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Lou placed a hand on the side of Zeek's arm, wrapping the other around his waist and pulling him closer. "Lou...?" Zeek muttered, "What are you...?" He was quickly silenced as Lou kissed a line down his neck. Zeek's breath sped up a little as Lou's mouth landed on the soft spot where the neck meets the collarbone. Then he turned Zeek's head towards him and was slightly surprised that Zeek came onto him first. Soft lips brushed against him and dainty fingers reached up to run through his hair. Fuck me. He relished in how pliant Zeek was. How easy he made it for Lou to press him up against the wall. How natural it felt to grab his legs and wrap them around his waist. Holding him there as Zeek clung to him, small fingers holding onto his shoulder while the others rested on the back oh his neck. Lou was in complete awe of his eyes, shining and dark and glittering with innocence and purity. He was just so fucking beautiful


It was mere seconds before he had Zeek in his room and on his bed. Pressing him into the sheets. Wanting to be as close as possible; wanting to feel every part of him. His mind was filled with static, drowning out every thought that wasn't about Zeek. Lou's hands roamed over any exposed skin he could find. The teen was compliant and willing, and he felt so wonderful underneath him, he could barely take it. Lou decided that, since it was his first time, he would make it a memorable experience. "Do wanna have some fun, baby?" Lou whispered into Zeek's ear, pressing his lips into his hot skin. Fuck, he was so beautiful, his eyes falling shut as whispered, "Yes." Lou teased him a little, hand sliding down his stomach and tracing the edge of his jeans. "Alright. Let's have some fun." He then, for a moment, swept the teen off of the bed and crossed to the other side of the room, to his "special closet." He placed the teen inside, then let go of him to go find his present. As soon as his hands had left Zeek's body, he felt starved and depleted.  

Lou located the small bag by the side of his bed, hidden between his nightstand and the bed frame. He quickly snatched it up and turned to the teen. He was almost tempted to just drop the bag and fucking attack him. He looked so small and vulnerable, standing there with wide eyes and hands clenched together in front of him. But he steeled himself; fun was fun when you did right. "I got you a present," Lou said quietly, holding the bag out to Zeek. He nearly leaped with excitement when he took the bag from his hands and looked inside. A furious blush crept across his face as he slowly examined the contents. Lou tilted his head. "Do you like it?" he asked. The teen's eyes shifted up to look at him. Then he nodded, smiling shyly. Fucking hell, he was so adorable. Lou gave one last starved kiss before shutting the closet. "Come out whenever you're ready," he said from the other side.

There was no response, just the slight ruffling of the bag. That was his cue. The bed was already pre-made, so all he had to do was find that damn easter basket and strip down. He did that first, looking around the room, shirt sliding off as he spotted the basket on the other side of the bed. He picked it up and placed it quietly by the closet door, where Zeek could easily see it. Then he quickly snapped the buckle of his belt and pulled it off. But he didn't remove his own pants. He decided the shirt and the belt was all for now, mostly out of over-excitement and impatience. And there he sat on the bed, staring at the closet intensely. The longer he stared, the more hungry he got. His hands felt cold without Zeek's warm body in them. He felt starved when his mouth wasn't exploring his. He wasn't even scratching the surface of the teen and he was already fucking addicted.

Finally, the closet slowly slid open. It took everything in Lou not just fucking tackle him. There he was, in his new favorite costume: a bunny costume, meant for a woman but looked so much better on Zeek. Black stockings covered his legs up to his thigh, lace tied up in small bows. Fishnets threaded its way up under the small, black poofy skirt he now had on, along with a sleeveless top imprinted with a tux, which exposed his tummy but was hidden behind more fishnets. Long black gloves covered his small hands, which were threaded in front of him as he blinked innocently. To top it all off, he had a pair of black and white bunny ear adorning his head. But there was one more detail that Lou couldn't see. He made the "turn around" gesture with his hand, and Zeek turned, blushing, to expose to small bunny tail that was fastened above his bottom. Now he was perfect. 

"Come here," Lou growled. Zeek came forward but picked up the basket Lou had totally forgotten about. When the teen was in front of him, he held the basket out. "H-Hi, I’m the Easter Bunny," Zeek stuttered cutely and shyly, "since I’m all about chocolate, how ’bout a little sugar?" That sent Lou into a fucking craze. Where the hell had he learned that fucking line? He was on his feet in an instant, grabbing Zeek by the hips and twisting him around, pushing him down into the sheets. His kisses were urgent and sloppy and hungry; more teeth than tongue, really, but Lou could care less. Zeek was surprised at first but wrapped his arms around Lou's neck as he pressed against him. Zeek's skirt lifted up slightly, and Lou stopped kissing him for a moment. He stared down at the skirt, wanting nothing more than to take it off. But he looked so nice in it...

Before he even knew what he was doing, Lou's hand was sliding down Zeek's body, sliding down his leg and all the way behind his thigh.  Then Zeek was suddenly back further on the bed as Lou lifted and pushed him back. The teen was startled, leg lifting up onto the bed. Shit. Lou quickly placed a hand on his knee apologetically. He needed to get a grip. He had to keep reminding himself that this was his first time. He needed to set some boundaries for right now. Zeek's leg slid down a little, but then pushed back up. Lou watched, licking his teeth and as his bunny pushed himself fully onto the bed, eyes looking down. Lou tilted his head slightly. Oh, Zeek. Why was everything he did so small and sexy and shy? He couldn't help himself as he crawled forward, spreading Zeek's legs as he went up. Luckily, the basket was nearby, and he picked it up as he snuggled himself in between his bunnies legs. "You are my bunny, and I am your master," he said, chuckling as Zeek blushed deeply and glanced away, "You will call me master, bunny. Otherwise, you won't get a treat. Understand?" Zeek breathed out in reply "Yes." Lou waited. "Yes, Master." Lou smiled. That was better. 

He then reached into the basket, rummaging around in the torn paper. Out he pulled from the basket a camera. When he looked down at the teen, he was blushing furiously. Lou only grinned, lifting the camera up to his eye, making sure he got the perfect shot. "Smile, little bunny," Lou said, and Zeek looked up at Lou, biting his lip as he took picture after picture. His face. His body. His legs and feet. Arms, hands, neck, stomach...underneath the skirt. But those were his to keep. Lou was afraid he was going to run out of camera film by the time he was done. He was absolutely sure he got every part of his body, every fragment of caramel skin, every blushing part of him. He then tossed the camera aside, listening as it clattered on the floor. He hoped he hadn't broken, but at that moment he didn't care. He stared down at Zeek, sliding his tongue over his lips as he slid a finger through the fishnets covering his stomach. 

Lou then suddenly got the best idea. He slid his hand down to the ribbon tied around Zeek's thigh. Zeek jumped a little as he pulled it off, looking cutely and innocently confused. Lou crawled over him, planting small kisses on his jaw as he grabbed both of his wrists. Zeek's arm jolted in surprise. Lou, gentle this time, pulled his arms up until the met the headboard. Lou very carefully wrapped the ribbon around the headboard before tying it in a loose knot around Zeek's right wrist. For a moment, he glanced down, to make sure he hadn't done it too tightly. Zeek still looked up at him, blushing, now realizing what was being done. Lou only grinned as he did the other hand, pushing Zeek's fingers through a gap in the ribbon around his other wrist. It slid inside easily, and Lou finished by tightening ribbon around both wrists until the came together with a soft clack on the wristbones. The hands twisted around in the gloves, going limp after a few test tries. 

Now he could get back to business, sliding his finger back in the fishnets. Zeek gasped a little as he snapped the first string, looking down at Lou's finger in slight surprise. Lou watched, more and more excitedly, as he snapped each string, faster, crazier until he was practically tearing the netting off. Satisfied, he stared down at the gaping hole in the netting, studying Zeek's exposed tummy as it rose up and down. It seemed too perfect, too beautiful to be real. He thought about how long he had gone looking at this treat and not realizing how badly he needed it. He bent down slowly, running his hands over the bare skin before pressing his lips into it. A soft gasp came from the teen above him, and Lou looked up at him biting his lip. He only grinned as he kissed his way up his abdomen and to the edge of his shirt. Zeek tasted like chocolate; Lou's lips craved him more and more with every inch. Zeek's stomach rose up and down in a steady rhythm, getting faster as Lou's tongue pressed into it. 

Lou unwittingly pushed up the top as he slid his tongue across him, wanting more. More skin. More heat. More him. The sweetness sent wild sensations across his taste buds as he trailed his way to the center of his chest. "Ah..." Zeek moaned softly as he pushed the top up further, "M-Master..." The soft call drove him crazy. The top was dropped, the pads of Lou's fingers dragging across his body as he stared into his glittering eyes. Lou was extremely turned on by Zeek's voice drizzling over the word "master." He was so beautiful like this, soft and warm and malleable. Lou broke more strings sliding his hands around the back of his shirt. “I wanna do so many fun things to you,” Lou whispered, making Zeek shiver in pleasure. He slid his thumb into the waistband of his skirt, slowly sliding down the fabric until Zeek's V line was exposed. “Wanna kiss you everywhere,” Lou tells him as he nipped his collarbone. "Touch you everywhere. Treat you as you deserved to be treated."  

Zeek moaned out again, but Lou could tell he was forcing himself to be quiet. He didn't like that. Lou slid down until he reached the line. He kissed a spot above his hip bone, drawing the skin in between his teeth and gently biting down. Zeek gasps a little, teeth sinking into his lower lip and twisting his hands into fists as he suppressed his yell. Lou still didn't like that. So, he pushed his skirt all the way down, exposing everything. Lou looks at it a moment before saying, “I wanna spread you open on my fingers,” His voice is low, and his eyes studying Zeek's exposed parts. “Wanna make you cum.” His fingers trace his line as Zeek sighs. "Please, Master,” he whispers, lifting his hips to Lou's touch. "You want that?" Lou crooned, finger passing by dangerously close to Zeek's exposed member. "You wanna be my filthy little bunny rabbit?" He listened as the teen whimpered quietly.

“Alright. But I want you to do me a favor, baby,” Lou says, fingers softly pressing on his inner thigh as he leans closer, nose almost touching Zeek's. Luminous eyes stare up at him in confusion and deep arousal, and his cheeks are tinted a beautiful shade of magenta, hands stretched above his head, hands hanging limply from the headboard. “I’m gonna spread you out on this bed, and I am going to make you cum. Understand? This is all for you, baby. Just lie back for me and take it." Zeek sighs again. "Don't worry, precious. I’ll give you everything you want, alright?” Lou says as he brushes the lightest of kisses to Zeek’s parted lips, his hand tracing again dangerously close to his cock as he continues. “In exchange, I want one thing. Could you do one small thing for the master, bunny?” Zeek shudders, so small, so submissive, so obedient. "Yes, Master?" Lou leaned forward, nibbling softly at the lobe of his ear, wrapping his fingers around Zeek’s cock, reveling in the deep breath he takes; his eyes widening slightly.

"Scream for me."

Zeek lets out a soft sight, hips lifting into the air, gloved hands clenching. "Good boy," Lou murmured, "but I need you to be louder." He quickened the pace of his hand on Zeek’s cock. His thumb rubs over the head as he leans back, wanting to see his face. His skin is flushed, and he looks so beautifully lewd, it hurt to look at him. But Lou wants more. He wants to hear him more. Louder. He needed to be louder. "M-Master..." Zeek moans out quietly, unsure, but is quickly cut off by Lou. “Pretty please, bunny,” Lou says as he pulls back and sinks his teeth into Zeek's neck, teasing at the spot where it meets his shoulder, “I wanna hear all those beautiful noises you make. I'm gonna make you whine. I'm gonna make you moan. I'm gonna make you fucking scream.” This time there's a small moan, but Zeek digs his teeth into his lower lip. "Are you scared, baby?" Lou whispers. He didn't want him to be scared. He wanted him to relax. "Don't be scared, bunny. Master's here to make you feel good. Master's here to make you feel special." 

"Ah..." Zeek moaned, louder this time. It sounded so fucking beautiful. “You taste so good, smell so good. Hell's bell's, you’re so fucking intoxicating,” Lou muttered, tongue laving across his collarbone and down to the collar of the top. Little, hiccupping moans begin to leave Zeek’s lips, shy and quiet and unsure, but Lou’s not having it. He speeds up the pace of his hand once more, latching his lips again kiss-swollen red ones, and the soft sounds are cut off by a low groan. Lou felt like he just won the fucking lottery; they were so beautiful and filled the whole room. He didn't have the slightest clue why he was scared to let them out. "That's it," Lou said, practically groaning himself, "Fuck, Zeek, yes. You’re perfect. So perfect." Zeek moaned louder, his cock hardening, precum spilling over Lou's hand as breathed out, "Uh, fuck, s-shit. M-Master, please." He twists his hand slightly, which makes the teen stutter, turning his head to the side, hands still clenched tightly in his gloves.

Lou let go of Zeek's member, smiling as he slid his hand under his thigh. His other hand slowly goes down, his finger tracing Zeek's rim. Without warning, Zeek suddenly sits up, straining the ribbon, and sinks his teeth into Lou's scar. He's surprised; the motion was unexpected, but he couldn't help and let out a loud moan himself. He then pushes him back down, pinning him firmly to the mattress. It wasn't rough, but it wasn't very gentle either. The teen blushes and looks away, pressing his face against his arm. "I'm sorry, Master," he says, eyes, slowly shifting to meet his. "Did you not like it?" He's fucking delirious. That was the best thing he had ever felt in his entire fucking life. The ribbon is now torn slightly from the strain. But Lou said nothing, just stared hungrily down at his bunny. "I'm not gonna get punished, am I?" the teen asks, his arm muffling the words and nearly hiding a small smile.

This little fuck. He'd done that on purpose. Lou was all over him, hands scraping over his skin, biting and licking every fucking inch of his body. Then he leaned back, hands on Zeek's small hips. "Do it again," he growled. Zeek hesitates for a moment, staring up at him. "I said," Lou grunted, sliding his hands behind his back and pushing him up slightly, "do it. Again." Zeek smiled and leaned up, Lou's hands following with him as he sunk his teeth into his scar again. It felt so good; jolts of pleasure shot through him as Zeek's teeth grazed over it. His tongue pressed against the marks he left behind. Lou let out a moan himself, grabbing the back of his head as his teeth dug into him. Zeek's bites seemed to fill him with poison, turning the regularly pinkish scar a reddish color. "Fuck," he muttered, his other hand sliding down his back. 

Then he felt them. His fangs. They cut his tongue as he slid it over his teeth. This fucking kid...he pushed Zeek back down, leaning down to scrape his fangs across his neck. "Uh," Zeek groaned, back arching slightly, "uh, fuck." Lou's tongue was more pointed than it had been before. It flicked over his skin like a snake's. Bare instinct was taking him over. He had to fuck him. He had to taste his skin, he had to give him his seed. Zeek was bringing out a side of Lou he hadn't see in a long time. He was bringing out the beast in him. No one-night stand, no woman he'd ever been with had ever made him feel this way. He wanted this boy. No, he needed this boy. Lou felt like he was going to die if he didn't have him, his body, his moans filling his head and fueling the hellish fire burning inside him.  

His hands slid down behind his thighs, lifting his lower body higher. "Goddamn it," Lou said, scraping his fingernails down his stomach, "you are so damn sexy; so small and soft and sinless..." He then leaned down as his fingers slid around his rim again. "Let's change that, shall we?" He sounded completely different than before, but Zeek didn't see to mind. “You sound so pretty; you make the prettiest noises. Fuck, I can’t wait to be in you,” Lou growled, pulling his bunny closer as he breathes rapidly. He looks nervous, and the reminder this was his first time tamed him slightly. "Don't be scared, baby," he whispered, leaning down to whisper soothingly in his ear. "You're gonna feel so good; I'm gonna take good care of you." He stroked his hair as he reached into the basket and pulled out a bottle. "I'm gonna make you feel so good. Just relax and let me fuck you." He let himself drag the tips of his fangs across his collarbone and up his neck, which was already red and swollen in places with so many kisses.

"A-Ah..." he moaned, Lou continuing to whisper to him as he readied himself. He was going to feel so good. Fuck, he could barely wait. “Do you like it when I talk to you like this?” Lou asks, his voice low and quiet. He says this as he slides his finger inside of him. Watching the way Zeek's jaw tightens as he grits his teeth. "You're okay baby," Lou whispers, spreading what was left on his digits inside of him. "You're just doing fine. Masters here to help you. Master's here to talk to you, bunny." Zeek's mouth remains closed before he lets out a deep, loud moan that makes Lou's fucking heart stop. It's so loud and high-pitched and needy, echoing in his head over and over. He slid his finger out calmly, though his mind was going fucking crazy. His tongue traced its way over his teeth as he stared down at the teen.

He slowly slides his hands to Zeek's thighs. Spreading them just a bit wider before pressing them up. Zeek jumps when he feels Lou's cock pressing into him. A low cry soon follows, his body arching and his nails digging into his palms as he pressed his hands against the headboard. Lou just fucking stares, unmoving for a moment. How could one person be so perfect? It wasn't long before he leaned over him, one hand still on the back of his thigh as his other hand snaked up his body as Zeek moaned out. His hips snapped forward, pressing himself into the teen just slightly deeper. Zeek’s eyes widen almost comically, staring at him in deep arousal as his cheeks turn a striking shade of magenta and let out another loud moan. Lou grins almost manically. He can't help it. His moans are so goddamn beautiful, the sounds having never left his body, and now were there just for him. He pushes deeper still, making Zeek's body shake and shudder in pleasure.

M-Mast--Ah!” Zeek cries, those beautiful dark eyes lidded, looking up at him almost pleadingly. "You want more, bunny?" Lou teased, hand snaking down to Zeek's drenched cock and sliding around the V line. His bunny didn't say anything, but his eyes fucking screamed for him. He pulls himself almost all of the way out before pushing slowly back in, rubbing against the soft, velvety walls inside of him. Zeek was yelling now. But it's still not enough. He wanted him to scream, not yell. Just. "Ah!" Fucking. "Uh!" Scream. "Ah! M-Mas--Ah! Uh, fuck!" Zeek moaned out, not even bothering to hold back. Lou's thrusts turned faster and deeper with every cry. Lou has himself pressed near Zeek's soft spot. “Fuck,” Zeek chokes out, and his cock is hard and leaking against his abdomen, precum leaving a wet, glistening trail on his skin. Lou leaned down to lick it off, reveling in the stickiness and sweetness of it.

Lou goes faster, pumping himself in and out of Zeek, keeping a steady rhythm. Zeek’s breathing is coming in quick, short pants. He bit hard on his bottom lip, loud, needy moans escaping his closed mouth as he rocks his hips in time with Lou, searching for more. “So responsive, so eager,” Lou purrs, pressing his hips forward. "So small and cute..." He’s so close to Zeek's prostate. He knew that if he shifted an inch to the right he’d be exactly on it. But he doesn’t. Instead, he presses firmly to the spot just next to it, watching closely for his reaction. He trembles, flushed magenta almost all the way down his chest. "Bunny?" Lou asked, and Zeek's lidded eyes turned to him. "I want to hear you. Let me hear you now. Loud. Louder than you are." He leaned down and whispered, "I want you to fucking scream."  

Zeek finally screams. "Uh, fucking hell!" It filled his head and carpeted the room. It’s so fucking beautiful, and as a reward, Lou finally pushes himself against his prostate. Zeek gasps at first, then let out another screaming moan. "AH! Oh my--A-AH!" Lou struggles to contain himself. He pulls back, one hand on Zeek's stomach gripping his shirt and other grabbing the headboard. He desperately dug his nails into his shirt, wanting him to be even louder. Lou pushes the hair stuck to Zeek's forehead away; his lips are swollen and Lou couldn’t have stopped himself from kissing him silly even if he wanted to. Their tongues tangled together messily, saliva slicking their lips and coming off in strands as Lou pulled away. It’s hard and wet and wonderful, the taste of him sending thrills up his tongue. 

Zeek moaned openly against his mouth, and Lou swallowed every single gorgeous whine as he wraps his fingers back around Zeek’s cock, stroking him fast as he hits his prostate with every thrust. Zeek whines, hips lifting off the bed and a litany of gasps and uh’s falling from his lips. His eyes are squeezed shut as he shudders underneath him. “Hah, fuck, MASTER--!” The teen cuts himself off with another moan, perfect and loud as his back arches, hands twisting into fists, straining against the ribbon. It’s so fucking gorgeous, but Lou can’t help but want more. He wants to make his bunny to cum, doesn’t want to wait any longer to make him pleasured. He presses roughly against Zeek’s prostate, going in as deep as he can go, and the teen is whimpering loudly, his legs shaking.

“You want to cum for me, my baby bunny?” Lou drones and he surprises himself by how deep and gruff his voice has gotten. Zeek lets out a high-pitched moan in response, nodding his head frantically. “Please, uh, fuck. Master, please, I wanna cum. Shit, I wanna cum so bad – PLEASE!” It’s a tone of voice that Lou has never heard before, loud and desperate and wrecked beyond belief; it’s so wonderfully loud that it feels like the air has been sucked from the room. Zeek writhes underneath him, hips bucking wildly as he yells and whines into the air, and he’s so perfect and warm and beautiful and a literal fucking goddess. Lou wonders if he’s dreaming, this moment was so perfect. “You’re gonna cum for me now,” he says, pulling almost all the way out. Zeek nodded, tears streaking down his face and gorgeous whimpers ringing through the air. 

“MASTER! Fuck, oh, SHIT!” he cried. Lou twists his wrist, pulling at his cock the same time he pushes back inside of him, rough and hard and exactly what Zeek needs. He cums with a desperate cry of his name. "LOU!" He arches off the bed so violently that Lou has to let go of him to push him back down. He's making a mess of his stomach, Lou's chest and the bedsheets, but he had never cared less about his bed than he did at that moment. He’s absolutely fucking bewitched because wide, dark eyes are opened wide and kiss-swollen lips are parted; Zeek throwing his head back in a way that can only be described as pornographic. "Holy fucking hell," Lou whispers as he stares.  

Lou was so fucking entranced by him that it takes him a few seconds to realize that he’s shaking and the bonds had broken. "Hey," Lou said, pulling him up and hugging him close. "It's okay, you're okay. You did so well, you’re so beautiful." But apparently, that was what Zeek had been waiting for. Suddenly, his lips are on his neck, then trailing down to his scar again. "Zeek..." Lou began but was quickly cut off by his own low groan. "You didn't cum, Master," Zeek said as his lips trailed lower, down his cum-covered chest and across his ribcage, the ribbon brushing against his skin. "Master has to feel good too. It's bunny's turn now." Fuck. Oh, fuck. It felt so good, his tiny hands trailing down his body, Lou couldn't suppress his pleasure. "Zeek...f-fuck..." Lou begins, curling the dirty sheets into his hands as they formed into fists. Lower, lower he went until he was right between his thighs. 

Zeek suddenly dips his head to lick at Lou's inner thigh. "Oh, fuck. Z-Zeek..." he groans, clutching the sheets tighter as shocks of pleasure traveling up his body. Zeek does it again but goes lower, right between Lou's legs. He mouths over his still hardened cock, glancing up at him before slowly backing away. Lou looks down at him furiously. He was not going to leave him hanging. But after a moment he licks up Lou's cock directly. The action has him squeeze his eyes shut as he groans. Lou let his head fall back, staring at the ceiling of the room in a desperate search for air as Zeek took him into his mouth. It was warm and wet and wonderful and fucking hell it felt so good. He could feel Zeek's hot tongue as it swirled around his tip before dipping in to lick up the precum that was dripping from him. "Uh, shit. Hell's bell's, fuck me," he groaned, curling his fingers into his soft hair while also grabbing his ears. Gasping out his name as Zeek hums, suckling on Lou's cock.

He pulls off for a moment, a strand of saliva and precum still connecting his tongue to his dick. "Does Master like it?" he said as he licked it once more. "If Master doesn't, I'll stop--" He was cut off by Lou's slightly annoyed and desperate voice, "Don't you dare fucking stop." Zeek only smiles, still looking so innocent even if he did have Lou's precum leaking out of his mouth. He shuddered and moaned, tugging at his hair whilst ripping his ears as he still teased his cock. His lips wrapping around him from time to time to deep throat him. Lou unwittingly pulled Zeek closer as he squeezed his eyes shut as his body started to tremble slightly. His whimpers and moans got louder. "Fuck. Uh...fuck. Z-Zeek...suck me harder, bunny." He felt so fucking good, pleasure shooting in waves through him. Zeek was a goddamn expert, keeping an agonizingly slow pace as Lou begged. "Zeek, please!" Lou groans finally, tugging his hair harder.

Finally, Zeek does go faster, sucking harder. He even teeth it a little, sending a shock of pure pleasure through him. "Fucking hell," he groans out, "Uh, m-more. Give me more. Uh, fuck me." It was all too much, he felt like he was going to explode. His muscles all tighten up as he gets close. Holy hell. He'd never felt so good in his entire goddamn life. He loses himself in the sound of his heart in his ears combined with the little slurps that came from Zeek sucking him off. Soon his whole body just gave up, his legs rising along with his hips. "Fuck. Zeek, I'm gonna...shit," Lou grunts out, getting closer as Zeek sucked harder. He pressed himself deeper into Zeek's mouth, tugging hard at his hair. Then it happens. He cums with a loud groan. "Fuck..." he growls as he softens. 

He watches as Zeek takes everything, swallowing the cum, some of it dripping out from his smile. It was so fucking hot...he latches on to the back of his head and pulls him up, kissing him. He could taste himself in his mouth, but at that moment nothing else mattered. It wasn't the first time and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Curling his fingers into disheveled black and white hair and staring into wild brown eyes that promised him Zeek was all fucking his. Losing himself in the feel of those perfect lips. Then he was pushing him back down, just kissing him, feeling him, until he was lying beside him, cuddling his bunny close. Zeek was still blushing, and now he was biting his nails, most likely due to silent pain. Lou sat up suddenly, quickly looking around before spotting the camera, unbroken, on the floor beside him. He snatched it up and lay back down, nuzzling his neck as he turned the camera on their faces. "Smile," he said, and that Zeek did. That was definitely his to keep. He lay back down and cuddled him the rest of the night.