yet, lets Jeongguk take as long as he needs before he’s starting to shiver.


Taehyung shushes him as Jeongguk makes a noise of confusion. He gently urges Jeongguk to sit up before guiding him to lie on the bed, grimacing as Jeongguk pulls off from his soft cock. He ties off the condom, tossing it in the general direction of the trash before turning back to Jeongguk, who’d settled with his face in the comforter. Taehyung sits, legs crossed, and pulls Jeongguk’s head into his lap, stroking his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair.

“There you are,” Taehyung murmurs, as Jeongguk’s blinking his eyes open. “Did so good, baby.”

“G-Gukie was good?”

“So good.”

Jeongguk pauses. “The best?”

“The best baby,” Taehyung agrees, scratching lightly behind Jeongguk’s ear. “Can hyung clean you up?”


Jeongguk rolls onto his back, lets Taehyung tug the soiled panties down his legs, clean the cum from his chest and lube from his thighs. Taehyung gets dressed quickly, yanking on his slacks and sweater before crawling back onto the bed. Jeongguk waits for only a second before he moves his head back to Taehyung’s lap.

“The panties were a nice touch,” Taehyung says quietly, tracing his fingers over the slope of Jeongguk’s nose.

Jeongguk’s lips quirk into a smile. “They feel nice.”

“Look nice, too.”

Jeongguk hums. “My dick isn’t little, you asshole.”

Taehyung laughs, pinching Jeongguk’s cheeks fondly. Jeongguk sighs, snuggling up against Taehyung’s thigh. It’s a struggle to reach the water bottle discarded by the pillows but Taehyung manages, handing it to Jeongguk before he leans off the edge of the bed to grab the first blanket he sees, draping it over Jeongguk’s body and tucking the edges.


“Can you call me that again?”

Jeongguk blinks up at him, tilting his head back as Taehyung uses his sleeve to wipe the mess of tears and snot from his cheek. “Call you what?”

“L-little one.”

“Hm.” Taehyung smiles, squeezes Jeongguk’s shoulder under the blanket. “Did so good, little one.” Jeongguk hides his smile against Taehyung’s thigh. “Hey. I have a question.”

“What’s up?”

“I’m curious. Do you ever top?”

Jeongguk hums, whines a little when Taehyung stops playing with his hair until Taehyung continues. He whispers to Taehyung’s leg as he speaks. “N-not really. Not anymore. My ex only ever bottomed, so I’d fuck him, but he… he had problems with me, uh, asking to be praised. He told me- he said, “I’m the one with the dick up my ass, why should I praise you?’”

“What a fucking asshole.”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk chuckles, weakly. “We were together almost a year. He wasn’t big on cuddling, either, so after he finished he’d leave me alone.”

“What the fuck?” Taehyung hisses, angry at this jerk from Jeongguk’s past. “I hope you shattered his heart.”

“He-uh, he ended things, but it doesn’t matter. It’s over and I bottom with boys now. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, uh. It’s just been a long time since I’ve been fucked,” Taehyung says quietly. “The offer is on the table, if you ever feel up to topping again.”

Jeongguk’s eyes go wide. “You’d let me fuck you, hyung?”

Taehyung shrugs, looking away from Jeongguk’s deep, expressive eyes. “Probably.”

“Holy shit.”

“Don’t get too excited, I can always change my mind.”


“I- I should probably get going,” Taehyung says. Jeongguk’s been close to falling asleep on his lap for a while now and he doesn’t know how much longer he can stay here, lulled to a relaxing warmth with the golden boy looking at him like… like he means something. “The grind never stops.”

“Sure,” Jeongguk is saying, as Taehyung gently moves his head and steps off the bed. “See you later?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Taehyung all but runs out of the apartment, thanking his lucky stars that none of their other friends had come by. He doesn’t know how to explain the sudden increase in his heart rate, or the way his eyes pinch with the impending onslaught of tears. Taehyung can’t explain why he doesn’t stop running even as he leaves the building, runs across campus, runs until he can’t think anymore.

Later, Taehyung sits on the floor of the bathroom, long after the steam from his shower has dissipated. His mind is still a mess, but he grabs his phone out of the pocket of his pants, and ignores all notifications to pull up a specific message thread.

To: mini soulmate [9:41pm]
oh no

To: mini soulmate [9:42pm]
oh no oh no oh no

From: mini soulmate [9:42pm]
what’s wrong
where are you

To: mini soulmate [9:45pm]
oh no
he’s cute