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midnight melodies

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“Okay breathe Iris, breathe. I know this is your first time seeing him perform in real life but, you just need to calm down a little.” Said Linda, Iris’ best friend while she was sitting on her bed.

The two girls were getting ready to go to a concert. Linda decided to get ready at Iris’ apartment because whenever she comes over; she gets good vibes. Anyways they were going to see a singer perform. Linda doesn’t really know much about this singer, yet she’s heard his songs before, and has seen his face. Except she isn’t really into those type of music that the singer produces. So, Iris forced Linda to come with her because she didn’t want to go alone. And because he’s Iris’ favourite male artist. It was only 8:35pm and the concert started at 9:50pm. They had so much time left.

“I don’t think I can keep calm, Linda. Have you seen his music videos? He’s so fricking hot in all of them! When I see him perform on stage…he’s going to be even more hot, and I’m gonna have a seizure!” Iris replied while putting on her black eye shadow and blending it in with the gold eye shadow.

“I know he’s hot Iris.” Linda laughed. “But his music isn’t-”

Hussshhh. Don’t. Say. Shit.” Iris interrupted as she put her index finger on Linda’s glossy lips.

“Okay, okay.” She replied putting her hands up, as if she surrenders. “Anyways, tell me what your goals are, what do you want to achieve in life?” She continued, spraying perfume on Iris and herself.

“I want to marry my favourite artist.” Iris bluntly said, putting on her glossy lip balm while looking in her mirror. “Duh.”

Linda laughed out loud, “Are you serious? Like…are you joking with me?”

“Nope. I’m pretty sure I’m serious. I will marry him.”

“Right now, Iris your sounding like a little 7-year-old bugging about how she will marry a real-life Ken when she’s older.” At that moment, Linda stood up from Iris’ bed, walked over to the black wedges sitting near her best friends’ room door and slipped her feet in one by one.

“No, I’m not. I have no other goals I want to achieve in life, all because I quit my job working at CC Jitters…”

“…Well why can’t your goal be to get a new job. Simple.”

“I don’t know if I want to get a job anymore, Linda.” Iris sighed, almost sounding like she gives up on life. She then moved on to adding on her fake eyelashes, after doing her eyeliner.

Linda strolled across Iris’ room appearing behind her, putting both hands on her relaxed shoulders, she looked at her decent self in the mirror then looked at Iris sitting down in front of her mirror, “Okay, I’ll tell you what. We stop talking about this topic, and focus more on this concert we’re going tonight, deal?”

“Well you started this topic so…I say deal.” Iris snapped.


It was now 8:57pm and the girls were ready and had full makeup on. Iris wore a beautiful black sparkly shirt matched with a black and white stripped long-sleeved top. She had huge hoop earrings on. Her hair was cut short and curled. She added light brown highlights in her natural jet-black hair. And to finish of her look, she also wore black wedges.

Linda, on the other hand, wore a black leather jacket over her camo t-shirt. The blue jeans she wore were ripped near the area of her knees and thighs which looked really cool on her. Additionally, she wore the same shoes Iris had on.

“You ready, my girl?” Linda asked with a smirk on her pretty face.

“Hunayy! I was born ready!” Iris snapped her fingers. At that very time, they both walked out of the apartment, Iris locked the door behind her and held Linda’s hand while walking down the hallway and into the elevator.


Meanwhile they made it all the way down to the first floor, since Iris’ apartment was top floor. Afterwards they were making their way to the parking area where Iris’ white Range Rover chilled.

“Do you wanna drive?” Iris asked Linda as she held out her keys.

“No, no its okay. Besides its your night, and it’s your car so you should obviously drive.” Linda refused.

“Oh alright.” Iris rolled her eyes and giggled.

In due course, the laid ease jumped inside the car. Iris checked the time on her phone which said 9:17pm, “Oh my god, we’re so early. Maybe we should stop off at Big Belly Burger, don’t you think?”

“Iris, I don’t wanna get thick?” Linda replied.

“Are you for real, you’re already thick, which isn’t a bad thing. We literally go there almost every day, it’s like our second home.”

“Well if I’m thick then that means your thick as well.” Linda said, smiling.

“I know that I am and I’m proud.” Then they both laughed.

“Okay let’s go now.” Iris said as she inserts her car keys in the ignition to start her vehicle.

As soon as Iris put her hands on the wheel, Linda gasped, “Oh shit! I forgot to give you something.”

 “What is it?” Iris asked, looking at her best friend search threw her gold purse.

“Ah ha! These.” Linda held up two backstage passes.

Iris screamed really loud and her eyes went huge. “You didn’t!”

“I did because they’re right in front of your eyes.” Then Linda smiled and gave one to Iris.

“Not only do I get to see him front row, but also…” She gulped, “In person? I’m literally going to die right now, Linda. Thank you so much, you’re the best.” She squealed. They both hugged each other.

In that case, Iris put her backstage pass in her silver purse. “Letsss go!”




Iris has been driving for 5 minutes now, the radio was on and Linda was singing to the music. “I’m only a fool for you…but I don’t fucking care…at all…

“Linda? Honey. Stop trying okay you can’t sing.” Iris said.

“I know I can’t, Iris. I’m just expressing how good I’m feeling.”

“Anyways you shouldn’t be singing this song because you’re dating Wally, and you’re not a fool for him…okay?” She said, keeping her eyes on the dark road.


Tell me pretty lies, look me in the face…tell me that you love me even if it’s fake, cos I don’t fucking…

“Iris! When were you so amazing at singing? What the hell, how have you not told your best friend?”

“I swear you’ve heard me sing before. That time I invited you over to watch Stranger Things, I heard That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars playing next door when I was in the kitchen, I started singing really loud and you were in the living room watching the damn show. The living room is right next to the kitchen…”

“Well I guess I’m legally deaf then. Or it’s the fact that the volume on your TV was loud enough for me to not hear your angel-like voice.” Then Linda crossed her arms and sighed.

“Okayy folks, that was I Don’t Fucking Care by Blackbear. A very chilled, underrated song to listen to on a rainy day or…I don’t know…any day.” The radio host announced. He continued, “Next up, everybody’s favourite male artist Barry Allen…”

Iris choked on nothing. “Oh my god. Oh my god!” Iris was lucky to be near the Big Belly Burgers parking lot, so she made a quick turn, found a parking space and stayed in the car.

The radio host went on, “…Came out with his new song called Running Home to You. Honestly ya’ll this song is the best song of 2018 like…it’s amazing. Especially for all those fangirls out there…”

“Me!” Iris screamed, eyes wide almost as if it was about to pop out.

“Definitely you…” Linda replied.

“So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s Running Home To You…”

That’s when Iris lost it. She screamed so loud and poor Linda was waiting to go inside of the restaurant to get her food. Iris turned up the volume as the instrumental started. “Can’t say how the days will unfold…” Iris sang along with Barry, “Can’t change what the future…may hold.”

“Iris can we get our food please, we can listen to him sing this song at the concert.” Linda grunted.

“Wait I wanna sing the chorus!” Iris shouted. “All I wanna do…is come running home to you…come running home to you…” Their voices harmonized well together.

“Oh my god. Your voice…his voice…it harmonized so well, wow I’m speechless.”

“What can I say…we’re meant for each other…” Iris said raising both hands up and shrugged.

“Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. My sweetheart. Now let’s go and eat!”

“Ugh, fine.” Meanwhile Iris switched off the radio, Then they both got out the car and walked over to Big Belly Burger.






“That chicken burger and fries just made my day…I mean night.” Linda laughed.

“I know right. My mouth has never been happier…actually it has but this night it certainly has.” Iris agreed, after she took out her phone to check the time…it said 9:40pm. She gasped then showed Linda the time, “Linda look!”

“Oh my god. We gotta go!” Linda shouted. Meanwhile, the two of them sprinted to the car. They had 10 minutes to get to Barry Allen’s concert.