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Lou was surprised when he found out Zeek was a virgin.

It wasn't that he thought Zeek slept around or anything. He would've gotten so many STDs if he did. But he thought he must've had sex with at least one girl. Apparently not. Zeek, of course, had gotten a little upset at Lou's surprised expression. "What?" he'd scoffed, and Lou had only shrugged. "Nothing. I just thought..." he trailed off as Zeek crossed his arms. "You know, most men won't even admit they're virgins." The teen raised his eyebrow, saying, "Why not?" Lou reached back to rub the back of his neck. Zeek was practically a child when it came to these kinds of things. He didn't really understand why innocence was important. "Well, they consider it...unmanly, I guess. It makes you look like a wimp," he managed, and even when he said it it sounded really stupid. The teen only rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It's just sex. Nothing really special."

Then they had started dating a few weeks afterward. And Lou began to...think. He didn't want to. He pushed the "urges" away at first. Zeek's newfound innocence just made him three times as enticing. He didn't want to take that away. At first. But the "urges" kept creeping back into him every now and again. Sometimes he would find himself staring while he "thought." Zeek, being oblivious, didn't notice, but the others were beginning to. Lou had been asked about it by them several times now, and he was beginning to run out of excuses. He was worried the others would begin to suspect he was "urging" and would tell Zeek. And that was that last thing he wanted to happen. He would probably be creeped out and disgusted. Zeek, even after all their conversations, still didn't think virginity was that important. He just didn't get the point of it. Of course, that was expected of him. Drew had just told Lou to drop it. There wasn't really any use in arguing with him about it. He'd never win. No one ever won an argument with him. And for a while, he did drop it. Didn't even think about. Not out loud, at least. But there were still the "urges." He couldn't help them, no matter how hard he tried. He tried desperately to ignore them, but they kept coming back to him -- like a tiny voice in the back of his head. Nagging and nagging and nagging, saying things that shouldn't have been said, putting things in his mind that shouldn't have been there. He refused to think such things about him.

At first.

But then things started to...happen. He would find himself constantly holding his hand in public. Which Zeek wasn't uncomfortable with. It only embarrassed him a little if one of the others called them out on it. Sometimes he would kiss him more than usual. Which he didn't mind either. Holding him more, cuddling him more...getting more jealous when he hung out with girls. It had gotten to a point where he was constantly around him, sending warning signals to everyone. People were beginning to grow suspicious. Lou knew he should stop, but he couldn't. It was natural for a partner to be sexually attracted to their lover. There wasn't anything wrong with it. Nothing unnatural about it. It wasn't strange to think about his bare body pinned underneath him, hands tied to the bed, tongue sticky with...okay, maybe there was a problem.

But that wasn't the only problem. There was also the issue of him being nineteen years old and Lou being over 4.54 billion years old. Zeek being human and him being...well, you know. If he'd ever did try it with him, then he'd feel like he was raping him. Or something like that. He was so sexually frustrated when it came to Zeek. He'd ever had this problem with women. But then he'd scold himself; Zeek wasn't just some random girl. He'd actually grown feelings for him. Actually, genuine, real human feelings. Maybe it was these feelings that held him back.

At first.

But then, one day, he snapped. He just couldn't take the frustration anymore.

It was the day of Easter Fools. Of course, like Christmas, Lou hated Easter. But it was also April Fools Day, which he liked. Everyone had been cleaning up after a small party they'd had at the house. It was late in the evening, around four P.M. They'd just gotten done with everything and were now sitting on the couch, talking and laughing while the older ones sipped on leftover special Spring Cocktails while the younger ones played Battleship on the floor. The younger ones being Zeek and Tony; Tony because he was actually young and Zeek because he couldn't drink yet. It had been a good night, and it ended as soon as it started, it seemed.

It seemed like minutes passed before Jazz and Mike and Tony were leaving. They were all at the door, finishing up their conversations. Lou was hanging back, leaning against the wall, fiddling with the string of a random balloon for fun. That was before he snapped it when Zeek startled him. "Hey, Louie!" he said with a grin as he came up to him. Lou simply gave a glance at him before smiling. "Hello, Ezekiel, darling," he teased in reply, making Zeek cringe. "Don't call me that," he said before jumping up on the dresser Lou was next to. He sat there for a moment, looking at the ground before snapping his head and smiling. "Oh, yeah! Right. Okay. So, Drew sent me over here to tell you that, um..." As soon as he gained his train of thought, he lost it, looking at the ground again.

"Oh! Okay, yeah. Um, so he said to tell you that he's also gonna be leaving with everyone else." Lou raised his eyebrows in surprise. Drew hardly really went anywhere, being that Zeek couldn't be trusted at home alone. But then another thought popped into his head. Fuck. It was an "urge." Home alone. Just the two of them. Together...he tried desperately to push it away, but it seemed to root in his brain as Zeek continued. "He said, he's, like, going to this party or whatever. With Jazz and Mike or some shit like that. So he said that I could stay here since you're here to watch me." He crossed his arms and huffed. "Like I need watching anyway."

He did. But he was thinking a completely different way. The thought consumed him quickly. He pushed and pushed but he couldn't fight it. It was then he realized how much he was torturing himself. Lou finally just let it go. He snapped. Every dirty thought he'd every conceived flooded his head as he stared at the others in the door, willing them to leave. He wanted to be alone with him. He needed to be alone with him. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jazz, Mike, Tony and Drew headed out the doors, casting goodbyes and warning to Zeek as the door shut firmly behind them.

"Finally!" Zeek sighed as he briskly jumped away. "I thought they'd never leave!" He didn't either.

The teen yawned, blinking. "Well," he said, shrugging, "I guess I'm going to bed. I'm seriously tired." He then said, "Now I won't have to listen to the T.V until three in the morning." He then bounded over to the stairs and went up two at a time, like he always did. Lou followed closely behind, slowly. He didn't want to startle him. He definitely wanted to surprise him.

Zeek then snapped his fingers before turning back around. "Damn, for--" he began before Lou quickly blocked his path. "Lou?" The teen said in surprise. Lou just simply stared down at his virginal boy before smiling. "Hello, beautiful."

It was now or never.